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Russia plane crash kills 44

Russia plane crash kills 44

21 June 2011   Tuesday

44 have been killed and 8 injured in a plane crash in north-western Russia.
Most of the senior management of Gidropress, a subsidiary of Rosatom, the Russian nuclear export agency, were killed.  Assassination?
A Russian family of 4 with dual US citizenship were among the dead.

The aircraft attempted to land at Karelia, but crashed and caught fire.
The RusAir Tupolev 134 plane had 43 passengers and nine crew. Survivors include a 10-year-old boy and a girl thought to be his sister.
Thick fog and heavy rain were reported at the time of the crash.
The aircraft hit a power line, causing a power cut which extinguished the high-intensity landing lights on the runway, deployed at times of low visibility, moments before the crash

Pilot error blamed.
Ivanov said the crash during an attempt to land in poor visibility resembled the crash that killed Polish President Lech Kaczynski in Russia in April 2010.

Polish president among 132 dead in jet crash in Russia a year ago, suspicions.

Russia plane crash kills Iran nuclear experts

Assassination  or  Pilot error?  YOU decide, we wont be told the truth.  WHY?  Experts did not make the plant hack proof.

Russia plane crash kills Iran nuclear experts

Iran nuclear efforts suffer major setback as 5 Bushehr experts killed in
Russian plane crash, 3 were among the nuclear facility's designers.,7340,L-4086238,00.html


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