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March, 2017 ZionsCRY DAILY NEWS analysis

March, 2017
ZionsCRY DAILY NEWS analysis

Atheist dies and visits hell and heaven
Mar 3, 2017  NDE
-  Atheist dies, then wakes after meeting Jesus in Heaven.
After spending a life traveling and seeking the pleasures of the world, Ian McCormack was stung by 5 deadly box jelly fish.   Far away in New Zealand, his mother received a vision from God, telling her that her son was dying. At the same time Ian was granted a vision that his mother was praying for him!  Ians soul left his body while in the hospital. He was given a glimpse of hell before he was granted access to paradise. He tells about Heaven and meeting Jesus.

His account of waking in the morgue, getting stabbed by the coroner is actually a little funny!  What he sees in heaven is reminiscent of what Henry Gruver saw when he died and God sent him back to tell us.
Here are 2 videos of 10 minutes each.  LISTEN to both.

Henry Gruver

DO NOT pray to ANYONE but Jesus!  
There is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus, who gave Himself as a ransom for all. 1 Timothy 2:5

Getting Prayer Right
Pastor Erwin Lutzer, excellent sermon!

Christ is The Rock!  1 Corinthians 10:4


February, 2017 ZionsCRY DAILY NEWS analysis

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Triumphant SOTU
Mar 1, 2017  
-  Even the #FakeNews CNN poll showed 78% said it was POSITIVE!
In his speech to Congress, President Donald J. Trump calls to restart the engine of the US economy.  This is called a Presidential Address to the Joint Session of Congress instead of the State of the Union Address because President Donald Trump has only been in office a month - and STILL doesnt have his full cabinet thanks to demon-possessed wicked Demonrat SINators and some fake equally damned Republicans.

President Trump declared economic revival the centerpiece of his first address to Congress, through tax cuts, better trade deals, immigration enforcement and a $1 trillion infrastructure program.  He also called on Congress to replace the imploding ObamaCare disaster with legislation that lowers costs and expands access.

The presidents agenda focused on priorities at home, not abroad. Everything that is broken in our country can be fixed. Every problem can be solved. And every hurting family can find healing, and hope.

Believe in America!
President Trump addressed both houses of Congress in a Joint Session just over a month into his presidency.  The Prez paid tribute to William Ryan Owens, the Navy SEAL killed in January on raid in Yemen.  The SEAL's widow Carryn Owens sat beside Ivanka Trump and cried as the divided Congress united for the longest ovation of the evening.  Demon-possessed Demonrat women wore white like the KKK sheets and made thumbs down gestures to speech

Trump Joint Address to Congress - BLOG
Lots of blog coments - many pages

President Trump Full Speech to Congress
Feb 28, 2017
 (Based Patriot video)

State of the Union

How close is the world to war?

George Washington 1777 vision of America's Future

President Donald Trump White House

Star Spangled Banner
Full Version with Lyrics on Screen

Wicked Demoncrats care NOTHING about the
American people or America - NOTHING.  
Curse them all!


  U. S. A    NEWS

Michigan mega-mosque
Mar 2, 2017  
-  Dicktator Sterling Heights Mayor Michael Taylor.
Sterling Heights, Michigan, will become the city’s third mosque location, Iraqi Christians felt abandoned and left vulnerable by their government. They lost. The Muslims won.  Damned filthy Muslim terrorists want to build a mega-mosque in the heart of a residential area filled with Christians who escaped Muslim persecution in Iraq.

Sterling Heights has not heard the last from the Chaldean and Assyrian Christians from Iraq!  They KNOW a mosque is a weapon of WAR.  Residents may NOT have elected Mayor Taylor.  When Muslims get a majority they KILL AMERICA and AMERICANS!
READ comments on website - too long to print.

    Shots fired at Indiana synagogue
Mar 2, 2017  
-  A synagogue in Evansville, Indiana was targeted with gunfire, a bullet was fired through a window of a classroom at Adath B'Nai Israel Temple.  The FBI and the local police have launched an investigation. The gunman is believed to have opened fire from a playground in the back of the building.  FBI investigating it as a hate crime.

Dhimmitude * ISIS, ISLAM enemies of America!

CLOSE ALL U.S. mosques!

OREGON and NEVADA  *  UPDATE March 1, 2017

I hoped Trump would free Bundys and Hammonds long before now!

NY Teamsters Pension broke
Mar 1, 2017  
-  NY Teamsters Pension is the first to run outta money.
Expert warn Pension Tsunami is coming. (just like Greece, Dallas)  The New York Teamsters Road Carriers Local 707 Pension Fund has run out of money.  Former truck drivers who've had their pension benefits slashed are angry.  Teamsters submited plans that would have cut benefits in order to prolong payments to retirees but those plans were rejected by Obama.  Ten plans total have applied for cuts.

If a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand
Mark 3:25  



Twisted Evil   INSURGENCY
Barak obama is a SLAVE

Mar 2, 2017  
-  Barack Hussein Obama and Valerie Mussolini Jarrett are leading an insurgency to overthrow the lawfully elected President of the United States.  John McCain and Lindsey Graham are part of this coup attempt.  Wicked, evil, Muslim jihadist terror chief Valerie Mussolini Jarrett has moved into the Obamas house to Co-Lead War on our legitimately elected President, Donald J. Trump.  She has planted her daughter Laura Jarrett at CNN. #FakeNews HQ.

Barack Obama is turning his new Kalorama home in DC 2 miles away from the White House into the nerve center of the mounting insurgency against REAL President Donald J. Trump.  Obama’s goal is to oust Trump from the presidency.

Valerie Jarrett has moved into the mansion with the Obamas.  Obama doesn’t make a decision without Jarrett.  Obama recently hosted an open house for his White House staff including Joe Biden, Susan Rice, Josh Earnest and Jarrett.  Former Attorney General Eric Holder said Obama is getting close to making his public reappearance in politics.
Barak obama is a SLAVE to Valerie Mussolini Jarrett.

Valerie Jarrett has moved into the 0bamas DC home, which is now the nerve center for their plan to mastermind the insurgency against President Trump.  Obama's goal  is to oust Trump from the presidency.

Valerie Mussolini Jarrett
Obama's brain

President Donald Trump White House


World  NEWS

Russian jets buzz USS Porter
Mar 3, 2017  
-  Russian jets buzz aggressively overhead just yards above deck of the destroyer USS Porter in Black Sea.  It is unclear why the jet engaged in such an aggressive manoeuvre, but Russia has recently been reasserting its strategic control over the Black Sea region.  Russia has a huge naval battle fleet stationed in Sevastopol. The Kremlin is spending a fortune beefing up the nation’s armed forces.

Brexit glitch
Mar 1, 2017  
-  Theresa May faces likely defeat in House of Lords over rights of EU citizens.  Peers support Labour amendment to Brexit bill to protect European residents living in UK after article 50 is triggered.  PM May wants the Brexit bill to be passed without any amendments.  To use people as bargaining chips is shameful and could have a dire impact on the UK economy.

Earth NEWS

Dangerous volcanoes
Mar 3, 2017  
-  Why are giant fountains of lava suddenly pouring out of some of the most dangerous volcanoes on the entire planet, and why are so many long dormant volcanoes suddenly roaring back to life?  The spectacular eruption of Mt. Etna in Italy is making headlines, but it is not alone.  An orange air alert has been issued.

Something is pushing magma up through the crust of the Earth.
35 major volcanoes either are erupting right now or have just recently erupted, and dozens of others are stirring.  Magma is molten rock underground, and lava is molten rock that breaks through the Earth's surface.  

A constant stream of molten rock has been pouring out of Guatemala's Volcan de Fuego - Volcano of Fire - since February 25, 2017.  It erupted Feb 25, spewing lava and sending up plumes of ash that rained down on nearby communities.

And in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, a firehose of lava has been pouring out of the Kilauea Volcano since December 31st.

Large volcanoes all over the world that have been dormant have started springing back to life.  Barren Islands volcano in India has suddenly started spewing lava and ash after being silent for 150 years.  Indonesia's Mount Sinabung in the southern hemisphere erupted 7times in 24 hours.
4 of Iceland's biggest volcanoes are preparing to erupt.

HELL has enlarged herself, and opened her mouth without measure
Isaiah 5:14




Russia denies attacking US-forces
Mar 2, 2017  Kurdistan
-  Russia denied they bombed US backed-Syrian Coalition near al-Bab Syria. There are Turkey FSA in the area who captured al-Bab last week.  The SDF control the city of Manbij, northeast of al-Bab.  Turkey and FSA are attacking Kurds.  USA cant stop Turkey.  Evil Turkey intends to occupy Syria and they may have done the bombing.

Arab Summit may bury hatchet with Assad
Mar 2, 2017  
-  Arab League summit may change the Arab world’s relationship with Syrian President Bashar Assad.  GOOD!  Russia, Egypt and Jordan invite Syrian President Bashar Assad to the March 29 Arab Summit in Amman Jordan.

The Syrian army will go for Palmyra
A Syrian forces with Russian air support move on Palmyra to drive ISIS out.  The fall of Palmyra would open the way for Russian and Syrian forces to attack the thousands of ISIS fighters concentrated in eastern Deir ez-Zour.

Kurds and Kirkuk Oil
Mar 2, 2017  Kurdistan
-  Kurds entered North Oil Company (NOC) in Kirkuk to show Baghdad that Kirkuk’s oil is for the people of Kurdistan (PUK).  

Iran Kurds in Kurdistan denounce an Iraqi parliamentary motion that calls for their expulsion from Iraq.  Iran Kurds ask Kurds from all other parts of Kurdistan for their support .

Big Daddy admits defeat
Mar 2, 2017  
-  Nineveh ( -  Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, ISIS leader admits defeat in Mosul.  He ordered his fighters to flee urban areas in Mosul, flee and hide in mountainous areas in Iraq and Syria.

IRAQ * Mosul, Kurdistan
Mar 1, 2017  
-  Intense fighting in western Mosul.  ISIS blends with civilians fleeing humanitarian disaster in Mosul.  Iraqi forces tighten refugee screening process to prevent jihadists from escaping.
Civilians in West Mosul face acute food, water & medicine shortages.
US-Iraqi forces began to retake western Mosul.
ISIS shells and snipes residents fleeing Mosul.

Mar 1, 2017  
-  Erdogan threatens USA they will close Incirlik airbase if USA supports Kurds.  ONLY KURDS ACTUALLY FIGHT ISIS - and WIN!  TURKEY is EVIL, DANGEROUS, CRAZED! they MUST be thrown outta NATO!

Turkey will use the Incirlik Airbase as a bargaining chip to stop the US from backing the Kurds (YPG, SDF) leading the Raqqa operation.  The SDF is a Kurdish army with a couple Arabs.  Expansionist Erdogan plans to steal land in Syria-Iraq.

US President Donald Trump is expected to reveal detailed plans for the capture of Raqqa in the coming days.
USA should build a base in Rojava, Irbil or Kirkuk. It could be in operation within weeks.


Muslims are inhuman cowards!

US Military defends Manbij - from Turkey
Mar 3, 2017  
-  Syrian Democratic Forces said the USA is defending Manbij Syria from the Turks.
U.S. set up a military basein Manbij and hung up its flag as a warning sign to Ankara.
Manbij is 30 kilometers west of the Euphrates.  The Syrian military liberated Palmyra.  Still ongoing battles with the jihadists on the outskirts and the airport.

Freep post
new USA equipment is being delivered to YPG Manbij. I saw the US flag displayed on the some of the vehicles in column of new equipment.
Someone is trying to deter the Turk/FSA attacks past Al-Bab into YPG territory toward Manbij, by indicating that they have new US equipment. And therefore, USA supports YPG activity in their area.
However, Turk/FSA is attacking heavily anyway, out of line with all agreements and indirectly Turk/FSA is attacking USA allies, the YPG.
The Russian/Turk/Syrian agreement should limit the Turk advance.

