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Bomb Tears Through Norwegian Capital
July  22,  2011  
A bomb in Norway killed nad injured several as it ripped open buildings including the prime minister's office.
It was the deadliest bombing ever in Oslo.
Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg was unharmed.
Oslo police said the explosion was caused by one or more bombs.

7 known dead Late afternoon
Gunman Opens Fire at Youth Camp arrested

Terror strikes Norway targeted PM
25-30 said dead in youth camp shooting, at least 7 in Oslo bombing

Norway has sided openly with Islam and against Israel.  This is God's judgment.

July 22, 2011  Friday
European cities went on terror alert after the Norwegian prime minister's office in Oslo was rocked by huge bomb explosions.
The death toll rose to 7, with 15 injured.

It was followed by an automatic gun attack on the Utoya island youth camp shortly before a visit by Prime Minister Jen Stoltenberg and members of his cabinet.
A gunman in police uniform came in a boat and kept on shooting as terrified teens jumped into the water to escape the bullets.
Witnesses report 25-30 bodies have been recovered from the atrocity at the camp.

The prime minister said he and members of his cabinet were safe at an undisclosed location on the advice of security forces, who fear they were the object of an assassination attack.
Oslo residents were advised to stay indoors as police warned citizens that it was not over and more attacks on their country might still be coming.

The army has taken up positions inside the Norwegian capital. Police have blocked the roads in and out of Oslo and cut off the city's Internet links. Oslo airport remains open but is surrounded by check posts.
The two explosions which devastated Oslo's popular Youngstorget (Young's Square) Friday hit the government buildings housing the prime minister's office near the oil ministry and the offices of at least one national tabloid. In addition to the dead and injured, victims were trapped in the wrecked buildings.

A giant cloud of white smoke rose above a fire at the Oil Ministry. Windows were blown out and around the square cafes and restaurants were extensively damaged. Following the explosion, police cleared the area and searched for any additional explosive devices and examined a wrecked car as possible cause of the explosion.
Investigators believe the explosions were caused by  car bombs using fertilizer nitrate.

On Utoya island, police arrested a tall, blonde, Norwegian-speaking man as the suspected gunman after he was shot and wounded.  They also found explosives and hand grenades at the youth camp which had been sponsored by the prime minister's Labor party.

Norway is part of the coalition fighting in Afghanistan war and its pilots fly NATO missions against Muammar Qaddafi over Libya. The Afghan Taliban has threatened to avenge the death of Osama bin Laden last may with terrorist attacks outside the country. Muslim extremists may also be punishing Norway for an anti-Muslim cartoon run by a daily last year.However, the Norway attacks bear the al Qaeda hallmarks of precise planning and closely-coordinated multiple attacks.

Conspiracy links - read them, there is often more truth here than elsewhere.

WHOSE AGENDA did it serve?

Svalbard Global Seed Vault

Norway spiral

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ZionsCRY NEWS with Prophetic Commentary


I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgment was given to them. And I saw the souls of
those who had been beheaded because of their testimony of Jesus and because of the word of God
and those who had not worshiped the beast or his image, and had not received the
mark on their forehead and on their hand
, and they came to life and reigned with Christ for 1,000 years.
Revelation 20:4

July  23,  2011     UPDATE and COMMENTARY
It seems the NWO want to begin targeting Christians more than ever now.
They call this guy a right wing extremist - exactly what more and more are calling true Christians who believe the bible.
Was this attack in Norway an NWO plot, a blood sacrifice to satan, to help them kill true Christians?
Was the Casey Anthony nonsense trial all over television to see if they can create blood lust without cause in the population?

At least 84 dead in Norway youth camp attack
Premier says 'my youth paradise' turned into 'hell'; police say suspect's website indicates he was a right-wing Christian fundamentalist

Gunman's background puzzles police in Norway
a right-winger with anti-Muslim views but no known links to hardcore extremists.  He just came out of nowhere.
Breivik legally owned several firearms and belonged to a gun club. He ran an agricultural firm growing vegetables, an enterprise that could have helped him secure large amounts of fertilizer, a potential ingredient in bombs.

