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Panama Papers

Panama Papers

The poop on the Panama papers
No info on American politicians

Panama Papers probes
April  5, 2016  -  China limits access.  Investigation by the U.S. International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).  Authorities across the globe have opened investigations after leaked documents from a Panamanian law firm showed possible wrongdoing using offshore companys.

The Panama Papers have cast light on the financial arrangements of public figures. Among those named in the documents are friends of Russian President Vladimir Putin and relatives of the leaders of China, Britain, Iceland and Pakistan, and the president of Ukraine.

China limited local access to coverage.  France, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Sweden and the Netherlands are among nations that have commenced investigations, and some other countries, including the United States, said they were looking into the matter.

Mossack Fonseca, the Panamanian law firm at the center of the leaks, has set up more than 240,000 offshore companies for clients around the globe.

This smells like it was crafted by USA for a REASON - threat or ?
We know Mitt Romney has millions in Caymen Islands banks.
Could this be a frantic Clintonista move?


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Panama Papers leak exposes hundreds of Israeli firms
April  5, 2016  -  It is legal to use offshore accounts
Alleged tax haven firm held thousands of Israeli accounts, including banks, leading political and business figures.  Hundreds of Israeli companies and some 850 Israeli shareholders are listed as having offshore accounts in a dump of leaked documents known as the Panama Papers.

The documents reveal the offshore holdings of 140 politicians and public officials around the world, including 12 current and former world leaders such as the prime ministers of Iceland and Pakistan, the president of Ukraine, and the king of Saudi Arabia.

Panama papers Putin focus
Russian President Vladimir Putin wasnt mentioned in the data leak.
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko managed to find his way on to the list, as did King Salman of Saudi Arabia. The father of British Prime Minister David Cameron was also mentioned.  But ever-lying media decided to accuse Putin of corruption.

I'd say this leak originated with Barack Hussein Obama

Panama Papers implicate Clintons
April  5, 2016  -  Podesta Group
registered to lobby for bank subsidiary weeks before tax haven leak.  Podesta firm has ties to Hillary Clinton.  Podesta Group will work on banking, trade, and foreign relations issues.  One is Tony Podesta, a bundler for the Clinton campaign.
* Podesta firm working to affect the scope of U.S. sanctions against Russia.

The Panama Papers show how world leaders have used offshore tax havens to hide their involvement in lucrative companies and business deals around the world.

Podesta Group lists 3 other foreign entities:  ** Cayman Islands-based *** Troika, Cyprus-based SBGB, and Luxembourg SB Intl.

* Yep. Definitely Obama exposing and manipulating news to his preferences.
Clintons invoved.

** We know Mitt Romney has millions in Caymen Islands banks.

***  Troika - See Greece - I think the Troika is IMF or at least EU
Greece's EU/IMF bailout troika - inspectors from the European Commission, European Central Bank and IMF

Panama Papers protest in Iceland
April  5, 2016
 -  Thousands of people have taken to the streets of Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik, outraged by their Prime Minister’s alleged offshore accounts that were brought to light in the Panama Papers.  Icelandic PM Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson reportedly failed to declare his stake in an offshore company based in the British Virgin Islands. The revelation has made Icelanders “mad” at their government, with some demanding a no-confidence vote and the PM’s resignation.

Panama * How world leaders hide money
April  5, 2016
-  Germany released 11 million encrypted documents from the Panamian law firm Mossack Fonseca, revealing secret offshore holdings of 140 politicians and public officials, including 12 current and former world leaders. Among them UK PM David Cameron’s father.


Panama Papers leak
April  5, 2016  You gotta see this photo!
 -  No info leaked on American politicians, even tho we know Mitt Romeny keeps money in the Cayments.  The papers unveiled the offshore assets of some 140 politicians and public servants all over the world, including 12 incumbent and former world leaders, but will not provide a glimpse into the US political elite.

ICIJ claims Russian President Vladimir Putin was NOT the target of the Panama Papers leak.  This is called the largest leak in offshore history.  Although neither Vladimir Putin nor any members of his family are mentioned in the papers, many outlets targeted Putin.  British media turned a blind eye to the direct involvment of PM David Cameron’s father .
You gotta see this photo!

Panama Law Firm Leaked Files
April  5, 2016
-   Detail Offshore Accounts Tied to World Leaders.
11.5 million leaked documents from a Panama law firm that helped some of the world’s wealthiest people, politicians, athletes and business moguls, establish offshore bank accounts.

It is not illegal to have offshore bank accounts. But they are used in some instances by wealthy individuals and criminals to hide money and business transactions, and to avoid paying taxes.

The targets named are clearly people Obama-Clinton enemies.
So we KNOW who had this released.
We KNOW BORG media are the lapdawgz of the NWO.

Powerful force behind Panama Papers
April  5, 2016
-  A huge leak of confidential documents from Mossack Fonseca, a Panama-based law firm alleged to have been a facilitator of money laundering for its clients has shocked international public opinion. Over 11 million documents were passed to German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung by an anonymous source. These documents have been reportedly investigated by some 300 global journalists for a year.

The documents revealed have basic political targets, which is food for thought.  The Western media has taken control of the interpretation each time there has been such a document dump, and Washington has influence in it. Information that is negative to the US minimized.

The documents revealed have basic political targets, as I speculated in my earlier report today.

Iceland Prime Minister Resigns
April  5, 2016
 -  Iceland's Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunlaugsson resigned after being exposed in the Panama Papers.  Despite earlier refusal to step down, the decision followed street protests that attracted thousands of Icelanders angered by the alleged tax evasion.
Sigmund did not want to talk to the media.