I KNEW -the USA'd be fighting Turks!


  U. S. A    NEWS

Evil or Very Mad    FloriDUH pedo sting
Mar 3, 2017  
-  12 arrested in child sex sting, FSU Attorney, State Employees, politicians.
Pizzagate is REAL and its national and global!  Investigators found child sex predators in chat rooms, dating sites and social media networks using instant messaging, texting and online classified ads.  The perps are hiding in plain sight.

A third of Sea Life DEAD!
March, 2017  Steve Quayle  
-  Half hour
Fukushima - Globalists fully intend to KILL billions of people.
Fuk u shima radiation has polluted both air and seas - globally.
Its made the entire island of Japan a Death trap

Radiation Readings off the Charts!
Return of the Cloud Eaters

Radiation in USA, Canada, from Japan

Oregon judge helps diddler escape
Mar 3, 2017  
-  Judge allows Mexican illegal Diddler Salazar to escape his courtroom.
Diddier Pacheco Salazar walked into a Portland, Oregon, courtroom for a hearing in his DUI case.  Immigration agents were in the hallway outside, waiting to arrest the illegal afterward and possibly deport him.  He never came out.

Why did Judge Monica Herranz allow Salazar to sneak out through another door?  Multnomah County has no regard for law or U.S. Constitution.  We have known this for 2 years.  Salazar had been deported previously and had returned to the country.

Oregon news

President Donald Trump Weekly Address
Mar 3, 2017  
-  President Donald Trump lands on the USS Gerald Ford a/c carrier and mentions how we need a strong military.  I LOVE OUR PREZ!


Billionaires are moving to NZ
Mar 3, 2017  
-  Liberal rich billionaires like Matt Lauer moving to New Zealand.  The Panama Papers identified New Zealand as a significant tax-haven, as a good place to set up foreign trusts and avoid tax.  If guilty pedofiles, Satanists, the shadow government emigrate to New Zealand, we dont want to be there!  

Silicon Valley billionaires are buying property there so that they have somewhere to flee in the event of a global catastrophe. Jobs await in NZ.  Globalists want war. There is an agenda. They want most of the worlds population killed.  A lot of people in New Zealand think Obama is still the president.

Wanaka property owned by Peter Thiel.
Motatapu Station owned by ex-husband of Shania Twain.
Matt Lauer bought 6,500 hectare Hunter Valley Station near Wanaka.
China is Taking Over New Zealand

New Zealand news

Panama Papers

Email to me from NZ sent me searching the net.  They wrote.....
March 3, 2017  
-  They are doing huge 10-80 drops, a poison to kill possums, but it kills everything in the food chain as well.  It is surmised that they want to kill off everyone and make NZ a bird paradise for the super rich. I think the Chinese are a major problem when war starts.  NZ has virtually no defense force, especially against the Chinese and some of the decisions by NZ government lately, like screwing Israel.

World  NEWS

North Korea launches missiles
Mar 6, 2017  
-  North Korea fired 4 ballistic missiles into sea of Japan amid Seoul's joint drills with USA.  3 fell into Japan's exclusive economic zone (EEZ) after flying some 1,000km, 620 miles.  Japan, US condemn North Korea's missile launch.  South Korea said it could have been an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the US mainland.

Dont feed mad dogs!
Mar 4, 2017  
-  Austria to stop giving food, shelter to Muslim terrorists.
In a bill aimed at encouraging asylum seekers to leave voluntarily, Austrian lawmakers are considering halting the provision of food and accommodation to migrants who are denied asylum and refuse to leave the country.
Austria took in roughly 90,000 asylum seekers in 2015 when hundreds of thousands of people crossed its borders.  Austria has now tightened immigration restrictions and helped shut down the route through the Balkans by which many arrived.  Asylum seekers in Austria get so-called basic services, including free accommodation, food, access to medical treatment and 40 euros ($42.41) pocket money a month.

Laughing  EU Junker has meltdown
Mar 4, 2017  
-  The European Union is crumbling before our eyes. Between the Brussels bureaucracy, the unpayable debts, the unfettered immigration, and the unprecedented emergence of conservative, nationalistic groups, its obvious that the EU cannot survive.

UK already voted to leave the EU, and talk of independence referendums is spreading like wildfire across the continent. Currently EU parliament members are debating about what direction the union should go in following Brexit, in an effort to to keep the union together. Some have proposed bringing the EU back to the days when it was a modest trading block with no political authority.


Scots say NO
Mar 5, 2017  
-  PM May wins, Nicola Sturgeon defeated!  
Scots say NO to a second independence referendum by a 2 to 1 majority!



Israel targeted from north and south
Mar 4, 2017  -  NORTH
 -  Hizballah threatens 9 Israeli nuclear weapons locations.  They have missiles for wiping Israel out.  Syria President Bashar Assad recently granted Hellzballah the OK to launch missiles against Israel from Syrian soil as well as from Lebanon.

Hamas Palestinian terrorists in Gaza have become more aggressive. Feb. 27, the Israeli Air Force hit 5 Hamas targets in Gaza after a missile exploded inside Israel.

USA hits Yemen
Mar 4, 2017  
-  US military carried out 20 attacks on ISIS-Alqaeda (AQIP) targets in Yemen.
They targeted weapons depots, command centers and missiles.

Erdogan only wants to kill Kurds
Mar 4, 2017  
-  Turkey behind attack on Yazidi.  Yazidi civilians have taken up arms in Shingal west of Mosul after clashes with Peshmerga and Yazidi forces.  Turkey was not invited by the US or Iraq to take part in the liberation of Mosul and Raqqa.  Defeating ISIS does not serve Turkish interests.  Turkey was sidelined by the USA and Russia.

Kobani appears to be a town in Rojava Province.
DO NOT trust media reports!  This is so complicated even I dont understand it!  It appears Putin is finally seeing he cant trust Erdogan, which is good - if true.

The only hope I see is for America to war on Turkey and take Erdogan out.  Erdo will NOT bend, he is pure Evil.  Erdo set up that phony coup himself to arrest / kill all opposition.

Welcome to Raqqa -  
Good photos tell story

Mosul scared of both ISIS and liberators
Mar 4, 2017  
-  Civilians are fleeing Mosul in Iraqi Kurdistan. The facility houses Sunni, Shia, Yazidi and Christian refugees living together for several months.  ISIS hides among civilians inside their homes.


May GOD bless Kurds and most severely curse Turks

Very Happy  Kurds return home


Putin, Syria, Iran etc
Mar 6, 2017  
-  I dont believe this debka report, but I am putting the link up here but typing my own report!  President Trump has always said he ACTS FIRST - then reports success later.  I DO NOT believe he is uninvolved!  I heard a news report March 5 that the battle for Mosul Iraq Kurdistan is being won but will take weeks - and we are planning to take Raqqa, Syria which is ISIS HQ - and U.S. military will head it up.  

March 1, Turkey President Erdogan threatened to order his army to seize Manjib. True.  Most Syrian army’s units are Iran-Hellzballah.  Maybe, maybe not.

US delegation visits Israel
Mar 5, 2017  
-  US congressional delegation visits Israel to examine potential embassy relocation to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.  Congressman Ron DeSantis arrived Saturday and plans to hold meetings with Israeli politicians and Netanyahu.  Donald Trump pledged to recognize Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel.

Prez Trump keeping his promise!  

Iran bases in Syria
Netanyahu intends to speak with Putin in Moscow about Israel's opposition to Iran establishing a permanent military and naval presence in Syria, Golan Heights.

Russians lead recovery of Palmyra
Mar 5, 2017  debka
-  The Russians played a key role in the Syrian army’s liberation of Palmyra.  They will continue to advance eastward to Deir ez-Zour.


Coming -
Xident Barak Hoosayin 0bama jailed
Negroes riot - and are jailed
Civil war begins across USA


Trump baits hook, catchs whales
Mar 5, 2017  
-  President Trump meets in Mara-a-Lago with Attorney General Jeff Sessions to discuss Xident Barack Obama’s misuse of federal authority to tamper with the 2016 presidential election.  This may lead to indictments against Xident Barak Hoosayin 0bama and members of his staff.

President Trump has proof that Obama wiretapped Trump during that campaign and with proof of the crime, a grand jury indictment will be a piece of cake.

When even a useless senator like Lindsay Graham uses the Watergate word to describe Obamas actions, we are in deep SWAMPLAND!
Many blog comment pages!

Mar 5, 2017  
-  If Prez Trump is even partly right, Xident Obama is is YUGE twubble.
Robert Barnes at LawNewz lays out a solid case that Xident Obama manipulated the legal use of intelligence gathering tools to monitor then president-elect, Donald Trump.
Xident Obama wiretapped Trump during his campaign.

Obama or his officials face prosecution.  Well speed it up!
This is much worse than Watergate.

Obama is sabotaging Trump
Mar 5, 2017  
-  The 0-basturd is seeking to overthrow President Trump.
Obama loathes President Trump and is dismayed Trump is tearing down his legacy.

Obama obtained authorization to eavesdrop on the Trump campaign, and continued monitoring the Trump team even when no evidence of wrongdoing was found, then relaxed the NSA rules to allow their LIES to be shared widely.

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s Last Words to Obama and Charge to President Trump

Obama caught lying AGAIN. There were concerns (NO EVIDENCE!) that Trump and his surrogates may have been colluding with the Russians so a wiretap was conducted.

Why was this before FISA in the First Place?
Did Donald Trump pose a SERIOUS GRAVE HOSTILE THREAT to the USA?
NO, but Prez Trump is a threat to the Satanists!  But the best friend to AMERICA!

Trump colluding with the Russians was fabricated by the Obama mafia which includes MSM.  Does Obama still have an Administration?  YES, and he means to keep it and overthrow ours.
FoxTV news guest said Comey likely told Trump about the wiretap.
Get the popcorn .........

Trump gets the last laugh  
Following Trump's revelation that Obama wiretapped the Trump Tower in 2016, numerous Demonrats and media said Trump has no idea what he is talking about.  Ben Rhodes, Obama designated liar, slammed Trump's accusation.

Obama Advisor Rhodes Is Wrong
The President CAN request a Wiretap, Trump May Have The Last Laugh

lawnewz - There could be serious Legal Problems if Obama Admin involved in illegal surveillance

SPYGATE: Obama Spying on Trump should be investigated
Liberal Law Professor Jonathan Turley

Paul Ryan confirms wiretapping
Speaker Paul Ryan said the Obama administration wiretapped Trump Tower.  There’s a report that June 2016 there’s a FISA request to monitor communications by Donald Trump and several campaign officials. They get turned down. Then in October they renew it and start a wiretap at Trump Tower with some computer and Russian banks and it doesnt show up anything.

Barak Obama whitehouse



New York SINator upChuck Schumer

upChuck Schumer scandals
Mar 5, 2017  -  Larry Klayman
seeks to take down chief alligator of D.C. swamp.
SINate terror chief upChuck Schumer is demanding that Attorney General Jeff Sessions resign because Demonrats make up LIES about Russia and President Donald Trump.  LOL!  

President Trump is aiming to drain the DC swamp and hired Sessions as the principal leader in that effort. Well, New York SINator upChuck Schumer is one of the chief alligators in that swamp.  Schumer is the successor to former corrupt Dirty Harry Reid.  The alligators dont want to see the swamp drained.

Klayman is a former DoJ federal prosecutor and resents the calls for Sessions to resign when there is NO EVIDENCE whatsoever of anything to investigate.  Sessions is an honorable man, appeasement of the left only encourages further attacks. President Trump letting Gen. Michael Flynn go was a big mistake, as it has encouraged his opponents to believe Trump can be bullied into repeating that misstep.  
DC is a war zone.

