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The Late Great U.S.A.

The Late Great U.S.A.
Putin said, Russia doesnt conduct negotiations with terrorists, it destroys them.
The last American president to say that was Ronald Reagan.
Obama frees Taliban leaders and makes concessions to Iran.
(Hint, Obama is a terrorist.)
Putin is carving out his Eurasian Union.

Putin has risen to the top of Forbes Most Powerful People list.
Obama is #2.
Chinese Xi Jinping is #3.
(I would say China is more powerful than Obama.)

Putin made the most out of what he had to work with.
In sharp contrast to Obama, who made the least out of the incredible power base at his disposal.

The Arab Spring has imploded, leaving Obama to issue impotent political threats to Egypt and Syria.
(I am laughing.)

Obama is browbeating Israel into signing a peace agreement with their terrorists.
America has never before been this impotent and irrelevant, not even under President Carter.
I am sad to say - this is a good (?) article.

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