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USS Enterprise attacked! * FF excuse for WAR


Planned False flag event

This photo is the Enterprise March 2012 in Atlantic

UPDATE - June attack! click

Pastor CJ wrote:
USS Enterprise heads to Gulf  
Jan 22  The USS Enterprise is heading to the Persian Gulf and will go through the Strait of Hormuz in a direct message to Tehran.  Iran has warned it will block the Strait.
There are 3 carriers there now, with battle groups.

March 31 updates, READ Page 3

The USS Enterprise, which is based in Virginia, was built 50 years ago as the first nuclear-powered carrier, and is now the oldest active duty ship in America's Naval fleet. The ship's upcoming deployment will be its 22nd and final tour, after which it is scheduled to be deactivated.

Known as the Big E, the warship and the other six ships in the carrier strike group will deploy to the Middle East in March.

This is the info about the False Flag Event. They were just premature in the timing of the event! Now it's an election year!

USS Enterprise FALSE FLAG ALERT! 04-07-11 (4)
FreeinTX discusses the use of the USS Enterprise and her 5000 crew as a pretext to expand WORLD WAR 3 to include attacks on Iran and other enemies of Israel. REMEMBER THE USS LIBERTY! Israeli attack on USS Liberty (US Navy ship) USS Enterprise / Vincent: Next Israeli False flag? - 2011-03-28 Michael Rivero Sinking the USS Enterprise - False Flag Pretext for War on Iran From the KNOWN COINTELPRO AGENT PROVACATURE HAL TURNER's show. Saturday, September 30, 2006 3:04 PM EDT IRAN WAR PLAN EXPOSED! PREPARE FOR THE SINKING OF A US AIRCRAFT CARRIER - The USS Enterprise CVN-65! The existence of a hideous plan to sacrifice a US Aircraft Carrier as a pretext for war with Iran is presently being uncovered! The Hal Turner Show has been told that within the next five (5) weeks, the United States will "suffer" a missile attack upon the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise, presently on patrol near the Persian Gulf. This attack will appear to be from numerous "Silkworm" and/or "Sunburn" missiles which will sink the vessel and kill most of the 5000 crew onboard. The "attack" will be blamed on Iran and thus provide the Bush (Obama) Administration with an excuse to go to war with that nation. The Hal Turner Show has learned that the missiles used to attack the USS Enterprise will not be fired from or by Iran, but rather will be a "false flag operation" made to LOOK as though Iran carried out the attack! The USS Enterprise is the worlds first ...
Video Title: USS Enterprise FALSE FLAG ALERT! 04-07-11 (4). Length: 7:11:12. View: 583


I'll write more in the morning.  Brain doesnt function in the evenings!  Smile
That term 'false flag' is a term I dont like to use.
Someone had a vision years ago of a US carrier sunk - I think in the Persian Gulf.
When I saw the Big E was going thru the Strait of Hormuz,
I thot - they dont care if she gets attacked / sunk!   Shocked
Sacriuficial lamb.  Like the USS COLE.


I don't know if it would be our missiles or Iran's. They are still sacrificing our ships to create a situation to start a war to attack Iran for the sake of Obama's re-election. I realize that God has gave warnings of this event and now is the time for us to prepare for the reality of this soon happening.

What did they do to the USS Enterprise during dry dock time?  

Since the Enterprise was being prepped to be decommissioned soon, maybe explosives are on board for the sinking of it.



I realize there is a lot of blogs talking about this out there but I still discern everything out there.

Big Dan's Big Blog

Denial: is a defense mechanism postulated by Sigmund Freud, in which a person is faced with a fact that is too uncomfortable to accept and rejects it instead, insisting that it is not true despite what may be overwhelming evidence.
Thursday, December 29, 2011
FALSE FLAG: U.S./Israel sink a U.S. carrier in the Straights of Hormuz and blame Iran???

Isn't March the same month Greece will likely default on its debts? I also read rumors that Pope Benedict may resign in April, giving way to probably the last Pope.

Yeah, assuming these rumors come to pass, looks like all the pieces are in play now.

