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PERU, South America

Outbreaks - Leptospirosis in Peru
May 2012
Flooding has caused an outbreak of leptospirosis in Peru, especially in the Loreto region. This is the worst flooding seen in this area for over 20 years. Peru has reported more than 300 cases and 3 deaths associated with leptospirosis thus far in 2012. Health authorities have alerted people to take precautions against the infection.

Pacific Alliance unites Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile economies
Jun 2012
1st step: dropping visas
Thereís a new group of nations in Latin America: the Pacific Alliance, uniting Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile.
Presidents of the four nations formally launched the economic integration pact Wednesday, and Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos says their first big move will be to drop visa requirements so citizens of all four countries can travel freely between them.

Chilean President Sebastian Pinera chose a remote mountaintop in northern Chile for the signing. The event was held at one of Earthís most powerful deep space observatories, and Pinera said the point was to show how their countries are looking far into the future.
He says the groupís goals include free trade and economic integration, with a clear orientation toward Asia.
Observers at the meeting included King Juan Carlos of Spain.

* †Many things are going on worldwide, related to globalism.
I am combining random posts elsewhere for a pattern we can follow.
The King of Spain sometimes called the king of Jerusalem Israel.

Latin America, South America
(Bush land Paraguay)

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Bus falls off cliff in Peru, killing all 51 people aboard
October 13, 2013
A bus carrying 51 people, including children, veered off a cliff in Peru Saturday, killing everyone aboard, an official said.
The passengers, who included many members of one family, were traveling to a celebration in the Santa Teresa district, said Juan Carlos Valverde, the under attorney general in the Peruvian province of La Convencion, where the crash happened.
An unspecified number of children were among those killed when the bus went off the 200-meter-high (656-foot-high) cliff, he said.
Officials earlier said 52 people were aboard but later revised the death toll to 51, saying a boy who was supposed to be on the trip never boarded the bus.


37 dead in Peru after 3 buses, freezer truck crash
March 24, 2015
-  A highway crash involving 3 buses and a truck in Peru killed at least 37 people.  One of the buses entered an oncoming lane and struck another bus as the other two vehicles approached.

6.4 earthquake Chile near Peru border
March 23, 2015
-  Earthquake hits near Peru-Chile border
This is a very seismicly active zone

Is it likely the rocking of the quake threw one bus into the oncoming lane?

Peru bus crash kills 23
April  10, 2016
 -  At least 23 were killed in Peru after a bus plunged into a river.  The bus was partially submerged in the Mapacho river, which hampered rescue efforts.  An oncoming truck had crossed into the bus lane and the bus driver had to swerve to avoid it and then left the highway.

Protests in Peru
Nov 19, 2016
 -  APEC summit of 20 world leaders in Peru.
Peruvian Navy warship patrolling the Pacific Ocean off Lima.
Protests Erupt in Peru Ahead of Asia-Pacific Economic Meeting.
State workers marched through the streets of Lima, Peru, because they have not been paid. Fishermen forbidden to fish, and have no other means to feed their families. Near Machu Picchu they shut down trains.

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