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Train in Spain derails killing 79

Train in Spain derails killing dozens
July 24, 2013 - 79 people were killed
A train derailed in northwestern Spain, killing at least 35 people and injuring
many more.  All 13 carriages of the train came off the tracks near the city of Santiago.
Bodies strewn near ruined carriages, and emergency crews searching the wreckage.

Repsonders worked through night to rescue passengers trapped by a high-speed train derailment at Santiago de Compostela in northwest Spain in which 77 people died and more than 140 were injured. Eight carriages went off the tracks and piled up as the train with 247 passengers went around a sharp bend. The cause of one of Europe’s worst train disasters is under investigation.

At least 77 dead, 143 injured after train derails in Spain
July 25, 2013
 I wonder if train driver was a suicide Muslim.
73 died at the accident site and 4 died in hospital.
Spanish government believes train derailment was an accident, not sabotage or attack.
A train derailed outside Santiago de Compostela, killing at least 77 people and injuring 143 in one of Europe's worst rail disasters.
It was going too fast, over twice the speed limit on a sharp curve, the train started to twist, and the wagons piled up one on top of the other.
All 13 cars derailed, and 4 completely overturned, with at least one car in pieces, and a second in flames.    

Christian festival
The train with 247 people on board derailed on the eve of the festival in honor of Saint James when thousands of Christian pilgrims from all over the world pack the streets.
Bodies covered in blankets lay next to the overturned carriages as smoke billowed from the wreckage.
Firefighters clambered over the twisted metal trying to get survivors out of the windows, while ambulances and fire engines surrounded the scene.
The government said it was an accident - although the scene will stir memories of Muslim terrorist 2004 Madrid train bombing that killed 191.

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ZionsCRY  NEWS with Prophetic Commentary


CCTV shows the moment of the crash that killed 80 people in Spain, amid reports the train was being driven too fast.
The moment a train derailed in a crash that has left at least 80 people dead in Spain has been caught by security cameras at the side of the tracks.
The video shows the train entering a sharp bend at high speed, then coming off the rails, with carriages smashing into a wall.
An official source has told the Reuters news agency the train was travelling at excessive speed.

Survivors have described carriages flipping over and bursting into flames after the derailment just outside Santiago de Compostela, a popular pilgrimage city in northwestern Spain.
In the video, the carriage immediately behind the locomotive appears to derail first. Then all the carriages can be seen piling up behind it as the engine hurtles toward the camera position.

Terrifying video captures moment Spanish passenger train derailed
Train was doing 120 mph

On eve of Christian holiday, deadly train crash in Santiago shatters Spain
At least 79 people were killed in the derailment of a train carrying tourists and pilgrims to the Galician city.


It was not immediately clear what had caused the crash but some passengers reported hearing an explosion before the train derailed. Spain’s Interior Ministry, however, quickly dismissed a terrorist attack as the cause of the derailment.


That is interesting - because I saw a puff of smoke when I watched the video.
However, going 120 mph on a 60 mph curve - TWICE the limit - is enuf to wreck the train.

Spain train - what happened
July 27, 2013
This is the worst train accident in Spain for 40 years.
The Alvia 730 train left the tracks on a bend about 2 miles from Santiago station.
It was on the express route from Madrid.
The line has stretches of high speed track, where trains reach up to 136.7mph before having to slow to 60 before the section where the accident took place.
According to eyewitnesses and media reports, the first four carriages derailed on the bend, causing the middle and rear carriages to either flip into the air or crash into those in front.
WATCH VIDEO and see if you see an explosion, a puff of smoke above train just before crash.

Driver declines to give evidence
Train driver Francisco Jose Garzon Amo was among those injured in the crash.  He is under guard in hospital and has refused to answer initial questions.
He was driving too fast round a bend - double the speed limit at the time of the crash.

Deadliest train wreck in Amtrak history 1993
Pastor R. C. Sproul
was one of the passengers on the Alabama train in 1993.  I heard his chilling testimony on radio.


Driver on phone when Spanish train derailed
July 30, 2013
The driver of a train that derailed in Spain killing 79 people, was on the phone with railway staff when the train crashed.
The train was going 153 kph (95 mph) when it derailed.  That's nearly twice the speed limit on the curve where the accident happened.

