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Iran, Russia to shape new world order
Sept. 20, 2011  Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Saeed Jalili has underscored the significance of Tehran-Moscow relations towards the establishment of a new global order

Iran and Russia can establish a new world order based on their common positions on international issues and developments.
The SNSC secretary, who is in the Russian capital to attend the second international meeting of secretaries of national security councils,
added that the world has bypassed the Cold War model and the ensuing unilateralism, which entailed international confrontations with expansionist motives of the West, led by the US.  Jalili made the comments at a state university in Moscow, where he told participating students that a hotbed now exists for transpiration of a new world order.

Jalili said Iran and Russia can exploit a host of opportunities in the fields of energy and geostrategic cooperation against the backdrop of an incompetent Western model.

Russian Caucasus, Chechnya news

ISIS downs Russian airliner  over Sinai EGYPT
EGYPT 224 killed, bomb was aboard plane.  Nov. 2015

The Bear Stands Vision of Russia

The  Bear  Stands vision
This is the vision of a friend of mine


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Suicide bombing at Moscow Airport
[b]January 24, 2011  
 About 20 killed in Moscow airport suicide attack.
Moscow's Domodedovo airport - the busiest in the Russian capital - has been rocked by an explosion.  At least 10 people have been killed in the blast and that dozens more are reported to have been injured.

Reports suggest a suicide bomber was behind the blast.
Early local media reports suggested the blast may have hit the baggage reclaim area of the international arrivals hall.
A RIA Novosti news agency correspondent at the airport reported that a lot of smoke could be seen in the area, and there was a smell of burning.

Emergency services are on the scene and tending to the wounded.
The UK's Foreign Office said it was checking if any Britons were involved.
The airport is 40km (25 miles) south-east of the city centre, and is popular with foreign workers and tourists flying into the city, says the BBC's Steve Rosenberg in Moscow.

Suicide bomber kills 35 at Russia's biggest airport
Muslim Terrorists bomb Moscow airport, killing 35
A suicide bomber killed at least 35 people at Russia's busiest airport on Monday, state TV said, in an attack on the capital that bore the hallmarks of militants fighting for an Islamist state in the North Caucasus region.
President Dmitry Medvedev vowed to track down and punish those behind the bombing, which also injured over 150 people, during the busy late afternoon at Moscow's Domodedovo airport. The dead included some foreigners.

Islamist rebels have vowed to take their bombing campaign from the North Caucasus to the Russian heartland in the year before presidential elections, hitting transport and economic targets. They have also leveled threats at the 2014 Winter Olympics, scheduled for the Black Sea resort town of Sochi, a region some militants consider "occupied."

Dense smoke filled Domodedovo's international arrivals hall and a fire burned along one wall.

"Taxi drivers lined up in the arrivals hall were blown up. Pieces of their bodies covered us and my left ear doesn't hear very well at all," Artyom Zhilenkov, 30, told Reuters as he pointed to pieces of human flesh on his coat.
Thick drops of blood were scattered across the snow-covered tarmac outside the arrivals hall, where Interfax news agency said traces of shrapnel were found.

Two Britons were among the dead, media cited investigative committee spokesman Vladimir Markin as saying, and French, Italians, and Germans were in hospitals, though this could not be immediately confirmed with their embassies. Planes from across Europe had landed in the half hour leading up to the attack.

4 terrorists hunted after suicide blast at Moscow airport
January 25, 2011
After at least 35 people were killed and 130 injured Jan. 24 in a suicide bombing at Domodedovo, Moscow's busiest international airport, police are hunting for 3 men and one woman believed to have come from the Caucasian republics.
Russian president Dmitry Medvedev has cancelled his trip to the economic forum at Davos to deal with the emergency after placing all three Moscow airports and underground hubs on high security alert.
Domodedovo is used by most foreign airlines carrying European and American travelers to and from the Russian capital. The explosion occurred at non-secured zone of the airport. Screws and other metal shrapnel found on the scene.

debkafile: It is not clear how the bombers reached the scene of the attack, whether by incoming flights or as members of the airport staff. Until the Domededov explosion, such terrorist attacks were usually directed at domestic targets, only rarely at foreigners.

The last such attack in Moscow was staged in March 2010 by two women from Dagestan, who blew themselves up at two underground stations in the Russian capital, killing 40 people.
At around about the same time, in London, an incoming airliner from Abu Dhabi was diverted from Heathrow to Stansted airport, flying in with two RAF fighter jets after an incident aboard. The pilot was alarmed enough by the threatening behavior of a British man to radio for a fighter escort. The man was taken into custody.

Georgian President Lauds Moscow Terror Attack as ‘Payback’ for 2008 War
January 26, 2011  Says He Told Putin He Would Pay for 'Supporting Separatists'
While most of the world reacted with the predictable combination of shock and eagerness for more security measures in the wake of Monday’s suicide bombing in the Moscow Domodedovo Airport, Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili is openly cheering it.
According to Saakashvili, the bombing was “payback” for the brief Russo-Georgian War of 2008, and that he had recently told Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin that he would face “payback for his country for supporting separatists.”

The comments came in the wake of Putin’s own statement that Chechnya, which was initially assumed to be the source of the attack, had nothing to do with it. Putin did not describe who was responsible, however.
Saakashvili’s comments, though presumably not a claim of responsibility, are likely to spark another round of anti-Georgian sentiments in Russia. Tensions between the two sides have flamed up repeatedly since the war, and have regularly led to attacks on Georgian immigrants living in Russia.

Moscow welcomes HELLzballah
October   22,  2011  
Moscow welcomed a delegation of Lebanese Hizballah terrorists for 3 day visit.
Russia used Israels negotiations with Hamas for the release of Gilad Shalit to justify its continuing support for Syrian President Bashar Assad and opening the door to other terrorists.
The Kremlin shows it has its own take on the deal struck between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas.

Gilad Shalit

Russia’s military chief warns that heightened risks of conflict near borders may turn nuclear
November 17,
MOSCOW — Russia is facing a heightened risk of being drawn into conflicts at its borders that have the potential of turning nuclear.

Gen. Nikolai Makarov, chief of the General Staff of the Russian armed forces, cautioned over NATO’s expansion eastward and warned that the risks for Russia to be pulled into local conflicts have “risen sharply.”

Makarov added, according to Russian news agencies, that “under certain conditions local and regional conflicts may develop into a full-scale war involving nuclear weapons.”

Hundreds of Russians protest against Putin
31 January 2011    MOSCOW
About 500 people demonstrated in a central Moscow square on Monday to demand the ouster of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and his "rule of thieves."

Prominent opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, who was arrested and jailed for 15 days following a similar demonstration a month ago, kept up his assault on Russia's longtime leader.
He compared Putin to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarek, who is facing mass unrest after 30 years in power.
"Please, someone tell me how our leadership differs from his," Nemtsov shouted to the crowd from the back of a truck. "Russia has to get rid of Putin."

Nemtsov has accused Putin of allowing corruption to pervade the corridors of power and of building up considerable personal wealth during his 11 years in power at the expense of ordinary Russians. He also has denounced Putin's reversal of the democratic achievements of the 1990s.
Russia's beleaguered opposition holds demonstrations on the last day of every month with 31 days to call attention to the 31st Article of Russia's Constitution, which guarantees freedom of assembly.

The city authorized Monday's rally, but it also authorized the rally Dec. 31, during which 68 people were arrested, including Nemtsov. He was arrested after the rally while walking across the square to his car.
Nemtsov's arrest drew Western condemnation and mobilized his supporters, who held daily pickets outside the jail where he was being held.

Hundreds of police surrounded the square Monday, but they allowed the demonstrators to disperse peacefully after the rally ended with cries of "Down with the rule of thieves."

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The bear is no longer sleeping.  Its awake - and HUNGRY

November 23, 2011      My comments with Paul McGuire, NewsWithViews
Russia may be making preparations for an attack against the United States.
The Russians have been storing up grain, foodstuffs, gold, and oil.
Those who have underestimated Russia are in for a rude awakening.  
Russia has the second most powerful military in the world and is 2nd in the production of oil and gas.

Russia said NATO’s eastward expansion or an attack on Iran by the U.S. and Israel could cause Russia to enter the conflicts.
Russia does not rule out a large-scale war including nuclear weapons.
While America has been disarming Russia has over 12,000 antiballistic missiles, many aimed at America.
Russia has been conducting military exercises with Iran and China, and built underground bunkers preparing for World War III.

Ezekiel 38 Magog, Meshech and Tuba scholars believe is located somewhere in Russia, many peoples with thee Islamic MidEast nations.
There are those who believe TURKEY is one of the main nations of Ezekiel 38, and Turkey has been blustering and bullying the last 2 years.
Ezekiel was more accurate than many geo-political analysts alive today.
The prophet Ezekiel gives us a list of the nations that will come against Israel.

I AM against you, O Gog, the prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal.
I will turn you around, put hooks into your jaws, and lead you out, with all your army, horses, and horsemen,
all splendidly clothed, a great company with bucklers and shields, all of them handling swords.
Persia (IRAN), Ethiopia, and Libya are with them, all of them with shield and helmet
Gomer and all its troops, the house of Togarmah from the far north and all its troops, many people are with you.
Ezekiel 38:1-7

Russia which is called the, sleeping bear, is backing Islamic nations and intend to invade Israel.
That is the plan of the badly named 'Arab Spring.'
Currently, there is a massive build-up of U.S. troops in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Australia, in preparation of an Armageddon-style conflict or World War III.
American troops are being stationed in Australia as a pre-emptive move against China moving into the Middle East.
I believe Obama is sending and keeping troops OUT of the USA purposely, so they cant defend the homeland.

The EU are reliant on Russian and Iranian oil.
American politicians are deliberately weakening our military.

U.S. govt and churchs are coopted by commies and Muslims and cannot be trusted.
Perestroika was a masquerade designed to fool America and Europe into believing they gave up their plans for a World Communist Government.

Russia is planning on conquering the U.S. through nuclear war.

Many people in the U.S. have seen Russian troops all across the U.S.A.
READ THIS ARTICLE and Duduman and Gruver's visions of what will occur and WHEN.

Russia will attack USA, Paul McGuire

AA Allen and Gruver visions

Duduman and Gruver visions

The  Bear  Stands vision
This is the vision of a friend of mine

Russian subs in U.S. waters

Russia aims at US, Israel missile shields
November 24, 2011
After deploying 3 warships in Syrian waters, Moscow beats war drums against the United States.
Russia armed forces to ensure they can destroy the command and control systems of the US missile-defense system in Europe.

US missile shield linked directly to Israel's missile defense network, leaving Israel completely exposed to Iranian missile attack.
NATO (USA) just put a new one in Turkey.

Putin warns West as he launches presidential bid

Nov. 27, 2011   MOSCOW (AP)
Prime Minister Vladimir Putin sternly warned the West not to interfere in Russia's elections, as he launched his campaign to reclaim the presidency in a speech Sunday before thousands of flag-waving supporters.
Putin stepped down in 2008 after two presidential terms, but kept his hold on power. He announced in September that he intended to return to the top job next year and was formally nominated Sunday by his United Russia party.

"All our foreign partners need to understand this: Russia is a democratic country, it's a reliable and predictable partner with which they can and must reach agreement,
but on which they cannot impose anything from the outside," Putin told his audience.
The party congress, which was televised live, was aimed at boosting support for Putin and his party before parliamentary elections one week away.

Increasingly seen as representing the interests of a corrupt bureaucracy, United Russia has watched its public approval ratings plummet in recent months. The party is still certain to win the Dec. 4 election, but is expected to lose the current two-thirds majority that has allowed it to change the constitution at will.

I'm not saying Prince William is the Antichrist, however, there's been a bit of speculation that he may be groomed to be. Won't he turn 33 next year? Again, not saying that he will, but he seems to be getting more publicity than he should now...

Russia praises Prince William over sea rescue

Russia's ambassador to Britain says he's hailed the effort of Prince William and Royal Air Force colleagues to rescue crew members of a sunken cargo ship.
William, an RAF search and rescue co-pilot, was deployed in gale force winds early on Sunday, after the Swanland cargo ship sank in the Irish Sea.

All eight members of the crew were Russian.
Two sailors were rescued by William's helicopter, but one person was found dead and five others remain missing.
In a letter, Russian Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko said Monday that the two men were saved thanks to William's "selfless effort under the bad weather conditions."
The ship went down after its hull cracked amid stormy conditions off the coast of north Wales.

An insider's account of vote rigging for Putin

December  6,  2011   MOSCOW (AP)
The election official had a problem. Workers at his polling station had been stuffing ballot boxes with votes for Vladimir Putin's party all day, he says, but when the votes were counted United Russia still didn't have enough.
So he huddled with the election commission he chaired at the Moscow precinct. The decision: Putin's party would get the desired 65 percent.
One member objected, but relented when the others tossed his Communist Party a few dozen votes.

The commission chairman spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity for fear of losing his job. He also said he could be punished for disobeying orders to report any contact with foreign observers or journalists to the FSB, the successor to the Soviet-era KGB.

His account closely matches reports by independent observers of rampant vote-rigging during Sunday's election, in which United Russia maintained its majority in parliament. Amateur videos posted on the Internet also appeared to show falsified ballots spilling out of boxes at polling stations.

Clinton criticizes Russia vote, Germany urges improvement

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton suggested on Tuesday that Russia's elections were neither free nor fair, and Germany urged Moscow to make democratic improvements.
For a second day running, Clinton cited "serious concerns" about the Sunday election in which Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's parliamentary majority was slashed. Observers said the vote was marred by ballot-stuffing and other irregularities.

"When authorities fail to prosecute those who attack people for exercising their rights or exposing abuses, they subvert justice and undermine the people's confidence in their governments," Clinton said in a speech at the meeting of the 56-nation OSCE, Europe's biggest rights watchdog.

"As we have seen in many places, and most recently in the Duma elections in Russia, elections that are neither free nor fair have the same effect," she added, in comments that went a step further than her criticism of the vote on Monday.

