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October Surprise a depopulation bio bug?

October Surprise a depopulation bio bug?
The Department of Justice in Washington DC is looking at our site for information of the chain of command of government officials in a depopulation disease event.  The military uses this term, and also agencies such as DHS and FEMA.  This is outside of the U. S. State Department‘s Office of Population Affairs policy office established by Henry Kissinger in 1975 for purposes of monitoring and impacting population.  Is the big bio event ready to hit for an October surprise?
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UN Agenda 21 includes a bio event depopulation.  I thought one would be released at the London Olympic - but it should be showing up about now if it was.  
The next huge global event is the Hajj - when millions of Muslims go to Mecca Saudi Arabia.  Will they plant / spray bugs there?
Hajj is expected to fall between October 24-29, 2012 Forum Index -> HEALTH and Medical NEWS
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