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Rare tornado strikes Tokyo

1 dead, dozens injured after rare tornado strikes city near Tokyo
May 06, 2012  A tornado tore through a city northeast of Japan's capital on Sunday, killing one person, injuring dozens of others, 200 homes damaged.
The twister hit power lines in the city of Tsukuba just north of Tokyo.
Power is still out to around 20,000 homes and many other houses have been destroyed

Firefighters and medical teams rushed to the area after the tornado struck Tsukuba city, 40 miles from Tokyo. The city is a science center, with dozens of research and academic institutes, but the tornado appeared to be mostly in residential areas.

A 14-year-old boy died after being injured by the storm, Tsukuba Medical Center said.
More than 30 other people were injured, including at least 10 who were being treated at hospitals, fire officials said. Details of the death and injuries were not immediately available.

Thunderstorms also caused lightning damage and temporarily disrupted bullet train services on the Tohoku, Yamagata and Akita shinkansen lines

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