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Matt Drudge

Ho-lee Hitler, Batman!!!

Matt Drudge speaks out

October 7, 2015
-  Drudge had a Supreme Court Justice tell him its over.
Drudge told Alex Jones that copyright laws which prevent websites from even linking to news stories were being advanced.  They’re going to make it so you can’t even use headlines.
Time is limited when simply operating an independent website could (will) be outlawed.

Drudge meets Jones

Drudge report

If Drudge cant survive, many will be gone, including ZionsCRY.
Without links the internet falls apart, literally.
It is truly the END of the internet, free speech, TRUTH.
We drive traffic to other sites - they should thank us!

Exclamation    I Dare You!
Matt Drudge issues no guns challenge to Obama and Hillary.
Drudge was responding to Jones asserting that a civil war may ensue if politicians attempt to confiscate guns.  (All the Patriots are saying this also.  They have been preparing for this CW - civil war.)

Drudge challenged Hillary, take away your Secret Service. Dismiss them. Have no security around you. Have no guns around you, Hillary. I dare you!  Obama, same thing. Drop your guns Obama. Take your Secret Service away, Obama. Take it all away. Leave the White House unguarded.

Old and sick Hellary Clinton
October 7, 2015
-  Old and sick media are propping up old and sick Hillary Clinton.
Media kingpin Matt Drudge railed against Demoncrat Hillary Clinton’s health and politics, saying he was worried the nation would end up with Hillary’s brain in the Oval Office in a jar.
Drudge slammed the media for propping her up.  She’s not a contender. They’re making her a contender with these propped up Saturday Night Live things, Drudge said, chiding NBC for giving her endless hours of airtime.


BORG NEWS information apocalypse

Net neutrality, BORG media, mind control
END the internet, FORBID TRUTH!


HARBINGER  WARNINGS - Isaiah 9 prophecy
When GOD destroys USA, you cant say He didnt WARN us!

DRUDGE headline image from Shemitah 2015 page

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