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Macy's Policy re: 'transgenders' trumps religious beliefs


Macy's is accused of firing an employee who objected to allowing a cross-dresser to use women's dressing rooms in one of its stores.

Natalie Johnson observed a man exiting a women's dressing room in one of San Antonio's several Macy's stores and politely told him he could not re-enter because it was for the exclusive use of women. Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel tells OneNewsNow the male customer -- who was wearing make-up and girl's clothing -- angrily responded that he was a "female."

"Then [he] contacted the management and said that this was an LGBT-friendly store," the attorney explains. "And to Natalie Johnson's surprise, management took the customer's position and affirmed that it is an LGBT-friendly store and said that according to their policy, 'transgendered' people can change in any dressing room they want."

Johnson pointed out to management the consequences of the policy and the potential danger to women and offensiveness of the policy, as well as that it violated her religious beliefs. She was fired.

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