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NEW ZEALAND * Mine explosion kills 29

27 missing after NZ Mine explosion, feared dead  
November 19, 2010  
The explosion at the Pike River Coal mine on the West Coast generated world interest.
Rescue team assessing the safety of conditions inside the mine before entering.
2 people emerged from the mine following the explosion and flown by helicopter to Grey Base Hospital with moderate injuries.

NZ's worst mining accidents: Gas, explosions and fires

New Zealand miners feared trapped underground by suspected gas blast
No deaths reported but there are fears the air supply could be running out
5 miners stumbled to the surface, including one who was blown off his vehicle by the blast while working at about 5,000 feet into the mine.
Police said the electricity in the mine went out shortly before the blast and this may have caused ventilation problems.

7.4 Earthquake Christchurch, New Zealand
September 3 ,  2010

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ZionsCRY DAILY NEWS with prophetic analysis


No urgent rush to reach miners

Saturday Nov 20, 2010

An Australian mine expert is backing the Pike River rescuers cautious approach, saying there was "certainly not" an urgent need to reach the 29 missing miners at the risk to the welfare of the rescuers.
Professor Bruce Hebblewhite, the head of department at the University of New South Wales Mining Engineering School, understood there was a balance between reaching the missing miners quickly and
risking the lives of the rescuers, however there was no urgent need to reach the men "at this point in time".

"You should be extremely cautious before any rescue - you have to ensure the rescuers lives aren't put at risk," he said. "It is absolutely essential to know there is no further risk of future explosions."
Mr Hebblewhite said it would be hard to tell what the conditions are like for the men underground, as rescuers do not know exactly where they are in the mine.
"Obviously where the explosion was, and it was a significant-sized explosion, there will be a lot of dust, product from the explosion and soot."

Fears of second blast delays rescue
It could have been an explosion of methane gas, coal dust, or a combination of the two.
No rescue mission will be launched until at least Sunday morning at the New Zealand coal mine where 29 men are missing after a blast, officials say.

Police say they remain positive that the men will be found alive, but the fear of a second explosion is preventing rescuers from entering.
New Zealand's PM John Key has said bringing the men out of the Pike River coal mine remains his top priority.
There has been no contact with the men since they were trapped on Friday.

Regional police commander Gary Knowles said on Saturday that tests were being carried out on samples of gas taken from the mine.
photo, video

Pike mine survivor suffers double tragedy
The man who walked out of the West Coast mine disaster yesterday has had a double tragedy strike after his brother was trapped - and his grandfather died of a heart attack.

Daniel Rockhouse survived the blast. But his young brother Ben is one of the 29 miners still trapped deep in the Pike River coal mine.
Amid the tragedy, their grandfather "Rocky" died of a heart attack, according to a Facebook posting.
Yesterday the discovery of loader driver Mr Rockhouse, who had been blown off his machine, sparked the alarm of an explosion at the mine.

He and mine electrician Russell Smith, 50, who found him while checking on a power outage, escaped through a service portal and walked 2km through a valley to alert emergency services.
On Facebook, Sonya Rockhouse revealed the family's disaster: "Just to also let you know that 'Rocky' (Nevilles Dad) passed away suddenly last night.

"Its a terrible time for many. Rest in peace Rocky. Sonya will let u all know more when she can. Sonya wants to let you all know that the Pike mine where Daniel and Ben work has had an explosion and Ben, with 26 other men are trapped underground.

Rescuers to drill hole at New Zealand coal mine
WELLINGTON, New Zealand – Rescuers prepared to drill a gas sampling hole through 500 feet (150 meters) of hard rock and into a New Zealand coal mine Sunday where a powerful blast trapped 29 workers nearly two days ago.

Pike River Mine Ltd. chief executive Peter Whittall told reporters a small six inch(15 centimeter)-wide hole would be drilled into the mine from the mountain above over the next 16 to 24 hours to enable rescuers to sample gas levels from deep in the mine's center.
Underground combustion that continues to generate dangerous gases was preventing rescuers from entering the mine.

Possible loss of life at Pike River mine

November 22, 2010

RESCUERS at the New Zealand mine where 29 miners remain trapped are bracing for "possible loss of life," police said for the first time today.
"We still remain optimistic, we are still keeping an open mind, but we are planning for all outcomes and ... also in part of this process we are
planning for the possible loss of life as a result of what is happening underground,'' Superintendent Gary Knowles told a press conference this afternoon.

It was the rescue operation chief's most downbeat assessment yet of the miners' chances of survival following Friday's blast at the Pike River coal mine in a remote area of New Zealand's South Island.
Previously, Knowles has stressed that he was overseeing a search and rescue operation "with the emphasis on rescue''.

