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PRAY! Gun owners rally Feb 7 Olympia Washinton


Gun owners rally Feb 7 State Capitol in Olympia Washington
February 5, 2015
  OLYMPIA, Washington state -  
I was told this could be BIG TROUBLE - arrests, bloodshed possible - could be 'the start' - oathkeepers involved.

Stewart Rhodes has asked all Oath Keepers that can make it to Olympia, WA at the State Capitol Feb. 7, bring your guns.

Gun Owners Prepare for Arrest
Liberty for All and Patriots are converging at the WA State Capitol in Olympia on Saturday at a rally meant to protest and violate new rules imposed by the legislature banning open carry in public viewing galleries.
The Washington State Patrol is expected to arrest anyone entering the viewing chambers openly carrying a firearm, although individuals with a concealed pistol license will be allowed to carry concealed weapons into the chambers.

Sam Wilson said, “If the legislature feels the need to prohibit peaceful citizens from openly carrying firearms into the people’s viewing chamber, it certainly makes a reasonable person question what motivates them to disarm the people viewing them while they are in session, serving as the representatives of the people.”

They have expressed firm resolve to enter the chambers while openly carrying, but have made it clear they are planning a peaceful event, and have no animosity towards the Washington State Patrol.  This is NOT an action against the WSP.  Any and all citizens who understand the Second Amendment’s necessity and the right of the people are encouraged to attend, with or without a firearm.

January 15, 2015
- 200+ America Patriots with guns rallied on the steps of Washington's Capitol to protest the expansive background-check law state voters passed in November 2014.
State legislators and other opponents of Initiative 594's requirement of background checks on all gun sales and transfers voiced their belief that the new law unfairly infringes on their constitutional rights, and a handful of the protesters carried long guns into the public viewing gallery of the state House of Representatives just as the morning's brief floor session ended.
We're not the bad guys!

Rep. Brian Blake said, "This is a culture war, folks. They don't like what we do, and they want to control what we do."

Washington state Patriots rally
February 8, 2015  OLYMPIA
- Over 100 armed Patriots rally at Washington state capitol
The rally February 7 drew over 100 armed American Patriots to the steps of the Capitol for a demonstration against an unAmerican law.

The plan was to walk into the Capitol after a few speeches, but WSP kept the gallery doors locked.
So they went to the closed gate of the governor's mansion and prayed.

Their complaints against state government stem from Initiative 594 passed in 2014 which imposed new background-check requirements on several types of gun transfers.

After protest rallies at the Capitol in December and January, leaders of the House and Senate prohibited the open carrying of firearms into the Legislature's viewing galleries.

The rally began before the Capitol opened to the public at 11 am. A few visitors waiting for guided tours mingled with the Patriots to get out of the rain.

State Reps. Elizabeth Scott (carrying concealed) and Matt Shea addressed the crowd. Shea gave a fiery speech that included a list of more than 20 grievances against the government, including militarization of police, high taxes, surveillance programs, Sharia law and restrictions on guns.
For Eric Devenny, the rally was his first trip to the Capitol. He wore an assault rifle in a sling on his back.
It sounds to me as if the writer of this article is anti-gun.

Patriots rally at Washington state capitol
Twitter #westandinWA
- The media account is greatly different than what actually took place according to those who were there.  The media is never going to accurately report on anything that’s pro-gun/anti-police state.

Their complaints against state government stem from the 2014 passage of Initiative 594 by voters statewide. It imposed new background-check requirements on several types of gun transfers, including purchases and loans, and opponents say the new law infringes on firearm rights guaranteed in the state and federal constitutions. Forum Index -> America NEWS
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