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Why God allows bad things to happen to good people
Christianity unsafe?  Why did Facebook block Unstoppable, the Kirk Cameron faith-based movie?

What is offensive about faith, hope and love in the time of a tragedy?
New Movie Unstoppable must be an excellent Christian one, cuz facebook is censoring promoting it, a sure sign its good.
Cameron said Facebook blocked fans from posting any links to the website promoting his film because the content was labeled abusive and unsafe.
The film was made in partnership with Liberty Christian University.
After Cameron alerted 500,000 fans, Facebook removed the block without any explanation.
Unstoppable is expected in theaters in September.

Christians have said their facebook pages have been either blocked or banned because of abusive content.
Some conservatives Facebook pages shut down after they criticize the White House.
Cameron is a well-known Christian producer, actor and evangelist. He starred in faith-based films including Left Behind, Monumental, Fireproof.
UnstoppableTheMovie com

Some people have their firewall block them from my websites.  The Obama mafia is powerful.
Facebook and twitter are part of the Beast system - everything is today.  We are watched 24 hours a day.

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ZionsCRY  NEWS with Prophetic Commentary

Harbinger warnings from GOD - REPENT!  OR ELSE!
This is a captivating book and DVD - and is on youtube!

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