Lincoln passed through the Strait of Hormuz

Sunday, January 22, 2012 the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier (CVN 72) sailed through Strait of Hormuz
The US Navy said the passage was routine and without incident.
The carrier was escorted by the guided-missile warship USS Cape St George, 2 destroyers, the British Royal Navy frigate HMS Argyll and a French vessel.
The HMS Daring was scheduled, where is it?
Iran wanted the USA to STAY OUT of the Persian Gulf.

US announces the USS Enterprise Carrier Strike Group will steam through Hormuz in March.
Dont want to sink the Link!  But there is rumor the US plans to sink the old Big E.
Remember the Ala... errr .. Pearl Harbor!  It is rumored the US President allowed Pearl Harbor for an excuse to enter WW2.
Therefore sacrificing US lives and ships has a precedent in history.
Solve the unemployment problem - start a war.
We have thousands of troops in Kuwait and Israel.

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Do you think they giving USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier (CVN 72) that sailed through Strait of Hormuz a false sense of security by letting them pass through. Maybe trapping them after sinking the Big E?

Man's thinking and theories are too convoluted to try to figure out.
Man cant beat God's timing.

Pastor CJ wrote:
Man's thinking and theories are too convoluted to try to figure out.
Man cant beat God's timing.

That is absolutely true, but how do we know that God is arranging these events for His purpose.

Proverbs 21:1 The king’s heart is a stream of water in the hand of the LORD; he turns it wherever he will.

Is 10:7 The king of Assyria thought one thing in his heart, but God used him for another.

I Chr 5:26 God stirred up the kings of Assyria to carry Israel captive for her disobedience.

I believe God puts in man's heart to do what needs to be done to fulfill His purpose and if man and Satan is premature in their actions, then the events just don't happen.

Are these things taking place because God is positioning us for the final count down?

There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between what GOD - CAUSES -
and what He permits
He is permitting sinful rebellious man to destroy himself in keeping with His written word

For the wages of sin is death
Romans 6:23

God took His hand of protection OFF the USA September 11, 2011 - and we did not repent.

Here's another that comes to mind...

2Th 2:6  And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time.
2Th 2:7  For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.
2Th 2:8  And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:

FWIW, no, this does NOT mean the rapture of the church will take place before the man of sin being revealed.

The words letteth and let means to prevent, so when you read this passage closely, it means GOD'S PROTECTIVE HAND is in the way before He takes it out and the 7 year AC/FP reign happens.

So yeah, the reason why we're not yet seeing these events unfold is b/c God is in control, and it will happen when his timetable says so. So ultimately, his protective hand is in the way(for now) preventing the final events to unfold until he says "Action!".

If Satan has his way completely, then all of this would have went down in 1984(around the same time when it was reported that our tax dollars paid for the national debt interest ALONE, when Reagan reestablished diplomatic relations with the Pope, etc). 1984 was also the timetable then when the NWO wanted their "utopia"...But obviously this is not the case with God being in firm control.

2 Thessalonians 2:6
And now you know what is holding him back, so that he may be revealed at the proper time.

I believe what held Satan back from destroying America was the 10 Commandments.
This nation - and even the church - have abandoned God and His ways.  Therefore satan is free to work his evil.


Looks like Infowars is pushing for the False Flag theory with their article and video.

Persian Gulf Option One: A False Flag
As Great Britain learned in the Falklands War back in 1982, even a single French Exocet missile can sink a battleship, or aircraft carrier. Iran has more than this capability, so for all practical purposes, any American ships in the region are nothing more than bait – large, slow sitting targets. Which begs the obvious question: why would the US be sending its soon-to-be decommissioned, rusty chess piece – the 50 year old nuclear-powered USS Enterprise carrier into the line of fire in the Persian Gulf? A very large and expendable, floating museum, and one which, interestingly enough with its six on board nuclear reactors… would probably cost a fortune to dispose of.

If other sides are drawn in to a conflict, most experts agree that it has the danger of escalating into a WWIII situation, and both sides would surely be losers in such a scenario, not to mention the global economy.


