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U.S. State Department, Tillerson


U.S. State Department
June 28, 2015
-  There were 3 ISIS attacks on 3 continents the second Friday of Ramadan just two hours apart.  The stupid-beyond-belief US State Department said there is no indication the attacks were coordinated. Imam Barack Hussein Obama has avoided linking terrorism with Islam.

Many of the jihadis are known and may even serve local Western security agencies as informants as cover for setting up their attacks. This makes their attacks predictable.  Western counter-terrorism has been penetrated by Muslim terrorists.  NEVER HIRE a MUSLIM!

Hillary Clinton
This crooked lying witch was Sec of state

Bengazi and Hillary Clintons private emails

BENGHAZI Libya Coverup, Select Committee

HARBINGER  WARNINGS - Isaiah 9 prophecy
When GOD destroys USA, you cant say He didnt WARN us!

The State Dept was thr Swamp HQ!
Until President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump White House

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ZionsCRY NEWS with prophetic analysis


The State Dept has been Swamp HQ!

HELLary is Demon possessed!

HELLarys Health is BAD!

Clinton foundation scandals

Clinton crime family

Clinton - Obama murders

State Dept gags employees  
August 24, 2015
-  Tougher State Dept rules CENSOR federal workers speech - including their congressional testimony to Congress on the Benghazi attack and Hillary Clinton email scandal. It’s an absolute overreach.

Hellary Clinton security clearance suspended
August 26, 2015
-  Hellary Clinton of improperly passing state secrets to her lawyer David Kendall.
Senator Chuck Grassley asks if Clinton’s security clearance been suspended pending an FBI inquiry.
Hillary gave her State Dept emails containing Top Secret information to her lawyer, who lacked sufficient clearances to possess it and who kept it for 8 months.

Grassley has sent multiple demand letters over Clinton’s use of a private email server.
Transmission of classified material to an unauthorized individual is a serious national security risk.
David Kendall told Grassley “none of those emails was classified.”  Clearly a lie.
Can an attorny be prosecuted for lying?

BENGHAZI Libya Select Committee

State Dept. shuts down questions on Clinton Foundation emails
Aug 10, 2016
-  Barak Hussein Obama criminal State Department does not believe Hillary Clinton violated any ethics requirements by interacting with Clinton Foundation donors.   Foundation donors enjoyed special access in the early months of Clinton's tenure at the agency.  Emails  suggested a Clinton Foundation official had informed one of Clinton's top aides that it was "important to take care of" an individual whose name was redacted.

Justice Department officials decided against an investigation into the Clinton Foundation after the FBI requested the agency open a case into allegations of corruption stemming from Hillary Clinton's tenure as secretary of state.  The State Department's seemingly preferrential treatment of foundation donors under Clinton's leadership has raised questions about whether she and her aides ignored conflicts of interest in order to help the charity's most generous donors.  Emails made public this week have deepened suspicions that donors were afforded access and favors that other outsiders could not get from the agency.

DOJ Blocked Clinton Foundation Probe
Aug 10, 2016  Judicial Watch
-  Newly released emails from Hillary Clinton's tenure as secretary of state raise questions about the nature of the department's relationship with the Clinton Foundation.

Judicial Watch released 296 pages of emails from the Democratic presidential nominee, including 44 that Judicial Watch says were not previously handed over to the State Department by Clinton. The emails, many of which are heavily redacted, raise questions about the Clinton Foundation's influence on the State Department and its relations during her tenure.

In one instance, top Clinton Foundation official Doug Band lobbied Clinton aides for a job for someone else in the State Department. In the email, Band tells Hillary Clinton's former aides at the department -- Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin -- that it is "important to take care of (redacted)." Band is reassured by Abedin that "Personnel has been sending him options."


Hellary GUILTY, Judge Nap
Jan 18, 2017  
-  State Department was pressuring the FBI to change classification levels on Hellary Clinton emails, after the fact. The emails also prove that the FBI were looking for a favorable opinion on the classification issue by asking different government officials to rate emails as unclassified.


Thousand of State Dept employees found deeply into child porn

State Department Collusion with Clinton Foundation
Jan 22, 2017   -  Obama Admits Collusion Between Clinton Foundation and Obama State Department during his last night as President. He admits to the American Center of Law and Justice that his State Department worked with the Clinton Foundation to secure a position as a favor. ACLJ is led by Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow.

