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PROPHECY and the DAY of the LORD

A day of darkness and gloom, A day of clouds and thick darkness.
Joel 2

Neither their silver nor their gold will be able to save them on the day of the Lord’s wrath.
Zephaniah 1

Gaza will be abandoned And Ashkelon a desolation;
Ashdod will be driven out at noon And Ekron will be uprooted.
Zephaniah 2

PROPHECY and the DAY of the LORD

What is the “Day of the Lord”?
What are the “last days”?
What does Bible prophecy teach about such things?

Understanding the Book of Joel

Joel Rosenberg,  5 parts

A growing number of Muslims, Jews and Christians believe we are living in the last days of human history as we have known it.
Are they right?  Are the tumultuous events and trends underway in the Middle East and around the world signs that the
Messiah is coming to Earth soon to judge and to rule and reign from Jerusalem?
HOW should we live in light of such prophecies?

Record breaking natural disasters keep happening around the world.
The global economy remains in serious trouble.  Millions are sinking into poverty.
Islam is spreading around the world.  Rumors of new wars in the Middle East are mounting.  New threats to Israel are metastasizing.
Yet as the world is being shaken and serious new threats and challenges are rising, so much of the world seems to be asleep.
Alarm bells are going off, yet so much of the Church seems to be asleep as well, intoxicated by the pleasures of the world and
unable or unwilling to respond to the call of God to pray, fast, and repent despite the fact that, as the
Hebrew Prophet Joel wrote in the Bible, the day of the Lord is coming, surely it is near.
It is time to wake up.

Both the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament teach that in the Last Days, severe military threats will mount against the State of Israel,
yet the Jewish state will become more and more isolated internationally.
Ultimately, the Bible indicates that no country will come to the defense of the Jewish people when the major prophetic battles unfold and Israel’s enemies attack.
Rather, Israel will find herself all alone in the world.  Isolation and international pressure against the modern State of Israel seems to be intensifying this year.

In a time when economic, religious and geopolitical threats are rising, much of the world is turning against God, so many have forgotten God in their daily lives,
a time when so many think the Church is irrelevant and/or hypocritical and many have turned against Israel and God’s Chosen People,
what we need are leaders at every level of society who are serious about crying out to the Lord for mercy and redemption.
What we desperately need is a bold and sincere and solid and revolutionary faith that moves us to action,
that moves us to know God more deeply and serve Him more faithfully before the Day of the Lord arrives.
As we read in the New Testament Book of James,
Faith, if it has no works, is dead and faith without works is useless.  James 2:17 and 20

The Bible is crystal clear

The Lord Almighty will judge all nations who divide the Land of Israel.

In Joel 3:2 the Lord says
I will gather all the nations and bring them down to the valley of Jehoshaphat.
Then I will enter into judgment with them there on behalf of My people and My inheritance, Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations
and they have divided up My land.

Nevertheless, international pressure on Israel to carve up the Holy Land continues to build following Barak Obama’s May 2011 speech
calling for Israel to withdraw to the 1967 borders.  Nearly every world leader and certainly every American president since the Six Day War
has demanded Israel give up significant amounts of territory within Judea, Samaria, and the Golan Heights in order to create a
Palestinian state and make peace with Syria, but never this much territory.
The Obama plan would force Israel to give it all up, to divide Jerusalem, and return to indefensible borders.
This would be a grave error.  It would severely jeopardize Israeli national security.  
It would do so in direct defiance of the Holy Scriptures.
And it would draw the judgment of the Lord Almighty against the United States and all other countries involved in the process.

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ZionsCRY  NEWS with Prophetic Commentary

HARBINGER  WARNINGS and Isaiah 9 prophecy
The Revelation of the Holy Bible is occurring worldwide.


Earth Changes

July 6, 2011  Dr. Mark Sircus, Intel Hub
The earth’s magnetic shield is weakening and is in the process of having its magnetic field reverse with magnetic north moving at 40 kilometers a year south toward Siberia.
Epic floods, massive wildfires, drought and the deadliest tornado season in 60 years are ravaging the United States, with scientists warning that even more extreme weather is on the way. From all points on the compass come reports of natural disasters. Life is getting extremely uncomfortable for earth’s populations as record heat, cold, rain and drought conditions are recorded.

Yep - Jesus told us to WATCH and PRAY to see if the end times is nearing.

Funny how CFR 'Pastor' Rick Warren said in his PDL book that Jesus said "It's none of your business" in regards to his 2nd Coming. But of course, Warren seems to have ommitted the WATCH and PRAY words in that passage.