I'm not saying this is fact or fiction but just putting it here for everyone to discern. Sometimes there is some truth to the theories and other times it is sensationalism.

Pastor CJ wrote;

I'm sure it was man's choice and not God's choice to kill millions of Jews during WWII but God used this evil event to bring about prophecy of bringing the nation of Israel into existence. Sometimes tragic things happen to get this world ready for the return of the Lord.

It was startling to see three Black-hawk helicopters fly toward my house and do a partial circle overhead, then fly off a different direction.
It may be a coincidence but in this time in history, I don't know what this government will do to it's people.
When we bring up scenarios like the Big E, they are probably monitoring everything we write.

IT IS NOT a time to fear ..  IT IS a time to TRUST!  Exclamation   Smile
We have entered terrible times - things will worsen at blinding speed

People are still watching for the arrival of the USS Enterprise to the Persian Gulf.

“The USS Enterprise: Sacrificial Trigger for War Against Iran? (Wprost24, Poland)”
Would the United States, utilizing what is known as a ‘false flag’ strategy, sacrifice a nuclear aircraft carrier to persuade the world that a war against Iran must be waged? According to columnist Anna Pinderak of Poland’s Wprost24, a theory is making the rounds that the Pentagon has sent the famed USS Enterprise to the Persian Gulf – to sink it – and then to blame Tehran for the crime.

For Poland’s Wprost24, Anna Pinderak starts out this way:

   Is the United States using a “false flag” strategy to justify declaring war on Iran?

   What is a “false flag” strategy? As the phrase suggests, it is a covert operation undertaken by governments, corporations or other organizations. The name derives from the military concept of “false colors,” i.e.: an operation conducted under a foreign flag. The goal of these operations is to blame the other side for initiating a conflict, whether it be a hostile country, organization or ethnic group.

   Is it possible that the U.S. would go to such ends to find a pretext for open conflict with Iran? We all know that Washington can’t count on the U.N.’s blessing for another Middle East intervention: Russia and China, both equipped with a Security Council veto, wouldn’t consent to it. If the United States wanted to deal with Iran militarily, it would first have to convince them that Iran constitutes a threat to international security. Somehow, Washington would also have to convert international public opinion. After the experiences of Iraq and Afghanistan, few are convinced of the benefit of sending U.S. Marines into volatile regions. And everyone remembers that Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, just like Iran today, possessed, according to American intelligence, weapons of mass destruction. But when the red, white and blue flag fluttered over Baghdad, it became clear that Saddam had no such weapons – and most likely could not have had them. No wonder the public treats all warnings about the Iranian nuclear threat with a healthy dose of skepticism.



I have watched this coming - but no one can ever truly be prepared for it.
Hussein Obaama is willing for everyone of our troops aboard the E to die.  Such an EVIL Hitler-man.

Also see Beast Health


I have been seeing different articles all pointing to a major show down with our navy in the gulf. Time is short for all of this to break loose, I'm just bringing this to everyones attention so that it won't catch them by surprise. When this does take place, it will change the world as we know it.

Report: China’s arming of Iran poses threat to U.S. Navy in Gulf

Special to

WASHINGTON — China is helping Iran render the U.S. naval presence in the Gulf increasingly costly and dangerous, according to a report by the American Enterprise Institute.

The report said that the U.S. Navy would face increasing threats from Iran in the Gulf. AEI said the Iranian Navy, with help from China, was developing and deploying systems and methods that would endanger U.S. Navy vessels.

“Unless Beijing and Teheran divert from their current course of action, or Washington undertakes actions to offset or counterbalance the effects of their military buildups, it is practically certain that the cost incurred by the U.S. military to maintain access to two areas of vital interest will rise sharply, perhaps to prohibitive levels, and perhaps much sooner than many expect,” the report, titled “Questions For Strategy, Requirements For Military Forces,” said.

Released in December, the report said Teheran was creating no-go zones in the Gulf, particularly near Iranian territorial waters. Authors Thomas Donnelly, Danielle Pletka, and Maseh Zarif warned that Iran was assembling an arsenal of Chinese-origin anti-ship cruise missiles that endanger U.S. Navy surface vessels throughout the Gulf region.

