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TURKEY Airspace, airports

TURKEY Airspace, airports

April 18, 19,  2010

Ash clouds from the Iceland volcano explosion travel toward Turkey, where more than 250 flights from Istanbul have been canceled.

Turkey eases airspace shutdown as Europe allows one-third of flights April 19th.

All Turkish airports remain open.

Volcano leaves many stranded

As the ash clouds created by a volcanic eruption in Iceland slowly approach Turkey, flight cancellations in
Istanbul have left the city’s Atatürk Airport full of desperate passengers waiting to fly to destinations in Europe.

In the fourth day of the Europe-wide air-travel chaos, the number of canceled flights from Istanbul has surpassed 250, officials said.
Neither airport officials nor stranded passengers have any idea when the flights will be able to depart.

Travelers at the airport said they were tired and unhappy to be at the mercy of natural forces.
As they wait, many are searching for alternative routes to reach their destinations.

The volcanic ash clouds are expected to arrive in Turkish airspace Tuesday;
experts have warned that they may cause heath issues for infants, the elderly and people suffering from heart or lung problems.

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