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WORSE that DEAD? Ariel Sharon, former Israeli P.M.

Ariel Sharon, former Israeli P.M.

REALLY!  He DIED in 2006 - and buried in January 2014 - on the 13th
Israel just kept him plugged in.  [i]Shameful

Watch video TRUMAN posted.  Will unplugging Ariel Sharon and finally burying him herald the antichrist / beast? [/i].

Hospital: Former PM has contracted double pneumonia and his condition has greatly deteriorated.
Former prime minister Ariel Sharon has contracted double pneumonia and his condition has greatly deteriorated, a spokesperson from Sheba Medical Center have said.

A new brain scan showed a deterioration in his brain function, his urine output has decreased significantly and a chest scan showed he had a new infection, Sheba spokesperson Anat Dolev said.
Dolev wouldn't say whether Sharon's life was in danger, but said that doctors were treating him with broad-spectrum antibiotics and steroids.

Sharon, 78, has been in a coma since suffering a massive stroke Jan. 4, 2006.  Sharon, one of Israel's most popular politicians, had a small stroke in December and was put on blood thinners before suffering the severe brain hemorrhage in January.

The Israeli leader then underwent several, extensive brain surgeries to stop cerebral hemorrhaging, in addition to other, more minor procedures. Many independent experts doubted he would recover. He has not regained consciousness since the stroke, and is breathing with the aid of a respirator.
After being initially treated over the course of several months in Jerusalem's Hadassah University Hospital, Ein Kerem, Sharon was transferred to the long-term care facility at Sheba hospital in May.

Changes in brain membrane
Sharon was rushed to the intensive care unit of the hospital on July 26 to undergo dialysis because his kidneys were failing. Hospital officials said they also noticed changes in his brain membrane.

Officials added that, at the time, Sharon was suffering from a bacterial infection of the blood (sepsis) and was being administered antibiotics intravenously. The hospital said at the time that there had been "no change for the worse in the condition of his brain."

Sharon was first elected prime minister in 2001. The former general held the post until last April when he was replaced by Ehud Olmert, whose government took office in May.
Ariel Sharon's medical condition takes marked turn for the worse

DEATH of ISRAEL Prime Minister Ariel Sharon,   January 2006
Buried January 2014 - on the 13th  Question

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ZionsCRY NEWS with prophetic analysis


DEATH of ISRAEL Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

DEATH of ISRAEL Prime Minister Ariel Sharon
January 2006   NWO determines his 'death date'

ISRAEL's Government in a PANIC
As of March, 2010 they still have his corpse plugged in. Such SHAME!
Some say Ariel Sharon was assassinated because he refused to attack IRAN.

Lashes of fire curse brought down Sharon
Jan 5 Baruch Ben-Yosef took credit for Ariel Sharon's health, claiming that a pulsa denura -
Aramaic for "lashes of fire" - death curse they instigated against the prime minister in July
was the real catalyst behind his current state of health. "I take full responsibility for what happened.
Our pulsa denura kicked in. Nothing could kill Sharon and he said his ancestors lived until they
over 100 years old but we got him with the pulsa denura."  

Upon hearing the news of Sharon's stroke, Ben-Yosef's group broke out in song and dance
and celebrated the prime minister's fall throughout the night. They said it was not a coincidence
that Sharon fell gravely ill the same day as Kahane's murder. Prime minister Yitzhak Rabin was
killed on the fifth anniversary of Meir Kahane's murder and Sharon fell ill on the anniversary of
Binyamin Kahane's murder."  Jerusalem Post, Y.Katz

Lashes of fire curse brought down Sharon Israel is keeping him artificially 'alive.'
Barry Chamish said he was assassinated by Shimon Perez (
Pat Robertson said what the prophet Joel (3:2) said - that
God will judge those who divide His land. I agree with him! Ariel Sharon arrogantly challenged GOD - and lost.

I will bless those who bless you, (Israel) And the one who curses you I will curse. Genesis 12:3

US secretary of state Con Rice cancelled trip to Australia over concerns she may need
to attend his funeral of Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon.  Israel telephone expanding their
services, Jerusalem hotels have filled up with security personnel.
More on this, see links at bottom of page.

JANUARY 6, 2006
Ariel Sharon is dead, news media is always behind bloggers.
Yassir Arafat died 2 weeks before the official announcement. I believe the NWO determines his death date now,
as they did Pope John Paul and probably plan President Bush's removal also. Prepare the way of the antichrist.
Iran's mullahs told their blabbering fool president terrorist to shut up, even tho they agree with what he says.

Israel Must Live without Ariel Sharon
Jan 5 The first cabinet session called by PM Ehud Olmert.  I heard Olmert in person
in 2001 in Texas. He sounded very good, but he agrees with Sharon about giving away
Israeli land to her sworn enemies.

Jan 4  Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was rushed to the hospital in Jerusalem again.
Within hours I began getting emails from people who had believed he would die very soon,
prior to his first stroke. Barry Chamish believes Shimon Peres killed PM Yitzak Rabin years
ago, and also had a hand in the 'medical assassination' of Ariel Sharon.  

Lashes of fire curse brought down Sharon
Jan 5 Baruch Ben-Yosef took credit for Ariel Sharon's health, claiming that a pulsa denura -
Aramaic for "lashes of fire" - death curse they instigated against the prime minister in July
was the real catalyst behind his current state of health. "I take full responsibility for what happened.
Our pulsa denura kicked in. Nothing could kill Sharon and he said his ancestors lived until they
over 100 years old but we got him with the pulsa denura."  

Upon hearing the news of Sharon's stroke, Ben-Yosef's group broke out in song and dance
and celebrated the prime minister's fall throughout the night. They said it was not a coincidence
that Sharon fell gravely ill the same day as Kahane's murder. Prime minister Yitzhak Rabin was
killed on the fifth anniversary of Meir Kahane's murder and Sharon fell ill on the anniversary of
Binyamin Kahane's murder."  Jerusalem Post, Y.Katz

Israeli government in panic and keeping it secret

Jan 15, 2006  Highly placed Israeli government sources say that
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is in fact dead. The Israeli government is in a
panic, because they have no one to replace him. The rule of succession is not clear.
All Sharon was accomplishing in the past few months may fall apart with his passing.
So his body is plugged into a respirator, access to him is restricted, and the news of
his death is being covered up until the Israeli government can work out its problems.
ZionsCRY reported he is DEAD January 6th, 2006.  June 2007 his corpse is STILL plugged in!
Ariel Sharon is DEAD, Israeli govt in panic:
Ariel Sharon Dead at 77:
GODs Finger is on Many Triggers:
Ariel Sharon died Jan 5,

Palestinian Threat
Sharon is "clinically dead." From WND in JERUSALEM
Terrorists promise rocket barrage if Sharon dies.  Of course, they also promise rockets if he lives.
DUH. Celebrations already underway in the Gaza Strip, with families distributing sweets
and gunmen shooting into the air.

Palestinians are watching the news regarding Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's health crisis,
and will celebrate with Qassam rocket firings at Jewish towns if Sharon dies, said terror leaders.
Abu Abir threatened the life of Olmert, Sharon's replacement, saying "I am ready with my
candies and my rockets and praying to Allah that Sharon dies. We have prepared a celebratory
barrage of rockets ready to fire into Israel on the occasion of the death of our enemy. I personally
am waiting to celebrate. I have my fingers crossed. Sharon was one of our biggest enemies."
WND told that Sharon's condition is life threatening, and that he might not survive.

King Sharon is dead. Israel still refuses to report Sharon's death.
Saudi king was kept 'alive' for several years, tho he was dead.
Doctors will start bringing Ariel Sharon out of his medically-induced coma Monday.
TV wants Olmert to win elections, but GOD FORBID.  Bibi is better!

Sharon Death, contd

How to Rightly Discern the Illness of Ariel Sharon
January 6, 2006  
by David Dreiling
David's view is only one view among many.

It is G-d, who tears down one and raises up another.
I believe the events of the past few days regarding Sharon's health prophetically
reflect G-d's purposes,  the enemy is also involved.

History of tribal thinking in the mideast
Historically, the MidEast has been divided into tribes that have been at war with each other.
These tribes are very paternalistic, and fierce loyalty is an attribute that is greatly rewarded.
It is common when one dynasty is replaced by another that the new leader murders all of
the close associates of the original leader who might challenge his authority.

Kings or warlords in the mideast control whole countries as families. Examples of this
would be the Saudis, the Hashemites in Jordan, and the ruling house of Syria. The people
often desire a king, an autocratic ruler, whom they can look up to. The root of this goes
back to Abraham, Ishmael, and Hager. Even before that is the story of the descendants of
Cain, who were banished from Adam's presence, yet they also helped populate this region.

FATHERLESSNESS in the middle east
These stories are stories of fatherlessness, our need as people to have a father to look up to.
People from ancient times have desired a king or leader to admire and sometimes even worship.
They have at times disregarded even the most blatant corruption in authority figures, such as
Yasser Arafat. That is why most of the leaders in this region, upon obtaining power, are in
power for life.  (In corresponding with other Jewish Believers in Israel, I have also heard this
'father' line of thinking.  Abraham did father both Jews and Arabs. ZC)

The Children of Israel were no different in ancient times when they asked for a king to rule
over them so that they could also be like the other nations. So Samuel gave them a king,
even though the L-rd was disappointed in the request. The L-rd has always been jealous of
His people and has always desired to be their King, rather than a man over them.
And so it is today. Although Israel is a democracy, the events of the past few months
have served to establish Sharon as a virtual "king" in Israel.


Sharon was elected as a champion of fighting for the Land. However, he reversed his
stand, yet was able to persuade the majority of Israelis that this change was justified.
After unilaterally withdrawing from Gaza, he drew the anger of his own Likus party, and
formed a new party, Kadima, which become the dominant voice in Israeli politics.
This popularity reflects Sharon's immense standing with the Israeli public.

Most Americans and Christians simply don't understand the complex and emotional
issues concerning the Gaza withdrawal and why they still supported Sharon after it
only continued nightly shelling of Israeli towns.

G-d is jealous over Israel, and His desire is to be their only King.  Sharon has lifted
himself up as a king, he has come under the scrutiny and the Hand of G-d.  It appears
Sharon could have single-handedly decide who to choose as Knesset members.
Israeli politics seems a game of who has favor with Sharon and who does not.
I believe G-d has been offended by this political atmosphere.

We have ample testimony in the Bible of people who have exalted themselves in place of G-d,
and it is usually at this point that G-d strikes them. Nebuchadnezzar is the obvious example.
When Sharon took to himself the leadership of the nation that is the apple of G-d's eye, he
stood in contention against the L-rd, and the Angel of the L-rd has dealt with him.

The political atmosphere that offends GOD
Today, Israelis are saying on the streets, "If Sharon is gone, who will lead us?"
There is an enormous vacuum of leadership in Israel today.

However, this vacuum is G-d's doing because HE is still sitting enthroned in Heaven.
PRAY the heart of Israelis be turned again to the very Words of G-d. As they fear
terror from without and disunity and confusion within, let the hearts and eyes of
G-d's people look up, and let the L-rd be magnified and praised in Israel.

