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TEXAS * Waco biker massacre by cops at Twin Peaks

Waco Texas rally4justice
Waco Freedom Ride June 7th at 8:30 am.
Motorcyclists to protest overreach by the authorities.
Bikers will ride into, around, and through Waco, finally gathering at 12:30 at the McLennan County Courthouse.
The bikers plan a lawful event and will avoid making trouble.

We encourage The American Flag.
We discourage all weapons.
We will stop at every Stop Sign.
We will stop at every Red Light.
We will obey the speed limit.
We will abide by all traffic Laws

As unanswered questions over the shooting outside a Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas.  There seems to be much more to the story than originally reported, and bikers are taking action.  CoC&I, The Confederation of Clubs and Independents has urged citizens to contact law enforcement and politicians.

The issue is unlawful mass arrests and continuing incarceration of bikers who were at Twin Peaks.  These innocent people need to be released from jail to go back to their families, jobs and lives. They are losing their jobs and their livelihoods.

My information is that police arrested witnesses, many of whom are veterans.  WHY?
I have heard many stories.  I am interested in the Truth, FACTS.  I am NOT a cop-hater, I love law and justice.

WHY arrest witnesses
WHY hold them


I suspect a lot of the Patriot Guard will be there.  These are GOOD guys!

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ZionsCRY NEWS with prophetic analysis


Waco Judge to release bikers
June 1, 2015 -  LOL!!
Waco Judge agrees to release bikers if they sign contract not to sue for wrongful arrest.
Paul Looney, a Houston attorney said the public defenders office in McLennan County is involved.  “I’ve never seen anything like the lawlessness that the authorities have perpetrated on these people and now to add insult to injury they are trying to cover their own tracks in exchange for bond.”
If true then Waco is in a heap of trouble.

I didnt know the Texas Hiway Patrol was also involved

Officials gear up for Sunday biker rally
June 6 - As attorneys for bikers jailed in connection with the deadly Twin Peaks shootout continue to negotiate their releases on reduced bonds, downtown Waco business owners and McLennan County officials are gearing up for what they hope will be a peaceful biker rally Sunday.
As of Friday evening June 5, about 124 bikers remained in jail.

Groups of bikers are planning to meet at 8 a.m. Sunday at Sam’s Club in Bellmead and ride around Waco before meeting in front of the courthouse.

Last I heard the judge would release bikers from jail - IF  they did not sue for false arrest



Waco bikers rally4JUSTICE
June 7, 2015  Sunday  -  AMERICANS, PLEASE READ
these links!
Bikers' continued jailing sparks Waco protest 3 weeks later
Waco released bikers give clashing accounts of shootout
Semi-automatic gunfire dominated biker shootout

Police have identified ONLY ONE assault weapon that fires high-powered ammunition among the firearms confiscated from bikers, and that was found in a locked car after the shooting ended.  Several witnesses, 3 of them veterans with weapons training, said semi-automatic gunfire dominated the May 17 shootout.

Navy veteran Steve Cochran pulled into the parking lot facing the patio minutes before the shooting began. He said,
"I heard one pistol shot. All the rest of the shots I heard were assault rifles."
It's remains unclear exactly what triggered the gunfight.  100 of those arrested are still in custody and cannot give their accounts.

All motorcyclists are not criminals
Hundreds of bikers protest at McLennan County courthouse downtown Waco.
They are protesting the treatment of the 177 bikers arrested after the May 17 shootout at Twin Peaks restaurant.  The fact that so many more remain behind bars is an injustice that is nothing short of criminal.  The Waco Freedom Ride crowd estimated at 500 held homemade signs. About 50 bikers participated in the mobile rally, some wearing shirts that read “Waco biker massacre.”

Handling of Waco Biker Cases
June 10, 2015
-  3 weeks after Waco police arrested 177 bikers, no charges have been filed, and more than a few legal experts, including former prosecutors, are starting to wonder what is going on in McLennan County.

