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What Have We Become? Paul Proctor

What Have We Become?
I continue to be both saddened and disturbed by how many professional Christians there are today that are more interested in advancing their own ministries and agendas than they are the Word of God
and frankly, it shows because far too many spend their time and effort talking about we, me and mine
promoting and defending themselves, their feelings, their visions and their experiences with one another, week in and week out, rather than contending for the faith with Bible in heart and hand. (Jude 1:3)

Christians, what have we become?

Every day brings another storm another hurricane another tornado another flood another earthquake another tsunami
another disaster another tragedy another invasion another war more disease more drought
more depravity more beatings more deaths more failures more thievery more injustice more perversion
more lies and deceit ever increasing in frequency and severity.

What will it take for us to once again fear God, believe and repent in humility and faith?

AMEN  Exclamation
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