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Wild world weather 2013

Bangladesh freezes while Australia bakes in record highs
Jan 10, 2013  Coldest temperatures in nearly 50 years leave 80 dead in Bangladesh, while Australia bakes in record highs.

BANGLADESH - A cold snap killed around 80 people.  Red Crescent said hospitals were packed with patients
suffering respiratory illness. The last time the temperature had dropped below 3ēC was in February 1968 when
Bangladesh was still part of Pakistan. Bangladesh is a tropical country, temperatures normally fall to around
10ēC at this time of year.

Australia suffers a record heat wave across the nation, sparking wildfires that have caused more than $60 million
in damage and claimed more than 120 homes. The average temperature stretched above 39° Celsius (102° F) for
six consecutive days, and local temperatures were so high that Australian Meteorology added a new hue to
their heat map - a deep purple shade - which indicates a temperature above 50° C (122° F).

11 dead as Middle East battered by hail, snow, and rain
January 11, 2013
Abnormal storms have blasted the Middle East with rain, snow and hail for 4 days, and left at least 11 people dead.
2 died after their car was swept away in floods, while a 30-year-old man froze to death in Taalabaya, Lebanon after he fell asleep drunk in his car.
Snow carpeted Syria.
Jerusalem ISRAEL - schools closed at midday and wind, hail and rain battered the city as temperatures hovered just above freezing
and the polar air mass moving down from Russia sent temperatures plummeting as far south as Cairo Egypt.
In Jordan, the below-normal temperatures threatened to turn accumulated water to black ice.
The death toll is 11 reportedly linked to the weather since Sunday. Forum Index -> EARTH, Quakes, Weather
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