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November 9 - 14, 2014 ZionsCRY news analysis, commentary


November 9, 2014 Sunday  
Zechariah 11 and 12  
 Bible reading for today


Time to Destroy Israel
November 9, 2014
-  Just days after Barack Obama sent a letter to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei extolling America’s and Iran’s shared objectives in the Middle East, Khamenei called openly for the destruction of Israel.  Obama offered Khamenei an American-Iran partnership.

Iran - Kerry in Oman
November 9, 2014
-  Sunday - US Secretary of State John Kerry meets Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in Oman, ahead of a November 24 deadline for a nuclear deal with Iran.

To Muslims, Israel GONE is the final solution. For Iran to say by Nov. 24 puts Israel in imminent jeopardy - and the USA is NOT on the side of Israel. Americans are! Christians are! Obama is not - and we showed how we hate him Nov. 4 - now he is wounded so he turns to his pals - Muslims.

IRAN - Obama deal

November 9, 2014 -  A Deal by November 24

UN atomic agency said that Iran is failing to answer questions about its nuclear program.
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) says Iran is complying with an agreement to curb uranium enrichment, but also notes it has made no progress in its investigation into possible military dimensions of the program.

Annihilate  Israel said IRAN
November 9, 2014
-  In a Twitter tirade, Iran calls for Israel's destruction, says that Palestinian Muslims should be armed in Judea and Samaria, the HEART of ISRAEL.

This ole coot is a very real threat and imminent danger.  GOP take U.S. Congress in January.  WW3 has to start before then.  Remember the U.S. hostages in Iran under Carter?  As soon as REAGAN was elected, Iran freed them.  Our enemies know Demoncrats are their friends!

Iran violated nuclear deal
November 9, 2014
-  BUT Obama dont care.  Same goal.
Iran violated deal by efforts to develop machine that could enrich uranium faster.
If successful, Iran could produce nuclear bomb material faster.,7340,L-4589457,00.html


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Obama letter to Khamenei
November 9, 2014
-  Barack Obama secretly wrote to Iranian Leader Ayatollah Khamenei in October, and urged Iran to reach a deal on its nuclear program and join the US coalition against ISIS.  Bear in mind Obama uses ISIL - because Levant includes Israel - which both Iran and Obama want GONE.  This is the 4th time Obama has written Khamenei since 2009.

Israel has warned Iran aims to build nuclear weapons.
Khamenei has called for Israel's destruction, and blamed America for creating ISIS.  TRUE,  isis are Sunni Muslims trained by US military.

The Demoncrat party was trounced in mid-term elections Nov. 4, leaving Obama as a lame duck.  A cornered animal is most dangerous.
Iran has enough centrifuges to produce enough uranium for 38 A-bombs per year.

LEVANT WAR * Syria, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Sinai, ISIL, ISIS

Question    ZionsCRY Commentary
Will Israel attack Iran this month?

Obama uses ISIL because Levant includes Israel - which both Iran and Obama want GONE.

With GOP taking Congress - things for Israel are hotter now than they've been in years.
The chicken meets the fox family to plan a raid on the coup.
I saw the film Armageddon on TV last nite.  It depicted the USA as Israel's friend.
With Obama the reverse is true, sadly.

Policeman felt his life was in danger
November 9, 2014  
-  Realize Muslims are insane, violent, disobedient, irrational, uncontrollable.
Police felt real danger to their lives before shooting dead Hir Alhamadan in Kafr Kana.
Police went to arrest a Muslim who threw a hand grenade when a crazed Arab Muslim
attacked with a knife.  Police fired warning shots but he continued to attack.

The battle for Jerusalem
November 9, 2014
-  Benjamin Netanyahu knows just how volatile the Temple Mount is -
and the KOTEL -  Western Wall. Very long article full of history.,7340,L-4589339,00.html

ARAB SPRING * The Battle for Jerusalem


IRAQ Air strikes
US hits convoy near Mosul
November 9, 2014
-  US air strikes have targeted Sunni Muslim leaders in Qaim, Iraq
near the Syrian border, possibly including Big Daddy (Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi).
Supposedly ISIS Sunnis had evacuated a hospital so that their wounded could be treated.
One US official said that air strikes were carried out against a convoy near Mosul.

While I dont believe Obama would target his brother Sunnis, he WOULD have media report that,
and BORG media comply.  Obama is not 'the' antichrist, but he obeys him.
It is MOST probable Obama made sure his pals were warned before the strike.


Kenya mass sterilization

November 9, 2014
-  A mass sterilization exercise, Kenyan doctors find anti-fertility agent in UN tetanus vaccine.
Yep, Bill Gates depopulation program.  To late to prevent Obama.

Kenya Catholic Doctors found an antigen that causes miscarriages in a vaccine being given to 2 million females by WHO and UNICEF. Priests throughout Kenya advising their congregations to refuse the vaccine.

Boko Haram bombs Nigerian school, kills 47
November 10, 2014
Boko Haram Muslim terrorists often target schools to establish an Islamic state.
The students had gathered for the morning assembly when something exploded.
Boko Haram hates education, wants people dumb.

Nigeria news

Bahamas plane crash kills 9
November 10, 2014
A small plane crashed on approach to Grand Bahama, killing all 9 people on board.
The Lear 36 Executive Jet had taken off from Nassau and crashed while attempting to land in Freeport around 5 p.m.  The crash occurred as people were gathering in Grand Bahama for annual Christian leadership conference.  Myles Munroe, a prominent Bahamian minister who organized the event, reported killed.

