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Polio, paralysis, meningitis, Enterovirus D68, myelitis

Polio, OBOLIO, meningitis, Enterovirus D68, flaccid myelitis
Seems all of these are linked
October 26, 2014  Neurologists have named EV D68 acute flaccid myelitis.

Enterovirus D68 in 17 states, Canada
Sept 17, 2014  
Enterovirus D68 is likely coming to a state near you.
Since mid-August, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had confirmed 140 cases of respiratory illness caused by Enterovirus D68 in 16 states: Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

New Jersey also has confirmed a case of EV-D68, according to Donna Leusner, director of communications for the New Jersey Department of Health.

And "in the upcoming weeks, more states will have confirmed cases of EV-D68 infection," the CDC said in a statement Wednesday.

"Several states are investigating clusters of people with severe respiratory illness, and specimens are still being tested for EV-D68. It can take a while to test specimens and obtain lab results... These increases will not necessarily reflect changes in real time, or mean that the situation is getting worse."

Canadian health officials have confirmed three cases of Enterovirus D68 in British Columbia. A fourth suspected case from a patient with severe respiratory illness is still under investigation.

Two of the confirmed cases are children between 5 and 9, said Dr. Danuta Skowronski, lead epidemiologist on emerging respiratory viruses at the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control. The third is a teen between 15 and 19.

Enteroviruses are very common. The CDC estimates that 10 million to 15 million infections occur in the United States each year. These viruses usually appear like the common cold; symptoms include sneezing, a runny nose and a cough.

Most people recover without any treatment. But Enterovirus D68 seems to be exacerbating breathing problems in children who have asthma.

The virus is hard to track as many enteroviruses cause similar symptoms and hospitals generally do not test for specific types. But health officials have asked doctors to send in samples if they suspect that Enterovirus D68 has caused a patient's severe respiratory illness.

Enteroviruses "tend to have a summer-fall pattern," Skowronski said, so the high number of cases will likely subside over the next few months.

What parents should know
In the meantime, parents should be on the lookout for the symptoms of Enterovirus D68. Unfortunately, in the beginning it's difficult -- if not impossible -- to tell the difference between a regular cold and this type of virus. But if your child develops a fever or a rash, or if he has difficulty breathing, seek medical attention right away.
Children with asthma or a history of breathing problems are particularly susceptible for severe symptoms.

Looks like this is a result of transporting all of the illegals by our government from this southern border crisis.

Superbugs Europe E.coli outbreak bio-weapon
EHEC - Was this the first ED68?
Superbugs Europe E.coli outbreak bio-weapon

Pestilences *  Superbugs in America and globally

UN AGENDA 21 * Depopulation

Colloidal silver has germicidal effects
Its proven helpful fighting ebola as well as other bugs

EV-D68 is often being called OBOLIO as the
illegals Obama brot to USA are carrying it and spreading it.
Paralisys is sometimes accompanying this.

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Doctor: Gov’t ‘Tight-Lipped’ on Respiratory Virus, May be From Illegals

Dr. Jane Orient, Executive Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, reported that the government has been “real tight-lipped” about the mysterious respiratory illness that has struck children in the United States, expressed concern that the illegal immigrant minors from Central America could be the source, and argued that the government should devote more resources to border security to combat the spread of disease...

The enteroviruses were originally classified into 4 groups, polioviruses, Coxsackie A viruses (CA), Coxsackie B viruses (CB), and echoviruses.
Enteroviruses isolated more recently are EV68, EV69, EV70, EV71, etc.

Historically, poliomyelitis was the most significant disease caused by an enterovirus, poliovirus. There are 64 non-polio enteroviruses.  Infection can result in symptoms ranging from mild respiratory illness (common cold),  hemorrhagic conjunctivitis, aseptic meningitis, myocarditis, severe neonatal sepsis-like disease, and acute flaccid paralysis.

U.S. BORDER WAR - illegals bringing diseases

FLU viruses

I posted something here on it

Enterovirus Cases Confirmed in Southern California Are State’s First Diagnoses
9/18/14   EV-D68 OBOLIO  -  California’s first cases of a virus that has been spreading across the country were confirmed Thursday by the state’s chief health official.

Four cases of enterovirus D68 have been confirmed, all in Southern California. One was in Ventura County; three others were in San Diego County.
Respiratory illnesses caused by an enterovirus are sending children to hospitals as the disease spreads across the country, health officials say. (Credit: CDC)
The patients ages ranged from 2 to 13 years old.

More instances of the disease were expected as results from lab tests come back, the California Department of Public Health said in announcing the cases.
The virus can cause severe respiratory illness in young children and has sent dozens to the hospital across the country.

The spread of the disease to California was expected, state health officer Dr. Ron Chapman said. As of Wednesday, 18 other states had confirmed 153 cases total cases of the virus, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“There will definitely be more. It’s just a matter of time. This will spread across the entire country,” Dr. Pia Pannaraj, an infectious diseases specialist at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, told KTLA.
California joins Montana and Colorado as being the only states in the Western U.S. to have confirmed cases.

This particular strain of non-polio enterovirus was first identified in California in 1962, but has been uncommon in the U.S., according to the CDC.

The virus causes respiratory illness, with possible symptoms including fever, runny nose, sneezing, cough and body and muscle aches. Children who contract the virus may have more serious effects, including breathing difficulty and wheezing, particularly children with a history of asthma.

“These children start with what seems like a normal cold on the first day — runny nose, a little bit of cough – but by the second day, they can’t breathe at all. They come in and they need a tube to help them breathe,” Pannaraj said.

Parents whose children begin to have difficulty breathing should seek medical attention for them immediately, the state health department advised. Signs that should prompt a quick response include wheezing, difficulty speaking or eating, the child’s belly pulling in with breaths, and blueness around the lips.

The virus is believed to spread when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or touches contaminated surfaces. There is no vaccine to prevent spread of the disease, nor is there a specific treatment that can be prescribed.

“It’s probably evolved in a way that’s allowed it to spread more easily from person to person, and that’s why we’ve seen so many more cases this year,” Pannaraj said.

Infants, children and teenagers are most likely to get infected with enteroviruses because they do not yet have immunity, according to the CDC.

The CDC advised the following steps to help parents try to prevent their children from becoming ill:

   Avoid close contact with sick people;
   wash your hands often;
   cover your coughs and sneezes;
   avoid touching your face with unwashed hands;
   clean and disinfect surfaces
   stay home when you’re sick

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles provided the following Q&A with Dr. Pia Pannaraj. She explains how parents can treat their children’s symptoms and how to distinguish between at bad cold and Enterovirus 68.

What is Enterovirus 68?
Pannaraj: It is a virus that causes cold-like symptoms that is currently being seen in the Midwest. It has been around since the 1960’s and first discovered in California with just a few cluster of cases. Now, it is showing itself again and is slowly creeping across the country.

How frightened should parents be about their kids getting Enterovirus 68? Especially if they live outside of the Midwest?

Pannaraj: Currently, it is in the Midwest, but it has just made its way to California. In many kids, it will cause a bad cold, but in children with asthma, it can exacerbate their asthma to the point where they may need medical attention.

Are children with underlying conditions more susceptible to Enterovirus 68?
Pannaraj: So far, 70 percent of patients admitted to hospitals with Enterovirus 68 have underlying respiratory illness, like asthma; 30 percent were previously healthy

How can parents differentiate between a bad cold and this virus?
Pannaraj: It will be difficult to distinguish the two since enterovirus will cause a cold. Children will usually present with a cough as their main symptom. Other symptoms may include runny nose, sneezing, and body and muscle aches. However, a fever is not very common with Enterovirus 68. The children who become very ill with Enterovirus 68 develop wheezing and difficulty breathing.

What are some prevention tips?
Pannaraj: Good hand washing, avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth, cough and sneeze into your arm, and avoid other children who appear sick. It can spread easily and anywhere, especially at schools, where infection risks are at higher because you have more kids in close quarters. It is airborne and contagious.

How should parents treat their kids’ symptoms?
Pannaraj: Rest and hydration. Treat it the same way you would a bad cold. Keep the kids out of school.

Is there a vaccine for Enterovirus 68?
Pannaraj: A vaccine is not available at this time.

When should they seek medical attention for their kids?
Pannaraj: If a child is wheezing, having trouble breathing, coughing so much that they cannot talk, or having difficulty drinking, they should seek medical attention. Children with asthma should be prepared with medical inhalers as needed.

ARKANSAS  *  Harrison hospital restricting young visitors because of respiratory virus
9/18/14  No doubt, many of you have come down with a cough and runny nose, some much worse, as the Enterovirus, EV-D68 specifically, spreads across the county. One Ozarks hospital is working to stop the virus from spreading to those most vulnerable.

There have been no clusters of the EV-D68 virus confirmed in the Harrison area, but North Arkansas Regional Medical Center is taking precautions just in case. 18 states have lab confirmed cases of the virus, including Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma.

The virus has been hitting kids the hardest, and doctors in Harrison say they started treating children with respiratory symptoms a couple weeks ago.  Testing for virus is not readily available, but with EV-D68 likely already in the area, the hospital is asking hospital visitors sixteen and under to stay away.

Dr. Adam McCall says, "A hospital is a place for sick people, and sick people typically have immune systems that are not working well, and so what we want to do is make sure that kids that could potentially carry this virus are not bringing the virus inside the hospital."

The hospital has taken similar precautions in recent flu seasons.  It's not clear how long the visitor restrictions will remain in place, but hospital officials will likely just keep an eye on the virus' progression in the area.

Hospital sets patient record as virus spreads
9/9/14  Medical officials admitted a record number of children to a local hospital over the weekend because of what they believe to be a rare respiratory virus spreading throughout the country.
Although there's been no confirmed cases of the enterovirus at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, officials admitted 540 patients Friday, said Dr. Derek Wheeler, associate chief of staff at the hospital.
The previous record was around 515, Wheeler said.

Some reports out of Missouri and Colorado suggest the virus, with symptoms similar to the common cold, brought sicker patients to hospitals, Wheeler said.
"We're just seeing the (increased) volumes, we haven't seen (patients) sicker than usual yet," he said.
Hospitals from other states have placed restrictions on visitations, but Wheeler said there are no plans to do that in Cincinnati.

The virus is similar to what doctors treat during cold and flu season. That means nothing really changes if a child comes down with the rare virus, he said.
"The bottom line is this is a virus you wouldn't treat with antibiotics, so other than the (high-level of) interest, there's no reason we would need to know it's an enterovirus," Wheeler said.