State Dept reviewing aid to PA
Jan 25, 2017  
-  State Department is reviewing the last-minute decision by 44 to send $221 million to the PA.  Former SoS John Kerry to send $221 million to the Palestinian Authority.  44 defied congressional oversight and released $221 million to the Palestinian terrorists.

State Department freezes $ to Palestinians
Jan 25, 2017  
-  State Department freezes Obama’s $221 mil gift to Palestinians aka Muslim Terrorists. In his FINAL hour 44 released $221 million to the Palestinian terrorists, which Congress had been blocking.  The Trump administration is freezing the move.  John Kerry formally notified Congress that State would release the money, just hours before President Donald Trump took the oath of office.

President Trump is very concerned about how taxpayer money is spent, whether it’s sent overseas and what we get for it in terms of the relationship or our support for a democracy or aid to another country for their defenses. But he’s going to be examining all aspects.

We need to be very wary of the State Department they appear to be seditious in my opinion. President Trump and Secretary Tillerson need to clean out the upper echelon soon!

So many in the old govt are deep into porn

State Dept. officials FIRED
Jan 26, 2017  
-  The White House fired 4 top career officials at the State Department the day Secretary of State Rex Tillerson paid a visit to introduce himself.  Patrick Kennedy, Joyce Anne Barr, Michele Bond and Gentry Smith, all gone.  And more will follow.

Rex Tillerson Confirmed Secretary of State Jan 23, 2017

State Dept Shadow Gov 7th Floor Group included John Kerry, Kennedy, Frifield etc, refers to 7th sub-level underground at the Harry Truman Building. T Rex fired Patrick Kennedy.

Very Happy

State Dept exits
Jan 27, 2017  
-  State Department Personnel fired, resign, as Tillerson takes control.
4 top State officials FIRED - swamp plug pulled, more water drains.  Patrick Kennedy, Michele Bond, Joyce Anne Barr, and Gentry Smith were sent letters by the White House that their service was no longer required. This is the White House cleaning house. (draining the swamp)
Victoria Nuland was also not asked to stay on.

There is a healthy ongoing mass exodus of senior foreign service officers from the State Dept.  I think someone spotted them passing the 5th column on their way out.

Russian Arctic Drilling Boom
Jan 25, 2017  
-  Sanctions on Russia was catastrophic for the U.S., resulting in pushing Russia into an alliance with China.  Soon to be Secretary of State Rex Tillerson upsets some because he has a good relationship  with Russian President Putin.

Rex Tillerson Confirmation hearing for Secretary of State scheduled for the last week in January.
We MUST have Jeff Sessions - for LAW again!
And THAT is why Demonrats DONT want him, they are CRIMINALS!
That is why the demon departures from the State dept - they are criminals!


Complete rebellion
Jan 31, 2017  
-  FIRE EM ALL!  Time to clean out the State Department swamp!
U.S. State Department officials are opposing President Trump’s executive order on immigration.  Trump’s EO suspends the U.S. refugee intake for 120 days and bans Syrian refugees for the foreseeable future. It also bars all citizens of 7 nations.

White House press secy Sean Spicer said: “They should get with the program or they should go.”


T-Rex Tillerson
Feb 1, 2017  
-  T Rex will drain his swamp!
Senate Confirmed T-Rex Tillerson Secretary of State.
Bob Corker specifically pointed to Russia as one area where he expects Tillerson to hone in on.  upChuck Schumer moved to delay a procedural vote, but was blocked by Sen. Tom Cotton. GOOD BOY TOM!

Senate Republicans Smash Obstructionist Tactics

Congratulations to our new Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, sworn-in by VP Mike Pence.

Congratulations to Rex Tillerson on being sworn in as our new Secretary of State. He will be a star!  Feb 1, 2017

State Dept in revolt
Feb 2, 2017  
-  Will Trump end the Department of State?
The United States Department of State has their own agenda regardless of who is serving in the White House.

A dissent cable written in a standard government format has 1,000 State Department employees signers.  The letter circled US embassys around the world.  The memo vents about the Executive Order signed by President Trump temporarily blocking those from 7 hostile nations.

The author of the sensitive document, along with its 1,000 signers clearly place the personal interests of foreign nationals over the security of the United States.  But its not new.

The dissent channel has existed within the United States Dept of State since the Vietnam War.  It is an unusual method to voice complaints and resolve conflicts that creates confusion abroad and discontent at home as the internal memos are nearly always leaked.

