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IVORY COAST - Christians massacred by Muslims

IVORY COAST - 1000 Christians massacred by Muslims

Most news media are NOT reporting this

April 5, 2011  

Muslims slaughtered at least 1,000 Christians at the Salesian Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus mission in Duekoue, Ivory Coast.
The Ivory Coast is divided between the Muslim north and Christian south.
Muslims moved south this past week slaughtering 1,000 civilians in Duekoue.
40,000 sought refuge in a Catholic mission.
They were killed despite useless United Nations troops.

Ivory Coast President Says He Won't Step Down


Besieged Gbagbo in basement of residence

5 April 2011

Ivory Coast's defiant President Laurent Gbagbo is sheltering with his family in the basement bunker of his residence in the main city, Abidjan.
Troops loyal to Mr Gbagbo's rival, UN-recognised President Alassane Ouattara, say they have surrounded the compound.
Mr Gbagbo's foreign minister, Alcide Djedje, says there is now a ceasefire, but this is not confirmed by pro-Ouattara forces or the UN.

The UN says Mr Gbagbo's military and civilian advisers are leaving him.
Negotiations over departure?
"We are witnessing new developments on the political front in Abidjan," said the UN mission in Ivory Coast (Unoci) in a statement.

Gbagbo's closest advisers, both military and civilian, are leaving him while, with a handful of persons, he is known to have retreated to the basement bunker of the presidential residence."
Mr Gbagbo has refused to leave office even though the Ivorian election commission declared him the loser of November's run-off vote, and the UN certified the result.
French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe has said Mr Gbagbo is in negotiations over his departure.

Ouattara forces storm Gbagbo residence

6 April 2011

Forces opposed to Ivory Coast leader Laurent Gbagbo have launched a final assault on the presidential residence where he is holed up.
Mr Gbagbo has been in negotiations with the UN over the terms of his departure, after being besieged by troops loyal to his rival Alassane Ouattara.
A French government source said gunfire had erupted at Mr Gbagbo's residence in Abidjan.

Mr Gbagbo insists he won last November's run-off vote.
But the Ivorian election commission found that Mr Ouattara was the winner - a result certified by the pro-Islam UN.

Mr Gbagbo and his family are believed to be sheltering in the bunker of the presidential residence, which was controlled by his troops.
Two days of heavy fighting stopped late on Tuesday and negotiations with Mr Gbagbo carried on throughout the night.
But by Wednesday morning it appeared the patience of pro-Ouattara forces had run out.

"We are going to get Laurent Gbagbo out of his hole and hand him over to the president of the Republic," said Sidiki Konate, spokesman of Mr Ouattara's prime minister, Guillaume Soro.
'In the building'

Affousy Bamba, a spokeswoman for troops backing Mr Ouattara, told Reuters news agency: "Yes they [Ouattara forces] are in the process of entering the residence to seize Gbagbo.
"They have not taken him yet, but they are in the process, they are in the building."


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More than 100 bodies found, says UN
Some victims were burned alive while others were thrown down a well.

8 April 2011

Israelis to be evacuated from Ivory Coast capital by French army

More than 100 bodies have been found in Ivory Coast, the United Nations has said, amid the continuing conflict between rivals for the presidency.
The UN said the bodies had been found in the west of the country, in apparent ethnic killings.

Internationally recognised President Alassane Ouattara has been battling incumbent Laurent Gbagbo, who is blockaded in a bunker in Abidjan.
Meanwhile, the EU says it may ease sanctions after a plea by Mr Ouattara.
The UN has certified Mr Ouattara as the winner of November's run-off vote for president but Mr Gbagbo has refused to cede power.

Mr Ouattara's forces have swept down from the north over the past two weeks but much of the main city of Abidjan is dominated by Gbagbo supporters and days of fighting has plunged it into crisis.

Ivory Coast Laurent Gbagbo in Abidjan
France advances towards Gbagbo residence

April 12, 2011  

A day after U.N. and French helicopters attacked forces loyal to Gbagbo, damaging the presidential residence in Abidjan and destroying heavy weapons, a French military spokesman said the aim of the current operation was to avoid a bloodbath.
Gbagbo has refused to step down after his rival Alassane Ouattara won the UN approved presidential election November 2010.

Ivory Coast's Laurent Gbagbo was arrested on Monday after French armoured vehicles closed in on the compound where the self-proclaimed president had been holed up in a bunker.
French officials said Gbagbo had been arrested by Ouattara forces backed by the United Nations and the French military.
Shortly after the news broke, Nicolas Sarkozy office said the French president had just had a long telephone conversation with Ouattara.

Ivory Coast Gbagbo weapons cache uncovered

13 April 2011  

French troops have discovered several large arms caches in Ivory Coast that they said would have been used by former Ivorian leader Laurent Gbagbo.
The weapons, stored at villas in the main city of Abidjan, included mortars, cannons and rockets.
Mr Gbagbo is reportedly being held under house arrest in Abidjan.

French forces led an assault against him on Monday to force him from power. He had refused to accept defeat in a November election.
His rival in last year's election, Alassane Ouattara, who was internationally recognised as winning the poll, has now taken power.
During the stand-off between Mr Gbagbo and Mr Ouattara about 1,500 people were killed and a million forced from their homes.

The BBC's Mark Doyle says the French army took journalists to three innocent-looking villas in central Abidjan where they had discovered the weapons.
He says there were enough arms there to launch a new war, more evidence that the dispute over last year's polls were leading the country into chaos.

The French troops documented the arms before handing them over to African UN soldiers for safe disposal.
Earlier, five generals who had remained loyal to Mr Gbagbo pledged allegiance to Mr Ouattara, though there are reports that some soldiers and militiamen have refused to surrender.

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