Finally, I say let us all fear, lest we become wise in our own understanding and
exalt ourselves because we think we know the will of the L-rd and what is right for
Him to do in other nations and with other peoples. Let us fear lest we find ourselves
poking our finger into the apple of G-d's eye and opposing the L-rd. Let every man
who thinks he knows and understands consider that he does not know the mind of
the L-rd. It is at least possible that Sharon became wise in his own understanding
and too powerful in Israel for his own good.

CAUTION, you are entering dangerous territory
When President Bush was elected in 2004, a British newspaper ran the headline,
"How can 57 million Americans be so stupid?"
To an Israeli, statements saying that Sharon was killed by their G-d for abandoning
Gaza are just as demeaning as that headline above. It makes the Christian's G-d
appear vindictive. Just as the writer of the British headline assumed that Kerry was
clearly the better candidate in the USA and ought to have been elected by the "stupid"
Americans, so statements regarding Sharon's demise as a judgment for his
Gaza policies seem very offensive to many rank and file Jews.

How Christians should appeal to the heart of the Jews
Christians should be trying to appeal to the heart of Jewish people concerning the
goodness and mercy of God!  Rather, they appear to be politicized as right-wing
supporters of things that they may not fully understand. If a person dies of lung cancer
because he smoked 3 packs a day, one doesn't say at his funeral that he was a fool
to smoke. Sharon was a great leader in Israel and should not be demeaned for a policy
that it is believed unscriptural because some make assessments as to the content and
timing of G-d's promise to Israel concerning the Land. That Sharon devoted his life to
service to his country is fact. David Dreiling, (edited)  Email:

On December 18, Ariel Sharon and Shimon Peres raised wineglasses together in
the Knesset. Half an hour later, Sharon suffered a stroke. He was brought into
hospital by Yoram Rubin, the bodyguard who murdered Yitzhak Rabin. On Jan. 4,
Sharon returned to hospital with a massive cerebral hemorrhage and within a few
hours I published my suspicions that Sharon was the victim of a second assassination
attempt by the same Peres/Rubin team which had finished off Yitzhak Rabin.

6.9 magnitude earthquake rattles Athens, Greece
Jan 8 2006  The quake was also felt on the island of Crete.  Depth 23 miles.
It was felt as far away as in Cairo, Egypt, and in Amman, Jordan.
The earthquake was felt across southern Italy. Stavrakakis said, "It was a very powerful
quake which shook all of Greece. There have been dozens of aftershocks .
The quake occurred deep undersea and that's what saved us."
6.4 magnitude earthquake rattles Athens, Greece, FOX:

He is DEAD January 6th, 2006.
June 2007 his corpse is STILL plugged in!
They didnt bury him until 2014

Ariel Sharon Dead at 77

Ariel Sharon died January 5, 2006
Laura Mansfield

Sharon is dead
Israeli government in panic and keeping it secret
January 5, 2006

Eye to Eye
Facing the Consequences of Dividing Israel;lid=1&psku=eye1&mode=sp


Name of Messiah revealed to Orthodox Jew


Do an internet search on 'Master Jesus', this is NOT the Jesus Christ of the bible.
Alice Bailey and PH Blavatsky, in their demon channellings, had communications with this 'Master Jesus'.
Apparently, assuming this whole 'lord maitreya' plays out in the tribulation, then
'Master Jesus' will likely be the last Pope of the Vatican leading the Apostate Christian church to worship maitreya.

IMHO - maybe this is the 'Jesus' that deceived this person in the video.

Mat 16:3  And in the morning, It will be foul weather to day: for the sky is red and lowring. O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times?

Mat 12:39  But he answered and said unto them, An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas:
Mat 12:40  For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale's belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.
Mat 12:41  The men of Nineveh shall rise in judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it: because they repented at the preaching of Jonas; and, behold, a greater than Jonas is here.

I dont know if rabbi is speakng of Yeshua Messiah or antimessiah.

Barak  -  means lightning
obama  -  fall

Satan fell like lightning.
Is Barak Hussein Obama the son of satan - of demon seed?  Last Days Judas?

I have come in My Father's name, and you do not receive Me; if another comes in his own name, you will receive him.
John 5:43

Eye to Eye
 Hurricane Katrina hit Gulf as Jews were forced out of Gaza.

The Ariel Sharon legacy
Ariel Sharon DIED in 2006 but wasnt buried until January 2014 - on the 13th.
Sharon was elected as a champion of fighting for the Land. However, at the urging of U.S. President GW Bush, he reversed his stand - against God's command.

Israeli PM Ariel Sharon evicted Jews from their land in Gaza and gave it to their Palestinian enemies in August 2005.  That very day Hurricane Katrina began to form and eventually hit New Orleans.  It was God's judgment on USA for pressuring Israel to sacrifice her land.

January 2, 2006
Security forces completed the evacuation of Jews in Amona, Samaria (westbank)

Jan 4, 2006  PM Ariel Sharon was rushed to the hospital after a stroke.  He never recovered.

I will gather all nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat.
There I will put them on trial for what they did to my inheritance, my people Israel,
because they scattered my people among the nations and
divided up MY land.  Joel 3:2

Jerusalem will become a burdensome stone for all people. Zechariah 12:3, Joel 3:2

The God of Israel will seek to destroy all nations that come against Jerusalem.   Zechariah 12:9


Ariel = "lion of God or lioness of God"
 a name applied to Jerusalem
 the name of a chief of the returning exiles

Isaiah 29
Woe to Ariel, to Ariel, the city [where] David dwelt! add ye year to year; let them kill sacrifices.

2  Yet I will distress Ariel, and there shall be heaviness and sorrow: and it shall be unto me as Ariel.
3  And I will camp against thee round about, and will lay siege against thee with a mount, and I will raise forts against thee.

4  And thou shalt be brought down, [and] shalt speak out of the ground, and thy speech shall be low out of the dust, and thy voice shall be, as of one that hath a familiar spirit, out of the ground, and thy speech shall whisper out of the dust.

5  Moreover the multitude of thy strangers shall be like small dust, and the multitude of the terrible ones [shall be] as chaff that passeth away: yea, it shall be at an instant suddenly.

6  Thou shalt be visited of the LORD of hosts with thunder, and with earthquake, and great noise, with storm and tempest, and the flame of devouring fire.

7  And the multitude of all the nations that fight against Ariel, even all that fight against her and her munition, and that distress her, shall be as a dream of a night vision.

8  It shall even be as when an hungry [man] dreameth, and, behold, he eateth; but he awaketh, and his soul is empty: or as when a thirsty man dreameth, and, behold, he drinketh; but he awaketh, and, behold, [he is] faint, and his soul hath appetite: so shall the multitude of all the nations be, that fight against mount Zion.

9   Stay yourselves, and wonder; cry ye out, and cry: they are drunken, but not with wine; they stagger, but not with strong drink.

10  For the LORD hath poured out upon you the spirit of deep sleep, and hath closed your eyes: the prophets and your rulers, the seers hath he covered.

11  And the vision of all is become unto you as the words of a book that is sealed, which [men] deliver to one that is learned, saying, Read this, I pray thee: and he saith, I cannot; for it [is] sealed:

12   And the book is delivered to him that is not learned, saying, Read this, I pray thee: and he saith, I am not learned.

13  Wherefore the Lord said, Forasmuch as this people draw near [me] with their mouth, and with their lips do honour me, but have removed their heart far from me, and their fear toward me is taught by the precept of men:

Isa 29:14   Therefore, behold, I will proceed to do a marvellous work among this people, [even] a marvellous work and a wonder: for the wisdom of their wise [men] shall perish, and the understanding of their prudent [men] shall be hid.

15   Woe unto them that seek deep to hide their counsel from the LORD, and their works are in the dark, and they say, Who seeth us? and who knoweth us?

16   Surely your turning of things upside down shall be esteemed as the potter's clay: for shall the work say of him that made it, He made me not? or shall the thing framed say of him that framed it, He had no understanding?

17  [Is] it not yet a very little while, and Lebanon shall be turned into a fruitful field, and the fruitful field shall be esteemed as a forest?
18  And in that day shall the deaf hear the words of the book, and the eyes of the blind shall see out of obscurity, and out of darkness.

19  The meek also shall increase [their] joy in the LORD, and the poor among men shall rejoice in the Holy One of Israel.
20  For the terrible one is brought to nought, and the scorner is consumed, and all that watch for iniquity are cut off:
21   That make a man an offender for a word, and lay a snare for him that reproveth in the gate, and turn aside the just for a thing of nought.

22  Therefore thus saith the LORD, who redeemed Abraham, concerning the house of Jacob, Jacob shall not now be ashamed, neither shall his face now wax pale.

23  But when he seeth his children, the work of mine hands, in the midst of him, they shall sanctify my name, and sanctify the Holy One of Jacob, and shall fear the God of Israel.

24  They also that erred in spirit shall come to understanding, and they that murmured shall learn doctrine.

Matthew 24:
15 When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)

Mat 24:16     Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains:
Mat 24:17     Let him which is on the housetop not come down to take any thing out of his house:
Mat 24:18     Neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes.
Mat 24:19     And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!
Mat 24:20     But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day:
Mat 24:21     For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.

Mat 24:22     And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.
Mat 24:23     Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here [is] Christ, or there; believe [it] not.
Mat 24:24     For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if [it were] possible, they shall deceive the very elect.
Mat 24:25     Behold, I have told you before.

Mat 24:26     Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, [he is] in the secret chambers; believe [it] not.
Mat 24:27     For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.
Mat 24:28     For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together.

4 years later, Sharon still comatose and without a clear legacy
January 6, 2010
    The former leader is unlikely to recover from a stroke, writes Jason Koutsoukis in Tel Aviv.

Four years after a massive stroke that has rendered him unconscious, the former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon now breathes unassisted.
He lies motionless in a two-bed private room at the 18-bed Sheba Medical Centre, a long-term care facility at the Tel Hashomer Hospital near Tel Aviv that specialises in the rehabilitation of comatose patients.

A team of nurses keeps moving his body to prevent pressure sores, and an extra nurse is on duty 24 hours a day to monitor him.
Mr Sharon, 81, is fed through a tube. Once famous for his sizeable girth, he has suffered extensive tissue deterioration and now weighs about 50 kilograms.

Every day at least one of his two sons, Omri and Gilad, visits him and at night he is fitted with an oxygen mask, more as a precaution than as a necessity. Caring for Mr Sharon costs taxpayers about $400,000 a year.
Sometimes his eyelids will open suddenly, and can stay open for hours at a time. It is one of the signs that keep those close to him hoping he may recover.
But according to doctors familiar with Mr Sharon's condition and his care, the former giant of Israeli military and political life has no chance of recovery.

''His brain is about the size of a grapefruit,'' says a hospital manager who has been continually involved with his care, and who declined to be named. ''The part of the brain that keeps his body functioning, his vital organs, is intact, but beyond that there is nothing, just fluid. Our instinct is to provide hope, and to say that because he is alive there is a chance he will wake up - but this is never going to happen.''

Even former close associates concede that the chances of a recovery are extremely low. ''He is still strong,'' says his former chief-of-staff Dov Weisglass. ''We hope, of course, that things will be different, but a recovery does not seem very possible. Nevertheless, we remain very focused on his care, as a former prime minister of the state of Israel.''