Local farmer, 32, has been charged with shooting attack at youth camp and the bombing of government buildings.
Anders Behring Breivik, 32, described as a member of right-wing extremist groups.

At least 84 people died when a gunman opened fire at an island youth camp in Norway, hours after a deadly bombing in the capital, Oslo, police say.

91 Killed

Anders Behring Breivik, a grower of vegetables, described as a "Conservative nationalist" is in Norwegian policy custody.
Breivik, a former [b]freemason
, is an admirer of Winston Churchill, Norwegian anti-Nazi World War II hero Max Manus[/b], John Locke, Immanuel Kant and Plato.

This is God's judgment.  Norway has sided openly with Islam and against Israel.  
Palestinian representative will have full diplomatic rank of ambassador in Norway.
This is an NWO setup!  The murderer IS NOT Christian.
GOD is a right wing Fundamentalist


2 John 1:7
For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.
Freemasonry requires that it's members confess a belief in a supreme being. Any one will do!

Norway Killer Anders Behring Breivik Was a Freemason
Freemasonry is NOT compatible with Christianity.
read about the occult nature of this organization and it's New World Order Connections.

Massacre blamed on People Who Believe in New World Order

Media Rushed To Blame Madman Attack on Muslims With No Evidence
Just like the Casey Anthony case!

Casey Anthony trial, Florida
Media generated blood lust - with NO EVIDENCE - irrational hate

[b]Oslo bomb was 'Oklahoma City-type'
July 23, 2011    OSLO, Norway  — A police official said the bomb used in the attack at the Norwegian prime minister's office was "some kind of Oklahoma City-type" device made of fertilizer and diesel fuel.
The official said it remains unclear what kind of detonator was used for the bomb, which investigators say was packed into a panel truck and killed at least seven people when it went off.
The official was speaking on condition of anonymity because the information has not been formally released.
A 4,000 pound (1,815 kilogram) fertilizer-and-fuel-oil bomb detonated in front of a federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995, killing 168 people.

July 23, 2011
Norway shooter: Right-wing Christian or fairy tale?

DHS JANET NAPOLITANO was accusing white christian people of been "TERRORIST" prior to shootings, and out of not where appears this guy;

Learn from history:
Hitler blamed the Jews for all the problems of the country, and
Nero burned Rome just to frame Christians.
History can and does repeat itself.

God's judgment on those who oppose Israel
July 25, 2011  
Anders Behring Breivik has admitted carrying out Friday's killings, but has not accepted criminal responsibility.

Norway youths discussed Palestine 48 hours before massacre, called for boycott of Israel.
Wednesday they demanded Norway recognize Palestine on Wednesday, 2 days before the deadly terror attack which left many of them dead.
FM Gahr Stoere told the youths that the Palestinians deserve a country of their own and that the 'occupation' by Jews must end.
Several of the youths waved signs reading: "Boycott Israel."
Palestinian terror chief Mahmoud Abbas visited Norway and was told that Oslo will recognize Palestine, but not just yet.,7340,L-4099122,00.html

It appears to me these kids were young nazis.  I am convinced this event was planned by the globalists to kick off
Albert Pikes long planned end-time war between Christians and Muslims.
Some would call this 'crusades.'  I assure you, true Christians will not participate.  

Media have such hatred of christians they use our name wrongly, and the intent is blood lust in the sheepl against us.
The shooters god is Europe as it was before it became Eurabia.  He had no passion for Jesus, was not christian in any way.

Albert Pike and Three World Wars

Terrorist Darwinian, NOT Christian
Norwegian's manifesto shows Breivik not religious, having no personal faith

Did Norway shooter inject bullets with poison?
Manifesto reveals killer's intent to put nicotine in ammunition
Breivik planned to inject poison into ammunition.
In a chilling 1,500-page manifesto emailed to recipients across Europe before the attack,
Breivik mentioned his intent to inject lethal doses of liquid nicotine into bullets ensuring that every shot delivered a deadly blow.

WHY the blood sacrifice?
July  29,  2011    
 Israel revoke Oslo Accords?

