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JAPAN news, Fukushima, Economy
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 20, 2016 10:14 pm    Post subject:  Reply with quote

Drone Footage Shows Devastation Of Japan Literally Ripped Apart As Fears Mount With Food In Short Supply And Ringing Warnings Of 'This Has Only Just Begun' - This Will Be The End Of The Pacific And Tens Of Millions Will Die

The story that Steve Quayle linked to yesterday from Michael Snyder at the Economic Collapse Blog tells us that, according to 'stunned' experts, Japan's southern island may be splitting in half as is also shared in the first video below featuring Gary Franchi of the Next News Network.

Providing us with a very real example of a 'life or death survival story' unfolding before our very eyes, we quickly learn that those in Japan who were not prepared were out of luck as supermarket shelves were quickly completely empty while the Extinction Protocol told us about 'nights of terror' as some slept in cars as parts of the southern Island of Japan began to crumble.  

With scientists now acknowledging that what is taking place in Japan is 'highly unusual', despite the fact that the quake on Ecuador's Pacific Coast was larger than the series of quakes in Japan and is getting much more attention, the Japan quakes are much more dangerous and continued warnings that what we're witnessing now is 'only the beginning'.

Should any of us really be surprised by all of this? We have been long warned.


We're told that geologists, reporters and others in Japan are 'mystified' by what is now happening and deeply concerned as this 'unusual quake cluster' has quite literally ripped this nation apart as seen in the images within this story and heard in the 2nd video below. If this IS 'just the beginning', then clearly there are many more difficulties ahead for this island nation and the rest of the world.

As ANP recently reported, with deadly earthquakes all across the 'Ring of Fire' in recent days and experts warning of a series of 'Biblical quakes' measuring over 8.0 on the horizon, we see that something huge is happening worldwide as shared in this story from Susan Duclos with 'Earth birth pangs' going on now only a small taste of what's to come.  


The final two videos below offer us drone footage of several different areas throughout Japan that show us the widespread damage that has been caused by the series of quakes that still cannot be completely explained by geologists. In them we can actually see the fault lines that have ruptured causing all of this damage as the island nation is quite literally ripped apart.

If this is only the beginning and warnings from top geologists of a series of 4 or more magnitude 8.0 earthquakes on the horizon are correct, we see that the warnings long given by those urging us to prepare for whatever possibility might lay ahead for us are once again quite valid. In the excerpt below from the Extinction Protocol story, we see exactly why those who are unprepared suffer dearly in horrifying situations such as this. Could have being prepared helped?

Heavy rain started falling Saturday night, threatening to complicate the relief operation and set off more mudslides. “Daytime today is the big test” for rescue efforts, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said early Saturday. Landslides had already cut off roads and destroyed bridges, slowing down rescuers. Nearly 200,000 homes were without electricity, Japanese media reported, and an estimated 400,000 households were without running water. Kumamoto prefectural official Riho Tajima said that more than 200 houses and other buildings had been either destroyed or damaged, and that 91,000 people had evacuated from their homes.

Hundreds of people lined up for rations at distribution points before nightfall, bracing for the rain and strong winds that were expected. Local stores quickly ran out of stock and shuttered their doors, and people said they were worried about running out of food. Police in Kumamoto prefecture said that at least 32 people had died from Saturday morning’s earthquake. Nine died in the quake on Thursday night. More than half the deaths were in Mashiki, a town on the eastern border of Kumamoto city that was hit hardest by the first quake.





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Joined: 12 Dec 2009
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 30, 2016 7:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Earthquake in Japan dries up centuries-old Kumamoto water source

Kumamoto Prefecture (JAPAN) — For hundreds of years, the sacred Shioisha spring here has provided water for drinking and irrigation in this village in the shadow of Mount Aso. But the fountainhead, which gushed about five tons of spring water a minute, has dried up since the magnitude-7.3 earthquake struck the prefecture early on April 16. Its disappearance has local residents baffled. “I was absolutely flabbergasted to hear that Shioisha spring has dried up. It turns my world upside down,” said 95-year-old Natsuko Goto, who was taking shelter at an elementary school after the earthquake. “What will happen now?”