Mr Sharon, who became prime minister early in 2001, suffered a brain haemorrhage on January 4, 2006 and was admitted to Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem.
After several rounds of surgery and recovery from pneumonia, he was transferred to the Sheba Medical Centre at the Tel Hashomer Hospital near Tel Aviv in May 2006, where he has remained.
Whatever the prospects of his making a recovery, one thing that is certain is that his family will not consent to removing the feeding tubes.

In the meantime, debate rages about Mr Sharon's long-term legacy. A forceful military leader whose career in the Israel Defence Forces was marked by controversy, he moved to politics in 1973 as a member of Menachem Begin's Likud party.
As defence minister during the 1982 Lebanon war, Mr Sharon was found to have borne some personal responsibility for the massacre of up to 2000 Palestinians by Lebanese Christian militias in the Sabra and Chatilla refugee camps.

A hero of the expansionary Israeli right wing, he is now regarded as a traitor by many on the right as the man who drove Israel's withdrawal of 9000 Jewish settlers from the Gaza Strip.
By taking on the settler movement in Gaza he paved the way for possible withdrawal of settlers from the much larger West Bank territory, an issue the present Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is now having to grapple with.

''There is no question that the settler movement was on its knees under Sharon.  'They were a demoralised force; they had essentially lost the battle of public wills.'
'But as time elapses, the more the settler movement has been able to recover, for a variety of complex reasons, and we stand again today as a nation at a cross roads, trying to make a decision with respect to appropriate territorial borders.

''I think what we are witnessing today, as the settler movement regroups and reasserts its power within Israeli society, is a political tragedy.
'This is tragedy that has so far been compounded by politicians who have so far suffered from a failure of nerves. Until this is resolved I think Sharon's legacy is to a degree undecided.''

Ariel Sharon does have a legacy!
He evicted Jews from their land in Gaza - and gave it to their Palestinian enemies in August 2005

Immediately Hurricane Katrina began to form and eventually hit New Orleans


GOD Warns Before Judgment!
Are these WARNING quakes?  Its happened in the past

July 16, 2010     5  Av,  5770  
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu meets US envoy George Mitchell.
Mitchell arrived in Israel to once more push Israel into giving MORE of her God-given land to Palestinian terrorists.
Reports of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak health failing, walking corpse, son doing his duties.
His son hates Israel, and Egypt has been turning against Israel slowly.  

July 15, 2010 a  4.5 Earthquake rocks Eilat, Israel, centered in the Red Sea.
The only earthquake link I found called this quake 'EGYPT' - this is NOT Egypt, its the Red Sea.

July 16  The Washington, D.C. USA area was shaken by a magnitude 3.6 earthquake at 5.04 am EDT Friday.
It quite alarmed residents!  It was centered in Rockville, Maryland. -AP

          ----------------------     February 11, 2004 Jerusalem, Israel     ---------------

A 5.0 magnitude earthquake rocked Israel about 10 am, leaving a crack in the Knesset ceiling directly above the table at which cabinet ministers sit.
The Knesset thought a large bomb had gone off.  The quake shook Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa and the Gaza Strip.

At the top of their agenda was the question of evicting all Jews out of the Gaza Strip and handing it over to the Palestinians, Israel's sworn enemies.

Israeli PM Ariel Sharon went ahead and evicted Jews from their homes in Gaza and
that same day Hurricane Katrina formed out in the Atlantic, and Sharon lies on a slab, plugged in but dead.

Psalm 113:3
From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the LORD's name is to be praised.

SAMOA, Tonga and Kiribati are the first countries to see the new day, as the international dateline goes North and South there.

If the judgments of God are starting between Tonga and Samoa, and then Indonesia, the Philippines,
and wherever else going Westward, this would follow the path of
"from the rising of the sun until the going down thereof."  

Only a few nations walked out on the UN speech by Iran's leader.
Samoa wasnt one who walked out.  Neither were the Philippines.  
They should have walked out.  Because God will destroy all nations that come against Jerusalem.

Indonesia and the Philippines are heavily Muslim.
GOD's wrath is upon Islam.

Psalm 50:1
The mighty God, even the LORD, hath spoken, and called the earth from the rising of the sun unto the going down thereof.

Malachi 1:11
For from the rising of the sun even unto the going down of the same my name shall be great among the Gentiles.
and in every place incense shall be offered unto my name,
and a pure offering, for my name shall be great among the heathen, saith the LORD of hosts

Then who might be next - if the anger of the LORD is following this pattern? - and WHEN? - and WHAT?
Westward of Samoa are Asia - Russia - China - Europe - Africa - U.S.A.
Viet Nam and the Philippines - westward - had Ketsana, a terrible typhoon kill hundreds.

My speculation
It would seem the 2 major earthquakes and the typhoon are NATURE - GOD.
They struck RAPIDLY in the days after the UN meetings.  

My guess is that NATURE / GOD will strike rapidly around the world -
skipping Australia and New Zealand for now, sparing the nations who exited A-jad.

The judgment of GOD on the U.S.A. could come October 10th IF you believe Vincent Xavier,
who has 3 times changed what he claims GOD told him that
a nuke would wipe out Washington DC.  
He said it could NOT be prevented.

That of course is NOT a natural disaster - and I suspect B Hussein Obama will do something next week to harm Israel - probably Jerusalem.  
Jerusalem is the HEART of ISRAEL - as DC is the heart of the U.S.A.

From Sep 25 ZionsCRY
Nations walk out on Iran's A-jad UN speech Sep 23
France, Argentina, Australia, Britain, Costa Rica, Denmark, France Germany, Hungary, Italy,
New Zealand and later - The United States. Canada had already said it would boycott Iran.

b]WHO MIGHT BE NEXT? - and WHAT? - and WHEN?[/b]

Israel is in the MidEast and it is GOD's land and Jews are GOD's chosen people (race).
Israel was given by GOD to the Jews, the bloodline of Abraham thru Jacob (Israel).
When a nation or person favors Palestinians over Jews, they are cursed.  Genesis 12
If the USA presses Israel to split Jerusalem, GOD will split the USA in half along the New Madrid fault.
When President Bush pushed Ariel Sharon to give Gaza to Israel's sworn enemies, God sent Katrina.

Ariel Sharon to go home
I hope his sons finally realize he is DEAD!
September 22,  2010   Former prime minister, lying in a coma since 2006, is expected to be moved back to his home, Sycamore Ranch in the Negev.
In a few months it will be 5 years since former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon sank into a coma.
His situation remains unchanged, but he is expected to be moved back to his Sycamore Ranch in the Negev soon,
together with the medical instruments required to support his 'life.'

The move is expected within a few weeks, firstly just for a few days for a trial period after which he will be taken back to the hospital.
If it becomes clear that the necessary medical care is available at the ranch, he will be taken back to the ranch permanently.
The house has been prepared to receive him, with medical equipment and an elevator to carry him from the ground floor to his bedroom on the second floor.

Sharon, now 82 years old, has been lying unconscious since January 2006, first in Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem and
then in the Chaim Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer.
His sons Gilad and Omri requested the move.,7340,L-3958472,00.html

Ariel Sharon to return home
November 9,  2010      

Police receive notice of expected transfer of former prime minister back to Sycamore Ranch over upcoming weekend
Coming home. Former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon will be transferred to his home at Sycamore Ranch in southern Israel over the next few days.
He is being moved to Sycamore Ranch at the request of his sons, Omri and Gilad.

Police have received notice of the expected transfer of the former prime minister from the Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer to his Negev farm.
There has been no change in Sharon's condition, since he fell into a coma five years ago.
Preparations for Sharon's return to the home he loved, where his late wife Lilly is buried, have only recently been completed.
In the first stage, Sharon will be transferred by ambulance to the farm for a few days. If it becomes clear that the necessary medical care is available at the ranch, he will be taken back to the ranch permanently.

that necessary equipment was being set up in Sharon's home and that an elevator was installed so that the former prime minister could be moved from the ground floor to his own room on the second floor. Sharon, 82, has been in a coma since January 2006, first at the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem and later at the Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer.,7340,L-3982008,00.html

Ariel Sharon returns home
A lot of trouble and expense for a dead man.
November 12, 2010  
 Former prime minister, in coma for nearly five years, returned to Negev's Sycamore Ranch at request of family, accompanied by medical, security staff
Nearly five years after he sank into a coma, former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon left the Chaim Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer Friday morning for continued care at his own home in the Negev, Sycamore Ranch.
Logistic and medical preparations for the move, requested by his sons, were completed overnight.

At 6:25 am, the ambulance left the premises and began its journey south. The Shin Bet's bodyguard unit took care of security, and a police patrol vehicle plus medical staff accompanied the former prime minister.
To decrease the chances of his being photographed, details of the move were kept under wraps, including the time of departure. Screens were also erected to retain privacy.
Medical sources said Sharon would first be taken for a number of "vacations" to prepare the way for the complete move back to his home and family, "to the environment he loved so much.",7340,L-3983537,00.html

The death of Ariel Sharon

Comatose former Israel PM Ariel Sharon 'responsive'
January 12, 2011  
 The personal doctor of Ariel Sharon says the comatose former Israeli prime minister responds to pinches and opens his eyes when spoken to.
Dr Shlomo Segev made the remarks in a programme broadcast on Saturday (local time) on Israeli television that coincided with the fifth anniversary of the massive stroke that incapacitated the ex-prime minister.

The 82-year-old Sharon is a former war hero who led Israel from 2001 until the 2006 stroke that left him comatose. Severe haemorrhaging caused significant brain damage and he has been in a vegetative state since. Former Sharon spokesman Raanan Gissin told The AP there has been no change in Sharon's condition.

Sharon was moved home in November, but Gissin said he has since been returned to the long-term care facility outside Tel Aviv for treatment.

Comatose ex-Israeli PM moved back in hospital
Doctors say there has been no change in Sharon's condition.

JERUSALEM – Officials say the comatose former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon was quietly returned to the hospital just days after he was moved home in November.

Two months ago Sharon was moved with great fanfare to his family ranch in southern Israel, but Tel Hashomer Hospital spokesman Amir Marom said Sunday the plan was always for a brief stay.
Marom says that less than 48 hours after medical teams took the former leader home he was returned to the long-term care unit of a hospital outside Tel Aviv.
The 82-year-old Sharon is a former war hero who led Israel from 2001 until the 2006 stroke that left him in a vegetative state.

TEL-AVIV: Close to four years after suffering a massive hemorrhagic stroke, Dov Weisglass, who served as bureau chief to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, told Israel Radio’s Reshet Bet on Thursday that
the former prime minister’s medical team indicates he may emerge from his coma soon.

Ariel Sharon Son Joins Kadima

It is very strange that Ariel Sharon's name has been making news recently.
He died in 2006 but his corpse has been plugged in.  Revelation 13?  I dont know.
13 January 11

Gilad Sharon, younger son of the comatose former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, became the third public figure to join the ranks of the Kadima Party in recent weeks.
Gilad was not involved in politics in the past.