USA airplane crashes


U. S. A         politix

Santa may not be coming yet, but his weather is.
Bitter cold is edging down thru most of the USA next week - and stay.
Arctic blast to chill 42 US States, dramatic drop in temperatures

Midwest Snowstorm, hundreds of Accidents - LIVE  
Nov. 11, 2014  After dumping heavy snow across the Dakotas and MinneSNOWta, snow continues to the Great Lakes.
Over a foot of snow closed schools in Minnesota with more expected across Wisconsin and Michigan.
Only 8 States Dodge Polar Vortex

UN Arms Treaty goes into effect December 24
The United Nations Arms Treaty will officially go into effect December 24, 2014.  Immediate threat to the rights of gun owners - all countries shall establish a national control system including a national control list.

McConnell won't shut down govt
November 9, 2014
-  McConnell is OLD!  Give this chair to Cruz or Ryan!
Kentucky Republican Senator Mitch McConnell says he won't shut down the government or abolish all of Obamacare.  That statement infuriated Mark Levin!

But McConnell wants to kill pieces of Obamacare that are tremendously unpopular with the American people.  McConnell singled out a medical device tax that he said has driven jobs overseas, the individual health insurance mandate, and a 50-full-time-employee compliance threshold that has pushed hundreds of thousands of employers to cut workers' hours and alter 'the 40-hour work week' with temporary hires.

McConnell is OLD!  Give this chair to Cruz or Ryan!

JAG blog post
"I'll unilaterally capitulate before I accept victory!" -- Mitch McConnell, November 5, 2014.

Mitch McConnell, RINO

TEA party news
Several TEA party won Nov. 4, 2014.  
Its hard to pick them out, as they have to run on GOP ticket.

A rule change that could lock Republican 2016 victory
Republicans now control the government in 24 states.
This opens the door for a legal move that could ensure a Republican wins the White House in 2016.

USA congress

Chris Plante, talk radio - is saying he thinks Ted Cruz will go after mconnell's seat.  GOOD!  GO TED!  We need a fighter in the captains chair to replace Reid - not a twin of Reid

DONT BE FOOLED.  No party will help.
The real problem is the heart of man.  Nothing will change for the better.

Obama Paid Money to Al Qaeda for Bergdahl Release
November 6, 2014
by Daniel Greenfield
Rep. Duncan Hunter (Calif.) sent a letter to the Pentagon that a payment was made
to an Afghan terrorist  for the May 31 release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.
US paying ransoms - especially for an evil deserter-collaborator like Bergdahl - is inexcusable.

US Afgan TRAITOR Bergdahl traded for 5 terrorists

Evil or Very Mad   Reid plots final days in demon power
November 9, 2014
-  Demoncrats lost big in elections!
SINate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada DEMONcrat hopes to confirm 50 Obama nominees and
move an omnibus spending bill in a last hurrah before Demoncrats give up power.
The nominees are part of a Reid EVIL plan.
Reid also wants to move a package of expiring tax provisions.

Obama wants the Sinate to confirm 38 State Dept nominees.
There are a total of 24 judicial nominees on the executive calendar.
Reid’s top lame-duck priority is to move a new bill to fund the government.
much more

HELLary is beatable
November 9, 2014
-  I say Hellary Clinton is a dead horse - cant run, 4 broken legs.
Rep. Paul Ryan said 2014 elections “tells you that she’s not inevitable. I think she’s very beatable.”  
The election was a repudiation of Barak Hussein Obama.

Paul Ryan

CNN kills barack Obama

Kaci Hickox moving out of state
November 9, 2014 -  GOOD RIDDANCE to garbage!
CDC officer Kaci Hickox who treated Ebola patients in Sierra Leone
, West Africa and
fought quarantine in New Jersey and Maine after returning to the United States in October will
move away from Maine.  Everyone cheers!

Anyone care?  not me.   Laughing

     Loretta Lynch is another criminal!

Evil or Very Mad   December 29, 1995
— The Senate Whitewater Committee issued another round of subpoenas, seeking documents related to the failed real estate venture that has plagued President Bill Clinton for several years.
The Whitewater committee contends the White House has withheld documents in the congressional probe, which is seeking to determine the role of the president and first lady in the failed venture.
(Later proved true.  Hellary had them in a box in their bedroom at the whitehouse.)

Others issued subpoenas include Loretta Lynch, staff member of the 1992 Clinton presidential campaign.
Thats why obama wants her as AG - she is also a criminal like Holder.

Loretta Lynch is a Clinton campaign lawyer who worked on the Whitewater-Madison matters.
Looks like she was involved in the Clinton’s Whitewater & Madison Guarantee cover-up:

Evil or Very Mad    Loretta Lynch wants to free blacks from the Prison of Racism
November 9, 2014  Another devil!  
Loretta Lynch, will be carrying out Eric Holder's politics of racial vengeance. Based on her family history, social justice statements and close ties to black activists, Lynch will deploy law enforcement resources based on race and political ideology, not on the rule of law.

Laughing   Can't this racist administration find any qualified white candidates?
She looks like Al Sharpton in drag

Criminal (Muslim?) Loretta Lynch  attorney general
Obama’s leftist radical pick for attorney general Loretta Lynch claims to be an expert on Islam. Back in 2012, Loretta Lynch gave Muslim terrorist (Shiite imam) Kareem Ibrahim a life in prison for joining a failed plot to firebomb JFK Airport. Lynch is more corrupt than Eric Holder.
It appears Lynch denies Islamic jihad exists

10 to 1 Lynch is Muslim.  

