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Tsunami of ice plows into dozens of Canadian homes

Tsunami of ice plows into dozens of Canadian homes; no one injured in freak disaster

It took about 15 minutes for the ice floes to pour out of Manitoba’s Dauphin Lake and spill onto a couple dozen properties Friday. Homeowners were left picking up the pieces over the weekend.


A staggering tsunami of ice inundated two dozen lakeside homes in central Canada, where the unexpected disaster sent residents in a panic and left some houses completely crushed.

The extraordinary event lasted just 15 minutes Friday as families in Manitoba’s Ochre Beach, a rural community along Dauphin Lake, sat down for dinner or watched TV.

“They heard it before they saw it (the ice) coming up their decks,” local official Clayton Watts told the Winnipeg Free Press on Saturday. “Then it came right in their front windows. It was just a matter of minutes.”

The booming noise — like a freight train — alerted many people and gave them enough time to safely evacuate, Watts added.

“Fortunately, no one was hurt,” he said. “We were very lucky.”

Six homes were completely wrecked while another 14 suffered various damages, according to CBC News.

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