So far, China, said to share a similar strategic agenda as Iran, has
sold a range of naval assets to Teheran, including dozens of small warships.
The report said Beijing also supplied air defense systems, air-to-air and
anti-ship cruise missiles as part of Iran’s asymmetric warfare strategy.

“The latter [cruise missiles] are among the most dangerous to U.S. naval
forces, especially in the confined waters of the Persian Gulf,”
the report
said. “In another indication of Iran’s focus on asymmetric warfare strategy,
including swarming and suicide boat tactics, Iran has increasingly
concentrated on acquiring and developing small, fast boats, some lightly
armed and others armed with missile and torpedoes, and will probably
continue this trend.”

The report said Iran also purchased the M-11 short-range ballistic
missile from China. The M-11 was designed to carry a nuclear warhead.

“Between 1995 and 2010, Iran increased the number of missiles it
possessed from several hundred to an estimated 1,000,” the report said.
“Simultaneously, the Iranian missile program fielded increasingly
more-sophisticated missiles, with particular emphasis on technical
efficiency and range.”

2nd Sun Brown Dwarf Star Confirmation Earthquake 9.0 Alert March (23rd?) / April 2012

Witness to Government False Flag
Kurt Haskell videos


Iran prepares for kamikaze attacks
Tehran military on high alert with planes, speedboats in Persian Gulf

By Reza Kahlili

Even as it continued to talk with the U.N. nuclear watchdog, Iran continued to prepare for war over its nuclear weapons program, training for kamikaze attacks in the Persian Gulf with both planes and speedboats, sources within the Iranian armed forces report.

Tuesday the International Atomic Energy Agency called its recent talks with Iran a failure. And just days before, Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, ordered the Revolutionary Guards, along with the army, on high alert, ready with conventional and unconventional means to respond to any aggression by the U.S. or Israel over its nuclear weapons program, the sources say.

Guards’ plans include the launch of ballistic missiles at the narrow Strait of Hormuz from deep within Iran to disrupt the flow of oil and destabilize the world economy.

Iran has the largest and most diverse ballistic missiles arsenal in the region, some with a range of over 2,000 miles, capable of either carrying a one-ton conventional payload or a nuclear warhead. The Islamic regime is currently working with China and North Korea on intercontinental ballistic missiles with a range of over 6,000 miles, capable of reaching America.

The Guards have also armed hundreds of speed boats with high explosives for suicide attacks against U.S. Navy assets
and the shipping traffic in the Gulf. Sources within the Guards also reveal that the Guards have been training pilots for suicide attacks against U.S. assets in the Gulf by using smaller planes loaded with explosives.

According to Sepahonline, the outlet close to sources in the Revolutionary Guards, these kamikaze-style attacks by planes are being prepared in southern Iran.

The planes being prepared for the kamikaze attacks are light Cessnas armed with high explosives. Sixty of them are being kept at the Bandar Abbas air-force base in Iran.

The Guards have also transferred anti-ship cruise missiles to Qeshm and Abu Musa islands. The anti-ship ballistic missiles include the Khalij Fars (Persian Gulf), with a range of 186 miles and 1,400-pound explosive warheads, and the Ghadr cruise missile, with similar range equipped with radar-evasion technology traveling at low altitudes. The latter are claimed to be capable of sinking giant warships, including aircraft carriers, and could be a game changer in countering the U.S. naval presence in the Persian Gulf.

As reported to the CIA in the mid-1980s, Abu Musa island, which sits in the eastern Persian Gulf, and Qeshm island at the mouth of the Strait of Hormuz have long been used as missile fortifications for the Guards for a confrontation with the West. The Guards from those two islands alone could easily disrupt the flow of oil and attack any naval asset or commercial ship trying to enter or exit the narrow strait.

One thing is clear despite the call for talks by Iranian leaders over their disputed nuclear program: they are preparing for war because they are determined to acquire nuclear weapons.