Marine calls for Obama’s resignation - on White House steps
November 9, 2014
-  On the steps of the White House Sergeant Manny Vega with a megaphone
calls out Obama for about an hour.  Vega, a Marine and member of the Patriot Militia, spent
9 years in the Marine Corps and has been deployed to Iraq 3 times.

Sgt. Vega says Obama should just leave his office and pursue golfing and repeatedly asks for
his resignation. He even goes into a speech about Obama’s birth certificate, which he doesn’t believe to be authentic.

He suggests Obama is an “usurper” and suggests he just leave his job.
The American people have had about enough of you and all you do against this country and against the Constitution, Vega said in the megaphone.
Strangely, no Secret Service members came to stop Vega during his demonstration at one o’clock in the morning.
Vega closes out the video by singing a portion of America the Beautiful to the White House walls and Obama inside, who is perhaps unaware of the patriot’s demonstration.

IMPEACH Barak Obama for TREASON, Enemy of the Union!!

Obama, Eligibility, birth, Fuddy, Moochel a man, ring

TREASON! ObamaGate, Blind Sheik, Bengazigate

Obamacare health insurance premiums by up to 78 percent


            New House Republicans

November 2014
House Republicans increased their majority to levels not seen in decades.
These new members increase TEA party conservatives, hated by RINO GOP oldies.
Well TEAfolk, look forward to war with old goat McConnell.

Mia Love, Utah, the first black Republican woman to serve in the House.
Elise Stefanik, New York.
Carlos Curbelo, Florida, son of Cuban exiles.
Mark Walker, North Carolina, use fighter jets to deal with illegals.
Glenn Grothman, Wisconsin, replaces a RINO.
Jody Hice, Georgia, queer lifestyle enslaves people.
Ryan Zinke, Montana, Navy SEAL called Hellary Clinton the antichrist.  LOL!
Zinke said there had been "a lot of excuses" out of Boehner's Republicans. (the RINOs)

Mitch McConnell * Enemy of Christians, TEA party

Exclamation    Landing plane - sideways!
November 2014
It was so windy in Chicago a plane landed sidewize - this is unbelievable!

Let the one who does wrong, still do wrong and the one who is filthy, still be filthy
and let the one who is righteous, still practice righteousness
and the one who is holy, still keep himself holy. Revelation 22:11


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Russia-China gas pipeline deal
November 10, 2014
-  President Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping have signed a gas deal on gas supplies route to China. The agreement paves the way for a contract that would make China the biggest consumer of Russian gas.  Russia’s Altay route would supply 30 billion cubic meters (bcm) of gas a year to China.  The new supply line comes in addition to the eastern route, through the Siberia pipeline.
MAP showing Russia-China north-south pipeline.

CHINA sees Obama as a weak leader
*Snort!  Obama is no leader - period.  Obama is more our enemy than Islam or China or Russia.
Barak Obama is in China for a summit with Xi Jinping.  US society has grown tired of Obama.  So has the world.

Russia-China invasion of America
Dumitru Duduman received a vision from the Lord showing him California, Las Vegas, New York, Nevada, and Florida.
He was told that these cities were as Sodom and Gomorrah and that in one day they would burn.  
Other men have seen the same thing.  Russia-China agree to attack America.  4 pages



Dumitru Duduman Russian Invasion of America
Dumitru Duduman received a vision from the Lord showing him California, Las Vegas, New York, Nevada, and Florida.
He was told that these cities were as Sodom and Gomorrah and that in one day they would burn.  4 pages

Many see the problems, no one has the answers.  

There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity (bewildered) at the roaring and tossing of the sea.
(nations will be in turmoil, perplexed by the roaring seas and strange tides.)
26  People will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world.
Luke 21:25

Internet freedom alternet news websites are fast gaining readers, govt-controlled websites are losing.  
Internet Censorship and KONTROL

BORG NEWS, no more free press

Israel mideast News links


Wash hands
Good diet, exercise - even just walking
Vitamin C
colloidal silver - 2 drops daily in juice or water helps fight ebola
turmuric / curry - sprinkle a little on something daily

Much is going on in the world as darkness is beginning to engulf the whole planet.  However, the coming of the LORD is also drawing nigh.  

When you shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.
They knew not until the flood came, and took them all away.

This generation shall not pass, until all these things are fulfilled.
Mathew 24

For in the time of trouble he shall hide me in his pavilion, in the secret place of his tabernacle shall he  hide me, he shall set me up upon a rock.
Psalm 27:5 - The term keseh is derived from a Hebrew root which means to conceal, cover, or hide.

Revelation 13

The second beast was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed. It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.

This calls for wisdom.
Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man.
That number is 666.

I AM coming quickly, and My reward is with Me
to repay each person according to what he has done.
Revelation 22:12  We are His reward!  YAY!

What is Christ's reward with Him?


Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?
2 Corinthians 6:14

Why was the Myth of al-Aqsa Created?
November 10, 2014  
-  How did Jerusalem become so important to Muslims?
The importance of Jerusalem for Jews and Christians is beyond dispute.  However, we hear over and over that Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims demand that Jerusalem become the capital of a Palestinian state.  WHY?

Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Koran.  After Palestine was occupied by the Muslims, its capital was Ramle, 30 miles to the west of Jerusalem, signifying that Jerusalem meant nothing to them.  Muhammad stole the sacred sites of Jews and Christianity by Islamizing them. Thus, Islam falsely claims Abraham was the first Muslim.