Obama’s AG Loretta Lynch met privately with former President Bill Clinton inside a private jet just before a decision by the DOJ on whether to indict Hillary Clinton. Yet this does not bother upChuck Schumer.   Eric Holder was found in contempt of Congress for illegally withholding information about Obama’s Fast and Furious scandal running guns into Mexico to drug gangs. Schumer found nothing wrong with this.

Klayman has launched Freedom Watch investigations into SINator Schumer. We will be filing FOIA requests to further uncover the criminal conduct of Session’s accuser.  (Attorney Jay Sekulow is also fililng FOIA against several accusers!)

Schumer and Hellary BOTH have ties to President Vladimir Putin and Russia, as does Pelosi and McCain and - how many others?  Hillary Clinton sold United States’ uranium reserves to Russia.  Schumer likely had a hand in this.

SINator upChuck Schumer is going to JAIL!
The sooner the better!

Evil or Very Mad   Sedition!
Lynch wants blood, Death!

Mar 5, 2017  
-  This is a Satanic OUTRAGE!!!
Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch wants more marching, blood and death on the streets!
This from the lawless head LAW enforcer of BHO!!  No wonder America had 8 years without law!  No officials were charged or prosecuted by lawless Lynch. When WND revealed the evidence provided by a whistleblower inside the giant global bank, HSBC used its immense power to persuade bandwidth providers to take WND offline for a few hours.
Clinton mafia tactics - threaten, intimidate - and in some instances - KILL!

Lawless Loretta Lynch


LOVE TRUTH!  Even when you dont LIKE it!
The lawless one will use amazing workings of Satan that serve THE LIE,
and deceives those who are perishing - because they refused to love the TRUTH and  be saved.
So God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe THE LIE,
and all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.
Excerpted from 2 Thessalonians 2

  U. S. A    NEWS

Evil or Very Mad   California pedo queer mayor
Mar 4, 2017  
-  Stockton mayor Anthony Silva fled to Columbia, South America after a warrant for his arrest was issued for money laundering and other charges.  Mayor Silva played strip poker with 16 year old boys at a youth camp and filmed it. In 2016 he was arrested.

#PizzaGate, #PedoGate

USS Invincible meets Iran
Mar 4, 2017  
-  U.S. Navy surveillance ship USS Invincible had a close encounter with an Iranian navy frigate.
The frigate came within 150 yards of the USNS Invincible in the Gulf of Oman, just south of the Strait of Hormuz.  The frigate was on a parallel course with the Invincible.  The Invincible is outfitted with sonar to track submarines and radar to monitor missile tests.



PRAY (and fast) TODAY
Mar 7, 2017  
-  For such a Time as this!  Christian leader called for a 3 day fast from Wednesday, March 8 to March 11 to pray for President Donald Trump, stop witchcraft and overturn the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion in 1973.  Corporate prayer and fasting of Queen Esther spared a nation annihilation.

For such a Time as this!

Even if you cant fast, you CAN PRAY!


USA in Manbij
Mar 7, 2017  
-  The Pentagon deployed a US armored convoy around Manbij in northern Syria to block Turkey and Russia.  A few days ago, the Kurd YPG handed over some of the villages and military positions around the town to Russian and Syrian army units.  Russians assigned to Manjib consist mainly of Chechen Muslims.  I know some Chechyns are terrorists / ISIS.

Pentagon plans to seize Raqqa
Plan calls for significant U.S. military participation.
President Donald Trump campaigned on killing ISIS.  He is keeping his promises.  The U.S. Raqqa plan would shut the door on Turkey's demands that Syrian Kurds be denied U.S. equipment and kept out of the upcoming offensive. Turk President Erdogan has vowed to move his own troops and toward Raqqa.
US Expanding Kobani Airport Runway to be able to receive bigger aircraft.

ISIS was Obama’s Frankenstein monster. Trump has promised to exterminate them.
Trump undoing the damage 0bama did so America doesnt leave a bad taste in the mouth in Syria.

75th Rangers hit the ground in Syria
It looks like our theater now.
Rangers lead the way! (God speed, men!)
Prayers for our troops.

The battle for Kurdistan


Iraqi forces capture Mosul government complex
March 7, 2017 dekba
 Iraqi government forces captured the government complex in western Mosul, including several institutions and the central bank. But towards afternoon, after raising the national flag, they pulled back under heavy ISIS counter-attack.  This is the pattern of Iraq army.  ISIS snipers and suicide bombers still hold sway in broad stretches of Mosul. Iraqi troops are afraid.

USA, Russia, Turk Syria summit
Mar 8, 2017  
-  United States, Russia and Turkey military leaders are meeting in Antalya.
All 3 armies are converging on Manbij, Syria.  They plan a combined trilateral offensive to drive ISIS out of Raqqa and hopefully Iraq.

They discuss dividing Syria into sectors to be ruled by USA and Russian forces.  If theses 3 generals succeed in working together, Trump will have achieved his oft-repeated target of teaming up with Moscow to eradicate ISIS.  Russia and America may come together to fight a common enemy.

Shocked   Iran forces U.S. Navy ship to change course
Mar 7, 2017  
-  Iran fast-attack vessels came close to a U.S. Navy ship in the Strait of Hormuz, forcing it to change direction.  Remember the USS Cole - they nearly sunk her!

The Iran IRGCN boats came within 600 yards of the USNS Invincible, a tracking ship, and stopped. The Invincible was being accompanied by three ships from British Royal Navy and forced the formation to change course.  The official said attempts were made to communicate over radio, but there was no response.

USNS unarmed ship and her crew are civil service mariners.
The USNS Invincible was traveling in formation with 3 warships of the British Royal Navy.

Turk Erdogan threat to Germany
Mar 7, 2017  
-  Turk terror chief Erdogan insisted he will lead the Muslim world to rise up against Germany.  He sounds like Loretta Lynch, calling for blood and death.  Erdogan attacks Berlin officials after they cancelled Turk pro-Erdogan rallies in Germany before an upcoming referendum.  Germany started this by bringing in Turk Muslim workers to build their auto industry.  Germany is finished, and will be under the thumb of Islam.

2 NATO nations with nukes fighting - what could go wrong?

Erdogan threatens Germany

World  NEWS

Hungary targeting Soros
Mar 7, 2017  
-  GOD BLESS HUNGARY!  European resistance to Soros influence grows.
The Hungarian government to restrict the way NGOs are able to operate.  Law will curb the influence of Satanist George Soros.  In December 2016, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban declared that 2017 would be the year of the extrusion of George Soros and the forces symbolized by him. It looks as if Orban intends to fulfill that prophecy.

UK manufacturers enjoy surge in orders
Mar 7, 2017  
-  Britain factories are growing, helped by the fall in the value of the pound after the Brexit vote and a recovery in core markets in Europe.


China threatens USA
Mar 7, 2017  
-  China threatens consequences for US missiles in South Korea.
Beijing warned it would take measures against the deployment of US missiles in South Korea. The U.S. deployed the first elements of THAAD missile defense system to South Korea, one day after North Korea launched missiles toward Japanese mainland.  The system is defensive and not a threat to Beijing or Moscow.

I very strongly suspect china is using the NKorea runt to taunt USA. Instead of reigning in the runt - china threatens USA

North Korea preparing to strike U.S. bases in Japan
Mar 6, 2017  
-  The four missiles North Korea launched were likely practice for targeting U.S. military bases in Japan.  3 of the four missiles landed in Japanese territorial waters.

NO Pen for Hollande
Mar 6, 2017  
-  Outgoing French President Francois Hollande said his ultimate duty is to prevent Marine Le Pen from winning the upcoming election.  Le Pen is seen as the French Donald Trump.  Polls suggest Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron on top in the first round of voting on April 23. The top two vote-getters go on to compete in the May 7 presidential runoff.


  U. S. A    NEWS

Question   Muslim jihad?
Train hits bus in Mississippi
Mar 7, 2017  WLOX-TV  
-  Train hits bus in Biloxi, Mississippi, 4 dead.  A train collided with a charter bus in Biloxi, Mississippi, emergency responders removing injured.  Charter Bus of Senior Citizens, witnesses said the bus appeared stuck on the tracks and the eastbound train hit the bus broadside. Officials have confirmed 4 fatalities and 35 have been hospitalized. Several had to be airlifted from the scene.

#TowerGate / #DeepStateGate
Xident 0bama wiretapped Trump

Dan Bongino said obamagate will "break wide open this week"
Series of unconfirmed reports

Wikileaks vault 7
March 7, 2017  
-  Oh how cute is this - releases 7 on 3/7
WikiLeaks on the CIA code-named Vault 7 is the largest ever publication of confidential documents on the agency.

Michael Hastings assassinated by CIA
Mar 7, 2017  
-  Michael Hastings contacted Wikileaks lawyer hours before death claiming FBI were investigating him.
There is evidence that the CIA used a car cyber hack to remotely kill a journalist who was on to a BIG story in 2013
His car exploded into flames has bolstered increasingly valid claims that the 33-year-old was assassinated by a CIA drone that fired a weapon at his car.


Attorney General Loretta Lynch
signed off on ALL FISA Applications to WireTap Trump

Lawless Loretta Lynch, U.S. A..G.


Flynn and Russian ambassador calls were wiretapped, Trump knows which agency was in charge of the tap and who ordered it.  The DOJ has been leaking classified information received from the FBI to Obama mafia and that they know which former Obama administration employees leaked said info to the press.

Sounds like Trump has the goods on John Brennan, Loretta Lynch, Valerie Jarrett and McPain.
DOJ has also been leaking classified information.  The names are going on a list, and when it is complete, Jeff Sessions and DHS will roll up their net.
Did CIA kill both JFK and his son?  Probably.

Rudy G went dark in December, appointed to Trump cyber security.  Hmmmmm

CIA Hacking Tools
Mar 8, 2017  Wikileaks vault 7

CIA can turn your computer, TV, Android or iphone into covert microphones and listen to you - even when turned OFF. Either Muslim Brennan is arrested, tried and convicted or the harassment of the Trump Administration will continue. This is bad, CIA creates hacking tools that probably are cutting edge. But their management and security sucks so bad they lose the tools to who knows who.  Correction - SOLD the tools to - whoever.  Admiral Mike Rogers must have had a very interesting conversation with Trump.  I wonder how he shielded it

Michael Hastings was a govt agent on #Pizzagate
How did Obama blow up Michael Hastings?
Vault 7 CIA tactics, taking control of his car.
Dr. Steve Piescniak on Vault 7 - "The reason these links were given was to simply take down the CIA."  That is not a problem.  Military intel dept can handle everything.

Facebook bans Vault 7 Wikileaks


NDAA - Drones over USA, CIA can kill YOU


King Sennacherib Palace Discovered
Mar 8, 2017  
-  Palace of Biblical Assyrian King Sennacherib Discovered under Tomb of Prophet Jonah.
ISIS destroyed the tomb of the prophet Jonah which was on top of the palace.  ISIS is often compared to the brutal merciless Assyrians.  Archaeologists now have the chance to study new discoveries.

The palace of King Sennacherib dates back to the seventh century B.C. The Assyrian King is mentioned in the Bible in II Chronicles 32:1 which says, "After all that Hezekiah had so faithfully done, Sennacherib king of Assyria came and invaded Judah. He laid siege to the fortified cities, thinking to conquer them for himself."

King Hezekiah of Israel trusted in the Lord to deliver Israel from Sennacherib and the Assyrians. You can read about the story in II Chronicles 32 or II Kings 18-19.


The closer Demonrats get to Federal prison, the more they panic!
MSM are having a meltdown as Trump exposes everything they accuse him of - the DEMS are guilty of - and their crimes are being - EXPOSED!