Several criminal suspicions were leveled in the past against the Sharon family. The police recommended that the 2 sons be indicted on bribery charges.
Kadima was founded in 2005 by Ariel Sharon shortly before he went into a coma (HE is DEAD).

Dahlan helped poison Yasser Arafat

Dahlan helped poison Yasser Arafat
 -  Arafat died of AIDS

August 8, 2011  PA commission of inquiry
Ousted Fatah official asked a security officer to burn former Palestinian leader’s medicine bottle, report claims.
A Palestinian commission of inquiry has concluded that ousted Fatah Central Committee member Muhammad Dahlan was involved in the “poisoning” of former Palestinian Authority chairman Yasser Arafat.
The commission’s report was published on Sunday by a number of Arab news websites, including al-Jazeera.

According to the 118-page report, which was prepared by top Fatah officials Azzam al- Ahmed, Tayeb Abdel Rahim, Othman Abu Gharbiyyeh and Nabil Sha’ath, the deposed Fatah official was involved in sending poisoned medicine to Arafat before the latter’s death.
If true, this would be the first time the Palestinian leadership accuses a Palestinian of being behind the “assassination” of Arafat.

Until now the PA and other Palestinians had held Israel fully responsible for the mysterious death of Arafat of an unknown disease in November 2004.
PA officials in Ramallah would neither confirm nor deny the report.
However, The Jerusalem Post was told that a senior aide to Abbas had leaked the report to al-Jazeera.
The commission of inquiry was set up to look into allegations that Dahlan had plotted to stage a coup against PA President Mahmoud Abbas.
At the request of Abbas, the Fatah Central Committee has expelled Dahlan.

Dahlan, who has denied the charges, returned to Ramallah late last month to appeal against the decision to expel him from Fatah.
A few days after he arrived in Ramallah, PA security forces raided his villa, detained his bodyguards and confiscated their weapons and vehicles.
Dahlan was nevertheless permitted to leave to Jordan without being harassed. But a number of his top aides have since been arrested by various branches of the PA security forces in the West Bank.

Dahlan’s associates maintain that the dispute with Abbas erupted only after the former demanded an inquiry into the fate of $1.3 billion that was deposited in the account of the Palestinian Investment Fund.
They claim that most of the money has gone missing ever since Abbas succeeded Arafat in January 2005.
According to Dahlan’s supporters, Abbas also holds a grudge against him because he had been bad-mouthing the PA president’s wealthy sons.

The report, which also appeared on other Arab media web sites, claims that while Arafat was hospitalized at a French military hospital, Dahlan approached a senior PA security officer and asked him to burn the bottles of medicine that Arafat had been using.
The report also claims that a number of Arafat’s associates had supported this allegation during questioning.

The Fatah report goes on to accuse Dahlan of standing behind a string of assassinations of senior Palestinian officials, including Hisham Mekki, chairman of the Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation and top Fatah operatives Kamal Midhat and Hussein Abu Ajweh.

The commission said that Dahlan had also been questioned about his personal fortune and bank accounts under his name in Switzerland.
The commission’s report also accused Dahlan of conspiring to recruit civil servants and security officers to his camp and planting espionage devices in a number of government and security installations.
Dahlan was also accused of plotting to stage a “military coup” in the West Bank against Abbas and purchasing weapons from Israeli-Arab arms dealers.

In response to the publication of the report, Arafat’s relatives in the Gaza Strip issued a statement in which they strongly condemned the charges against Dahlan.
The statement also cautioned the media against publishing lies related to the death of Arafat and said that such reports were unprofessional and immoral and were designed to harm Arafat’s image and reputation.

Samir Mashharawi, a top Fatah operative from the Gaza Strip and longtime friend of Dahlan, said on Sunday that the dispute between Dahlan and Abbas was “personal.”
Mashharawi said he personally asked Abbas about the dispute and the PA president admitted to him that this was the case.

Mashharawi quoted Abbas as saying: “Your friend [Dahlan] has a long tongue and has been bad-mouthing me and my sons. He [Dahlan] has been saying that I handed the Gaza Strip over to Hamas and that I have neglected the Gaza Strip in the past four years.”

The Fatah leader said Abbas had initiated the fight with Dahlan to distract attention from his failed policies. “Abbas wants to run away from five years of failure in running the Palestinian Authority and the political portfolio,” he charged.

Mashharawi claimed that the raid on Dahlan’s villa in Ramallah was aimed at liquidating the latter.
“They wanted to initiate an armed clash with Dahlan’s men so that the police could open fire,” he said.
“The goal was to kill Dahlan and then announce that he was part of a conspiracy to overthrow the Palestinian president.
Fortunately, Dahlan remained very clam during the raid and did not intervene even when they searched his bedroom in a provocative manner.”

Jews inhumanity to Jews
Its happening AGAIN! January 2012


This was from last year, but nonetheless, this does NOT sound like he's in some "coma"...moving fingers? gaining weight? Rolling Eyes

Six Years After a Debilitating Stroke, Sharon Remains Responsive, His Son Says
October 20, 2011  JERUSALEM — Ariel Sharon, who suffered a debilitating stroke nearly six years ago while serving as prime minister of Israel and remains in a coma-like state, responds to some requests and, despite being fed intravenously, has put on weight, according to his son Gilad Sharon.

“When he is awake, he looks at me and moves fingers when I ask him to,” Mr. Sharon said in a telephone interview. “I am sure he hears me.”

Details of Mr. Sharon’s health and status have been closely guarded by the family. His son agreed to discuss the matter as he prepares to publicize a biography of his father that he has finished after four and a half years.

Titled “Sharon: The Life of a Leader,” and due out Tuesday in Hebrew and English, the book says of the famously stout former general: “He lies in bed, looking like the lord of the manor, sleeping tranquilly. Large, strong, self assured. His cheeks are a healthy shade of red. When he’s awake, he looks out with a penetrating stare. He hasn’t lost a single pound; on the contrary, he’s gained some.”

Henry Gruver warns the USA of imminent calamity, nuclear war on our soil.
He also says Ariel Sharon is still alive and concious.  Interesting.
Ariel - lion of God

Ariel Sharon is communicating, according to Henry Gruver July 2012 - page 2  Gruver saw NUCLEAR ATTACK on AMERICA in vision

Ariel Sharon undergoes brain scan
January 25, 2013
Hospital officials say procedure was previously scheduled
Israeli hospital officials say a comatose former prime minister has undergone a special brain imaging scan.
Inbar Gutter, spokeswoman for Soroka Hospital in Beersheba, said Friday that former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was transferred to the hospital the previous night for the scan.
After a few hours, he was returned to Tel Hashomer Hospital in central Israel, where he is being cared for

Ariel = Lion of GOD

Israeli Rabbi claimed the death of Ariel Sharon will mark the coming of the Messiah

The late Yitzhak Kaduri (died 2006) from Israel was a great Rabbi that was famous for his wisdom in the Torah, the Talmud and other Jewish writings. He was a Kabbalist who is devout towards God and towards teaching the Torah to his students. During his life, thousands of people came to him for counseling and healing. His followers witness the miracles of God performed through his hands and also how he prophesied many disasters before it happened.

Several months before he died, in Jan 2006, at the age of 108 years, Rabbi Kaduri almost exclusively spent his last days to tell his students and his family how the Messiah appeared to him. He was focusing the last days of his life to teach how to recognize the Messiah when he comes.

Before he died, he wrote the name of the Messiah on a note to be found by those he left behind. He also shared with them that the death of the ex Prime Minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon, will mark the time of His coming.

In the same month that Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri died, Jan 2006, former Prime Minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon had a stroke and was admitted to hospital. It has been 6 months now since that time and Sharon is still hanging on to life, in a coma.

To me personally, I see it how God is trying to tell how the Messiah should have come already years ago. But as He holds back Ariel Sharon from going “home” just yet, God is holding back time so the end does not come just yet.

This delay only implies that God’s people are not ready yet for His coming. Until when does Ariel Sharon still have to suffer in coma? Until when does the Messiah still have to postpone to come? It all depends on you and me! How discerning we are to grasp the warning of GOD and finally go back to Him, will determine when he will come.


Former PM Sharon shows positive signs in MRI
Jan 26, 2013
Ex-aide to Ariel Sharon says there was some kind of positive indication in brain scans performed on comatose former PM.
Brain scans performed on former prime minister Ariel Sharon this week suggested there was a chance for some improvement in his condition.
Gilad Sharon said that his father was "responsive and gaining weight."
"When he is awake, he looks at me and moves his fingers when I ask him to,” Gilad Sharon told the Times. “I am sure he hears me.”
Ariel Sharon, 84, has been in a coma since his second stroke, in January 2006. (His first stroke took place the previous month.)


Ariel Sharon: Israeli ex-PM in coma 'has brain activity'
Jan 27, 2013  
Ariel Sharon, the former Israeli prime minister who has been in a coma for 7 years, has shown significant signs of brain activity, doctors say.
A team of Israeli and American scientists say new tests showed he responded to external stimuli.
The activity increased when he was being shown pictures of his family and played a recording of his son's voice.

The 84-year-old has been in a coma since 2006, when he suffered a massive stroke.
Since then, he has been in a vegetative state, connected to a respirator.

The doctors at Soroka Hospital in Beersheba said that during tests, "significant brain activity was observed... indicating appropriate processing of these stimulations."
While the responses did not mean Mr Sharon was likely to fully regain consciousness, doctors said they were "encouraging".

Alon Friedman, a neurological director at Israel's Soroka Medical Centre in Beersheba, said the findings suggested that even in Mr Sharon's comatose state,
"he might be listening, and some important information goes into his brain and is being processed".

Mr Sharon was a storied military officer who fought in three wars before entering politics.
He was admired by many Israelis as a great military leader, but reviled by Palestinians.
He was elected prime minister in 2001, pledging to achieve "security and true peace", and served until his stroke in 2006.
In 2005, he unilaterally withdrew Israeli troops and settlers from Gaza.

Mr Sharon was a keen promoter of the expansion of the building and expansion of settlements in the occupied territories.
He also initiated the construction of the separation barrier along the border and inside the West Bank.
But late in his career, despite fierce opposition in Israel, he ordered Jewish settlers to leave Gaza and four settlements in the West Bank.
As defence minister, Mr Sharon masterminded Israel's invasion of Lebanon in 1982.

Well, this news story is currently #8 on the Yahoo tracker...

"Mr Sharon masterminded Israel's invasion of Lebanon in 1982" is the typical BBC LIE.
SELF DEFENSE should not be called an 'invasion'

The Lebanon War:  Operation Peace for Galilee (1982)
A ceasefire with Palestinian terrorists in Lebanon declared in July 1981 was broken by the Palestinians who kept attacking Israel.
Therefore in SELF DEFENSE, June 6, 1982 the IDF launched Operation Peace for the Galilee.

The 1982 Lebanon War
The 1982 Lebanon War began on June 6, 1982
, as what was supposed to be a short-term military operation - Operation Peace for Galilee -
to destroy terrorist infrastructure on the Lebanese-Israeli border, which had been used by terrorists to attack IDF forces, as well as the Israeli communities.
PLO Palestinians continued to launch numerous attacks on Israel from Lebanon.,7340,L-3631005,00.html

Tests show Ariel Sharon's condition might be improving
January 28, 2013
 Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon demonstrated impressive progress during a routine testing of his brain's functionality late last week, prompting some in the Israeli media to speculate that he might be slowly coming out of his coma.