Oslo massacre
The truth about Norway anti-Semitism

Did you know that those Norwegian children who were shot down at a summer camp were being brainwashed
and molded into an anti-Israel strike force planning anti-Israel boycotts and supported the declaration of a
Palestinian state?  This summer camp was like a Hitler Youth outing!
The government of Norway is fiercely pro-Palestine, anti-Israel and factually bankrupt.
They say officially that the cause of Palestinian terrorism is the Israeli 'occupation.'
Norwegian officials dont want to explore the facts.

Norway's Sovereign Wealth Fund Sells All Of Its US MBS Exposure
29 October 2011  
Zero Hedge - Two days ago we noted that foreigners are selling US paper at a record pace, whether to raise capital in a locked out liquidity environment like French banks, or to make a politicial statement, like China.
Today we get the first confirmation to this from Norway's Sovereign Wealth fund, best known for its prediction that it would buy and hold Greek bonds in perpetuity back in September 2010.

Just recall: "Norway has taken the view that [Greek bonds] will not [default]. The Greek holdings are particularly interesting because the consensus in the market is that they will at some point restructure or default."

Well, about a year later it is now official that the best the Norway SWF can hope for is a 50% recovery.
So what does it do? It proceeds to dump US paper. Mortgage Backed Securities first. Because if it announced that a sovereign wealth fund instead of buying into the biggest ponzi ever, we finally defecting from it, then all bets would be of.

Bloomberg reports: "Norway’s $570 billion sovereign wealth fund sold all its holdings in U.S. mortgage-backed securities as part of a shift of its fixed-income portfolio.

The fund holds no mortgage bonds issued by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the U.S.-controlled mortgage financiers, and an “insignificant” amount of private home loan-backed bonds, said Yngve Slyngstad, chief executive officer of Norges Bank Investment Management, today in an interview in Oslo.

“We’ve reduced our holdings of mortgage-backed securities,” he said. “MBS has been taken out of our internal policy benchmark. This means that we don’t have mortgage-backed securities issued by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae any longer."

The stated reason for the dump: prepayment risk: "The debt was sold primarily because of the refinancing risk, he said. In the U.S., when a borrower refinances a mortgage it can cut short the maturity of the bond backed by the loan and reduce the expected interest over time, so-called prepayment risk." The real reason? Why shoring up capital of course.

"The fund held 36 billion kroner ($6.6 billion) in bonds from Fannie Mae at the end of the second quarter and 11.5 billion kroner from Freddie Mac at the start of the year."
And with the Fed telling us that almost $100 billion in US bonds and MBS having been sold in the past two months, one can be absolutely certain that
I) it is not just MBS and II) it is not just Norway.

Prosecutors: Killer Played World of Warcraft 7 Hours Per Day
June 6, 2012  Anders Breivik, the right-wing extremist who has confessed to killing 77 people during a murder spree in Norway last summer, played the violent computer game World of Warcraft nearly seven hours a day for several consecutive months before his attack, prosecutors say.

Breivik, 33, already known to have a long history with the online role-playing game, was particularly absorbed by it between November 2010 and February 2011, when he played for an average of 6 hours and 50 minutes per day, according to prosecutors.
The new evidence in Breivik's ongoing trial was presented in an Oslo court on Wednesday. When asked about his interest in the game by a prosecutor, Breivik angrily dismissed the idea that playing World of Warcraft had any connection to his attacks, according to media reports.

"It is not relevant to this case whatsoever," Breivik said, getting so upset that he threatened to turn off his microphone, according to Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang.
On July 22, 2011, Breivik detonated a bomb in central Oslo that killed eight people, and then shot and killed 69 people attending a youth summer camp on the nearby island of Utoya. Breivik admitted mounting the attacks after his arrest, and used weapons named after Norse gods to massacre his victims.

Russia, NATO and Europe Marching through Red Square
May 20th 2010
-  A pragmatic new foreign policy may be a plus, but it does not mean that Russia is ready to make any changes at home[/b]

ON MAY 9th soldiers from NATO countries, including America, Britain and Poland, marched across Red Square in Russia’s Victory Day parade.
Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”, the anthem of the European Union, was played along with the Soviet-era national anthem.
Military parades are symbolic and the Kremlin has long put Russia’s wartime victory at the centre of its post-Soviet identity.
But this parade was meant to project the image of a self-confident, powerful country seeking better relations with the West.