Russia oil rig capsizes off Sakhalin
December 18, 2011
 Somehow this reminds me of the Titanic.
2 dead after an oil drilling rig sank in freezing seas in the Russian far east.
14 rescued after an oil drilling platform capsized, most of the 67 crew are unaccounted for.
The Kolskaya rig was being towed some 200km (125 miles) off Sakhalin island when it capsized in a fierce storm.
14 people have been rescued but it is feared the rig overturned before the rest of the 67 people on board could escape on to life rafts.
Kolskaya platform has sunk completely.
The crew had been waiting to be evacuated by helicopter but the platform capsized and sank before they could get to their rescue rafts.,7340,L-4162988,00.html

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Methane blast at Russian mine
July 24, 2010
 A methane explosion at a coal mine in western Siberia has killed one miner and left two hospitalized with burns.
A sudden buildup of the gas ignited as 66 miners were at work, but all of them were evacuated.,7340,L-3924334,00.html

Tens of thousands of protesters pile pressure on Putin
24 Dec 2011   MOSCOW (Reuters) - Tens of thousands of flag-waving and chanting protesters called on Saturday for a disputed parliamentary election to be rerun and an end to Vladimir Putin's rule, increasing pressure on the Russian leader as he tries to win back the presidency.

The protesters shouted "Russia without Putin" and "New elections, New elections" as one speaker after another called for an end to Putin's 12-year domination of the country at the second big opposition rally in two weeks in central Moscow.

"Do you want Putin to return to the presidency?" novelist Boris Akunin asked from a large stage. Whistling and jeering, protesters chanted: "No!"
Witnesses said at least as many people turned out as at the last big Moscow rally on December 10 to protest against alleged vote-rigging in the December 4 election won by Putin's United Russia.

Putin team defiant after protest rocks Russia
25 Dec 2011   Vladimir Putin still has the support of a majority of Russians, his spokesman said on Sunday after a mass protest challenged the premier's authority two months before he stands in presidential polls.

Organisers said 120,000 people attended the rally in central Moscow Saturday where protesters chanted slogans against Prime Minister Putin and called for the annulment of disputed December parliamentary elections won by his party.
Police put the numbers at 29,000, but AFP correspondents said the turnout was clearly bigger and more anti-Putin in tone than the first rally two weeks ago which smashed a Russian taboo against mass opposition protests.

"As a politician and a presidential candidate, Putin still has the support of a majority. And we should treat the opinion of a majority with respect," his spokesman Dmitry Peskov told AFP.
He added that Putin was "beyond competition" as a candidate the March 4 presidential polls, where the Russian strongman plans to stand for a third Kremlin term after his four-year stint as prime minister.

Russian Army will be a majority Muslim Army by 2020
]Predicting a Majority-Muslim Russia

6 Aug 2005   by Daniel Pipes, updated Tue, 23 Dec 2008
"Russia's Turning Muslim, Says Mufti" is the startling headline in the Times of London today. Ravil Gaynutdin, head of the Council of Muftis of Russia, announced that Russia's population of 144 million contains 23 million ethnic Muslims – and not, as the census indicates, 14.5 million, or, as the Orthodox Church estimates, nearer to 20 million. An estimated 3-4 million Muslims are migrants from former Soviet regions, including 2 million Azeris, 1 million Kazakhs, and several hundred thousand Uzbeks, Tajiks and Kyrgyz."

"Goble notes the exponential growth in Islam since the demise of the Soviet Union: Russia had about 300 mosques in 1991 and now there are at least 8,000, about half of which were built with money from abroad, especially from Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia. There were no Islamic religious schools in 1991 and today there are between 50 and 60, teaching as many as 50,000 students. The number of Russians going on the hajj each year, has jumped from 40 in 1991 to 13,500 in 2005. He quotes a Russian commentator predicting that within the next several decades there will be a mosque on Red Square."
"By 2015, Muslims will make up a majority of Russia's conscript army, and by 2020 a fifth of the population."

Russia battles fire on nuclear submarine    December  29,  2011
Russia used helicopters and tugboats to battle a fire that engulfed a nuclear submarine docked at a shipyard.
Television showed a giant plume of smoke above the Murmansk yard in northern Russia witnesses said rose 10 meters (30 feet) above the stricken vessel.
Russia said all weapons had been removed and the nuclear reactor had been shut down.
They submerged the hull of the submarine, leaving only the tower above water level, to put out the flames.
The blaze is believed to have started when wooden scaffolding caught fire during repairs to the submarine, which had been hoisted into a dry dock.

Russian nuclear submarine fire is out, No radiation threat
December  30,  2011     Yeah right
The huge fire that engulfed a Russian nuclear submarine undergoing repairs in the northern Murmansk region has been put out, the emergency minister says.
Sergei Shoigu said radiation monitoring would also now go back to normal after being stepped up when the blaze started on wood decking near the Yekaterinburg.
Officials said there was no risk as its two reactors had been shut down. Nine people were hurt fighting the fire.

President Dmitry Medvedev has ordered an investigation into the incident.
One of his deputy prime ministers has promised that the Yekaterinburg, a Delta-IV-class nuclear submarine, will be repaired within several months.
According to preliminary information, the damage caused by the fire will not affect the ship's combat characteristics.

Iran, Russia Replace Dollar with National Currencies in Trade Exchanges
January 8, 2012
 Iran and Russia have replaced US Dollar with their own currencies in their trade ties.
Tehran's Ambassador to Moscow Seyed Reza Sajjadi said that the proposal for replacing US Dollar with Ruble and Rial was raised by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in a meeting with his Iranian counterpart Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Astana on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) meeting.

"Since then, we have acted on this basis and a part of our interactions is done in Ruble now," Sajjadi stated, adding that many Iranian traders are using Ruble for their trade deals.
"There is a similar interest in the Russian side," the envoy stated, adding that that Moscow is against unilateral sanctions on Iran outside the UN Security Council, specially the recent sanctions against Iran's Central Bank (CBI).
"The move (imposing sanction on the CBI) is unacceptable. Russians have clearly announced that they will not accept these sanctions and Iran's nuclear issue is resolvable just through negotiations."

Russian billionaire warns of ‘violent revolution’ in Russia if democracy fails
January 17, 2012 – MOSCOW — Mikhail Prokhorov, a super-rich tycoon challenging Vladimir Putin for Russia’s presidency in March, said his country faced the danger of violent revolution if it did not break conservative resistance and move quickly to democracy. Prokhorov, a billionaire bachelor long seen more as playboy than politician, told The Freeland File on Russians had shaken off a post-Soviet apathy and were now “just crazy about politics.” He denied accusations he was a Kremlin tool, let into the race to split the opposition and lend democratic legitimacy to a vote Putin seems almost certain to win. Putin is seeking to return to the Kremlin and rule until at least 2018, but protests against alleged fraud in a December 4 parliamentary vote have exposed growing discontent with the system he has dominated for 12 years. “What worked before does not work now. Look in the streets. People are not happy,” Prokhorov, 46, (6′ 8″ in height) said in the interview beneath the windowed dome that soars above his spacious office on a central Moscow boulevard close to the Kremlin.  “I think the era of ‘managed democracy’ is over,” Prokhorov said. “I am in the habit of being very active, and I feel that it is time for politics.” “It is time to change,” said Prokhorov, ranked by Forbes magazine as Russia’s third-richest person, with an $18-billion metals-to-banking empire that includes the New Jersey Nets basketball team in the United States. “Stability at any price is no longer acceptable for Russians.” But Prokhorov made clear he considers revolution equally unacceptable for a country with grim memories of a century of hardship, war and upheaval starting with Vladimir Lenin’s 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, instead calling for “very fast evolution. I am against any revolution, because I know the history of Russia. Every time we have revolution, it was a very bloody period,” he said. –National Post

Feb. 27, 2012    MOSCOW (AP)  Russian and Ukrainian special services have arrested suspects linked to a Chechen rebel leader for allegedly plotting to assassinate Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, state television reported Monday, less than a week before elections he is all but certain to win.
Channel One said the suspects, acting on instructions from Chechen warlord Doku Umarov, were preparing to kill Putin in Moscow immediately after Sunday's election.
The station said the suspects were arrested in Ukraine's Black Sea port city of Odessa after an accidental explosion Jan. 4 while they were trying to manufacture explosives at a rented apartment.

The Ukrainian Security Service said on Feb. 7 that it had detained three suspects on terrorist charges in Odessa on Feb. 4, but it said nothing at the time about them being linked an anti-Putin plot. Its spokeswoman, Marina Ostapenko, said Monday that the announcement in Moscow came only now apparently because the Russian special service was conducting its own investigation.
Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed the report to the ITAR-Tass news agency, but refused to comment further. Russian and Ukrainian special services wouldn't comment.

Russia election: Vladimir Putin wins, exit polls say
Vladimir Putin has been elected Russian president for the third time, exit polls suggest, after spending the last four years as the country's PM.
The exit polls gave Mr Putin about 60% of the vote, meaning that he should avoid a run-off with his nearest rival, Communist Gennady Zyuganov.
Officials say turnout was higher than for the last election in 2008.

But opposition groups have reported widespread violations, with many people voting more than once.
With counting already under way in most of the country, the electoral commission published preliminary results showing Mr Putin gaining nearly 62%, and Mr Zyuganov just under 18%.
The other three candidates were in single digits.

Russia And China Claim Honorable Motives Behind Pro Assad Policy
March 12, 2012
To borrow a phrase from Barack Obama, Russia and China have the Assad regime's back and have vetoed UN resolutions that would pressure the Syrian ruler to step down. This has angered many Arab leaders who would like to see Assad's back and a different government installed in Damascus.

Russia and China have not yet changed their policy, but they are at least making an effort to persuade the Arab regimes of their good intentions, attempting to avoid the prediction made by Foreign Secretary William Hague that they will pay a price in the Arab world for their support of Assad.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov met with the Arab League, which is incensed over the Russian veto at the UN that had thwarted an Arab League peace plan.

Lavrov denied Western accusations, such as those by French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe, who alleged that Russia was digging in its heels due to "major economic interests" in Syria, including arms sales or simply in revenge for what happened in Libya. Russia explained that Lavrov was acting "out of nobler motives".

Is NATO luring Russia into summit trap?
Washington’s election-year offer to share with Russia data on a US-built European missile defense system will likely fail to address Moscow’s objections to the project, a Russian security expert says.

Vladimir Kozin, a senior researcher at the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies (RISI), said Moscow’s lack of full membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) precludes the military bloc from data-sharing sensitive information with Russia.

"I doubt that the offer of the US Defense Department, which has been voiced in general terms, will materialize since Russia is not a member of the trans-Atlantic alliance,” Kozin said. “US legislation prohibits the sharing of technological secrets with countries that are not…100-percent military and political allies, and countries with which there are no plans for joint combat operation on a global scale."

Russia has warned the US and NATO on many occasions that the construction of a missile defense shield in Eastern Europe, without Russia’s cooperation, will be viewed as a potential threat to its national security.

Earlier, Bradley Roberts, US Deputy Assistant Defense Secretary, told a congressional meeting that Washington was willing to share with Russia “secret data” on the planned missile shield in a bid to break the deadlock in Russian-American talks on the controversial project.

Russia working on electromagnetic radiation guns
April 5, 2012 – MOSCOW - While many believed it to be an April Fool’s Day joke, Vladimir Putin has confirmed Russia has been testing mind-bending psychotronic guns that can effectively turn people into zombies. The futuristic weapons – which attack their victims’ central nervous system – are being developed by scientists and could be used against Russia’s enemies and even its own dissidents by the end of the decade. Mr. Putin has described the guns, which use electromagnetic radiation like that found in microwave ovens, as entirely new instruments for achieving political and strategic goals. Plans to introduce the super-weapons were announced by Russian defense minister Anatoly Serdyukov. While the technology has been around for some time, Mr. Tsyganok said the guns were recently tested for crowd control purposes. “When it was used for dispersing a crowd and it was focused on a man, his body temperature went up immediately as if he was thrown into a hot frying pan,” Mr. Tsyganok said. “Still, we know very little about this weapon and even Special Forces guys can hardly cope with it,” he said. Research into electromagnetic weapons has been carried out in the US and Russia since the ’50s but it appears Putin has stolen a march on the US. Precise details have not been revealed but previous research has shown that low-frequency waves or beams can affect brain cells, alter psychological states and make it possible to transmit suggestions and commands directly into someone’s thoughts. Mr. Putin said the technology is comparable in effect to nuclear weapons but “more acceptable in terms of political and military ideology.” Mr. Serdyukov said the weaponry based on new physics principles – direct-energy weapons, geophysical weapons, wave-energy weapons, genetic weapons and psychotronic weapons – were part of the state arms procurement program for 2011-2020. –Herald Sun

Russia in Armenia and Syria
April 8, 2012  Is this how Armageddon begins?
Iran, Russia plan to shape the new world order.  (see page 1)
I can hear the NWO puppetmasters pulling all the strings in the background

Russia protects Iran against US/Israeli attack via its northeast.
Russia moved the mobile S-400 surface-to-air missiles into Kaliningrad, bordered by Poland and Lithuania, and plan a radar station in the Armenian mountains.
0bama put a US radar in Turkey.  (stupid evil move.)
Moscow remains in Syria, so Assad is winning.
Should Syria use WMD on its people, 0bama might use limited military action, pulling Turkey in.

Russian plane crash kills 31 in Siberia
April 2012
A Russian passenger plane carrying 43 people has crashed shortly after take-off in Siberia.
All the crew, which was made up of two pilots and two flight attendants, died.
31 people were killed and 12 survivors have been taken to hospital.

The ATR-72 turboprop aircraft had just left Tyumen on a flight north-east to the oil town of Surgut when it crashed.
Officials said 39 passengers and four crew members were on board the plane. It remains unclear what caused the crash.
Earlier, local authorities said 32 people had died, but that figure has now been revised to 31.

All of the survivors are in intensive care and doctors are operating on eight of them, according to the state-run RIA news agency quoting hospital officials in Tyumen.
the pilot had been trying to make an emergency landing when the plane came down.
A search team found it had crashed and burst into flames in a snowy field about 35km (22 miles) from Tyumen.
The ATR-72 turbo-prop aircraft was built by a French-Italian company.

Russian Stock Market Closed Indefinitely - Will Not Reopen
"The Situation Has Been Recognized As An Emergency"

April 23, 2012
This is not a drill – the Russian Stock Market has closed indefinitely, and reports are that the Russian Government has declared it an Emergency. In other news, the entire cabinet of The Netherlands resigned this morning because they could not come to an accord over budget and austerity issue.

Eurozone Crash, Dutch Government Collapse, Czech on the Verge of Collapse and Russian Stock Market Halted

Russia's MICEX-RTS exchange suspends stocks trading
Apr 23, 2012   MOSCOW   (Reuters)
Russia's MICEX-RTS exchange suspended trading on its main stock market section on Monday at 1156 GMT for one hour until the end of the main trading session, the exchange's spokesman said.
The exchange, which calculates both Russia's benchmark indexes RTS and MICEX, said in a statement on its website that the trading was suspended due to "a problem in displaying orders and deals in the main stock market section."