Sharon suffered a major brain hemorrhage in 2006 and slipped into what doctors then described as a vegetative state. He has remained in stable condition ever since.

Last week's test was conducted at Soroka Hospital in Beersheva, and employed a new MRI technology developed by a team of Israeli and American doctors.
During the two-hour test, Sharon was shown pictures of his family and was made to listen to an audio recording of his eldest son's voice.
To the doctors' surprise, "significant brain activity was observed in each test in specific brain regions, indicating appropriate processing of these stimuli," according to a statement released by Soroka.

One of the lead doctors said that while Sharon's brain is clearly transferring information to the proper areas for processing, it is still uncertain if the former premier is consciously aware of these stimuli.
Whatever the case, the tests did show a very real improvement in Sharon's condition.

This is one of the most trustworthy NEWS sources I have.

Prime minister Ariel Sharon was about to leave 2/3 of the West Bank
February 19, 2013
He was drafting plan for a unilateral pullout when he fell ill, says his former adviser Rafi Eitan,
and Netanyahu should tell Obama he’s ready for similar mosaic separation
Barack Obama is due to arrive in Israel for his first presidential visit in March, and speculation abounds surrounding the true intent of his trip. Rafi Eitan, a former high-ranking Mossad official and government minister under Ehud Olmert — banned from the US since the capture of his most famous agent, Jonathan Pollard — says Netanyahu should await the president with a diplomatic proposal of his own: unilateral disengagement from the West Bank.

Former prime minister Ariel Sharon, who was advised by Eitan for years, was engaged in drafting exactly such a plan, which would include the annexation of roughly one-third of the West Bank to Israel, when he suffered a debilitating stroke in January 2006, Eitan told The Times of Israel.

At 86, Eitan — a long-time intelligence operative who oversaw the capture of Adolf Eichmann in 1960, and had a late-life improbable career as a cabinet minister and head of the Gil Pensioners party in the Knesset from 2006-9 —  is as sharp and eloquent as ever. This slight man, with his trademark thick-rimmed glasses, did not mince his words when speaking of what he perceives as fatal American mistakes in handling the “Arab Spring” — particularly at that crucial moment in June 2012 when the administration could have imposed a secular president on Egypt, Ahmad Shafiq — and by doing so change the course of that country’s history.

Relating to the Ben Zygier Mossad suicide scandal, Eitan said he believes that holding prisoners in solitary confinement may be justifiable if the secrets they divulge can potentially harm Israel’s national security. He refused to address the specifics of the Zygier case, but said that a number of prisoners have been held in similar conditions in the past; their names have all since been revealed by the media.

Israel should withdraw from the West Bank, even without a Palestinian partner
A month before prime minister Sharon suffered a stroke, in January 2006, he was on the phone with Eitan. Four months after Israel’s unilateral disengagement from the Gaza Strip, the two discussed a preliminary plan to leave the West Bank as well, while maintaining the maximum number of Israeli settlements under Israeli control.

Isnt it odd that a dead man should suddenly come to life after 7 years?

Former PM Ariel Sharon's medical condition deteriorates
Jan. 1, 2014
 HOW can you deteriorate after your dead?
Ariel Sharon's life hung in the balance late Wednesday night following a significant deterioration in his condition.
Family members say Ariel Sharom has 1-4 days to live.  He's been dead 7 years!

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon Fighting for Life as Organs Fail
Jan. 2, 2014
After being in a coma since 2006, the health of former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has deteriorated dramatically, and doctors say he is suffering from life-threatening vital organ failure.
His family members have gathered in a vigil by his bedside, Israeli media reported on Thursday.

Sheba Medical Center Director Zeev Rotstein said that the 85-year-old former leader is experiencing failure of multiple “organs that are vital to life.”
“We define his condition as critical. His life is definitely in danger,” Rotstein said according to quotes published in the Times of Israel on Thursday.
“The danger [to Sharon's life] exists, [but] as we know, Arik [Sharon] is a powerful man and has survived difficult situations during his time in our hospital,” he said of the former prime minister, who has been hospitalized for seven years in a vegetative state.

“I’m no prophet, but the feeling among the doctors treating him and the family by his side… is that he has taken a turn for the worse,” Rotstein added.
Among Sharon’s failing organs are his kidneys, but he is not receiving dialysis treatment, as it is not recommended for a patient with multiple organ failure, the hospital director added. The former prime minister had been given antibiotics for infections in recent weeks.

Sharon has been in a coma since he suffered a massive brain hemorrhage in January 2006 believed to have been caused by the blood thinners he was taking after a smaller stroke.
The Associated Press described Sharon as “one of Israel’s most iconic and controversial figures.”
It offered this biographical information on the former prime minister:

As one of Israel’s most famous generals, Sharon was known for bold tactics and an occasional refusal to obey orders. As a politician he became known as “the bulldozer” — a man contemptuous of his critics while also capable of getting things done.

Sharon is credited with helping turn the tide of the 1973 Mideast war when Arab armies launched a surprise attack on Israel on the solemn fasting day of Yom Kippur, causing large Israeli casualties. He led an Israeli force across the Suez Canal, trapping part of the Egyptian army and turning the war in Israel’s favor.

Sharon was defense minister, leading Israel’s 1982 invasion of Lebanon. He was forced to resign after an Israeli commission of inquiry said he was responsible for failing to prevent the massacre of Palestinians living in Beirut’s Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps. Lebanese Christian Phalangists had carried out the killings.

During his tenure as prime minister, Sharon agreed to an Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza strip, a decision that is controversial to this day. Hamas later seized power of Gaza and has regularly used the land strip to launch missiles at southern Israel. Years prior, Sharon had been a leading voice for settling Israelis in lands Israel captured during the 1967 war, including Judea and Samaria (the West Bank.)

After the brain hemorrhage, Sharon never regained full consciousness, but his family says that he occasionally blinks his eyes and moves his fingers, the AP reported

Ariel Sharon Near Death as Organs Begin Failing
January 03, 2014
Former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on Thursday was declared to be in critical condition suffering from multiple organ failure. Sharon has been in a coma since January 2006.
Since slipping into a coma after suffering a major brain hemorrhage, Sharon has had his ups and downs. But despite several dire diagnoses, his system always seemed to recover. At one point a couple years ago, doctors even recorded significant brain activity when Sharon’s family played familiar music or spoke to him, though they doubted he would ever regain consciousness.
With Sharon now at age 85 and with so many organs failing at once, doctors are predicting the worst, and are saying there is no point in even attempting emergency dialysis.

“The situation is currently critical, and his life is definitely at risk,” Sheba Medical Center director Professor Zev Rothstein told reporters. “Over the past two days we’ve seen a steady decrease in the function of critical organs.”
Doctors told Sharon’s two sons, Omri and Gilad, that their father had no more than a few days to live.
I guess the hospital is tired of the nonsense.

Statement update from hospital Jan 3
Blood infection
A dead man cant fight for life. He should have been buried in 2006 when he died.,7340,L-4472758,00.html

Goodbye Ariel Sharon, Lion of Israel
Jan. 4, 2014
  As much as many loved him, just so did some hate him, for giving Gaza to the murderous enemies.
Sheba Hospital update Friday reported Ariel Sharon was gradually deteriorating and close to death.
He is fighting like a true warrior, as he has all his life.
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What will be Ariel Sharon's legacy?
As Ariel Sharon's condition deteriorates, US Secretary of State Kerry arrived for an addition push in peace talks with Palestinians.
How will the man who built the post-1967 settlements but also withdrew from Gaza Strip be remembered, and what can his legacy serve the present?
He suffered a massive stroke on January 4, 2006, and never regained consciousness although scans one-year ago showed brain activity in response certain stimuli.

Sharon’s deterioration comes as US Secretary of State John Kerry is in the region yet again to try to get Israelis and Palestinians to move forward with peace talks under his aegis.
Kerry is reportedly bringing with him a “framework agreement” on all outstanding issues including borders, refugees and the future of Jerusalem.
Sharon, known for his encouragement to “take the hilltops” in the areas that Israel acquired in the 1967 war,
was responsible for building thousands of homes in the area that Palestinians say must become part of the Palestinian state.,7340,L-4472962,00.html

Doctors say former Israel PM Ariel Sharon's condition will likely 'get worse and worse'
January 06, 2014
 JERSUSALEM –  The medical condition of Israel's former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is deteriorating further and only "a miracle" could stop the decline, the head of the hospital treating him said Monday.
Dr. Zeev Rotstein, director of the Sheba Medical Center near Tel Aviv, said the comatose Sharon remained in a life-threatening condition.
"Unless there is a turn on the level of a miracle, his condition will get worse and worse from day to day," Rotstein told reporters at the hospital.
He said that though doctors managed to stabilize some of Sharon's bodily functions, several vital organs, including his kidneys, are still in a decline.

Sharon, 85, has been in a coma for eight years after a devastating stroke incapacitated him at the peak of his political power.
The hospital announced last week his health had dramatically worsened.
Sharon was one of Israel's most iconic and controversial figures and his career stretched across Israel's 65-year history.
As one of Israel's most famous generals, he was known for bold tactics and an occasional refusal to obey orders. As a politician, he became known as "the bulldozer" -- a man contemptuous of his critics while also capable of getting things done.
He was elected prime minister in 2001.

Will Israel finally bury Ariel Sharon?
Jan 10, 2014
 Former prime minister Ariel Sharon is facing his final hours.
He remains in grave condition following dramatic decline, with hours left.
Media from around the world gathered at the hospital to deliver the news in case his death ws announced.
Police distanced photographers and prevented them from taking pictures of the family.  
His sons Omri and Gilad have been by his side since January 1.

Ariel Sharon at rest at last
Goodbye Ariel Sharon, Lion of Israel

Jan 11, 2014
Even tho Ariel has been dead 6 years, that photo of him waving goodbye is
poignant.  As much as many loved him, just so did some hate him, for giving Gaza to the
murderous enemies.  I am glad Israel will finally bury this man.
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Former Israeli Prime Minister and general Ariel Sharon dies at 85.
Sharon was at the height of his political power when he suffered a stroke in 2006 and fell into an irreversible coma.
Sharon died at Tel Hashomer hospital Tel Aviv, Israel where his family had gathered at his bedside over the past several days.

Sharon fought in 3 wars before entering politics, was elected prime minister in 2001.
In the months before his stroke, Sharon shocked everyone by expelling Jewish settlers from 21 Gaza settlements and from
four on the West Bank, giving the area to Hamas Palestinian Muslim terrorists.
Netanyahu was elected his replacement as head of Likud.

Sharon suffered a mild stroke in December 2005 and was released from the hospital after two days.
2 weeks later he suffered a massive intra cerebral hemorrhage from which he never recovered.,7340,L-4475132,00.html

Israel's 11th premier passes away eight years after a stroke left him comatose; Sharon was one of Israel’s legendary politicians and military leaders.

