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October 7-12, 2014 ZionsCRY news analysis

Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse  October 8 - SUKKOT
October 7-12, 2014 ZionsCRY Daily news, commentary

Acts 2:20  The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible (notable) day of the Lord come.

Blood Moons by Bill Koenig
This eclipse is on the first day of Sukkot (the Feast of Tabernacles).
4 blood-red total lunar eclipses will fall on Passover and Sukkot in 2014 and 2015,
the same back-to-back occurrences as 1492, 1948 and 1967
Sept. 2014 - Sept. 2015 is GODs shmita year 5775

April 15  - Passover  Blood Moon
Sept 24 -  New Year Rosh HaShana
Oct. 3 - Yom Kippur
Oct. 8 - Succot  Blood Moon

April 5  -  Passover  Blood Moon
Sept  13 -  New Year Rosh HaShana
Sept 28  -  Sukkot -  Blood Moon

Pastor Mark Biltz (El Shaddai Ministries) made some remarkable discoveries on the blood-red moon and Jewish feast connections.  Mark has been an avid student and teacher of the Jewish Feasts and their connections to earthly events.

Mark found Bill Koenig website postings in 2007 interesting and began looking into possible connection to past and future Jewish Feasts at which time he found very significant connections.

Bill Koenig has a couple books - EYE to EYE, the consequences of dividing Israel - in which he compares US pressure on Israel to God's judgments in the USA - one being Hurricane Katrina.
PLEASE READ this by Bill Koenig;rtn=&showsubj=1&mcat=1

Bill Koenig news headlines

Blood Moon viewing times

WHAT is a Shemittah year - 2014-15


Same-sex pseudomarriage in 30 states

The courts struck down bans against queerage.
No longer is the USA the will of the people or the states, but a decree of an evil judge.

Genesis 18:20  And the LORD said,
“The outcry of Sodom and Gomorrah is indeed great, and their sin is exceedingly grave...”
Genesis 19  God Destroys Sodom

2 Peter 2:6  (GOD) condemned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah to destruction by reducing them to ashes (extinction), and made them an example to those who would live ungodly lives thereafter.  But GOD rescued righteous Lot.

Jude 1:6-7  And the (fallen) angels (demons) which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day. Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.

Same-sex lust has brought Gods curse on America and its military.
The curse of GOD is on any church which accepts this filthy practice!
Leviticus 18


Iran Parchin explosion a failure for Iran's Revolutionary Guard
October 7, 2014
Exiled Iranian opposition figure says Ayatollah regime trying to cover up facts of blast at nuclear facility, but sources tell him it was sabotage.

The explosion at the Parchin military complex constitutes a failure for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and for Tehran's military establishment, said an exiled Iranian opposition figure.
Military sources in Iran believe the explosion was sabotage.

"I think Parchin is the most important military compound in Iran and the most guarded military compound. Therefore its a failure for the Revolutionary Guards and for the military establishment," Nourizadeh said.  The Iranian dissident said that the explosion was so loud that people in east Tehran "thought it was a bombardment."


October 7, 2014
Jerusalem is GODs City, the eternal UNDIVIDED capital of ISRAEL!
The housing project is an expansion of normal Jewish development.
Obama promised Palestinian Authority Abbas he will not recognize new Israeli housing.

If Obama pushes Israel to give away Jerusalem, GOD will strike the USA.
There are prophecies of America splitting in half by a HUGE earthquake.
Yes, God will also judge Israel for making USA its god.

This website is excellent for newslinks. It makes a great homepage.
Bill Koenig links news events with scripture.

WHAT is a Shemittah year - 2014-15


Commentary / analysis  October 7, 2014  


Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu criticized Obama's rebuke of Israeli construction, but praised his decision to launch airstrikes against Syria.

WHATs wrong with that?  Israel should not want Syria bombed!  Bibi is smart enuf to know its Assad, the good guy, that Obama wants to bomb, not the Sunni terrorists.  Its a game, smoke n mirrors, and Bibi is playing too.

There is a growing OPPOSITION group against the current Ayatollah govt.
There are hundreds of Christians in Iran / Persia, and their group is growing.
Beware wanting Iran nuked.

Syria President Assad is by far better
to have in power than any replacement.
He always protected the Christians, let them worship.  Far better to support him.
ALL his opponents are terrorists.

Dengue outbreak in China
October 7, 2014  
This is one of several cousins of ebola, which include Marburg and Lassa.
An outbreak of dengue fever in Guangdong China has killed 6 and infected thousands.
The tropical disease, which is spread by mosquitoes, causes high fever and severe joint pain.

October 6, 2014  
EBOLA incubation period is 2 to 21 days and symptoms could arise later.

A nurse in Spain became the first person known to catch Ebola outside Africa.
2 Ebola patients who had been flown to Madrid from Liberia died at the Madrid hospital where the nurse worked and contracted the virus herself.
Two tests were done and both were positive.

4 monitored for Ebola
Four including a nurse were hospitalized and being monitored over suspicion of Ebola.
The nurse is being treated with drip using antibodies from previous infected patients.

Spanish nurse with Ebola treated both patients who died
Miguel Pajares died of ebola on August 12 after being flown to Spain from Liberia.
Manuel Garcia Viejo also flown to Spain from Sierra Leone was treated at the same Madrid hospital and died at the hospital on September 25.
The nurse's condition is stable.

Nebraska Medical Center
NBC crewman Ashoka Mukpo
who returned from Liberia for treatment was able to walk off the plane before being loaded on a stretcher and taken to an ambulance.

Dallas Texas USA
began receiving an experimental drug.

Nebraska Medical Center
October 6, 2014  NBC crewman Ashoka Mukpo
who returned from Liberia for treatment was able to walk off the plane before being loaded on a stretcher and taken to an ambulance.

US Military
October 7, 2014  About 350 U.S. troops are already in Liberia
, up to 4,000 may be sent, the Pentagon said.



Discrimination in Dallas
October 6, 2014  
Residents in the Vickery Meadow neighborhood of Dallas are facing discrimination.
Thomas Duncan stayed at an apartment in the community before being diagnosed with Ebola.
Most residents are concerned about the stigma of living near the apartment building.  They are feeling discriminated against, turned away from jobs, retail locations.
Dont trust news, but read it.  We can pull a few things from it.  BORG News only reports what its told.  Duncan may have died Sunday, and news isnt allowed to report it, we dont know.  WE KNOW they LIE to us.