Shioisha spring is located on the premises of Shioijinja shrine. According to Sachio Hirose, the 63-year-old parish representative, there are many fountainhead springs in Minami-Aso, which has been dubbed “the village where water is born.” However, Shioisha spring is the one that has been worshiped by local residents as the sacred spring where the “god of water” dwells. Its abundant waters have been a blessing for local rice farmers.

Every year, the planting of rice seedlings starts at the beginning of May in Minami-Aso, but at the moment, there is no water to irrigate the rice paddies, casting a dark shadow over the village and its agricultural production. “The headspring had been gushing water out for the past centuries and sustaining people’s livelihoods,” Hirose said. “I can’t believe this is happening in my lifetime.” –Asahi

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PostPosted: Sun May 01, 2016 7:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The Medical Implications of the 2011 Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

The following article award winning author and Co-founder of Physicians for Social responsibility Dr. Helen Caldicott proceeds to examine the medical implications of the ongoing Fukushima crisis.

For her analysis on Chernobyl see:

The Medical Implications of the 1986 Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster By Helen Caldicott, April 25, 2016.

It has been estimated by the authors of the Chernobyl report that by the year 2009, 23 years after the accident, some one million people had died.

The people in Japan were lucky in that 80% of the radiation resulting from the March 2011 Fukushima disaster blew across the Pacific Ocean in the first few days of the accident. The wind then changed and blew the radioactive plumes over the north west of Japan and south to Tokyo.

Large numbers of people were and still are exposed to high levels of radiation, both from external gamma rays beaming from radioactive elements on the ground, as well as internal doses from elements breathed into the lungs and incorporated into food.


In terms of the medical effects of Fukushima there is a cone of silence that has been placed over the release of documented data related to patients and their associated illnesses. In fact a report noted that many doctors have been ordered not to inform their patients that their symptoms could be related to radiation. This leaves the population and in particular the parents in a state of despair. They need to know the truth about their situation and that of their children.

In Fukushima Prefecture, it was the prefectural government that entered into an agreement with IAEA in the area of decontamination and radioactive waste management, whereas Fukushima Medical University entered into an agreement with IAEA in the area of the survey of radiological effect on human health. [...] “The Parties will ensure the confidentiality of information classified by the other Party as restricted or confidential.” [...] if either the prefectures or IAEA decide to classify information for “they contribute to worsening of the residents’ anxiety,” there is a possibility that such information as the accident information, as well as radiation measurement data and thyroid cancer information may not be publicized. [...] IAEA has published reports, after the Chernobyl nuclear accident, stating “there were no health effects due to radiation exposure.” [...] Tokyo Shimbum Dec 31, 1014

It is obvious that there is collaboration between the WHO and the IAEA and also the Japanese government and the “nuclear village” to hide, to lie and to cover-up vital medical information that must be made available to the Japanese population. The IAEA has also set up an office in Fukushima, and TEPCO and the Japanese government are constructing a large cancer hospital in Fukushima.

To make the situation worse about release of data relating to the accident, Prime Minister Abe has passed a secrecy law which will almost certainly intimidate the media from keeping a very close watch over the tenuous plant.

Radioactive Releases

What is known is that three times more noble gases escaped from the Fukushima accident than at Chernobyl. These gases, xenon, krypton and argon are inhaled into the lungs, are absorbed and deposited in fatty tissue of the body.

They are very high energy gamma emitters – like X rays, and they can therefore cause lung cancer, and cancers of other organs of the body.

It is also been estimated that about the same amount of cesium was released from Fukushima as at Chernobyl.

So based on the number of mortalities and illnesses in the countries around Chernobyl which were not as densely populated as Japan, and considering the very high density of the Japanese population, one would have to assume that similar morbidities and mortalities would occur in Japan over the coming decades.

Thyroid Cancer

Already of the 270,000 Fukushima children under the age of 18 examined for thyroid cancer a total of 75 have suspected or are confirmed to have thyroid cancer. The official line is that these cancers could not possibly be related to radiation because of the short incubation time of 2-3 years, however this correlates with the Chernobyl data which demonstrated  early thyroid cancer presentation.


The situation at the Fukushima Daichi plant gets worse by the day. 400 tons of very radioactive water have been discharged to the Pacific ocean on a daily basis ever since the accident causing fish to concentrate the radioactive elements in their flesh and bones. Some fish have been found to carry extremely high radiation levels – 12,400 Bc/K when the limit for food in Japan is 100 Bc/k. Of course no radiation is safe and the more radioactive food that is eaten the more these elements accumulate in bodily organs increasing the radiation dose. Some fresh water fish have also been found to be very radioactive, for instance 2657 Bc/k in a fish from the Mono River in NW Fukushima.