This particular type of enterovirus — EV-D68 — is uncommon, but not new. It was first identified in the 1960s.
"I suspect that it's something that hasn't been around for a while and so there's a lot of people susceptible to it," Wheeler said.

The number of patients began to spike around Labor Day, which means the virus should run its course in Greater Cincinnati sometime over the next week, Wheeler said.
Wheeler said parents can prevent their children from getting the virus by making them wash their hands frequently and drink plenty of fluids.
If they do suspect their child contracted the virus, he suggested parents call their pediatrician first because urgent care facilities will be busy.

Mystery virus EV-D68 exploding among vaccinated children
Sept. 9, 2014
 Vaccine is a good way for Agenda21 to plant virus!
The rapid explosion of mystery virus EV-D68 is sending hundreds of children to hospitals across Missouri, Colorado, Kansas, Utah and eight other states. "In Kansas City, about 475 children were recently treated at Children's Mercy Hospital, and at least 60 of them received intensive hospitalization," reports CNN. (1)

CNN reports - "It's worse in terms of scope of critically ill children who require intensive care. I would call it unprecedented. I've practiced for 30 years in pediatrics, and I've never seen anything quite like this," said Dr. Mary Anne Jackson, the hospital's division director for infectious diseases.

What CNN and other media outlets are not reporting, however, is that this outbreak is occurring among vaccinated children.

Did other vaccines make children more susceptible to EV-D68 infections?
Children who have been vaccinated with MMR vaccines, influenza vaccines, polio vaccines and many others are the same children who are now being struck by EV-D68. How do we know this? Because we know how the rabid pro-vaccine media consistently reports on viral outbreaks:

Vaccine media propaganda rule #1) If an outbreak ever occurs among unvaccinated children, then the published stories will strongly condemn parents for failing to vaccinated their children while promoting vaccines as the one and only solution.

Vaccine media propaganda rule #2) If there's an inconvenient fact about vaccines that the media doesn't want the public to know, it will withhold that fact from all its stories. This was made abundantly clear in the recent media-wide blackout of the CDC whistleblower story, where top CDC scientist Dr. William Thompson openly admitted to committing scientific fraud at the CDC in order to hide the link between MMR vaccines and autism. Click here to read the once-secret letter Dr. Thompson sent to CDC director Julie Gerberding, admitting to a cover-up.

The fact that the mainstream media is right now not blaming the EV-D68 outbreak on unvaccinated children, in other words, is near-conclusive proof that this outbreak is occurring among vaccinated children.

Media doctors hopelessly clueless about what to suggest to parents
Because there is no vaccine for EV-D68, the media can't push vaccines as the solution for these infections. And so the media seems totally lost and clueless about what to report. There's no mention of protecting children's immune systems with vitamin D, and no mainstream media outlet even dares mention the words "immune support" for fear that people might realize a strong immune system is far better than a vaccine at preventing infectious disease.

The best advice CNN can come up with reads as follows:
To reduce the risk of infection, individuals should wash hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds, especially after changing diapers; avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands; avoid kissing, hugging and sharing cups or eating utensils with people who are sick; disinfect frequently touched surfaces such as toys and doorknobs; and stay home when feeling sick...

Again, note the complete lack of any discussion about zinc, vitamin D, immune-boosting herbs, avoidance of toxic immunosuppressive chemicals and food additives, and so on. This is the default position of the mainstream media: "Wash your hands." It is literally watered-down advice by a propaganda institution that functions as the vaccine industry's ministry of truth.

Even when children's lives are at stake, the media is so opposed to nutritional defenses that it consistently refuses to mention a low-cost, high-safety, readily-available nutrient like vitamin D that could save countless lives during a pandemic outbreak... even if used in conjunction with vaccines! (See my Blueprint for Safer Vaccines document here.)

Doctors and health authorities freak out over enterovirus outbreak because they have nothing to offer except a vaccine which doesn't exist
The over-reliance on vaccines in public health will ultimately kill millions of children in a real outbreak for the simple reason that vaccines are blindly relied upon at the exclusion of all else. So when a pandemic comes along that has no vaccine, doctors and health authorities are literally clueless about what to recommend other than "wash your hands."

"Stupid" doesn't even begin to describe our modern health care system. It's downright negligent.

Any honest health care system that really cared about public health would have a multi-layered pandemic defense strategy which included immune boosting activities, nutritional defenses, behavioral modification, personal hygiene reinforcement and finally medical intervention as one layer among many.

The problem with vaccines -- even if they work (which they mostly don't) -- is that they can't keep up with mutating viruses in the wild. This current outbreak of EV-D68 has caught the medical establishment completely off guard. They have no vaccines to recommend, and so doctors and health authorities sit around taking their own rectal pulses (i.e. they have their thumbs up their hind ends) while children fill the emergency rooms at hospitals. A simple vitamin D education campaign could slash these infections by huge margins. Vitamin D "activates" the immune system at so many levels that if vitamin D were a pharmaceutical, it would be called a "miracle drug" and whoever created it would be awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine.

But it's not a drug; it's a simple, low-cost vitamin. So doctors aren't taught anything about it and parents are never told to use it. Especially not when there are vaccines to push and pregnant women to inject with mercury.

Some astounding quotes about the severity of this outbreak
"An unprecedented lung virus that has infected over 1000 children across 10 states from the Midwest to the east coast is likely to spread to the rest of the country, doctors have warned." (2)

The unusually high number of hospitalizations reported could be "just the tip of the iceberg in terms of severe cases," said Mark Pallansch, a virologist and director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Division of Viral Diseases. - CNN (1)

"A respiratory illness that has already sickened more than a thousand children in 10 states is likely to become a nationwide problem, doctors say." - ABC News (4)

"Just weeks after the Obama administration let more than 37,000 illegal-alien children into the U.S. without health screening, more than 1,000 kids across 10 states have been stricken with a respiratory virus – prompting widespread concerns about a major outbreak sweeping across the nation." - (3)

"It's worse in terms of scope of critically ill children who require intensive care. I would call it unprecedented. I've practiced for 30 years in pediatrics, and I've never seen anything quite like this," said Dr. Mary Anne Jackson, the hospital's division director for infectious diseases. - CNN (1)

Radio host and epidemiologist Michael Savage blasts Obama, blames outbreak on illegal immigrants
One more noteworthy twist on this entire story has been fielded by radio host Michael Savage, a very high-IQ individual trained as an epidemiologist.

Yesterday he said on his radio show: (3)

For 20 years, I've been trying to warn America about the unscreened immigrants being brought in. Now, of course, it's coming home to roost and the American people are being lied to by the Centers for Disease Transmission. They used to be the CDC; they're now the CDT.

Instead of stopping disease spread, they're encouraging it by not speaking out against bringing in infected children and putting them in our public schools, right? It's astounding to me what they can get away with because of the ignorance of the public. Common sense is gone. ...What do you expect to happen if you put a kid with a certain virus into a school where they've never been exposed to that virus? It's called an epidemic breakout.

...This population in America, which once enjoyed the greatest health on earth, is now being devolved into a second-world nation in terms of health because Obama is so corrupt, was so ignorant, was so evil that he's taken what was once the greatest nation on earth and devolving us into a second nation status.

Michael Savage previously warned that Obama's open borders policy is extremely dangerous from a public health point of view, allowing immigrants with infectious diseases to walk right into the USA and spread those diseases to others.

ABC News Medical Editor accidentally admits pandemics can cross borders
Interestingly, ABC News' Chief Health and Medical Editor Dr. Richard Besser accidentally supported Savage's argument when he said, "Viruses don't tend to respect borders. It is only 10 states now, but it's going to be across the country. So if your state doesn't have it now, watch for it, it's coming." (4)

Although his statement was made in the context of the virus spreading from state to state, a virus doesn't know the difference between a state border and a national border. The claim that "viruses don't tend to respect borders" is universally true, regardless of the category of the border.

Savage's argument is further supported by this graphic from WND, showing states which have received illegal immigrants correlated with states which have urgently contacted the CDC to ask for help concerning this sudden outbreak:

The shocking reality of how government health care policies encourage pandemics
What do YOU think is the cause of this outbreak? Sound off in the comments below. And for once, the mainstream media can't blame "unvaccinated" children because there is no vaccine for this virus. That's why the medical advice currently circulating around the media for dealing with this outbreak is so remarkably worthless.

Consider the pathetic reality of our present-day government and its failed medical system:

Shocking reality #1) Our current federal government refuses to secure the U.S. border and openly invites immigrants to walk right in, regardless of what they might be carrying from a public health point of view.

Shocking reality #2) Our medical system is a "one-trick pony" when it comes to pandemic prevention. That one trick is "vaccines." And if there isn't a vaccine, the entire medical system is absolutely clueless about what do to.

Shocking reality #3) Medical authorities outright refuse to recommend any nutritional therapies that boost immune defenses against pandemic diseases. Vitamin D is completely blackballed from any official advice, even when there are no other options available. And don't even dare mention Chinese Medicine herbs or various herbal remedies.

Shocking reality #4) Many advocates of vaccines are also strong advocates of population reduction. They actually applaud shrinking the number of living humans on the planet. So pandemics literally help them accomplish their goals. "That's the answer!" remarked Dr. Charles Arntzen in a comment caught on video. "Go out and use genetic engineering to create a better virus. (laughter) Twenty-five percent of the population is supposed to go in Contagion." (5)

Even more, Bill Gates famously stated during a public presentation that vaccines could help lower the human population by 10 to 15 percent. His exact words:

"The world today has 6.8 billion people... that's headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent."

Don't believe that he said this? The video has been pulled from Youtube numerous times, but we've preserved it at Click this link to watch it for yourself. The video leaves no question whatsoever about Gates' advocacy of vaccines to reduce human population.

Maybe now with Ebola, EV-D68, chikungunya virus and other exploding pandemics that have suddenly taken hold across our world, people like Bill Gates will finally get their wish. A massive population wipeout may be just around the corner, and if you tune in to CNN, they will probably feature 50 high-level scientists telling you all the different ways you can wash your hands while waiting for the CDC to rescue you with an experimental vaccine that carries a 40% fatality rate like the ZMapp Ebola drug.
Mystery virus has reached more than half of US states

The mysterious respiratory illness enterovirus has spread to more than half the United States — with symptoms ranging from mild colds to serious breathing problems, health officials said.

Since mid-August, 175 people across 27 states have been diagnosed with the sickness caused by the enterovirus D68, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.

The enterovirus, a more virulent strain of the virus that causes the common cold, can lead to fever, sneezing and coughing in mild cases.