Mecca was a holy site of the pre-Islamic pagan Arabs. Muhammad attempted to convince the Jews near Medina to join him, but after he failed he turned against the Jews, killed many of them, and directed Muslim prayers southward toward Mecca, Arabia.

Islam rediscovered Jerusalem 50 years after Muhammad's death. In 682
The furthest mosque, al-aqsa, is in Jerusalem.
According to Islam, they replace Judaism and Christianity rather than to live side by side with them.

This article depicts the insanity of Islam.

What is Islam

Policeman felt his life was in danger
November 9, 2014  
-  Realize Muslims are insane, violent, disobedient, irrational, uncontrollable.
Police felt real danger to their lives before shooting dead Hir Alhamadan in Kafr Kana.
Police went to arrest a Muslim who threw a hand grenade when a crazed Arab Muslim attacked with a knife.
Police fired warning shots but he continued to attack.

The battle for Jerusalem
November 9, 2014
-  Benjamin Netanyahu knows just how volatile the
Temple Mount is - and the KOTEL -  Western Wall.
Very long article full of history.,7340,L-4589339,00.html

Muslims riot in Israel
November 10, 2014
-  Apparantly the Muslim war for Jerusalem, war on Israel continues.  It never really ceased.  Palestinian and Israeli Arab Muslims escalated violence against Jews on Sunday after the police killed Kheir Hamdan, an attacker in Kfar Kana (Cana) in the Galilee.  Hamdan is seen attacking a police van with a knife - unseen are thousands of others rioting against Israel.  Muslims have no sense of Justice at all, they are crazy.  Much of the violence is being fueled by Arab media.

I will gather all nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat.
There I will put them on trial for what they did to my inheritance, my people Israel,
because they scattered my people among the nations and divided up MY land.
Joel 3:2

Divide Jerusalem
November 10, 2014
-  The European Union insisted on the urgent need for a Palestinian state with the eastern half of Jerusalem as its capital said Mogherini while in Gaza.  Mogherini claimed Israel is 'obstructing' by letting Jews live in areas claimed by the Palestinian Arab Muslims - but its the Arabs who are the illegitimate occupiers, not Jews, and Arabs claim ALL the land.

Israeli PM Netanyahu stated truthfully that Jerusalem is the capital of ISRAEL, not a settlement.
Jerusalem remains a stumbling block.  Israeli Jews insist that after millennia of longing for a return
to Jerusalem, the city must never again be divided.  AMEN!

Kerem Shalom fuel tanker explosion
November 11, 2014
-  One Palestinian was killed and 2 injured when a fuel truck exploded at the Kerem Shalom commercial crossing in southern Gaza.  An accidental explosion caused by a technical malfunction during a fuel transfer.  The blast occurred as a fuel tank was being filled at the Kerem Shalom crossing.  Gaza routinely buys gas from Israel transported through Kerem Shalom.

IDF thinks Hamas planning large attack
November 11, 2014  
  DUH!  There is no doubt.
IDF seek to head off an imminent mega-attack throughout Israel.
A full closure may be imposed on Judea and Samaria (westbank).  IDF battalions have been sent there.
Netanyahu held an urgent meeting after Tel Aviv attacks in which 2 Jews were murdered. Palestinian killer from Shechem (Nablus).
Rocket fire from Gaza could resume.  (ynet)

Abbas is more dangerous than Arafat
November 11, 2014  
Abbas a Jew-hater who promotes terror like Arafat, but is better at hiding his true face.
At Camp David, Abbas told Arafat NOT to accept the deal Clinton offered.,7340,L-4590790,00.html


November 2014

The 4th beast was different from all the others and most terrifying,
with its iron teeth and bronze claws – the beast that crushed and devoured its victims
and trampled underfoot whatever was left. Daniel 7:19
(Bronze is a combination of copper and other metals, usually tin.)

November 2014

Islam is spreading rapidly all over the world.
Be astounded at the accuracy of God’s word as we see this beast developing!

Jerusalem roiling

2 states is NO solution!
An intifada is a deceptive word meaning rebellion against Israel, WAR, and it never ceases.  Palestinians are Arab Sunni Muslims.  Yes there are a few non-Muslims but they have no power.

There is a major Palestinian uprising mainly in Jerusalem - murders, throwing stones, knife attacks, attacks on vehicles and the Jerusalem Light Rail, etc.  They are Muslim terrorists encouraged by the support they are receiving from around the world. They accuse Israel of wanting to take over the Al-Aqsa mosque. As a result, Jordan has recalled its ambassador to Israel, but it is the Muslims who are creating all the trouble.

Rabbi Yehuda Glick, victim of a Muslim assassination attempt, is improving but remains in a serious condition. Rabbi Glick has been an advocate for Jews being allowed to pray on the Temple Mount.  His attacker, Muatza Hijazi, had attacked and cut up prison wardens during his years in Israeli jails. He is now tormented in the flames of hell.

EU demands Israel divide Jerusalem. That is SIN.

Bully Obama will likey vote with the evil UN - against Israel
Obama wants Israel to give their God-given land to Palestinians.  That is SIN.  Sunni Muslim Barack Obama constantly threatens and bullies and shows total contempt for Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu.