Putin declassified Documents with interesting names
April  6, 2016  
-  Panamanian notes immediately received a fitting answer. Putin decided to declassify many archival documents.  Guys who are receiving grants from Soros were thinking that they were taking part in a hunt for the beast.  They scattered the documents around 80 countries and paid 400 journalists.


Panama Papers paint Clintons
April  18, 2016
 -  Some donors to Clinton foundation used the Panamanian law firm for offshores.
Connections come from the more than 40 years Bill and Hillary Clinton have spent in public life looking to hide their wealth.  Clinton Global Initiative, billionaire Marc Rich who Bill Clinton pardoned in the final hours of his presidency.

Hillary Clinton recently blasted the hidden financial dealings exposed in the Panama Papers, but she and her husband have multiple connections with people who have used the besieged law firm Mossack Fonseca to establish offshore entities.

Clintons have always been huge liars, no shock

Soros funded Panama Papers
April  7, 2016
-  Washington is behind the Panama Papers.  It was produced to target Russia and President Putin.  Panama Papers data leak was produced by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), "which targets Russia and [the] former USSR." The "Putin attack" was funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and American hedge fund billionaire George Soros.

CIA behind Panama Papers
April  13, 2016
-  Whistleblower Bradley Birkenfeld is raising questions about the source of the Panama Papers leaks.  He says the CIA is behind this. Birkenfeld was a banker working at UBS in Switzerland when he approached the U.S. government with information on massive amounts of tax evasion by Americans with secret accounts in Switzerland.

Kerry offshore investments
April  26, 2016  -  SecState John Kerry
and his wife have millions invested in offshore tax haven hedge funds.  John Kerry and his wife liberally use offshore tax havens mainly hedge funds in the Cayman Islands.

John Doe’s Manifesto
Panama Papers whistleblower
May 7, 201
6  -  The whistleblower behind the leak of the Panama Papers has spoken out in a manifesto that calls income inequality “one of the defining issues of our time” and reveals how large media organizations and Wikileaks weren’t allegedly interested in the leak.  The treatise entitled “John Doe’s Manifesto” was published in Süddeutsche Zeitung on Friday. It starts by dubbing income inequality as one of the “defining issues of our time,” while asserting that the Panama Papers provide the answer to why inequality has increased, claiming that corruption is to blame.

John Doe accuses Mossack Fonseca of using “its influence to write and bend laws worldwide to favour the interests of criminals over a period of decades,” alleging that it “actually did knowingly violate myriad laws worldwide, repeatedly.” He maintains “publicly they plead ignorance, but the documents show detailed knowledge and deliberate wrongdoing.”

Panama Papers
May 9, 2016
 -  Panama Papers names going public.  Journalists plan to publish identities of people behind 200,000 offshore accounts.  Some of the world's richest citizens will have their finances exposed.

Panama Papers
May 12, 2016
-  Panama Papers law firm threatens aggressive litigation after massive client data leak.
Mossack Fonseca to start legal action against ICIJ over the leak of hundreds of thousands of stolen offshore documents.  Hacking s database is a crime, and that public access to information can lead to inaccurate assumptions on individuals, companies and intermediaries.

Ah, the NWO globalists leaked all this.  They want to destroy ALL wealth but their own.

Panama Papers
George Soros
May 16, 2016
-  Panama Papers reveal George Soros' deep money ties to secretive weapons.
George Soros Open Society Institute is one of ICIJ’s main funders. The Panama Papers data reveals only the tip of Soros' offshore iceberg, the Quantum Group of Funds.
Hillary Clinton’s only child had her wedding at a Soros estate.

George Soros, kontrollaholic globalist


Hellary and Panama Papers
HSBC case blows lid off Clintons offshore empire
Sep 15, 2016
 -  Panama Papers suggest Clinton ties to massive money-laundering scheme.  The arrest of the head of global foreign exchange cash trading at HSBC bank may shed new light on suspicions the Clinton Foundation has been involved in illegal offshore money-laundering operations on a massive scale.

The crooked Dept of Justice is threatening to tear up a 2012 agreement to fine HSBC a historic $1.9 billion for money-laundering violations in lieu of criminal prosecutions.  At issue is whether or not HSBC has honored the 2012 deferred-prosecution agreement in which the bank agreed to establish internal review procedures to catch and punish potentially criminal activities by employees.

The bank’s failure to discipline the two currency traders will make it difficult for HSBC to convince law-enforcement authorities that the massive Hong Kong-headquartered bank has complied with the 2012 agreement.  An internal investigation in 2013 cleared them of any wrongdoing regarding a $3.5 billion currency trade that U.S. prosecutors now believe was criminally fraudulent.

HSBC money trail leads to Clintons

HSBC money-laundering case - HSBC employees in Long Island were stealing the Social Security numbers of former bank depositors to create bogus pass-through accounts used to launder hundreds of millions of dollars for criminal enterprises such as Mexican drug cartels and Islamic terrorists.  (Wells Fargo bank caught doing this)

After the HSBC currency traders were arrested, investigation of the bank’s connections to the Clinton Foundation, uncovered a massive offshore financial network involving tens of thousands of transactions that extend far beyond HSBC.  Giustra is one of the Clinton Foundation’s largest contributors, donating more than $25 million, while the Chagoury family in Nigeria has committed $1 billion to the Clinton Global Initiative.

HSBC, Clintons, Vatican, corruption

Banks can steal from you

Panama papers


Wikileaks and Scalia's death
Oct 14, 2016  
-  John Podesta Emailed about an Assassination 3 Days Before Supreme Court Justice Scalias Suspicious Death.  Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, in a Feb. 9, 2016 email makes reference to an assassination. Using the term “wet work,” Podesta sent a cryptic email to Demoncrat Steve Elmendorf.  (wet work is means to assassinate a public figure)

Clinton foundation scandals

Clinton crime family

Donald Trump / Mike Pence  2016


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