A year ago it symbolised Russia’s victory over Georgia and its American backers. These days Dmitry Rogozin, Russia’s ambassador to NATO, talks of common values and the trustworthiness of America.
And Radek Sikorski, the Polish foreign minister, praises the openness of the Kremlin in investigating the Smolensk air crash and says Poland is an ally.

Russia’s foreign policy has changed—and the change goes beyond rhetoric. After 40 years of tedious talks, Russia has signed a maritime border agreement with Norway. It is using soft power in Ukraine. Perhaps most significant is the improvement in relations with Poland, a centuries-old irritant. After years of exploiting differences between old and new members of the European Union, Vladimir Putin, Russia’s prime minister, has realised that EU solidarity is more than mere rhetoric.

Germany’s Angela Merkel made clear two years ago that, if Russia wanted better relations with the EU, it had to mend fences with Poland. That required a shift in the Kremlin’s historical discourse and its taste for Stalin. Mr Putin has been remarkably flexible. Last year he went to Gdansk to mark the start of the war; this year he knelt to commemorate victims of the Katyn massacre ordered by Stalin in 1940. The importance of Poland in the Kremlin’s eyes has grown along with the prospects of shale gas in the country. Gazprom is now said to be sweet-talking the Poles into a long-term gas contract. In the contest between gas interests and Stalin, Stalin loses.

There is no point sulking or being belligerent with the West, the Kremlin seems to have decided. As Mr Putin has said, Russia should present a smiling face to the world.
A smile, however, does not alter nature; the Russian shift has occurred without significant change inside the country. Russia has not become less corrupt or more democratic.
Russian troops remain in part of Georgia; Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the former Yukos boss, is still in jail.
Russia has not abandoned its claim to a privileged interest in the neighbourhood.

Dmitry Trenin, head of the Moscow Carnegie Centre, argues that Russian foreign policy under Mr Putin has always been more defensive than offensive.
It is shaped more by vested financial and political interests than by ideology or geopolitics.
Russia’s return to business as usual was made easier by Barack Obama’s reset policy (seen in Moscow as an admission of past mistakes) and the shelving of NATO expansion.
The financial crisis has also shown up Russia’s vulnerability.

After a decade of rising oil prices and budget surpluses, Russia is running a deficit and looking to borrow money.
The crisis has exploded a model of economic growth that relied on rising oil and gas prices.
To keep its grip on power, the Kremlin has now come up with a different idea: modernisation to renew the Russian economy without changing its political system.

Russia’s new pragmatism is set out in a leaked foreign-ministry paper.
The document is not an example of liberalism and openness, but it argues that Russia must form modernisation alliances with leading countries and attract Western technologies while advancing the interests of Russian companies abroad.
In a sign of desperation, even Armenia is seen as a channel for the transfer of technology to Russia.
Russia’s wish list includes visa-free travel, the adoption of EU standards and membership of the World Trade Organisation and the OECD rich-country club.

The EU’s attitude has been cautious and more realistic than many suppose. Progress in EU-Russia relations has been painfully slow.
Barring a few appeasers, most governments in Europe, including Germany’s, have no illusions left about Mr Putin’s Russia:
its weak property rights, high corruption and the symbiosis of state power with private financial interests.
Yet most EU governments also embrace the idea of modernisation.
A large emerging market with a huge demand for technological catch-up serves the interests of European companies.
Adopting EU standards would also curb Russia’s ability to impose arbitrary trade sanctions.
And many see Russia’s slogan of modernisation as a chance, however feeble, to push for its political transformation.

Talk of modernisation has not removed basic disagreements.
Mr Medvedev’s November proposal for a new European security treaty focuses on hard power and implies a veto on NATO expansion which is unpalatable to the West.
It is being discussed as part of the so-called Corfu process, but one European politician likens it to a perpetuum mobile that will go on forever without reaching a conclusion.