Dallas Texas USA
October 6, 2014  EBOLA PATIENT ZERO Thomas Duncan
began receiving an experimental drug.
EBOLA incubation period is 2 to 21 days and symptoms could arise later.

Is the Dallas Liberian community black MUSLIM?
My guess is YES
, proving that is another story.
Kontrolled media are SO careful NOT to mention Muslim or Islam.

Dallas EBOLA news


What does THAT mean?

It means stay in the bible, prayer, live holy, pure.
It means true Christians are about to come into the purpose for which we were born.

Kingdom of GOD
The kingdom of GOD is within you - if you follow the Lord.
We are Jesus kingdom.  He owns us.  He is our King / Lord.
A king rules his area.  No intruder can enter without his permission, without the king defending.

If I drive out demons by the finger of God, then the kingdom of God has come upon you.
Luke 11:20

One day the Pharisees asked Jesus, "When will the Kingdom of God come?"
Jesus replied, "The Kingdom of God can't be detected by visible signs.
The kingdom of God is within you.
Luke 17:21

Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season, reprove, rebuke, exhort
with all longsuffering and doctrine.
For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine
but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears.
And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.
2 Timothy 4:2

When the plagues were visited on Egypt - the (Hebrews) Israelis lived in Goshen.  
Goshen did NOT have the plagues.  God may very well spare His own EBOLA.
Exodus 8 and 9 etc

Pray, read the bible and obey it.  LIVE HOLY.
Real Christians may be spared the viral outbreaks.
Back in 1918 Jews didnt get Spanish Flu when others did.

OCTOBER and Satanism
Satan worship and witchcraft pick up during October annually.
This is their month, just as Christmas is the Christian holiday season.
Evils increase as the occult become increasingly popular.

Wash hands
Good diet, exercise - even just walking
Vitamin C
colloidal silver - 2 drops daily in juice or water
turmuric / curry - sprinkle a little on something daily


NWO is exporting Ebola globally

U.N. Agenda 21 - NWO globalist depopulation plan

Sustainable development, code for depopulation, kill people

IT WAS PLANNED - by our governments!

Matthew 24
Luke 21
The Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ to John

And many MANY other scriptures!

Norwegian woman infected with Ebola
October 7, 2014
A Norwegian MSF worker in Sierra Leone tested positive for EBOLA.
The female Ebola patient was flown to Ulleval hospital in Oslo Norway.


4 watched for ebola
Husband of Spanish nurse with Ebola among 4 hospitalised in Madrid
October 7, 2014
The nurse was wearing a safety suit and still got EBOLA!!!
Protective clothing doesn't work!

A Spanish nurse who treated an EBOLA patient at a Madrid hospital tested positive for the virus.  she is in stable condition.  She was part of the medical team that treated a priest who died September 25 after being flown back from Sierra Leone.  The nurse was wearing a safety suit and still got EBOLA!!!
Spain has also placed her husband in quarantine.
Outrage grows in Spain after nurse becomes first person to catch Ebola outside Africa DESPITE wearing safety suit!

Spanish nurse dog euthanized so not to spread the EBOLA virus.

Spain may have a second case of Ebola
October 7, 2014
A second case of Ebola may have been detected in Madrid on Tuesday, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health told El Mundo newspaper. Like the first victim announced on Monday, the second victim was part of a medical team treating two now deceased victims of Ebola: a Spanish priest, Miguel Pajares, and missionary Manuel García Viejo. Media reports said the second victim is in isolation at Hospital Carlos III, along with the first medical worker and her husband. The European Union sent a letter Monday to the Spanish health minister to inquire as to how the first medical worker contracted the deadly disease, said media reports.


     The DOG

Whoever sheds human blood, by humans shall their blood be shed,
for in the image of God has God made mankind.  Genesis 9:6

October 8, 2014   There is a very serious highly contagious bunch of diseases loosed upon the earth, not only Ebola - intentionally, by design - to kill off the human population, and people are freaking out over euthanizing one dog!  GET REAL PEOPLE! The question is not whether or not the dog was a carrier of ebola, but WHAT HAS HIGHEST VALUE?  On any remote chance that dog carried the virus, he had to go!

It is known animals can be carriers of disease.  The LIES being told us are far FAR more serious than one dog.  The entire animal rights environmental crap is closer to Satanism / witchcraft than christianity. (yes, small c)

If you freek out over this dog being put down, you need to get into your prayer closet and get right with GOD!  TODAY!  We all do.  For many reasons.

#1 selling Holloween costume in Texas

The end of all things is near. Therefore be alert and of sober mind so that you may pray.  1 Peter 4:7

U.S. A

I hear the train a-comin .. its comin down the track ..
America is on it and we'll never get it back -
Oh Obama's killed this nation - just to watch it DIE!

Dallas Ebola Patient Dies
October 8, 2014
 Dallas Ebola patient zero Thomas Eric Duncan died.

California pilot dies in crash fighting wildfire
October 8, 2014  
An air tanker fighting a Yosemite National Park wildfire in Northern California crashed, killing the pilot.  
The pilot's family has requested no name be released until all immediate family members can be notified.


Ebola  and US Military
October 8, 2014  
US military to handle Ebola blood samples.
U.S. military in West Africa is facing questions about the serious health risks American troops will encounter.

U.S. military will have to handle Ebola infected blood samples, which could be MORE dangerous.
NOTE - Experienced professionals who took precautions still became infected and DIED!

It makes me FURIOUS that Obama is sending our military troops to die fighting bugs!
That is NOT what military is for!  They are NOT defending America over in Africa,
they will die needlessly for the NWO UN Agenda 21

October 8, 2014   6.0 earthquake Gulf of California

Scotland closely monitoring radioactive ship adrift
October 8, 2014
 Oil rig evacuated after MV Parida ship carrying radioactive waste caught fire and began drifting.  The Parida was transporting a cargo of cemented radioactive waste when a fire broke out in a funnel.  52 workers were taken to hospital by helicopter.
The waste was from Dounreay, an experimental nuclear power plant.
The material was being shipped back to Belgium.