Turmoil at DHS and State Department - There Are People Literally Crying in the Office Here.  Sounds like state dept is a nursery school


Feb 3, 2017  
-  Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway blasted leaks that have revealed details from President Trump’s conversations with world leaders.  Asked whether the leaks could have come from the State Department, where hundreds of officials have protested Trump’s recent order on immigration, she declined to speculate.

The SS has been accused of slow-walking an investigation of agent who publicly stated she would not ‘take a bullet’ for President Donald Trump.  Trump has to fire at least 900 people over at the Snake Department

State Dept. reverses visa revocations, allows banned travelers to enter U.S. Previously banned travelers will be allowed to enter the United States.  DHS will resume inspection of travelers in accordance with standard policy and procedure. The Trump administration to go to court as quickly as possible to dissolve Robart’s order, and the president himself issued an extraordinarily personal criticism of Robart.

MAJOR PURGE, swamp draining
Feb 5, 2017  
-  President Trump is Firing Traitors, Muslim Brotherhood and Communists.  Obama/Clinton holdovers are acting as moles and enemies inside of the Federal government. Breaking story on possible State Department child-sex trafficking.

State * Refugee program as full of fraud
Feb 9, 2017  
-  U.S. State Department veteran says the refugee resettlement program as fraught with fraud and abuses. No shock to awake Americans!  The claim that the refugees are vetted is a LIE.  No shock here either. Sometimes even their name and identity is fabricated and they have fraudulent documentation.

MB / ISIS / Hamas
Feb 8, 2017  
-  Muslim Brotherhood is a terror group, they are Sunni Islam like ISIS.  Hamas is a sub-group of MB.

President Trump signs 3 new executive orders
Feb 9, 2017  
-  President Donald J. Trump signed three new executive orders directing the Department of Justice and Homeland Security to restore safety in Americať by:

-  Taking necessary and lawful action to break the back of criminal cartels

-  Forming a task force on reducing violent crime

-  Implementing a plan to stop crime and crimes of violence against law enforcement officers

Andrew Napolitano


ICE is busy!
Feb 11, 2017  
-  Illegals hate LAW.  ICE conducted numerous raids in Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, Texas and FloriDUH.  Hundreds gathered in New York City Friday night to protest raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) this week that resulted in the arrests of hundreds in several states.  ICE detained 44 of the 100,000 illegals in Austin Texas Friday.

ICE Arrests 160 in California
Feb 11, 2017  
-  Just deny welfare to illegals, they'll go!  Feds arrested at least 160 illegals in routine immigration enforcement actions.  Those with criminal histories and deportation orders were targeted over a five-day sweep.

Laughing  Did the Trump fool them AGAIN?  LOL!
Feb 11, 2017  
-  President Donald Trump said new Immigration Action coming - You'll see something next week.  LOL!  We sure did!  Ahead of schedule - as usual.  Trump White House was planning to make modifications to its immigration ban executive order.  President Trump hinted that a new executive order could be coming next week.  I thot he had a glint in his eye when he said that!

We’ll be doing something very rapidly having to do with additional security, no specifics.
We are going to keep our country safe.  The states had no authority to review an executive branch decision on immigration policy.

77% entering U.S. since travel reprieve hail from 7 terror nations
Feb 10, 2017  
-  The State Department has more than doubled the rate of refugees from Iraq, Syria and other suspect countries in the past week.  77% of the 1,100 refugees let in since Judge James Robart’s Feb. 3 order have been from the 7 banned nations - 1/3 from Syria alone.  Syria President Assad says some of them are indeed terrorists.  21% are from Iraq.
Seattle lawless Judge Robart overstepped, ruling against the President.

The Prez keeping his promises!

Very Happy

State Dept Muslim Spy Ring
Feb 12, 2017  
-  This is the White House draining the swamp!
Most of the leaks are coming from Obama Muslim holdovers.

Shortly after Trump took office, and before Rex Tillerson was confirmed as Secretary of State, State Department officials were removed from their positions at the State Department.  
They were removed from their positions shortly after Tillerson visited prior to his confirmation.

Muslim Brothers Abid, Imran, and Jamal Awan Aman were fired February 2 as MIT techs.  They were hired by Obama and had access to top secret information including the Yemen operation and SEAL team 6. The TRAITORS were fired by Trump administration within hours after Navy SEAL William Ryan Owens was killed in Yemen.

