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Just got back from Protemetric Testing Center, guess what...

Just got back from Protemetric Testing Center, guess what...

As I walked in, there were 2 guys that were leaving that were getting pretty much everything recorded...their pictures, and guess what else...
their HAND, THUMBS, you name it...and it was their RIGHT HAND they were scanning from what I saw(isn't the mark of the beast in the right hand?)
I mean they did NOT do this the last time I was there in January. I was almost floored to see this.

I will be honest with you why it didn't happen with me after my exam - I felt so shocked b/c I thought I locked up a passing score(there were a couple of difficult problems I nailed that I dreamed I never would), only to find it I failed it again, that I had no idea what I was doing, and just ended up walking out without even thinking about it, and guess what, it just occured to me that they did NOT even call out to me as I was going out the door!

I mean, WOW...I know they've been doing this in a growing number of places, but it is REALLY growing in numbers now!

Please tell us more - what is this?  Link?

I Saw The Tribulation * Ken Peters vision


No, no link - this is what I SAW at the Prometric Testing Center when I was walking in the door. 2 guys who just took exams were not only getting their picture taken, but they were getting their hands and thumb print scanned. When I saw the right hand being scanned, "mark of the beast" immediately came to my head.

I mean this was very weird, b/c it was a TEST these guys took. I didn't have to go through this the last time I was there(nor did I see this).

All I can say is that I praise the Lord for showing me a way out when all was said and done - if I had passed the exam, who knows? I would have been so estatic that I might have done anything to appease Caesar. Seriously...

Anyhow, this may be ONE Prometric Testing Center, but if they do this there, who knows if let's say McDonald's could be doing this next. Times are nearer at the door... Forum Index -> Bible Prophecy, Dreams, Visions
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