N-S Korean warships exchange warning shots
October 7, 2014  
 Warships from the rival Koreas exchanged warning shots Tuesday after a North Korean ship briefly violated the disputed western sea boundary.  The shots were fired into the sea and there were no reports of injuries and damage to the ships of either side.

Such exchanges are not uncommon at the sea boundary, the scene of several deadly maritime skirmishes between the Koreas in recent years. But the latest incident happened three days after a group of high-profile North Korean officials made a surprise visit to South Korea and agreed to resume senior-level talks.
The Korean Peninsula remains at a technical state of war because the Korean War ended with an armistice, not a peace treaty.

Israel Desalination
October 8, 2014
Texas-Israel partnership pays off in power and water security.
Years of providing water in a country that’s 60 percent desert have made Israel a technological leader in the field, a model for California.
Desalination of sea water, reuse of treated sewage for agriculture, software creating an early-warning system for leaks, computerized drip irrigation and careful accounting of every drop have become the norm in Israel, the world’s 40th biggest economy.
Israel is helping to build the largest seawater desalination plant in the West North of San Diego.
It will be able to provide 50 million gallons of potable water a day.

Israeli Soldiers Wounded in Lebanon Border Blast
October 8, 2014  
Hellzballah set off 2 explosions on the Israel-Lebanon border, wounding two Israeli soldiers patrolling the area.  Israel responded with artillery fire at terrorist positions in southern Lebanon.

The incident follows a skirmish between Israeli and Lebanese soldiers on Sunday. The Lebanese gunmen crossed briefly into Israel and were immediately engaged by Israeli forces.
Tensions are running high, as are fears of a new war between Israel and Hezbollah.

Prayer for America

I love the preaching of Pastor Erwin Lutzer, Moody church in Chicago.  
He is right on spot and still encouraging!  He has written several excellent books.  Moody has a radio station which streams 24/7 and live church services on the internet.  Here are some of his sermons.

Moody radio online

Moody TV online

The Cross in the Shadow of the Crescent
An Informed Response to Islam’s War with Christianity


Can a true Christian commit suicide? If so, does that jeopardize their salvation?

This is a good thread for teaching and encouragment

NEWS links*/index


The EBOLA pandemic begins
Its been planned for years
The timing is exactly what they intended - October, its going like clockwork.

Its hard to keep posting news when the news is so untrustworthy.
NOTHING but the 66 books in the Holy Bible are true.
I cannot keep up with EBOLA.  It has begun.  The spread worldwide will be faster than anyone can keep up with.  I refuse to devote my life to chasing bugs!



October 9, 2014  

Australia  *  Tony Abbott condemns beheadings
October 9, 2014
 Tony Abbott claims Islamic group is “unIslamic” after a prominent member refused to condemn beheadings.
The Koran, Satanic bible of Islam, demands beheadings.  Only utter ignorant fools would say its not Islamic.  Islam is NOT peaceful, its a satanic cult of murder and hate.

Australian PM Tony Abbott is as screwed up, compicit with the
666 Beast as Barak Obama and that nitwit Brit PM Cameron.

Australia nurse hospitalised with Ebola symptoms
October 9, 2014
 A nurse is in a Cairns hospital with Ebola symptoms.
She returned home Oct. 7 after working with the Red Cross in Sierra Leone.
She developed a fever and was admitted to hospital.
Blood flown to Brisbane for testing, results expected by Oct. 10th.

RAAF bombs Iraq
October 9, 2014
 Australian Air Force F/A-18F Super Hornet aircraft has dropped two bombs in Australia’s first strike in Iraq. They struck an ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) facility.  ISIL / ISIS is made up.  It is Sunni MB (Muslim Brotherhood).

Australia news

SYRAQ * ISIS * Levant

Sunni control 1/3 of Kobani, Syria
October 9, 2014
ISIS Sunni MB terrorists kontrol a third of the Syrian border town of Kobani.  Air strikes totally useless.   All eastern areas, a small part of the north east and an area in the south east.

ISIS downs Iraqi military helicopter
October 9, 2014
An Iraqi army helicopter in northern Iraq
The helicopter crashed north of Baghdad near the Baiji oil refinery, 2 died.
ISIS claimed they downed the aircraft.

Turkish action in Syria unrealistic
October 9, 2014
 Turkey says it cannot be expected to lead a ground operation in Syria on its own.
Turkey is under intense pressure to do more to help Kurds fighting Sunni jihadists in Kobane, Syria.

MH17 crash
October 9, 2014
 Dutch minister says passenger wore oxygen mask
We have been LIED to about this situation and so many others!
Dutch FM Frans Timmermans has said that one of the 298 people killed in the downing of a Malaysia Airlines plane over eastern Ukraine was found wearing an oxygen mask.
His revelation casts doubt on the theory that all on board died instantly when the plane was hit by a missile.

An initial report in September said flight MH17 broke up in mid-air after being hit by "objects" that "pierced the plane at high velocity".  Rebel leaders deny shooting it down.
Timmermans mentioned the oxygen mask during an interview on Dutch TV.

MH17 crash

Marburg virus in Uganda
October 9, 2014
 Marburg virus killed a health-care worker in Uganda.
A hospital technician died of the Marburg hemorrhagic fever virus in Uganda.
The dead health worker was a radiographer in a Kampala hospital.
People have been quarantined in 4 different locations across Uganda.

Marburg, like Ebola, is a hemorrhagic fever. It's rare but severe.
Uganda quarantined about 100 people who came into contact with the victim.  60 of those quarantined are health-care workers.  The man's brother has developed symptoms.  
As with Ebola, there is no cure for Marburg which also has a high death rate.

Ebola and Marburg are the exclusive members of the Filovirus family of hemorrhagic fevers.
Marburg has an incubation period of 5 to 10 days.  Initial symptoms are similar to many other diseases, including malaria.  Marburg fatality rate is from 23 percent to 90 percent.
The first outbreak was in 1967 in Europe after handling African green monkeys imported from Uganda.
Uganda borders Zaire and Kenya in east-central Africa.

Misc news

Exclamation   Shocked   China just overtook the US to become the world's largest economy

Scientists discover new carnivorous dinosaur
October, 2014
 - A group of international scientists have discovered the remains of a unique carnivorous dinosaur in Venezuela.  The roughly 1.5 meters long species had a "unique suite of features of its tibial articulations."  The remains of a hip and tibia bone belonging to a "Tachiraptor admirabilis" were uncovered after 20 years of investigation.  This could have been the ancestor of the T. Rex dinosaur.

