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San Francisco's Union Square Evacuated
San Francisco's Union Square Evacuated After Report Of 'Suspicious Device'

Union Square in downtown San Francisco was evacuated due to a report of a suspicious device in the area.

Photos from the scene showed bomb squad vehicles nearby. Businesses in the area were told to shelter in place, according to KTVU.

Police say the plaza will reopen soon, according to ABC 7.

Union Square is a major tourist destination with high-end retail stores.

The one-block radius surrounding Union Square has been blocked off, the Associated Press reports. Cable cars in the area are not running.

The suspicious package was called in shortly before noon.

ABC San Francisco reporter Juan Carlos Guerrero tweeted this photo from the scene:

Cable Car service stopped around Union Square. Nike Marathon runners can't pick up race packets.
Juan Carlos Guerrero (@JuanCarlosABC7) October 17, 2013 Forum Index -> Conspiracy, Terrorism
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