78 bikers have been in jail since May 17.  Arlington criminal defense attorney Gary Smart said sooner or later officials have to either file real charges or let innocent people go.
Police arrested all of the bikers at the scene and charged them with the same crime: engaging in organized crime. All 177 faced a $1 million bond.  But the sky-high bond and the carbon-copy charge filed against everyone arrested have prompted an avalanche of criticism.

Texas biker gang funeral
June 11, 2015
-  They hug each other, support the grieving family and congregate.
As the coffin is brought out of the hearse, most of the bikers salute.
Many of them, like "Mohawk", Sean and thousands of bikers used to serve in the American armed forces.

After the church service, uniformed Marines perform military rites beside the coffin.  As the hearse is pulled away by a Harley Davidson, the scores of bikers at the funeral mount their motorcycles and follow behind in a thunderous "last ride" for Mohawk.

Sean explains why so many bikers are former military.
"It's about camaraderie, it's about brotherhood, getting together with like-minded individuals.  When you're in the military, you're really close to the people you serve with and when you come back there is a hole."

July 9, 2015  UPDATE  -  Waco police detective named foreman of grand jury.
A Waco police detective was selected to preside over a new McLennan County grand jury that could be the panel that considers the Twin Peaks shootings.

James Head, a 34-year police veteran who has spent 26 years with Waco PD, was among the first 14 on the panel qualified to serve on the grand jury and, beyond that, 19th State District Judge Ralph Strother selected Head to serve as the foreman

After the 12 members of the grand jury, plus two alternates, were chosen, Head, wearing his police badge and service pistol, entered the grand jury chambers with the others to begin considering about 100 criminal cases presented by the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office.

Good luck bikers getting a fair trial.

Evil or Very Mad     Waco suppressing evidence
August 3, 2015  UPDATE
-  Most bikers should never have been arrested
Criminal judge Pete Peterson removed from Hewitt biker’s case
Waco is suppressing evidence that could clear innocent bikers, then issues a gag order to protect criminal cops!
The city is fighting to keep videos of the May shootout at the Twin Peaks restaurant out of the press, and still hasn’t confirmed how many victims were shot by police.

Hunt for impartial judge in Twin Peaks biker case
The hunt is on for an impartial judge to hear 20 Twin Peaks biker examining trials. The administrative judge for the Waco region has asked a Travis County judge to hear the trials.
This comes after one of the judges was found to be biased.  An out-of-town judge might quell more criticism about what the bikers and their supporters are calling the unfair McLennan County justice system.

Pete Peterson
Criminal judge Pete Peterson has been removed.
Judge Peterson is the judge who set $1 million bonds to send a message.
Criminal defense lawyers and bondsmen have called the bonds unconstitutional.
Arrest warrants failed to set out probable cause for each biker individually.
Peterson violated the judicial canons of ethics in how he presided over the biker cases.
Peterson signed the arrest affidavits in bulk, without an individual determination for each defendant.
Peterson set bonds “in mass, group hearings without considering the rules for establishing bonds under the Code of Criminal Procedure.” Peterson refused to set probable cause hearings in some cases for almost three months after the May 17th arrests.

Biker Authority Arrested
James Quinn  
has been charged with 9 felony counts of possession of child pornography.
Quinn is a former professor of criminology at the University of North Texas in Denton and the author of numerous works about outlaw bikers.  Quinn was quoted following the May 17 Twin Peaks Massacre in Waco. He was arrested and booked into the Denton County jail on May 29.  He is currently free on bail.

So they got caught suppressing evidence, judge got kicked off the case.
That judge needs to lose his law license and be arrested!!    Evil or Very Mad
My excerps cant do justice, read the links

Cover Up of massacre-by-cop
August 8, 2015
-  Waco may not get away with it.  For 83 days Waco has been hiding because that’s the nature of official secrecy in an institutionally corrupt Dogpatch.  WHOA!  LOL!  Waco has been hiding facts about the Twin Peaks Massacre last May 17.

The Waco Police, Sheriff, ATF, and FBI all knew what might happen in advance and had an apparent ambush ready.  Cops had erected pole cameras around the crime scene beforehand.  Afterward they kept the video evidence secret.

NO forensic evidence has been released so it is impossible to know who shot who.