Pike River chief executive Peter Whittall said a bore hole being drilled to the mine shaft was expected to be completed tonight.
Whittall said drilling, which began Sunday, had reached a depth of 135 metres and had about 25 metres left to go.
The 15-centimetre hole will be used to take air samples and funnel laser-imaging equipment and video cameras down to give a clearer picture of the situation.

But Whittall also acknowledged hopes of finding any survivors were fading.
"The reality is, for the families now it's becoming more and more grave with every hour that goes past,'' he told reporters.
Further tests showed today there was still heat underground, meaning it was too dangerous to send in a rescue team this evening.

Grey District Mayor Tony Kokshoorn said today the families of the trapped miners need to see some progress in rescue efforts.
Mr Kokshoorn said he would be "disappointed'' if no progress was made on rescue efforts by tomorrow morning.
"We just need to be able to progress this a bit further,'' he said. "We need that just for the families' sake.''
Mr Kokshoorn said the methane explosion at the Pike River coalmine was the biggest tragedy to hit the tightly-knit Greymouth community.
"It's one of those nightmares that you've just got to face up to, we've got no choice,'' Mr Kokshoorn said.
"We have to push on ... and not give up hope until we're told otherwise.''

A busload of 40 anxious relatives of the trapped miners left a meeting in Greymouth town centre on this morning and took a one-hour drive out to the site of the remote mine, in Paparoa National Park.
They were shown maps of the horizontal mine, taken on a tour of the site and observed round-the-clock rescue operations.

"It just makes them feel better,'' Mr Kokshoorn said of the visit. "They feel as though they're close to things.
"Their loved ones are down in that mine and it gives them an opportunity to be up there and be part of the rescue operation.
The families, as you can expect, are finding it very hard to cope with the whole situation.  They are despairing as each day goes by.''

There has been no contact with the 29 miners since an explosion at the isolated, underground mine, 46km northeast of Greymouth, on Friday.
Those missing in the mine include two Australians, two Britons, a South African and 24 New Zealanders.
David Bell, a geologist at the South Island's Canterbury University, said a fault running through the Pike River mine shaft allowed pockets of methane to build up and he doubted anyone survived the blast.

"It seems to me that there's been a significant methane explosion underground,'' Bell said.
"I don't believe the guys down there have got a hope. I've got to be perfectly honest, it's most unlikely somebody has managed to survive
that, but I hope like hell they all survived.''

Test shaft nearing completion


Pike River mine bore hole completed

Nov. 24

The air that came out of a bore hole completed at the Pike River mine today was high in carbon monoxide and methane, Pike River CEO Peter Whittall says.
Mr Whittall told a media conference this morning the drill broke through at 7am and the first sample from the bore hole was now being analysed.
He said air samples would be taken from the bore hole at 15 minute intervals and would not speculate on whether it would have been safe for rescuers to enter the mine immediately.
Mr Whittall said the drill had broken through the side of the hole and rescuers were yet to determine what could be put down.
He said it was possible cameras would not fit.

He said robot sent into the mine had found a miner's hat with the light still on.
That could be good for the trapped miners as it meant they could still have light after four days," Mr Whittall said.

NZ mine disaster: 2nd explosion; all 29 dead

Mine tragedy: Families in 'absolute despair'
Grey District Mayor Tony Kokshoorn said families of the 29 Pike River mine victims who perished in today's second blast fell to the floor screaming and were in "absolute despair", when they heard the news.

Late this afternoon police confirmed there was an explosion at the West Coast mine and they believe there is no chance any of the miners survived.

Families of the miners were told in Greymouth there was an explosion at 2.37pm, bigger than last Friday's, and all hope was now lost. (click for the rest)

No survivors' after second blast

November 24, 2010    Wednesday

Sad    Thank you teshuva.  How very sad. May the LORD be merciful to the families.

Even if any of the missing men had survived the initial explosion Friday at the Pike River Mine, police said none could have lived through the second.
Both blasts were believed caused by explosive, toxic gases swirling in the tunnels dug up to 1 1/2 miles (2 kilometers) into a mountain that had also prevented rescuers from entering the mine to search for the missing.

All 29 miners trapped in a New Zealand coal pit since Friday are believed to be dead after a second explosion.
Police Supt Gary Knowles said there was no hope that anyone could have survived the "massive" underground blast at the Pike River mine on South Island.

Prime Minister John Key said the loss of life was a national tragedy.
There had been no contact with the men - 24 New Zealanders, two Australians, two Britons and a South African - since the first explosion on Friday.