Evil or Very Mad   New Zealand - no friend of Israel
New Zealand has a seat on the UN Security Council.  NZ PM John Key remarked on civilian casualties in Gaza and noted the lack of progress towards a '2 state solution.'  Clearly NZ is no friend to Israel.  The Gaza deaths are 100% the fault of the Hamass Muslim terrorists.  Israel is NOT guilty of even 1 death.  They cant defend themselves when shooting back at the Hamasses firing on them without hitting the human shields Hamasses use.  ALL Palestinians are sworn to destroy Israel, all Jews.  Peace with such devils is NOT possible and a Palestinian state irrational.  Muslims cant afford or govern a state!

I will gather all nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat.
There I will put them on trial for what they did to my inheritance, my people Israel,
because they scattered my people among the nations and divided up MY land.
Joel 3:2

IRRATIONAL!  How Obama treats the enemy

After 6 weeks, Obama hasnt even slowed ISIL down with his pointless bombing.  Of course Obama warns his brother terrorists where the attack will be first.

There is a claim that Big Daddy (Abu Baghdadi) was hurt in the strikes, but no confirmation.

The US is to send 1,500 more US troops to Iraq to boost the 1,000 US troops in Iraq already.
Anyone taking bets how many US troops are Muslims?

Obama had US military train ISIS at US base in Jordan in 2013, and has been steadily training and arming them even up to now.  Of course they are called Syrian rebels.  They are all Sunni Muslims.  The U.S. gives them arms, rockets and anti-tank missiles.

While U.S. warplanes strike ISIL in both Syria and Iraq, truckloads of U.S. and Western aid has been flowing into territory controlled by the ISIL jihadists.

GAZA Hamasses
Hamasses use human shields and fire at Israeli civilians from within schools, hospitals, and civilian neighborhoods in Gaza.  This is a WAR CRIME!  
Hamass is rebuilding the tunnels.  Israel says it won’t allow Gaza reconstruction if the tunnels are rebuilt.  But everyone knows Israel doesnt mean it.

Jordan is rapidly becoming an enemy.  Jordan is the Palestinian state, and has been since 1948.  Jordan withdrew its Ambassador to Israel because Israel had to police Hamas rioting on Temple Mount.  Jordan threatened to revoke its 1994 peace treaty with Israel.

TURKEY  -  A new terrorist state
Turkish President Erdogan has condemned Israel for responding to Arab riots on the Temple Mount and has threatened UN Security Council action.

Egypt has discovered hundreds more tunnels running from Gaza into the Sinai Peninsula.

Boko Haram Muslim terrorists in Nigeria has targeted Christians for five years.


For it is time for Judgment to begin at the household of God, (in church)  
and if it begins with us, what will be the outcome for  
those who do not OBEY the gospel of God?  
1 Peter 4:17  

Open Doors warned that the exodus of Christians in Iraq and Syria fleeing terror group ISIS reached "biblical proportions" this year. The rise of ISIS which has captured a number of cities in those two countries is behind it. Christians are fleeing Iraq and Syria by the thousands, with little more than the clothes on their backs.

Pray for the blinded church!
Pray for peace on Temple Mount, and for Israel to come to know their Jewish Messiah.  Pray for the Gospel message to reach all Muslims wherever they live. Pray for Muslim children who are being taught to hate Jews and Christians.  Muslims are the most under-evangelised people group in the world.

Messages to the Church
Michael Boldea  *   READ THIS!!!

Come to me with your ears wide open. Listen, and you will find life.
Seek the LORD while you can find him.  Call on him now while he is near.
Let the wicked change their ways and banish the very thought of doing wrong.
Let them turn to the LORD that he may have mercy on them.
Yes, turn to our God, for he will forgive generously.
The LORD says - My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,
and my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.
Isaiah 55

The one who reads this (book of Revelation) is blessed!
Those who hear the words of this prophecy and keep what is written in it
are blessed, because the time is HERE .. errr .. near!
Revelation 1:3


                 APEC Summit in Beijing

November 11, 2014  
-  Chinese trade pact.  Asia-Pacific leaders meeting in China have agreed to move towards a new free trade zone strongly backed by Beijing.  The Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific (FTAAP) is seen by some as a rival to a US trade pact, which excludes China.  The Apec summit near Beijing agreed to launch a study into the FTAAP.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping described the endorsement of the pact as a "historic" decision.
The US is currently negotiating a separate Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which is considered part of Washington's "pivot" towards Asia - ensuring continued US influence in the region in response to growing Chinese power.  The TPP involves 12 countries, but not China or Russia.
Obama has rejected suggestions by Chinese commentators that the TPP is a way of countering Chinese influence.

China sending America a message

China, U.S. agree to limit greenhouse gases
November 12, 2014  -  I DONT
think Xi is dumb enough to accept the climate hoax.
Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Obama struck a deal to limit greenhouse gases, with China committing to cap carbon emissions.  Humans emit CO2 every time we breathe.

West derided in China
Barak Obama in China this week to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping.
A blogger said American culture eroding the moral foundation and self-confidence of the Chinese people.
He compared unfavorable American news coverage of China to Hitler’s treatment of the Jews, the West had robbed China.  (It has.)

Chinese are suspected of breaching the computer networks of the United States Postal Service.

China and Japan in ice-breaker talks

APEC Summit in Beijing

APEC Asia-Pacific Summit * TPP

US Dollar, 3 pages



November 2014

The 4th beast was different from all the others and most terrifying,
with its iron teeth and bronze claws – the beast that crushed and devoured its victims
and trampled underfoot whatever was left. Daniel 7:19
(Bronze is a combination of copper and other metals, usually tin.)