Best reports are that the police killed them.  THAT would explain WHY cops wont release any evidence.

INTIMIDATION, Suppressed Evidence

Immediately after the bloodbath, police rounded up all the witnesses, seized their vehicles and their cellphones and sealed the crime scene and the area around the crime scene for days.  Then the witnesses were intimidated with million dollar bonds and further punished.

Everyone’s good name could be cleared if officials weren’t suppressing and potentially destroying evidence. Nobody in Waco seems to give a damn about justice.

Defense attorneys have tried to get a look at evidence, subpoenaed video.
A Waco judge named Matt Johnson issued a gag order.
Waco law continues to hide the massacre-by-cop.

Justice is turned back, and Righteousness stands far away
for Truth has stumbled in the public squares, and uprightness cannot enter.
Isaiah 59:14

Massacre by cop
I'm convinced cops killed them!  All the head shots are more indicative of cop, sniper, not a gang fight.
Distance head shots indicate a massacre by cops, as far as Im concerned!
Evidence released leans that way but not conclusive because they hid the caliber of the bullets.

Bikers Autopsies Released
August 13, 2015
-  A friend of mine has kept track of this injustice and informed me along the way.
He gave me that link, saying -  Autopsies are so redacted its not clear who did the shooting.  Only thing clear is they all were shot at a distance.  Without caliber hard to ID the type of gun used.
They have the bullets and access to the guns so that can match bullets to the guns.  
They hid the calibers, they had the bullets  so no reason to hide that data.  (I would add - unless they are hiding this was a massacre by cop.)

I emailed KWTX a thank you.
THANK  YOU for publishing this!  A lot of us are tracking this huge injustice n Waco!
We are convinced this was a planned massacre by cops.
A lot in autopsies is redacted such as exact calibur and gun.
They have that info - and they have video - and we want that info public!

We want those bikers OUT of jail.  
Not one should ever have been jailed!
I am NOT a cop hater as a rule, but
Those cops need to be in jail.

Paul J. Gately,  KWTX replied to my Email
Actually, there was no redaction in the autopsy reports at all.  We were able to see every word on every page.
The specific data about which you’re speaking will come with the ballistics reports, which haven’t yet been released.
But when they are, we’ll have them.

Ballistics report will likely support MASSACRE by COPS
August 15, 2015
-  Most police ammunition is usually copper jacketed. Most of the bullets that killed at the Twin Peaks were copper jacketed.  Most of the wounds described in the autopsies are consistent with wounds inflicted by M-16s.

Waco autopsy reports do NOT disprove the notion that the 9 dead men were killed by police using M-16s and FN P90 machine guns.  Most of the recovered bullets were either highly deformed or fragmented which indicates they were fired by high velocity weapons.  
I AM NO gun expert.  Clearly the read was by gun experts.  Please read links.

Freep comments
These reports are so damning I am surprised they were released.  Shocked
READ this comments.  Those are vets who KNOW guns and ammo.
Waco law all need to be in JAIL!

What happened at Waco Twin Peaks shooting?
August 27, 2015
-  From grief to frustration, bikers now have their own theories about what happened at the Waco Twin Peaks shooting.

Twin Peaks biker case drawing ire
September 7, 2015  WACO TEXAS
 -  Sound of silence in Twin Peaks biker case.
177 bikers still face the prospect of 15 years to life in prison, even those who didn't fire a gun or throw a punch.  Victims' families, those still in jail demand answers.

100 days after Twin Peaks massacre in May left 9 dead, authorities remain silent.
They are proceeding with criminal prosecutions.  No details have been shared about how many of the dead or wounded were shot by police.

The silence has led lawyers, bikers and their families, to question authorities' motives for keeping quiet.
The families of those killed are waiting for answers.
Criminal procedures being followed in Waco are not in any law books.
Remember David Koresh??  LAWLESS WACO!
Houston Chronicle September 6, 2015, Dane Schiller

I emailed  Houston Chronicle
I suggest YOU take some action too, on behalf of JUSTICE

Warrant seeks Twin Peaks biker bullet
Sept 10, 2015
-  Warrant seeks bullet from arm of Twin Peaks biker killed in deer collision.
A McLennan County investigator has obtained a search warrant to extract a bullet from the arm of James Kenneth “Spaz” Anderson, a biker killed last week in a wreck who was wounded May 17 at Twin Peaks shootout but left Waco before he was identified or arrested.  (He hi-tailed it fast!)