Typical Muslim suicide / homicide bombers called - kamikaze attacks .. new twist   Twisted Evil

USS Abraham Lincoln Transits Hormuz; USS Enterprise to Transit Hormuz in March
The carrier group based in Norfolk, VA will also include a guided missile cruiser and three guided missile destroyers, reports Interfax.


March 11, 2012  according to FOX TV NEWS, the Enterprise is sailing out of port TODAY.
I dont count on news being accurate.

March 15, 2012 - USS Enterprise 4 to 6 days away from Persian Gulf

According to an article in
A third US battleship, the USS Enterprise, is also on its way to the region, meaning that almost the entirety of the United States’ active naval fleet of warships will be stationed just outside Iran within the next 4-6 days.

There is a map of the location of the carrier groups around the world on this page.

Knowing where Big E is may tell us WHEN to begin to

stock up on water and canned food,
have the meds you need
prepare to do without electricity


Big E 2 to 4 days from Persian Gulf on March 17
Enterprise and 8 minesweepers

Americans have no clue what is about to go down!



Every time I go to the Yahoo front page, the dumb NCAA BB tournament is the "big news" 24/7, constantly updating the scores.

I'm a sports fan, however, there is obviously much bigger news like what's being discussed in this thread out there than college basketball. Plus the entire sports industry is rigged with gambling to begin with.

March 18  DEBKA has the Enterprise in the Gulf NOW

Israeli warships go through the Suez Canal  March 15th, 2012


USS Enterprise Sailor Falls Overboard
A Navy man was working on the flight deck when he fell over the side of the ship
A sailor aboard the USS Enterprise has been recovered uninjured after falling overboard into the Atlantic Ocean.
The sailor fell overboard early Thursday morning and was recovered by a rescue helicopter.

Will the USS Enterprise go around Africa or travel through the Mediterranean Sea and down the Red Sea?

You would think it would take longer than a week to go that far.

We have propaganda press, not news media.  No, I didnt think it'd get there this fast.  Its expected Tuesday March 20th.  Did debka include it because its on its way?  Or is media mis-reporting again?  I dunno Sad

Islamic March to Jerusalem March 30th is an attack on Israel

Update on Big E location

The USS Enterprise with CVW 1 embarked is in a scheduled port visit to Piraeus, Greece, during its 22nd and final deployment to the U.S. 5th Fleet an 6th Fleet AORs as part of an ongoing rotation of U.S. forces supporting maritime security operations in international waters around the world.

Maybe the Big E is going to be involved with the march on Jerusalem if things break loose in Israel. I'm sure the other Middle East countries have enough weapons to sink an aircraft carrier.


EXCELLENT find poppa! Smile
There have been several strong earthquakes in the Mediterranean this month.
Very odd Big E was there, not Arabian Sea or Persian Gulf.
With 2 million Muslims attacking Israel - on top of the ongoing missiles aimed at Israel - we could see the beginning of Armageddon within hours.   Exclamation  Shocked
The main terrorist towns are at the south end of the plain of Megido.


New study shows parts of Washington D.C. could survive a nuc


New study shows parts of Washington D.C. could survive a nuclear blast

March 29, 2012 – WASHINGTON – The explosion would destroy everything within one-half mile. An intense flash would blind drivers on the Beltway miles away. A radioactive cloud would drift toward Baltimore. But there’s a surprising conclusion: Just a bit farther from the intersection of 16th and K streets northwest, the blast’s chosen epicenter, the explosion would be survivable. A U.S. government study explores what would happen if terrorists got their hands on enough nuclear material to explode a 10-kiloton nuclear bomb, about 5,000 times more powerful than the truck bomb that destroyed the federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995. The study didn’t say why it chose the intersection it did as the epicenter for its nuclear bomb. But it did say Washington, D.C., wouldn’t disappear. “It’s not the end of the world,” said Randy Larsen, a retired Air Force colonel and founding director of the Institute for Homeland Security. “It’s not a Cold War scenario.” The biggest difference between the disaster the government studied and the nightmares of incoming ballistic missiles from the former Soviet Union is the size of the explosion. Cold War-era fears imagined massive hydrogen bombs detonated in the sky, not a smaller device exploding on the street. –Detroit FP