The fishermen are very concerned about the ongoing oceanic releases as well as the fact that TEPCO is considering discharging the very radioactive water it is currently storing in temporary tanks, after it has been “filtered” for many isotopes. Previous attempts have failed, and this new equipment, ARM from the US will almost certainly not remove the many isotopes before discharge. In particular tritium cannot be filtered, it accumulates in the food chain, and it causes brain tumors, congenital malformations, and many other cancers and it remains radioactive for 120 years.

Remedial Situation

As hundreds of tons of water pour down from the mountain behind the Fukushima reactors complex, it then travels beneath the damaged reactors becoming radioactive as it mixes with the three molten cores. TECO now plans to pump this mountain water before it enters the reactor area and divert it to the sea. However this technique will only suck more of the radiation beneath the reactors to mix with mountain water which will make the situation worse.

Recently TEPCO announced that it had been wrong about the measurements of strontium 90 being found in the water in various wells near the reactors and that the measurements last June, 2013 were actually 5 times higher than they originally announced and are now at 5 million Bc/liter. One wonders whether TEPCO covered up these findings so that the Olympic Committee would choose Tokyo for the games.

Much of the reactor complex now stands on liquefied mud. The buildings of unit 3 and 4 were quite severely structurally damaged by the initial earthquake. In the event of an earthquake greater than 7 on the Richter scale it is predicted that either one or both of these building could collapse. Unit 4 would plunge to the ground along with its cooling pool containing over 200 tons of extremely radioactive fuel. This fuel would then spontaneously ignite releasing 10 times more cesium than was released at Chernobyl. Such a catastrophe would severely pollute much of Japan including Tokyo and the northern hemisphere. It will take TEPCO more than 14 months to remove these fuel bundles from the pool and they are doing it manually instead of by computer control. This is a very delicate procedure and there is a possibility of rods breaking releasing radiation causing the workers to evacuate, or a fission reaction to occur which would also lead to evacuation.

An earthquake beneath unit 3 could also cause the building to collapse onto the molten core releasing huge amounts of radiation. Another earthquake could rupture over 1000 fragile metal tanks now holding thousands of tons of highly radioactive water which would drain into the Pacific Ocean.

Radioactive wastes are being carted around Japan and incinerated thus exporting radiation to other prefectures and cities, while the ashes are being dumped in Tokyo Bay where the athletes will swim during the 2020 Olympics.

Considering all these dangerous events that are now occurring and could occur in the future it would seem extremely unwise for young fit athletes who have trained so assiduously  be exposed to any radiation at all. It is a dangerous situation to contemplate.


Workers who are engaged at unit 4 to remove spent fuel rods from the pool are receiving high doses of radiation according to TEPCO so TECPO is contemplating putting lead plates between the men and the pool.  It is true that the workers at the plant are not adequately monitored nor are their radiation records carefully kept, nor their health routinely examined and medical records monitored. We know what happened to the liquidators at Chernobyl and almost certainly similar illness will pervade the Fukushima workers, some of whom are homeless men recruited by the Yakuza.

General Population

13% of the Japanese mainland is now contaminated with radioactive elements which will last for hundreds to thousands of years and will be concentrated in the food. Ten million people live in highly radioactive areas, so much so that the government has raised the accepted dose from 1 mS per year to 20 mS per year (which is the equivalent of 1000 chest X rays /year) – nuclear workers are allowed 50mS per year. Children are 10 to 20 times more sensitive to radiation effects than adults. Thousands of children are now locked inside, they wear masks and they are eating radioactive food and experiencing increased obesity as they get virtually no exercise.

The Environment

Dr Timothy Mousseau, an evolutionary biologist has been examining the birds and insects in the exclusion zones of Chernobyl and Fukushima. 40% of the male swallows are sterile or have abnormal sperm, many have tumors, crooked wings and other congenital abnormalities and mutations, many have cataracts and the insects are similarly deformed.

What happens to animals and insects happens to us, but because many generations appear in a year we then can postulate what will happen to future generations of humans as mutations are passed down to our descendants.

