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force majeure are MAN MADE
Tornadoes, Severe Storms Rip Through New Orleans, Damaging H
2017 USA storms
Southeast Ravaged by 43 Wildfires Spread Across 8 States
A weather rarity: Tropical Storm Julia forms over land
Weather mod, ocean current, jet stream changes, 3 gorges dam
Have U.S. Weather Patterns Changed Permanently? This Week Re
Dead Sea Israel
Greenland's Melt Season Started Nearly Two Months Early
Thousands of people evacuated after Halmahera earthquakes
Cayman Islands Earthquake
Pacific Ring of Fire
2015-2016 Winter Storms USA
Nibiru, Planet X, Elenin, Comet ISON
Star of Bethlehem * Jupiter and Venus converge
Western wildfires 2015 * 2016
Alabama earthquakes, tornadoes, oddities
Earth watch * Quakes, volcanoes * dutchsinse
SURVIVAL Information, FOODS that Detox Radiation
Milky Rain in the Pacific Northwest
Southern - Northern hemisphere mixing
SYRIA earthquakes
Communities across US recover after floods
Massachusetts * Rare weather, nature oddities
Mysterious giant hole suddenly appears in Siberia
4.5 earthquake Lebanon
Severe storms, tornadoes to ramp up in central US Friday
Indiana severe weather
Nebraska tornadoes, severe weather, earthquakes
Hurricane Amanda in E. Pacific
Guam, Micronesia, Mariana Islands, Earthquakes typhoons
Twisters rouse interest in shelters, safe rooms
Midwest Massive Tornado Outbreak
UTAH earthquakes, nature
Earth on the cusp of destruction-extreme weather events 2014
CASCADES * Mt Hood, Rainier, Helens, etc
Venezuela Earthquakes, volcanoes, severe weather
Polaris (North Star) Getting Brighter
Southeast USA storms 2014 **
2014-2015 Winter Storms USA
UK storms, earthquakes, Britain, Wales, Ireland, Scotland
Villagers' shock as Slovakian waterway turns red overnight '
EQ triggered by Seattle Seahawks fans at CenturyLink Field
West braces for more stormy weather
Tsunami Buoys Turned Off Around The World
QUAKES, Antarctic, mid, S Atlantic Ocean
Israel earthquakes
Odd fish, creatures discovered, unusual wildlife
Typhoon Wipha threatens Tokyo, Fukushima
Record-setting rainfall has hit Harrisburg area in last 24 h
USA winter storms 2013 - 2014
Tropical storm Karen in Gulf; snowstorm builds in Rockies
Hollywood fault
Video: Tornado touches down near Tokyo
Henriette strengthens to Category 1 hurricane, strongest sto
Montana earthquakes, storms
Thunderstorms to rage across much of US after 2 die in India
Storms dump baseball-sized hail in several counties in Kansa
Heavy thunderstorms flood the Phoenix area
Massive thunderstorm slams Las Vegas, leaving damaged homes,
Britain sizzles in rare heat wave
AFRICA Earthquakes, Volcanoes, rift, seismic news
4.3 Earthquake Washington
Death toll in India floods hits 560, thousands more missing
DAKOTA weather events
Denver airport bad weather, Tornado - and WHY
India floods: Buildings washed away as 19 die
France weather, earthquakes, etc
Atlantic hurricanes
Magnitude 6.1, Santa Cruz Islands
GERMANY earthquakes, severe weather, nature oddities
New Mexico, fires, earthquakes, severe weather
Termites Swarm New Orleans, People Think It’s The Apocalypse
Flooding forces evacuation of 1,300 in ND town
UN report says economic losses from disasters since 2000 are
A Week of Severe Weather Including Tornadoes. 100+ Reports P
Tropical Storm Mahasen strikes southern Bangladesh
NW Wisconsin wildfire consumes 8,700 acres
Midwest USA tornadoes
Tsunami of ice plows into dozens of Canadian homes
Sarajevo hit by massive swarm of flies
Flooding In Brooklyn: Torrential Downpours Brings Flash Floo
Colorado earthquakes, weather, nature
Earth's core
Polar vortex
California wildfires 2013 - 2015
Floodwaters rising in US heartland
KANSAS Tornadoes, earthquakes
20 hurt as tornadoes and powerful storms hit Victoria's nort
Record Warmth for Phoenix, Las Vegas
UF Researcher: Mega mosquitoes set to invade Central Fla.