USS Enterprise Prepares To Cross Suez Canal, Days Away From Anchor In Arabian Sea

Much noise has been emanating out of Israel vis-a-vis its Iranian intentions, with some opinions suggesting an attack is imminent, while others claiming that Israel will ultimately defer to D.C., and postpone an attack, and the eventual gasoline price shock, until after the election. The truth is nobody but a few select generals, knows: in warfare surprise is the key factor, so outright flashing invasion intentions is usually an indicator of just the opposite. That said, the most recent update that Azerbaijan has granted Israel access to its airbases along the Iran border is hardly encouraging for Nobel peace prize winners and other pacifists. Yet as we have been claiming for the past two weeks, ever since the launch of CVN-65 on its last tour of duty, the true catalyst, if any, will be the arrival of the USS Enterprise at what may well be its last place of anchor - somewhere in the Arabian Sea, just off the side of CVN 70 and CVN 72 both of which are patrolling the Straits of Hormuz. And as the map from Stratfor below shows, the Enterprise is about to cross the Suez Canal, from which point it will be at most days from entering its catalyst location, namely supporting the Israel air force. Just because the US has never had 3 concurrent aircraft carriers in proximity to Iran before.

CVN 65 is moving at a snail's pace and is just now approaching the Straits of Gibraltar.

March 30
I guess this 'false flag' sinking will not be happening in March.
Arabian Sea is the Persian Gulf, the Straits of Gibraltar are the exit out of the Mediterranean Sea into the Atlantic Ocean.
There have been some strong earthquakes in that area.
All I have is puzzle pieces, lots of them - no pictures / vision.


Don't ignore this because of March is past.

The reason I titled the post: "**URGENT** False flag event March 2012 sink Big E" is because in the original news release. March was given as the arrival time to the Persian Gulf and it wasn't put into this post as a prophecy.

This can take place anytime the Big E is put in a position anywhere in the Middle East. The ultimate goal of the sinking can still happen, they modified their mission according to the current events. wrote:
CVN 65 is moving at a snail's pace and is just now approaching the Straits of Gibraltar.

I put this statement out of order with the rest of the main article and should have put it in a post before this one. That was a mistake on my part because the Big E is not going back out the Straits of Gibraltar.

I'm still watching for the current position of the Big E and I will post them as I find it.

It is still a very dangerous situation and we need to be prepared when it happens!!!

USS Enterprise Positions for WWIII - New Moon Strike Probable


Clinton: Time running out for diplomacy with Iran

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) — U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton made clear Saturday that time is running out for diplomacy over Iran's nuclear program and said talks aimed at preventing Tehran from acquiring a nuclear weapon would resume in mid-April.

With speculation over a possible U.S. or Israel military attack adding urgency to the next round of discussions in Istanbul set for April 13, Clinton said Iran's "window of opportunity" for a peaceful resolution "will not remain open forever."

She also expressed doubt about whether Iran has any intention of negotiating a solution that satisfies the U.S., Israel and other countries that believe Iran is trying to develop nuclear weapons. Tehran contends the program is solely for peaceful energy and research purposes.

"We're going in with one intention: to resolve the international community's concerns about Iran's nuclear program," Clinton told reporters after attending a security conference in Saudi Arabia.


The reason why I said the false flag should have happened in March. wrote in January:
USS Abraham Lincoln transits Hormuz; USS Enterprise to Transit Hormuz in March wrote:
The US will dispatch another carrier strike group led by USS Enterprise to the Persian Gulf in March 2012, reported US Navy on Jan 25.

A DebkaFile report:
“Panetta: USS Enterprise carrier group to transit Hormuz in March”.

I don't understand the change in their timing, maybe there is something else big about to happen with Israel. ???

or 'March' got so much yak they changed the timing - or 'March' was to relegate such to 'dont believe it.'