Anderson was a member of the Bandidos. He was killed Sept. 3 when his motorcycle struck a deer on a highway in Nebraska.  Authorities want the bullet to compare it to weapons seized after 9 bikers were killed and 20 were wounded last May at a meeting of bikers at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco.
Authorities rounded up about 235 bikers after the shootout, jailing 177 - none of the cases has been presented to a grand jury.
Waco Herald-Tribune

Waco Texas - Twin Peaks biker
Sept 19, 2015 -  Judge rules probable cause sufficient to arrest Twin Peaks biker.

Based on this, a LOT of cases will be going to the grand jury.
A visiting judge ruled Friday that Waco police had sufficient probable cause after the May 17 Twin Peaks shootout to arrest a Balch Springs biker who is associated with a Bandidos support group.  After a two-hour examining trial, Judge James Morgan said there is enough evidence against Burton George Bergman for prosecutors to present his case to a grand jury for consideration of indictment.

Bergman, 48, a truck driver who is free on bail, claimed he was arrested and jailed improperly because there was not sufficient probable cause to allege he committed the crime of engaging in organized criminal activity.  Bergman, a member of the Desgraciados Motorcycle Club, spent 20 days in the McLennan County Jail after his arrest before posting $80,000 bond, reduced from the original $1 million bond which was set immediately following the arrests of Bergman and 176 other bikers after the shootout.

Bergman lost his job and continues to suffer from shoulder pain from his prolonged detention in zip cuffs.  He also suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder after seeing his friends shot in front of his eyes and lying on the ground bleeding, expecting him to help them.  Bergman has no criminal record.

But, prosecutor Michael Jarrett told the court that Bergman has been arrested five times.  Bergman said after the hearing that four of the charges for which he was previously arrested were dismissed. The fifth involves the Twin Peaks case.

Bergman said he parked his motorcycle near Twin Peaks and walked over to Don Carlos restaurant to use the bathroom because Twin Peaks was so crowded. When the shooting started, he said he hit the ground and saw a police officer shooting “wildly” into the crowd of bikers.

An officer ran by him and told him to stay on the ground, while a biker was shot near him and looked to Bergman to help stop his bleeding, he said.

The Associated Press was allowed to view some documents and videos associated with the Twin Peaks case. Jarrett asked Bergman’s attorney, Clint Broden, of Dallas, if he was the source of the leak.  Broden insisted that he was not, even asking the judge to swear him in so he could deny the accusation under oath.

Waco bikers UPDATE
October 3, 2015
-  Nearly 200 bikers were arrested without cause or charge in May, but one in the middle has not been charged with any crime.  People at the scene helped carry an injured Clifford Pierce to a triage area in the parking lot, but they are unsure of his current whereabouts.  The last time Pierce was seen was the morning of the shooting and he hasn't been back. Family removed his belongings.  Pierce does not appear to have any prior arrests in Texas.
Houston lawyer Mark Thiessen said it is too soon to jump to conclusions.

Police and prosecutors have declined to talk, citing a gang order issued by a judge, which prohibits them from publicly commenting on the case.  All of the 177 bikers arrested after the incident, including bystanders, were accused of engaging in an organized crime conspiracy to commit assault and murder.

Cossacks had showed up early and uninvited, and that led to a parking lot face-off between Pierce, a prospective member of the Cossacks, and David Martinez, president of the Dallas chapter of the Bandidos.  Martinez, 'nearly struck' Pierce riding in on a Harley Davidso, according to an affidavit by Waco police officer Vincent Glenn.   Glenn does not elaborate on what else happened between the men, both of whom were shot and wounded.