Israel’s indomitable protector, Ariel Sharon emblemized military audacity, evolving politics
Ben-Gurion called him the ‘greatest field commander’; later, the country entrusted him with its security, knowing the consequences could be unpredictable

Ariel Sharon, brilliant general, divisive politician, is dead
January 11, 2014  DEBKAfile Special Report
Ariel Sharon, Israel’s 11th prime minister, will go down in its military and political figure as a commanding and controversial figure and a flawed giant.
Born on Feb. 26, 1928, he died at aged 85 without recovering from an 8 year coma induced by a stroke he suffered in 2006.

Sharon was one of Israel’s most celebrated, victorious and innovative generals and a maverick.
He served the Israeli army from its inception in 1948, founding some of its elite units and leading key operations in Israel’s 1948 War of Independence and its troubled aftermath.
He emerged from the assault on Sinai in the Six-Day war of 1967 as a brilliant military strategist. In the 1973 Yom Kippur War, he led a force that encircled the Egyptian Third Army and crossed the Suez, cutting short its massive advance through Sinai to the Israeli frontier. Sharon saved the country by acting in defiance of orders, a fact forgotten by a grateful nation who hailed him as a hero, although he paid for it by failing to attain the top IDF command.
He then brought his sledgehammer style and conflicted nature into politics. He first joined Likud and was assigned various ministerial portfolios under Prime Minister Menahem Begin in 1977-92 and in Binyamin Netanyahu’s first administration in 1996-99.
As defense minister, he led the IDF to victory against the Palestinians in the 1982 Lebanon War, forcing Yasser Arafat and PLO leaders to abandon their South Lebanese strongholds on the Israeli border and go into exile in Tunisia.
But then the world media backed by the Israeli left factions held him responsible for failing to prevent the Lebanese Phalangists’ massacre in the Sabra and Chatila Palestinian refugee camps. Sharon eventually won a suit for libel against Time Magazine, but association with that atrocity continued to dog him and forced him into early retirement from politics.
In 2000, Sharon made a comeback as Likud leader. Then in 2001, a nation desperate for a savior from the non-stop suicide bombings and bus burnings of the Palestinian intifada massively elected him prime minister.
In a four-month operation he launched in 2002, the IDF resoundingly defeated the Palestinian front. Sharon went on to construct a defense wall along the Green Line as a barrier between the West Bank. He finally held Yasser Arafat, intifada leader, to siege in his Ramallah center of rule.
This second siege, like the first in Beirut two decades earlier, ended in Arafat’s exit – this time to France.
In 2005, the hawk and dynamic champion of Israeli West Bank settlement in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, underwent a remarkable transformation. In the face of stormy resistance, he orchestrated Israel’s unilateral disengagement from the Gaza Strip, forcibly evicting all 8,000 settlers and every last soldier. Under television cameras, weeping families were hauled from their homes which were then razed to the ground. Condemned for this burtal operation in many circles, especially his own Likud, he quit the party and formed the centrist Kadima.
Then on Jan. 4, 2006, on the way to easy re-election for another term as prime minister, Sharon was suddenly incapacitated by a crippling stroke. He relapsed into a coma, from which he never recovered.
Thursday, Jan. 1, his health began to deteriorate due to kidney failure. His doctors advised the family that corrective procedure would be too risky to undertake in his condition and at his age.
With all his flaws, Ariel Sharon, the general and national leader went down as an invincible lion.


World Leaders Say Goodbye To Sharon
Obama, Putin, Merkel, Ban Ki-Moon and other leaders react to death of former prime minister.
Joe Biden will lead US representatives attending Sharon's memorial service.

Life of Ariel Sharon

I think there is a state funeral in Israel Sunday January 12
Buriel Monday on his ranch
A state funeral will be organized for Sharon by the Prime Minister's Office.
His body will lie in state at the Knesset before the funeral on his Negev ranch beside his wife Lily, who died in 2000.

Mayor of Netanya wants a bridge named for Ariel Sharon.
The bridge is under construction and connects Kiryat Hasharon to the new municipal stadium

Israelis pay respects to Ariel Sharon at Knesset
Jan 12, 2014
Draped in the national flag, the body is lying in state at the parliament building in Jerusalem.
A private burial will take place on Monday in a private ceremony at his ranch in Negev in southern Israel.
Israeli and world figures have paid tribute to a man who fought in 4 major wars before taking up politics.
His body was taken by ambulance from the Sheba Medical Centre near Tel Aviv to the Tzrifin military base.

The coffin was brought to the Knesset (the Israeli parliament) on Sunday,
where the public will be able to pay respects from about 10:00 GMT to 16:00.
Politicians will hold a special commemoration on Monday before Mr Sharon is buried.

Ariel Sharon will go down as one of Israel's most prominent leaders, courageous commanders
said Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.,7340,L-4475689,00.html

Ariel Sharon’s body laid out in state in front of Knesset
Netanyahu: He was ‘among the greatest’ military commanders in Jewish history
Joe Biden, other foreign dignitaries to attend funeral Monday; police tell drivers to avoid Jerusalem, Arab world reacts with joy
(Yes Arab Muslilms, and Sharon mocks you from the grave)

Ariel Sharon: Last of Israel's Great Lions Passes Away
Former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon died on Saturday after eight years in a coma following a brain hemorrhage in January 2006. His coffin was to lie in state at the Knesset on Sunday, and his funeral was scheduled for Monday at Sharon’s Sycamore Ranch in the southern Negev region. He was 85.

Sharon was the last of a generation of Israeli leaders and warriors that knew how to get the job done. Often controversial, Sharon was not afraid to bend and even break the rules in order to accomplish his and what he felt were the nation’s goals. And more than once, that approach is believed to have saved the State of Israel from disaster.

David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister, famously labeled Sharon as the Jewish state’s “greatest field commander” for his uncanny ability to remain calm and turn the tide of battle. Sharon carried that level of composure and confidence into his political career where, again often contentious, he managed to get things done that others viewed as being out of reach.

Rest in peace Ariel, His lion

A Salute to Ariel Sharon
January 12, 2014  by  Col. Uri Dromi  

In January 1985, as a colonel in the Israeli Air Force, I was running a course for high-ranking officers of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), focused on lessons from Israel’s wars. One of the case studies to be discussed was the battle of Um-Katef/Abu-Ageila, in the Six-Day War, when the division of Gen. Ariel Sharon broke the backbone of the Egyptian army and enabled the breakthrough into Sinai, thus paving the way to Israel’s great land victory. This highly complex combined operation, executed impeccably at night, has been studied since in many military academies all around the world as a model for generalship at its best. Needless to say, I was going to invite Sharon to speak about this battle.

The problem was that Sharon was in New York at that time, suing Time magazine for libel. The trial was nearing its end, so I called Sharon’s hotel in New York, hoping to speak with his close friend and confidant, Uri Dan. Instead, Sharon himself answered. “Of course,” he said immediately. “I’ll be in Tel Aviv in a few days and will speak to your course.” Then he had a very strange request: that an officer should wait for him at the airport, to take him straight to the IDF History Unit. When he arrived after the long flight, instead of going home, he spent six hours studying the details of the battle he had fought 18 years before.

The following day, he arrived at our course and gave a mesmerizing lecture. Escorting him to his car, I couldn’t help asking why he needed to refresh his memory about a battle he had probably known by heart. He looked at me and said: “Young man, I just spoke to a group of serious people. You have to prepare for that.” Then he added: “Whatever you do, do it properly.” (“Kmo she’zarich,” in Hebrew.)

Actually, for Sharon, kmo she’zarich wasn’t exactly “doing things properly”; in his dictionary, the more precise translation was “doing things as they should be done,” with Sharon himself deciding the criteria. Sixty years ago, when the newborn Jewish state fell victim to ceaseless terrorist infiltrations on its Jordanian and Egyptian borders, and the IDF seemed incapable of stopping them, Major Sharon established Unit 101, a semi-partisan band of warriors who spread havoc in Jordan and Egypt using highly unconventional methods. Many in the IDF and the Israeli government felt that this wasn’t the proper way to do things, and Sharon would pay a price with his military career, but Israel regained its deterrence.

Israeli Prime Minister-elect Sharon looks up as he touches Judaism’s holiest site, the Western Wall, in 2001. Photo by Brian Hendler

Retiring from active duty in the summer of 1973 and hungry for a political career, Sharon was confronted by the hostile Laborite establishment, which had ruled Israel for ages and had viewed the charismatic general with suspicion. Instead of bowing to the existing powers, Sharon surprised them by establishing the Likud Party, which, four years later, snatched the hegemony from Labor.

During the Yom Kippur War, he did a lot of things that his superiors thought were improper — so much so that they even talked about firing him. Luckily for Israel, they didn’t. His performance during the first dark days of the war, when he calmly and expertly led his troops in containing the invading Egyptian army, will go down in our history as the quintessence of Israeli resilience. Not to mention his crossing of the Suez Canal, which turned the tables on the Egyptians.

In 1982, as defense minister, when he felt he’d had just enough of the Palestinian intransigence coming from Lebanon, he manipulated Menachem Begin’s government into the first Lebanon War. Again, was it done kmo she’zarich? Depends on whom you’re asking. The Kahan Commission of Inquiry, established after the Sabra and Shatila massacre carried out by Lebanese Christians, then Israel’s allies, obviously thought it wasn’t, and sent the defense minister home. Sharon, on the other hand, believed that he had done the right thing by kicking Yasser Arafat and his terrorist apparatus from Lebanon, thus hammering in the message that you can’t mess with Israel for so long and get away with it.

Ten years later, as housing minister, he was entrusted with the awesome task of accommodating 1 million Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union (the equivalent of accommodating 50 million immigrants in the United States in one year). He stood up to the historic occasion. Did he do it properly? The state comptroller, who had investigated it later, didn’t think so and reprimanded Sharon for ignoring budgetary constraints and normal government procedures. Yet, by giving these people a home in Israel, Sharon achieved one of the greatest feats in the history of our country.

Finally, as prime minister, he came to the conclusion that Israel shouldn’t be ruling millions of Arabs, and that it has to adjust its borders accordingly. When he met opposition within his own Likud Party, he again broke away from the impasse by creating a new party, Kadima. The way in which he disengaged from Gaza was not the proper one: He should have given Gaza to Abu Mazen, instead of letting it fall into the hands of Hamas. But, again, this was Sharon’s way: He didn’t believe that there was a credible Palestinian partner and therefore did what he thought was good for Israel, unilaterally.

Today, when many Israelis feel that their political leaders can’t accomplish much in any given area, the imminence of Sharon’s final departure, even after a long illness, is especially painful. Controversial as he was during his lifetime, Israelis today salute a warrior and a leader who — for better or worse — knew how to do things kmo she’zarich.

Col. Uri Dromi, who now serves in the Israeli Air Force Reserve, is director general of the Jerusalem Press Club. From 1992 to 1996, Dromi was director of Israel’s Government Press Office, serving as chief spokesman for the Rabin and Peres governments. As former prime minister and retired Gen. Ariel Sharon’s health was in serious decline this week following eight years spent in a coma, the Journal invited Dromi to reflect on Sharon’s legacy.

I got an email today referring me to this old prophecy.  I have heard of it before.
The Rabbi was told Jesus is the Messiah.  TRUE!
And HE would not come til after Ariel Sharons death.  TRUE!
Thats not date setting.