Hospitalization for breathing difficulties and wheezing is required in more severe cases.

The most recent diagnosis of the virus was Tuesday in Massachusetts, where an eight-year-old girl with a history of asthma was infected, according to CBS Boston.

The girl was treated at Boston Children’s Hospital and released.

“We treated her in our unit as she was relatively ill at the time, but has done terrifically well and is home,” said Dr. Michael Agus. “I just spoke with her mother and she’s doing terrifically well at home.”

Last week, two youngsters — one from the city and another from Long Island — were diagnosed with the mysterious disease.

A 6-year-old girl in Connecticut was also infected and one case in New Jersey was confirmed.

The state department in North Carolina also confirmed the virus, with six children ages 10 and under having tested positive. It added that the illness has spread to at least 28 states.

Confirmed cases of the virus are expected to pop up in more states in the coming weeks as testing to confirm the illness is completed, the CDC said.

The agency said the infection of the virus is more common in the US during the summer and fall.

There are no specific treatments for the enterovirus but public health officials said washing your hands regularly can prevent spreading it.

Infants, children and teens are at the highest risk of infection.

Respiratory illness escalates among children
Sept 26, 2014
An outbreak of enterovirus 68 respiratory illness has spread to 38 states, sending children to hospitals and baffling scientists trying to understand its virulent resurgence.

Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Mo. was the first to alert the CDC in August to an unusual increase in children with trouble breathing.

3 times in a month, the University of Chicago Hospital has had to divert ambulances to other hospitals because its emergency room was filled with children with severe respiratory illness.
Enteroviruses are common, but this strain is not common in USA.
It is common in South America.

Probed in paralysis cases in 9 Colorado kids
26 Sep 2014
- Health officials are investigating nine cases of muscle weakness or paralysis in Colorado children and whether the culprit might be a virus causing severe respiratory illness across the country.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday sent doctors an alert about the polio-like cases and said the germ - enterovirus 68 - was detected in four out of eight of the sick children who had a certain medical test. The status of the ninth case is unclear.

The virus can cause paralysis but other germs can, too. Health officials don't know whether the virus caused any of the children's arm and leg weaknesses or whether it's just a germ they coincidentally picked up.

"That's why we want more information," and for doctors to report similar cases, said the CDC's Dr. Jane Seward.

The cases occurred within the last two months. All nine children are being treated at Children's Hospital Colorado in Aurora, and most are from the Denver area. A hospital spokeswoman said the patients' families didn't want to talk to the media.

The nine children had fever and respiratory illness about two weeks before developing varying degrees of limb weakness. None seems to have a weak immune system or other conditions that might predispose them to severe illness, but the cases are still being investigated, Seward said. Investigators don't think it's polio - eight of the nine children are up to date on polio vaccinations. It's not known whether the limb weakness or paralysis is temporary or will be long-lasting.

The cases come amid an unusual wave of severe respiratory illness from enterovirus 68. The germ is not new - it was first identified in 1962 and has caused clusters of illness before, including in Georgia and Pennsylvania in 2009 and Arizona in 2010. Because it's not routinely tested for, it's possible the bug spread in previous years but was never distinguished from colds caused by other germs.

This year, the virus has gotten more attention because it has been linked to hundreds of severe illnesses. Beginning last month, a flood of sick children began to hit hospitals in Kansas City, Missouri, and Chicago - kids with trouble breathing, some needing oxygen or more extreme care such as a breathing machine. Many - but not all - had asthma before the infection.

The CDC has been testing a limited number of specimens from very sick children around the country, and as of Thursday reported 277 people in 40 states and the District of Columbia with enterovirus 68. So far no deaths have been attributed to the virus, but Seward said 15 still are being investigated.

Health officials know enterovirus can cause paralysis. Published reports count at least two U.S. children who were paralyzed and died and were found to have the virus in their spinal fluid. One was a New Hampshire 5-year-old who died in 2008. Details are scant on the second case, which happened many years earlier.

Earlier this year, Stanford University researchers said they had identified polio-like illnesses in about 20 California children over about 18 months. Two tested positive for enterovirus 68. CDC officials say it's still not clear if the virus was a factor in those cases.

Paralysis is a rare complication of enterovirus 68 infection, but with so many more cases of enterovirus being reported this year, it may not be surprising to see that problem, said Dr. Larry Wolk, chief medical officer of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

The CDC is asking doctors to report patients 21 or younger who developed limb weakness since August 1 and who have had an MRI exam that showed abnormalities in the nerve tissue in the spinal cord.

Seward said a test that showed the germ in a patient's spinal fluid would be good evidence that the virus was causing paralysis. Unfortunately, lab tests of spinal fluid often fail to identify bugs like enterovirus 68, even if they're present, she added.

Enterovirus 68 and paralysis
Sept 27, 2014  DO NOT TRUST CDC!  or WHO!

There are various diseases, new and old surfacing.  UN Agenda 21 depopulation in operation.
A polio-like paralysis or muscle weakness might be a virus causing severe respiratory illness across the country.  It could be Enterovirus 68 likely brought into USA from South America by the illegals now in schools across USA.

Enterovirus 68 was detected in some of the sick children who had a certain medical test.
The virus can cause paralysis.

Some children are being treated at Children's Hospital in Aurora, Colorado.
Ding ding!  Remember the Batman movie hoax?  That was in Colordo.
NWO hq is in Colorado.
A polio-like illnesses was also identified in California children. Two tested positive for enterovirus 68.

Most of these children are up to date on polio vaccinations.
I was told Bill Gates admitted vaccine is part of depopulation.
I have no way to verify that.  I do know a doctor told me kids who were vaccinated were getting whooping cough.

No single article tells us the whole story, only a puzzle piece.
If YOU know someone with a polio-like disease please email me!

OBOLIO  Polio-like illness
might be one and the same

Where are we in Time, prophecy
My commentary Sept. 27th, 2014  Saturday

U.N. Agenda 21
NWO globalist depopulation plan like the Georgia Guidestones

The illegals are bringing many diseases to USA -
many virus to combine with ours and mutate.
UN Agenda 21 depopulation is under way.

Dont listen to news or CDC PropAgenda

Child With Enterovirus 68 Dies in Rhode Island
October 1, 2014  
A child infected with enterovirus 68 has died, the Rhode Island Department of Health said today, marking the first publicly announced enterovirus 68 death since the outbreak began this summer.

After the Rhode Island announcement, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that three patients who died later tested positive for the virus that's infecting children across the country. It is not clear what role the virus played in these deaths, but the CDC said state and local health officials are investigating.

The 10-year-old girl from Cumberland, Rhode Island, died last week of a rare combination of bacterial and viral infections, the department said, explaining that she died of Staphylococcus aureus sepsis "associated with" enterovirus 68.

"We are all heartbroken to hear about the death of one of Rhode Island's children," state Health Department Director Dr. Michael Fine said in a statement. "Many of us will have EV-D68 [enterovirus 68]. Most of us will have very mild symptoms and all but very few will recover quickly and completely."

Enterovirus 68, which is suspected of sickening children in 46 states, starts out like the common cold but can quickly turn serious and send children to the hospital with breathing problems. And on Monday, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced it was investigating whether the virus led to temporary limb paralysis in nine children in Colorado. It is related to the polio virus.

The girl's illness began with cold-like symptoms and shortness of breath, Fine said during a press conference today. Her parents called 911 last week, but after she arrived at the hospital her condition "deteriorated very quickly."

"Things became dire," Fine said.

She died of Staphylococcus aureus sepsis, which he said was "associated with" her enterovirus 68 infection. Staphylococcus aureus is a bacteria that lives in about 30 percent of people's noses and usually doesn't cause any problems, according to the CDC. It can be serious or fatal when it results in sepsis, which is body-wide inflammation that results from an infection, according to the CDC. Sepsis can cause blood flow problems, which leads to organ failure.

"Staphylococcus aureus sepsis"

Verry interesting.  The darkweb is calling the NWO pestilence attack on people

They say that Enterovirus is a polio-like virus but I believe that it is much more sinister than that (I have my reasons).  I believe that it may well be the new strain of botulism that they would not release any info on last year.  .  
- C

The Scarlet Plague, October Surprise?

CDC Virologists Pray for a “Marriage Between Human and Veterinary Medicine” With Ebola


TEXAS Children’s Hospital Dallas says 11-year-old Allen boy diagnosed with enterovirus suffering from paralysis
Oct. 2, 2014
An 11-year-old boy who’s being treated for a common respiratory illness at Children’s Medical Center Dallas is paralyzed in his right arm.
That’s according to hospital officials on Thursday, who said the boy is undergoing physical therapy as part of his treatment. Says Children’s spokesman Randy Sachs, the boy — who is from Allen — will be transferred in a couple of days to a rehabilitation facility.

This is the first case we’ve seen with the paralysis symptoms,” says Sachs. “Most of the kids we suspect are positive for enterovirus-D68 have more of a respiratory problem as their key complaint.”

Enterovirus-D68 dates back to the 1960s, but in recent weeks it has become a national story as headlines fill with tales of children paralyzed by the virus.

Just last week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed Thursday 10 positive cases of the enterovirus-D68 in the Dallas area. Paralysis isn’t a common occurrence among those stricken with the virus, which usually causes mild to severe respiratory illness, such as fever, runny nose, sneezing, cough and body and muscle aches.

Dr Ben Greenberg, a neurologist at Children’s, has been treating the boy since early August. Initially, says Greenberg, the boy came in with a respiratory infection. That was in late July, when the boy had a fever and a cold — nothing to worry about, at least not initially. He returned in early August with weakness in his right arm. Says Greenberg, the boy has enterovirus; it’s still not confirmed the boy has enterovirus-D68. The CDC is running tests to confirm. But “statistically, I bet it is,” says Greenberg.

The reason: Monday night he was part of a call with 20 other North American medical centers, and all have some cases in-house, says Greenberg. Colorado has the most, he says, “but this is by no means isolated.”

Says Greenberg, on the one hand people should take comfort in the fact that cases like the one at Children’s are incredibly rare. Millions of kids get colds every year, and “only a very, very small fraction of a percent of the kids who get the infection also get the neurological” issues seen in Dallas.

“I am a father of two, and if my daughter came home with a cold, I wouldn’t panic because overwhelmingly this is a very rare thing to occur,” he says. “I would have them wash their hands.”
But, he says, with the good news comes the bad.