Ephesians 5:11
Take no part in the worthless deeds of evil and darkness,
instead, EXPOSE them.


World  NEWS

B-52s to South Korea
Mar 9, 2017  
-  Donald Trump sends B-52 nuclear bombers to South Korea after North Korea fires missiles at Japan, and USA warns of overwhelming' response.  Secretary of Defence General James Mattis said the US remains steadfast in its commitment to the defence of its allies. US plans to fly in B-1 and B-52 bombers built to carry nuclear bombs to show America has had enough.

South Korea president impeached
Mar 10, 2017  
-  South Korea's Constitutional Court removed President Park Geun-hye from office. Park, the country’s first democratically elected leader, was ousted amid rising tension with North Korea and a corruption scandal that also landed the head of Samsung in jail. A presidential election will be held within 60 days.

China to intercept
Mar 10, 2017  
-  China to intercept aircraft, follow military vessels amid efforts to strengthen navy.  China is building a first-class navy which will intercept intruding aircraft and follow any military vessels traveling within its controlled areas.  China has refitted Soviet Union aircraft carrier.

Afghanistan *  ISIS bombs Kabul hospital
Mar 9, 2017  debka
-  Over 30 killed in ISIS attack on military hospital in Kabul.  ISIS gunmen disguised as medical staff attacked a military hospital in Afghanistan's capital, leaving 30 people dead and dozens injured. The assault started with a suicide bombing at the back of the hospital and then continued with gunmen opening fire inside the building. Afghan security forces fought the gunmen for hours. The hospital is located across the road from the US embassy.

Shocked   Chinese are in Afganistan



US Rangers in Syria with Striker tanks
Mar 9, 2017  
-  Rangers flew in from Fort Lewis air base, Washington to spearhead the Raqqa attack.  The offensive to capture Raqqa from ISIS plan was put before the generals of the USA, Russia and Turkey.  More tanks at the Syrian base overland from Iraqi Kurdistan.

President Donald Trump had Defense Secretary James 'Mad Dog' Mattis and McMaster advise him that the US army would go it alone in the Raqqa offensive together with 45,000 fighters of the Kurd SDF.  (SDF, Syrian Defense Force - Arab militias, Kurd YPJ & YPG)

400 US Marines arrived in Syria in addition to the existing 500 US forces already in Syria.

U.S. Marines arrive in Syria in the fight for Raqqa
Mar 8, 2017  
-  U.S. Marines from an amphibious task force have left their ships and deployed to Syria, establishing an outpost to take back Raqqa from ISIS.  The force is part of the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit, which left San Diego on Navy ships in October 2016.

Very Happy   PRAY for the TROOPS!

Mosul, Iraqi forces retake Badoush prison
Mar 8, 2017  
-  Iraqi forces have recaptured and raised the Iraqi flag over a prison north-west of Mosul that was reportedly the scene of an ISIS massacre.

The Iraqi army is on the brink of defeating Islamic State
Iraq’s army took most of western Mosul, the main government complex.
Apparently ISIS Big Daddy, al-Baghdadi, fled Mosul.


Iran tested cruise missiles
Mar 10, 2017  
-  Iran tested a cruise missile called "Sumar" that is capable of carrying nuclear weapons in addition to test-firing a Hormuz 2 ballistic missile.  The Sumar cruise missile was built in Iran, capable of carrying nuclear weapons and may have a range of 2,000 to 3,000 km.

Iran naval base in NW Syria
Mar 10, 2017  debka
-   Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu said he told Putin that Iran wants to build a naval base in Syria. Russian President Vladimir Putin understood the message that Israel wants to send.  The Iran base is about 55 kilometers from Latakia. The Iranians want a base for their missile boats and submarines in the Mediterranean. The port is also used as an oil terminal.  

USA - Turkey war over Kurds
March 9, 2017
debka -  Washington supports the Kurds YPG in Syria despite Turkey.
Erdogan threatens to attack the Kurds if they do not leave Manbij.
Terror chief Erdogan is angry that the US plans to use the Kurds in a Raqqa offensive.  Raqqa is part of Kurdistan, of course Kurds can fight for it.

Turkey threatens Manbij Kurds
Mar 10, 2017  
-  Turkey threatens attack on Kurd YPG if it fails to leave Manbij.  Turkey threatened to attack the Kurds if its forces do not leave Manbij, despite the presence of American forces there.

Mar 10, 2017  
-  Europe PACE called for Turkey to come under its formal scrutiny.
8 months after the July 15 fake coup, the Monitoring Committee noted a serious deterioration of the functioning in Turkey.  The committee's decision should be a wake-up call for President Erdogan's heavy-handed tactics and strangling of Turkish democracy and rule of law.
Al Monitor is good - to a point

I have felt the USA is going to go to war with Turkey, and hoping Turkey is kicked outta NATO. I still believe Turkey has at least one of our nukes - and 0bama gave him the detonate codes.

1,000 US troops head to Kuwait
Mar 10, 2017  debka
-  President Trump is considering sending at least 1,000 American troops to Kuwait as a reserve force in the war against ISIS.  This deployment is intended to speed up killing ISIS in Syria and Iraq, and providing commanders on the ground with more flexibility and speed of response.  This is about providing options.  There are 8 US bases in Kuwait.


Erdogan is Muslim Brotherhood
Mar 11, 2017  DUH!
-  Syrian President Bashar al-Assad CORRECTLY said that Turkey President Erdogan is supporting ISIS and himself is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.
Syria did not consent to US army presence in Syria.  He said that for his listeners.  It doesnt mean we are unwelcome.
Erdogan's aim in Syria is to kill Kurds, NOT to Kill ISIS.

Patriots love of Flynn has reversed - to hate - now that we find out he is a shill for Turkey / ISIS

Syria  *  Damascus bombs kill 50
Mar 11, 2017  
-  An ISIS twin bomb attack in Syria's capital, Damascus, killed mostly Iraqi Shia and wounded 120 pilgrims who had arrived by bus.
Damascus is mostly under the control of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Syria  *  Erdogan fail - GOOD!
Mar 11, 2017  -  Flynn is NO friend - IF
this debka report is true.  Flynn betrayed the Kurds and the USA.  Gen. Michael Flynn turned out to be a paid lobbyist for Turkey.  Flynn had recommended the Turkish army in the Raqqa offensive.  Russia and Americans built up SDF weaponry.  Erdogan was incensed.

US-Russian backing may hopefully bring about Kurdistan recognition as a nation.  Russia is coordinating with Trump’s new initiatives in Syria.  US-Russia-Kurd military campaign against ISIS in Syria should frustrate Iran’s main objective of a land bridge through northern Iraq and Syria to the Mediterranean.

Kurds likely to capture Raqqa from ISIS
SDF, Syrian Democratic Forces to lead the operation to capture Raqqa, backed by the United States.  The SDF was predominantly Kurdish but over the past months, more Arabs have been recruited.

Turkey has killed 425 and wounded 37 YPG fighters since August 2016, and 71 YPG Kurds the past week in a ground incursion into northern Syria.

FIGHT TURKEY, make Kurdistan official,
put it in NATO, and kick Turkey OUT

World  NEWS

Netherlands bans Turk, violence
Mar 12, 2017  
-  Tensions grow between NATO allies Turkey and the Netherlands as a Turkish minister was escorted out of the country.  Dutch prevented Turk minister addressing the crowd of Turk Muslim terrorists.  Turk attempted to visit Netherlands to speak to Turks - after being told she was not welcome.

Turkey sealed off the Dutch embassy in Ankara and consulate in Istanbul in retaliation and hundreds gathered there for protests at the Dutch action.  Turk Police detain Dutch diplomats based in Turkey.

Geert Wilders protested against Turkish campaigning in the Netherlands, thats why the govt turned Turks away.  Erdogan is pissed!

Turkey WILL NOT OBEY orders
This is PROOF they DO NOT belong in NATO!

Second explosion in 24 hours rocks Sweden
Mar 12, 2017  
-  A car bomb rocked Stockholm and Gothenburg
A witness thought it was another country that has come to attack. He was right!

Evil or Very Mad   Sweden legalized child marriage
Cursing your children - how evil!
RapE is epidemic

Evil or Very Mad


Mar 10, 2017  
-  Trudeau Foundation annual report using pedofile BOY LOVE symbol of #Pizzagate.  Justin is likely the son of Fidel Castro, and Justin looks exactly like Castro in his younger years.
Is Justin Trudeau a Product of Illuminati Mind Control?
Justin Trudeau's mkultra Illuminati/Luciferian background.
Pierre Trudeau and Brian Mulroney, are pedophiles.

triangle, children

Trudeau - Clinton pay-for-play Foundation

#PizzaGate is global pedofiles
SATANISM, child sex trafficking



Daylight time begins Sonday, March 12

Much of the USA will turn our clocks FORWARD an HOUR tonite

  U. S. A    NEWS

Exclamation  Russia seeding US Shoreline With Nukes
Mar 9, 2017  
-  Russia has asymmetrical responses to the increase in the U.S. military budget. Russia is seeding the U.S. shoreline with nuclear missiles that sleep until they are given the command to detonate.  In 2017 February a Russian spy ship was 30 miles from America's East Coast Sub base.  Russian ships and nuclear subs have been seen for several years off our east and south coasts, and Chinese subs off our west coast.

Children Disappearing in America
Mar 9, 2017  
-  Minors miss court hearings, sponsors lack accountability.  Many of the thousands of illegal children placed with sponsors who are also illegals in the United States have skipped immigration court hearings, and U.S. authorities have lost track of many others.

I have to wonder if these kids were given to Satanists and pedofiles
sexually abused and even killed.

Spookmaster Pieczenik Discusses CIA
Mar 9, 2017  
-  The CIA has committed crimes against the state.
Counter-Coup Spookmaster Dr. Steve Pieczenik Discusses Destruction of CIA and #Vault 7.  Psychiatrist Dr. Steve Pieczenik served 5 U.S. Presidents and was co-founder of Delta Force. Pieczenik served as Deputy Sec of State under Kissinger, Vance and Baker and was instrumental in negotiating the 1978 Camp David Accords. He is a CIA expert in psychological warfare.

Pieczenik revealed a counter-coup by patriotic elements within the intelligence community to wrestle control out of the hands of the globalists by exposing Hillary Clinton and the deep-state apparatus she represented.  Pieczenik discusses #Vault7, the counter-coup, Edward Snowden, Currencies, Steve Mnuchin, the death of the DNC, and where we go from here. The entire interview is less than an hour long.


Attorney General Loretta Lynch
signed off on ALL FISA Applications to WireTap Trump

Loretta Lynch
Criminal A.G. - LOCK HER UP!

300 known terrorists in USA
Mar 9, 2017  
-  Hours after President Trump signed a new executive order banning refugees from 6 nations, Jeff Sessions said there are at least 300 known terrorists in USA now.


Michael Flynn - Turk agent
Mar 12, 2017  
-  Flynn registered as a foreign agent.  Flynn lobbying during the presidential campaign that may have benefited the government of Turkey.  Apparantly Flynn is why Trump-Russia agreed to Turkey military in Syria - a very BAD decision!

Michael Flynn and Clinton Email Scandal
Mar 11, 2017  Law News
-  Michael Flynn appears to have paid consultancy fees to the same FBI agent who claimed the State Dept tried to bury an email connected to Hillary Clinton and Benghazi.  Flynn was a foreign agent of Turkey.
Flynn paid ex FBI official Brian McCauley who claimed quid pro quo w/State's Patrick Kennedy on Clinton email marking

Patriots love of Flynn has reversed - to hate - now that we find out he is a shill for Turkey / ISIS.  
Flynn has been dishonest about a lot.