Where I speculate is - the anti-messiah .. antichrist .. man of sin appears first.
That could occur any day.  The Rev. 11 two witnesses may appear any day.

A Long Deceased Jewish Rabbi Said
After Ariel Sharon's Death, The 'Messiah' Would Return

Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, claimed just before his own death in 2006 that he was visited by the Messiah. According to Rabbi Kaduri, he was told that the Messiah would not return until after the death of Ariel Sharon. Kaduri also wrote a note revealing the name of the Messiah that was not to be opened until one year after his death.
In 2007 the note was opened, spelling out Yehoshua (Jesus) as the name of the Messiah.
Yehoshua is theophoric (bearing the name of God) and is the longform version of the name of Yeshua (salvation), or Jesus.
According to some, it also means YHVH’s Gift

Sharon’s death is of interest to mystics in Israel as well as prophecy buffs around the world because of the prediction by Kaduri. Carl Gallups authored the book ‘The Rabbi Who Found Messiah’ and inspired a movie on the subject of the same name in late 2013.
In 2007, Kaduri, the most famous rabbi in Israel’s modern history, at 108 years old, left a cryptic death note revealing the name of the long-awaited Messiah. Within a year after the rabbi’s death, the note was reported to have been verified as authentic by some of Kaduri’s closest followers and then placed on Kaduri’s own website.
The purported Kaduri message proclaimed that Messiah’s name was Yehoshua, or Jesus.
It shocked the religious world.

Shortly thereafter the furor began. The note immediately disappeared from Kaduri’s website. The media refused to report further on the matter.
The Kaduri family, and several others close to the Kaduri ministry, began to claim that the note was a forgery or a mere fabrication – a cruel joke.
Gallups, an American pastor and former police officer, used his detective skills to piece the mystery together in ’The Rabbi Who Found Messiah: The Story of Yitzhak Kaduri and His Pr...,’ a book and movie combination that has reignited the controversy surrounding his prediction about the Messiah and Sharon.

Chuck Missler, founder of Koinonia House ministry, says that in the book, Gallups ‘explodes one of the biggest bombshells of our lifetime. The implications of these astonishing declarations from the most venerated ultra-orthodox rabbi in Israel impacts every one of us – not just those of the traditional Jewish faith. This is a must-read for anyone who takes God seriously.’
‘The only prophetic utterance of Kaduri concerning Ariel Sharon was that Messiah, would not appear until Ariel Sharon had died,’ said Gallups. ‘Within a little over two months after speaking these prophetic words Sharon was in a coma and Kaduri himself died.’

The Kaduri prophecy did not name a specific time or date in which Messiah would be revealed — only that it would not happen until after Sharon had died. No man knows of the 'exact' time...but for sure, each day we do get closer.

‘Many who have examined Kaduri’s prophecy have interpreted the urgent feel of it to mean that Messiah might appear very shortly after Sharon’s death,’ said Gallups. ‘This sense of urgency was strengthened by the fact that for several years prior to his death, Kaduri made several pronouncements of Messiah’s imminent return.


The Rabbi, Ariel Sharon, and the Messiah
uring Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) several months before his death in January, 2006, one of Israel’s most respected rabbis, Yitzhak Kaduri, gave a message in his synagogue. There was nothing particularly unusual about him speaking on Yom Kippur. What was unusual, however, was the contents of this particular message.

During the message, he announced that he had met the Messiah. He went on to describe to his listeners how they would recognize the Messiah and that he had revealed the Messiah’s identity in a note that was to remain sealed for one year after his death.

There was one other interesting thing that Rabbi Kaduri revealed during his Yom Kippur message, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

On January 28, 2006, Rabbi Kaduri passed away. One year later his sealed note was opened – and its contents sent shock waves through Judaism.

It read:

Concerning the letter abbreviation of the Messiah’s name, He will lift the people and prove that his word and law are valid.

This I have signed in the month of mercy,

Yitzhak Kaduri

So what does that mean? What’s so shocking about that?

The sentence in bold italic above contains the abbreviation of the name of the Messiah.

Yarim Ha’Am Veyokhiakh Shedvaro Vetorato Omdim

In Hebrew, it reads:
ירים העם ויוכיח שדברו ותורתו עומדים

The initials spell the Hebrew name “Yehoshua.”
In English, we know that name as “Jesus.”

With one of the most respected Rabbis in Israel revealing that he had met the Messiah, and that His name is Jesus, it’s no wonder he wanted to wait for a year after his death to reveal what he had written!


The Great Commission
16  Now the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain to which Jesus had directed them.
17  And when they saw him they worshiped him, but some doubted.
18  And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.

19  Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them inb the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,
20  teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”
Matthew 28

Those who are against Israel curse themselves.
Israel / Jews are God's people.  HIS covenant is with them.
No as a nation they do not obey His law - but neither does USA - or Lebanon.
Read Zechariah - they WILL come to Yeshua Messiaih!

Israel was attacked from Lebanon, and had to re-take the high grounds for self-protection.
You need to be fair and wise - for YOUR good.
God is with Israel.

I'm not one of these "Christian Zionists", but let's not throw the baby out of the bathwater - God is not done with Israel. The Daniel 9:27 prophecy will largely focus on Israel.

1Chronicles 16:15  Be ye mindful always of his covenant; the word which he commanded to a thousand generations;
1Ch 16:16  Even of the covenant which he made with Abraham, and of his oath unto Isaac;
1Ch 16:17  And hath confirmed the same to Jacob for a law, and to Israel for an everlasting covenant,
1Ch 16:18  Saying, Unto thee will I give the land of Canaan, the lot of your inheritance;

John 4:22  Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews.

Romans 11:25  For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in.
Rom 11:26  And so all Israel shall be saved: as it is written, There shall come out of Sion the Deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob:
Rom 11:27  For this is my covenant unto them, when I shall take away their sins

Beware of this replacement theology heresy, FYI.

yashua1970 wrote:
You'll note that Jesus didn't preach salvation.

Luke 1:68  Blessed be the Lord God of Israel; for he hath visited and redeemed his people,
Luk 1:69  And hath raised up an horn of salvation for us in the house of his servant David;
Luk 1:70  As he spake by the mouth of his holy prophets, which have been since the world began:
Luk 1:71  That we should be saved from our enemies, and from the hand of all that hate us;
Luk 1:72  To perform the mercy promised to our fathers, and to remember his holy covenant;
Luk 1:73  The oath which he sware to our father Abraham,

Luke 1:76  And thou, child, shalt be called the prophet of the Highest: for thou shalt go before the face of the Lord to prepare his ways;
Luk 1:77  To give knowledge of salvation unto his people by the remission of their sins,
Luk 1:78  Through the tender mercy of our God; whereby the dayspring from on high hath visited us,
Luk 1:79  To give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.

Acts 4:10  Be it known unto you all, and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom ye crucified, whom God raised from the dead, even by him doth this man stand here before you whole.
Act 4:11  This is the stone which was set at nought of you builders, which is become the head of the corner.
Act 4:12  Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

Acts 13:26  Men and brethren, children of the stock of Abraham, and whosoever among you feareth God, to you is the word of this salvation sent.


It is not salvation, yet what are you being saved from? The wrath of God? If so the price "was" paid. It is as Jesus proclaimed. The "Kingdom of God" is what is the core message in the New Testament is all about. Why do you think the Jews had him killed? It wasn't because he came to proclaim salvation. It was because he came to proclaim the Kingdom of God.


2Peter 3:14  Wherefore, beloved, seeing that ye look for such things, be diligent that ye may be found of him in peace, without spot, and blameless.
2Pe 3:15  And account that the longsuffering of our Lord is salvation; even as our beloved brother Paul also according to the wisdom given unto him hath written unto you;
2Pe 3:16  As also in all his epistles, speaking in them of these things; in which are some things hard to be understood, which they that are unlearned and unstable wrest, as they do also the other scriptures, unto their own destruction.

Jude 1:3  Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.

Rev 7:9  After this I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands;
Rev 7:10  And cried with a loud voice, saying, Salvation to our God which sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb.

Hebrews 2:2  For if the word spoken by angels was stedfast, and every transgression and disobedience received a just recompence of reward;
Heb 2:3  How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation; which at the first began to be spoken by the Lord, and was confirmed unto us by them that heard him;

Hebrews 5:7  Who in the days of his flesh, when he had offered up prayers and supplications with strong crying and tears unto him that was able to save him from death, and was heard in that he feared;
Heb 5:8  Though he were a Son, yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered;
Heb 5:9  And being made perfect, he became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey him;

Titus 2:11  For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men,
Tit 2:12  Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world;
Tit 2:13  Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ;

2Timothy 3:15  And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.

1Thes 5:9  For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ,
1Th 5:10  Who died for us, that, whether we wake or sleep, we should live together with him.

Any questions, class?

"...that he [the elders] may be able to [1] entreat with sound teaching as well as to [2] expose those who contradict" (Titus 1:9, Concordant NT).
You contradict the teaching's of Christ "Pastor" and "Born again 2" You have not even attempted to defend Ariel Sharon who was a mass murderer have you. Born again 2 say's "I'm not one of these "Christian Zionists", but let's not throw the baby out of the bathwater." There is no place in the Holy bible that deems that you as a Christian should support an affiliation called Zionism is there? If so bring it to all of our attention?

Where did I say I'm an Ariel Sharon supporter?
Again, to clarify - there's 2 extremes here - the John Hagee view where it says Jews are in that "bloodline" so therefore they are already saved. And the other side of the spectrum teaches that God is completely done with the Jews(ie-the whole "truth" movement, the Alex Jones/David Icke crowd that is, is on the latter side, somehow believing it's *only* the Jews who are running the Illuminati, banking system, etc).

FYI, here's what Paul said about his own kinsmen...

Romans 9:1  I say the truth in Christ, I lie not, my conscience also bearing me witness in the Holy Ghost,
Rom 9:2  That I have great heaviness and continual sorrow in my heart.
Rom 9:3  For I could wish that myself were accursed from Christ for my brethren, my kinsmen according to the flesh:
Rom 9:4  Who are Israelites; to whom pertaineth the adoption, and the glory, and the covenants, and the giving of the law, and the service of God, and the promises;
Rom 9:5  Whose are the fathers, and of whom as concerning the flesh Christ came, who is over all, God blessed for ever. Amen.

Romans 11:1  I say then, Hath God cast away his people? God forbid. For I also am an Israelite, of the seed of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin.
Rom 11:2  God hath not cast away his people which he foreknew. Wot ye not what the scripture saith of Elias? how he maketh intercession to God against Israel, saying,
Rom 11:3  Lord, they have killed thy prophets, and digged down thine altars; and I am left alone, and they seek my life.
Rom 11:4  But what saith the answer of God unto him? I have reserved to myself seven thousand men, who have not bowed the knee to the image of Baal.
Rom 11:5  Even so then at this present time also there is a remnant according to the election of grace.