“The reason this is getting so much attention is twofold,” he says. “We have no specific treatment. All we can do is treat and support the kids, but the deficits are long-lasting. They are having limited recovery, and we are worried for the children — there might be lifelong impacts. The closest thing it’s aligned to is polio, which paralyzed thousands of kids at a time. We’re trying to coordinate what’s happening to make sure we’re not headed back to the days of polio. If we are we need to get ahead of it. We need to develop a vaccine now before it does a lot of damage.”

11 children have mystery illness in Colorado
October 4, 2014
 Another child in Colorado has been hospitalized with partial paralysis, Children's Hospital Colorado announced.
Doctors don't know what is causing the mysterious neurological illness. They have identified 10 other children at the hospital with similar symptoms: limb weakness, cranial nerve dysfunction and abnormalities in the spinal gray matter. Four children in Boston also match the criteria for this illness, doctors say.

The mother of one of the Colorado children described the family's "scary experience."
It started with a cough. Then the girl became lethargic and her fever rose.
Her mom took her to the doctor, but the girl's blood work looked fine. Doctors sent her home to rest.
The next day, the girl complained of weakness in her arm.
"I thought that she was being dramatic and faking it," her mom said, speaking on the condition of anonymity.
But over Labor Day weekend, the muscle weakness got worse. "She kept dropping her corn on the cob." Almost two weeks after the illness started, the girl was admitted to the hospital.

Some of the children in Colorado and Boston have tested positive for enterovirus D68, a virus that has been sending children around the country to the hospital with severe respiratory illness. But others had no signs of the virus in their system.
"It's probably going to be weeks to months in terms of trying to understand what's happening," said Dr. Samuel Dominguez with Children's Hospital.

As of Wednesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had confirmed 500 cases of respiratory illnesses caused by enterovirus D68 in 42 states.

EV-D68 - Enterovirus D68 has also been found in samples from four people who died recently, according to the CDC, but it's unclear what role the virus played in their deaths. It's possible that enterovirus had nothing to do with them. The virus is very common, especially in the late summer and early fall, with the CDC estimating 10 million to 15 million infections each year in the United States.

"I tend to be a fairly calm, laid-back mom," the girl's mother said when asked about her recommendation for other parents. "Yes, things are mysterious, and it's hard in life when we can't get an exact answer, but I really feel that it's not something that other people should panic about."

Her daughter has returned to school and continues to do physical therapy to regain strength in her am. [b]Several children are still in the hospital, Dominguez said.
"The other kids who have been admitted have continued to be stable ... they're not getting worse but they're not showing dramatic improvement."

There Will Be Pestilences
Why Are So Many Deadly Diseases Breaking Out All Over The Globe Right Now?
Ebola, Marburg, Enterovirus and Chikungunya
- these diseases were not even on the radar of most people coming into 2014, but now each one of them is making headline news.  So why is this happening?  Why are so many deadly diseases breaking out all over the world right now?  Is there some kind of a connection, or is the fact that so many horrible diseases are arising all at once just a giant coincidence?  And this could be just the beginning.  For example, there are now more than a million cases of Chikungunya in Central and South America, and authorities are projecting that there will be millions more in 2015.  The number of Ebola cases continues to grow at an exponential rate, and now an even deadlier virus (Marburg) has broken out in Uganda.  We have gone decades without experiencing a major worldwide pandemic, and many people believed that it could never happen in our day and time.  But now we could potentially see several absolutely devastating diseases all racing across the planet at the same time.

On Monday, we got news that the first confirmed case of Ebola transmission in Europe has happened.  A nurse in Spain that had treated a couple of returning Ebola patients has contracted the disease herself...
   A nurse's assistant in Spain is the first person known to have contracted Ebola outside of Africa in the current outbreak.
   Spanish Health Minister Ana Mato announced Monday that a test confirmed the assistant has the virus.
   The woman helped treat a Spanish missionary and a Spanish priest, both of whom had contracted Ebola in West Africa. Both died after returning to Spain.
   Health officials said she developed symptoms on September 30. She was not hospitalized until this week. Her only symptom was a fever.
How many people did she spread the virus to before it was correctly diagnosed?

Ebola is certainly not the only virus making headlines right now.
Down in Uganda, a man has just died from a confirmed case of the Marburg Virus...

Meanwhile, a disease that sounds very similar to Ebola and Marburg has popped up in Venezuela and doctors down there do not know what it is...
   "We do not know what it is," admitted Duglas León Natera, president of the Venezuelan Medical Federation.
Why aren't we hearing more about this in the mainstream news?

Here in the United States, enterovirus D-68 has sickened hundreds of children all over the country.  So far cases have been confirmed in 43 different states, several children have been paralyzed by it, and one New Jersey boy has died...

   Parents in New Jersey are concerned after a state medical examiner determined a virus causing severe respiratory illness across the country is responsible for the death of a 4-year-old boy.

   Hamilton Township health officer Jeff Plunkett said the Mercer County medical examiner's office found the death of Eli Waller was the result of enterovirus D-68. Waller, the youngest of a set of triplets, died in his sleep at home on Sept. 25.

   The virus has sickened more than 500 people in 43 states and Washington, D.C.— almost all of them children. Waller is the first death in New Jersey directly linked to the virus.

The CDC seems to have no idea how to contain the spread of enterovirus D-68.
So why should we be confident that they will be able to contain the spread of Ebola?

Last but not least, the Chikungunya virus is at pandemic levels all over Central and South America.
We aren't hearing that much about this disease in the U.S., but at this point more than a million people have already been infected...

   An excruciating mosquito-borne illness that arrived less than a year ago in the Americas is raging across the region, leaping from the Caribbean to the Central and South American mainland, and infecting more than 1 million people. Some cases already have emerged in the United States.
The good news is that very few people actually die from this disease.
The bad news is that almost everyone that gets it feels like they are dying.

In a previous article, I wrote about the intense suffering that victims go through.  According to Slate, the name of this virus originally "comes from a Makonde word meaning ‘that which bends up,’ referring to the contortions sufferers put themselves through due to intense joint pain."

Right now, the number of cases of Chikungunya is absolutely exploding.  Just check out the following excerpt from a recent Fox News report...

   In El Salvador, health officials report nearly 30,000 suspected cases, up from 2,300 at the beginning of August, and hospitals are filled with people with the telltale signs of the illness, including joint pain so severe it can be hard to walk.
   "The pain is unbelievable," said Catalino Castillo, a 39-year-old seeking treatment at a San Salvador hospital. "It's been 10 days and it won't let up."

   Venezuelan officials reported at least 1,700 cases as of Friday, and the number is expected to rise. Neighboring Colombia has around 4,800 cases but the health ministry projects there will be nearly 700,000 by early 2015.

So why is this happening?
Why are so many absolutely horrible diseases emerging all at once?
California officials report 32 enterovirus cases

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California health officials said Friday that they have confirmed 32 cases of a virus that can cause serious respiratory illness — more than double the figure from a week earlier.

However, the state Department of Public Health said there doesn't appear to be any outbreak of enterovirus D68, which has sickened hundreds and possibly caused several deaths around the country.

Respiratory illness figures in the state are normal for this time of year, the agency said in a statement.

Eight cases of enterovirus D68 were reported in San Diego County, five in Alameda County and four in Los Angeles County, the agency said.

There were three cases reported in Orange County and San Francisco County, two in Riverside County, one each in Contra Costa, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Solano and Ventura counties, and one each in the cities of Long Beach and Berkeley, the public health department said.

All of the confirmed cases involve children, the Los Angeles Times ( reported.

The three patients in Orange County are unrelated and "are not linked with any community outbreak of the illness," according to a statement from the Orange County Health Care Agency.

EV-D68 California *  32 enterovirus cases
October 11, 2014  
The only way to prevent its spread is through hand washing.
California has identified 32 cases of enterovirus D-68 (EV-D68) statewide.  All 32 patients were children ranging in age from a week old to 15 years old.  On Oct. 3 there were 14 EV-D68 patients reported.  EV D-68 emerged in the Midwest mid-August to a total of 691 people nationwide had a respiratory illness caused by enterovirus D-68.
Several are calling this OBOLIO as illegals brot it up to US states from South America thanks to Obama.

The virus has been associated, rarely in the USA, with severe breathing troubles and, even more rarely, with neurological symptoms, including polio-like muscle weakness.
Only one California case this year has involved partial paralysis: a child currently being treated at Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

Oct 11 - I updated this entire thread.
The actual number of EV-D68 infections is likely significantly higher since some health officials are not testing every suspected case.

Vaccinated children are getting this!  (Natural News)
Are vaccines against polio CAUSING this EV-D68?


The way CDC has LIED to us about ebola, any faith in CDC is misplaced.

Alabama EV-D68
October 10,2015  Mommy my hands are going numb

The mother of a five-year-old girl paralyzed by the enterovirus has spoken out about the hell of watching her young daughter battle the deadly illness.  Kinley Galbreath spent the past 3 weeks in intensive care at Children's of Alabama, where she remains on a ventilator paralyzed from her arms to her legs.

The child was admitted to hospital and diagnosed with the potentially fatal respiratory illness enterovirus D-68 (EV-D68).  The mother said: As she was getting ready to doze off, she said 'mommy, my hands are going numb' and by that point she started to lose movement in her neck.  The third day she lost movement from her legs down.
Toddler first in Michigan to die from enterovirus strain

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A 21-month-old girl is the first in the state of Michigan and second in the U.S. to die this year from a strain of the enterovirus that has infected more than 500 people across the nation, health officials said on Saturday.

Madeline Reid, who was stricken with Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68), passed away late on Friday while being treated at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan in Detroit, hospital officials said in a statement.

"It is never easy to lose a child, and our entire healthcare team at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan is deeply saddened by this family’s loss and mourns with them during this very difficult time," Rudolph Valentini, chief medical officer at the children's hospital, said.

Reid is the first in the state reported to have died from the virus, Michigan Department of Community Health spokeswoman Jennifer Smith said.

More than 500 people, mostly children, in 43 states and the District of Columbia have been infected with EV-D68 since mid-August, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

This week, the CDC said that a 4-year-old Eli Waller of New Jersey, who went to bed last month in seemingly good health and died in his sleep, was the first fatality linked directly to the strain of the virus.

Aside from Reid and Waller, at least four others infected with Enterovirus D68 have died this year, although the CDC said it is unclear what role the virus played in their deaths.

EV-D68 is one of more than 100 non-polio enteroviruses, which are common at this time of year and cause 10 million to 15 million infections in the United States annually. Few people who contract Enterovirus D68 develop symptoms beyond a runny nose and low fever.