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PostPosted: Sat May 21, 2016 6:49 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Tokyo reports TB outbreak
May 21, 2016
 -  Japan says nine people are being treated for tuberculosis (TB) and 34 are being treated for latent TB after exposure to an infected student last year. The index student developed symptoms of TB in September and was diagnosed via chest X-ray in November. However, the student continued attending classes after symptoms appeared.

Tokyo has reported a rise in TB cases in recent years. Tuberculosis is caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The bacteria usually attack the lungs, but TB bacteria can attack any part of the body such as the kidney, spine, and brain. If not treated properly, TB disease can be fatal. TB is spread through the air from one person to another.  People nearby may breathe in these bacteria and become infected.
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 19, 2016 6:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Okinawa Japan U.S. base resentment
June 19, 2016
-  The United States Marine Corps in Okinawa may hand back a tract of land to Japan in 2017.  There is a surge in opposition to U.S. military bases there following the murder of a Japanese woman.  Okinawa hosts 30,000 military personnel living and working on bases that cover a fifth of the island.

The rapist-killer was a black Muslim
Its nearly impossible to find that out!
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 29, 2016 5:25 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Radioactive glass rained on Tokyo
June 29, 2016
 -  Fukushima nuclear fuel with 500 Trillion Bq/kg found, significant consequences for human health.  Most of the radioactive fallout which landed on downtown Tokyo a few days after the Fukushima accident was concentrated and deposited in non-soluble glass microparticles, as a type of glassy soot. This meant that most of the radioactive material was not dissolved in rain and running water.  The particles also concentrated the radioactive caesium (Cs).

Japanese geochemists analysed samples - Analysis from several air filters collected in Tokyo on 15 March 2011 showed that 89% of the total radioactivity was present.

Most of the radioactive fallout that descended upon downtown Tokyo in the days after the March 2011 accident was glass microparticles — glass-filled soot. As a result, the fallout wasn’t dissolved by rainfall, and probably lingered in the environment.

June 28, 2016
Research indicates Fukushima radioactive fallout may be worse than expected.
Beyond the consequences for the environment, there are significant consequences for human health. Breathing caesium encased in glass particles may have a very different impact from exposure to it as radioactive rain.
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 25, 2016 5:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

July 26, 2016
 -  Knife attack near Tokyo leaves 19 dead ad 45 injured.
Terrorist goes on rampage at medical facility near Tokyo.  Four of the injured are in a serious condition.  He was arrested after killing 19 at a facility for the disabled in Japan’s Kanagawa Prefecture near Tokyo.

SAGAMIHARA, Japan - 19 people are dead and 20 injured following a knife attack in Sagamihara, outside Tokyo. A knife-wielding man attacked a facility for the disabled and then turned himself in.  Staff fled

Japanese mass murder suspect
July 27, 2016  -  Satoshi Uematsu
killed 19 disabled people near Tokyo.  Satoshi Uematsu promised to “obliterate 470 disabled people” in the letters he wrote in 2016 February.
He wanted to prevent World War 3.

What Satoshi did is the goal of globalists.  Its in line with NWO thinking.  Its far more chilling when you know our DEATH is their global goal.  He and the NWO want to be GOD and decide who should live or die for their Satanic utopia.

Evil or Very Mad   NWO / globalists
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 22, 2016 5:52 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Japan upgrades warplanes
Aug 22, 2016
 -  Japan wants its 200 F-15 fighter jets to carry twice as many air-to-air missiles as they do now, for a possible confrontation with China around disputed East China Sea islands.  China warned Japan against joining US freedom of navigation stunts.

China warned Japan
Aug 22, 2016
 -  Beijing warned Tokyo of a harsh response if it ever crossed a red line in deciding to sail with US warships near disputed waters in the South China Sea.  Japan had no plans to join the US sails.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 23, 2016 10:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Bank of Japan Nationalized the Japanese Stock Market
Aug 23, 2016
-  BOJ's purchases are focused largely on funds tracking the Nikkei 225 index, estimating that more than half of the BOJ's ETF buying was likely in Nikkei-tied funds.

If it seems strange that the BOJ is hamstringing the price discovery mechanism of the Japanese stock market by partially nationalizing it, it is all the stranger that it chooses to do so by substantially skewing its buying towards such a distorting index.

Worldwide, way too much money has been printed (created without value).
This is not going to end well.

I will not pretend to understand this

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