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U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions

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† †U.S. Attorney General Office

AG Jeff Sessions values Law
Jan 3, 2017 †
- †AG Jeff Sessions Will Restore Police, Department of Justice Relationship. †Law enforcement has been missing  federal government support for the past 8 years. †Public support for law enforcement remains very high.

The Senate must confirm Sen. Sessions because law enforcement and the citizens they protect need his expertise, dedication and honor at the Justice Department.
The nationís sheriffs and deputies know Sen. Sessions will support them because throughout his career he has been a crime fighter who seeks justice fairly. As a U.S. attorney and Alabama attorney general, he successfully pursued and prosecuted violent criminals, corrupt politicians and white collar criminals.

Dept of Justice

HARBINGER †WARNINGS - Isaiah 9 prophecy
When GOD destroys USA, you cant say He didnt WARN us!

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NEWS and analysis you can TRUST

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Criminal Demonrats delay vote on A.G. Sessions
Jan 24, 2017 †DAMN THEM
- †Sinate Demonrats delayed a vote on Sen. Jeff Sessions's nomination to be President Trump's attorney general, fearing prosecution for their crimes.
The Senate Judiciary Committee was scheduled to vote this morning.

Feinswine wants the vote held over until next week. †CURSE on HER!

Sessions will only need 50 votes to clear the Senate floor, and Republicans have a 52-seat majority.

DEMONrats delay AG Sessions confirmation
Jan 24, 2017  
-  DEMONrats want to give AG Lynch more time to destroy files.
Satanist Chuck Shumer will request a delay on the confirmation vote on Sen. Jeff Sessions for attorney general until Jan. 31.  California Sen. Satanist Dianne Feinswine will request the extra week.
They are scheduled to vote Tuesday.

We MUST have Jeff Sessions - for LAW again!
And THAT is why Demonrats DONT want him, they are CRIMINALS!
The delays are a smokescreen for the candidate they really fear, Sessions. If he decides to go after their many indiscretions it is a target-rich environment.


Feb 1, 2017 -  Sessions, Price and Mnuchin
move to the floor.
By a vote of 11 to 9, Jeff Sessions Nomination is voted out of committee to the Senate for Conformation Vote.  Senate Republicans vote to suspend committee rules, advance Mnuchin, Price nominations for Trump Cabinet nominees. Steve Mnuchin, Treasury secretary and Dr. Tom Price, secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services.  Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch allowed the Republicans on the committee to vote to suspend the rules of the committee cuz temper tantrum Dems wouldnt attend.

Very Happy  GOP changes rules after Dem boycott
Senate Republicans pushed through 2 Trump Cabinet nominees Wednesday, upending standard committee rules to circumvent a Democratic boycott. The Senate Finance Committee advanced Steven Mnuchin to head the Treasury Department, and Rep. Tom Price as secretary of Health and Human Services.  The nominees now head to the Senate floor, as partisan tensions over filling out Trumpís White House continued to intensify.

Sessions approved by Senate committee
A Senate committee voted 11-9 to confirm Sen. Jeff Sessions to be attorney general.  His nomination now goes to the floor, where he is expected to be confirmed.

The Senate votes - hopefully today -
then President Trump can swear him in and he will have his
Attorney General - who he needs!  


Attorney General Jeff Sessions
CONFIRMED A.G. Feb. 8, 2017 at 6.15 pm

Senate silences Fauxcahantas - finally!
Feb 8, 2017 †
- †Senate Republicans voted on Tuesday night to silence Elizabeth Warren. †BOUT TIME! †She was assassinating our Attorney General, Jeff Sessionis. †Republican majority leader Mitch McConnell grew a pair and objected that Warren had broken Senate rules.
That damned fool mocks the U.S. Senate!