More links
A 21-month-old girl is the first child in Michigan to die from the respiratory illness, Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68).

Michigan Toddler Becomes Sixth Death From Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) – While Alabama Toddler Clinging To Life
Enterovirus D68, or EV-D68, is what should be called “The UAC Virus” (Unaccompanied Alien Children)

I am doing a report on this.  I believe its weaponized.
Its *possible* this is planted in routine childrens vaccines.


Alabama child upgraded
Oct 14, 2014  Kinley Galbreath
has been upgraded from critical to fair condition.
Kinley's doctor believes she can recover from this but it will take a long time, possibly months to do so. And she said she may not recover 100 percent.

Enterovirus D68 in USA, Canada, EV-D68  ( OBOLIO )
This is occurring in kids who had their immunizations

The CDC denies EV-D68 virus is linked to the illegal kids, when every thinking American KNOWS that is where it came from.  This is rampant south of our border.

New test speeds diagnosing enterovirus D68 in kids
October 14, 2014  EV-D68
severe respiratory illnesses caused by an unusual virus.
The untrustworthy CDC is using a new test for enterovirus D68 to help process more specimens per day.

This respiratory illnesses is occurring in children since August and a cause of at least 6 deaths.  EV-D68 is a possible factor in muscle weakness and paralysis in at least 27 children and adults in a dozen states.

It is not yet clear whether enterovirus D68 is causing the paralysis symptoms, but Dr. David Agus believes there may be a connection. "Polio is an enterovirus so we know enteroviruses can affect neurological symptoms.  In fact there was an outbreak earlier this year in the state of California where several kids got paralysis and they also had this particular virus."

Sept. 9, 2014
- A fast-spreading virus related to hand-foot-and-mouth disease is hospitalizing kids across the country.  The virus is called enterovirus D68 or EV-D68.
Some children with EV-D68 have died, but it’s unclear if the virus directly caused their deaths or was a contributing factor.  What’s unusual about this one is that it’s a virus that hasn’t widely spread through the U.S. before.

Enterovirus (Non-Polio Enterovirus Infection)

acute flaccid myelitis

EV D68, Enterovirus 68
October 26, 2014 -  Neurologists have named EV D68 acute flaccid myelitis
Mysterious polio-like disease for America's kids, thanks to Obama's illegals!
More than 100 cases of a polio-like syndrome causing full or partial paralysis of the arms or legs have been seen in children across the United States in recent months.
Symptoms have ranged from mild weakness in a single arm to complete paralysis, even the muscles controlling the lungs.

The outbreak has neurologists scrambling to find out what is causing these cases and how best to treat it.  Some of the children have had some recovery of strength.

“We don’t know how to treat or prevent it.
It actually looks just like polio, but that term really freaks out the public-health people.”

Instead, neurologists are now calling it acute flaccid myelitis.  Myelitis is an inflammation of the gray matter, the nerve cells, in the spinal cord, showing up as a bright spot on an MRI.

Could this have been EV D68 ?
UKRAINE Mystery Virus
Hundreds killed - by the vaccine

Coming to AmeriKa  *  compliments of
Mysterious Illness Has Stricken 103 Kids Since August. What Is Acute Flaccid Myelitis?

A mysterious illness, characterized by a sudden polio-like paralysis of an arm or a leg, has shown up in about three new kids a week since August, according the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

The disease, called Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM), is still a mystery to the medical community. Some believe it might be linked to last year’s nationwide outbreak of enterovirus 68, but doctors can’t say for sure. Last week, a report from the CDC said there was no enterovirus found in the spinal fluid of 71 AFM patients.

According to the CDC, about two-thirds of the 103 children in 34 states who’ve been diagnosed with AFM have reported improvements, but only one has completely recovered. The median age of kids with the condition is 7 years old, and most are presented with a fever or respiratory symptoms before the onset of the paralysis.

While the unusual amount of cases of AFM is cause for concern, “the message to parents is not to panic,” Dominika Wittek, MD, a pediatrician with Tribeca Pediatrics, tells Yahoo Parenting. “The numbers are still very low, and we don’t know yet exactly what we are dealing with.

Still, Wittek says that parents should make sure their kids are up-to-date on their polio vaccines — and all vaccines — and if a child shows any unusual symptoms, seek medical attention. “There’s going to be more research and we will hopefully be able to answer many more questions,” Wittek says. “For now, pay attention to symptoms surrounding a cold. A runny nose or a cough shouldn’t be alarming, but if there are signs of joint distress or prolonged illness, reach out to your pediatrician and discuss your concerns.”

          POLIO, polio like disease (OBOLIO)

UN Agenda 21 was implemented by Exec Order June 2010 by Barak Hussein Obama

The LORD warned me, Do not call conspiracy everything that these people call conspiracy.
Do not fear what they fear, and do not dread it.  The LORD Almighty is the One you are to regard as holy,
He is the one you are to fear.  Isaiah 8:11-13

ZionsCRY Commentary / Analysis January 2011
If you want to call it Conspiracy, go ahead  
I guess you can call this analysis, based on .. err .. sand. Only thing NOT here is Project Blue Beam, the UFO antichrist.
I cant tell you how much is true, false, maybe, only that I suggest to consider it in prayer.
I believe GOD's End Time Clock began to tick in 2009, and will NOT stop it or turn back till ALL scripture is fulfilled.

I AM NOT PERSONALLY PREDICTING ANYTHING! I am analyzing the merit of what some unnamed dude said.
Some of this FINAL CALL has also said.  I have put his and other prophetic warnings in my forum, which I suggest you review.
Evidently some people have ad blockers on their computer browsers which forbid reading my FREE forum.  TURN THAT OFF and LOOK.
Dont click the ads, just read the info.  I added links with more on each item, history.

NWO Quote  
In order for us to pull off the 'bird flu' and do the population reduction, we have to show our god that
we control people's minds through everybody paying attention to sports now, 24 News, etc.
END NWO Quote.  (NWO god is Lucifer, satan, same as Mormons and Islam.)

A couple of years ago a Pittsburgh radio host spoke to 'Superbowl Steve' who had met a scientist back in 1988 who had ties to the Illuminati.
This scientist mentioned some things which would occur in coming years.  Some stuff he said has occurred and some has not.  The warning was supposedly for 2009.  
One which has NOT was that a nuke would blow at a bowl game.  I have to wonder if some 'christians' have ties to the illuminati / globalists / NWO, as their dreams and predictions parallel.
Steve made some sports predictions which are of no consequence.  Satan would have to put in some lies along with true stuff, ala Glenn Beck.

NWO Begins at the Denver Airport    
Steve said - One day Denver will be the western capitol of the NOW and Pittsburgh would be the new eastern capital.
Judging by all the favoring of homo sin and hatred of Christians in some Pennsylvaia cities, this makes sense.
Pittsburgh is supposedly the home of the Illuminati.  Denver airport is deeply occult, and one stone depicts the lodge Obama belongs to.
March 1994 stone in the wall of the Denver airport has Prince Hall Lodge engraved, which is Obama's lodge.  Barak Obama is a 32 degree Prince Hall Mason.
Secret Underground 2012 Base at Denver Airport.  I always laugh at the word 'secret.'
Denver Airport, FBI HQ, Obama, NWO manifesto

We will go to war with Iran and Venezuela - Steve predicted in 1988.  This is coming true, tho the shooting has not begun - yet.

Barak Obama  
Steve said - Back in 1988, a black man was being groomed to be President one day.  I also heard a pastor say this on radio a year ago.
Cant recall his name.  The time had to be right for someone as Evil as Obama to usurp power.  
The Congress, U.S. Supreme Court and media all had to be usurped, coopted, and the American people become immoral.  That year was 2008.

Steve said - COMMUNICATIONS will be cut off.  Yes, no surprise, this I have been expecting.  
Plenty of rumors about this blaming an EMP, but govt can cut it ALL OFF in an instant.

DEPOPULATION  PLAN,  part of CODEX, UN Agenda 21

Steve said - The bird flu would be released to reduce the world's population shortly after Obama takes office.
Bioweapon 666 in your BIRD FLU vaccine.  This is already stockpiled with this 666 label.  ZionsCRY reported this a year ago.
People will be told they MUST get a vaccine against a bird flu.  This is what will kill them, not any phony flu.
BOTH the vaccine - AND WHERE they line up to get it - are the killers, not a phony flu.

Gulf of Mexico oil      
Steve predicted the jet stream would be changed by something the NWO would do.  My guess is - that was the Gulf Oil mess.
The Gulf of Mexico oil calamity April, 2010 I have NO doubt was intentionally caused, then the toxic chemical COREXIT sprayed over not only Gulf waters but also the land.  
That killed the Gulf and caused harm and death to birds.  It is said this changed the jet stream and world weather patterns.

North Atlantic current, jet stream moved, weather mod

Gulf of Mexico oil calamity

Steve said - A toxic sand would be placed in coal fire electric generators. NWO will put this toxic sand in the power plants to depopulate the U.S.A.
People on the East coast will think they have the bird flu but it won't be the flu, it will be this toxic sand.
This toxic sand covers a great portion of North America and the eastern seaboard of the United States and the west coast of Europe.

NEWS  -  May 2008 Radioactive sand so toxic they couldn't leave any in Kuwait entered the United States.
Did this Radioactive sand from Kuwait to Idaho on 80 railcars travel across the USA, leaving some sand in various places?
Highly Toxic sand contaminated with depleted uranium high levels of lead from Kuwait from Gulf War 1 came into the USA and this will play a part.  
ZionsCRY reported a year ago this toxic sand ended up in the state of Washington.

freep blog reports  
Sand from live fire exercise ranges in Kuwait in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, not from Desert Storm.
The sand coming from Camp Doha, a U.S. Army Base in Kuwait, to Idaho was contaminated with uranium after
military vehicles and munitions caught fire during the first Persian Gulf War in 1991.  (Persian ?)
Toxic sand:
Contaminated sand from Kuwait heads to US:
Radioactive sand from Kuwait to Idaho, freerepublic May 02, 2008

Planet X    Steve said - The NWO will blame the weather on Planet X, claim the fumes the dirty smoke is going to be the gaseous trail from this planet.
It won't hit the Earth, 700-800 miles away - we're going to blame the dark skies on this planet X.

NOAA scientest claims The North Pole is moving rapidly.  National Geographic News report described a gradual shift of the
Earth's magnetic pole is moving toward Russia at nearly 40 miles a year because of magnetic changes in the core of the planet.
This could be true but set this in your 'doubt' pile.  I have seen pole shift / magnetic north is moving for a couple years.  I dont know what to think of it.
National Geographic is just as coopted by the NWO and our news is.  The tentacles of the Evil NWO octopus are in every inch of our global structure.