RTS Ruble Version Being Weighed, Bourse Chief Aganbegyan Says
Apr 25, 2012
A ruble version of the dollar- denominated Russian Trading System Index (RTSI$) may be created, according to Micex-RTS President Ruben Aganbegyan.

The exchange, which was formed out of the merger of the ruble-denominated Micex and the RTS in December, is considering whether investors in the index want the option of hedging currency exposure in rubles, Aganbegyan said at a press breakfast in London yesterday.

“What we hear from a lot of international participants is that basically they wouldn’t mind if the market is traded in local currency,” Aganbegyan said. “That means that the index should also be in local currency and investors should choose their own options in FX.”
The exchange will make a decision soon, he said.

Micex-RTS will introduce other measures designed to boost trading volume this year, including extending the period for settling trades to three days and the creation of a central securities depositary, Aganbegyan said.
Rules governing Russian pension funds may also be changed this year to allow them to invest more of their funds in stocks, he said.

The 30-day average value traded on the Micex-RTS was $792 million compared with $1.2 billion in trades in shares of 10 of Russia’s biggest companies in London, data compiled by Bloomberg show.

Apparently, this is their PR site. They left the following message:
23.04.2012 20:26
                     The technical suspension of trading to be extended
The situation has been recognized as an emergency. Further actions will be announced shortly.
For further information, please contact the Public Relations Department at (495) 363-3232.

General Nikolai Makarov, Russia's most senior military commander, warned Nato that if it proceeded with a controversial American missile defence system, force would be used against it.
"A decision to use destructive force pre-emptively will be taken if the situation worsens," he said.
Gen Makarov has threatened to target Nato bases hosting an anti-missile system designed by the US to protect European allies against attack from states such as Iran.
He said that Russia would counter Nato deployment by stationing short-range Iskander missiles in the Russian Kaliningrad exclave near Poland, creating the worst military tensions since the Cold War.

Russia threatens to strike missile sites
YES I take this seriously!  VERY SERIOUSLY!!

May 3, 2012
Russia threatens to strike NATO missile defense sites
Russia said Moscow would preemptively strike and destroy U.S.NATO missile defense sites in Eastern Europe if talks with Washington talks continue to stall.
A decision to use destructive force preemptively will be taken if the situation worsens.
The threat comes as talks about the missile defense system, which the U.S. and its allies insist is aimed at Iranian missiles, appear to have stalled.
Mutually-acceptable solutions not found.
NATO plans for a missile defense system in Poland, Romania and Turkey were not stalemated.
U.S.-built system, still in development, is being designed to shoot down Iranian intermediate-range missiles aimed at Europe, not Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).
Russian officials insist that the system has the capability to shoot down their ICBMs, thus robbing their nuclear deterrent of its credibility and destabilizing the Cold War-era balance of mutually assured destruction.

* I had this too so I combined with yours! . - CJ

First Ever Joint Russian-U.S. Military Training - on American Territory
May 16, 2012  
The first joint U.S.-Russian military exercises on American territory have begun in the western state of Colorado, with drills involving special antiterrorist units.
Colonel Aleksandr Kucherenko, of the Russian Airborne Troops Force, said the exercises began on May 15 at the U.S. base at Fort Carson.
He said units of the U.S. Army's Special Operations Ground Force and the Russian Airborne Troops Force were participating.

In welcoming addresses to the troops, Russian and U.S. military officials expressed hopes that cooperation between the two countries' special-task forces would continue, and that joint training would strengthen confidence between Moscow and Washington, who have shared decades of superpower rivalry.
Based on reporting by Interfax and ITAR-TASS

Russia test-fired a ballistic missile Wednesday, a move that comes amid tensions about a recent NATO announcement that it placed an interim missile defense shield in Europe
23 May 2012
The intercontinental missile was launched Wednesday morning from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in northwestern Russia, the state-run RIA Novosti news agency reported.
"The new intercontinental ballistic missile is intended to strengthen the capabilities of Russia's Strategic Missile Forces, including its capabilities for overcoming anti-missile defenses," Defense Ministry spokesman Vadim Koval told RIA Novosti.
The launch comes days after NATO's chief said the alliance now has an interim ballistic missile defense capability in Europe.

Russia tests new missile, warning to U.S.
May 24,  2012   Russia tested a new long-range missile in Moscow warning to Washington over deployment of a missile shield in Europe.
The ICBM was successfully launched in northwestern Russia and landed on target on the Kamchatka peninsula, Pacific.
Russia opposes a missile shield the United States is deploying in Europe, saying it will be able to intercept Russian warheads.
Its all show, folks, orchestrated, but that doesnt mean its meaningless.

The Bear Stands,  vision

U.S. Frustration on Iran and Syria Puts New Cards in Russia's Hands
5/30/12  Russia's help will be crucial for President Obama in addressing the crisis in Syria and the Iran nuclear standoff, but President Vladimir Putin is playing hard to get. Since resuming the presidency three weeks ago after a four-year constitutionally-mandated sabbatical in the role of Prime Minister, Putin pointedly snubbed the G-8 summit hosted by Obama at Camp David, instead sending his prime minister, Dmitry Medvedev. Obama and Putin have finally agreed on a date and venue for a tete-a-tete, even if the timing is a little fraught: they plan to huddle on the sidelines of G-20 meeting in the Mexican city of Los Cabos from June 18-19. Curiously enough, the same dates have been chosen for the next round of talks between Iran and the P5+1, the U.S., Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China, which will be held in Moscow.

There will be considerable pressure for the Moscow meetings generate an agreement that will keep the diplomatic process going -- a tall order given the gulf between Iran and its interlocutors revealed in last week's talks in Baghdad. The Iranians were shocked by the P5+1 offering no prospect of relief from sanctions targeting Iran's oil and banking sector, even if it agreed to the confidence-building steps proposed by the world powers. (They asked Iran to halt uranium enrichment to 20% purity, ship out its stockpile of such material and cease operations at its Fordow enrichment plant buried deep in a mountainside near Qom.) Those steps would buy only minor concessions from Western powers, which made it clear that the only way to stop the unprecedented European oil embargo and measures against Iran's banks was to heed U.N. Security Council demands that it freeze all uranium enrichment.

  Russia embraces China

June, 2012
Russia is a strategic partner with China but they will never be actual allies because China is too much of a potential threat to Russia.
Russia has been bolstering its military presence to its Pacific Fleet at Vladivostok, not far from Beijing China.

Vladivostok is a Russian city on the Sea of Japan, near the Chinese and North Korean borders.
Russia has a new oil terminal there.

MAP of Russia-China

Cyprus in line for $6.2 billion loan from Russia
13 June 2012
Cyprus could soon get a multibillion euro loan from Russia to help clean up its troubled balance sheet, Dow Jones Newswires reports.
The divided island nation may also get funding from both Europe and a separate sovereign state, the wire service noted.
According to local media reports, Cyprus wants Russia to lend it five billion euros ($6.2 billion), a sum that amounts to more than a quarter of annual gross domestic product.
Last year, the country got a 2.5 billion euro loan from Russia that helped it avoid a wider bailout.

This is bad news in every way.  Cyprus has been a friend with Israel.
They are business partners over Mediterranean gas.
Russia is an enemy of Israel and USA.
People are slaves to those they owe.

Russia Ready to Respond to U.S. Missile Defense
6/14/12  Russia has every possibility to provide a proper response to the projected deployment of a U.S. missile shield in Europe, though Moscow would like to see the U.S. plans revised, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday.
“We should look forward and give response [to these plans] in a timely manner,” Putin told servicemen at a Russian air base.
“Of course, our partners should better not do this [implement their missile shield plans] as this move would drive our response,” he added.
The president stressed that regardless to the rhetoric western politicians use to describe the shield deployment plans, “this remains a part of the arms race.”

Turkey Calls NATO after Russians in SYRIA shoot down F4
24 June  2012   What do I think happened?  I am suspicious, no plane or crew.
I think the Beast made sure this occurred, for its own evil purposes.

Turkey has called on NATO over Syria-Russia attack on 'unarmed' Turk F-4 Phantom jet in international airspace.
Turkey said the jet was shot down without warning and without provocation.
Ankara has asked for the meeting based on Article 4 of the NATO charter.
Turkish FM said Turk jet was downed after it accidentally entered Syria on a reconnaissance mission.
Syria said it had killed several terrorists who infiltrated Friday from Turkey.
The two countries share a border about 400 miles (600 kilometers) long.

Syria has insisted the jet was engaged while it was inside its airspace.
It has also said no act of hostility was intended.  Eh?
The coast guard is still searching for the crew in the Mediterranean Sea, though hopes are fading of them being found alive.

SYRIA, multiple pages

TURKEY Greatest MidEast Threat, multiple pages

MidEast WAR, multiple pages

Russian helicopters head back to Syria
Jun 24,  2021  A ship carrying Russian helicopters to Syria, which turned back after its
insurance was cut, is expected to resume its journey accompanied by another vessel.
The report is likely to reignite international criticism of Russian arms deliveries to Syria.
The ship Alaed changed its flag to the Russian Standard, will not be accompanied by military vessels.


Putin arrives in Israel with 400 people
June 25, 2012  Monday
Russian President Vladimir Putin arrives in Israel for his first Middle East tour in 7 years.
Putin visiting Israel and Jordan with a large entourage to discuss Iran and other issues.
The 400-person delegation of staff, advisers, businesspeople and journalists will arrive in 4 planes.
Israel hopes Russia will join against Iran nuclear program.

Russian President Vladimir Putin landed in Israel on Monday for a 2 day visit.
Day one in Israel, Day 2 in Jordan.  There is serious concern Jordan will also fall to the MB.
Both Israel and Russia are concerned by the rising chain of Muslim Brotherhood governments.
Putin meeting with Netanyahu expected to focus on Jerusalem.

This visit is mostly symbolic: the dedication of a monument to the Red Army for its victory over Nazi Germany, a state dinner with Israeli President Shimon Peres and a visit to Bethlehem.
On Tuesday Putin will go to Bethlehem and dedicate a Russian cultural center, then to the Allenby Bridge and Jordan for a meeting with King Abdullah, before flying home.

Israel avoids cooperating with Russia - GOOD!
June 25, 2012   Israel avoids cooperating with Russia over drone technology.
Israel refuses to cooperate with Russia over unmanned aerial vehicle technology, despite Russin desire to do so.
Russia is willing to pay billions for Israeli technology.,7340,L-4247261,00.html

Russia sends warships to Syria
11 July 2012
Russia despatched warships to its naval base at Tartus Syria in a show of support for Bashar Assad.
Two destroyers and three amphibious landing vessels carrying marines set sail from Russian bases in the Arctic and the Black Sea, according to Russian military sources.
They could prepare for the evacuation of Russian nationals.
Its possible Russia is subtly realigning its support for Assad, although its public position is unlikely to change.
Never trust the bear.

Russia wants naval bases abroad, CUBA for one
July 27, 2012   Russia hopes to establish its first naval base abroad since 1991 and is looking at Cuba and Vietnam.
Russia had a large naval base in Vietnam but left in 2002.
Russia base in the Syrian port of Tartous, is uncertain because of the conflict.

Russian attack submarine sailed in Gulf of Mexico undetected for weeks
August 14, 2012
 A Russian nuclear-powered attack submarine armed with long-range cruise missiles operated undetected in the Gulf of Mexico for several weeks and its travel in strategic U.S. waters was only confirmed after it left the region, the Washington Free Beacon has learned.

It is only the second time since 2009 that a Russian attack submarine has patrolled so close to U.S. shores.
The stealth underwater incursion in the Gulf took place at the same time Russian strategic bombers made incursions into restricted U.S. airspace near Alaska and California in June and July, and highlights a growing military assertiveness by Moscow.
The submarine patrol also exposed what U.S. officials said were deficiencies in U.S. anti-submarine warfare capabilities—forces that are facing cuts under the Obama administration’s plan to reduce defense spending by $487 billion over the next 10 years.

Exclamation   Russian nuclear attack submarine sailed in Gulf of Mexico undetected for weeks
 Russia has been testing ALL our borders.
MANY of our enemies are inside USA - awaiting 'the signal.'  Invited by Barak Hussein 0bama, ENEMY #1

2 HUGE blasts in Russia
October 9, 2012  

A train loaded with missiles prepared for disposal has caught fire at a polygon outside Orenburg.
4,000 tons of shells explode in Central Russia, leave mushroom cloud-like plume of smoke.
Massive mushroom cloud in Russia after spontaneous missile explosion.
No nuclear arms involved, No risk to public, public evacuated
Shockwave caught on film, felt 25 miles away — Entire town in plumes of black smoke.
Explosions were so powerful that some trees fell, at the local market the trading stalls folded up like playing cards
Witnesses claimed they saw a large number of military vehicles, ambulances, emergency workers, communication officers and repair workers heading to the site.
Russia claimed no one was injured and clailmed only 3 shells exploded.
Those 4,000 tons included 1,379 tons of 100mm shells, 400 tons of air bombs and 2,300 tons of 280mm reactive shells, the head of the military investigative committee announced.
The indications are that it was 40-50km outside of Orenburg.
Russia arrested 50 taliban-al quaed in Orenberg 3 weeks ago.

LOTS of info from ppl who know their stuff on this blog

Video with sound

UPDATE  Explosions At Russian Military Test Site Rock City Of Orenburg
Huge ammunition explosion rocks Russian city

A series of blasts from exploding shells rocked a Russian military test site on Tuesday, breaking windows and releasing giant clouds of smoke over the city of Orenburg near the Kazakhstan border.
The emergency services said one military officer was hospitalized, but no other injuries were reported.
Military officials have opened a criminal investigation into the suspected mishandling of weapons at the Donguz test site, located about 40 kilometers (25 miles) from Orenburg.

Only two weeks ago, the head of a group carrying out the munitions disposal at Donguz was killed

200 missing after explosions at military testing ground 40 km from city of Orenburg.
Train with missiles set for disposal caught fire in Central Russia, several missiles exploded.

Dead in Russian Explosions Sept. 4

I googled and found other links - but they have been scrubbed,
Careful what you believe, as always.  This could be anything.
Could be Muslims and/or Chechans with a dirty bomb.  I do not know.