U.S. F-15 crashes in United Kingdom
October 8, 2014
 A USAF  F-15 military aircraft crashed in eastern England, pilot ejected and survived.
The crash happened in Weston Hill.  A cordon was put in place around the fiery wreckage, and the public was advised to avoid the area because of concerns that the fumes may be hazardous.
After the ejection, the pilot was taken away by helicopter.
Details about what led to the crash weren't immediately released.

7.1 Earthquake Southern Pacific Rise
October 9, 2014
Earthquake Strikes South Pacific off Easter Island, No Tsunami
The earthquake struck about 350 miles south southwest of Easter Island and more than 2,000 miles away from Chile, at a depth of 6.2 miles.


UN Agenda 21 depopulation NOW!  As always, I tweeked / edited article.
When they say 'don't worry,'  it's time to worry.
When it comes to Ebola, the greatest fear of the NWO is not the plague itself but “hysteria” over it.
Yet, in examining official non-response to an outbreak that occurred 9 months ago, it’s clear an Evil agenda, not public health action is stirring most of the well-grounded anxiety.

Head liar of CDC ruled out restricting travel between the U.S. and West Africa, after other nations had done that earlier to protect their peoples.
Thousands of West Africans are flying into the U.S. every week.  They are very likely spreading several virus en route.  The NWO 666 Beast wants depopulation NOW.


German doctors show CDC is DEAD wrong about spread of diseases.
German medical doctors in a peer-reviewed medical journal article published by Oxford have challenged a CDC LIE regarding the Ebola virus.

Article published Feb. 12, 2009 reports that acute viral infections such as Ebola hemorrhagic fever may cause little or no clinical symptoms yet may be contagious.
A patient showing no symptoms of the disease can still transmit a virus like Ebola by air if droplets containing the virus are transmitted to another person by a sneeze or cough.

WHO admitted that droplets from an infected individual who has respiratory symptoms caused by other conditions or who vomits could transmit the Ebola virus over a short distance to a person nearby.
Droplets on the mucus membranes or skin of another person can transmit virus.
WHO denies that is the definition of airborne transmission.
Oct. 8 a Texas sheriff’s deputy was rushed to the hospital in Frisco, Texas, with Ebola symptoms after delivering a quarantine notice to the apartment where Duncan was staying.

Ebola: Spanish nurse Teresa Romero 'worsens'
9 October 2014
The health of a Spanish nurse who became the first person to contract Ebola outside of West Africa has worsened.
Teresa Romero's brother said her health had deteriorated and she was now being helped with her breathing in hospital.
Meanwhile, two doctors who treated her have been admitted for observation.

PRAY for this woman!

Norwegian patient to get worlds last dose of ZMapp
October 9, 2014  
News had been reporting there was NO Zmapp left over a week ago.
A Norwegian woman infected with Ebola in Sierra Leone is to be given the last remaining dose of ZMapp in the world.  Supplies of the experimental drug, which has been used on patients who survived in the US and Liberia, have run out and manufacturers have admitted it will take months to make more.

Oslo Hospital to import unapproved medicines including TKM-Ebola and Avigan, which was developed for flu pandemics.
It is unclear why the rare drug is being given to the Norwegian woman rather than Thomas Duncan.
Thats easy.  Duncan intentionally flew when he knew he was sick.  He is a KILLER.

U. S. A

HELLary Clinton had State Department Shred Benghazi Records
October 9, 2014  
Hillary Clinton may soon face Federal charges for destroying evidence.
Raymond Maxwell caught Clinton’s Staff shredding documents in a State Department basement.
They were told to remove any documents that could be politically damaging.
Maxwell retired in 2013.

Maxwell said he “didn’t feel good about it” and left a short time later.
“I asked her, ‘But isn’t that unethical?’ She responded, ‘Ray, those are our orders.’ ”
A House Select Committee open hearing into the events of Benghazi will begin on Wednesday.

Will Ray Maxwell be allowed to testify before the committee? Will the committee call State Department officials and directors who were reportedly at the document session to testify under oath about Maxwell’s claims?

HELLary Clinton allies scrubbed Benghazi documents in secret session
A former State Department official has told lawmakers that Hillary Clinton allies privately removed politically damaging documents before turning over files to the board investigating the Benghazi terror attack.
Raymond Maxwell claimed Clinton’s staff were overseeing the document operation in a basement office of the State Department.


Ferguson thugs will kill people if Darren Wilson Does not face Criminal Charges
October 9, 2014  
Radio host Chris Plante calls the town Frigason. Somehow that makes sense.
Ashley Yates, one of the leaders of the protests in Ferguson, where Michael Brown was shot and killed by officer Darren Wilson, has promised death if Wilson does not face criminal charges.
The grand jury sees no evidence the officer did anything wrong.
She threatened to kill people in Ferguson.  I wouldnt wanna live there!  Town is irrational and loves its thugs.

Protesters believe that the people who have “failed them,” if the grand jury comes back without charges, would be the police, the jury members themselves, and prosecutors, among others. Practically anyone that Yates believes has failed the protesters is fair game for violence.

Nebraska Ebola patient #2
October 8, 2014  Ashoka Mukpo
, the NBC crewman being treated in Nebraska for Ebola will receive a blood transfusion from Ebola survivor Dr. Kent Brantly.  Mukpo was flown to USA from Liberia and is being treated at the Nebraska Medical Center.

Mukpo is also being treated with brincidofovir, an experimental drug made by biopharmaceutical company Chimerix.  The drug is currently undergoing additional tests in laboratory animals infected with Ebola.

Dallas patient zero, Liberian Thomas Eric Duncan, died Oct 9.  Duncan arrived in Texas in late September on a commercial flight from Liberia, after traveling thru Brussels airport, then Dullus airport in DC en route to Texas.  Frankly I believe Duncan died October 5, but for whatever reason they hid it.


Dallas patient zero

Dallas Ebola Patient zero Dies
October 8, 2014
 Dallas Ebola patient zero Thomas Eric Duncan died.

Dallas Patient Zero Thomas Duncan Died From Ebola, remains to be cremated.