Muslim Brotherhood infiltrated U.S. Government.  
Thats too mild!  Barak Hussein Obama is Muslim Brotherhood!
Most of the leaks are coming from Obama holdovers.

with President Donald Trump admin

NSA * CIA *  Natl Intel is the shadow gov 2017
I put  Sally Yates and lots of details and links here
CIVIL WAR, Revolution, Coup attempt

This is called
President Trump learning that

Bibi meets T-Rex in DC
February 15, 2017
debka -  Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu met US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in Washington DC. He later described the meeting as excellent.  Bibi is scheduled to hold talks with President Donald Trump at the White House on Wednesday.

Feb 15, 2017  
-  Rex Tillerson headed to Bonn, Germany where he will participate in G-20 meeting.  He will meet separately with Russian Minister Sergey Lavrov and Chinese Minister Wang Yi, among others.


The Shadows defeated in the Light!      

Drain the swamp!!
Feb 18, 2017  
-  T-Rex kills the deadwood, but leaves the Department intact.
Secretary Rex Tillerson begins deconstructing 7th Floor Shadow Government at Dept of State.  The 7th floor bureaucrats of the Washington DC based Department of State called themselves Shadow Government. The career political operatives who reign within the State Department consider themselves untouchable. Today this elite crew collectively choked on their crust-less triangle sandwiches.  Much of seventh-floor staff who work for the Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources and the Counselor offices were told their services were no longer needed.

President Donald Trump defeated intel
Feb 18, 2017  
-  Prez has defeated Demonrats in the intelligence community (IC) who were leaking classified information to the press. Author Tom Clancy called it a canary trap.

Serious swamp draining!
This is HUGE.
 Wiki Vault 7 is the name of State seventh floor where the snakes dwell.  State Dept. carries out layoffs under Rex Tillerson (DEEP STATE/Vault 7).  While Rex Tillerson is on his first overseas trip as Secretary of State, his aides laid off staff at the State Department on Feb. 16th.

Much of seventh-floor staff were told today that their services were no longer needed.
Many key foreign policy portfolios will be controlled directly by the White House, rather than through the professional diplomats.  

The Soros Billionaires have spent a LOT of money getting those people in place, and are not going to be happy about this!!

Leakers Beware
Feb 18, 2017  ThomasWictor
-  President Trump has defeated Demonrat intel (IC) who were leaking classified information.  Its highly illegal to leak classified information. Its also illegal to PUBLISH this information. Trump fed the IC fake news. When that was published, Trump identified individual leakers.

Some of the senators on the intelligence committee have been contacted and are staying over to conference with Comey and the FBI.

Natl Guard memo trap
Feb 18, 2017  
-  National Guard Fake Memo was a ploy to smoke out leakers.  The Trump administration faked drafted a round up illegal immigrants using National Guard troops. Several different versions of this memo were drafted to smoke out the leaker.

Tillerson FIRES traitors
Feb 17, 2017  Bye Bye Beast!  
-  Secretary of State Tillerson FIRES the deep state shadow government, 7th floor traitors from State.  While Rex Tillerson is on his first overseas trip as Secretary of State, his aides laid off staff at the State Department.  Much of seventh-floor staff who worked for the Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources and the Counselor offices were told their services were no longer needed.  7th Floor of the State Department was the SHADOW GOVERNMENT - the Beast, the NWO, the 5th column.  OUR ENEMIES!

John McCain is dangerous!
Feb 18, 2017  
-  SINator John McCain caught debating US policy to Russian phone pranksters!
This should be grounds for impeachment
Negotiating with a foreign power without the consent of the President or State Department.

McPain is a TRAITOR many times over!

Arms Sale to Kenya on Obama's Last Day
Feb 21, 2017  
-  Lawmakers to request a congressional investigation of a $418 million U.S. weapons sale to Kenya approved by Obama on January 19, his last day in office.
The sale, approved by the State Department and privately notified to Congress on January 19, would allow Kenya to buy 14 weaponized crop-duster-like planes.

Why was the contract to produce the planes awarded to defense firm L3 Technologies  which has never produced such a plane, while a smaller, disabled veteran-owned company in North Carolina that already make those planes at a lower cost was not considered.