Russia to become Iraq second-biggest arms supplier
Oct 2012
Iraq has signed contracts to buy Russian arms worth $4.2bn this year.
Moscow, the main supplier of arms to Iraq under Saddam Hussein, thus becomes the country's second-biggest
arms supplier after the US.  Reports suggest attack helicopters and missiles are included in them.

Russia - thousands of tonnes of ammunition have exploded at a military base close to the industrial city of Orenburg, near the border with Kazakhstan
The blast led to the evacuation of nearby towns.  A cigaret may have ignited it.  
Whether it was nuclear isnt certain on this video.  If it WAS, it will soon be known by those who test the air.  Will we find out?

Private charged in Russian military range blasts case
Military investigators brought criminal charges against Private Aleksandr Kasatkin over explosions at the Donguz range in Russia’s Orenburg region on Tuesday. He “surrendered to military detectives in the course of the preliminary inquiry,” representatives of the Military Investigative Department of the Russian Investigative Committee told Interfax. The private, who helped unload munitions at the missile artillery depot, reportedly said that “he and a fellow serviceman ignored the ban on smoking in explosion-risk places.”

Iraq intends to replace Exxon with Russian companies
Iraq is reportedly considering replacing US oil major ExxonMobil with Russian companies in the West Qurna-1 project, as the authorities are angered by ExxonMobil’s deal signed with the Kurdistan regional government without Baghdad’s approval.
Baghdad is considering inviting Russia's LUKOIL and Gazprom Neft – both already operating a number of projects in the country, instead of Exxon Mobil to develop the West Qurna-1, Nefte Compass weekly reported on Thursday. With the step Baghdad would signal international companies operating in Kurdistan that it rejects any agreements with the semi-autonomous region’s government, sources in the industry told RT.
Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has reportedly offered the deal to Russian President Vladimir Putin at the meeting Wednesday, the newspaper said. However, no such offers have been officially announced.

Russia will back Egyptian efforts to end Israeli aggression
Nov. 16, 2012  
Russian President Vladimir Putin says his country will back Egyptian efforts to put an end to the Israeli aggression in the besieged Gaza Strip.
In a telephone conversation with Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi on Friday, Putin said Russia planned to support Cairo's efforts directed at normalizing the situation in the Palestinian territory, the Kremlin said in a statement.

The remarks come after Egypt’s Prime Minister Hisham Qandil visited the Gaza Strip on Friday, where he urged the world leaders to stop Tel Aviv’s attacks.
Qandil promised to intensify Egypt’s efforts to “stop this aggression and achieve a lasting truce."

Russia accuses U.S. of blocking U.N. action on Israel-Gaza conflict
UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Russia accused the United States on Monday of blocking a bid by the U.N. Security Council to condemn the escalating conflict between Israel and Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and said other council members were filibustering the issue.
Russia's U.N. envoy Vitaly Churkin said he was prepared to introduce a resolution - a stronger move by the council than a statement - to call for an end to the violence and show support for regional and international efforts to broker peace.

Churkin said he would draft a resolution if agreement could not be reached among the 15 council members on a statement, which has to be approved by consensus. A resolution is passed when it receives nine votes in favor and no vetoes by the five permanent council members - Russia, China, Britain, the United States and France.

"One member of the Security Council, I'm sure you can guess which, indicated ... they will not be prepared to go along with any reaction of the Security Council," said Churkin, making a thinly veiled reference to the United States.
"Somehow, allegedly, that could hurt the current efforts carried out by Egypt and the region," he said.

Russian, US warships near Israel, Syria
Nov 24, 2012
 The Russian Black Sea Fleet navy including the missile cruiser Moskva, the destroyer Smetlivy, large landing ships, tugboat and oil tanker Bubnov have received an order to remain in the eastern Mediterranean ready to evacuate Russians from Gaza should the Palestinian-Israeli conflict worsen.
This is a cover story for the real mission, which is to stand by for coming developments in Syria.
USA has US warships opposite Israeli shores also, one in waters opposite Syria.

Russian subs in U.S. waters

Age of Anarchy
January 24, 2012
– From Syria to Mexico, nations facing growing violence and tensions that could tear them apart.
RUSSIA PM Vladimir Putin, warning ethnic tensions could tear Russia apart, said on Monday he would toughen migration rules and keep a tight rein on Russia’s regions to prevent it following the Soviet Union into oblivion. In a newspaper article and an address in southern Russia, Putin used the danger of ethnic discord to call for limits on electoral reforms. “With the collapse of the country (the Soviet Union), we were on the edge — and in some regions over the edge — of civil war,” Putin wrote in Nezavisimaya Gazeta. “With great effort, with great sacrifice we were able to douse these fires. But that doesn’t mean that the problem is gone,” he wrote in the second of a series of articles promoting his leadership goals ahead of a March 4 presidential election. Putin, in power since 2000 and favored to win a six-year presidential term in March, described a Soviet-style vision of a country in which the rights of ethnic minorities would be respected but Russian language and culture would dominate. “The Russian people, the Russian culture is the glue holding together the unique fabric of this civilization,” Putin wrote. Putin is steering a fine line between Orthodox Christian ethnic Russians, some of whom fear labor migration and higher birth rates among Russia’s Muslims, and ethnic tensions which could challenge his vision of a centralized, united, Russia. Thousands of nationalists have protested in Moscow over migration and state subsidies to the mostly Muslim North Caucasus, where an Islamist insurgency rooted in the Chechen wars persists. Comparing nationalism to a disease, Putin took aim at ethnic Russian nationalists, who have been among the 59-year-old prime minister’s most vociferous critics. -Reuters

Russian Expert Warns Of Possibility Of Large-Scale Middle East War
11/24/12  In an interview with the Voice of Russia, Russian analyst Konstantin Sivkov said: “Deploying these missiles in Turkey will be dangerous for Syrian military planes – this is obvious. A lesser obvious thing is that Turkey is getting ready for a war against Syria. If an attack on Syria from the territory of Turkey does take place, this will most likely be an attack not of the Turkish army, but of NATO’s forces.” “The Middle East is getting ready for a large-sale battle which will very likely affect the Russian part of the Caucasus, and this, in its turn, will be reflected on the entire Russia,” Mr. Sivkov added. The planned deployment by NATO countries of Patriot air defence systems on Turkey’s Syria border will actually amount to the imposition of a no-fly zone for Syrian aircraft in circumvention of the UN Security Council.

Russia Says World Is Nearing Currency War as Europe Joins
16 January 2012
The world is on the brink of a fresh “currency war,” Russia warned, as European policy makers joined Japan in bemoaning the economic cost of rising exchange rates.
“Japan is weakening the yen and other countries may follow,”Alexei Ulyukayev, first deputy chairman of Russia’s central bank, said at a conference today in Moscow.

The alert from the country that chairs the Group of 20 came as Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker complained of a “dangerously high” euro and officials in Norway and Sweden expressed exchange-rate concern.
The push for weaker currencies is being driven by a need to find new sources of economic growth as monetary and fiscal policies run out of room.
The risk is as each country tries to boost exports, it hurts the competitiveness of other economies and provokes retaliation.
Yesterday “will go down as the first day European policy makers fired a shot in the 2013 currency war,” said Chris Turner, head of foreign-exchange strategy at ING Groep NV in London.

Petrogold: Are Russia And China Hoarding Gold Because They Plan To Kill The Petrodollar?

Will oil soon be traded in a currency that is thousands of years old?  What would a "gold for oil" system mean for the petrodollar and the U.S. economy?  Are Russia and China hoarding massive amounts of gold because they plan to kill the petrodollar?  Since the 1970s, the U.S. dollar has been the currency that the international community has used to trade oil around the globe.  This has created an overwhelming demand for U.S. dollars and U.S. debt.  But what happens when the rest of the globe starts rejecting the increasingly unstable U.S. dollar and figures out that gold can be used as a currency in international trade?  The truth is that it doesn't take a lot of imagination to figure that out.  Demand for the U.S. dollar and U.S. debt would fall off the map and there would be a rush into gold unlike anything we have ever seen before.  So are Russia and China accumulating unprecedented amounts of gold right now because they eventually plan to cut the legs out from under the petrodollar and they want to gobble up huge stockpiles of gold before the cat is out of the bag?  Of course they will never admit this publicly, but there are rumblings out there that this is exactly what is happening.

(Read More....)

Russian Bear nuclear bombers circle Guam
Feb 17, 2013
 2 Russian nuclear-armed bombers circled the western Pacific island of Guam.
The Russian Tu-95 Bear strategic bombers were equipped with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles and were followed by U.S. jets over Guam on Feb. 12 hours before Barack Obama state of the union address.

Russian nuclear attack submarine sailed in Gulf of Mexico undetected for weeks
Russia has been testing ALL our borders.
MANY of our enemies are inside USA - awaiting 'the signal.'  Invited by Barak Hussein 0bama, ENEMY #1

Russia accuses U.S. of double standards over Syria
2/22/13) - Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accused the United States on Friday of having double standards on Syria, saying it had blocked a U.N. Security Council statement condemning a car bomb attack in Damascus.
Washington denied it had blocked the statement and said it had only asked for balance. The disagreement was likely to sour the atmosphere before Lavrov meets newly appointed U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry next week in Berlin.

Lavrov told a news conference Washington had disappointed Moscow by blocking a statement condemning "terrorist attacks" near the Russian embassy in Damascus that killed more than 50 people and that Washington was threatening international unity in the "war on terror".
"We believe these are double standards," Lavrov said after talks with China's foreign minister.

Russia Takes Over UNSC Presidency
March 1, 2013
 Russia assumes rotating presidency of the UN Security Council for the month of March, giving priority during its term to the development of the situation in Afghanistan.
March will also address Middle East issues, Kosovo, and the Libyan sanctions regime, among other issues.
The role of president of the Security Council involves setting the agenda, presiding at its meetings and overseeing any crisis.
The presidency rotates monthly in alphabetical order of the Security Council member nations names in English.
March 19 Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will chair a UN Security Council meeting on Afghanistan.
A resolution extending the mandate of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) will be adopted at the meeting.
China, Russia seek greater control of Internet, U.S. says

GENEVA (Reuters) - China and Russia are buying increasingly powerful surveillance technologies to intercept communications and try to take control of the Internet, a senior U.S. official said on Thursday.

Alec Ross, the U.S. secretary of state's senior adviser for innovation, said new players such as Thailand and Ukraine would determine the future shape of the Internet by deciding whether to open up globally or operate more closed national "Intranets".

His comments further demonstrate the lack of agreement over how the Internet will be regulated after an attempt to establish a global governance policy collapsed last year.

"Many Middle Eastern countries, Russia, China and others I believe, are going to take an increasingly aggressive stand to try to control the Internet," Ross told a news briefing.


Why Russians Are Freaked Out About Cyprus
March 21, 2013 Thou shalt NOT PO Russia!

As the Cypriot Parliament debated tax on bank deposits, Russian President Vladimir Putin came out blasting it as unfair, unprofessional and dangerous.
Putin and others in Russia are panicking because Russians have much money in Cyprus, including illicit money.
Russia stands to lose a lot if depositors are asked to cover bailout, or if the Cyprus economy takes a nosedive.

Russians keep $19 billion in Cypriot banks, nearly as much as entire GDP of Cyprus.  Russian banks have an additional $12 billion invested and have loaned another $40 billion to Cypriot companies of Russian origin.  Many Russians live on Cyprus.
Cyprus fear is if Russian money leaves, Cyprus economy will collapse.

Russia strengthens ties with China
March 23, 2013
New China President Xi Jinping chose Moscow for a 3 day visit, highlighting strengthening ties between China and Russia.
Mr. Xi will huddle in the Kremlin with President Vladimir Putin, PM Dmitry Medvedev, and other Russian officials to discuss the usual list of items on bilateral trade, Russian gas, oil, arms, and engineering goods in exchange for Chinese consumer products. Official sources say they expect about 30 agreements to be signed, mainly in the field of energy.
Lots of Russians on Cyprus interested in that gas.
Obama has been alienating Russia and China  -  and Christians and American patriots.
Putin stressed that ties between Russia and China have never been stronger, and they are set to grow warmer still.

Russia China attack, invade USA, Duduman vision


New Russian Bomber
April, 2013
 Russian PAK-DA Next-Generation Stealth Strategic Bomber
Russian PAK-DA Long-Range Bomber
With its flying wing shape and radar-evading capabilities, the subsonic PAK-DA is destined to replace Moscow’s aging fleet of 63 Tu-95 Bear and 13 Tu-160 Blackjack strategic bombers.
According to the RIA Novosti, Russian Air Force commanders insisted that the aircraft will be equipped with advanced electronic warfare systems and armed with new nuclear-capable long-range cruise missiles, and will be able to carry a wide array of conventional precision guided weapons.

Chernobyl childs play if something happens in Korea
Apr 8, 2013
Russian President Vladimir Putin said, we are worried about the escalation on the Korean peninsula, because we are neighbors.
And if, God forbid, something happens, Chernobyl may seem like a childs fairy tale.  I would urge everyone to calm down.  DEBKA
Turkey becomes partner of China, Russia-led security bloc
ALMATY (Reuters) - NATO member Turkey signed up on Friday to became a "dialogue partner" of a security bloc dominated by China and Russia, and declared that its destiny is in Asia. "This is really a historic day for us," Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said in Kazakhstan's commercial capital Almaty after signing a memorandum of understanding with Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Secretary General Dmitry Mezentsev. "Now, with this choice, Turkey is declaring that our destiny is the same as the destiny of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) countries."

China, Russia and four Central Asian nations - Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan - formed the SCO in 2001 as a regional security bloc to fight threats posed by radical Islam and drug trafficking from neighboring Afghanistan. Since then, Central Asia's former imperial master Russia has watched with unease China's economic expansion in the resource-rich region, with Beijing investing billions of dollars in oil and gas and issuing large loans to local governments.

Turkey has displayed interest in closer ties with the SCO at a time when it is upset by the slow progress of accession talks with the European Union. Ankara began talks on joining the EU in 2005 but has only completed one of the 35 policy areas, or "chapters", every candidate must conclude to be allowed entry due to disagreements largely over the divided island of Cyprus. Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has called Turkey's wait to join the bloc "unforgivable" and has accused Brussels of not being a fair or genuine negotiating partner.

While China vies with Russia and the West for access to Central Asia's vast natural resources, some analysts view the SCO as a potential counter-balance to NATO. Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan speak Turkic languages, and while pledging to cooperate with the SCO economically and in fighting terrorist threats and drug trade together, Davutoglu stressed common historic roots. "Turkey will be part of a family, which is composed of the countries which lived together not for centuries - for millennia," he said. Turkey's "dialogue partner" status, also granted to Sri Lanka and ex-Soviet state Belarus, is below that of observer status held by India, Pakistan, Mongolia, Iran and Afghanistan which participate in SCO meetings but have no right to vote.