Please pray for President Trump, VP Pence, and for America:
Government, Family, Military, Business, Education, Churches, Media.
This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us.
I John 5:14

President Donald Trump White House

Very Happy   Patriots in CIA have Trump's back!
Mar 11, 2017  
-  We are in a CIVIL WAR!  President Trump knew what he was getting into on the escalator at Trump Tower in 2015 June.  He is a hero!  With firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, Donald Trump chose the White House run.

Trump counted on patriots everywhere to answer his call to action to join him in America’s second revolution.  The timing of Vault 7 document dump was no accident.  Trump’s tweets let the CIA and Obama know he wasn’t backing down from them and now those behind the Vault 7 release provided proof that Trump has been joined in his war against the CIA and the Deep State.

CIVIL WAR, Revolution
2017  0bama-led Coup attempt

Clinton coup to Overthrow USA continued by 0bama



Your Health      

RyanCare health plan
Mar 9, 2017  
-  Republicans in Congress released the American Health Care Act.
The new Plan ends the requirement that people buy insurance.  There are 2 plans on the table, RyanCare and a 2nd one.  Conservative opponents declared RyanCare dead on arrival, saying its NOT repeal and replace. It doesn’t address health care costs.

Very Happy  RyanCare will Defund Planned Parenthood
Killing babies is the only thing Planned Parenthood does, its NOT healthcare!
Abortion is BLOOD SACRIFICE to Satan

Prez Trump told PP he wouldnt defund them - if they quit doing abortions.
LOL!  Thats the ONLY reason PP exists - they do NOTHING else!

Obamacare has FAILED, collapsed.  
Insurance companies are dropping it.  Its GONE.
President Trump will let the bill pass thru congress normally

Mar 12, 2017  
-  Do NOT endorse or sign RYANcare - it will destroy you.  Do not settle for anything less than full and complete repeal of 0bamacare. It will immediately become TRUMPcare and that will destroy your credibility and your presidency.  

Ryan RINO-Care Socialized Medicine
Sarah Palin is calling out House Speaker Paul Ryan.  Ryan introduced a RyanCare bill that does not repeal Obamacare but only amends it.  The House Freedom Caucus and Tom Cotton, Rand Paul and more have raised serious concerns with the bill.

Obamacare, RyanCare
40 pages

If Trump passes a GOOD bill, I'll begin a NEW thread

World  NEWS

Riots in Rotterdam
Mar 13, 2017  
-  Damned Turks Riot in Rotterdam.  Dutch government declared a state of emergency as  the evil Turks riot.  Erdogan incited millions of Turks to riot in Europe.

Turkey Vows Retaliation
Mar 13, 2017  
-  Turk PM Erdogan is a Satanic jihadist.  The tensions between Turkey and the Netherlands deteriorated overnight. The Dutch embassy in Istanbul was closed off due to safety concerns.

Turkey warns Netherlands will pay
Mar 13, 2017  
-  Turkish President Erdogan warned the Netherlands would pay for blocking his ministers from holding rallies to win support in a referendum on expanding his powers.  LOL!  With that kind of talk, why would ANY nation expand terror chief Erdogan power?  Erdogan is the Nazi.  Danish PM Lars Lokke delayed a planned March visit.  Good choice Lars!

EU leaders criticise Turkey
Mar 13, 2017  
-  Several EU leaders have criticised Turkey rallies in Europe.  Turk President-terrorist Erdogan accused Germany and the Netherlands of Nazism after officials blocked rallies there.  Islam and Nazi are very similar.

Denmark postpones Turk visit
Mar 13, 2017  
-  Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen said a meeting with Turkey is postponed due to Ankara’s row with the Netherlands. Turkey is threatening the Netherlands.  Erdogan is the Nazi!  Among other European nations involved in the feud are Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Sweden.

Denmark postpones Turk visit
Mar 13, 2017  
-  Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen said a meeting with Turkey is postponed due to Ankara’s row with the Netherlands. Turkey is threatening the Netherlands.  Erdogan is the Nazi!  Among other European nations involved in the feud are Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Sweden.

DEBKA -  Austria, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands, cancelled Turk rallies.  GOOD!  EU governments harden stance against Turkey over rallies. European governments are lining up against Turkey.  GOOD!  

ALL the blame is on Turkey ALONE!
TURKEY is violent - and have no place in NATO!  
Erdogan is power-crazy - DANGEROUS
Media are globalist lapdawgz!
The globalists hate freedom, liberty and sovereignty


Lebanon underground missile factories

Mar 14, 2017  
-  Iran sets up underground missile and firearms factories in Lebanon for Hezbollah.  Hellzballah can produce rockets that can hit any part of Israel.  The new 160 feetunderground factories have been in operation for 3 months.

Pakistan to send combat troops to Saudi Arabia in response to a request from Riyadh.  They will be based in southern Saudi Arabia to thwart Yemen (Iran) Houthi attacks.

Syria is a mess
Mar 13, 2017  
-  ISIS LEFT their Raqqa HQ, moved into Deir ez-Zour.
Al Qaeda hit Damascus. President Donald Trump warned Al Qaeda may come back when ISIS is defeated.  HINT - They are the same entity.  Hashim al-Sheikh aka Abu Jabir replaced Zarqawi.

Russian, Syrian, Iranian and Hizballah weighing an operation for taking control of Idlib. If the Syrian rebels are driven east or the south, Al Qaeda may again turn out to be the winner.  Even if President Trump operation captures now-empty Raqqa, Al Qaeda may rise again.

World  NEWS

Netherlands *  Dutch vote in favor of Muslim terror
Holland, you WILL NOT have another chance. Thats it.
Mar 16, 2017  
-  Current Prime Minister Mark Rutte remains in power.
Geert Wilders Freedom Party won 19 seats out of 150.

PM Rutte claims win over wrong kind of populism
Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte claimed a dominating parliamentary election victory over anti-Islam lawmaker Geert Wilders, who failed the year's first litmus test for populism in Europe.  Rutte's party won 32 seats in the 150-member legislature, 13 more than Wilders' party, which took only third place with 19 seats.

"Rutte has not seen the back of me," Wilders said after the results had sunk in.

I suggest Jews go home to Israel
You are NOT safe in the EU

Mohammed isnt Jesus!  Geert Wilders called Mohammad a pedophile - on live TV!  In Europe the Muslim terrorists shouted ''allahu akbar'' before they slit the throat of priests in Paris. That is the islam.  

PRAY for the safety of Geert and his family!
TRUTH is forbidden in Islam - by DEATH!  
Geert is right!  MohaMUD was a pedo, thief and killer.  
MohaMUD took Aisha to wife when she was 6 years old after killing her parents.

BAD sign for Jews
Mar 15, 2017  
-  Turkey-Netherlands crisis underlines growing concern.
Dutch riot police clash with protesters near the Turkish consulate in Rotterdam.
Hundreds of Muslim terrorists confronted police, hurling stones at them while shouting “Allahu akbar” and shouted “cancer Jews.”

Pirates hijack oil tanker off Somalia
Mar 15, 2017  
-  Muslim terrorists boarded an oil tanker off the coast of Somalia and seized the ship with its eight crew members. The ship sent a distress signal it was being approached by high-speed boats.

Laughing  North Korea Threatens USA
Mar 14, 2017  
-  North Korea runt threatens USA as US special forces are participating in local drills, practicing the removal of Kim Jong-un as well as the infiltration and destruction of North Korea’s weapons.

North Korea threatened the US with merciless attacks if  the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier group infringes on its sovereignty.
T-Rex Tillerson visits South Korea on Friday.

WSJ reported Delta, SEAL Team 6 Prepare to Take Out Kim Jong-Un, North Korea.  LOL!  I bet the TrumpTeam planted this!  Hahaha!

    Brexit set to begin

Mar 13, 2017  
-  Britain Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to trigger Brexit March 15th by formally informing the European Union of Britain's intention to leave the bloc.  The legislation returns to parliament for its final stages, and could win final approval today.  PM May promised to invoke Article 50 the end of March.

Ministers believe MPs will reject the 2 changes made to the Brexit bill in the House of Lords when they debate it again.  PM Theresa May could trigger Article 50, which formally starts the Brexit process, on Tuesday.

Very Happy   BrEXIT!
Parliament clears way for talks with EU

Mar 14, 2017 -  Parliament has passed the Brexit bill
, paving the way for the government to trigger Article 50 so the UK can leave the European Union.  Peers backed down over the issues of EU residency rights.  The bill is expected to receive Royal Assent and become law on Tuesday.  This means Theresa May is free to push the button on withdrawal talks - now expected in the last week of March.  Scotland Minister Nicola Sturgeon plans a second referendum on Scottish independence at a time when Brexit negotiations are expected to be reaching a conclusion.


    Turkey sanctions Netherlands   Rolling Eyes

Mar 14, 2017  
-  Turkey to suspend diplomatic relations with the Netherlands after Dutch wouldnt let Turk expats riot.  The sanctions include a ban on the Dutch ambassador but do not appear to include economic measures or travel restrictions for ordinary citizens.

Evil or Very Mad   Turkey terror chief Erdogen is a stupid evil Nazi having a temper tantrum.  Its INSANE to keep him in NATO.  Ins INSANE he has our nukes!

European governments are lining up against Turkey.  German and Dutch officials reproved Erdogan.  Austria, Germany and the Netherlands cancelled Turk terror rallies.


March 15, 2017 Wednesday Dutch vote

Russia on Egypt-Libya border
Mar 14, 2017  
-  Russian elite units armed with attack drones at the big Egyptian air base of Sidi Barrani in the Western Desert near the Libyan border.  They are 95 km from the Libyan border and 240km from the eastern Libyan oil and gas terminals at Tobruk port in eastern Libya.

Libya Gen. Khalifa Hafter’s militia was attacked March 3 by the Benghazi Brigades and driven out of 5 towns where the biggest oil terminals are.

Egypt-Russia may support a counter-offensive by Hafter’s militia to recover the oil facilities.  Libya Gen. Khalifa Hafter visited Cairo to discuss the details of cooperation between the Egyptian army and the LNA with President Abdel-Fatteh El-Sisi.

Although Haftar’s troops are engaged in battles from Sirte in central Libya to Tobruk in the east, his main objective is control of the oil and gas fields and refineries in the eastern ports.

Russian President Vladimir Putin picked Tobruk as the next Russian air and naval base in the Mediterranean.

Egyptian troops to Bahrain and UAR
Mar 13, 2017  debka
-  Egyptian naval, air and infantry were flown to the Gulf for military exercises.

Meanwhile, in Greece
Mar 14, 2017  
-  They looted everything - Greek Farmers fight Riot Police with Shepherd Crooks.  The economic and social disintegration of Greece is overshadowed by the Muslim crisis.  The Greek government still sucks and the people of Greece are still really pissed off.

Riots after the government tried to increase taxes and social security contributions. In response, over a thousand farmers from Crete, who used to be immune from these taxes, took a ferry to Athens to riot outside of the agriculture ministry building.  The farmers fought the riot police with shepherd crooks.

Vaccines made with murdered babies
Mar 14, 2017  
-  THIS is BLOODY TRUE!  Chicken pox vaccine is made with human embryonic cell cultures - aborted fetal - BABY! - tissue.  Thats why vax today are POISON and causing autism!

Human organ trade is HUGE. It is a disgrace.
Mengele’s research advanced medicine



  U. S. A    NEWS

Prez Trump DOES have evidence
Mar 15, 2017  
-  Ex-CIA agent Larry Johnson on Obama wiretapping said Prez Trump DOES have evidence.  All of this was part of a coordinated planned campaign by people linked to Barack Obama.  There are still senior people in jobs at the Director of National Intelligence office, the CIA and NSA offices that ought to be fired.