Russia Detaches from USDollar / Euro Currency Peg  
November, 2014
-  The job number illusion is worse than we thought.
China and Australia made trade deals with each other. Russia and China bypassing the dollar on energy. Russia detaching the ruble from the dollar. Britain threatening free speech, speech will need to be approved by the government. Obamacare enrollment down by 4 million. Obama wants the government to control the internet with regulations. UN Arms Trade Treaty goes into effect on Dec 24. Islamic State is a proxy army for the US. China creating a hack proof internet. US implement phase 1, phase 2, more boots on the ground - to get Assad.

Palestinians continuing WAR on Israel
November  2014  
-  Report by Jerry Golden in Jerusalem.  Edit.
Anyone with any sanity knows that the Arab Muslims, they have only one plan - to destroy Israel.
Daily riots, stabbings, and attempted assassinations, drive-by shootings by Arabs on motorcycles, mostly over Temple Mount and Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Israel.
There is no chance of a Palestinian State living with a Jewish State.  The US keeps telling us that we cannot build new homes for Jews in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. What they are really saying is that we can’t have children and if we do they can’t live in Israel.

Jerry Golden reports

Mullahs call for annihilation of Israel following Obama's letter
10 November 2014
 Iran claims Obama is about to re-establish diplomatic relations with them
Interesting image here of the 0bamatollah

Ebola  Africa
November 12, 2014  -  Mali
confirms second death
A Malian nurse is the second Ebola death in Mali.
She had treated a man who arrived from Guinea.
The latest case is unrelated to the first, when a two-year-old girl died from the disease in late October.

West Africa


Obama in China
November 2014

November 12, 2014  GITMO  
-  Obama frees Fawzi al-Odah, another long-held GITMO terrorist
to his native Kuwait, instantly heralded by ISIL in Syria.

Fire Valerie Jarrett
November, 2014  
Jarret IS Barry's brain! She tells him what to do, who to hire, how to react, etc. We've all seen Barry off teleprompter.  Barry can't function without her. If someone were to kidnap Valerie, Barry would be unable to function.

The Obama Whisperer
No one has understood Valerie Jarrett's role, until now
When I asked a longtime source who left the Obama White House years ago for his impressions of Jarrett, he confessed that he was too fearful to speak with me, even off the record.
Obama consults Jarrett on every major decision.
Her role is one of the most expansive roles that ever existed in the West Wing.

BLOG post - Jarrett is O's Illuminati Handler

Valerie Mussolini Jarrett

        U. S. A.    

November 12, 2014    NEWS analysis

Snow, COLD for millions of Americans
November 12, 2014  
-  Arctic blast hits Canada and U.S.A.
7 million under winter storm warnings from Montana to Michigan ahead of freezing temperatures that will reach the East Coast later this week.  COLD will sweep in behind the snow.

Canada and the USA first blast of winter.  Parts of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan saw over a foot of snow overnight on Monday.  150 flights were cancelled at the Minneapolis airport.  It struck so quickly after warm autumn weather.  Temps dropped 32 degrees in 36 hours.  I went to church without a coat, and an hour later coming home I was COLD!

Let the one who does wrong, still do wrong and the one who is filthy, still be filthy
and let the one who is righteous, still practice righteousness
and the one who is holy, still keep himself holy. Revelation 22:11

4.8 quake Kansas
November 12, 2014
-  Earthquake shakes parts of Kansas, Oklahoma.
The quake epicenter 8 miles south of Conway Springs, 30 miles southwest of Wichita.
The southern part of Kansas has been experiencing an upsurge in earthquakes this year.

America as a nation has come to the end of the age of reason.  We have been going downhill ever since the anti-Christian vocal minority forced prayer and Bible reading out of the schools. Our parents schools began every day with prayer and bible reading and a salute to the flag. We started slipping when so many Pastors decided to be friends of the world rather than be our shepherds.
Today's public high school graduates barely read at 6th grade levels. The history they learn has been rewritten to suit those who despise our CHRISTIAN heritage. --Ed Decker November 2014 (edit)

UN Declares Arms Trade Treaty to Go Into Effect Dec. 24
November 12, 2014  -  Merry Christmas

Arguably, the Arms Trade Treaty would become the law of the United States if the Senate were to ratify the treaty.
Scared?  Read the liberty blog.

Ferguson decision watch
-  The Grand Jury decision is anticipated soon.  
The devils are programmed regardless the decision.

Transparency Lie
I post this because I knew the warrior for Truth / facts Jack Cashill from his NewsMax days years ago.

Jack Cashill

Registration, Confiscation, Extermination


Russia-China invade America
Dumitru Duduman saw California, Las Vegas, New York, Nevada, and Florida BURN - IN ONE DAY.

Dudman Prophecy WARNING
November 12, 2014
-  This blog was started in February 2014 - before the GOP big win November 4th, and has MANY pages.

WHEN?  When America goes to war with China, the Russians will strike without warning.   The angel said, Read Jeremiah 51:8-15, Revelation chapter 18, and Zechariah chapter 14, where Christ fights against those who possess the earth.  After His victory there will be one flock and one Shepherd.

California, Las Vegas, New York and all of Florida are Sodom and Gomorrah!  All of this will burn in ONE DAY!  It's sin has reached the Holy One.  IN ONE DAY IT WILL BURN!  