From Russia’s viewpoint, Mr Medvedev’s scheme has helped to divert attention from Georgia.
“[They] stopped discussing Georgia and started discussing this proposal,” Mr Rogozin says. Russia has kept its military presence not just in Georgia but in other former Soviet republics.
It has just agreed an extension of the Black Sea fleet’s lease in Sebastopol, in Ukraine.

As the foreign-ministry document asserts, Russia needs to consolidate the former Soviet space by, for example, pushing the customs union between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
Brussels has warned Ukraine that, were it to join this customs union, it would jeopardise its partnership with the EU.
Russia itself sees the EU as a source of innovation, but not a model for democracy.
Talk of common values and the rule of law causes heartburn among such Russian officials as Vladimir Chizhov, a smiling and impenetrable ambassador to the EU.
Asked what Russia wants from the EU, he starts with what it does not want: to have it as a bossy patron come to modernise Russia.
“We see it as a purely utilitarian initiative,” he says.

The main problem is not that Russia defends its own values (it has few) but that its leaders think the values gap does not exist and the West is hypocritical to talk of it.
Unlike Mikhail Gorbachev’s policy of openness, which was inseparable from domestic liberalisation, Russia’s new détente implies no political change at home.
The foreign-ministry document talks of the need to project the image of Russia as a democratic state with a socially oriented market economy—but says nothing about the need actually to become one.
Russia’s rapprochement is fragile since it hinges on an idea of modernisation that is unlikely to succeed without liberalisation.
The risk is that when modernisation fails, Russia will blame the West for sabotaging it.


Norway gives 21 years for killing 77
August 24, 2012   Norway killer gets 21 years in prison
Court finds Anders Behring Breivik sane, gives him maximum penalty for murdering 77 people in 2011 shooting and bombing.

Palestinian kills 3 in Norway
Nov. 4, 2013
 Three people were killed with a knife when a Palestinian hijacked a bus in Norway.
Crew detained terrorist until police arrived

Norwegian woman infected with Ebola
October 7, 2014
A Norwegian MSF worker in Sierra Leone tested positive for EBOLA.
The female Ebola patient was flown to Ulleval hospital in Oslo Norway.

Mohammed is the top name for boys.
October 4, 2014
 Norway has gone Islamic for several years.

Norwegian patient to get worlds last dose of ZMapp
October 9, 2014  
News had been reporting there was NO Zmapp left over a week ago.
A Norwegian woman infected with Ebola in Sierra Leone is to be given the last remaining dose of ZMapp in the world.  Supplies of the experimental drug, which has been used on patients who survived in the US and Liberia, have run out and manufacturers have admitted it will take months to make more.

Oslo Hospital to import unapproved medicines including TKM-Ebola and Avigan, which was developed for flu pandemics.
It is unclear why the rare drug is being given to the Norwegian woman rather than Thomas Duncan.
Thats easy.  Duncan intentionally flew when he knew he was sick.  He is a KILLER.
1,000 join Muslim 'ring of peace' outside Oslo synagogue

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — More than 1,000 people formed a "ring of peace" Saturday outside Oslo's main synagogue at the initiative of a group of young Muslims.

The event in the Norwegian capital follows a series of attacks against Jews in Europe, including the terror attacks in Paris in January and in neighboring Denmark last week.

One of the eight independent organizers of Saturday's event in Oslo, Hajrah Arshad said the gathering shows "that Islam is about love and unity."

"We want to demonstrate that Jews and Muslims do not hate each other," co-organizer Zeeshan Abdullah told the crowd, standing in a half-circle before the white synagogue. "We do not want individuals to define what Islam is for the rest of us."

"There are many more peace-mongers than warmongers," he added.

Norway's Chief Rabbi Michael Melchior sang the traditional Jewish end of Sabbath song outside the synagogue before the large crowd holding hands.

Co-organizer Hassan Raja said it was the first time he heard the song.

Ervin Kohn, head of Oslo's Jewish community, called the gathering in sub-zero temperatures "unique."

Several European countries have seen an increase in anti-Semitic incidents recently, starting when the conflict between Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza intensified last year.