Russia, Iran set to counter US/Israeli strike against Iran. US-led naval drill

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov issued a strong warning against a military attack on Iran Monday, April 2,, saying that a pre-emptive strike would violate international law.
His comments, made during a visit to Armenia, stopped short of threatening (the US and/or Israel) of consequences

The US, Israel and Greece launched a shadowy air-naval exercise in the Mediterranean Thursday, March 29. Codenamed “Noble Dina,” it appears to range across a broad sweep of sea up to Crete and including the waters off Turkey, Cyprus, and Israel Navy bases in Haifa and Ashdod ports.
None of the participants have admitted the maneuver is taking place, nor given out details. Some sources say it will end April 5, although this is not confirmed.
Russia and Iran appear to be treating the two events as interconnected.

Our military sources infer from the unusually broad area covered by the tripartite air and navy exercise, almost the entire eastern Mediterranean - that it is designed to simulate action in the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Aden.

Western naval sources in Naples disclose that the American, Israeli and Greek fleets are supported by a British Royal Navy flotilla cruising around the Straits of Gibraltar.
They also report that the exercise is led by the USS Enterprise Strike Force.
As soon as it is over, this aircraft carrier and strike group will head through the Suez Canal to the Red Sea and Persian Gulf, raising the number of US aircraft carriers facing Iran to three.
Those sources also disclose that Israel contributed missile ships, submarines, fighter jets and assault helicopters to the drill.


USS Enterprise current location


Its looks to me as if the Big E is in the Med near the Suez Canal

U.S. deploys Big E aircraft carrier in Gulf
Now this is hitting main (controlled) news sites.  Very interesting.

April  9,  2012   West prepares for Iran nuclear talks
The battleships will support the American military operations in Afghanistan and anti-piracy efforts off Somalia's coast and in the Gulf of Aden, and also patrol the Persian Gulf oil routes that Iran has threatened to shut down.
The U.S.­ Navy has deployed a second aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf, the nuclear-powered USS Enterprise along the USS Abraham Lincoln.

Tehran could stop its production of 20 percent enriched uranium and continue enriching uranium to lower levels for power generation.
This could take place once Iran has stock piled enough of the 20 percent enriched uranium.

US-Israel-Iran agreement?


USS Enterprise Now In Place For False Flag To Justify War With Iran

The USS Enterprise is in the Persian Gulf area, I noticed threats against the fleet have not been in the news lately. It is like everything is waiting for the right time to start and is being delayed for the purpose to be an influence on the election.  


Iran believes Armageddon will bring their Mahdi, our antichrist.  
Read Revelation 13 then click and also read 14 in more than one translation.

Pope invokes Lucifer (satan!) during Easter mass.  This is what the evil pope said.  CHILLING!
"Flaming Lucifer finds Mankind, Oh Lucifer who will never be defeated, Christ is your son"
Vatican wants one world order
The pope is the beast, 4 pages

WHO are the anti-Christ, false prophet, beast?
Prophet Duduman revealed the beast as the pope.
The anti-Christ appears to be a single lawless person, the man of sin.
So the false prophet is left.  Might it be a group, not a man?
Islam, U.N., NATO, today's apostate church, world press, NWO

Pope is the beast, Duduman vision

There is no difference from GOD's perspective between Roman Catholicism, vatican, Islam and Mormonism.  All are evil cults in which is NO salvation.

Breaking News-
A Major Attack on US Naval Forces in the Straits of Hormus
The USS Enterprise aircraft carrier

and its group were reportedly attacked by no less than 4 sophisticated jets.
Confidential sources within millitary have confirmed the attack off of the "Broken Isthmus"

Attack on US Navy U.S.S. Enterprise CVN65 in the Strait of Hormus
June 12, 2012  
SOMETHING happened which killed one man.  WHOSE planes unidentified.  This news is so covert its hard to find online.
Repeat of USS LIBERTY when a US submarine fired on our own ship decades ago.

An unprovoked attack on the US Navy occurred the morning of June 8 in the Straits of Hormuz. CVN-65.
The USS Enterprise CVN65 aircraft carrier and its group were attacked by 4 UNIDENTIFIED jets off of the Broken Isthmus.
It may have caused injuries and possibly one death.
Navy reported that Iran had air and naval maneuvers in the gulf recently involving the firing of anti-ship missiles.
Perfect situation for a false flag.