But yeah, this crazy weather pattern seems like it's a result of the earth's tilt axis. Obviously, God is warning us that the 6th seal could be very near.

I dunno folks.  Its got some interesting points .. but I'd stick to the bible.

click for image

Yes, apparently, the MYSTERY RELIGIONS groups from all the way BACK to the Days of Noah have had the belief of Atlantis. Even the modern New Age movement does so as well.

Will this be part of the great tribulation strong delusion?

A Lost World? Atlantis-Like Landscape Discovered
Buried deep beneath the sediment of the North Atlantic Ocean lies an ancient, lost landscape with furrows cut by rivers and peaks that once belonged to mountains. Geologists recently discovered this roughly 56-million-year-old landscape using data gathered for oil companies.

"It looks for all the world like a map of a bit of a country onshore," said Nicky White, the senior researcher. "It is like an ancient fossil landscape preserved 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) beneath the seabed."

So far, the data have revealed a landscape about 3,861 square miles (10,000 square km) west of the Orkney-Shetland Islands that stretched above sea level by almost as much as 0.6 miles (1 km).  White and colleagues suspect it is part of a larger region that merged with what is now Scotland and may have extended toward Norway in a hot, prehuman world.

History beneath the seafloor

The discovery emerged from data collected by a seismic contracting company using an advanced echo-sounding technique. High pressured air is released from metal cylinders, producing sound waves that travel to the ocean floor and beneath it, through layers of sediment. Every time these sound waves encounter a change in the material through which they are traveling, say, from mudstone to sandstone, an echo bounces back. Microphones trailing behind the ship on cables record these echoes, and the information they contain can be used to construct three-dimensional images of the sedimentary rock below, explained White, a geologist at the University of Cambridge in Britain.

The team, led by Ross Hartley, a graduate student at the University of Cambridge, found a wrinkly layer 1.2 miles (2 km) beneath the seafloor — evidence of the buried landscape, reminiscent of the mythical lost Atlantis.  

The researchers traced eight major rivers, and core samples, taken from the rock beneath the ocean floor, revealed pollen and coal, evidence of land-dwelling life. But above and below these deposits, they found evidence of a marine environment, including tiny fossils, indicating the land rose above the sea and then subsided — "like a terrestrial sandwich with marine bread," White said.

The burning scientific question, according to White, is what made this landscape rise up, then subside within 2.5 million years? "From a geological perspective, that is a very short period of time," he said.

The giant hot ripple

He and colleagues have a theory pointing to an upwelling of material through the Earth's mantle beneath the North Atlantic Ocean called the Icelandic Plume. (The plume is centered under Iceland.)

The plume works like a pipe carrying hot magma from deep within the Earth to right below the surface, where it spreads out like a giant mushroom, according to White. Sometimes the material is unusually hot, and it spreads out in a giant hot ripple.

The researchers believe that such a giant hot ripple pushed the lost landscape above the North Atlantic, then as the ripple passed, the land fell back beneath the ocean.

This theory is supported by other new research showing that the chemical composition of rocks in the V-shaped ridges on the ocean floor around Iceland contains a record of hot magma surges like this one. Although this study, led by Heather Poore, also one of White's students, looked back only about 30 million years, White said he is hopeful ongoing research will pinpoint an older ridge that recorded this particular hot ripple.

Because similar processes have occurred elsewhere on the planet, there are likely many other lost landscapes like this one. Since this study was completed , the researchers have found two more recent, but less spectacular, submerged landscapes above the first one, White said.
Both studies appear today (July 10) in the journal Nature Geoscience.

BornAgain2 wrote:
Yep - Jesus told us to WATCH and PRAY to see if the end times is nearing.

Funny how CFR 'Pastor' Rick Warren said in his PDL book that Jesus said "It's none of your business" in regards to his 2nd Coming. But of course, Warren seems to have ommitted the WATCH and PRAY words in that passage.

But yeah, this crazy weather pattern seems like it's a result of the earth's tilt axis. Obviously, God is warning us that the 6th seal could be very near.

Jesus told who to watch and pray?  Who is the "us"?  None of us, that is, we who walk the earth today, were not even even born when Jesus said anything.  And when did He even say, "Watch and Pray" regarding the end times?  


Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man.
Luke 21:36

Jesus told us to watch and pray in many different places.
That which Jesus Christ left to His disciples who walked with Him, He also left to those of us who truly follow Him today.
Read John 17 .. the real Lord's prayer

Post Trib - Pre Trib debate

I normally don't watch TBN but last night we were surfing through the channels and stopped at the Praise the Lord show. Father and son Crouch was doing a pre-post trib debate with Irvin Baxter (post trib) and Perry Stone (pre trib). It was an interesting debate and I was rooting for Irvin, he was holding his own and standing up pretty good against Perry.
If you get a chance to watch the rerun today, it might be worth to see how the two sides face off.