Obasturd used British spy GCHQ
Mar 14, 2017  -  Judge Andrew Napolitano said 3 intelligence sources say resident Obama had British spy agency GCHQ obtain transcripts of conversations involving President Donald Trump
.  Obama didnt use the NSA or the CIA, DoJ or the FBI, he used GCHQ.  GCHQ has 24/7 access to the NSA database. So by simply having two people go to them saying, ‘President Obama needs transcripts of conversations involving candidate Trump, conversations involving president-elect Trump,’ he’s able to get it, and there’s no American fingerprints on this.

We can get that God-damned Barry 0bama!  Jail him, execute him for TREASON - Bengazi!

Mar 14, 2017  -  Stella threatens DC to Boston
.   A major nor'easter threatens heavy snow and strong winds from Washington, DC to New York City and Boston.  The snowstorm hit the Midwest first.  DC and Maryland state of emergency.   6 inches or more predicted in Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York state and a large part of New England.

Trump meets Saudi
Mar 15, 2017  
-  US President Donald Trump met with Mohammed bin Salman, the deputy crown prince of Saudi Arabia, at the White House.  They discussed security, energy and regional cooperation with other Gulf states.  The meeting was attended by Vice President Mike Pence, staffers Reince Priebus, Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner, advisor on Middle East affairs.

Smile   Blog comments are often better than NEWS articles
President Trump has made it clear they owe US money & allegiance for our protection, and they came here to let him know they got the message.
Trump walks softly but carries a BIG STICK

President Trump meets Saudi Prince
and Germany's Merkel this week.

Trump Rally in Nashville Wednesday!
Mar 13, 2017  
-  Nashville's Municipal Auditorium is set for Wednesday March 15, beginning at 6:30pm Central time.  Rallies are President Trump version of the fireside chats.


Evil or Very Mad   Michael Savage attacked, dog kicked
Mar 16, 2017  
-  Radio talk show host Michael Savage was attacked by a 6'5 man outside a restaurant after eating dinner.  Teddy, Savage's dog, was also kicked.
Michael's attorney said they'll be pursuing felony charges.

"I was leaving Servino's restaurant when a total stranger followed me out of the restaurant and confronted me. He said, 'Are you Michael Weiner?' I turned to him and sid, 'Go away, I don't know who you are. I turned to leave and he pushed me and I fell down. He moved toward me to pushed me down and he shoved my 10-pound poodle out of the way to get to me."

Michael Savage assaulted
74 year old Michael Savage was having dinner at Servino Ristorante in Tiburon, California, with his 12-year-old poodle when a man  began taunting him by saying, 'weener, weener.' Savage's legal name is Michael Alan Weiner.  The attacked knocked Savage to the ground and punched another diner in the face who tried to intervene.

Savage missed his March 17 radio show because he needed medical treatment.
Savage is a little nuts and rants way too much.


SYRIA  *   Suicide bombers strike Damascus
Mar 16, 2017  
-  Suicide bombers hit Damascus judicial building and a restaurant, killing 30.  One ISIS-alQaida terrorist wore a military uniform, and struck inside the Justice Palace.  Another suicide explosion an hour later struck a restaurant in Damascus, killing and maiming mostly women and children.

Muslims Coming to Christ
Mar 16, 2017  
-  Muslims around the world are coming to Christ in record numbers through dreams and visions.  (I saw this a few years ago too - its wonderful.)  Muslims have supernatural encounters with Christ.

Abu Radwan, a Muslim man who says Jesus appeared to him in a dream.  Radwan and his family are Syrian refugees.

A former ISIS had a dream of a man in white telling him, “You are killing my people.” The Muslim man was given a Bible by a Christian man he killed. He began to read the Bible and, in a dream, heard Jesus invite him to be one of His followers.

  U. S. A    NEWS

GCHQ *  Obama spied on Trump
Mar 17, 2017 FACT
-  NSA has 24/7 access to everyone in the U.S. Obama only needed to ask the NSA for a transcript of Trump's telephone conversations to be prepared from the digital versions that the NSA already possessed.

The British foreign surveillance service GCHQ (Govt Communications HQ) most likely provided Obama with transcripts of Trump's calls.
Judge Andrew Napolitano on Fox News
The USA promises not to talk about this again.  LOL!

CIA * GCHQ the Brits

Vault 7
Mar 16, 2017  
-  You are being listened to, watched and recorded.
WikiLeaks CIA documents codenamed Vault 7 explains how the CIA has retained an ability to remotely activate personal electronic devices, enabling them to listen to YOUR private conversations.

Phones have been wiretapped for decades. America, and our enemies and allies alike, spy on each other constantly. The Fall of the Roman Empire is the closest analogy we have to where America is today. Rome disintegrated within (queers).

Madeleine McCann dead
Mar 16, 2017  
-  Madeleine McCann was never abducted.  A crime expert who has analyzed the high-profile case of missing British girl Madeleine McCann claims the 3 year old was not abducted.


The Case for Christ
EXCELLENT Christian movie

Evil or Very Mad   Hawaii judge halts new Trump travel ban
Mar 16, 2017  
-  Just hours before President Donald Trump's revised travel ban was set to go into effect, Obama's Judge Derrick Watson put an emergency stop to it.  By odd chance, Barack Obama is in Hawaii.  Corrupt obama judge in corrupt Hawaii will fail on appeal.  

Obama in Hawaii
Hmmmm ....  Barack Obama is golfing in Hawaii.  Hawaii Judge Derrick Kahala Watson graduated with Obama at Harvard Law in 1991. Obama was seen in Hawaii March 15th.  Watson received his law degree from Harvard Law School in 1991 and was nominated to the federal bench by resident Barack Obama.

Hawaii immigration Ruling
Mar 18, 2017  
-  It was a crooked evil queer Obama judge who ruled against Trump EO limited travel ban.  Lawsuit brought by Muslim Brotherhood.  Barack Obama was in Hawaii several days before a ruling.  Judge Watson's 43-page ruling was issued 2 hours after hearing arguments, raising questions about whether the judge had already made a decision and had already drafted his ruling.  BINGO!

Muslim Brotherhood lawsuit Honolulu judge Derrick Watson
Egyptian Imam Ismail Elshikh is the plaintiff in the Hawaii case.  He leads a Muslim Brotherhood terrorist  mosque in Honolulu, Hawaii, and objects to President Trump’s temporary travel ban.
The judge is a damned queer
An Imam is a pedofile pimp who procures child brides for Muslims.

Obama's sudden jet to Hawaii was to block Trump again.
Obama met with Hawaiian judge that stopped Trump's travel ban

Hawaii immigration Ruling

WHY does Hawaii want their people
killed by Muslim terrorists??

ICE Agents going to Courthouses to arrest illegals
Mar 16, 2017  
-  U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents have been going to courthouses and arresting people in America illegally, sparking outrage from prosecutors and attorneys.

86 ICE arrests in 5 states
Minnesota, Nebraska,  Iowa, North and South Dakota.

DOJ sends wiretap info to Congress
Mar 18, 2017  
-  Justice Department delivered materials to the House and Senate Intelligence Committees in connection to Obama spying on President Trump campaign.
Prez said big things are coming in the next 2 weeks or so.

Is this a precursor to a special prosecutor?
I dont know


GOPe Worried - GOOD!
Mar 16, 2017  
-  Trumpcare is already causing GOP to worry about Midterms.
For some reason, the GOP believes if they go about things in a similar fashion as Demonrats, the outcome will be different.

RyanCare has received sharp criticism from all sides, and rightly so.  Paul Ryan tried to sell us 0care2, but if that is the closest he can come, they should definitely be worried about their future.

I hope Paul Ryan blabs himself out of a job!

Health Care
ObamaCare, RINO RyanCare

OBAMACARE was never about healthcare
Gruber is criminal, lock him up



Shocked    Israeli strikes in Syria
Mar 17, 2017 debka
-  The Israeli Air Force attacked targets in Syria.  Syrian anti-air missiles were fired and Israel intercepted them, the explosion was heard in Jerusalem.  The sirens sounded at 2:43 a.m. The explosions followed moments later.  IAF Arrow battery intercepts Syrian missile, in first reported use of the system

Iran-Iraq on Golan Heights
Harakat - Hezbollah plans reconquer Israeli Golan.
Harakat is a Golan Liberation Brigade, well-trained and equipped with Iran missiles and Russian tanks.  Israel warned, If Hellzballah terror chief Hassan Nasrallah dares to fire at Israel, all of Lebanon will be hit.

(QUESTION:  Did Russia fire back or Iran-Hellzballah?)

HEADLINES March 17th
Mystery blasts in Damascus: Syria accuses Israel
Israel Air Force hits SS-21 batteries in Lebanon, Syria
Lebanon next Target

Iraq is nothing but greater Persia - with Kurdistan in the north.
Exclamation   Things could unravel here quickly. We have troops in Syria.

Syria strike, denies targeting mosque
Mar 17, 2017
-  A mosque is a weapons depot, a place of WAR - NOT peace!  CENTCOM says target of air raid was al-Qaeda meeting.  The US military air strike on an al-Qaeda meeting in a mosque in northern Syria.

Damascus will cease to be a city and will become a heap of ruins. Isaiah 17:1


Russia summoned Israeli envoy
Mar 18, 2017  
-  Russia summoned Israeli envoy after Israeli attack in Syria.  Gary Koren, Israeli ambassador to Russia was called in for clarifications after Israel's air force attacked targets in Syria overnight.  It is relatively rare for Israeli ambassadors to be summoned for such a talk in the wake of air force action in Syria.

Moscow asks Israel to explain air strike on Syrian base used by Russians.
This time was different because the Israeli air strikes near Palmyra targeted the northern T-4 air base which is used by the Russian military. It also serves Iran military.
Israel wants IRAN OUT of Syria - and has made that known.

Trump envoy hosts interfaith meeting
Mar 17, 2017
-  US Envoy Jason Greenblatt with members of the Council of Religious Institutions in Israel at a gathering at the US Consulate-General in Jerusalem.  Jason Greenblatt met with Jewish, Christian and Muslim religious leaders in Jerusalem.  It was attended by both Israeli chief rabbis and the chief justice of the Palestinian Authority’s Sharia court.

Will the Consulate in Jerusalem become our U.S. Embassy?  I hope!

Palestinians must reintegrate into Jordan, Egypt
Mar 17, 2017
-  Only by becoming citizens of Jordan and Egypt will Palestinians be able to survive.  Palestinian area is a welfare area supported by outsiders.  Economic aid feeds violence.  The sophisticated underwater equipment and arms Hamas recently attempted to smuggle in through Israeli ports was financed by Iran.

Attack near on Israel
Mar 18, 2017  
-  ISIS-Sinai and Hamas (both MB) plan to invade Israel.
Both the north and south borders of Israel have heated up.
Remember, Islam is ONE nation, no matter where on earth they are, they dont integrate, they are ONE nation, Islam, the Satanic cult of hate, killing and Death.

* Later today I will have a HOLY WAR post HERE  Arrow

Isaiah 13, 17, Psalm 83, Ezekiel 38 Gog-magog


World  NEWS

Paris, France
Terrorist shot dead at Orly Airport
Mar 18, 2017  
-  Paris Orly airport evacuated after shooting.  Swat teams and bomb squad officers sent into the airport after a man grabs a gun from a soldier and flees into a restaurant.
Tunisien Ziyed Ben Belgacem was the shooter, a Muslim.

A security operation is continuing.  Police want to make sure the dead man was not wearing an explosive belt.  Passengers were not allowed to disembark. The incident occurred near the check-in desk for travelers to Israel. Incoming and outgoing flights were halted, the passenger terminal was cleared and blocked to travelers.

Turkey tell EU Muslims - have kids!
Mar 18, 2017  
-  The basturd dog erDOGan has conquored the EU!  Evil basturd erDOGan tells Turks living in Europe they are the Future of Europe, have 5 Children.
erDOGan addressed Europe’s 5 million Turk Muslim terrorists.

