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Russia * Plane crash lands after ALL engines fail

RUSSIA  *  Plane crash lands after ALL engines fail

December  4,  2010  

2 dead as engine failure airliner lands in Moscow
The plane broke up after making an emergency landing
At least two people have been killed and many others injured when a passenger plane rolled off the runway after making an emergency landing at a Moscow airport, Russian officials say.

All of the plane's engines had failed by the time it landed at Domodedovo airport in Moscow, an official said.
The aircraft, a Russian-built TU-154 of Dagestan Airlines, was carrying about 150 passengers.
It made the emergency landing after taking off on a flight to Dagestan.
"As a result of the TU-154 making an emergency landing at Domodedovo airport, two people died and several dozens were injured," Tatyana Morozova, a spokeswoman for Moscow transport investigators, said.

Civil aviation official Sergey Izvolskiy told broadcaster NTV that the plane had taken off from Vnukovo airport in Moscow, and was heading to Makhachkala in Russia's southern Dagestan region.
Shortly after take-off, the crew reported engine problems and was forced carry out an emergency landing at Domodedovo, Mr Izvolskiy said.

"Following the landing, the plane slid off the runway and broke up", he said.
By the time the aircraft landed all three engines had broken down, Russian media reported.
The cause of the engine failure is under investigation.

Russia's national carrier airline Aeroflot took all its remaining 23 TU-154 aircraft out of service in January, after a series of crashes led to safety fears.
The Tupolev midrange jets are banned from landing in Europe because of excessive engine noise.
But the aircraft are still used by smaller airlines across Russia and the former Soviet Union.
Polish President Lech Kaczynski was killed earlier this year when a Polish Airforce TU-154 crashed in western Russia.

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