What will you do with the church?
He said, "I want to save the church, but the churches have forsaken Me.  The people praise themselves.  There is abortion in the churches and all other sins that are possible.  I have left some of the churches.  The Lord never gets tired of forgiving if they repent and return to the LORD and live a clean life.

How will America burn?
The Russian spies have discovered where the nuclear warehouses are in America.  
From the middle of the country, some of the people will start fighting against the government.
The government will be busy with internal problems.  Then from the ocean, from Cuba, Nicaragua, Mexico they will bomb the nuclear warehouses.  When they explode, America will burn!

What will you do with the Church of the Lord?
How will you save the ones that will turn toward you?
How I saved the 3 boys from the furnace of fire, and how I saved Daniel in the lions den, is the same way I will save them.

GOD blessed America because of the Jews living here.

Dumitru Duduman April 22, 1996 vision
I saw the presidents of Russia, China, and two others.
The Russian president began to speak to the Chinese one.  
I will give you the land with all the people, but you must free Taiwan of the Americans.
Do not fear, we will attack them from behind.

Watch where the Russians penetrate America.  Alaska, Minnesota, Florida.
When America goes to war with China, the Russians will strike without warning.
Each had a place already planned as a point of attack.
Together, we can destroy America.

America's sin has reached God.  
He will allow this destruction, for He can no longer stand such wickedness.  
God however, still has people that worship Him with a clean heart as they do His work.  
He has prepared a heavenly army to save these people.
This army will go to battle to save My chosen ones.  
Then, the difference between the Godly and the ungodly will be evident.


Shocked    What I see  *  ZionsCRY Commentary
WAR could come to America homeland even this year.
That is NOT a thus saith the LORD prediction, but my calculation based on events.
I thought when I dropped revlu that this blog would take a new turn.
As I watch news and extrapalate / discern, all my internet access could be gone overnight.

NO one is ready for what is coming, not even those who think they are.
ONLY Faith in the one True GOD will get us thru.
Whenever it comes, we will see miracles daily, angels will help us.  Read Psalms.

I saw TOL blog continue a multipage posting on Duduman prophecy.
Others besides me see what is coming.  The Patriots see, whether they are Christian or not.

I have seen the USA split in half along the Mississippi River, north to south -
because the USA compelled Israel to split Jerusalem.  That is SIN!
I saw this many years ago, and since then have seen others speak to this also.
I found out - afterward - about the New Madrid fault zone.

Might this quake occur yet this year?  I dont know, I wont predict,
but if it does, it will signal 'NOW!' to Russia and China to attack.
Might it happen after they attack?  Maybe, they may blow bridges.

What America experienced on 911 was nothing compared to whats coming.
I can NOT predict when - neither did Duduman.  GOD's true prophets do not give dates.
I do know America has had its FINAL WARNING.

New Madrid

I will bless them that bless thee (Israel, Jews), and curse him that curseth thee
and in thee (Israel) shall all families of the earth be blessed.
Genesis 12:3

Jews not the chosen
Another vatican LIE!  Jesus was NOT a Palestinian!  

The Evil vatican claims Jews are NOT the chosen people.  The Roman cult, Vatican and this frankenpope are NOT Christian.  Indeed Catholocism is Anti-Christ.  Jesus was a Jew!  The bible says that real Christians are to love Jews, comfort them, and pray for the peace of Jerusalem and Israel.
A demon representive of the vatican in Israel declared that Israel’s existence has nothing to do with the Bible.

Egypt Navy attacked in the Mediterranean
November 13, 2014
-  An Egyptian navy vessel comes under terrorist attack in the Mediterranean, 5 wounded and 8 missing at sea.

Egyptian navy kills 4
Gunmen in a fishing boat opened fire on an Egyptian naval launch which shot back, killing 4.
in the Mediterranean north of the port of Damietta, near the Suez Canal.
The military destroyed 4 boats and captured 32 terrorists.,7340,L-4591648,00.html

Soon it should be proven ISIL, alqaeda, and the Muslim Brohood are one and the same.
Regardless the group name given, thats who the terrorists are.

US Navy flees
November 13, 2014
-  US Navy sailors narrowly escaped assault by Sunni Muslim mob in Istanbul TURKEY.  American sailors from the USS Ross were assaulted telling them they should get out of Turkey.  The mob put a bag over the head of one sailer before they manage to flee.

USS Donald Cook crew alarmed
USS Donald Cook destroyer  crew upset by a Russian Sukhoi fighter jet buzzed them in the Black Sea.  The Russian aircraft repeated the same maneuver 12 times before flying away.

* U. S. Military NEWS *

Russia - Obama talks
November 13, 2014
-  Russian Medvedev and Obama had talks after the East Asia Summit.

      U. S. A.    

November 13, 2014    NEWS analysis

Wal-Mart urged to purge all perishables ASAP in dairy, meat and produce.

Black Fri-week
November 13, 2014
 -  Walmart is trying to stretch biggest shopping day of the year into with sales beginning at 12.01am on Thanksgiving Day. Walmart is extending its Black Friday deals through the entire weekend including sales online.

Brown's parents speak at UN
November 12, 2014
-  O sure, if you want to promote evil and HATE Justice, just go to the UN!
The parents of Michael Brown, (Ferguson Missouri) spoke before a UN Committee.  
They want the U.N. to arrest Officer Darren Wilson who killed Brown who was attacking him.

Private forensics expert to testify at Ferguson grand jury in Brown case
Michael Baden, private forensic pathologist who performed an autopsy on Michael Brown will testify before a grand jury Thursday.  Baden is the best liar money can buy.