North Korea
USA Military strike on North Korea?
Mar 17, 2017
-  US Secretary of State Tillerson said military action against North Korea option is on the table.  Certainly we do not want things to get to military conflict, but if they elevate the threat of their weapons programme to a level that we believe requires action, then that option is on the table.

Saudi, China sign agreements
Mar 17, 2017 debka
-  Saudi Arabian King Salman bin Abdulaziz and China President Xi Jinping met in Beijing and signed cooperation agreements worth billions.  A Saudi spokesman said they also discussed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Syria.  Salman's son prince Mohammed met US President Donald Trump and other senior officials at the White House this week.

Pakistan to send combat troops to Saudi Arabia in response to a request from Riyadh.  They will be based in southern Saudi Arabia to thwart Yemen (Iran) Houthi attacks.

U.S. Airlines Flee Cuba
Mar 16, 2017  
-  Cuba is a tourist hellhole. The service stinks, the amenities are gross, the place is thick with thieves and woman-gropers, the cost is high.  The Caribbean is loaded with pleasant, accommodating destinations well worth a tourist's dollar for a vacation.   Observers noticed Cuban customs officials rummaging through tourist luggage and taking what they wanted. When they complained, they were thrown in jail.  Cockroaches in your breakfast cereal and bring your own toilet paper.

Trump Rally Monday, March 20 Louisville KY -  
7:30 PM  President Donald J. Trump will hold a rally at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Freedom Hall.

PRAY for the living.  Its SIN to pray for - or to - the dead!

Dont team up with those who are unbelievers.
How can righteousness be a partner with wickedness?
How can Light live with Darkness? (what fellowship has Light with Darkness?)
2 Corinthians 6:14


From a sign in Missouri
Exposure to the Son Prevents Burning

Shabbat Shalom!


Attack near on Israel
Mar 18, 2017  
-  ISIS-Sinai and Hamas (both MB) plan to invade Israel.
Both the north and south borders of Israel have heated up.
Remember, Islam is ONE nation, no matter where on earth they are, they dont integrate, they are ONE nation, Islam, the Satanic cult of hate, killing and Death.

MB = Muslim Brotherhood terrorists

unHoly wars in Europe, Turkey threatens EU.

Mar 17, 2017
-  WW3 is coming and its going to be a holy war - unless its Christmas, then it will be a holly war.  On one side is the anti-Christian people, Muslims, Marxists, Athiests, Satanists, Pagens, etc and on the other are true Christians and believing Jews.

I guess maybe I'd call it an Anti-Holy, Anti-Christ war, sure will not be holy!  Perhaps led by this evil frankenpope, Erdogan, 0bama or George Soros.  Muslims, Athiests, Marxists, Satanists etc all have in common a hatred of the Christian God and His followers.

Isaiah 13, 17, Psalm 83, Ezekiel 38 Gog-magog




G-20 Germany U.S.A. WINS!
Mar 18, 2017  
-  G20 drop Global warming hoax
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin at G-20
Finance chiefs tussled over fair trade, G20 caved to U.S.A!
G20 commit to avoid competitive currency devaluations.
G20 drops Anti-Protectionist Pledge as Price of U.S. Assent
This is a defeat for host nation Germany.

Finance chiefs set aside a pledge to avoid protectionism, in response to the Trump administration’s call to rethink the global order for commerce.


Matthew 7:13
Enter by the narrow gate.
For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction,
and those who enter by it are many.  

For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to LIFE,
and those who find it are FEW.

John 14:6   Jesus said,
I AM the Way, and the Truth, and the LIFE.
NO ONE comes to the Father but through Me

CHOOSE this day whom you will serve,
as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.  Joshua 24:15

Even when you dont LIKE it!

There is no news more cricial today than GOD's!

The lawless one will use amazing workings of Satan that serve THE LIE,
and deceives those who are perishing - because they refused to love the TRUTH and  be saved.
So God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe THE LIE,
and all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.
Excerpted from 2 Thessalonians 2

I looked and behold, an ashen (pale green, chloros) horse and
he who sat on it had the name Death and Hades / Hell was following with him.
Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with
famine / diseases and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth. Revelation 6:8

The Case for Christ
EXCELLENT Christian movie

Beauty and the Beast
Mar 20, 2017  
-  Beauty and the Beast  is a filthy vile movie  - FILTHY!  
Keep your kids AWAY from it!

Go see this instead
The Case for Christ

World  NEWS

Denmark on the brink
Mar 19, 2017  
-  Sweden is the canary in the coalmine.
Sweden is the canary in the coalmine of Europe’s demographic future. Danes look at Sweden, with absolute horror!  Denmark is very aware of the murders, rapes, riots, violence and the hand grenades that go on there. This does not often make the news but we know it is going on. And we don’t want to go down the same route.

Sweden is the result of decades of multiculturalism in Sweden. And what is left is this hollow house taken over by evil.

Matthew 12:44  The evil spirit says,
I will return to my house from which I came, and when it comes,
it finds it unoccupied, swept, and put in order.
Then it takes 7 other spirits more evil than itself; and they dwell there,
and the last of that the man becomes worse than the first.

North Korea
Mar 19, 2017  
-  North Korea a step closer to ICBM launch.
One day after Rex Tillerson warned that the US is contemplating a pre-emptive military attack on North Korea, NK announced it conducted a ground test of a new rocket engine.

Earth NEWS

Pacific salmon starving
Mar 20, 2017  
-  Millions of Pacific salmon missing, presumed dead — Gov’t issues emergency order along US West Coast — Japan suffering historic collapse, fish starving to death — All forms of ocean life dying in stunning numbers across Pacific.
I do not know what is true and what is hype.  Much may very well be true.

Humpback whales behaving strangely
Mar 19, 2017  
-  Humpback whales are suddenly hanging out in large groups and scientists are trying to figure out why.  Their meet-up spot is far from the Antarctic where humpback whales usually summer.  They observed the whales during October and November, which are spring-summer months in South Africa.


This is almost sounding like WAR

Israel warns Syria - and Russia
Mar 20, 2017  
-  Israeli DM Avigdor Lieberman warned Syria that if anti-aircraft weapons are fired at IAF again, their system will be destroyed without hesitating. The warning came after recent attempt by Syria to down IAF planes.

Israel struck northern Syria air base T4 near Palmyra March 17.
Iran-Hizballlah are trying to take the Israeli Golan.  
Hizballah Badee Hamiyeh was killed in Quneitra near the Israeli Golan Heights on his way to join Hizballah.
Israeli drone targeted Yasser Sayad outside Quneitra on Golan.

Iran-Hellzballah are gearing up for battle to take the Israeli Golan.
Arab Muslims agree to escalate terror war against Israel.

Israel’s ambassador to Moscow Gary Koren was summoned by Russia TWICE.  Syria said Israel had been sternly warned by Moscow to stop such attacks.

2 days later the IDF hit the Syrian Golan. A-Sayad was killed outside Quneitra.
This is a DEFENSIVE move, to prevent an attack on Israel
.  Putin knows this, but he wants the whole Golan.

ISIS attacks Russian embassy in Damascus
Mar 20, 2017  debka
-  Rebels attacked Damascus and damaged the Russian embassy building, which was empty at the time.

Possible Passover terror
Mar 20, 2017  
-  For Hamas, Passover is prime time for terror.  Muslim terrorists may try to carry out attacks during the April Passover holiday.

T-Rex talks Turkey
Mar 20, 2017  
-  U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Turk Mevlut Cavusoglu have talked by phone to discuss an upcoming meeting at the State Dept in Washington D.C. on March 22.  Tillerson to visit Turkey on March 30.

Trump chose wisely, all business with T-Rex. He is adult leadership following many years of State Department types "dictating" our foreign relations policy.

Russia turning Syria into Nuclear Naval Base
Mar 20, 2017  
-  Russia turning Syria into Major Naval Base for Nuclear Warships.
Tartus Syria is a major port servicing Russia warships.  Russia is building up Tartus as a naval base that can handle Russia’s largest nuclear-powered ships.

  U. S. A    NEWS

Trump and Putin building military alliance
Mar 20, 2017  
-  The Trump administration’s competence, and Barak 0bama's incompetence is demonstrated.  There is a mutual respect and a military alliance between Russia and America not seen in decades.  The thaw in relations began almost immediately after Trump’s inauguration.

- Former Hubbard, Ohio Demonrat mayor Richard Keenan, admits to raping a 4-year-old child, is facing life behind bars.

Obama mafia was wiretapping Trump
Mar 20, 2017  
-  Trump Wiretapped by The Hammer, a secret Brennan-Clapper Computer System.  Clapper and Brennan were using the supercomputer system to conduct illegal and unconstitutional government data harvesting and wiretapping. THE HAMMER was installed on federal property in Fort Washington, Maryland.

Clapper LIED to Congress and has NOT been prosecuted for perjury.
Hellary LIED to Congress and has NOT been prosecuted for perjury.
POTUS warned us over the next two weeks there will be a lot of stuff coming out..

Xident 0bama wiretapped Trump

Trump Drops YUGE Terror Bombshell
Mar 20, 2017  
-  0bamaLIES EXPOSED.  Trump has been right all along. WE KNEW THAT!
The White House released the names of 24 REFUGEES who came from the 7 COUNTRIES affected by Trump’s TRAVEL BAN, and have been charged with TERRORISM!

Secret Service agent’s laptop stolen
Mar 20, 2017  
-  The thief who swiped a Secret Service agent’s laptop targeted the agent in question and knew exactly what he was after.  The man was caught on surveillance video pulling up to the agent's driveway in an Uber at around 3 AM Thursday and went straight for the agent's car, removing a backpack with the computer inside and then walking off.  The hard drive contained Trump Tower floor plans and evacuation protocols, but the agency insists there was no classified info inside.

The thief also made off with a passport and several Secret Service lapel pins. It's unclear what the thief was looking for if all the content was non-sensitive.

This was an intentional drop, an Arkantheft, that backpack with the laptop inside was left for a scheduled pickup.  CRIMINAL!

George Soros owes billions in Taxes
Mar 20, 2017  
-  Soros owes up to $6.7 billion in Deferred Taxes.
George Soros is worth US $27 billion.  Soros Funded Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, John McCain, John Kasich, Lindsey Graham in 2016 - no shock there!

T-REX TILLERSON to investigate Soros, the man behind #BLM.  Republicans have told Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to take billionaire leftist George Soros down.

George Soros may very well be Nephilim

David Rockefeller finally died March 20, 2017
proving even demons die

David Rockefeller finally dead
Mar 20, 2017  
-  Billionaire Banker David Rockefeller, Former Head of Chase Manhattan, Dies at 101 at his home in suburban Pocantico Hills, New York.  He was the youngest of 6 children born to John D. Rockefeller Jr. and the grandson of Standard Oil co-founder John D. Rockefeller.

He was the head of Bilderberg Group
After 7 heart transplants, I would say it’s time and good riddance.


Rockefeller demons


Kansas fire
Mar 21, 2017  Overland Park
-  A huge fire at an apartment building under construction in Kansas City has sparked fires at several homes blocks away. The 8 alarm fire broke out about 3:30 pm at the CityPlace in Overland Park, Kansas, sending plumes of smoke and embers toward homes in the neighborhood.  Embers jumped from roof to roof, spreading the blaze. No serious injuries were reported.

Neighborhood residents heard an explosion like a bomb.
Second big fire at an apartment complex under construction.  One last week in Raleigh NC. Coincidence?
Were Muslims hired?  They use fire jihad.