Beijing residents bemoan smog and sandstorms
Waterspout Comes Onshore in Tampa, FL
SINKHOLES worldwide
2013 Winter storms USA
Meteorite hits Russian Urals, 1,000 injured
Great Lakes, Superior, Erie, Ontario, Michigan, Huron
SPACE, asteroids, comets, signs in the skies, sky
3,400 people spend night at Tokyo airport after snowfall cau
Air pollution in Beijing goes off the index
Wild world weather 2013
NOAA: 2012 was warmest year ever for US, second most 'extrem
2012-13 USA winter storms- DRACO, euclid, Nemo
New Zealand weather, cyclone storms
Malabar beach glows blue following red algae invasion
Huge sinkholes, earth cracks - ignored by media
Red rain in Sri Lanka
64% of Americans unprepared for a major natural disaster
4.3 earthquake Kentucky
Over 500 pigeons drop dead in Bihar village
22 dead in Indian floods, 60,000 displaced: official
Philippines earthquakes, volcanoes
Canada * Vancouver, British Columbia earthquakes
Atlantic Hybrid superstorm Hurricane Sandy, HAARP
Earthquakes, storms, nature * Northeast U.S.A. states
Gulf Stream path shift (cause Hurricane Sandy?)
Wild animals
Study finds Southern Hemisphere becoming drier
The $1 billion mission to reach the Earth's mantle
Earth is undergoing true polar wander
Nadine Becomes A Hurricane … Again
1.5m people displaced by floods in India
Hurricane Miriam
Niger floods kill at least 92 people
23 nuclear power plants are in tsunami risk areas
September Storms USA 2012
Svalbard, Greenland quakes - north pole
ASIA Typhoons * Japan, Korea
California-Mexico Border earthquakes, Salton Sea
Hurricane Isaac in Atlantic
Russia earthquakes, volcanoes, fires, Kamchatka
Report of 5.1 quake rattles near Gerber(CA) deleted by USGS
World On Alert For Massive Solar Storm That Could Come With
Louisiana Giant Sinkhole DISASTER - GROWING!
Heavy rains create havoc in U'Khand, Chardham Yatra suspende
Tropical Storm Florence joins Ernesto in Atlantic
4.2 earthquake wakes Kuwait
Flashy storm slashes area, wakes up many in Tri-Cities
Weird red rain in India panics people . . . ‘blood red’ rain
Fire in McCormick's Creek State Park scorches 30 acres
The REAL GOD Particles
Derecho storms USA, millions without power for days
Mysterious bubbles in Bayou Corne
USA Heat wave 2012
Deadly B.C. flooding prompts more evacuations, highway closu
Florida storms, nature events
Dayton declares Duluth flood state of emergency
Earthquakes Red Sea, Yemen, Oman, Gulf of Aden, Eritrea
606 Earthquakes Worldwide 4.0 and Above the Last 30 Days?
Hurricane Carlotta
Dallas hailstorm leaves brutal aftermath
Spooked by mystery tremors, WR asks for Met dept probe(S. Mu
Cougars again spreading across US Midwest, a century after n
China's Wuhan city covered in mysterious haze
Shopping trolleys flung in Perth tornado
Saudi Arabia weather, quakes, nature
Philippines Typhoons
Sweden earthquakes, severe weather
Bay of Plenty NZ undersea volcano
DC Tornado causes damage in Hampton VIRGINIA
Seattle Fault Zone -- 900-930 AD earthquake larger than prev
S. America Earthquakes, storms, nature * Argentina
Tropical Storm Beryl aims for southeast coast
USA western wildfires 2011 - 2014
Hurricane Bud in Eastern Pacific
Landslides kill six in Kasese
Earthquakes Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia
Woman burned by exploding rocks
Mystery earthquake near McCall puzzles scientists, technicia
Scientists Discover New Site of Potential Instability in Wes
Azerbaijan earthquakes
Mysterious flames erupt from earth...
Man slips to his death from muddy path as 'Monsoon May' rain
Rare tornado strikes Tokyo
Wyoming earthquakes, weather
Climate Change HOAX
Volcano activity increasing worldwide
Quake Expert: Earth Cracking Up
April storms move thru USA
East Coast wildfires whipped up by winds
TURKEY Earthquakes, severe weather, nature
Indonesia Earthquakes, Singapore, Malaysia
Start of 2012, March shatter US heat records
UNSURVIVABLE! New Tornado Warnings
Tornadoes cause massive damage across Dallas-Fort Worth
Huge hailstones worldwide
March has meant 6,000 weather records broken
Unprecedented events seen on Earth in first three months of
'Titanic' director James Cam. dives to Earth's deepest point
Growing seismic unrest in Middle East: Earthquake hits Dead
Minor earthquakes have become frequent in Armenia
Australia earthquakes, volcanoes
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