State Department anti-leak memo leaks
Feb 24, 2017  WaPedo
-  The State Department legal office prepared a 4 page memo for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warning of the dangers of leaking by State Department employees. It promptly leaked, to WaPedo.

The Richard Visek memo to Tillerson is entitled “SBU: Protecting Privileged Information.” The SBU stands for Sensitive But Unclassified, a designation used on documents that are not technically secret but also not supposed to be shared.

The State dept. is filled with queers, who of course hate LAW and MORALiTY!
WaPedopost hired pedo Podesta so I call it WaPedo.

Donald J. Trump tweet Feb 24, 2017
The FBI is totally unable to stop the national security "leakers" that have permeated our government for a long time. They can't even find the leakers within the FBI itself. Classified information is being given to media that could have a devastating effect on U.S. FIND NOW

Weiner Laptop
Mar 4, 2017  
-  Federal Court hearing March 7 in Clinton Email Case, Judicial Watch seeking answers on Abedin/Weiner Laptop Emails.  Judicial Watch FOIA lawsuit seeking former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails that were sent or received during her tenure from February 2009 to January 31, 2013, as well as all emails by other State Department employees to Clinton regarding her non-‘’ email address.  Items of discussion at the hearing will be the emails of Clinton aide Huma Abedin that were found on the laptop of Anthony Weiner, Abedin’s estranged husband.

George SOROS
Mar 17, 2017
-  Ask Rex Tillerson to Investigate US Funds Going Overseas to George SOROS!  Lets pray Rex Tillerson will move ahead with this mission, and I think he is the man to do it. Several leading Republican Senators are calling on Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to launch an investigation into the Obama ties to George Soros led efforts to interfere with foreign governments.  The Senators claim Obama did this by sending taxpayer funds to extreme and sometimes violent political activists” that promote leftist causes.

T-Rex talks Turkey
Mar 20, 2017  
-  U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Turk Mevlut Cavusoglu have talked by phone to discuss an upcoming meeting at the State Dept in Washington D.C. on March 22.  Tillerson to visit Turkey on March 30.

Trump chose wisely, all business with T-Rex. He is adult leadership following many years of State Department types "dictating" our foreign relations policy.

Tillerson goes to Turkey
Mar 21, 2017  
-  US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is expected to visit Turkey March 30 to meet with Erdogan.  Tillerson’s visit comes amid tensions with Ankara over USA support of YPG Kurd militia in Syria against ISIS.  YPG and PKK are totally separate entities.  (Think Baptists and Lutherans)

Turkey and PKK Kurds have been at war for decades.
Turkey has a 560 mile border with Syria.
The north and northeast Syria into Iraq and Turkey are Kurdistan, a fact Turkey denies.
Al monitor link is long and very detailed - good but not perfect - lol.


Erdogan misses Obama.
Tillersman is the right man for Secretary of State.
I believe the USA is trying to contain the Erdogan devil.  For centuries Turkey was a major counter against Russia, but Erdogan has teamed up with Putin.


USA hosting anti-ISIS summit
Mar 23, 2017  STATE DEPT
-  T Rex Tillerson Global Meeting in Washington DC aimed at countering ISIS, the Islamic State terror group. This is the first full meeting since 2014 of officials from the 68 countries in the U.S. coalition. The goal is to accelerate efforts to defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria and maximize pressure on its global networks.

Can Trump save his Presidency and America?
Mar 23, 2017  
-  Jeff Nyquist and Cliff Kincaid discuss whether Trump can “drain the swamp” before the swamp takes him down.  Communists in the Demonrat Party and Russia are working together.

Barak Obama mafia and James Comey have completely DESTROYED all trust in our FBI, CIA or NSA, and lying, irrational Congress has destroyed all our trust.

Tillerson in Turkey
Mar 30, 2017  
-  T-Rex Tillerson meets Turk PM in Ankara.
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson met with Turkey's Prime Minister Binali Yildirim in Ankara. They discussed recent developments in Syria, the war against ISIS, and Fethullah Gulen.  Brett McGurk, who is responsible for US military cooperation with Kurds is accompanying Tillerson.  T-Rex is scheduled to meet  Erdogan and Cavusoglu later in the day.

Turkey suddenly ends invasion of Syria
Turkey announced the end of their invasion in northern Syria, claiming its completed.  LOL!  I think it ran into a T-Rex and fled.
Unknown when Turkey pulls out of Syria.

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