Virgin Galactic spaceship pilot didn’t know co-pilot unlocked brakes
November 13, 2014
-  Peter Siebold, the pilot didn’t know his co-pilot had prematurely unlocked its brakes. Protocol for the test flight required the co-pilot to announce the step.  SpaceShipTwo began to disintegrate over Southern California 120 miles north of downtown Los Angeles.

Australia welcomes G20
November 14, 2014  
The G20 is in Brisbane for the world's largest and most influential economic talks.  PM Tony Abbott has sworn that this G20 will not be a talkfest. Still, over the next few days, political pundits will be scrutinizing the words, actions and gestures of at least 25 world leaders for hints at future policy.
Brisbane Airport created the Big Obama Burger, knowing Obama is hamburger now with the GOP win.

Brisbane Convention Centre hosts the G20 Leaders Summit November 15-16.
World leaders join Australia PM Tony Abbott - China's Xi Jinping, India's Narendra Modi, Japan's Shinzo Abe, Indonesia's Joko Widodo, UK's David Cameron, Germany's Angela Merkel, Russia's Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama.  Brisbane is on the east coast.

G20 summits

G7 summits, Globalist, NWO, Beast system planning

NATO, G8 summits


The 4th beast was different from all the others and most terrifying,
with its iron teeth and bronze claws – the beast that crushed and devoured its victims
and trampled underfoot whatever was left. Daniel 7:19
(Bronze is a combination of copper and other metals, usually tin.)


       ISIL-QAIDA - Its still Sunni Islam! !

This is an Arabic letter which depicts Christians and Jews, who ISIL wants to kill.

ISIL minting its own Currency
November 14, 2014  
-  Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi instructed his followers to mint gold, silver and copper coins.
After seizing large swaths of Iraqi and Syrian territory in 2014, these Sunni Islamic terrorists proclaimed a caliphate with Big Daddy al-Baghdadi the caliph.  It's unclear where the Islamic State group intends to get the gold, silver and copper for the coins. It said the dinar's purchasing power would be its weight in gold, silver or copper.

One coin has Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.
One of the gold coins carries the symbol of seven stalks of wheat, mentioned in the Qur'an, while another has the map of the world, a reference to Islam someday ruling the entire world.  The copper coins carry a crescent moon and three palm trees.



LEVANT WAR * Syria, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Sinai, ISIL, ISIS

BLOG POST on tol
If you are minting currency, setting up social systems, and defining borders you are not a terrorist organization, you are by definition a State. I belong to several economic boards and groups and this is all they are talking about today. It's a big deal and potentially a defining moment in the history of the Middle East.

The worlds trash - together - again
November 14, 2014
Come on, the Muslim terrorists change group name constantly.
Supposedly ISIL, (Islamic State met al-Qaida in northern Syria and agreed to stop fighting each other.
A rose by any other name still - has thorns.

Big Daddy still alive
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was not killed
, urged attacks against Saudi Arabia.

Israel invites trouble
November 14, 2014
-  Allowing Muslims on the Jerusalem Temple Mount begs trouble, so does not allowing them.
Keep Muslims OFF Temple Mount! They are violent. They pray then riot - their god is the devil. Jews rightly own Jerusalem as of 1967.  Israeli forces deployed across Jerusalem Friday to maintain order after police decided not to place an age restriction on Muslim worshipers attending Friday prayers at the Temple Mount.

Netanyahu met in Amman with Jordan King Abdullah and John evil Kerry to discuss Jerusalem violence by Hamasses.

      U. S. A.    

November 14, 2014    NEWS analysis

Keystone pipeline
November 13, 2014
 The House and SINate will finally vote on legislation to build the Keystone XL
Sinator Mary Landrieu and and Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy in the House  are both pushing the bills.  Passage was ALWAYS a CERTAINTY, but criminal Demoncrat Sinator Harry Reid was well paid to SIT on it and not even bring it to a vote.

Keystone pipeline
November 14, 2014
 Friday, House votes today.
Environmentalist wackos and unions oppose it, lawmakers support it who care about jobs for Americans.  Barack Obama position has not changed, the vote should be judged on the NWO climate change HOAX. (LIE)  This is the 9th time it has been voted on in the House.

Senate Republicans and several moderate Democrats have pushed for the project to be approved for years, and backers of the project got a major win after Republicans took control of the Senate. Co
nstruction of the pipeline would create thousands of jobs.

CANADA news, Keystone pipeline

The lawless one will use amazing workings of Satan that serve THE LIE,
and deceives those who are perishing - because they refused to love the TRUTH and  be saved.
So God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe THE LIE,
and all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.
Excerpted from 2 Thessalonians 2

Nebraska gets another Sierra Leone Ebola
November 14, 2014  
-  Another Sierra Leone Ebola patient flown to Nebraska for treatment.

Nebraska news

Are these real cases?  ALL are surviving.  Its airborn say many sources.  Its given by vaccine some say.  Who knows?  The Obamafia want Americans in panic.

Exclamation    The New Flu Shot is made with Dog Cells!    Evil or Very Mad  Shocked

FOX NEWS may drop Huckabee
November, 2014
 Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee might be the next one dropped from the fox payroll.
Huckabee appears to be gearing up for a second run for president, which would mean he’d have to give up his Saturday night show on fox.  Huckabee is scouting real estate in Little Rock, reconnecting with activists, seeking staff members and meeting with potential donors.
Many in Arkansas do NOT like Huckabee.

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