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Tares Exposed By Their EARS- Ed Chiarini (DallasGoldbug YT)

The wheat bows down and the tares stand tall....
OK the fruit(which we know them by?)the edible grain on wheat (and a tare)
is called the EAR ...How does Faith Come by? Oh yea...the ears.
What I am getting to is some AMAZING videos which either disinfo,or the beginning of the fall of some tares who have proudly and up to now have been reveling in the daytime.I urge you all to check this out and SPREAD it after you use your discernment on it.
What I am talking about is the DallasGoldbug  YouTube Channel (aka Ed Chiarini at WellAawre1) .
On his youtube home page you can read his bio.He was a child prodigy and illustrated a New York Times best seller at 15.His bio is extensive,and he has worked in movies (on the Oliver Stone JFK movie)and explains the Hollywood techniques in big fake media stories.
He is exposing constanly recurring actors in fake terror news stories.
He is using forensics,primarily the ear which is like a fingerprint.
He uses other facial landmarks very professionally.You must see his work and discern,and facial recognition technology
Remember Orly Taitz? He has exposed her as Ellie Wohl.
Ellie Wohl has played several roles in fake terror related news stories as an actor.
She's covered in the videos.
What if there was no Gabrielle Gifford shooting? No Columbine,No Jon Benet Ramsey murder(who plays Lady Gaga today)
This stuff needs to be looked at,and I would appreciate your take on this.
It's a paradigm shifter stuff!
Look at their ears.

It will help you not fear the false gods of this world.
 His site is very thought provoking.
He isn't Christian,but he is lifting the tares by their ears like rats.
When you no longer fear your enemies it is a sure sign of their destruction.

Ed Chiarini is calling out Alex Jones also.I suggest as many as can call Alex Jones and quiz him about Ed Chiarini's work and watch him give you the bums rush.
All the "alternative"news is squelching Ed Chiarini.Call in the "truther" radio shows and ask for Ed Chiarini as a guest and watch what happens.They will freak out and get you off the phone ASAP!
Rense linked to a Ed Chiarini (DallasGoldbug) video once.I thought Ed Chiarini had arrived!
Within 20 mins Rense had the link taken off.
Expose Jones.
But first see as many of Ed Chiarini's videos (which isn't too hard to do because they are well put together and interesting).
The wicked will waste away like a sick man.
I get a strong impression that these videos is what that will look like =-)
Here's the site,I don't think you will be disappointed.
His main site is
But the YouTube is better to see first.
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