Witnesses have said Pierce was standing beside several Cossacks' motorcycles.
Violence erupted, according to police, with bikers - SUPPOSEDLY - wielding guns, knives, brass knuckles and other weapons.  Martinez was later arrested at a hospital.  Glenn's affidavit states police have video of Martinez firing a handgun, but he does not say if Martinez hit anyone.  Martinez, who has a permit to carry a concealed weapon, could not be reached for comment.
Police have yet to reveal who among the dead or wounded were shot by officers.

TEXAS * Waco biker massacre by cops at Twin Peaks

ALL Waco bikers out of jail
October 4, 2015 update
 -  ALL Waco bikers are now out of jail, with none charged in killings.
Only 22 remain under ankle monitoring, and none are still in jail.  After initially locking up 170, McLennan County prosecutors have not charged anyone with the shooting deaths.  Those arrested were charged with engaging in organized criminal activity.

Investigators have not yet offered details about who shot whom or whether police officers fatally shot anyone, though reports indicate police bullets did hit at least one biker.

Twin Peaks biker cases
October 12, 2015
WacoTrib  -  Prosecutors face uphill fight in complicated Twin Peaks biker cases.
As a teacher of criminal law, I’m fascinated by the cases arising out of the May 17 shootout at Waco’s Twin Peaks restaurant. The issues raised by those cases are complicated, compelling and important.  Because Waco has a small legal community, I know and respect many of the attorneys and the judge involved in the cases. Some of them are my former students at Baylor University.

The DA plans to put the Twin Peaks cases before the grand jury between October and December.
WHY would it take 5 months?

The prosecutor’s task at trial is to prove each case beyond a reasonable doubt, while the defense attorney attempts to show a reasonable doubt.  Before a grand jury, the prosecutor must show probable cause. The problem with the Twin Peaks cases is that they pose some complications.

Dozens of people were running, hiding and shooting at Twin Peaks, making it very difficult to figure out who shot whom. That is very important if murder or manslaughter charges are to be brought.

This article is long, detailed and lawyery.
I think cops massacred the bikers.

Waco grand jury
October 18, 2015
-  Grand jury will remain in session through the rest of 2015. It has already requested documents from the Texas Confederation of Clubs, even though this is all top secret, there is an excellent chance this grand jury will decide which of the 177 people arrested after the Twin Peaks Massacre last May 17 will have to stand trial for 'engaging in organized criminal activity.'

The fact that so many apparently innocent people now find their fates in the hands of this grand jury raises the question: Why were they arrested in the first place?  The report written by Waco Police Sergeant J.R. Price on July 1 alleges that multiple Waco police officers fired their weapons during the Massacre and that DA Abel Reyna arbitrarily decided to charge anyone who uttered a word of support for either the Bandidos Motorcycle Club or the Cossacks Motorcycle Club.
The report follows - very long article

Waco biker shooting video
October 30, 2015  CNN
 -  Surveillance video from Waco, Texas, shows the shootout between police and biker clubs that ended with nine dead and 177 arrested in May.
NOTE!  CNN notoriously doctors its photos and videos to create their version of 'news.'

WACO Twin Peaks bikers
Nov 10, 2015
-  Grand jury hearing Twin Peaks shootout evidence.
Attorneys for bikers have been critical of McLennan County officials over the way this case has been handled - and the fact that a Waco police detective was selected as a grand jury member and appointed foreman by a judge.

The grand jury over which the detective presided has since run its course and was replaced by the current grand jury, which includes a combat veteran as foreman and a Waco attorney as a member.  The new grand jury was seated Oct. 14. Prosecutors subpoenaed the president of the Bandidos motorcycle groups Austin chapter to appear before the new grand jury but settled for his records from a motorcycle confederation instead.

Nov 12, 2015
 -  no penalty for cops, instead, indict the INNOCENT!
With Waco indictments, pressure on to make a deal.

Prosecutors in McLellan County indicted 106 bikers on FALSE charges. 106 people have been indicted.  If convicted, they face the prospect of 15 years to life.  Some bikers may be considering making a deal, ratting on other bikers when faced with a long prison sentence. Many of the bikers indicted likely didn't throw a punch or fire a shot.