No One Told Me Nothing
October 4, 2014  Duncan stepdaughter
Youngor Jallah said that no one has given her any instructions, and that she found out that Duncan had Ebola on CNN.  No one is telling me nothing, she stated, and no one told me I’m under quarantine.  No one gave me any direction on how to prevent herself from being further exposed to the disease.

Frankly I believe Duncan died October 5, but for whatever reason they hid it.
News regarding Dallas patient one, the deputy is conflicted.

Dallas patient one
New Dallas ebola patient had NO CONTACT with Duncan.  

Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Monnig

Oct. 8 a Texas sheriff’s deputy was rushed to the hospital in Frisco, Texas, with Ebola symptoms after delivering a quarantine notice to the apartment where Duncan was staying.  Duncan was no longer there.

Frisco Patient Exhibiting Ebola Symptoms
October 8, 2014
Dallas suburb of Frisco possible second case of Ebola.
The patient claims to have had no contact with Thomas Duncan (dead), Dallas patient zero.
I spose this dude will be called Dallas patient one.

Dallas patient one checked yes to one of the screening questions regarding travel to West Africa.  The patient is being transported to a hospital by Frisco paramedics.

Texas man ill who was in Ebola apt
October 8, 2014 at 4:01 pm  Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Monnig

'the deputy is not among the 48 direct and indirect contacts'
Monnig's son said his dad 'spent very little time in the apartment, and he did not come in contact with Duncan or any bodily fluids.'

Michael Monnig, one of the Sheriff’s Deputies who was forced to enter the apartment where Ebola victim Thomas Duncan stayed has fallen ill.
A statement issued by the City of Frisco, a suburb of Dallas, suggests that a second potential Ebola victim has been taken to the Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. Monnig was NOT one of the 48 people being monitored by health officials.

The CDC and Sheriff Lupe Valdez gave the order to send the men into the apartment unprotected to enforce a court order.  Sheriff’s deputies and their families were unhappy at having to expose themselves to the virus.

Dallas patient one, Monnig
Texas Wants 2nd Possible Ebola Patient Put in Protective Custody
Just hours after Duncan, Dallas patient zero died, another Texas town is investigating a second possible case.
Frisco, Texas is less than 30 miles from Dallas.
A health clinic said it had a patient who had contact with Duncan.



Exclamation    Medical martial law
October 7, 2014
 A second patient suspected of being infected with the deadly Ebola virus may be forced into protective custody, as the first phase of medical martial law will soon begin.
Texas Dept of State Health Services filed an order in a Dallas court Monday to admit the patient suspected of being infected into protective custody.  Patient is a threat to himself or others if not immediately restrained. Sources charged with monitoring the proposed patient have observed them refusing to follow the written order of the Texas Health Services by leaving the premises of a medical facility without permission.”

Medical martial law
Ebola can spread via coughing, sneezing and by touching contaminated surfaces
October 2014 NaturalNews - The World Health Organization confirms what Natural News has been warning for weeks - Ebola can spread via indirect contact with contaminated surfaces and aerosolized droplets produced from coughing or sneezing.
WHO just confirmed what the lying CDC says is impossible - that Ebola can be acquired by touching a contaminated surface.  CDC remains in total denial, spreading dangerous disinformation about Ebola transmission vectors

Exclamation     Virus researchers say Ebola could spread through air - and even spread without symptoms
October 09, 2014
 NaturalNews -  Virologists and other disease experts say this Ebola is much more virulent than previously believed.  Airborne transmission of Ebola can't be ruled out as an impossibility.

FEMA camps to pop-up up like wildflowers nationwide under new DoD authorization -

Texas news


October 10, 2014  


Battle for Kobani, Syria
October 10, 2014
 Kurds appear to hold most of the town.
Sunni jihadists seized Kurd headquarters, control 40% of Kobani.
ISIS Sunni MB jihadists seize large areas of the Kurdish town of Kobani, Syria.
MB seized nearly half of Kobani as Turkish forces watched.  Sure, Turkey is also
MB (Muslim Brotherhood terrorists) and usualy a Kurd enemy.
Islamic State hoisted its black flag in the town overnight and a projectile landed inside Turkey.
Ongoing, street battles, explosions rocked Kobani throughout the day.

My job is to try to report the truth, as close as possible, not quote news sources who lie.
I do include links for those who enjoy the lies.

IRAN explosion results
October 9, 2014
The nuclear weapons program Tehran has long denied is real.
Satellite photos reveal massive damage at suspected Iran nuke facility.
After Monday’s mysterious blast at secretive Parchin plant east of Tehran, images show collapse of some buildings on the site.
Several buildings sustained heavy damage and some even collapsed.
The images were taken by the French satellite Pleiades.
GOOD PHOTO on fox link

Israel disarms bomb in Samaria
October 9, 2014
Israeli sappers neutralize bomb planted at bus stop in Samaria Rahelim junction.
Bomb was wired to explode by remote-control.
Thank God it was found and hurt no one - but - the Muslim devils are still trying to kill Jews.

Japan braces as super typhoon Vongfong
October 10, 2014  
Vongfong to Slam Okinawa, Mainland
Japan bracing for typhoon Vongfong, its strongest storm this year, heading for Okinawa.
Typhoon Vongfong weakening slightly, but still packed winds gusting as high as 259 kph (160 mph).  The typhoon is moving extremely slowly, which raises the danger of landslides and flooding.  This weekend it will be closest to Okinawa, southwest of Tokyo, and the home of the largest contingent of U.S. troops in Japan.
Typhoon Phanfone lashed Japan Oct 5.

NKorea leader Kim still in charge
October 10, 2014
  North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is in firm control of his government but hurt his leg taking part in a military drill.
North Korea's state media have not mentioned any public appearances since he attended a concert with his wife on Sept. 3, and he did not attend an important political anniversary on Friday.

We have never been able to believe news out of North Korea, but now we cant trust any news sources anywhere.




CDC wrong about spread of disease, wrote German doctors.
A victim showing no symptoms of the disease can still transmit a virus like Ebola by air if droplets containing the virus are transmitted to another person by a sneeze or cough.