70 Arrest Warrants
Feb 8, 2017 †
- †Demon-rats oppose Sessions BECAUSE they are CRIMINALS!
70 Arrest Warrants to be issued after Jeff Sessions is sworn in as Attorney General
30 Politicans, 40 individuals in DC, NYC VA.
They are terrified, desparate! †

2 more sources

Fake Gnuz?
How can advance warning of arrests be true, and if they are true, why arent the devils fleeing the USA??

PizzaGate is global pedofiles †
SATANISM, child sex trafficking


Jeff Sessions FINALLY confirmed A.G.
Feb 8, 2017 †
- †6.15 pm †Jeff Sessions CONFIRMED! America has a REAL AG!
52 yes
47 no

A.G. Jeff Sessions is scheduled to be sworn in Thursday, February 9 at 10:30 am in the Oval Office with Vice President Mike Pence and President Donald Trump.

Interesting timing - Feb 8
Thank you to DC area law enforcement

Sheriffs Applaud Confirmation of SenatorSessions

Jeff Sessions confirmed after bitter battle
NYt near-party-line vote, 52 to 47

Video of swearing in
President Trump

Dept of Justice

Very Happy

Preserve the U.S. Constitution
Feb 13, 2017  
-  AG Sessions Warns of Dangerous Trend in Crime.
We have a new man at the head of the Justice Department, and heís not blind to the lawlessness that has taken root in American cities. Jeff Sessions vowed to preserve and protect the Constitution and the safety of this country. Sessions spoke bluntly about the urban carnage 0bama ignored.  We are going to respond effectively to the threat of terrorism.  We cannot stand by and watch foreigners make a mockery of the law.  We must have a lawful system of immigration.


ICE Roundup prisons needed
Feb 25, 2017  HufPo
-  AG Sessions Orders Prison Utilization increase to Handle ICE Roundups.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions made a decision to overturn a memo to end the use of private prisons.

AG Sessions press conference
Mar 2, 2017  
-  AG Jeff Sessions will recuse himself from any investigations related to the Trump campaign.
BBN radio - Attorney Jay Sekulow does not believe there was any reason for AG to recuse himself, and he will send FOIA requests for all Al Franken and other contacts and investigate the liars.  GOOD.
LOTS of blog comments

Jeff Sessions framed by Deep State to coverup Pedogate
Mar 2, 2017  
-  Jeff Sessions has been targeted by the shadow government as the mainstream media attempts to frame him for colluding with the Russians in an attempt to derail the Pedogate investigations into the Elite Washington D.C. pedophile ring.  Demonrats wants Sessions to resign.

The questioning of Sessions was taken completely out of context.  Franken intentionally skewed the questions.  That tells me Franken is a pedo.  30 Demoncrats in Congress talked to Russians!  And Mcain took money from Russia!

Prez Trump tweet
Mar 3, 2017  
-  AG Jeff Sessions is an honest man. He did not say anything wrong. He could have stated his response more accurately, but it was clearly not intentional. Demonrats are overplaying their hand. They lost the election, and now they have lost their grip on reality. The real story is all of the illegal leaks of classified and other information. It is a total "witch hunt!"

Democrats lost their grip on reality

President Donald Trump replaced Attorney General Sally Yates with Dana Boente.

Dana Boente was nominated by resident Barack Obama in 2015 U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia (EDVA).  Boente supervises the prosecution of federal crimes and the litigation of federal civil matters.

Demonrats are all terrified of being arrested for the MURDERS of multiple kids!
Demonrats are fishing in an empty bucket without bait.
I hate reporting all the LIES!
Lets pray Dana Boente doesnt replace AG Sessions!

A.G. Jeff Sessions
Mar 4, 2017  
-  The first meeting Jeff Sessions had with the Russian Amb was set up by the Obama Administration under education program for 100 Ambs.  The same Russian Ambassador that met Jeff Sessions visited the Obama White House 22 times, and 4 times last year alone.