Georgia Guidestones, Satans 10 commandments

PRAY, read scripture, stay close to Jesus and avoid SIN.
Have a month of FOOD at home,
have CASH in hand
if you cant access your bank for a month.
Keep home heating fuel and gas tank on car(s) FULL.

* 2015 combining several threads, dates will be out of sequence where I add them in

Depopulation Plan
February 2014 -  Gasping for Breath? Horrific Depopulation Plan

Pathological murderers who are changing the pH of our planet and acidifying the oceans, which in turn influences your health by stealing the very air you breath.  Geo-engineering is the most common tool utilized in changing the earth pH, despite claims otherwise.  The very name of the primary symptom caused from geo-engineering is, too much smoke from above.   These killers, and that is just what they are, would like you to believe that the average human is causing the global pH to change.  Using the $100 anthropogenic word, they try to sway your understanding of their crimes against humanity, and to buy-in the belief that you are the cause.

Your Health and Earths Changing pH
Changing the acidity of the environment depresses your metabolic rate. Your metabolism is the mechanism that disperses energy and also saves it for use at another time through fat.   It may be that the sudden spike in obesity blamed on unhealthy life-style choices may in reality be caused by nefarious actors with a blatant depopulation agenda.

Hear that giant sucking sound?  That is the air you used to breathe
Fair Use: Wikipedia

Adjustments to the pH of the planet can also adversely affect your immune system response.  It can cause Hypercapnia or hypercapnea also known as hypercarbia, which is a condition of abnormally elevated carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in the blood.  It is thought that this is a contributing factor of sudden death syndrome in infants.

In soil, changing the pH kills the beneficial soil organisms needed to produce healthy, nutrient-dense, foods.  It also interferes with calcium uptake which was our gardens primary challenge last year.  Changing calcium uptake in humans can prove lethal as calcium is involved in cellular transmission, bones, teeth and other vital organ functions of the body.

Take a look at these two short You Tube videos of captive rockfish, before and after changing the pH of the water.
While it is impossible to change the acidification of the ocean, we can each do our part to minimize the pH changes being perpetrated against us. Each of us can grow our own nutrient-dense food instead of trusting corporate chemical company food.  It is possible to change your pH by what foods and drinks you consume. There are also new agricultural techniques such as permaculture that can add nutrition and value to your home garden, We can add beneficial organisms to the soil and take care to repair damages (yes, cleaning up others messes) by implementing agricultural techniques the way the Creator took care of the earth, in the beginning.

Rockfish behavior, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

They quickly forgot His works;  They did not wait for His counsel,
But craved intensely in the wilderness, And tempted God in the desert.
So He gave them their request, But sent a wasting disease among them.

When they became envious of Moses in the camp, And of Aaron, the holy one of the LORD,
The earth opened and swallowed up Dathan, And engulfed the company of Abiram.
And a fire blazed up in their company The flame consumed the wicked.
Psalm 106:13-17

Rare polio-like disease
Feb. 24, 2014
 20 people mostly children have been infected by an emerging polio-like disease in California.
Some patients developed paralysis in all 4 limbs which had not improved with treatment.
The US is polio-free, but related viruses can also attack the nervous system leading to paralysis.

Doctors say they do not expect an epidemic of the polio-like virus and that the infection remains rare.
Global vaccination programmes mean polio is endemic only in Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan.

5 cases showed enterovirus-68 - which is related to poliovirus - could be to blame.
In those cases all the children had been vaccinated against polio.
Enterovirus-68 is strongly associated with outbreaks of respiratory illness.
Symptoms have ranged from restricted movement in one limb to severe weakness in both legs and arms.

Emerging infection
The cases have been spread over a 100-mile diameter (160km) so the research team do not think the virus represents a single cluster or outbreak.
However, many more people could have been infected without developing serious symptoms - as was the case with polio.
Dr Waubant suspects similar cases in Asia could explain why California is affected, but not the rest of the US.
Dr Keith Van Haren said the cases highlight the possibility of an emerging infectious polio-like syndrome in California.

Depopulation Plan underway

Agenda 21

October surprise


Canadian experimental Ebola vaccine vials arrive in Geneva
Oct 22, 2014   CBC -  WHO plans to start large-scale *vaccine trials in West Africa in January 2015
.  I have heard they began early 2014 and Africans became suspicious the needle gives the ebola.

Travellers from the 3 West African countries expected to check in with U.S. health officials for 21 days.
The first 250 vials of Canada's experimental Ebola vaccine arrived in Geneva for clinical trials that could start 2014 November.

The federal government to provide 800 vials of the *vaccine, called rVSV-EBOV.
It is one of two lead vaccines that the World Health Organization flagged for potential use in West Africa.

Many "ifs" remain about the experimental *vaccines.
The first human trials of the Canadian vaccine began 2014 October in Bethesda, Md.  Four more, in Germany, Switzerland, Gabon** and Kenya, are expected to start in the next few weeks.

250 people will be enrolled in these Phase 1 trials designed to show whether a *vaccine is safe to use in people and what protective dose is needed.

British drugmaker ***GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and the U.S. National Institutes of Health *vaccine is known as cAd3-ZEBOV. It is from a modified chimpanzee cold virus and an Ebola protein. It is in clinical trials now in Britain and in Mali.  There are U.S. troops in Mali.

*** Glaxo has been involved in fraud and scandal.
** Gabon is on the west coast of Central Africa on the equator.
* I am told these and most vaccines today contain a 'kill trigger' the govt can trip as they wish.  ALL vaccines including annual flu shots now have this 'kill trigger.'

U.N. Agenda 21 - NWO globalist depopulation plan
Sustainable development, code for depopulation, kill people

IT WAS PLANNED - by our governments!

Matthew 24

Luke 21

The Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ to John

And many MANY other scriptures!

First they came . .  .  .  .  
First they came for the Jews, Christians, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.
Then they came for the ( blacks, Muslims, Communists, ) and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Communist.
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.
Then they came for me and there was no one was left to speak out for me.
Originally Pastor Martin Niemoller, periodicly revised, periodly needed

It has been over 60 years after the Second World War in Europe ended.  6 million Jews, 20 million Russians, 10 million Christians
and 1,900 Catholic priests were murdered, massacred, raped, burned, starved and humiliated with the German and Russian peoples
looking the other way!  Now, more than ever, with Iran, among others, claiming the Holocaust to be a myth, it is imperative to
make sure the world never forgets, because they want to do it again.

First they came


Criminal probe of meningitis outbreaks
October 12, 2012  -  14 DEAD, 170 infected

More tainted steroid injections than thought were given to 14,000 patients.
14 have died from meningitis and 170 people have been infected.
23 states received shipments, Meningitis fungus cases have been confirmed in 11 states
Meningitis is an infection of the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord. Patients show a variety of symptoms including severe headaches and fever.

The widening outbreak has alarmed U.S. health officials and focused attention on regulations of pharmaceutical compounding companies such as the one that produced the drugs, the New England Compounding Center, Inc. in Framingham, Mass.
Over 50 vials of steroid treatments from the NECC and other sites have tested positive for fungus that causes meningitis.
The FDA said the outbreak shows the need for a risk-based scheme for dealing with drug compounding.
The NECC appears to have violated state licensing laws to produce drugs.

Massachusetts restricts compounding pharmacies to formulating medications for individual prescriptions. But Massachusetts officials are concerned NECC may have been acting more like a drug manufacturer.
They were making big batches and selling out of state.

Pestilence Watch * Ebola, SARS, meningitis

7 dead as meningitis outbreak grows
October 6, 2012  
 Atlanta (CNN) - The death toll from an outbreak of fungal meningitis linked to contaminated steroid injections has risen to seven, said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
The total number of cases has also grown to 64 people in nine states, the CDC said. That is 17 more cases and two more states than the day before.
Patients contracted the deadly meningitis after being injected in their spine with a preservative-free steroid called methylprednisolone acetate that was contaminated by a fungus. The steroid is used to treat pain and inflammation.

Health officials say 76 medical facilities in 23 states received the contaminated products, which were manufactured by New England Compounding Center in Framingham, Massachusetts.
NECC voluntarily recalled three lots of the injectible steroid last week. As a precaution, the Food and Drug Administration is asking doctors, clinics, and consumers to stop using any products made by NECC.

Meningitis outbreak tangles two pharmacies with common owners
10/10/12  BOSTON  - A Massachusetts company that mixes drugs for hospitals on Wednesday gave up an attempt to distance itself from an affiliated pharmacy linked to a deadly U.S. outbreak of fungal meningitis.
Ameridose LLC agreed to close down for 12 days while state and federal officials investigate the New England Compounding Center, which distributed thousands of vials of a contaminated steroid made at a shabby brick complex next to a waste and recycling operation in a western suburb of Boston.

The pharmacies are owned by Gregory Conigliaro, an engineer, and his brother-in-law, Barry Cadden, a pharmacist who was in charge of pharmacy operations at NECC. The waste and recycling facility is another of Conigliaro's business interests.
Ameridose and NECC mix, dilute and prepare drugs into formulations not typically available through pharmaceutical manufacturers from facilities in Massachusetts. NECC has surrendered its license and recalled its products in the wake of the meningitis outbreak, which has claimed a dozen lives.

Meningitis-linked steroid may have affected 13,000 people in U.S.: CDC
Oct 9, 2012
NASHVILLE, Tennessee - Some 13,000 people in 23 U.S. states may have received steroid injections linked to a rare fungal meningitis outbreak that has killed eight people, but far fewer are likely to contract the disease, the Centers for Disease Control said on Monday.
The CDC for the first time estimated the number of patients potentially affected, after previously saying only that it could be in the thousands.

So far, 105 cases of the rare form of meningitis have been confirmed in nine states. In hardest hit Tennessee another person has died, bringing the national death toll to eight, the CDC and Tennessee state authorities said on Monday.
Nearly 1,000 people in Tennessee may have received injections from the three recalled lots containing 17,676 vials of potentially tainted steroid, Tennessee Health Commissioner Dr. John Dreyzehner said on Monday. Saint Thomas Outpatient Neurosurgery Center in Nashville received some 2,000 vials, more than any other facility in the country, he said.

Shocked   U.S. meningitis outbreak death toll rises to 12
October 10, 2012  The injection ingredient may have contained SEWAGE!

