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ISS space station

ISS sector contaminated, crew safe
January 14, 2015
 -  American ISS sector contaminated, crew safe in Russian zone.
A toxic leak has broken out in the US-made sector of the International Space Station. The crew is safe, but has been forced to isolate the contaminated unit and take refuge in the Russian sector. Houston and the ISS crew are considering how to respond.  The atmosphere of the ISS, apart from in the isolated area, remains stable. The concentration of air pollutants is within acceptable levels.

ISS alert a false alarm?
January 15, 2015
-  Crew evacuates US segment of space station, but leak could be false alarm.
A possible ammonia leak into the US portion of the International Space Station prompted US astronauts to seek shelter in the Russian segment.  Engineers believe the warning may have been a false alarm.
The crew received the warning about 4 am, prompting them to don breathing masks and gather in the Russian segment. By about 9 am no other evidence of ammonia in the segment appeared, suggesting to engineers on the ground that the event was a false alarm.

Russian spacecraft could sink in sea
April 30, 2015
-  The Russian Progress vessel which entered the wrong orbit is out of touch, uncontrolled spinning around the earth. Its docking at the International Space Station (ISS) is deemed impossible.  It will probably sink in the ocean if it doesnt burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Russia tries to contact Progress spacecraft
Russia will again try to make contact with an unmanned cargo ship after communications were lost following the spacecraft’s launch toward the International Space Station.  The Progress capsule is circling the Earth in radio silence, carrying three tons of food and supplies for the ISIS astronauts.  None of the equipment on board was critical for the US segment of the ISS, and the astronauts have plenty of provisions, enough to last for months, said Nasa.

Spacecraft Burns Up in Atmosphere
Dec 1, 2016
 -  Russian space agency confirmed that Progress cargo spacecraft burned up it the atmosphere and its debris fell in south Siberia's Tuva Republic.  Progress cargo ship LOST at an altitude of 190 kilometers above the deserted mountainous area in Tuva, south Siberia, most of the fragments burned up in the atmosphere. Russia's Roscosmos lost telemetry exchange with the Progress MS-04 space freighter 6 minutes after the launch on board a Soyuz carrier rocket. Forum Index -> World NEWS
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