Davutoglu, upbeat and smiling, stressed however that this status was "just the beginning". "I hope at the next summit in (the Kyrgyz capital) Bishkek we will be present, as well as at ministerial meetings," Davutoglu said. "This is the beginning of a long way, walking together, hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder."

SoS Evil John Kerry in Russia to convince them to take a tougher stance on Syria.  Idiot.
May 7, 2013
John Kerry in Moscow to push for Syria solutions after Israel airstrikes
John Kerry is to use a trip to Moscow to convince Russia it must act to break the international deadlock over Syria after President Vladimir Putin intervened directly to demand an explanation for Israeli airstrikes against targets in Syria last weekend.

WW3?  MidEast on hair trigger
May 5  report to SQ, could be true.  DISCERN.

- SYRIA - An official presidential motorcade is travelling from Damascus to Homs with all the roadside lights off
- Strange odors throughout Damascus are causing runny eyes and coughing (MB rebels, not Assad)
- Members of Assad inner circle fleeing to Beirut with the lights off, Damascus-Beirut road power off completely
- Assad ordered forces to mobilise in Golan, set to declare war on Israel
- Israel Channel 10 reporting loss of contact with 2 Israeli warplanes over Syria
- Russian ships move from the Black Sea toward the Syrian port of Tartus.  Interfax.  Russia already has 6 WARSHIPS off Syria/Israel and 6 more are coming.
Russia is the ONLY one who can stop this from going total war between Iran/Lebanon/Syria - and maybe Turkey and Egypt vs Israel.

Chinese peace plan mars Netanyahu Chinese trip
May 7, 2013  So now that son of Satan Barak Obama wants war with Russia!  BAD!

Negative diplomatic ricochets are pursuing Israel in the aftermath of its air force attacks on Syria. In the first place, they are seen to have had no effect on Hizballah’s successful military intervention on the side of the Assad regime or the Syrian war at large.

While in Shanghai Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu was given a sharp dressing-down by President Vladimir Putin, a warning that Russia would not tolerate further Israeli attacks on Damascus and would respond.

Putin had ordered the acceleration of highly advanced Russian weapons supplies to Syria.
He was referring to S-300 anti-air systems and the nuclear-capable 9K720 Iskander (NATO named SS-26 Stone) surface missiles.
Russia wont allow the US, Israel or anyone overthrow Syria President Bashar Assad. GOOD.

Russia restoring MidEast military presence
May 13, 2013  Turkey weighs payback for Syrian bombings

Russian Navy Admiral Viktor Chirkov said they plan a permanent staff to run Russian fleet operations in the Mediterranean Sea.
A staff of 20 officers is already in place.
The Mediterranean deployment would comprise 5 or 6 warships and their service vessels and nuclear submarines armed with nuclear ballistic missiles.

Russia backs Bashar Assad - GOOD.
Sad when Russia is right and the US is wrong.
Unfortunately Russia is also backing Assad pals HELLzballah and Iran, NOT good.

Sounds like Russia plans to protect Assad from Turkey.
Erdogan going to meet resident Barack Obama on May 16 in DC.

The IAF flew across South Lebanon and over Hizballah strongholds in the eastern Beqaa Valley May 12 near the Syrian border.
Russia expected to further arm Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Sudan.
I heard someone on radio say another Iraq war is looming.
Debka is probably better than most Borg news, but I am not in full agreement with them either.

All the nations of the earth will be gathered against Jerusalem. Zechariah 12

Syria shells hit Israel
May 15, 2013  PHOTO
- Jewish village Neve Ativ in the Golan beneath Mount Hermon
Syrian mortar shells fall on Mt. Hermon Israel.  Russia has no moral right to forbid Israel from defending itself!
2 mortars hit Mt. Hermon area closed to hikers, supposedly a result of fighting between Assad and the rebels, BUT Israel MUST still respond.
Its far too suicidal for Israel NOT to respond against Syria.
It is highly likely Hellzballah is testing Israel.

RUSSIA seeks excuse to join attack on Israel
Fulfillment of bible prophecy.
Will Israel destroy the S-300s ?

Putin has put a severe constraint on Israeli operational freedom by spreading an anti-air missile cover all over.
Putin and Netanyahu talk for 3 hours, Netanyahu warned again, hands off Syria.
Netanyahu warned Putin that the entire Middle East was in a dangerous state of volatility.
200 Russian S-300 missiles and launcers already arrived in Syria.
Damascus controls the missiles which can shoot down IAF.
If Russia thinks its OK for surrounding Arab nations to continually shoot at Israel, its only seeking any excuse to join the attack.

Hellzballah plans Golan war
Iran reportedly convinces Assad to let Lebanese Hellzballah terrorists attack Israel from Syrian territory, calls on all Arabs and Muslims to unite.
Iran-Russia are preventing the fall of Syrian President Bashar Assad, GOOD.
Hezbollah front against Israel in the Golan, BAD.

Jordan King Abdullah expressed concerns about the surge of radical Islamist groups, such as the Jabhat al-Nusra, in Syria.
Hezballah leader Hassan Nasty Nasrallah has advanced game-changing weapons.
This is a grave crisis for Israel.  Russia and China dont want Israel to defend themselves from attacks on their borders.

Iran-Syria have open the door to jihad in the Golan Heights.
Iran wants to turn Golan into Fatahland, open to Syrians, Palestinians and anyone who wants to fight Israel.
Arab media suggested Syria allows Palestinians living there to attack Israel from the Golan Heights.
Israeli PM Netanyahu met with Russia to prevent Moscow from selling S-300 to Damascus.

Ryan C. Fogle, U.S. diplomat accused of spying, ordered to leave Russia
MOSCOW — An American diplomat was briefly detained by the Russian State Security Service and then ordered to leave the country after being accused of trying to recruit a Russian officer to work as a U.S. agent, Russian officials said Tuesday.

The Russian Foreign Ministry posted a statement on its Web site saying it had declared Ryan C. Fogle, who is listed as the third secretary in the political section at the U.S. Embassy, persona non grata. Fogle must leave the country quickly, the Foreign Ministry said.

Catching a foreign intelligence officer red-handed, the statement continued, raises serious questions about relations with the United States, despite a recent, friendly meeting in Moscow between Secretary of State John F. Kerry and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“While our two Presidents have reaffirmed their willingness to expand bilateral cooperation, including between intelligence agencies in the fight against international terrorism,” the statement said, “such provocative Cold War-style actions do not contribute to building mutual trust.”


Report: 5 Russian warships reached Mediterranean Sea

The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported that five Russian warships crossed the Suez Canal on Wednesday and entered the Mediterranean Sea. Russian Navy spokesperson says that this is the first time in decades that Pacific Ocean Russian warships sail in the area.

According to him, the Russian warships are making their way to Cyprus. The Russian defense minister said: "The Russian Defense Ministry started setting up a special force of warships in the Mediterranean in order to protect Russia's interests in the region." (Roi Kais)

Russian warship fleet docks in Israeli port

Russia made history by sending their first warship, since 1948, which docked at the port city of Haifa earlier this month. The "Azov" of Russian's Black Sea Fleet came to Israel at the request of the Association of Russian War Veterans to help celebrate the anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany.
Jewish veterans of the Red Army who later immigrated to Israel were invited to participate in a ceremony aboard the massive ship.

However, there was another even more important, even historical, reason for the visit - with the looming collapse of the Assad regime in Syria, Russia is on the lookout for new Middle East alliances.

Russia has long maintained a large naval base in Tartus, the second largest port city in Syria. But with Syria's ongoing civil war likely to end in that country descending into factional warfare and chaos, Russia is concerned for its interests in the region.

Recent reports are that Moscow is searching for a new Mediterranean seaport to maintain strategic balance in the region. Russian delegations have reportedly examined Egypt and Algeria.


Russian Pacific Fleet Warships to Enter Mediterranean

VLADIVOSTOK, May 13 (RIA Novosti) - A group of warships from Russia’s Pacific Fleet is about to deploy to the Mediterranean Sea for the first time in decades, fleet spokesman Roman Martov said on Monday.

The group has entered the Red Sea and is preparing to transit the Suez Canal, and should reach the Mediterranean by mid-May, he said.

The group, including the destroyer Admiral Panteleyev, the amphibious warfare ships Peresvet and Admiral Nevelsky, the tanker Pechenga and the salvage/rescue tug Fotiy Krylov left the port of Vladivostok on March 19 to join Russia’s Mediterranean task force.


Good job BA - I have that in Israel / Syria thread

Muslim bomber attacks Russia police
May 25, 2013
 A suicide Muslim bomber has blown herself up close to an interior ministry building in  Dagestan, Russia.  11 wounded, one in critical condition.
In recent years, Russia has seen a number of attacks by women *black widow* suicide bombers, known as black widows.
Dagestan is a hot spot near Chechnya where the Boston bombers once lived, in the Russian Caucasus.
GOOD MAP, east of Georgia near Caspian Sea.

Russia canceled Syria missile deal - yeah right
May 26, 2013  Probably another LIE.  You KNOW Syria has them NOW.

Russia claims they canceled the S-300 missile deal with Assad.
In exchange, Putin asked Netanyahu to refrain from further attacks on Syria.

Russia still to sell missiles to Syria
May 26, 2013
Despite reports to the contrary, Russia has not struck a deal with Jerusalem that would halt the sale of Russian missiles to Syria.
The earlier report was a fairy tale.

May 30, 2013
 Israeli forebodings over widening Russian-Hizballah-Iraqi intervention in Syria.
Israel is in full flight in Syria, yet no one is lifting a finger to stop it.
The widening military intervention by Russia, Iran, Hizballah and Iraq has turned Syria into a Russian-West contest and is propelling Iran up to the top regional power spot.
All four are winning by default.

Syria is the platform for a Russian contest against the USA and a ladder up for Iran.
The Israeli government is at a loss on how to proceed.
Israel is not recovered from its disastrous miscalculation that Bashar Assad was doomed.
Iran-Russia have brought military assets up close to Israeli borders in Syria and Lebanon and openly threatens to use them.
Russia (Syria) has a chemical weapon that does not explode. The release of its poisonous gases has no odor, no smoke.
Lots more info here.

Russia to launch nuclear submarines across both north and south poles
Jun 2, 2013
Russia plans to resume nuclear submarine patrols in the southern seas after 20 years following the break-up of the Soviet Union.
The plan to send Borei-class submarines, designed to carry 16 long-range nuclear missiles, to the southern hemisphere follows President Vladimir Putin’s decision in March to deploy a naval unit in the Mediterranean Sea on a permanent basis starting this year. “The revival of nuclear submarine patrols will allow us to fulfill the tasks of strategic deterrence not only across the North Pole but also the South Pole,” state-run Itar-Tass cited an unnamed official in the military General Staff as saying. The official said the patrols would be phased in over several years. The Yuri Dolgoruky, the first of eight Borei-class submarines that Russia hopes to launch by 2020, entered service this year. Putin has stressed the importance of a strong and agile military since returning to the presidency last May. In 13 years in power, he has often cited external threats when talking of the need for a reliable armed forces and Russian political unity. Fears of a nuclear confrontation between Russia and the United States has eased in recent years, and the Cold War-era foes signed a landmark treaty in 2010 setting lower limits on the size of their long-range nuclear arsenals. But the limited numbers of warheads and delivery vehicles such as submarines that they committed to under the New START treaty are still enough to devastate the world. Putin has made clear Russia will continue to upgrade its arsenal. Russia’s land-launched Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) would fly over the northern part of the globe, as would those fired from submarines in the northern hemisphere. Both the Borei-class submarines and the Bulava ballistic missiles they carry were designed in the 1990s, when the science and defense industries were severely underfunded. Russia sees the Bulava as the backbone of its future nuclear deterrence, but the program has been set back by several botched launches over the past few years. –Reuters

Russia Ready For War
Syria could turn into World War III.

You need to DISCERN this garden, but this report dovtails with others, does it clear up the S300 issue?  Maybe.
Russian President Putin ordered military to move to Regional War operational status and to be prepared for war should either the US or EU enter into the Syrian Civil War.
Thousands of Russian troops have been deployed in full war mode and that Israel is now a major likely target too.
S-300 positioned to enter into the Syrian War Zone within hours.
Qatar has the worlds biggest gasfield and has been working to build a pipeline through Syria to Turkey and has turned the Syrian War into its own conflict.
Gas-oil is why Russia wants Syria.  Syria is wealthy.


Russia's President Putin says Russia is ready to replace Austrian peacekeepers in the Golan Heights - RIA via @Reuters

Russian troops on Golan, NO thanx
Jun 8, 2013
 Just 24 hours after Austria decided to withdraw from the UN force on Golan, Putin stepped forward with an offer of a Russian force to take its place.
Russia wants troops posted on Syrian soil under the US flag.
Russian troops would be face to face with the Israeli army.  BOTH USA and Russia are anti-Israel.
THAT DAY is COMING, is it here now?

The UN would welcome Russia.
Moscow is NOT a neutral party.
O please, the UN is pro-terrorist and hotly anti-Israel.

The presence of Russian troops on Golan would inhibit Israeli cross-border military action should it become necessary.
Uh huh.
Russian officers may even interfere with Israeli military on the Israeli side of the Golan.
Russia would hand intelligence on Israel over to Hizballah.
The United Nations said Russia cannot send troops to the Golan Heights.

Putin acts to override Israel
Jun 9, 2013
The Russian bear wants its way!
Putin acts to override Israeli, UN objections to Russian troops on the Golan.
Putin is not giving up on deploying Russian troops on the Golan, despite the UN veto.
Putin took advantage of the Israeli report of heavy fighting at Quneitra crossing.
That battle was nothing more than the brief seizure of the Golan crossing by rebels while Syrian troops were asleep.
They were soon chased away by 3 Syrian tanks.
Putin just wants to let Obama and Xi Jinping know that neither of them controlled the mideast events.
Next time Putin wont ask, he will just station troops there.
Revelation 13:2, Daniel 7:5

Obama talks in person to China president who is in USA


Russia is wiser than USA
Jun 12, 2013
 Anti Sodomy Bill Passes with overwhelming majority in Russia.
I guess Russia doesnt want Gods curse on their nation like Obama wants on USA.
Russia approved anti-Sodomy bill with only one of the 436 lawmakers present abstaining and no votes against.  GOOD.
The bill seeks to ban the the promotion of non-traditional sexual relationships, making such acts punishable by a fine.
Heck, the bible punishes by DEATH in the Old Testament.  Leviticus 18 says this SIN curses the land.
The first draft of the bill used the term homosexuality.