Authorities have charged the train's driver, Francisco Jose Garzon, with 79 counts of homicide by professional recklessness.
A court has granted Garzon conditional release, but his license to operate a train has been suspended for six months.
He also was required to surrender his passport and report to court weekly.

Minutes before the derailment, Garzon received a call on his work phone, apparently receiving instructions on the way to Ferrol from a Renfe staff member.
Background noise suggested he was looking at or shuffling papers.

On Spain's railroad system, command and control posts can communicate with drivers at any point during a journey.
Drivers communicate via radio-telephones known in Spanish as "tren-tierras" or train-to-land.
But drivers also use mobile phones if radio-telephones are not working or "when it's considered necessary," the spokeswoman said.
Steve Harrod, a railroad transportation expert at Ohio's University of Dayton, said he was stunned by the report that the driver may have been speaking on the phone shortly before the crash.
In the United States railroad drivers are not allowed to use cell phones to prevent dangerous distractions.

Shortly before the train crashed, the Spanish train had passed from a computer-controlled area of the track to a zone that requires the driver to take control of braking and acceleration. "It's possible that the driver's phone conversation - which apparently was part of his official capacity as a driver - distracted him and he missed the transition from automatic to driver control."
He may have been unaware he was in control of the train and realized, 'oh, no, we're headed for a curve.' If that's true, I really don't think it was his fault."

Accidents in Europe summer 2013

ITALY bus plunges off highway
July 29, 2013  Italian bus crash kills 38 after plunging off viaduct, Italys worst road accident for decades

Switzerland -  2 trains collide
July 30, 2013
Driver dead, 35 people were injured, 5 seriously, when 2 trains collided head-on in western Switzerland.


Spain Santiago rail-crash driver in new recording
5 September 2013
A recording has emerged in Spanish media of a phone call made by a train driver moments after his train derailed in northern Spain, killing 79 people.
Francisco Jose Garzon is heard telling a colleague he was travelling at 190km/h (118 mph) instead of 80km/h and became distracted.

He also said he had previously complained that the bend, where the accident happened, was "inhuman".
The driver and the state-owned railway firm Renfe are on trial over the crash.
Magistrate Luis Alaez has charged Mr Garzon with "79 counts of homicide and numerous offences of bodily harm committed through professional recklessness". The driver is not in jail but remains under court supervision.

The accident, which happened during the evening on 24 July near the Galician city of Santiago de Compostela, is one of the worst rail disasters in Spanish history.
All eight carriages of the train careered off the tracks into a concrete wall as they sped around the curve on the express route between Madrid and the port city of Ferrol on the Galician coast.
Some 170 people were wounded in the crash.

El Pais newspaper obtained a recording of the phone call Mr Garzon made to activate the emergency protocol after the Alvia train smashed into the wall, caught fire, and derailed on 24 July.
"There must be many injured, [the train] has turned over, I can't get out of the cabin," he is heard telling a colleague at Madrid's central station.
During the conversation, Mr Garzon repeatedly says "poor passengers", adding: "I hope no-one has died."
He also admitted going too fast at the time of the crash.
"I got distracted and I [was meant] to be going at 80, but I was going at 190," Mr Garzon said.
I had already mentioned to the safety people that this [curve] was dangerous, that one day something like this could happen."

Judicial authorities earlier said the train was travelling at 192km/h (119mph) on the bend where it derailed.
Crash investigators opened the train's "black-box" data recorder to find the cause of the crash.
Meanwhile, another recording has emerged of the driver's pre-trial questioning, the BBC's Tom Burridge, in Madrid, reports.

In the recording, Mr Garzon is heard giving evidence about a phone-call he received from a train conductor moments before the crash, in which they discussed which platform they would pull into.
The driver told the court he lost a sense of where the train was during the call. By the time he had engaged the train's electric and pneumatic brakes, it was too late, Mr Garzon said.

The investigation into the crash will also consider why there was no automatic braking system on the curve in question, our correspondent reports.
The safety mechanism has since been installed at the scene of the accident.

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