In Paris, three Muslim gunmen killed 17 people at a kosher grocery, the offices of weekly Charlie Hebdo and elsewhere in early January. Last week a single assailant in Copenhagen killed a Jewish security guard outside a synagogue and a Danish filmmaker attending a free speech event.

1,000 join Muslim 'ring of peace' outside Oslo synagogue
MEDIA HOAX - it didnt happen

Sweden moves towards closer ties with NATO
April 12, 2015
 -  Moves by Finland and Sweden toward closer ties with NATO were of concern to Russia.  Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland said Northern Europe must prepare for possible crises or incidents because of Russia.  Finland, which borders Russia, and Sweden are not members of NATO, the joint declaration has been among their strongest responses to Russia's aggression.,7340,L-4646248,00.html

Sweden flotilla war on Israel
June 16, 2015
-  Flotilla left Sweden for Gaza May 11 to break Israeli 'blockade.'
The Marianne of Gothenburg was purchased jointly by Sweden and Norway
A Swedish terrorist flotilla left for Gaza to break Israeli naval blockade.
The Swedish flotilla stopt at a number of additional countries across Europe.
The Marianne will join other ships.
Clearly Sweden believes Israel has no right of self defense, which is the reason for the sea partial blockade against Gaza importing weapons.
Sweden officially recognized the state of Palestine 2014 October.

Norway's Lutheran church votes in favor of same-sex marriage

Norway's Lutheran Church voted on Monday in favor of allowing same-sex marriage, becoming the latest of a small but growing number of churches worldwide to do so.

Last year the French Protestant Church allowed gay marriage blessings, while the U.S. Presbyterian Church approved a change in the wording of its constitution to include same-sex marriage.

In a vote at the annual conference of the Norwegian Lutheran Church on Monday 88 delegates out of 115 in total backed same-sex marriage.

"Finally we can celebrate love independently of whom one falls in love with," said Gard Sandaker-Nilsen, leader of the Open Public Church, a religious movement within the church that had campaigned to change the rules.

Under the new rules, priests who do not want to marry a same-sex couple will still have the right to object.

The vote by Norway's Lutheran Church reflects increasingly liberal attitudes in wider Norwegian society to issues such as homosexuality.

Norway became the second country in the world after Denmark to allow same-sex registered partnerships in 1993. The Nordic country of 5.2 million people has allowed civil same-sex marriage since 2009.

Some 74 percent of Norwegians were members of the Lutheran Church last year, according to the national statistics agency, but that number has been declining.

Norway will suffer
Oct 31, 2016
-   Russia makes nuclear threat over US Marines.  The deployment of US Marines at Varnes is part of a US buildup to war, and Russia warned that Norway may make itself a target for a nuclear attack.  Russia views the presence of 330 Marines in Norway as a direct military threat that demands a reaction.   Norway may now be added to the list of targets.

Before joining Nato in 1949, Norway allayed Russian fears by pledging not to open its territory to foreign combat troops so long as Norway was not attacked or threatened with attack.  The US already has vast amounts of military equipment positioned in Norway, in tunnels dug into mountains, but no troops.

Russia threatens to NUKE Norway for allowing US Marines to deploy in the country

Membership in Catholic, Muslim Communities Surges in Norway
Nov 25, 2016
-  Norway's official statistics agency says the country's Roman Catholic and Muslim communities have added tens of thousands of members in recent years while the state Lutheran Church is declining.

Statistics Norway said Friday the number of Catholics has jumped 42 percent since 2012, to 145,000 this year.

Membership in Islamic groups rose by 32 percent to 148,000 in the same period. Those figures were not broken down by denomination.

The statistics showed Norway's tiny Jewish community had just 770 members at the start of 2016.  The changes reflect Norway's growing diversity amid migration from the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

The Lutheran Church's own statistics show it lost nearly 37,000 members in 2015. It remains Norway's biggest religious group, with 3.8 million members, about 73 percent of the population.

Norwegian church denounces Luther's anti-Jewish writings
STOCKHOLM –  Norway's state Lutheran Church has condemned the anti-Jewish legacy of Martin Luther, the 16th century German theologian who started the Protestant Reformation.