Russia says illegal to impose no-fly zone over Syria
Jun 15, 2013
 Any attempt to enforce no-fly zone using F-16 jets, Patriot missiles from Jordan would violate international law, said Russia.
Russia vehemently opposes any foreign military intervention in the Syrian conflict - except Russia.

Twisted Evil   June 19, 2013  resident Barack Obama will unveil plans for a sharp reduction in nuclear warheads in a speech at the Brandenburg Gate.
Obama, to cut deployed atomic weapons by 1/3 below the level achieved in Evil START treaty with Russia.

Twisted Evil

Russia offers IRAN the missiles from hell
June 23, 2013
 Russia offers IRAN the SA-23 Gladiator (S-300VM)
The Gladiator is the missile from hell.
July 1 the outgoing Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visits Moscow.

Russia will not extradite Snowden - GOOD!
June 26, 2013
 Snowden is a whistleblower and a hero!
The Snowden issue has taken all Obama scandals off the news.  TOO BAD.
President Vladimir Putin said Russia will not extradite Edward Snowdon. He confirmed that Snowden was still in the transit area of Moscow airport, and free to pick his next destination, the sooner the better.

High war alert in Israel
June 27, 2013  Russia evacuates Syria

Moscow announced the evacuation of all military and diplomatic personnel from Syria is now complete, including the Russian naval base at Tartus.
Russia decided to withdraw Syria, as an incident involving the Russian military could have larger consequences.
Russian ships remain in eastern Mediterranean and arms shipments would continue to Assad.

The Israeli Golan brigade staged an unannounced war maneuver.
PM David Cameron called the National Security Council into session in London.

Tempers are heating up between Washington DC and Moscow on Syria and other things too, such as whistle blower / hero Edward Snowden.
US and Israeli intelligence watchers see the Syrian crisis entering seven ominous phases:
Military experts dont expect the rebels to hold out against Assad beyond August.

Putin is deliberately goading Obama by playing hide-and-seek over Snowden
A violent encounter is building up between Shiites flocking to Syria to save Assad alongside Russia, and the US-backed Sunni terrorists.
Regional war appears likely and soon, Iran, Israel, Jordan and Lebanon may be dragged in at any moment if they have not already, like Lebanon.
A small mistake by one of the Syrian warring parties in Syria could touch off Israeli retaliation and a wholesale spillover of violence.

Edward Snowden.

China to join Russia for large naval drill
July 2, 2013
China will join Russia for larger naval drills, underlining deepening ties between them.
China navy to send 4 destroyers, two guided missile frigates and a support ship for the exercises in the Sea of Japan and run until 12 July.
The two also announced that another round of anti-terrorism joint drills in Russian Ural mountains from 27 July to 15 August.

April 23, 2012  They also drilled

Duduman, Henry Gruver, AA Allen visions


Russian troops training on American soil

Obama cancels meeting with Putin amid Russia tensions
8/7/13 Barack Obama has canceled a planned meeting in Moscow with Russia's President Vladimir Putin - a diplomatic snub that follows tensions over NSA leaker Edward Snowden.
The mini-summit had been scheduled for early September, days before the G-20 meeting of world economic leaders in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Obama still plans to attend the main G-20 summit.
Authorities in Moscow last week granted temporary asylum to Snowden, who is wanted by U.S. authorities for leaking classified intelligence information to newspapers.
That decision infuriated Washington. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., called on the U.S. "to fundamentally rethink our relationship with Putin's Russia."

The Rise Of The Bear: 18 Signs That Russia Is Rapidly Catching Up To The United States


Just check out the following statistics.  The following are 18 signs that Russia is rapidly catching up to the United States...

#1 Russia produces more oil than anyone else on the planet.  The United States is in third place.

#2 Russia is the number two oil exporter in the world.  The United States is forced to import more oil than anyone else in the world.

#3 Russia produces more natural gas than anyone else on the planet.  The United States is in second place.

#4 Today, Russia supplies 34 percent of Europe's natural gas needs.

#5 The United States has a debt to GDP ratio of 101 percent.  Russia has a debt to GDP ratio of about 8 percent.

#6 The United States had a trade deficit of more than half a trillion dollars last year.  Russia consistently runs a large trade surplus.

#7 The United States has an unemployment rate of 7.4 percent.  Russia has an unemployment rate of 5.4 percent.

#8 Since Vladimir Putin first became president of Russia, the Russian economy has grown at a very rapid pace.  The following is from Wikipedia...

Under the presidency of Vladimir Putin Russia's economy saw the nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) double, climbing from 22nd to 11th largest in the world. The economy made real gains of an average 7% per year (1999: 6.5%, 2000: 10%, 2001: 5.7%, 2002: 4.9%, 2003: 7.3%, 2004: 7.2%, 2005: 6.4%, 2006: 8.2%, 2007: 8.5%, 2008: 5.2%), making it the 6th largest economy in the world in GDP(PPP). In 2007, Russia's GDP exceeded that of 1990, meaning it has overcome the devastating consequences of the recession in the 1990s.

During Putin's eight years in office, the industry grew by 75%, investments increased by 125%, and agricultural production and construction increased as well. Real incomes more than doubled and the average salary increased eightfold from $80 to $640. The volume of consumer credit between 2000–2006 increased 45 times, and during that same time period, the middle class grew from 8 million to 55 million, an increase of 7 times. The number of people living below the poverty line also decreased from 30% in 2000 to 14% in 2008.

#9 According to Bloomberg, Russia has added 570 metric tons of gold to their reserves over the past decade.  In the United States, nobody seems to be quite sure how much gold the Federal Reserve actually has left.

#10 Moscow is the second most expensive city in the world.  Meanwhile, the United States actually has the unfriendliest city in the world (Newark, New Jersey).

#11 More billionaires live in Moscow than in any other city on the globe.

#12 The Moscow metro system completely outclasses the subway systems in Washington D.C. and New York City.

#13 The United States has the most powerful military on the planet, but Russia is in second place.

#14 Russia has introduced a new "near silent" nuclear submarine which is far more quiet than anything the U.S. has...

The Borey Class submarine, dubbed Vladimir Monomakh, has a next generation nuclear reactor, can dive deeper than 1,200 feet, and carries up to 20 nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM).

Each of these "Bulava" ICBM's can carry ten detachable MIRV warheads, what they call "re-entry vehicles," capable of delivering 150 kiloton yields per warhead

#15 While Barack Obama is neutering the U.S. strategic nuclear arsenal, Vladimir Putin is working hard to modernize Russian nuclear forces.

#16 Russian missile forces will hold more than 200 drills during the second half of 2013.

#17 Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin made headlines all over the world when he climbed into the ****pit of Russia’s new "fifth generation" fighter jet and announced that it was far superior to the F-22 Raptor.

#18 It is estimated that Russia has more spies inside the United States today than it did at any point during the Cold War.

Hundreds protest in London against Russian anti-gay law

LONDON (Reuters) - Hundreds of people protested in London on Saturday against a Russian anti-gay propaganda law that has attracted international condemnation as the world athletics championships kick off in Moscow.

Gathering in the British capital near the residence of Prime Minister David Cameron and the foreign ministry, demonstrators called for the government to push Russia to repeal the laws.

"Putin is the 'Czar of Homophobia'," veteran gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell wrote on his website ahead of the protests.

"His regime has outlawed the public expression of LGBT (Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual) identity and affection - and prohibited the advocacy of LGBT human rights - in circumstances where a person under 18 might see it."


Video: Gay Russians seeking refuge
Saudis offer Russia secret oil deal if it drops Syria

Saudi Arabia has secretly offered Russia a sweeping deal to control the global oil market and safeguard Russia’s gas contracts, if the Kremlin backs away from the Assad regime in Syria.


The revelations come amid high tension in the Middle East, with US, British, and French warship poised for missile strikes in Syria. Iran has threatened to retaliate.

The strategic jitters pushed Brent crude prices to a five-month high of $112 a barrel. “We are only one incident away from a serious oil spike. The market is a lot tighter than people think,” said Chris Skrebowski, editor of Petroleum Review.

Leaked transcripts of a closed-door meeting between Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan shed an extraordinary light on the hard-nosed Realpolitik of the two sides.

Prince Bandar, head of Saudi intelligence, allegedly confronted the Kremlin with a mix of inducements and threats in a bid to break the deadlock over Syria. “Let us examine how to put together a unified Russian-Saudi strategy on the subject of oil. The aim is to agree on the price of oil and production quantities that keep the price stable in global oil markets,” he said at the four-hour meeting with Mr Putin. They met at Mr Putin’s dacha outside Moscow three weeks ago.

“We understand Russia’s great interest in the oil and gas in the Mediterranean from Israel to Cyprus. And we understand the importance of the Russian gas pipeline to Europe. We are not interested in competing with that. We can cooperate in this area,” he said, purporting to speak with the full backing of the US.


U.S. postpones meeting with Russia about Syria
27 Aug 2013
The U.S. has put off a meeting that had been scheduled for Wednesday in The Hague between senior diplomats from the United States and Russia as Washington mulls its response to what it says was a chemical weapons attack by the regime of President Bashar Assad, a senior State department official tells CBS News.

"Given our ongoing consultations about the appropriate response to the chemical weapons attack in Syria on August 21, we have decided to postpone Under Secretary (Wendy) Sherman and (U.S. Ambassador to Syria) Ambassador (Robert) Ford's meeting with a Russian delegation," the source said.
The meeting was to have taken up plans for an international peace conference aimed at ending Syria's civil war.

"We will work with our Russian counterparts to reschedule the meeting," the official continued. "As we've long made clear - and as the events of August 21 reinforce - it is imperative that we reach a comprehensive and durable political solution to the crisis in Syria. The United States remains fully invested in that process. We will continue working with Russia and other international partners to move towards a transition based on the framework laid out in the Geneva Communique."
Analysis: Putin sees chance to turn tables on Obama at G20

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Less than three months after Vladimir Putin was cast as a pariah over Syria at the last big meeting of world leaders, the Russian president has glimpsed a chance to turn the tables on Barack Obama.

The U.S. president's dilemma over a military response to an alleged poison gas attack in Syria means Obama is the one who is under more pressure going into a G20 summit in St Petersburg on Thursday and Friday.

Obama stepped back from the brink on Saturday, delaying any imminent strike to seek approval from the U.S. Congress.

Yet at a G8 summit in Northern Ireland in June, Putin was isolated over his backing for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and scowled his way through talks with Obama, who later likened him to a "bored kid in the back of the classroom".

Putin has ignored the jibe and stood his ground over Assad, dismissing Obama's allegations that Syrian government forces carried out a chemical weapons attack on August 21.

Buoyed by growing pressure on the U.S., French and British leaders over Syria, the former KGB spy has also now hit back in comments referring ironically to Obama as a Nobel Peace laureate and portraying U.S. global policy as a failure.

"We need to remember what's happened in the last decade, the number of times the United States has initiated armed conflicts in various parts of the world. Has it solved a single problem?" Putin asked reporters on Saturday in the city of Vladivostok.

"Afghanistan, as I said, Iraq ... After all, there is no peace there, no democracy, which our partners allegedly sought," he said during a tour of Russia's far east.

Denying as "utter nonsense" the idea that Assad's forces would use chemical weapons when they were winning the civil war, Putin looked steely and confident.

After months of pressure to abandon Assad, he is sending a message to the West that he is ready to do battle over Syria in St Petersburg and sees an opportunity to portray the United States as the bad boy on the block.

"Of course the G20 is not a formal legal authority. It's not a substitute for the U.N. Security Council, it can't take decisions on the use of force. But it's a good platform to discuss the problem. Why not take advantage of this?" he said.

"Is it in the United States' interests once again to destroy the international security system, the fundamentals of international law? Will it strengthen the United States' international standing? Hardly," he said.


Russia not convinced by US *evidence*
Sept. 2, 2013
Russia said the information the US showed Moscow trying to prove that the Syrian regime was behind an alleged chemical weapons attack is absolutely unconvincing.
There was nothing specific in the evidence presented by Washington.

Iran, Russia advise Assad to transfer chemical stockpile to IRAN
The Iranian parliamentary delegation visiting Damascus Sunday, Sept. 1, advised Bashar Assad to move his chemical stockpile
out of Syria and deposit it in Tehran under Iranian and Russian military supervision, to save himself from an American military strike.
That is the Iranian-Russian plan to present to Barack Obama at the G-20 summit meeting in St. Petersburg Russia.

After the Americans accept the plan and the crisis blows over, the stockpile could be returned to Syria.
Another option was for Iranian and Russian teams to destroy the stockpile.
THOUGT - WMD have a life span.  I dont know what it is, but this junk may be ineffective now anyway.

Iran supplied Syria with most of the formulae and substances for the poison agents and fears exposure if they fall into American hands.
Iran also fears a US attack on them.  Well DUH!

Is Russia campaigning for position of antichrist?
Who da top dawg in this filthy fight?
WMD have a life span.  I dont know what it is, but this junk may be ineffective now anyway.


Is Russia campaigning for position of antichrist?
Who da top dawg in this filthy fight?
WMD have a life span.  I dont know what it is, but this junk may be ineffective now anyway.

The first Cold War was nothing but fearmongering war of words for years and years and years - Ronald Reagan and Gorbachev were actually good friends(and Masonic buddies). Reagan gave Gorbachev his own center in San Francisco.

Looks like another "Cold War" is coming up again!

What appears to be a conflict with Syria is really a conflict between the U.S. and Russia!

What will the war on Syria look like and sound like?

September 2, 2013  Paul McGuire,
Buchanan and Ron Paul have called this a False Flag.
The Pentagon sent a 6th warship armed with cruise missiles to the Mediterranean Sea.
The guided-missile destroyer Stout will soon join 4 other missile-carrying U.S. destroyers within range of Syria. Each destroyer can carry up to 90 cruise missiles.

What is happening in Syria will affect the entire world because Syria occupies a critical position in the global oil economy.
Oil could soar to $150 a barrel if the Syrian conflict goes hot and draws in Russia and China.

The trouble for Syria began with two things.
-  The discovery of natural gas in the Mediterranean right off the coast of Syria, Lebanon and Israel.
Qatar has Gas and would love to sell it to the EU.

