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This Man ‘Grew’ a Church From Living Trees

This Man ‘Grew’ a Church From Living Trees

This living, breathing, green church is a personal project long in the making for New Zealander Barry Cox. As a deeply religious child, he aspired to be Pope one day. But a deep love of trees (his business, Treelocations, rescues and relocates them) combined with a lifelong fascination with the ecclesiastical architecture eventually led to what he calls “Tree Church”—a beautiful merger of his passions. Originally created as a place of private enjoyment for Cox and his family (it’s set right in his own backyard) Tree Church opened to the public just this year after overwhelming interest from friends, local garden clubs, and couples looking to marry—who are now lining up to book weddings. And, well, look at it. It’s difficult to imagine any more lushly beautiful sanctuary to wed, plan an event, or simply relax and ponder the wonders of creation. Forum Index -> CHAPEL
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