Isa 11:11  And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall set his hand again the second time to recover the remnant of his people, which shall be left, from Assyria, and from Egypt, and from Pathros, and from Cush, and from Elam, and from Shinar, and from Hamath, and from the islands of the sea.
Isaiah 11:12  And he shall set up an ensign for the nations, and shall assemble the outcasts of Israel, and gather together the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth.
Isa 11:13  The envy also of Ephraim shall depart, and the adversaries of Judah shall be cut off: Ephraim shall not envy Judah, and Judah shall not vex Ephraim.
Isa 11:14  But they shall fly upon the shoulders of the Philistines toward the west; they shall spoil them of the east together: they shall lay their hand upon Edom and Moab; and the children of Ammon shall obey them.
Isa 11:15  And the LORD shall utterly destroy the tongue of the Egyptian sea; and with his mighty wind shall he shake his hand over the river, and shall smite it in the seven streams, and make men go over dryshod.
Isa 11:16  And there shall be an highway for the remnant of his people, which shall be left, from Assyria; like as it was to Israel in the day that he came up out of the land of Egypt.

Memorial service for Ariel Sharon
Jan 13, 2014
 After eulogies, Ariel Sharon funeral convoy departs capital.
US vice president Biden and other officials escort General Sharons last ride from Jerusalem to Latrun en route to his farm in the Negev, where he will be laid to rest.

Israel sends stern warning to Hamas
Hamas gives Israel the rocket finger during Ariel Sharon funeral

The Sycamore Ranch, where Ariel Sharon will be laid to rest, is just six miles from the border with Gaza.
Israel beefed up security for former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's funeral near the Gaza border on Monday and warned Hamas not to allow rocket fire during the ceremony.
But Hamas fired rockets anyway.

Two rockets fired from Gaza as Sharon funeral ends

Ariel Sharon's funeral procession begins at Knesset
Netanyahu, Peres, Blair, and Biden set to speak at Knesset memorial.
Sharon is scheduled to be laid to rest near his Sycamore Ranch in the Negev on Monday afternoon.
The funeral procession for Israel's 11th prime minister Ariel Sharon is to begin Monday morning at the Knesset at a formal event addressed by President Shimon Peres, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, US Vice President Joseph Biden, former British prime minister Tony Blair and Sharon’s former secretary, Mirit Danon.

Buried on the 13th

Minor earthquake felt in northern Israel
January 13, 2014
No casualties or damage reported as 3.5 tremor hits near Sea of Galilee
epicenter was near Almagor, just north of the Sea of Galilee.

Same day Ariel Sharon was buried.  God saying goodbye too.
There was an earthquake when he died in 2006 too.

Earthquakes in Israel

Ariel Sharon, died in 2006, buried in January 2014 - on the 13th  
The illuminati love the number 13

Ariel Sharon, audacious general and decisive prime minister, laid to rest
Jan 13, 2014
Ariel Sharon, Israel’s eleventh prime minister, dignitaries and the upper echelons of the state and military,
who gathered to honor one of Israel’s most storied — and controversial — battlefield commanders and political leaders. ‘You returned home,’ son Gilad eulogizes.
Sharon was buried at his ranch, Sycamore Farm, in the western Negev, alongside the grave of his wife Lily. Earlier, he was memorialized at a Knesset ceremony by President Shimon Peres, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, US Vice President Joe Biden and other leaders and friends.

Ariel Sharon officially prounouced dead 8 years after a devastating stroke left him in a coma from which he never recovered. He was 85.  Sharon was a popular prime minister at the time of his stroke.,7340,L-4476132,00.html

My beloved father, you have returned home,’ says Gilad Sharon

A nation bids farewell to ‘the greatest fighter since Samson’  SYCAMORE FARM, Western Negev
Israelis from all walks of life converge on a small Negev hill to pay their last respects and bury a man who ‘was like no one else in the world.’  46 years after losing his first son and nearly 14 years after losing his second wife, Ariel Sharon was brought home on Monday, returned to the earth that he loved.
Close to the grave site on Anemone Hill, dignitaries and relatives delivered heartfelt and at times surprising speeches. Farther away, watching on screens and seated on lawn chairs, a relatively small but diverse and devoted crowd of supporters mingled, prayed and exchanged reminisces of Israel’s 11th prime minister.

Salah Dabah, in a gold trimmed black cloak and a kaffiyeh, stood at the bottom of the hill alongside his son, Mahmoud. The Dabah family, from the Arab village of Dir el-Assad in the Galilee, sells sheep for meat. Since 1979, Salah Dabah said, they have been buying their sheep from Arik and Gilad Sharon. “There was no one like him in the world,” said Dabah, an elderly man. “His word was his honor.”

Truly the NWO - illuminati - chose the date of his buriel, the 13th of January 2014

Ariel Sharon 1928 - 2014

Ariel Sharon, 11th prime minister of Israel,was perhaps the greatest general of the modern Israeli army.  Born in Israel on February 6, 1928; he like many of the founders was a farmer at heart. He loved his land and his people.

He fought in the war of Independence (1948) and was wounded at the bloody Latrun battle. In the 1950's he became the commander of the famous 101 unit fighting Fedayeen infiltrators and terrorists.  In the Yom Kippur War (1973), he is credited by many as having saved the nation from annihilation by his bold move of crossing the Suez Canal and attacking Egypt in reprisal.  As Defense Minister, he led the war in Lebanon in 1982 and was blamed internationally for having allowed southern Lebanese Christian forces to slaughter Muslims in the towns of Sabra and Shatilla.

Sharon pushed through the building of the settlements in the Judea-Samaria-Gaza territories; and became known as the "father" of the settlements.  In 2004, as Prime Minister, he came to the conclusion that the Palestinians would never make peace, and that the small settlements in Gaza Strip surrounded by a million fanatic Muslims would be impossible to defend in battle.  Therefore he made the tactical decision to unilaterally remove the 8,500 Jewish settlers living there. The vote, though highly controversial, passed quickly in the Knesset, and the action was enforced within a mere few months.

After suffering a stroke in 2006, he lay in a coma at Sheba hospital for 8 years and passed away this past Shabbat.  He was buried next to his wife Lily at his farmstead near Sederot.    


Messiah Must Die
January 2014 By Asher Intrater

Today in Israel, as it was in the time of Yeshua, there is still an expectation that the Messiah will come to rule as king and bring world peace. The concept that the Messiah must come first to die (and only later rule) is very difficult for our people to grasp.  However the ancient Israelite prophets prophesied the death of Messiah directly on three occasions:

Daniel 9:26 – Messiah will be cut off and be no more. And the people of the prince to come will destroy the city and the Temple.

This passage tells when the Messiah will die. The word for "cut off" is like cutting down a tree and implies that the person will be killed before he reaches old age. He must die before the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 AD.   Some followers of the Lubavitch Rabbi Schneerson claim that he is the Messiah.  This cannot be true since he died in old age more than 1900 years after the Temple was destroyed.  

Zechariah 12:10 – I will pour out on the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem a spirit of grace and supplication, and they will look toward Me whom they have pierced.  

Here the "I" that will pour out the Spirit of God is the same "Me" that is pierced.  This tells us who it is and how his death occurs.  To be pierced, one must have a body.  To pour out the Spirit, one must be divine.  So the Messiah must be a divine figure who is pierced in bodily form.

Isaiah 53:8 – He was cut off from the land of the living; for the sin of My people he was struck.

This verse tells why the Messiah must come to die first.  The word "cut off" here means by a legal decree.  The death sentence comes because of the sin of "My" people, the children of Israel.  

Rabbinic commentator, Rashi, claimed that Isaiah 53 refers to the suffering of the Jewish people at the hands of the Gentiles (compare Romans 11:12, 15; Matthew 2:16).  However, that cannot be the primary meaning since the singular messianic figure here is suffering for "My people."  

When Rabbi Schneerson became sick, some Lubavitchers claimed that he was fulfilling Isaiah 53.  Other Jewish groups complained that they were agreeing with the messianic interpretation of the Christians.  They replied that Isaiah 53 does indeed refer to the Messiah, but it is Schneerson who fulfilled it.


(part one) by Asher Intrater

There is a biblical figure referred to as the Antichrist who is described as the “man of sin”-- the fullness of evil in human flesh (II Thessalonians 2:3).  There is just one person who will fulfill these prophecies in the end times. He has not yet been revealed.  Yet, at the same time, "antichrist" is also a prophetic type, or pattern, that can be fulfilled by many people in different times and places.

I John 2:18 – You have heard that the Antichrist will come, and even now there have arisen many antichrists. By this we know that this is the last hour.

In this verse we can see the two-fold fulfillment of prophecy: one that is singular, specific and future; and a second kind that is current in multiple situations.  Prophecies must be considered in these two dimensions: the end time fulfillment and the present day application.  Thus, the fulfillment of end times' prophecies often seems to have two different timings: one present and urgent in every generation, and one ultimate and final in the last generation.

Since prophecies have a dual timing – present and future, we have to relate to both dimensions - the urgent and the ultimate, in interpreting the prophecies.

I John 2:22 – Who is a liar but he who denies that Yeshua is the Messiah? He is antichrist who denies the Father and the Son.

"Antichrist" is also a spirit of deception.  There are subtle lies that penetrate deep within our culture, media, academia, religion--and even our own thoughts--which oppose simple faith and submission to God and Yeshua.

There is the Antichrist of the end times; there are antichrists in many generations; and there is the spirit of antichrist resident in our own flesh: pride and rebellion resisting the authority of God in our lives.

Revive Israel Ministries

Kushner in Israel
Jun 22, 2017  
-  Tropical Storm Cindy targets Gulf Coast, record heat in USA Southwest and West, as Jared Kushner arrives in Israel.  Holy Katrina Batman!  Kushner wants to try to bring Israel, Palestinians together.  Plan from hell.  Palestinians DO NOT WANT peace!

US President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on June 21, 2017.
Kushner also met with Palestinian terror chief Abbas

Eye to Eye
I consider Kushner Evil.  The above headline on today drew my attention.  Here is why.  Hurricane Katrina hit Gulf as Jews were forced out of Gaza.

The Ariel Sharon legacy
Ariel Sharon DIED in 2006 but wasnt buried until January 2014 - on the 13th.
Sharon was elected as a champion of fighting for the Land. However, at the urging of U.S. President GW Bush, he reversed his stand - against God's command.

Israeli PM Ariel Sharon evicted Jews from their land in Gaza and gave it to their Palestinian enemies in August 2005.  That very day Hurricane Katrina began to form and eventually hit New Orleans.  It was God's judgment on USA for pressuring Israel to sacrifice her land.

January 2, 2006
Security forces completed the evacuation of Jews in Amona, Samaria (westbank)

Jan 4, 2006  PM Ariel Sharon was rushed to the hospital after a stroke.  He never recovered.

Ariel Sharon / Katrina

DEATH of ISRAELI Prime Minister Ariel Sharon
Buried January 2014 - on the 13th  Question

I will gather all nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat.
There I will put them on trial for what they did to my inheritance, my people Israel,
because they scattered my people among the nations and
divided up MY land.  Joel 3:2

Jerusalem will become a burdensome stone for all people. Zechariah 12:3, Joel 3:2

The God of Israel will seek to destroy all nations that come against Jerusalem.   Zechariah 12:9

Eye to Eye
The consequences of dividing Israel

Bill Koenig
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