The problem for Qatar in achieving this is their regional big brother Saudi Arabia.
Russia has a deal with Syria that allows it to sell this Natural Gas and Oil to Europe.
Russia now controls the oil coming out of Syria and sold throughout Europe and China.
However, there appears to be a battle for the control of that oil.

The Nabucco Agreement was signed in 2009 to run a natural gas pipeline across Turkey into Austria, bypassing Russia, with Qatar in the mix as a supplier.
The problem for Qatar in achieving this is Saudi Arabia. The Saudis have already said NO.  The only solution for Qatar if it wants to sell its oil is to cut a deal with the U.S.

Recently Exxon Mobile and Qatar Petroleum International have made a $10 Billion deal that allows Exxon Mobile to sell natural gas through a port in Texas to the UK and Mediterranean markets. Qatar stands to make a lot of money and the only thing standing in the way of their aspirations is Syria.

The USA has the largest known supply in the world.
The US plans to smash the monopoly that the Russians have enjoyed for so long.
What appears to be a conflict with Syria is really a conflict between the U.S. and Russia!

The main cities of turmoil and conflict in Syria right now are Damascus, Homs, and Aleppo. These are the same cities that the proposed gas pipelines happen to run through. Qatar is the biggest financier of the Syrian uprising.

The other side of the story is Saudi Arabia, which finances anti-Assad groups in Syria.
The Saudis do not want to be marginalized by Qatar.
They too want to topple Assad and implant their own puppet government, one that would sign off on a pipeline deal and charge Qatar for running their pipes through to Nabucco.

With the strong possibility of the strike from America happening, there is massive fear in the market and oil prices are surging.
The END GAME is to cut Russian lock on natural gas and oil that it supplies to Europe.
If this connection is cut in any way, it will bring severe consequences to the Russian economy as well as Russian natural gas company Gazprom.

Chilling Video


Shocked  Exclamation

Russia Has Equipped Syria With Their Most Advanced Anti-Ship Missiles

Russia has sold Syria highly advanced rocket launchers, anti-aircraft missiles and anti-ship missiles.  In fact, the P-800 Yakhont anti-ship missiles that Russia has equipped Syria with are the most advanced anti-ship missiles that Russia has.  When the United States strikes Syria, they might be quite surprised at how hard Syria can hit back.  The Syrian military is the most formidable adversary that the U.S. military has tangled with in the Middle East by far.  From Syria, P-800 Yakhont anti-ship missiles can cover much of the eastern Mediterranean and can even reach air bases in Cyprus.  If the U.S. Navy is not very careful to stay out of range, we could easily see footage of destroyed U.S. naval vessels sinking into the Mediterranean Sea on the evening news.  And once the American people see such footage, it will be impossible to stop a full-blown war between the United States and Syria. (Read More....)
Russian Conservatism on Gay Issues Provokes Clash With West

MOSCOW — Gay marriage is increasingly legal in Europe. Gay parades are massive events in European capitals. So how are gays faring in Russia, sometimes seen as Europe’s largest nation?

In Russia, Max “The Hatchet” cruises gay Internet dating sites and then lures young gay men for “re-education” sessions at the hands of his “neo-Nazis.”

Max’s group, Occupy Pedophilia, has spread to five Russian cities.
Police look the other way.
Levada Center sociologist Maria Plotko says that nearly half of Russians interviewed recently by pollsters say police should not protect gays from attacks.
“Public opinion in Russia shows us that the homophobia, the rate of homophobia, is pretty high. And I think it is the influence of strong propaganda,” says Plotko.
Levada’s polls show that Russians became more conservative about homosexuality over the last decade. Over 80 percent oppose gay parades and gay marriage. Two-thirds back President Vladimir Putin’s new “anti-gay propaganda law.”

For many gay Russians, the way out is the airport.
Vitaly, a Moscow student, said this of his gay university friends:
"Nearly every [gay] student wants to leave or knows the ways, and in case of emergency we can and we will emigrate to any better country," said Vitaly.
Anton Krasovsky came out as gay on his TV show to protest the anti-gay law. Within hours, he was fired. Now, he gets letters from gays all over Russia.
He says people write about being fired from their jobs, being watched by neighbors, beaten in buses and in apartment building stairwells. He adds that attackers know that Russia’s police will not intervene.
Posted on the Internet, many gay attack videos have been seen around the world.
In the United States and Europe, they have sparked anti-Putin protests, like one in Amsterdam in late August, with the city mayor saying that "Love is not propaganda."
But, Alina Alieva, a Russian tourist who was near the demonstration, told a reporter that Europeans should mind their own business.
“They shouldn’t do this because it can worsen the situation. We have different countries and we have different situations and different histories between these countries,” said Alieva.
Sochi as test case

To protest Russia’s conservatism on homosexuality, gay activists are targeting the Winter Olympics, which will be held next February in Sochi, Russia.
Some are pushing for a boycott.
Anton Krasovsky, the gay television journalist, calls for protests - during the Olympics.
He says the Olympics can be educational. If athletes parade waving rainbow flags, that will be more helpful for Russian gays and lesbians in Russia than a boycott, says he.
Pollster Masha Plotko predicts foreign pressure will backfire.
“If you don't like our law, if you don't respect us, okay you can boycott it. But other countries will come,” says Plotko.
In Moscow, many analysts say that foreign protests play into the hands of President Putin. Foreign pressure will provoke Russians to close ranks with the Kremlin.
Russia sends warship with 'special cargo' to Syria

A Russian warship carrying "special cargo" will be dispatched toward Syria, a navy source said on Friday, as the Kremlin beefs up its presence in the region ahead of possible US strikes against the Damascus regime.

The large landing ship Nikolai Filchenkov will on Friday leave the Ukrainian port city of Sevastopol for the Russian Black Sea port of Novorossiisk, from where it will head to Syria's coast, the Interfax news agency quoted a source from the Saint Petersburg-based central naval command as saying.

"The ship will make call in Novorossiisk, where it will take on board special cargo and set off for the designated area of its combat duty in the eastern Mediterranean," the source said.

The source did not specify the nature of the cargo.

Russia has kept a constant presence in the eastern Mediterranean during the Syrian crisis.

In recent days Russia has made steps to beef up its naval grouping in the region.

The Russian destroyer Smetlivy will soon join the group in the region as well as the destroyer Nastoichivy, Interfax has said.

The anti-submarine ship Admiral Panteleyev has already entered its zone of operation as the flagship of the current rotation of the Mediterranean grouping, a military source has told the news agency.

Already in place in the eastern Mediterranean are the frigate Neustrashimy, as well as the landing ships Alexander Shabalin, the Admiral Nevelsky and the Peresvet.

They are expected to be joined by the large landing ships Novocherkassk and Minsk and the missile cruiser Moskva. The reconnaissance ship Priazovye is also on its way to join the group.

The US already has a strong naval presence in the region and any US military action against Syria is widely expected to be launched from the sea.

In Part 2, around the 31 minute mark, start listening! Exclamation

End Time Current Events: 9-2-13 — Part 1

Table of Contents:

   OBAMA TURNS TO CONGRESS regarding attack on Syria…
   Seeks Authorization for Strike…
   GOP CONGRESSMAN: Military Members Keep Telling Me To Vote No On Syria
   Naval Officer: I Didn’t Join to Fight For Al-Qaeda
   American Military Refusing To Fight For Al-Qaeda In Syria (Pictures)
   Twitter Flooded With Active Duty Military & Veterans Opposing Attack on Syria
   Hacked Email Of US Intelligence Colonel Shows Pentagon’s Involvement In Chemical Attack In Syria
   Military Revolt Against Obama’s Attack on Syria
   John Kerry’s cozy dinner with Syria’s ‘Hitler’: Secretary of State and the man he likened to German dictator are pictured dining with their wives at Damascus restaurant before civil war broke out
   FSA Terrorists behind Aleppo Sarin Gas Attack, not Syrian Army
   Revealed: Britain sold nerve gas chemicals to Syria 10 months after war began
   Syrian Rebels Admit Chemical Attack Responsibility To The Associated Press Reporter (Video)
   More Very Recent Testimonies about Foreign Troops on American Soil and Satan’s Plan for US Troops
   Attention Veterans-Kill Teams Assigned To Rural Areas Of The U.S. -This Is From Michigan Area

Click Here to Play the Part 1 Audio

PDF: End Time Current Events 9-2-13

End Time Current Events: 9-2-13 — Part 2

Table of Contents:

   Spetsnaz Teams Deploy In The US; War With Syria To Be Trigger For Attack
   Obama has to attack Syria…he has no choice…
   I was alarmed by what I observed In SF and the overall “vibe” which undoubtedly supports the current infiltration and occupation of our county would be an understatement
   Russians in Myrtle Beach
   Russians in Colorado Springs
   Checkmate – game over – and the reverse “shock and awe” when the US military is defeated in the Middle East

Click Here to Play the Part 2 Audio

End Time Current Events: 9-2-13 — Part 3

Table of Contents:

   NASA Alert: America Blackout & Grid Shutdown 2013                        
   Take Your Money Out of the Bank!
   Off the Cuff: Trouble Brewing Everywhere- September Is Going To Be One H*** Of A Month
   Liberal Activist Democrat Woman Publicly Prays To God To Provide More Abortions!

Click Here to Play the Part 3 Audio

End Time Current Events: 9-2-13 — Part 4

Table of Contents:

   SC makes being homeless illegal, sending them to guarded camps
   Big Brother Alert: Vehicle Diagnostics OBD-III
   ‘Burning Man’ Draws 68,000 To America’s Largest Pagan Cult Gathering
   Kabbalah Magic– Can We Build A Real Golem? These Academics Think So
   In a “Sign of the Times” event, more than 10,000 Israeli citizens signed up for the new government program of Biometric I.D.’s! Citizen enthusiasm for this new biometric I.D. is probably an indicator that citizens of the world will enthusiastically rush to sign up for the ultimate “Mark of the Beast”

Click Here to Play the Part 4 Audio

Putin ships Assad more weapons
Sept. 11, 2013
Syria intends to give up chemical weapons altogether.
People appear convinced of reduced likelihood of US strike on Syria.
Russia sends more weapons to Syrian President Bashar Assad to help him prevail.
Russia may send MiG-29 fighter jets.

Laughing    Putin Didnt Save Obama, He Beat Him
Putin made a fool out of Obama-Kerry!

Putin is laughing to himself because he won.
By helping Obama out of a jam with Syria, Putin has made himself the senior partner to whom Obama is now beholden.
Assad accepted the proposal because he knows its an empty formalism.  
Without chemical weapons, Assad fears he may lose the war. He and the entire Alawite community might lose their lives.
Obama just wants a deal, he thinks he is saving face.

Obama eases sanctions on - Iran
Sept. 11, 2013  REVENGE of the 0-devil?

Iran, Russia and Syria all take advantage of Barack Hussein Obama.
The USA lifted sanctions between US and Iran.
Iran will not give up its nuclear capabilities.
Russia will bring Assads chemical arsenal under international control and destroyed.
Debka appears to trust Obama.  Foolish.

When the wolf prowls, the sheep mill around in a panic.
The NWO wants the world upset.  Dont obey them.  BE AT PEACE.
Putin to offer Iran 'arms, nuclear deal' at summit

Russian President Vladimir Putin meets Iran's new president for the first time this week, reportedly armed with an offer to supply missile systems and build a second nuclear power reactor that is likely to gladden Tehran and trouble the United States.

President Hassan Rowhani is set to meet Putin on the sidelines of a summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation held in Kyrgyzstan on Friday, in the newly-elected centrist cleric's first meeting with a major world leader.

The Kommersant daily reported Wednesday that Putin would offer to supply Iran S-300 air defence missile systems as well as build a second reactor at the Bushehr nuclear plant.

The S-300 offer would be a particularly contentious development given it would essentially revive a contract for similar missile systems that Russia cancelled in 2010 after heavy Israeli and US pressure.

Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Kommersant that Putin and Rowhani were expected to discuss "working together in the nuclear energy sphere" and "questions of military technical cooperation" at the summit in Bishkek.

However, Peskov denied Wednesday evening that Putin had tasked officials with preparing the new arms agremeent.

"No," Russian news agencies quoted Peskov as saying when asked whether Putin ordered to put together such a deal.

Putin's meeting with the leader of Moscow's long-standing regional ally comes shortly after he hosted Western powers for a G20 summit focused on Syria in Saint Petersburg last week.

Putin will make significant concessions to Iran by offering to supply Tehran with five S-300 ground-to-air missile systems, Kommersant reported earlier Wednesday, quoting a source close to the Kremlin.

Putin would offer to supply Tehran with a modified export version of the S-300 systems called S-300VM Antey-2500, the source said.

The source also said Russia would offer to build a second reactor for the Bushehr nuclear plant, Iran's only functioning nuclear power station whose construction was completed by Russia, as a political gesture.

Putin took the decisions on September 5, the source said.

Russia in 2007 signed a contract to deliver five of the advanced S-300 ground-to-air weapons systems -- which can take out aircraft or guided missiles -- to Iran at a cost of $800 million.

In 2010, then president Dmitry Medvedev cancelled the contract after coming under strong US and Israeli pressure not to go ahead with the sale of the weapons system, drawing vehement protests from Tehran.

Kommersant cited a source as saying that Russia's offer would depend on Iran's withdrawing a $4-billion lawsuit that it has lodged at an international court in Geneva against Russia's arms export agency.

Russia could increase supplies of arms to Iran if Washington decides on military intervention in Syria, the head of the lower house's committee on international relations, Alexei Pushkov, told parliament on Wednesday.

"If the 'party of war' prevails in the United States... then I consider it absolutely justified to suggest considering more serious measures by Russia, including broadening of supplies of defensive weapons to Iran," Pushkov was quoted as saying by Interfax.

Iran is Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's main regional ally and has warned Western powers against intervention in the conflict.

Russia has opposed international military intervention against Assad and is negotiating with Damascus on a plan for it to hand over chemical weapons in order to avoid US strikes.

An arms industry source told Interfax on Wednesday that supplies of Antey-2500 S-300s to Iran "could not be ruled out in the future, but so far no pre-contractual work is being carried out by Russian exporters".

Kommersant also cited the source close to the Kremlin as saying that Russia was ready to build a second reactor for Bushehr power station in a deal that was not "particularly profitable from an economic point of view, but is rather political".

Moscow has cooperated with Iran on nuclear power generation despite international opposition to a programme that Western powers and Israel believe is being used as a smokescreen for building a nuclear bomb, while Iran insists it is peaceful.