The Britons were Peter Rodger, 40, and Malcolm Campbell, 25, who were both originally from Scotland.
"Many British citizens have made their home in New Zealand and the loss of Mr Rodger, Mr Campbell and their colleagues will have touched the hearts of many in the UK," said UK Foreign Secretary William Hague.

3rd blast rocks NZ mine

November 25, 2010
Another underground blast ripped through a New Zealand coal mine on Friday almost a week after an earlier explosion caused the country's worst mining disaster in decades with 29 killed.
The Pike River Coal mine is filled with potentially explosive methane gas leaking from the coal seam.
The gas, plus a suspected fire smoldering deep underground that is a likely ignition source, has kept anyone from entering the mine.
Officials have said it could take weeks or months to complete the recovery operation.

NZ Pike River mine explosions

There have now been four explosions and the mine is on fire.  It is a coal fire, not a gas fire.  They may have to seal the mine to put it out.  If the fire is in the coal seam, it is more of a problem than if it is just loose coal that is burning.  See these sites for more:

Thank you so much.  Indeed it is sad for the families.
Its unlikely the remains will be recovered - if there are any left down there.  Sad

CJ wrote:
Thank you so much.  Indeed it is sad for the families.
Its unlikely the remains will be recovered - if there are any left down there.  Sad

I don't think you can view the videos at -- but Peter Whittall, the mine CEO said they will get them all back...but maybe not intact.

November 29, 2010    Monday

This morning I woke with an ominous feeling the mine fire portends yet another - third problem for New Zealand.
I had a feeling this could 'blow up' into something bigger than the mine.
I am feeling uneasy.  I dont live in NZ.

28 November 2010
New Zealand mining inquiry after blasts kill 29 miners
Pike River mine fires could delay the recovery of bodies for months.
The New Zealand cabinet has agreed to open a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Pike River mining disaster in which 29 miners died.

Still hope for recovery of bodies


I wonder that there's more to this than meets the eye. First they apparently can't go down and rescue them because there is too much danger; then more explosions make it virtually impossible for there to be survivors anyway; then fire prevents them from recovering the bodies. If I didn't know better, I might almost think there was some kind of conspiracy here. Was the explosion deliberate or some form of sabotague? What might they have actually found if they could get to the bodies? I know that satanists love to make these kinds of sacrifices, but whether this was deliberate or not I get nothing in my spirit on the matter. Anyone?

There have been some murmurings that rescuers should have been able to go down immediately, within the the first couple of hours of the first explosion, but now because things are done by cowardly old women's commitees, they always find reasons to NOT go down. There was a major mining incident in NZ last century with 200 miners trapped and they went down and got them out immediately, in spite of the danger. In today's politically correct world, one wonders if those 200 miners would have survived or would the "experts" have warned them it was too dangerous to go down. Where are the heroes of today? There were ones prepared to go down but were forbidden from doing so. If someone is prepared to take the risk, even if it may be a suicide mission, shouldn't they be allowed to make that choice for themselves? Perhaps those 29 miners could have been saved, but TPTB wanted to make sure they weren't - they were determined to have their sacrifice to their god lucifer. The problem with "experts" or committes is that they end up thinking to much about it. Sometimes something like this calls for action and not thinking so much. The devil is an intellectual and a rationalist when it suits him.

SPECULATION ONLY: They haven't been able to put the fire out. It's possible it might spread or get worse. Maybe more explosions which will start to damage the township. Maybe that's what the ominous feeling is about CJ, something like that.

Firstly, this mine is up in the mountains 40 km from the township so there is no danger to the township, except that if the mine is closed, hundreds of people will lose their jobs.  That would have a devastating impact on the surrounding townships.  Further, the Pike River Coal Company has invested 300 million dollars to date making the mine and there is still 50 million tons of top quality coking coal to extract which will be a boon to that area as well as NZ.

Peter Whittall was interviewed last Sunday about this matter.   I don't know if you can view this video or not as some videos are only viewable in NZ.  Click and see if it shows up for you.


Peter Whittall, Pike River Coal's CEO

Whittall reflects on his week from hell

Published: 7:18PM Sunday November 28, 2010 Source: Sunday

"Peter Whittall from Pike River Coal was unenviably thrust into the spotlight this week and some have described the way the miner steered us through the dark "God-inspired". Whittall talks straight and has paused to reflect on his week from hell.

He talks to Ian Sinclair about mining and miners, his passion for the industry and its people and what might have gone wrong."

In the video Peter said the most difficult comments he faced were those who said he wasn't brave enough to go in or send people in.  He knew the likely status of the miners in the mine and didn't want more of his workers and friends dead as well.  This was a very gassy mine and they knew early on that there was a buld up of explosive methane gas and a fire underground which could ignite it.  