The death toll from an American meningitis outbreak linked to tainted medication has reached 12, according to US officials, who have documented more than 120 infections in 10 states.
Officials at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said as many as 13,000 people might have received doses of the contaminated steroid injection that has caused an outbreak of the rare fungal infection.
Among the hardest hit states are Tennessee with 39 cases, Michigan with 25, and Virginia with 24. Florida, Maryland and Minnesota, New Jersey, Indiana, North Carolina and Ohio also reported cases.

Mass. gov: Drug firm may have misled regulators
Oct. 11, 2012  BOSTON (AP) — The specialty pharmacy linked to a deadly meningitis outbreak may have misled regulators and done work beyond the scope of its state license, said Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick.
Meanwhile, a second pharmacy connected to the New England Compounding Center in Framingham has shut down for state and federal inspection.
The New England Compounding Center made a steroid that was used in injections for back pain that were later found contaminated. More than 130 people in 11 states have been sickened. Twelve have died.
Patrick told reporters that state and federal agencies "may have been misled by some of the information we were given" by the New England Compounding Center.

Meningitis outbreak
October 13, 2012
Meningitis-linked Massachusetts pharmacy founder had background in recycling
An Indiana death confirmed, 197 meningitis cases to date.
The pharmacy linked to the outbreak of meningitis is owned by two brothers-in-law.
One is a pharmacist, the other a risk-taking businessman.
Now investigators try to determine how a steroid solution supplied by the pharmacy apparently became contaminated with a fungus.
The drug has sickened nearly 200 people in 12 states, killing 15.  Most of the patients had received spinal injections of the steroid for back pain.
NECC was founded as a compounding pharmacy, a laboratory that custom-mixes solution, creams and other medicines in dosages and forms that often are unavailable from pharmaceutical companies.

Meningitis outbreak expands to Pennsylvania
October 15, 2012  
A fungal meningitis outbreak linked to contaminated steroid injections expanded to 15 states as Pennsylvania reported its first case of the disease that has killed 15 people nationwide.The Pennsylvania is being treated in a hospital.
At St. Thomas in Nashville Tennessee, 275 patients have undergone spinal tap tests, a painful procedure to determine if they have meningitis, and 33 people infected with meningitis have been treated.

US meningitis deaths rise to 19 as probe of firm intensifies
October 18, 2012  19 deaths
from a US meningitis outbreak linked to contaminated steroid medications.
Federal agents raided the offices of the company at the center of the scandal and took away documents.
The Centers for Disease Control said states had confirmed 4 more deaths in the last 24 hours.

How did steroids linked to meningitis outbreak get contaminated?
Was it some moldy ceiling tiles? The dusty shoes of a careless employee? Or did the contamination ride in on one of the ingredients?
There are lots of ways fungus could have gotten inside the Massachusetts compounding pharmacy whose steroid medication has been linked to a lethal outbreak of a rare fungal form of meningitis.
The outbreak has killed at least 15 people and sickened more than 200 others in 15 states. Nearly all the victims had received steroid injections for back pain.

Federal and state investigators have been tightlipped about any problems they may have seen at the New England Compounding Center or whether they have pinpointed the source of the contamination. They did disclose last week that they found fungus in more than 50 vials from the pharmacy.

Company spokesman Andrew Paven said by email that criminal investigators from the Food and Drug Administration were at the pharmacy in Framingham, Mass., on Tuesday. The visit was part of a broad federal and state investigation of the outbreak, FDA spokesman Steven Immergut said in an email.

New England Compounding has not commented on its production process or what might have gone wrong, so outside experts can only speculate. But the betting money seems to be on dirty conditions, faulty sterilizing equipment, tainted ingredients or sloppiness on the part of employees.
The drug at the center of the investigation is made without preservative, meaning there's no alcohol or other solution in it to kill germs such as a fungus. So it's very important that it be made under highly sterile conditions, experts said.,7340,L-4293771,00.html

North Carolina meningitis deaths
October 18, 2012  
- The U.S. death toll from fungal meningitis linked to potentially contaminated steroid injections has risen by two to 23, with North Carolina reporting its first death, health officials said on Saturday.

Tennessee's death total in the outbreak rose to eight, the highest state total, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said on its website.

States reported 13 new cases of fungal meningitis, raising the total to 281. There are also three peripheral infections caused by injections into joints.

The outbreak stems from medications shipped by the New England Compounding Center (NECC) in Massachusetts. The company faces federal and state investigations and lawsuits over the tainted medications.

Indiana and New Hampshire reported two new cases apiece. Virginia, Tennessee and New Jersey each had three new cases, the CDC said.

Health regulators confirmed on Thursday the presence of the deadly Exserohilum fungus in vials of the NECC steroid used for pain injections. They estimate that as many as 14,000 people may have been exposed to the contaminated medication.

NECC and its executives face a civil suit in Massachusetts that seeks to freeze the officers' personal assets. Florida, which has had three deaths and 17 cases, has barred NECC from doing business in the state.

Meningitis Reemergence of Polio Virus
October 23, 2012  Depopulation!  THIS IS CRIMINAL!

14,000 people in the USA at risk of meningitis from contaminated mixed drugs, called methylprednisolone in 23 states.
The meningitis cases have been caused by the fungus Exserohilum, a type of black mold.
Exserohilum can cause skin and sinus infections, inflammation of the lining of the heart, and bone infections.
It also weakens the human immune system which can cause other infections.
Treatment includes intravenous doses of voriconazole, a severe antifungal drug which causes liver and kidney complications,
as well as hallucinations and irregular heart rhythms.
The CDC reported that 23 people have died. 294 cases of infection have been reported in 16 states.

The meningitis outbreak is actually an outbreak of acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) or polio.
When an individual becomes infected with the polio virus, they can develop different versions of the virus which include asceptic meningitis.
Meningitis has become a new reference for polio which has been surfacing across the globe and downplaying the extent of the contamination.

The Gates Foundation (BMGF) travelled to India to administer polio vaccines which resulted in an outbreak of non-polio paralysis.
Grants provided to the Indian government from BMGF and WHO funded the vaccination program.

Dr. Neetu Vashisht and Dr. Jacob Puliyel of the Department of Pediatrics at St Stephens Hospital in Delhi, India reported that
after extensive lab synthesis of the polio strain in 2002, the polio virus has returned in a weaponized form that is proving impossible to eradicate.
BMGF spent millions supporting Vaccines to under-developed nations.  Depopulation!
WHO teamed up with the World Bank and UN Population Fund for anti-fertility vaccine R&D.

666  *  Cashless Society Begins in India

Email from C
Meningitis is swelling of the menengie in the brain.  It can be caused by many things, for instance West Nile Fever.  It can also be caused by bacteria and fungal infection apart from viral.  
It is a nasty disease, and it would not surprise me, but there are many causes.  I think the main cause of depopulation is the wearing down of our immune systems via an all our assault on our immune systems by way of air, water, food.

Meningitis Outbreak: Pharmacy Staff Worked in Plain Sight of Health Violations
Oct 28, 2012
A lethal meningitis outbreak stemming from pain medication mixed at one pharmacy in New England. With the death toll increasing and the rate of ill patients rapidly rising, this fungal meningitis resurgence has become one of the country’s worst drug-related health crises in recent years. Worse still, are new reports that staffers at the pharmacy knew of the impending danger and did nothing to stop it.

So far, 338 people have been fallen ill from fungal meningitis, while 25 more have died from it, the Associated Press reports. In all cases, patients received an injection of tainted pain medication made in the New England Compounding Center (NECC) in Framingham, Mass.

Earlier this month, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) confirmed that a mysterious black fungus found in the vials of the tainted medication was the same fungus responsible for the disease.

This week, the FDA released a preliminary report stating that the pharmacy itself appears contaminated, which could have played a role in corrupting the medicine.

Among the health and safety violations, the agency found abnormalities in and around what should have been sterile work rooms. They included “green and yellow discolorations,” standing water from a leaky boiler, and visible dust filtering through the air conditioning system courtesy of a nearby recycling plant.
Machinery used to sterilize vials was also found to contain a mysterious residue, and against guidelines, staffers routinely turned off the air conditioning at night, rendering the drugs less stable.

Huge drug recall latest fallout in deadly meningitis outbreak
Oct 2012 -  Ameridose
, a sister company of the U.S. pharmacy linked to a meningitis outbreak that has killed 29 people, announced on Wednesday a voluntary recall of all its products, a move to cooperate with regulators that could nevertheless create shortages of some drugs.

In particular, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and a number of hospitals are concerned about the availability of several drugs for which Ameridose has been a major supplier, including those given as shots or intravenous drips or used during surgery.

The Westborough, Massachusetts-based company, which was closed on October 10, said it had not received any reports of adverse reactions to the products it is recalling but that the FDA has asked it to improve its sterility testing processes.

"Ameridose and FDA agree that the use of injectable products that are not sterile can represent a serious hazard to health," the company said in a statement, adding that it shipped its medications nationwide.

They should call this OBOLIO
Thanks to Barak Obama for shipping illegals here from God knows where.

Polio Virus and Aquifer Contamination
July 31, 2013
The polio virus has been found in water in Israel.
Israel gave up Gaza, and the Hamas genocidally rocketed Sderot and Ashkelon Israel.
Israel gave up the civil administration of the Palestinian Authority, the Palestinians responded with the Intifada.

In Israel, poliovirus was isolated from sewage samples collected in Rahat, southern Israel.
Genetic sequencing and epidemiological investigations are ongoing to determine its origin.
Preliminary analyses indicate the strain is not related to the virus currently affecting the Horn of Africa.

3 types of poliovirus have been identified, each with a slightly different capseid protein.  
All three are extremely virulent and produce the same disease symptoms.  PV1 the type found in Israel is the one most closely associated with paralysis.

Polio is a highly contagious virus specific to humans.  The virus usually enters the environment in the feces of someone who is infected.
In areas with poor sanitation, the virus easily spreads via contaminated water or food.
In addition, direct contact with a person infected with the virus can cause polio.

July 2013
90% of sewage from Palestinian towns in the West Bank flows into the environment untreated, contaminating the groundwater and streams.
Palestinian treatment plants are substandard.  This affects Israel as well as the West Bank, since the polluted streams flow into Israel.
The westbank is Judea and Samaria ISRAEL.  Yeshua Messiah, Jesus Christ, was born in Bethlehem, Judea.

Israel has tried to cope with the problem by building treatment plants near the Green Line separating Israel from the West Bank
and treating the contaminated water once it enters Israel.  But the facility built to treat the Hebron Stream, the most polluted of all, cant handle the volume of waste it receives.  Contaminated water reaches nearby communities, emitting a stench and attracting mosquitoes.