Russia had urged the West to soften sanctions against Iran after the election of Rowhani, a centrist cleric, in June, expressing hopes for a major breakthrough in the nuclear standoff. Rowhani has pledged greater transparency in talks.

Russia sends carrier killer to Mediterranean
The Russian destroyer Smetlivy has been sent to the eastern Mediterranean.
Russia has dispatched a carrier killer missile cruiser and other ships to Syria to protect Assad.
The missile cruiser Moskva, the flagship of Russian Black Sea fleet, is also on its way.
Moska is a carrier-killer because it is outfitted with Vulkan missiles designed to destroy large ships.
O please!  Spok wouldnt hurt a carrier!

Russian forces on the Syrian coast is a normal reaction of a government whose interests there are being interfered with.
To compete with the United States, Russia needs a fresh horse.

Russia is protecting Syria from hussein obama.
If obama insists on war in Syria  -  Russia will come after the USA homeland.

Putin Authorizes Atomic Strike on US Navy to protect Israel
Sept. 15, 2013
Sorcha Faal - DONT discount this article!
Obama has repeatedly LIED about Syria.  Yes, the awake know this.
Russian President Putin warned Americans MB terrorists are preparing an attack against Israel.
Putin has pre-authorized the Mediterranean Fleet use of atomic weapons to be fired against United States Navy
if the CIA-backed al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria launch a chemical attack against Israel.
THAT is VERY FAIR, but I would rather Putin target the Obama mafia, McCain and L. Graham.
Serving in the US military is voluntary.

No one doubts that poison gas was used in Syria. But there is every reason to believe it was used not by the Syrian Army, but by opposition forces, to provoke intervention by the USA.
Putin warned Americans their government supports Islamic terrorists.
Yep, Putin is right.  Obama is an MB terrorist.
Obama ignored Putins warning and supported the brutal Islamic Chechnya terrorists.
One gas attack occurred in a Chechyan-held area.

Shocked  Question

IRAN -Russia-Obama nuke deal
Oct. 13, 2013
Sergei Kiriyenko, who built first Iran nuclear reactor at Bushehr, is behind the secret deal with Obama.
Russian President Putin drafted the text of a nuclear accord, under Kiriyenko guidance, for Obama to sign.
This text was modeled on the US-Russian accord on Syria.

Russia foil chemical terror attack
October 15, 2013
 Russia detained two Wahhabi Muslims suspected of planning a terrorist attack at a chemical weapons storage facility that could have caused hundreds of deaths.
They were planning to bomb a chemical weapons building near Moscow.

Russia has many interests in Syria
I wondered just WHY Russia backed Syria Assad so did some research.
B. Hussein Obama had lit the match for WW3 - and Putin blew it out, shaming Obama.

Obama likely would have not had the votes in Congress to authorize a strike on Syria.
Why did Russia give him this lifeline?
And what is Russia's interests in both Syria and Iran?

Moscow has counted an Assad-led Syria as its closest ally in the Arab world for 40 years.
100,000 Russians lived in Syria, intermarriage occurred in both countries.
Syria was key to the Soviet position in the Middle East, Syrians were referred to as allies in public statements.
Syrian rebels began to target Russians, in December  2012, rebels captured two Russian citizens near Latakia, and demanded money.

The Obama assassination of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi has contributed to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s obstinacy on Syria.
Russia lost about $4 billion worth of weapons contracts with Libya, and it wants to avoid a repeat in Syria.

Syria buys Russian weaponry.
Russian companies have invested $20 billion in Syria since 2009.
If Assad loses power, these contracts would be forfeited.
Putin supporting Assad means resisting the West.
Russia has loaned Assad a great deal of money.

Russias Many interests in Syria
The fall of Assad would mean losing Russian military base in Syrian port of Tartus.
Since 2000, Putin has sought to restore Russia as a Great anti-American Power.
Syria location bordering the Mediterranean, Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, and Iraq makes it too important to lose.

Russia plays more positive role than United States in the Middle East.

US hints at interest in Russian proposal for Syria chemical weapons monitor
Good article, but not what I was looking for.

Russia and Iran expanding military cooperation and arms trade
October 22, 2013  So lays groundwork for Russia to defend Iran. BAD.

Russia met in Iran with military chiefs to upgrade military ties.
Iran is deliberately accentuating those ties as a message to the West.
Signing defense accords with Iran will give Russia its first serious military foothold in the Persian Gulf;
Moscow plans to displace America and China in the Middle East weapons markets.

Major Russia-Iran arms deals will be a precedent for weapons transactions brokered by Saudi Arabia with Egypt.
Moscow sees the shape of a weapons-trading triangle that could be exploited in the future for
Russia to serve in the role of mediator between Riyadh and Tehran.
These are long term strategic goals for the Kremlin.

Russia eyes Egypt ports
Oct 27, 2013  Egypt is so angry at Obama it is turning to Russia.  Very BAD!

If Egypt cuts ties with USA, the strategic Suez Canal goes to Russia!
Russian President Vladimir Putin is planning a possible state visit to Egypt.
Russia wants military presence in Egypt to augment its Naval access to the Mediterranean.
Moscow has a naval facility at the Tartus port in Syria.

Egyptian ports are perfect for the Russian navy.
An Egyptian diplomatic delegation is in Moscow to lay the groundwork for a visit to Cairo by Putin.
Egypt is open to Russia, since their relationship with the US has been suffering due to Obama support for MB terrorists.
Egypt wants Russia to supply it with arms after the US froze aid, Obama preferring Muslim Brotherhood terrorist Morsi.
Israel bluntly told Obama he made a strategic error in reducing financial assistance to Cairo.


US-Russia-Iran deal
Oct 29, 2013
 Ayatollah Khamenei helped draft a trilateral US-Russian-Iranian accord on Iran nuclear program.
The accord is already secretly in the bag.
Imam Barack Hussein Obama is expected to announce it publicly the third week of December.

Russians in USA - to kill us
Nov. 1, 2013
 Thousands of Russian soldiers on our soil to be used to enforce the coming martial law.
Russian soldiers will not hesitate to fire on Americans who are noncompliant with gun confiscation etc.
This article connects the dots.

Most people are basically good and that includes our friends from Russia.
Most governments are inherently evil and some governments are far worse than others.
I have known people from Russia and I like the Russian people.
However, I do not trust the Russian government any further than I can throw them!
Voice of Russia discussed the possibility of martial law coming to America.
There are MANY Russian troops inside of the United States today.

Russian naval base in Egypt
Nov. 4, 2013
As Kerry met Egyptian and Saudi leaders, planning advanced for a Russian naval base in Egypt
Moscow requested a naval base in Egypt so John Kerry visited Cairo and Riyadh.
He saw a mighty buildup of Russian naval stgrength in the Mediterranean.  
The Russian fleet has moved into the vacuum left by the withdrawal of US warships.
Russian warships are now present opposite Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, the Suez Canal and Libya.

Moscow has chosen 4 locations for port facilities - Alexandria, Damietta, Rosetta and Port Said Suez Canal.
I think Kerry wasted his worthless time.

Putin to meet Netanyahu in Moscow
Nov. 6, 2013
 Russia is becoming more influential in the Middle East than the USA.
Russia announced that Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu would pay a visit to Moscow on Nov. 20 for talks with President Vladimir Putin.
Rebuffed by Obama, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Gulf Emirates and Egypt all seek ties with Russia.
Putin chose to announce this just as that lying snake John Kerry was to land in Jerusalem.

And he shall make a strong covenant with many for one week, and for half of the week
he shall put an end to sacrifice and offering. And on the wing of abominations shall come
one who makes desolate, until the decreed end is poured out on the desolator.
Daniel 9:27  ESV

Dont get trapped by your opinions on prophecy!

50 dead in Russian airliner crash
Nov. 17, 2013
A Russian passenger airliner crashed Sunday night while trying to land at the airport in the city of Kazan, killing all 50 people aboard.

I am thinking of the 2010 crashassination of the Polish president and his leaders.

Russian Embassy Damascus shelled
Nov. 29, 2013
 1 killed, 9 injured when terrorists attack Russian Embassy in Damascus.
Shells landed near the Russian Embassy in Damascus, killing a Syrian security guard and injuring nine others.
One shell landed on the embassy grounds, the other exploded nearby.
The building was slightly damaged.
Similar attacks in September.

Putin closes Russian news agency RIA Novosti
Dec 9, 2013
 Russian President Vladimir Putin has abolished their news agency RIA Novosti effective immediately.
Kremlin critics suggest this is a sinister move by President Putin.
Its to be replaced by Russia Today headed by Kremlin supporter Dmitry Kiselev.
The state-owned Voice of Russia radio station has also been closed.

The Bear Stands
Vision of Russia by Ed Waldon

Al Qaeda in Syria has sarin gas
Russian Chechen al Qaeda fighting against Assad.
Netanyahu and Putin discussed Russian-Israeli cooperation against al Qaeda elements in Syria.
Winter Olympics Feb. 7-23 are at the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi, Russia.
Russian oil and gas companies want to lay the pipelines for the export of Israeli offshore Mediterranean gas to European markets.

Putin will send a Chechen force to deal with the Chechen al Qaeda jihadists in Syria who are planning a spectacular attack on the Sochi Olympic Games.
Al Qaeda in Syria has got hold of sarin nerve gas and is ready to use it.
I dont get far reading long reports before I smell Deception.  Chechen Muslims indeed have been fighting Russia for many years.  But this scenario is lost in a fog of multiple Deceptions.


US protests Russian missiles near EU
Dec 17, 2013  
A US protest reached Moscow following the announcement that Russia had deployed nuclear-capable Iskander missiles to the Kaliningrad enclave opposite the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
The missiles have a range of 500 km and could take out ground-based radar and interceptors of the new NATO shield. Poland and the Baltic states voiced alarm.  
No protests from the US or even Israel were forthcoming when the Russians posted Iskander missiles in Syria. - debka

Putin pardons Khodorkovsky
Dec 20, 2013
Why did Putin decide to release Khodorkovsky now?
Maybe a PR stunt ahead of the Sochi Olympics.
Russian President Vladimir Putin pardons Mikhail Khodorkovsky. The oil tycoon was arrested in 2003 on embezzlement and tax evasion charges.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky lands in Berlin after Putin’s pardon
December 20, 2013
 Mikhail B. Khodorkovsky landed in Berlin Friday hours after a pardon signed by Vladimir Putin released him from ten years in jail. He headed out of his last place of imprisonment in the town of Segezha in Karelia in NW Russia straight for the airport. During that decade, the government dismantled his company Yukos Oil and continued to press criminal charges against him. Khodorkovsky was one of the first immensely wealthy businessmen known as oligarchs to be thrown up in the new Russia of the 1990s and to later seek political influence.
Next month, Putin plays host to the Winter Olympics at the Black Sea resort of Sochi, and appears to be making an effort to improve his human rights image in the West.

Dec 24, 2013
Russian battleships to escort Syrian chemical weapons.
It is truly a sad day in America when the Russian president can take command while we have a limp waffle who cant make a decision.
Russian navy in the Mediterranean will escort ships with chemical weapons once they leave Syria.
The weapons will be removed using Russian armored vehicles.  The most dangerous components are to be removed this month.
The cargoes also included water reservoirs, field kitchens, tents and other things the troops in Syria will need during the operation.

December 25, 2013  Headlines
Russia launches rocket carrying military satellites

Russian rocket successfully launched from the Plesetsk space center in northern Russia.
The goal of the mission is to put three military satellites into orbit.  The satellites are expected to reach orbits 2 hours after launch.

Suicide bomber hits Russian train station, kills 18
Dec 29, 2013  
An explosion at a train station in Volgograd Russia killed at least 18 people, dozens injured.
A female Chechen suicide bomber thought responsible.
Chechen Muslilms have been fighting Russia for years.
Terrorist violence feared at the 2014 winter Olympic Games in Sochi in January.
Volgograd is south of Moscow.
Interfax reported the bomb was detonated near the metal detectors at the station entrance.
It is the second bombing in Russia in two months.

27 people have been taken to hospital, a child of 9 was among the injured.
The incident is being treated as an act of terrorism.
The blast took place at 12.45 local time inside the building of the railway.

2nd bombing in 2 days in Russia, bus
Dec 30, 2013
A second bombing in Volgograd Russia has killed 14 passengers on a bus, the day after a train station bombing.
The trolleybus was completely destroyed in the blast.
This explosion was set off by a male Muslim suicide bomber and not triggered remotely.
Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered increased security.
The explosion was about 8.30 am during morning rush hour near a local shopping district.
28 injured including a baby whose parents were killed in the explosion.

The bus was selected because it is used by many people, including students from nearby colleges.
Both bombs were coated with identical metal fragments, which made them more deadly.
All public transport is at a standstill, there is widespread panic.
That is the goal of terrorists - fear, panic.
Christian churches are praying for the victims.
Volgograd is about 400 miles northeast of Sochi


This is a BIG HUGE deal!  So I put it on its own thread.
It may NOT have been Chechyns.

I will continue this report here

Putin meets Syria and Iran in Moscow
Jan 16, 2014
 Emissaries from Syria and Iran meet in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
They want a truce in the fighting, and corridors opened up for aid in food, medicines.
Terrorists are counted out of any agreements.

Iran becoming the leading MidEast power
Jan 18, 2014
 Putin to visit Tehran. King of Morocco invites Iran to “Jerusalem Committee” – with Kerry’s approval
Iran President Hassan Rouhani invited Putin to Tehran.
Putin hopes to visit soon.

Iran also sent out invitations to Gulf rulers to tour its nuclear reactor at Bushehr,  combined with a round table discussion on regional nuclear cooperation.
UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman are already in favor of Tehran.

The Sunni King of Morocco offered Iran full membership in the Al Quds (Jerusalem) Committee of the 57-member (IOC), with the approval of Evil John Kerry.
Meeting held Jan. 17-18 in Marrakesh, Morocco along the NW coast of Africa.
Now you know where Obama got his 57 states.
The gathering is attended by the UN, EU and the Arab League, as well as Palestinian terror chief Mahmoud Abbas.

Kerry has been keeping King Mohammad involved in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, hoping to win cooperation on the tough Jerusalem issue.

Evil or Very Mad    Interpreted - John Satan Kerry intends to force Israel to give up the City of GOD.

Any Israeli-Palestinian accords involving Jerusalem would be referred to the Al Quds Committee.
By inviting Iran to join, Kerry inserted Tehran into one of the most sensitive decisions.
Another pointless Geneva meeting on Jan. 20.

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