Spain *  Ebola nurse "stable" after serious downturn
October 9, 2014   PRAY for her!
She is still very serious.
Hospital says the nursing assistant infected with Ebola is "stable," hours after authorities described her condition as critical.
Carlos hospital in Madrid said Teresa Romero remained in serious condition Friday.

The health of Teresa Romero, a Spanish nurse with Ebola worsened on Thursday and four other people were put into isolation in Madrid.  8 people were in isolation in Madrid, though only Romero had tested positive for Ebola. The others included her husband, two doctors who cared for her and an emergency services worker who had direct contact with her.
3 others were released from the isolation unit on Wednesday after testing negative.

Spanish nurse with Ebola may have touched face.

Spain news

PRAY for her!

GREECE *  Macedonia seals hotel after Ebola Briton dies
October 9, 2014  
- A British man with symptoms of the Ebola virus died in Macedonia and authorities sealed off his hotel, keeping another Briton and hotel staff inside.
The man had arrived in Skopje from Britain on Oct. 2 and had been rushed to hospital at 3 pm Oct. 9 where he died several hours later.

UK Ebola case feared after Brit dies
A British citizen travelling with the unnamed man said they had not been to any areas affected by the deadly virus.
Macedonian government told the BBC it could not confirm that Ebola was the cause of death.
Blood and tissue samples had been sent to a laboratory in Frankfurt for analysis.

Macedonia is a geographic and historical region of Greece in the southern Balkans.

France probes suspected Ebola case near Paris
October 9, 2014  
A building was cordoned off on the outskirts of Paris after a suspected case of Ebola was reported to authorities. Around 60 people have been effectively quarantined.
It has been reported the sick person is from Guinea.

FRANCE imports EBOLA Sept 22, 2014 -  A French MSF (Doctors Without Borders) health worker in Liberia contracted EBOLA.  She was flown to France on 18 September.

Australian Nurse Tested for Ebola
October 9, 2014
An Australian nurse is undergoing medical tests after showing possible signs of Ebola.
Queensland health officer said the 57-year-old woman developed a "low-grade fever" shortly after returning from Sierra Leone, where she was working with Ebola patients.

Australian nurse cleared of Ebola
9th October, 2014
The Australian nurse who was rushed to hospital after suffering Ebola-like symptoms has tested negative.
Sue Ellen Kovack, 57, was tested for the deadly virus Thursday after she spent time in Sierra Leone, where she was volunteering as a nurse at a Red Cross Ebola treatment hospital.

Can we trust test results when CDC has been LYING to us about so many things?

Australia news

West Africa, Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone

6 U.S. military planes arrive in Ebola hot zone
October 10, 2014  Monrovia Liberia
-  Six US military planes arrived in the Ebola hot zone with more US Marines.  The fleet of planes consisted of four Ospreys and two KC-130s. Now 300+ Marines there.

University of Maryland announced that the first study of a possible Ebola vaccine in Africa was underway. Uh oh.  Vaccines are often tested on U.S. troops. It would be a good bet these guys will be guinea pigs for an untested ebola vaccine.  Troops often suffer more from vaccines than the diseases.

3 health care workers in Mali received experimental Ebola vaccine developed by the US government.
Mali has not had any cases of Ebola, but it borders the outbreak zone.
U.S. troops have been in Mali for months.

Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Monnig DOES NOT have ebola

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          October 11, 2014  


SYRAQ / ISIS / Levant / Kurdistan

PLEASE - PLEASE - somehow find a way to urge USA and other nations GO HELP the Kurds!  They are good folks!  Not Muslims!  Kurds helped USA in Gulf War!  They have been discriminated against by the nations which surround them, the world - and now by the USA!  The Kurds have protected Christians in Iraq.  Is there anyone out there with influence here?  REmember Saddam killed them en masse with WMD (he didnt have?)

Kurdistan  (3 pages info)

PRAY for the Kurds!

ISIS meets its match in Kobane, Syria
October 11, 2014   PRAY for the KURDS!!!

Syrian Kurds do not fear the Sunni jihadists reputation!
Several thousand Kurds are still in control of Kobane despite an all-out attack by a better-equipped MB army.
But the USA still abandons the Kurds who helped us during Gulf War, the world leaves them to genocide.
Second to Israelis, the Kurds are the best guys over there!

Anbar Iraq Anbar appeals for help
October 11, 2014  
Iraq appeals for military help in Anbar province.
The jihadists have been attacking Ramadi and seized army bases in the area.
Anbar is home to Iraq's Haditha dam.

PRAY for the KURDS!!!
PRAY GOD will be with them as HE is with Israel.

My job is to try to report the truth, as close as possible, not quote news sources who lie.
I do include links for those who enjoy the lies.


Israel Creates Global Ebola Blood Registry  
October 10, 2014  Jerusalem, Israel - WONDERFUL IDEA!

Private citizens in Israel are now coordinating with the Israeli government to create a global Ebola blood registry.
The Ebola Blood Registry will match Ebola survivors with Ebola victims who share the same blood type.

Matching Ebola survivors with Ebola victims through an effective, global registry open to all respectable health care organizations, may save thousands of lives.
The blood of an Ebola survivor carries antibodies of the virus. By giving a current Ebola patient an injection of a compatible amount of blood plasma from someone who recovered from the disease, those antibodies could help the patient fight the virus.


Boko Haram frees  27 hostages
October 11, 2014   Cameroon
president Paul Biya said 27 hostages, including 10 Chinese, held by Boko Haram muslim terrorists have been released.  Also freed was the wife of Cameroon's Vice-Prime Minister Amadou Ali.  Hostages seized in May and July close to the Nigeria border.
Cameroon borders Nigeria on the east.

Ebola postpones Africa Cup of Nations
October 11, 2014
 Morocco government says the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations should be postponed because of the Ebola epidemic.  The biennial competition is scheduled to be held January 2015.

France's credit outlook cut to negative by S&P
October 11, 2014  
Credit rating agency Standard and Poor's has cut France's credit outlook to 'negative', due to concerns about the country's struggling economic recovery.
However, it affirmed France's AA/A-1+ rating, the third-highest rating.

France's finance minister, Michel Sapin, said the country's debt was "one of the surest in the world.  We will pursue the needed reforms, to boost our medium term growth prospects.
French debt is one of the surest and most liquid in the world, with debt levels very much contained."

