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Vet Louis Dorfman gifts Donald Trump Purple Heart

Army Lt. Col. Louis Dorfman
Gifts Donald Trump his Purple Heart

Donald Trump is truly in a WAR.
Donald Trump has certainly been wounded in the battles.
His fight for U.S. President is the dirtiest, nastiest fight of all time.
He is fighting enemies without - and within his own party!
He not only takes flack from the other party, but from his own party.
He is fighting for - We the People.

Precious Veteran Louis Dorfman saw this and gave Donald Trump his very own purple heart he had earned on his battlefield.

HARBINGER  WARNINGS - Isaiah 9 prophecy
When GOD destroys USA, you cant say He didnt WARN us!


I am a warrior myself, on my keyboard

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A retired soldier gave Donald Trump his Purple Heart. Here's why
August 2, 2016  Donald Trump, Louis Dorfman

A veteran gave Donald Trump a Purple Heart medal during a campaign stop after Trump spent a week taking flak over his criticism of Muslim terrorist *Khan, a speaker at DNC who had publicly attacked Trump without cause.

Trump was given the award, which is designated for American service members injured in combat, at Ashburn, Virginia, presented by retired Army Lt. Col. Louis Dorfman, who received the medal after being wounded in action in Iraq.

Dorfman told Donald, "That's my real Purple Heart.  I have such confidence in you."

Trump called it, "such an honor."

Trump Gifted Purple Heart From Veteran


Muslim terror chief Khizr Khan
Khan was a speaker at DNC and publicly attacked Trump without reason

Tuesday, August 2, 2016: At a Trump for President rally in Ashburn, VA, a Veteran gave Donald Trump his Purple Heart Medal.



Reaction of a vet friend of mine
to Trump accepting purple heart -

He shouldn't have accepted it.  That would have been a great time to talk about earning things and embarassing Clinton.

I did read your article.  You have a very interesting and valid point.  However, getting your flesh penetrated with shards of metal is a bit different.  Accepting that medal belittles that.  If even in the minds of a few it is a sensitive enough topic that can be negated by the sensitive nature of that meddle being awarded to those few that have actually been in combat, under enemy fire, and he should have avoided it. Forum Index -> America NEWS
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