A sailor from Gulfport was found aboard the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Enterprise Friday morning (June 8, 2012).  The cause of death is under investigation.
The original source of this report was from a person who spoke with service members in theater, confirmed by military personnel.

Original source: Stand Up America
liveleak had this news and deleted it

666 * Bilderberg, Beast government, 2010 2011 2012 meetings
Did they approve this when they met this month?

0bama plans to bomb Damascus


USS Enterprise aircraft carrier near Pakistan
14 Jun 2012  After failing to strike a deal on NATO supplies with Pakistan, the United States has moved its nuclear-powered aircraft carrier
USS Enterprise into Pakistani waters, in violation of international laws.
The USS Enterprise holds a crew of over 4,000, and this is planned to be its LAST VOYAGE.
ZionsCRY has been watching this.  Its been in the Persian Gulf, so evidently if this article is correct, they moved it out of the PG thru Hormuz.
Its mission could be as simple as to evacuate our troops from Afganistan-Pakistan.
The Muslims comments on Twitter are insane - VERY eager for war with USA.
CHINA has a base at Gadar, Pakistan where the Enterprise is now.
Video said the USS Lincoln is now inside the Persian Gulf.  They swapped places.

Very good rational video on this move.  He has the June stratfor map.

I also just found out today that China has a base at the sea port of Pakistan!

China launches manned space mission
16 June 2012  China has launched a manned space mission whose crew includes female astronaut, Liu Yang from the Gobi desert.
The 3 will spend over a week living and working on the Tiangong space lab.

China bases in Pakistan
Pakistan wants China to build a naval base at Gwadar, Beijing is more interested in tribal areas of Pakistan where Chinese Muslim rebels are being trained.
Pakistan plans to establish a naval base around Gwadar, where China is helping build the Gwadar port, in southwest Pakistan.
Gwadar is an economic port and the Pakistani navy has been tasked to provide security.'s_Republic_of_China%E2%80%93Pakistan_relations

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US Navy deploys drones to Persian Gulf
July 12, 2012  
US responds to Iranian threat to block the Strait of Hormuz by sending mine-clearing drones.
The US Navy has deployed small underwater SeaFox drones capable of destroying sea mines to the Persian Gulf.
SeaFox is aimed at keeping the Strait of Hormuz clear for ships.
USS Enterprise was sent to the Gulf July 7 to help mine-clearing operations.

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I have been waiting for news on Enterprise.  Its been in the mideast for about a month now.


Iran to contaminate the Strait of Hormuz
October 16, 2012
IRAN terrorist General Mohammed Ali Jafari, commander of the IRG was among the students who stormed the US Embassy in Tehran in 1979.
He and admiral Ali Fadawi may have planned to cause an environmental catastrophe in the Strait of Hormuz.
The goal of is to temporarily close the shipping route for oil tankers.
I had heard rumors the US planned to sink one of its own carriers in the Persian Gulf and blame Iran.


   USS Enterprise sailing to scrap heap
November 1, 2012
The USS Enterprise crosses the Suez Canal, its last deployment in more than 50 years of service.
The USS Enterprise is the nation's oldest active duty warship, the first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier and a history-making symbol of America's naval might for half a century.
But it's now headed for the scrap heap.
Virtually all the weapons and ammunition has been off loaded. By the end of the week, it'll make its final return to its home port of Norfolk, Virginia. On Dec. 1, "The Big E" will be become officially inactive.
But one doesn't just take an aircraft carrier with eight nuclear reactors in its hold and park it somewhere. The Navy will spend three years and tens of millions of dollars removing the ship's radioactive fuel and reactors before cutting it into scrap.
Mike Maus, a spokesperson for Naval Air Force Atlantic, said the process starts just up the James River.
"Following the inactivation period, it will be towed over to Newport News -- to Huntington Ingalls Newport News Shipbuilding -- where it will be defueled. They'll remove all the fuel from it." Forum Index -> Conspiracy, Terrorism
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