Official figures from the Bank of France showed that the French economy did not grow at all in the second quarter, and for the third quarter it is forecasting growth of 0.2%.

"We believe that...a recovery of the French economy could prove elusive and that France's public finances might deteriorate beyond 2014," the ratings firm said.
It added that it expected France's budget deficit will average 4.1% of GDP between 2014 and 2017, an increase from earlier projections of 3.2%.

6.3 earthquake Japan
October 11, 2014  
Quake hit just east of Fukushima reactor
Quake strikes 110 miles off east coast of Japan: USGS

4.3 earthquake Cushing
October 11, 2014  
Quake hits Oklahoma near Cushing.
A fairly strong earthquake shook central Oklahoma Friday morning, and was felt as far away as Tulsa.
It was apparently centered southwest of Tulsa in the Cushing area.


[b]EV-D68 California *  32 enterovirus cases
October 11, 2014  
The only way to prevent its spread is through hand washing.
California has identified 32 cases of enterovirus D-68 (EV-D68) statewide.  All 32 patients were children ranging in age from a week old to 15 years old.  On Oct. 3 there were 14 EV-D68 patients reported.  EV D-68 emerged in the Midwest mid-August to a total of 691 people nationwide had a respiratory illness caused by enterovirus D-68.
Several are calling this OBOLIO as illegals brot it up to US states from South America thanks to Obama.
The virus has been associated, rarely in the USA, with severe breathing troubles and, even more rarely, with neurological symptoms, including polio-like muscle weakness.
Only one California case this year has involved partial paralysis: a child currently being treated at Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

EV-D68 paralysis, death
October  2014
 Officials Report First Confirmed EV-D68 Death.
Enterovirus D68 can cause paralysis, has spread to 43 states, 538 confirmed cases.
CDC investigating Entero virus link to limb paralysis in children.
The way CDC has LIED to us about ebola, any faith in CDC is misplaced.

Alabama EV-D68
October 10,2015  Mommy my hands are going numb

The mother of a five-year-old girl paralyzed by the enterovirus has spoken out about the hell of watching her young daughter battle the deadly illness.  Kinley Galbreath spent the past 3 weeks in intensive care at Children's of Alabama, where she remains on a ventilator paralyzed from her arms to her legs.

The child was admitted to hospital and diagnosed with the potentially fatal respiratory illness enterovirus D-68 (EV-D68).  The mother said: As she was getting ready to doze off, she said 'mommy, my hands are going numb' and by that point she started to lose movement in her neck.  The third day she lost movement from her legs down.

The enteroviruses were originally classified into 4 groups, polioviruses, Coxsackie A viruses (CA), Coxsackie B viruses (CB), and echoviruses.
Enteroviruses isolated more recently are EV68, EV69, EV70, EV71, etc.

Historically, poliomyelitis was the most significant disease caused by an enterovirus, poliovirus. There are 64 non-polio enteroviruses.  Infection can result in symptoms ranging from mild respiratory illness (common cold),  hemorrhagic conjunctivitis, aseptic meningitis, myocarditis, severe neonatal sepsis-like disease, and acute flaccid paralysis.


Oct 11, 2014  The actual number of EV-D68 infections is likely significantly higher
since some health officials are not testing every suspected case.

Vaccinated children are getting this!  (Natural News)
Are vaccines against polio CAUSING this EV-D68?


The way CDC has LIED to us about ebola, any faith in CDC is misplaced.


U. S. A

America Ebola Floodgates May Have Burst Open
October 10, 2014
 And one man, Duncan, bears the blame
America’s first case of Ebola, Thomas Duncan, admittedly lied about his health conditions on a form in Liberia.  He never should’ve made it to the United States to begin with.
There are hundreds of infected people walking our streets.  Ebola will break out by Nov. 1 in Brussels where Duncan spent 3 hours at that airport.

New York Ebola
October 11, 2014  Brooklyn
Teen hospitalized after showing symptoms of Ebola.
A Brooklyn teenager was rushed to the Brookdale hospital Oct. 10 after showing symptoms consistent with Ebola.
He was in Sudan for 2 weeks and hospitalized there as well, but lied to officials about being sick so he could fly home.
Now NY considers if any of his family members should also be quarantined.
It’s unclear exactly when the boy flew back into USA and just how many people he has been in contact with since returning.

Congo, adjacent to Sudan, has cases of the original (worse) Zaire Ebola in Sept.
Sudan had 2 suspected Ebola cases and shut down all reporting on Ebola in Sudan.

I have a sense Ebola is loose in USA and will show up by Nov. 1.
I am not the only person who wonders
1 - if USA will have elections
2 - if it will matter, judging by watching the GOP RINO wimps
I am NOT hopeful for the republic.

Beginning in July with all the illegals pouring over our border (planned since at least January) and the spread of many serious illnesses in our states, coupled with CDC LYING to us, I would have to say
All this is planned - as many are saying - all by design.
Georgia Guidestones
U.N. Agenda

U.N. Agenda 21 - NWO globalist depopulation plan
Sustainable development, code for depopulation, kill people

IT WAS PLANNED - by our governments!

NBC crewman infected with Ebola shows improvement
October 11, 2014
 NBC crewman Mukpo who contracted Ebola in Liberia is showing signs of improvement, said the Nebraska Medical Center.  He’s been taking in some fluids and drinking Gatorade.
Mukpo is being treated with brincidofovir and received a blood transfusion from Ebola survivor Brantly.

Las Vegas NEVADA
October 11, 2014
 Plane quarantined on the tarmac at McCarran airport in Las Vegas due to an Ebola scare involving two people with Ebola symptoms.  A local hospital readying itself to receive possible patients.  KSNV-TV reports 6 ambulances surrounded a Delta plane and the University Medical Center had been told to stand-by for patients.  Less than two hours later, it was determined that the passenger did not meet the criteria for Ebola.

Obama’s waiting until after the election to declare traitor Bowe Bergdahl a POW

October 12, 2014   SONday  

Psalm 91

U. S. A


2nd Ebola case in Texas
October 12, 2014
 SONday  -  Texas Health Care worker who cared for Duncan tests positive for Ebola.
A health care worker at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas who provided care for the Ebola patient Thomas Duncan has tested positive for Ebola in a preliminary test.
Further testing by CDC to confirm.
She had reported a low grade fever Friday night, and was isolated.

