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Sam Nunberg is a Judas

Evil or Very Mad     Sam Nunberg is a Judas

Alan Garten, Trump Counsel statement
JULY 13, 2016
-  "As is standard practice for all major businesses, organizations and other entities dealing with proprietary information, Mr. Trump requires employees to sign and adhere to strict confidentiality agreements. When the agreements are not adhered to he will enforce them to the full extent of the law, and Mr. Trumpís litigation track record on such matters is outstanding. With regard to Mr. Nunberg, this agreement specifically calls for arbitration, and Mr. Nunberg is simply looking for free publicity using categorically false claims."

Trump sues Nunberg for breach of confidence
Donald Trump former campaign consultant Sam Nunberg leaked confidential information to reporters in violation of a nondisclosure agreement Nunberg had signed.  Then Sam Nunberg betrayed Donald Trump by publicly supporting Ted Cruz.

Trump protects the secrecy of his campaignís inner workings.  Trump requires his campaign and business people to sign legally binding nondisclosure agreements prohibiting them from releasing any confidential or disparaging information about him.

Nunberg is a low life who worked for Trump, got campaign secrets, then went to Cruz with them.  A foul mouthed Judas.  Nunberg betrayed not only Donald Trump but also ALL AMERICANS by going over to Cruz.  I wonder what Cruz (Soros) offered Nunberg.

Nunberg is a New York lawyer associate of Roger Stone.  He supported Mitt Romney in 2008 and the anti-Christ NCLU.  Nunberg was a Trump campaign adviser in 2015 from April through June.

Isaiah 54:17
No weapon formed against you shall prosper.

Revelation 3-7  
GOD has set before Donald Trump an open door which no one can shut.

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