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Police Hanging People

Over the past few months, during the daytime, I have been remembering dreams that have happened throughout my life. I have periods in my life of high intensity dreams. The common theme I have are mass exoduses of young people all traveling away from something, yet I am always running towards where they are fleeing from.

This specific dream struck me as strange, as I do not watch horror movies, nor read any such things for the sake that my dreams are too real anyways.

This one happened a few years ago and I don't know if it means anything:

I was driving down a highway with this family I once knew. We were in a van, driving past some industrial parks. We drove by this cement truck that had crashed in front of an old worn down warehouse. I looked out the window and could see the cement was pouring in the front of the truck, and the driver was trapped on his dashboard, alive. I looked at the family and was insisting we stop and help, yet they seemed like they couldn't care less, that they didn't want to waste time. I was in a frenzy pleading, saying that we should at least call the police so they could help. I tried to call on my phone but it didn't work so I used one of theirs and someone said they would be on their way.

I ended up at another industrial site, and the police met me there. The family was not with me at this point. I was speaking with the police about things, when he led me to a room occupied with two people, each with their own mattress on the floor and laundry line that strung across the room. One was a grungy, dirty man in his 40's and the other was a grungy, dirty girl in her 20's. There were pitchers of slop in the middle of the floor that they were feeding on like animals. Another laundry line was being hung up and I looked at the police and knew they were not helping me, they were going to keep me in that room like the others; so I fled as fast as I could, sprinting away. They were chasing me, but once I got outside, there was this huge mass exodus of young people fleeing from buildings in any way they could. It didn't feel like they were in a panic, but they all knew they needed to get away.

The end of the dream was the strongest part. I looked out into the field across the highway and the setting sun set the sky ablaze with fiery reds and oranges. There were police out in the field, wearing those tall police hats as they did in the 1800/1900's. Everything was silhouetted. The police were hanging people on telephone lines that strung across the land. Black silhouetted bodies hung, while others were standing in the field, waiting for the same fate.

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