New Jersey officials order NBC News crew into Ebola quarantine
October 12, 2014   SON
day  -  An NBC News crew who worked with an Ebola patient in Liberia have been quarantined by N.J. court order.  The NBC News crew had agreed to stay in their homes but failed to do so.
Dr. Nancy Snyderman and the NBC News crew have violated their self-confine agreement of their Ebola quarantine instituted by the CDC and the New Jersey Health Department.

CDC has LIED.  People are contagious BEFORE they show any symptoms!
People have NO concern for the lives of others.
The NBC attitude is - if I am going to die of ebola, I am taking others with me!


[b]UN Agenda 21, depopulation
Ebola Vaccine is the trigger
October 12, 2014   The Ebola vaccine is likely the trigger for the coming Ebola plague
This is from from a special-ops source within the United States military.
He suspects that the 1,600 US Army troops who were recently sent to West Africa to contend with the Ebola threat are to be exposed to this Ebola virus (a man-made variant of Zaire Ebola).
These troops will be injected with the new Ebola vaccine, which will subdue that specific virus. However, he suspects that the anti-Ebola vaccine will be given to these US soldiers in Africa, and it will contain a trigger element, making them unwittingly virus vectors.  They will then come home to the United States, and disperse.

The pathogens will later be released into the atmosphere, perhaps in chemtrails and/or in ground releases, such as in the subway systems of major cities. The latter plot has already been perpetrated in the New York City subway system.  (True, I remember it.)

The trigger element planted in the U.S. soldiers’ ebola vaccinations in Africa will then recombine in their bodies with the pathogen that is to be released throughout the United States. The product will be a deadly biological weapon of mass extermination designed to go airborne and thus be highly contagious.

The flu vaccines also contains the trigger element.

Thousands of illegals across the Texas border is a part of this very same plot.
The diabolical CDC is rounding up illegal Mexicans who are exhibiting flu-like symptoms.
Many illegals are being housed at Lackland Air Force base in San Antonio, Texas.

WHY do I believe this?
I was never military, but I am a keyboard warrior, sort of I am God's special ops.
I have some medical training.  I am in touch with a former US govt employee whistle blower and some other people with knowldge.
Govt in the past has tested vaccines on our troops - to their harm.  they are gonna vaccinate our troops going to WAfrica with a vax with a trigger to go off after they are home - and spread ebola in USA.

DISCERN ALL - ALWAYS!  Dont just swallow CNN koolade.
This is long. I edited and pulled excerpts.

U.N. Agenda 21 - NWO globalist depopulation plan
Sustainable development, code for depopulation, kill people

CDC wrong about spread of disease, wrote German doctors.
A victim showing no symptoms of the disease can still transmit a virus like Ebola by air if droplets containing the virus are transmitted to another person by a sneeze or cough.

EBOLA - what your NOT being told
Ebola is airborn.  Lying about that is getting people killed

Ultraviolet light robot kills Ebola in two minutes; why doesn't every hospital have one of these? -

Fighting the Depopulation Agenda - Blacklights, Vitamin C, Cinnamon, and Colloidal Silver to thwart Weaponized Ebola Democide | P


Earthquakes - volcano

Bardarbunga volcano
Oct. 12, 2014
 SONday - dawn USA
Bardy is shrouded in a veil, I cant see a thing on either mila cam.  
There are a lot of NOT small quakes in the Iceland area.
Jon mentions magma in the Tskul volcano next to
Bardy but vedur has not changed colors.

Earthquakes North Sea
October 12, 2014  
SON[/b]day  -  Iceland - Greenland area has a lot of medium quakes between 4.0 and 5.2 SW of Reykjavík, Iceland.  One volcano has been erupting and there have been a number of earthquakes all along the Atlantic fractuze zone clear down to the South pole.

Oct. 12, 2014  Michigan child died, Alabama child critical

I am doing a report on EV-D68  enterovirus

Enterovirus D68, or EV-D68 should be called “UAC Virus” (Unaccompanied Alien Children)

Reporting early due to Texas new info - urgent!
Oct. 13  I will begin a new issue, this will be in archive

I sense our Republic of the USA is truly gone now.  Many freedoms we once had have seeped away.  America - AMERICA! - was a great nation!  A world leader! A light to the world!  A strong nation!  Who can say this today?

Like the Church in Ephesus in Revelation 2
You have forsaken the love you had at first.
Consider how far you have fallen!
Repent and do the things you did at first.
If you do not repent, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place.

I hear the thundrous pounding hoofbeats of the 4 horsemen

PRAY for the victims!


For it is time for Judgment to begin at the household of God, (in church)  
and if it begins with us, what will be the outcome for  
those who do not OBEY the gospel of God?  
1 Peter 4:17  

I try to post accurate news.  However, that is nearly impossible these days.

The EBOLA pandemic has begun. Its been planned for years
The timing is exactly what they intended - October, its going like clockwork.

Its hard to keep posting news when the news is so untrustworthy.
NOTHING but the 66 books in the Holy Bible are true.
I cannot keep up with EBOLA.  It has begun.  The spread worldwide will be faster than anyone can keep up with.  I refuse to devote my life to chasing bugs!

PRAY for the victims!

Almost NOTHING  we see is REAL

I try to keep this up, please check here for GENERAL things to know.
I also have EBOLA INFORMATION where much is posted.
Ebola is part of U.N. Agenda 21


CHOOSE this day whom you will serve,
as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.  Joshua 24:15

Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand. James 5:8

GODs NEWS,  Holy Bible, the ONLY TRUTH
Bible translations, versions I like, New King James, ESV, NASB, NIV, Living.
Keep looking straight ahead, look neither to the left nor to the right, but look to the LORD JESUS CHRIST
Who is the Author and Finisher of our Faith.  Trust in Him and be not disuaded from your calling.

Gospel of Luke
The Word of Promise is a dramatized audio Bible which brings the scriptures to life.

Holy Bible online

BIBLES and sermons online

ZionsCRY NEWS and Commentary
PLEASE get used to navigating my forum.  Its not as nice or easy for you or for me

Its hard to know where to post some news, cuz its all NWO and related.

ZionsCRY archives

I hear the thundrous pounding hoofbeats of the 4 horsemen

PRAY for the victims!

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