A shootout in Waco left 9 people dead and nearly 20 wounded in May has resulted in 106 felony indictments.  We still don’t know how many of the deceased were killed by cops, do we?  My bet is all of them.

Evil or Very Mad

Waco bikers flawed prosecution
Nov 17, 2015
-  Flawed prosecution theory will cost county millions in Twin Peaks biker cases.
When cops and all LEOs in the county are criminals, they need to PAY!  A Waco biker wants to go to trial first and fast as a test case to prove that prosecutors are flawed.  Houston attorney Paul Looney who represents Cody Ledbetter filed a motion requesting the earliest possible trial setting.

Most of the defense lawyers believe that you cannot have a conviction based on the notion that these people showed up at Twin Peaks in a show of force.  The bikers came to Twin Peaks for a peaceful bike-club informational meeting while wearing motorcycle jackets bearing insignias of either Cossacks or Bandidos.

Grand jury to meet extra 90 days
Dec 17, 2015  -  WACO, Texas  
- A Waco grand jury investigating the Twin Peaks shooting will meet for an extra 90 days.  It has already indicted 106 of the 177 bikers arrested.  Evidence shows 4 of those killed were struck by the same caliber of rifle fired by Waco police. It wasn't clear whether bikers had similar guns.

WACO -  10th name
Dec 19, 2015
-  Dead Biker's Name included among some Twin Peaks indictments.
McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna acknowledged that a clerical error resulted in a 10th dead biker's name to be included among some of the indictments returned against 106 bikers in the Twin Peaks shooting. Only nine bikers were killed in the shootout on May 17th.

80 cases have yet to be presented to the grand jury. A judge ruled this week that the same grand jury will continue to serve for another 90 days.

A biker by the name of James "Spaz" Anderson died in a motorcycle accident in Nebraska when he hit a deer  - or a John Deere.  SUSPICIOUS!  Authorities believe he was at the Twin Peaks when the gun fight began and that he was struck by a bullet.  Fragments from that bullet were sent away for forensic testing to determine for sure whether it came from the shootout. The results have not been released.

Waco bikers
Dec 28, 2015  UPDATE
 -  Twin Peaks lawyer Paul Looney:  Stop legal chaos, start biker trials today!  A biker's lawyer has a bold offer that might be too intriguing for a judge not to indulge him.  The plan could save the other defendants from a massive, expensive legal boondoggle.  As lawyer Paul Looney sees it, there is no way the county can handle the cost, time and logistics of prosecuting 106, and maybe more bikers.

REMEMBER - This was a planned massacre - by the Waco cops!
They do NOT want that proven!

WACO Twin Peaks bikers
Jan 8, 2016
 -  By Cassie Smith,
DA agrees to release evidence to Twin Peaks bikers lawyer without conditions.
Attorney Robert Callahan called the release of information from the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office a victory.  A hearing date had been set for his client, biker William Aikin on Jan. 15 before Judge Matt Johnson.

Waco bikers
Jan 22, 2016
 -   Cossacks member John Wilson said Waco Police didnt help wounded bikers.  WHAT?!  John Wilson was in the Waco Twin Peaks parking lot when the shooting broke out on May 17, 2016.  His son Jake Wilson was also there. John Wilson owns Legend Cycles in Waco. He and his son were arrested, along with 175 others, and later indicted on organized crime charges. John Wilson is one of the only Cossacks speaking out about what happened that day, and he insists that many of those arrested are innocent.

Jake Rhyne died.  Needlessly.  Killed by the cops.
Jake Rhyne lay bleeding 45 minutes without receiving medical attention. Wilson asked a cop if several of us could pick up Jake along with some others that were wounded and carry them to the ambulances, and he said no.  Police made no attempt to give first aid or any kind of aid to Jake.

Some were angry at the callousness of the officers there
with guns pointed at the ones who were injured.

Twin Peaks bikers
Feb 5, 2016  -  Change of venue sought
.  An attorney representing a biker arrested in the May 17 Twin Peaks shootout is seeking to move his client’s felony case from McLennan County.  Dallas attorney Clint Broden filed a change of venue motion that seeks to try the case in another county because of pervasive, prejudicial and inflammatory publicity about the unique case.  The motion asks to move the trial to Travis, Dallas or Harris counties.