Peter has over 30 years experience in mining as well as mining degrees.  He also has at hand world experts in mining disasters and equipment sent from AU, the US, and other places to help.  The NZ Police oversaw this disaster and Peter was the expert at the helm.  He has done a marvelous job and I consider him a hero.

While in the old days rescuers rushed in immediately, some of those rescuers were also killed in a following explosion.  Eight such rescuers were killed in AU a while back.  While there may have been a 2 hour window of opportunity to go in, it would have taken 2 hours to get in there and then another 2 or more to get out and gas could build up to the next explosion in 2 hours.  That made the risk unacceptable.  So the explosions only serve to prove that the original decision to not go in was correct.   There is another video of the original blast and many photos on the news sites.  

The mother of the youngest miner, 17 year old Joseph Ray Dunbar, [[url][/url]] is married to (or is a partner to) one of the mine managers.  She said in a video at least a week ago that on day one when she saw the amount of damage at the ventilation shaft hundreds of meters above the tunnel she thought there was no hope that any of the 29 were alive.  

Others talked about not giving up hope and so on but that mother had the latest information and was very realistic.  Because so many people are unbelievers and Secular Humanists (even if they say they are Christians),  they think they can just believe something into existence when that is not the case.  That is similar to worldly "positive thinking" which is used by globalists to deceive the masses.  That thinking of seeking one's own will instead of the  will of the Father is Witchcraft!  Yeshua said, "...thou canst not make one hair white or black."  There seems to be a stubborn refusal by many today to accept facts as they exist.  If I try to warn the wicked of anything they consider "negative," they call me a "doomtard."  I tell them the truth and they make me their enemy.  There are whole Christian books about how to get what you want from God, as if He can be manipulated.  Faith must have at its center seeking the will of the Father not your own.  That is what Yeshua did and what we are to do.  

There is a clear comparison between the Christchurch NZ earthquake and this event.  Behold the "goodness of God" that no one died in the quake.  Behold the "severity of God" that all the minors died.  

Lu 13:1 There were present at that season some that told him of the Galilaeans, whose blood Pilate had mingled with their sacrifices.
2 And Jesus answering said unto them, Suppose ye that these Galilaeans were sinners above all the Galilaeans, because they suffered such things?
3 I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.
4 Or those eighteen, upon whom the tower in Siloam fell, and slew them, think ye that they were sinners above all men that dwelt in Jerusalem?
5 I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.

The message is that it is appointed unto man once to man to die.  Everyone dies and no man knows the time.  The message is except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.  The definition of Repentance has been diluted in Christian thinking and most certainly in the world.  It is imperative to fully understand what the Bible means by Repentance because it is only by repenting that one qualifies as a sheep who hears (obeys) His voice, knows the Lord and is given understanding by Him.  

Repent does not mean saying just "Sorry" or even a sinner's prayer.  It means godly sorrow, seeking God, acknowledging one's sin, making restitution wherever possible, turning from sin, living holy and keeping His commandments.

2Ti 2:19 Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, The Lord knoweth them that are his. And, Let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity.

Too many wrap Grace over their life and continue in sin rather than in the word.

Sad     Fire blazes at Pike River mine
Aerial flyover of the Pike River mine site reveals the flames leaping from the ventilation shaft.

This video stunned me.  Laz, I dont think your theory is crazy at all.
I feel a great sorrow for New Zealand and the families involved.

I know there is a large church in NZ north island that tells the homosexuals and lesbians they are fine as they are.  
That pastor re-interprets scripture and claims that sin is not damned.
He is a wolf sending hundreds to hell.


New Zealand Pike River mine blast firm in receivership

13 December 2010

The coal mine in New Zealand where 29 miners were killed in an explosion in November has gone into receivership.
The company operating the Pike River mine said it faced insolvency and could not repay its loans.

An executive said there would be an extended period before mining could resume.
He added that the company receivers would pay particular attention to recovering the miners' bodies from inside the mine.

A blast ripped through the mine, near the South Island town of Greymouth, on 19 November trapping the miners. They were declared dead after a second explosion five days later.
A fire in a coal seam has prevented the recovery of bodies so far, though the authorities have been pumping inert gases into the tunnel to put it out.

New Zealand Oil and Gas (NZOG), which owns 29% of the shares in Pike River Coal Ltd, appointed a receiver after it became clear that the mine would not be able to meet its obligations, even after a temporary reprieve period.

"It is now evident that it will be an extended period before any resumption of mining can be contemplated, and with PRCL rapidly facing insolvency, receivership is an unavoidable step," said NZOG CEO David Salisbury

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