In a statement issued Friday ahead of next year's 500-year anniversary of the Reformation, the Church of Norway's General Synod said some of Luther's writings were later used in anti-Semitic propaganda, including in Nazi Germany.

Noting that such propaganda was also spread in Nazi-occupied Norway during World War II, the synod said that "in the Reformation anniversary year of 2017, we as a church must clearly distance ourselves from the anti-Judaism that Luther left behind."

Luther's revolt against the abuses of the Roman Catholic church began in 1517. With age he became increasingly hostile toward Jews and called for their persecution.

I hate to say this, but
there is not a lot of difference between
Islam, Catholic/Vatican and Lutheran

The only intent of the Protestant Reformation was the "reform" the RCC, and nothing more. Otherwise, they kept a few of their "ordinances" (ie, water baptism, which Luther did).

And the early church didn't exactly start with the Protestant Reformation either, it started with Baptists as far back as the 1st century.

Dec 11, 2016
 -  US, UK media ignore because they are complicit.
The LGBTQ home base has been busted and reopened.

Norwegian Police Arrest 20 Men in global Pedophile Network Probe.
On the day of the arrests (2016 Nov. 20) Norway announced it would no longer fund the Clinton Pedophile Foundation.

DC is infested with this stuff, from the top down.
It is a cabal of evil and has gone on for a very long time. There is a massive coveup going on in this country, it literally could bring the government down. Banking, Hollywood, many corporations. President Trump has a huge job ahead draining this swamp!

Archive of the Deleted Stories
NYslimes, Wpost, ABC are FakeNews - they scrubbed the story!

Norway Clinton foundation donations falling 90%:

Norwegian Police Arrest 20 Men in Pedophile Network Probe
AP via NY Times

Seems Satan continually scrubs the net to prevent exposure, but they cant stop us all!

Norway building NSM missiles
Dec 11, 2016
 -  One of the newest missile designs around is built by the Norwegian firm Kongsberg. A Russian neighbor with a very long coastline, Norway required a modern missile capable of defending that coastline. The result is the Naval Strike Missile (NSM), long range precision strike missile.

NSM is launched from a helicopter or ship and has a range of 100 miles. NSM stays below supersonic speeds but is more difficult to detect and therefore shoot down.  NSM missile is capable of high-G maneuvers in the terminal phase, making its path difficult to predict.



Church of Norway damns itself!
Dec 31, 2016
-  The Church of Norway votes in favor of queerage - gay marriage - and damns itself!  Norway voted in favor of accepting same-sex 'marriage.'  The decision still allows individual priests and other church staff to decide whether they want to participate in ceremonies for gay people.

Queerage has been legal in Norway since 2008, but churches were left to decide on their own how to adapt to the decision.  January 1, 2017, the church will be considered an independent business.
Norway's gone nazi in recent years.

US Marines Land In Norway
Jan 16, 2017  
-  US Marines Land in Norway for the First Time Since World War 2.
Just one week after thousands of US troops arrived in Poland to anger Russia.

Russia warns Norway
Mar 24, 2017  
-  Russia has warned Norway over consequences of joining NATO missile defense plans.  Norway may become a part of missile shield defense this year.  Norway could contribute by integrating into the BMD system on the Vardøya Island near the Russian border.  BMD sites may undermine the efficiency of Russian nukes as a means of deterrence.  Well DUH!  Thats the idea!  Norway hosts 330 US Marines 1,500 km (900 miles) from Russia.

Norway keeps watch on Russia's Arctic manoeuvres
In Norway just inside the Arctic Circle lies Norway’s joint military headquarters, sometimes described as Nato’s northern gate.  The headquarters is not far from the border with Russia.

The underground fortress, built by Nazi occupiers during the second world war, was envisioned as a place where Norwegian military might survive a nuclear attack by the Soviet Union.

Russian posture has changed. Moscow has submarines and aircraft in the north Atlantic alongside new high-precision long-range missiles. The fear is that Nato could lose the ability to deny Russia naval access to the north Atlantic, and Russia could block or disrupt US reinforcement to Europe.

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