Oral Polio Vaccine to Be Given In Southern Israel

Polio virus from Pakistan detected in Israel

Enterovirus 68 and paralysis

Pestilences *  Superbugs in America and globally  
Designer bugs to further depopulation


Polio vaccinations in Israel
Aug 4, 2013
 There is more than one way to destroy Israel, namely, paralyze Jews with toxic vaccines!

Anti-Polio Vaccines.  Whether oral or needle, vaccines are MORE DANGEROUS than the virus!
The Health Ministry has kicked off a major operation to vaccinate children in southern Israel against the polio virus.

Fearing outbreak, ministry to inoculate children against polio
Vaccine contains live, weakened virus intended to spread from the children to their surroundings.
The Health Ministry launches a nationwide operation to vaccinate Israeli children under the age of 9 against polio.
Following the ingestion of the dose, the virus will remain live in their stools.

Several pages of information

Polio found in Galilee, ISRAEL
Aug 27, 2013
 The wild polio virus that has been spreading in Israel has been identified in sewage samples taken in the Galilee.
Last week it was confirmed near Netanya.
August 18, 2013 Israel launced a nationwide vaccination effort against the virus.
Israel is facing a polio virus that is passing from person to person thru the entire country.

Colorado mystery illness - from Obama's illegals
October 4, 2014  
Children's Hospital said another child in Colorado has been hospitalized with partial paralysis
Doctors don't know what is causing the mysterious neurological illness. They have identified 10 other children at the hospital with similar symptoms: limb weakness, cranial nerve dysfunction and abnormalities in the spinal gray matter. Four children in Boston also match the criteria for this illness, doctors say.

Feb 25, 2014  
Radio news reports that this polio paralysis is permanent.
The radio speculation is lab virus or that the vaccines caused it.
This is probably the weaponized lab virus on nonais website

Depopulation plan has begun
polio like disease etc

EBOLA and related * H5N1 * Calcivirus, rhabdovirus

UN Agenda 21 *  666, depopulation, Imprison the World

my whistle blower friend who worked for govt said she thinks several virus loose in USA are bio weapons - with a  KILL SWITCH - suddenly lots of ppl die

Paralysis cases in Colorado kids
26 Sep 2014
- Health officials are investigating nine cases of muscle weakness or paralysis in Colorado children and whether the culprit might be a virus causing severe respiratory illness across the country.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday sent doctors an alert about the polio-like cases and said the germ - enterovirus 68 - was detected in four out of eight of the sick children who had a certain medical test. The status of the ninth case is unclear.

The virus can cause paralysis but other germs can, too. Health officials don't know whether the virus caused any of the children's arm and leg weaknesses or whether it's just a germ they coincidentally picked up.

All nine children are being treated at Children's Hospital Colorado in Aurora, and most are from the Denver area.  They had fever and respiratory illness about two weeks before developing varying degrees of limb weakness. None seems to have a weak immune system or other conditions that might predispose them to severe illness, but the cases are still being investigated,[/b] Seward said. Investigators don't think it's polio - eight of the nine children are up to date on polio vaccinations. It's not known whether the limb weakness or paralysis is temporary or will be long-lasting.

Health officials know enterovirus can cause paralysis. Published reports count at least two U.S. children who were paralyzed and died and were found to have the virus in their spinal fluid. One was a New Hampshire 5-year-old who died in 2008. Details are scant on the second case, which happened many years earlier.

Earlier this year, Stanford University researchers said they had identified polio-like illnesses in about 20 California children over about 18 months. Two tested positive for enterovirus 68. CDC officials say it's still not clear if the virus was a factor in those cases.

Paralysis is a rare complication of enterovirus 68 infection, but with so many more cases of enterovirus being reported this year, it may not be surprising to see that problem, said Dr. Larry Wolk, chief medical officer of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

The CDC is asking doctors to report patients 21 or younger who developed limb weakness since August 1 and who have had an MRI exam that showed abnormalities in the nerve tissue in the spinal cord.

Seward said a test that showed the germ in a patient's spinal fluid would be good evidence that the virus was causing paralysis. Unfortunately, lab tests of spinal fluid often fail to identify bugs like enterovirus 68, even if they're present, she added.

Enterovirus 68 and paralysis
Sept 27, 2014  DO NOT TRUST CDC!  or WHO!

There are various diseases, new and old surfacing.  UN Agenda 21 depopulation in operation.
A polio-like paralysis or muscle weakness might be a virus causing severe respiratory illness across the country.  It could be Enterovirus 68 likely brought into USA from South America by the illegals now in schools across USA.

Enterovirus 68 was detected in some of the sick children who had a certain medical test.
The virus can cause paralysis.

Some children are being treated at Children's Hospital in Aurora, Colorado.
Ding ding!  Remember the Batman movie hoax?  That was in Colordo.
NWO hq is in Colorado.
A polio-like illnesses was also identified in California children. Two tested positive for enterovirus 68.

Most of these children are up to date on polio vaccinations.
I was told Bill Gates admitted vaccine is part of depopulation.
I have no way to verify that.  I do know a doctor told me kids who were vaccinated were getting whooping cough.

No single article tells us the whole story, only a puzzle piece.
If YOU know someone with a polio-like disease please email me!

Polio-like illness

Where are we in Time, prophecy
My commentary Sept. 27th, 2014  Saturday

U.N. Agenda 21
NWO globalist depopulation plan

The illegals are bringing many diseases to USA -
many virus to combine with ours and mutate.
UN Agenda 21 depopulation is under way.

Enterovirus D68 may link to polio-like virus
March 31, 2015
-  Paralysis cluster cases linked to polio-like virus I call Obolio.
*  Thanks to Obama bringing in thousands of infected foreign kids and sending them all over the USA.

Aurora, Colorado - update on the respiratory enterovirus D68 and the potential link to muscle weakness. Strong evidence that recent clusters of sudden-onset paralysis cases, most of them in California and Colorado, were caused by the same virus that was also responsible for hundreds of severe respiratory infections in U.S. children last year.

The (Obolio) enterovirus identified is a new strain that appears to have mutated to become more polio-like.  The virus scientists have been hunting is called Enterovirus D68, which is a relatively common pathogen that typically causes mild symptoms associated with the common cold but can cause more serious illness.

In 2013 doctors in California had cases of sudden-onset paralysis in children, two patients carried Enterovirus D68.

In 2014 severe respiratory infections caused by Enterovirus D68 swept across the United States, targeting children.  Some children with paralysis have shown some improvement in symptoms but none has recovered fully.

A full genomic analysis of the viruses showed that almost all of them were a mutated strain known as B1, which was only identified 5 years ago. The strain has similar features to both the virus that causes polio and Enterovirus D70 that’s also known to cause neurological problems.

Evidence not certain that Enterovirus D68 is the culprit in the paralysis cases. He wasn’t able to find any virus in the cerebral spinal fluid of affected patients, which would be a logical place for the pathogen if it’s causing neurological problems.  But viruses that cause paralysis — including polio-causing viruses — are notoriously tricky to locate.

Acute Flaccid Myelitis has been one diagnosis given.

Children's Mysterious Paralysis Tied to New Virus
July 2015
 A new strain of a poliolike virus may be responsible for some of the mysterious cases of paralysis in children over the past few years.

So far, over 100 children in 34 states have suddenly developed muscle weakness or paralysis in their arms or legs, a condition known as acute flaccid myelitis.  Previously, researchers linked a virus called enterovirus D68 (EV-D68), which can cause respiratory illness similar to the common cold, with some of these cases.

But only about 20 percent of children with paralysis tested positive for EV-D68, and even in these cases, it wasn’t clear if EV-D68 was the cause of the child’s condition.
In the new study, a 6-year-old girl is linked with another strain of enterovirus, called enterovirus C105. This virus belongs to the same species (enterovirus C) as the polio virus.

North Carolina
Mystery Illness hits 100+ kids
September 4, 2015 -  Vomiting, diarrhea, and fever
have hit over 100 students and staff at schools in North Carolina. A mystery illness with virus type symptoms hit Person County School district.
The illness possible causes include norovirus (cruise ship virus), enterovirus, or a food-borne illness.

Carolina news
This is likely norovirus. In case it turns out to be more serious than 24 hour puking, follow here

Paralyses in children
Oct 31, 2016
 -  Mysterious illness suddenly paralyses hundreds of US children and doctors don't know why.  Children have shown up at hospitals unable to move their arms or legs. Dozens of kids have become paralyzed in the past few months alone.

This kind of sudden paralysis hasnt been widespread since the days of polio.
Doctors unable to give a diagnosis. Dozens of kids have become paralyzed in the past few months alone.  They suffer from a mysterious illness that continues to alarm and puzzle scientists.


Bourbon virus

It’s a scary idea to consider, but even as our modern medical science makes huge advances, new types of bacteria and viruses that could cause us serious harm are always evolving. Like all life forms, these disease-causing agents change and adapt constantly.

Most of the time our understanding of health and science outpaces the development of new types of illnesses, and we can stop bacteria and viruses in their tracks. Sometimes, though, they get a leg up on us.

Just look at this unusual incident in Kansas. A farmer who’d recently been bitten by ticks went to the hospital with symptoms that doctors thought indicated Lyme Disease, but when they looked at his blood work, they were shocked to find a type of virus that had never ever been seen before.

In 2014, a farmer from Bourbon County, Kansas went to the hospital with a high fever, nausea, and a rash. He told doctors he had gotten several tick bites recently, so they assumed he had Lyme disease.

His blood-work, however, showed no trace of Lyme disease, although he did have another virus, presumably transmitted by the ticks, which appeared to be causing his symptoms.

Further research revealed that this was an entirely new kind of infection that was distinct from anything else humans have ever contracted. His doctors named it the “Bourbon virus” after the area he was from.

In some ways it was similar to the Bakten thogotovirus which is endemic to Asia, but was distinct in several important ways that meant doctors couldn’t treat it. Unfortunately, the farmer ended up passing away from its complications.

Doctors thought perhaps the Bourbon virus was a one-time evolutionary fluke, but a year later another person who had been bitten by a tick in nearby Stillwater, Oklahoma contracted it. Thankfully though, this patient made a full recovery.

At this time doctors still don’t fully understand the unique virus, and there’s no specific vaccine to prevent it or treatment to cure it. The best advice researchers have regarding it is simply to avoid tick bites. Forum Index -> HEALTH and Medical NEWS
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