JIHAD?   Question

World  NEWS

USA interviews in Australia
Mar 21, 2017  debka
-  US officials interview and take fingerprints of asylum seekers in an Australian-run camp on Nauru island.  They seek resettlement in the USA.  Obama agreed to accept 1,500, in return, Canberra agreed to resettle refugees from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. President Trump called this a dumb deal but said he would stand by it.

Crimea military drills
Mar 21, 2017  
-  Large-scale Russian military exercises and part of the Black Sea Fleet have begun in Crimea.

US-led battle group to be deployed to Poland in April.
US troops were deployed to Bulgaria in February.


Israeli drone crashes near Quneitra
Mar 21, 2017  debka
-  After Hizballah claimed that the Syrian army had shot down an Israeli drone over the Golan,  Israel confirmed that a Skyrider UAV had crashed on the Golan due to a technical fault.  The incident apparently coincided with the Israeli drone attack that killed a Syrian militiaman near Quneitra.

Israeli drone crashed March 19 in the same Quneitra area of the Golan as the attack which killed a Syrian soldier. Hizballah got it.  

Russia made it clear to Bashar Assad that he had better hold back from a heated response to the Israeli air strikes. If he decided to play with Israeli fire, he was warned, he need not expect Russia to intervene in his defense.

However, HELLzballah terror chief Hassan Nasty Nasrallah forces are deploying on the Golan border with Israel.  Nasty wants to forces Assad to attack Israel.

Russia to build base in Afrin, Syria
Mar 21, 2017  
-  Russia is setting up a military base in northwestern Syria in agreement with the Syrian-Kurdish YPG.  Russian troops have already arrived.  Seems the Kurds are adapting, and looking to Russia for support, tactically outflanking Erdogan.  GOOD!  Turks know better than to pull the trigger on any facility with Russians nearby, so the Kurds are courting the more reliable allies.

Russians in Kurd Afrin, Syria
Mar 21, 2017  debka
-  Agreement between Kurd YPG and the Russians in Syria.  Russia to set up a military base and train Kurdish fighters.  Russian troops have arrived with troop carriers and armored vehicles at the Afrin village of Kafr Jina.  This will anger Turkey.  O goodie!  American and Russian forces now maintain a presence in 2 Syrian Kurds enclaves adjoining the Turkish border.



Golan Heights (gates of hell )

USA needs to STOP trusting Turkey!


  U. S. A    NEWS

Rand Paul DEFENDS Trump
Mar 21, 2017  
-  Rand Paul DEFENDS President Trump, says everybody admited somebody SPIED on General Mike Flynn.    Paul suggests that what Trump is alleging sounds like its already been proven.  Idiots - just substitute spying for wiretap.  We are arguing in circles about something that has basically been proven already.

TowerGate * DeepStateGate
Xident 0bama wiretapped Trump
NOT confirmed facts, its a collection of reports
MOST news reports are NOT from valid sources

NO right to Abortion
Mar 20, 2017  
-  Alabama House Passes Pro-Life Bill Saying There is No Right to Abortion.
Alabama lawmakers are preparing for the day when Roe v. Wade is overturned. Abortion will not become illegal immediately when Roe is overturned; instead, the power to legislate abortion will return to the states.  The bill will protect unborn babies right to life in the event that Roe is overturned.

Evil or Very Mad   David Brock had a heart attack
Mar 22, 2017  
-  The 100% Evil David Brock had a heart attack, sadly still alive.
Brock is closely associated with George Soros and Hellary Clinton.
Whether heart attack is real or not is questionable.  Maybe he was indicted.


USA bans electronics on planes
Mar 21, 2017  debka
-  USA bans some electronic devices for travelers from 13 Arab nations.  DHS John Kelly has informed congress of a new order banning air travelers from 13 Middle East countries, including Jordan and Saudi Arabia, from carrying electronic devices aboard flights to the United States. It applies to devices larger than cell phones and medical devices, such as laptops, tablets, Iphones, e-readers and cameras.  Muslims terrorists are still looking for ways to sneak explosive materials onboard planes.

U.S. Raid on Al Qaeda in Yemen Led to Laptop Ban on Flights
Three intelligence sources said the ban on carry-on electronics aboard U.S.-bound flights from 10 airports in North Africa and the Middle East was the result of information seized during a U.S. raid on Al Qaeda in Yemen in January. The United Kingdom joined the U.S. ban Tuesday.

Information from the raid shows al Qaeda's successful development of compact, battery bombs that fit inside laptops or other devices believed to be strong enough to bring down an aircraft.  ISIS already brought down at least 2 planes in Egypt!

Britain follows US ban on ipads on flights
Mar 22, 2017  
-  Muslim terrorists threaten to down jets, and bombs could be hidden in laptops.  Britain followed America’s lead in banning laptops and other electronic devices on UK-bound flights from 6 nations, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia. Passengers will not be allowed to take phones, laptops or tablets on board.
The US earlier banned large electronic devices, except for cell phones and medical devices, on flights from 8 Muslim nations, including Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and Egypt.  

Flight ban from Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia
Qatar and Yemen also belong on the list!  Egypt has a GOOD President but the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists are very active there.

The UK ban applies to direct inbound flights from 6 countries, the US ban lists 8.
The intelligence was gleaned from the January Yemen raid.

Yemen raid Jan 30, 2017

U.S. Navy SEALs

    U.S. Navy SEAL HERO
William "Ryan" Owens
was the U.S. Navy SEAL killed in the Yemen raid.
Ryan may have saved many lives.  The raid netted much intellegence which led in March 2017 to banning ipads etc on aircraft.  Yemen ISIS was tipt off by obama's MB in security with access to military intel.

IGNORE that jackass John McCain insane evil babbling!


Nefarious Turkey plans Raqqa assault
Mar 22, 2017  
-  Turkey determined to play role in final Raqqa assault.
Here is monitor report - way better than BBC but falls short.
The leaders of 50 Arab tribes met in Sanliurfa, Turkey to set up Jazirah army and Euphrates Tribes to end Russian and Iranian occupation of Syria and cleanse the area of Kurds, Hellzbollah and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.


This Turk army appears ready to fight the USA.
I read one report that said ISIS moved their HQ from Raqqa to Deir ez-Zor.
Has Erdogan totally lost his mind?
Is Erdogan actually going to war with Syria and Iran, Russia and USA?
God Bless the United States of America. May he guide our nation.


Raqqa air strike Mar 22, 2017  
I saw the BBC story on the Raqqa strike.
BELIEVE NOTHING!  BBC lies.  Truth takes awhile to filter out.

Tillerson goes to Turkey
Mar 21, 2017  
-  US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is expected to visit Turkey March 30 to meet with Erdogan.  Tillerson’s visit comes amid tensions with Ankara over USA support of YPG Kurd militia in Syria against ISIS.  YPG and PKK are totally separate entities.  (Think Baptists and Lutherans)

Turkey and PKK Kurds have been at war for decades.
Turkey has a 560 mile border with Syria.
The north and northeast Syria into Iraq and Turkey are Kurdistan, a fact Turkey denies.
Al monitor link is long and very detailed - good but not perfect - lol.


Erdogan misses Obama.
Tillersman is the right man for Secretary of State.
I believe the USA is trying to contain the Erdogan devil.  For centuries Turkey was a major counter against Russia, but Erdogan has teamed up with Putin.

Trump told Iraq PM to dump Iran
Mar 22, 2017  DEBKA exclusive
-  Trump told Iraq PM to get rid of Shiite militias.
US President Donald Trump met with Iraqi prime minister Haidar Al-Abadi at the White House over Iraq’s future.  Abadi expected more support from the United States and financial contributions from the international community.

-  Baghdad must fire the 10,000 Iran Shia fighters
-  The Kurds oil town of Kirkuk must be safe from attack and seizure.

-  Abadi must promise a Sunni government to the Sunni town of Mosul and not permit any of its districts to be taken over by Shiite militias.

-  Abadi must grant self-rule to the non-Muslims of Nineveh northwest of Mosul, Christian Assyrians, Turkmen and Yazdis.



World  NEWS

Shocked   North Korea fires missile
Mar 22, 2017  
-  A North Korean missile exploded within seconds of launch.
Did NK intentinally blow it up?
The runt is insane!

Trump mulling sanctions on North Korea
Mar 21, 2017  
-  Trump is considering sanctions aimed at cutting North Korea off from the global financial system, part of a multi-pronged approach of increased economic and diplomatic pressure, especially on Chinese banks and firms that do the most business with North Korea, plus beefed-up defenses by the United States and its South Korean and Japanese allies.
A pre-emptive military strikes against North Korea is not off the table.

Watch China!
They are behind NKorea

Canadians want illegal border crossers deported
Mar 21, 2017  
-  Citizens of Canada are just as concerned as Americans about illegal border crossings.  48% of Canadians support deportation of illegals living in Canada.

Many of the illegal immigrants that Reuters interviewed in Canada were previously living in the U.S., seeking asylum, and fled the country when Trump became president


Weiner placed in Protective Custody
Mar 22, 2017  
- Anthony Weiner turns State’s Evidence against Hillary[/b].  US Marshals say Weiner has been taken into protective custody and placed in a safe house until he can testify against Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin.  Weiners laptop had top-secret emails copied directly from Hillary Clinton’s private server.

Weiner, in a sworn federal affidavit, claimed that the emails were put there by Hillary's lesbian lover Huma Abedin to protect Clinton, and that if he didnt keep his mouth shut he would be joining Vince Foster - aka killed.  After he testifies, Weiner will enter the witness protection program.

Wiener is copping a plea.  By threatening Wiener Hillary Clinton has admitted guilt.  Wiener was threatened by Hillary and she told him that he was going to end up like Vince Foster  (dead) if he opens his mouth.  There is a pile of evidence against Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin.
Hellary Clinton is expected to be charged with corruption, murder and perjury.

Why isnt Hillary Clinton in jail?


World  NEWS

London terrorist kills 3
Mar 22, 2017  ISIS claimed the terror attack
. -  Police shoot Muslim terrorist outside British parliament, after he had mowed down pedestrians and killed an unarmed police officer.  At least 20 people are injured, some have catastrophic injuries.

I think the London attack March 22, 2017 was a false flag -
a way to suck news away from too much Clinton mafia exposure

Anthony 'laptop' Weiner spilled the beans on the Clinton mafia
and their evil doings, then David 'Clinton big cheese' Brock has a 'heart attack'
- whether real or fake or another Clinton murder I dunno - or care.
The globalists NEEDED something in London for news to chew on!

BINGO!  False flag
How do they connect the attacker(s) to 6 addresses so quickly?  They knew these Muslim terrorists were out there!


      U.S.A.  Health      

35 NO votes against RyanCare
Mar 23, 2017  
-  Sen. Rand Paul expects Paul Ryan to pull RyanCare because Ryan will not get the votes to pass his crap.  Rand Paul said Ryancare does not repeal Obamacare and keeps 0bama crap.  TRUE!

35 House Republicans are ready to vote against the bill in its current form.  Republicans will have to start from scratch with a new bill and REPEAL Obamacare, not just tweek it.  Paul said his Freedom Caucus will NOT pass something that does not fix the situation.

It is supposed to be REPEALED!  Americans will NOT lose their coverage!
With A straight repeal of Obamacare millions of ILLEGALS will lose it.

Prez Trump has been talking to Freedom Caucus to compel them to vote yes



KURDISTAN Syria *  US Airborne Op Tabqa Dam
Mar 22, 2017   YESssssssssss!!!!!!!!  BRILLIANT!  
- Very successful operation!  Surprise US Airborne Op to capture Tabqa Dam and cut ISIS off.  General Mattis must be proud of his soldiers and the Kurds allies.  Kurd SDF multi-pronged offensive to liberate the Tabqah Dam in Syria from ISIS.

WINNING!!  Trump acts - talks LATER
Pray for our Troops
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