Waco bikers Twin Peaks massacre
Feb 14, 2016
-  Ruling from District Judge Matt Johnson ordered the state of Texas “to reveal the identity of confidential informants and undercover law enforcement officials who were either present at Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas on May 17, 2015 or who were material witnesses related to the incident that took place.”

Twin Peaks in Waco
Charges dismissed against dozens of Waco bikers
April  1, 2016  
-  A Houston lawyer contends that all criminal charges have been automatically dropped against a Brenham couple and nearly 40 other bikers who were arrested following the Twin Peaks massacre. They were not indicted as of midnight Thursday, the deadline for grand jury to have completed its work.
"It timed out," said Paul Looney, who represents Morgan and William English.

Technicality they failed to bring charges in the required time
I'll take GOOD NEWS any day!   Smile
GOD BLESS the BIKERS!  HALLELUJAH! ... and .. Vroom vroom! Laughing


Prosecution of Waco Bikers
April  12, 2016
 -  11 months later and no trial dates. In Waco, Texas, authorities are still using a gag order to suppress evidence of what happened during the May 15, 2015, melee where 9 bikers were killed, some by the same caliber bullets used by police officers who fired their weapons that day. And newly available video underscores the likelihood that injustices are being perpetrated.

The violence escalated quickly, but the parties responsible for the killings have yet to be revealed. In fact, the public has never been told how many were killed by police. Nevertheless, 177 bikers were arrested. Authorities faced criticism for jailing so many, using fill-in-the-blank paperwork that didn’t differentiate among the jailed, even though it was always wildly implausible that so many bikers were involved in the killings. If the cops shot accurately, some of the guilty are presumably among the dead.

Waco Bikers
May 21, 2016  
-  A year ago cops massacred motorcyclists outside a Twin Peaks restaurant where the bikers were gathering for breakfast.  Nearly 200 bikers were wrongly arrested - AND HELD!  This article is full of lies!


Trump at Rolling Thunder D.C. Sonday
11 am  Donald Trump Speaks at Rolling Thunder DC Memorial Day Event
Donald Trump is to address thousands of motorcyclists, many of them military veterans, attending the annual Rolling Thunder gathering to honor the nation's soldier missing-in-action.

Trump at Rolling Thunder
May 29, 2016
 -  Donald Trump will be saluting veterans at the Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally during the Memorial Day weekend.  He is scheduled to speak at the event in Washington, D.C. Sunday afternoon.  Time approximate

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Waco bikers
June 7, 2016  UPDATE  -  3 more bikers file civil lawsuits over arrests after Twin Peaks shootout, claiming they were improperly arrested and denied due process.  Thereon Rhoten, Jonathan Lopez and Ryan William Craft, all members of the Vice Grip Motorcycle Club from Travis County, bring the total of bikers who have filed civil lawsuits to 13.

All 13 filed suit in federal court in Austin and all are represented by Dallas attorney Don Tittle.  The suit alleges unlawful arrest and due process violations and claims the plaintiffs were arrested with no evidence that they committed any crimes or had any ties to warring biker groups the Bandidos or the Cossacks.

Twin Peaks shootout
Mar 26, 2017  
-  Twin Peaks shootout trial delayed again.  A judge postponed the first Twin Peaks shootout biker trial for the second time after a new attorney was brought onto the case and said she could not be prepared by the May 22 trial date.

Twin Peaks shootout left 9 bikers dead and dozens wounded.  That was May 17, 2015.  They have been in jail 2 years - without trial - isnt that ILLEGAL?
Judge put Attorneys on both sides under a gag order.

Truth coming to Waco
August 15, 2017
-  After 2 years the truth is coming to Waco.
A man named Christopher Jacob Carrizal will go on trial in McLennan County. Carrizal was recently indicted on 3 felonies.  Carrizal described as the president of the Dallas chapter of the Bandidos motorcycle gang.  That is a LIE!  Waco Trib has been lying about the Twin Peaks massacre by cops for the last 27 months.
Very long article

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