Dana Boente
Mar 4, 2017  
-  Trump quietly signed an executive order restoring Boente to the line of succession instead of the 0bama engineered one.  It seems like Team Trump was on to this from the get go, the whole thing was a setup to get Sessions out. That's why the Dems are screaming for a special prosecutor.  Team Trump blew up their plan A.
Sessions can change his mind and they can fire the Obama traitor.

Fire Them All!
0bama set them all up before he left office.  Its ALL phony.

ACLJ counters Demonrat LIES about Jeff Sessions
Mar 3, 2017  Jay Sekulow
-  There is a ruthless, coordinated attempt to undermine President Donald J. Trump and his senior Administration officials.  This is a calculated hit job against Attorney General Jeff Sessions designed to subvert President Trumpís agenda and preserve Obamaís legacy.  (I heard RUSH Limbaugh say almost these exact words on his radio program.)

FACT - Sinator Al Franken made a statement January 10, 2017 to which Jeff Sessions replied -  Iím not aware of any of those activities. I did not have communications with the Russians, and Iím unable to comment on it. - more here.

Sessions never lied.  Demonrats are lying, and
Jay Sekulow and Larry Klayman are about to prove it.
They may take down the whole Clinton mafia!

2016 - ACLJ filed a federal lawsuit against the U.S. State Department, demanding that it follow the law and provide key records shedding light on its cover-up of the Obama Administrationís Iran lie.

December 2016 - ACLJ filed FOIA against the lawless Obama State Department demanding answers about the Obama collusion with the Clinton Foundation.


DC Grand Jury Underway!  
Mar 6, 2017  
-  Pedophiles Panic!  Grand Jury going on in Washington DC.  Keven Bell suicided before his meeting with Jeff Sessions!   The Grand Jury have the pedophiles in panic mode and that's why you see all the lies about Trump and Russia on our fake news!  They are in a panic because the noose is tightening around their necks.

300 known terrorists in USA
Mar 9, 2017  
-  Hours after President Trump signed a new executive order banning refugees from 6 nations, Jeff Sessions said there are at least 300 known terrorists in USA now.

Sessions told all Obama U.S. Attorneys to resign
March 10, 2017
-  This is exactly what these Libtards feared the most about Sessions!
Attorney General Jeff Sessions has asked all remaining Obama-appointed U.S. Attorneys for their resignation.

These are the remaining Obama appointees

Poetic justice
Janet Reno said that Donald Trump would never be president while she was alive.
She died the day before Trump got elected president.
Fascinating Purvis tale here!


A.G. Sessions warns sanctuary cities
Mar 28, 2017  
-  Just when some Patriots were saying, where is our AG Sessions!
Attorney General Jeff Sessions makes a surprise Sanctuary City snnouncement to Withhold Federal funding.  $27 billion in federal funding for Americaís 106 Sanctuary Cities, which have a VERY HIGH crime rate.

A.G. Jeff Sessions made a surprise appearance at Sean Spicer's daily White House press briefing to announce that his DOJ will be taking steps to require sanctuary cities to enforce federal immigration laws. Failure to remedy violations could result in withholding grants, termination of grants and disbarment or ineligibility for future grants.  Sessions called on states like Maryland and California to scrap their plans for becoming a sanctuary state.

It didnt take long for New York's lawless Attorney General to release a statement vowing that he will continue to violate federal laws.
Video on link

AG Jeff Sessions, Sean Spicer March 27. 2017 White House press briefing.
AG Sessions says we are defunding Sanctuary Cities.  I am urging states and local jurisdictions to comply with these federal laws, including 8 U.S.C. Section 1373.  The DoJ will require that jurisdictions seeking or applying for Department of Justice grants to certify compliance with 1373 as a condition of receiving those awards.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions warned municipalities that have implemented the policy of sanctuary cities, which make Amerca less safe by putting dangerous criminals back on the streets.  Sessions said the Department of Justice would require that jurisdictions that are seeking or applying for DoJ grants to certify compliance with 8 U.S.C. 1373 as a condition of receiving those awards.

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