I'm post-trib, however, this pre vs post trib debate is THE MOST divisive issue that has really un-edified the body of Christ. No, it's not just the Scofield-NWO types that are advocating pre-trib, b/c there are some decent ministries I follow that bear good fruit that are pre-trib as well.(one prime example is Greg Dixon, who's ministry was under tremendous persecution by our government when he got out of 501c3, now he's warning other new ministers not to get entangled with this)

I will say this much...when the time comes, and it could be very, very soon, we are all going to find out which is of God, and which isn't. If we're raptured into heaven before the AC is revealed, then AWESOME, PRAISE THE LORD we don't have to go through the 7 year trib. However, if we're STILL HERE when the AC is revealed, then hold tight...the end is really drawing near, and our salvation will be drawing nigh.(instead of throwing away our faith thinking there was going to be a rapture, and it didn't happen)
Will be back to post some more regularly on Thurs evening as I am tied up with other things until then now. Now's one of the rare times I've been able to peek in here.

Well, I'll admit I've been ping-ponging back and forth b/w post and pre trib. Was pre trib when I started out a couple of years ago, then after the Lord showed me the truth(showed me the scriptures ONLY), got convinced it's post trib. Then lately I was leaning pre-trib, then now after being shown a few videos recently, I'm (hopefully)firmly post trib now.

Yeah, it's disappointing that a few internet ministries I follow are pre trib. They're firm faith defendings, KJV, end times watchmen, etc, however, I'm surprised they don't see the truth.(ie-Bryan Denlinger and Greg Miller being 2 of them)

Well, Jesus DOES say that there will be MANY false prophets in the last days, MANY. So who knows, maybe these guys are ministers of Satan as well?
I don't watch/listen to any of the "Christian" stuff on tv/radio, but at the same time, even these SMALL internet ministries could very well be servants of Satan as well.
(no, I'm not including you, CJ Smile )

The seeds shrivel in the parched ground, and the grain crops fail. The barns stand empty.
The Day of the LORD  Joel 1:17

Midwest heat shrivels crops
Drought hits 56% of continental USA

The prolonged heat across the Midwest has set temperature records and intensifying drought conditions.
Drought conditions are present in 56 percent of the continental U.S.A.
That's the most in the 12 years that the data have been compiled.
There's a lot more evaporation with high temperatures, and crops demand water.
It is starting to take a significant toll on food supplies.  22% of the corn and soybeans crop is in poor condition, as are pastures and rangelands.
The whole world is suffering drought and food loss / shortages for other causes.

Lament for the Land

Relentless Drought USA



In those days Israel had no king, everyone did as he saw fit.  NIV
Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.  NASB
Judges 17:6 and 21:25

July 8, 2012  Sunday
When mankind does not read, know and obey the scriptures, but does his own thing, he makes himself god.
Anyone or anything you adhere to is your god, an idol, and against the first of the 10 commandments.
Apostate churches today do not preach against what GOD calls SIN.  Get out of those clubs!
Their pastors are false, do not preach the reality of hellfire - only FEW will be saved!
Read the short books of Joel and Amos today, and Revelation 18 and Jeremiah 50 (Babylon America) this week.

There is NO RAPTURE!  This is a very dangerous false teaching today!
Jesus told us to ENDURE - TO THE END!  We must be ready, the Beast is here now.

The rapture issue

The worldwide press spends a lot of money travelling the world, but I say they LIE,
they are ALL controlled by ONE source, the New World Order 666 Beast system.
People ask why they should believe me.  Very fair question.  You must decide who to trust.
In 1998 the Lord called me to report news related to bible prophecy.
I believe He guides me to what He wants reported.  To a Christian, this is logical.
I report what you NEED to hear the best I can.  I close each blog with God's NEWS, the bible.
Ignorance can kill.  Dont write things off to 'conspiracy' as if that is not true, just because its unbelievable.

Exclamation  Idea

Video Inside: Lightning strike sends Rangers and Twins scurrying for safety
Quote inside: Tweeted outfielder Denard Span. "That's the loudest noise I've ever heard. I thought Jesus was comin!"
They ain't seen nothin' yet!

As noted in the Associated Press story, there had been some flashes of lightning and rumbles of thunder in the area one inning prior. At that time fans were warned of storms in the area, but the weather seemed to have settled down by the time that one bolt crashed and crackled down out of nowhere.

Again, view the video inside link. Forum Index -> Bible Prophecy, Dreams, Visions
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