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Leonard Nimoy dead * Star Trek Spock

Leonard Nimoy rushed to hospital
February 24, 2015  -  Leonard Nimoy, Mr. Spock on "Star Trek" was rushed to the hospital with severe chest pains. The Los Angles Fire Department responded to a call from Nimoy's home.  Leonard Nimoy 83 was rushed to the hospital after severe chest pains prompted a 911 call. He was transported to UCLA Medical Center.  Nimoy's been in and out of hospitals multiple times in the last few months.
Nimoy was suffering from COPD back in 2014, and even though he quit smoking 30 years ago.

Spok's hand sign blessing is how Aaronic priests held their hand as they said the Aaronic blessing over the people


Leonard Nimoy dead at 83
February 27, 2015
 -  Spock on the sci-fi series “Star Trek,” died Friday morning at his Los Angeles home.  He was 83 and suffered from pulmonary disease blamed on many years of smoking.

Leonard Nimoy gives his Vulcan hand gesture from "Star Trek"
modeled after the Jewish kohanim, priests, giving the Aaronic blessing, benediction.

Numbers 6:23-27
The LORD bless you, and keep you, The LORD make His face shine on you,
And be gracious to you.  The LORD lift up His countenance on you and give you peace.

Jewish Actor Leonard Nimoy Dies
Jewish actor Leonard Nimoy, most famous for his iconic role as Spock on “Star Trek,” died at his home in Los Angeles at the age of 83.  His wife, Susan Bay Nimoy, said the cause was end-stage chronic pulmonary disease.

Born in Boston in 1931 to Orthodox Jewish parents, who were immigrants from Ukraine, Nimoy began acting at age 8 in a local theater. In 1949, he traveled to Hollywood, where he eventually landed several small movie roles. He also served in the U.S. Army for two years, rising to the rank of sergeant.

After appearing in several TV shows including “Twilight Zone,” Nimoy’s big break came in “Star Trek” television series in 1966. His role as the half-human, half-Vulcan Spock made him a television and film star.

Nimoy famous Vulcan hand gesture came from Orthodox service synagogue worshippers recited the kohanim blessings.
Nimoy suggested to the Star Trek director that Vulcans like Spock should offer some gesture in greeting other Vulcans, and I suggested the gesture used by the kohanim, to be accompanied by the expression “live long and prosper.” Forum Index -> America NEWS
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