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Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard

Jonathan Pollard hospitalized
April 6,  2012  
Convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard, who is serving a life sentence in the US, rushed to civilian hospital following sudden decline in his health.
Pollard, who suffers from various health problems, has been complaining of severe pain in recent days.
He was last taken to the hospital in August, 2011 when he required emergency kidney surgery.,7340,L-4213391,00.html

They should have freed him long long ago!

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ZionsCRY DAILY NEWS with prophetic analysis


Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard hospitalized
March 6, 2014
Pollard has been jailed in the US for nearly 30 years for spying for Israel.
Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard was hospitalized on Wednesday night after a deterioration of his medical condition.
Pollard had been suffering from various medical ailments and has suffered from extreme pain for an extended period of time.
Sources close to him hope to receive more information when it is morning in United States.
The long list of ailments that he has suffered from over the years include diabetes, nausea, dizziness, blackouts and ongoing issues with his gall bladder, kidneys, sinuses, eyes and feet. He also suffers from Meniere’s disease, which causes him to lose consciousness and fall without warning.

US agrees to free Pollard
Mar 26, 2014  Israel will free murderers in exchange for Pollard release
, Kerry expects continuated pointless negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.
The White House denied they will free Jonathan Pollard.
No one with a brain believes the US wh.

Why Obama must commute Pollard sentence
April 1, 2014  Alan Dershowitz

Justice demands that Pollard be released without regard to what Israel decides to do on the release of Arab prisoners, based on both legal and humanitarian considerations.
Jonathan Pollard entered into a plea bargain with the United States government after he was found with unauthorized, classified material in his possession.  He could have exercised his right to trial by jury and he might have been acquitted of the most serious charges, because there was little admissible evidence that he was spying for a foreign country.  Instead, he confessed to spying for Israel, a close American ally, and agreed to plead guilty and cooperate in full with the govt.  In exchange, Pollard was promised that the US would not seek the maximum sentence of life imprisonment.
The prosecution then violated the plea bargain, which was inconsistent with its agreement.
There is no way any competent lawyer would have advised Pollard to give up his right to a trial, after which, if he were convicted, he could receive at most life imprisonment

Pollard against such a shameful deal
Convicted spy Jonathan Pollard opposes being freed from a US jail in exchange for Palestinians prisoners.  Pollard said that he is against the release of murderers for Pollard.

Pollard to be Released by Passover April 14
April 3, 2014  
Obama to release jailed Israeli-American spy Jonathan Pollard by April 14, Passover, as part of a
3 way very BAD deal.  Israel to foolishly release over 400 jailed Palestinian murdering terrorists
so they can kill more Jews
.  Israel has been reluctant as they do not benefit, they only lose.
Palestinians only agree to talk.  Palestinians reject all offers, may go to Hague.

I suspect this is far bigger than will be reported anywhere.
The CIA refused to released him years ago.  Likely they knew this Day was coming.
USA will extract a very high price from Israel.

Minister Calls to Cancel Oslo Accords
Housing and Construction Minister Uri Ariel declares Israel's right to 'break the rules' after PA runs to UN.


Housing and Construction Minister Uri Ariel (Jewish Home) launched sharp criticism at the Palestinian Authority (PA) Wednesday evening, after news surfaced that Ramallah had turned to the UN to apply for legitimacy and recognition, in breach of the conditions of peace talks.

"The Palestinians applying to the UN breaks all the rules," Ariel wrote on a Facebook post, "and we have to respond in kind - by canceling the Oslo Accords, which have only brought terror and murder."

"The Palestinians have proven once again that there is no reason to give them false gifts, and release terrorists and murderers for a process whose conclusion is well known in advance," he continued.

Ariel continued by emphasizing that the US is "obligated" to release Jonathan Pollard this year - whether in the framework of negotiations or not.

"The US must release Pollard in honor of the holiday of freedom - Passover - and show humanitarianism regarding his [medical] condition. He paid his dues and it's time to release him, and no longer hold him hostage."

Ongoing controversy over the talks stems around the fourth batch of terrorist releases, as MKs point out that the previous releases have done nothing to further talks, and that several of the released terrorists have contributed to the increase in terror attacks over the past year.

PA chief negotiator Saeb Erekat stated last month that Abbas was staying in talks solely for the sake of the terrorist releases, prompting Israeli officials to reconsider completing the deal - which has always been contingent on real progress in the talks.

In response, Israel told PA officials over the weekend that the deal was postponed, after Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said the release would "topple the government" due to public and political backlash.

In the meantime, the White House also offered to release US captive Jonathan Pollard in exchange for releasing more terrorists, enacting a construction freeze, and keeping talks going, but there is no word yet on whether the proposal was accepted. Several politicians and religious figures have already expressed deep reservations over the deal.

Jonathan Pollard
July 19, 2015
-  US Justice Dept. will not oppose Pollard's release.
Israeli held for spying on the US will fulfill 30-year sentence in November.
Obama will allow his release, possibly as concession to Israel after Iran deal.
The US Department of 'Justice' will allow for the release of 61 year old Jonathan Pollard, accused of spying for Israel, after fulfilling his 30-year sentence.  A final decision is expected at the end of July. During the last two years, Pollard has repeatedly been admitted to hospital and underwent multiple operations.,7340,L-4681431,00.html

Obama's plan is for Iran to nuke Israel, so he is only too happy to send Pollard back to Israel now - to die with all the others.

Pollard cant leave USA
July 27, 2015
-  USA plans to block Pollard from leaving American territory.
If Jonathan Pollard is released in November, he won't be allowed to come to Israel for fear he will receive a hero's welcome.  Obama has no such worry releasing Muslim terrorists who are treated as heroes! James Clapper indicated ongoing hostility against Pollard within the intelligence community.

The full Pollard spy saga
Sept 14, 2015
-  Jonathan was first seen as a perishable good before he turned into symbolic proof for Israel's right that the US harbored anti-Semitic sentiments. Will Pollard's release be the next chapter in the 30-year crisis caused by his actions?

It all began in early 1984, at a synagogue in the Washington DC suburbs. Towards the end of the Saturday morning prayer, a young Jonathan Pollard approached Steve Stern, a congregation member known for his close ties to Israelis who served in their country's diplomatic offices in the US.  Pollard introduced himself as an employee of the Navy Ocean Surveillance Information Center, which analyzed intelligence at a naval base in Maryland.
more on link,7340,L-4700225,00.html

Jonathan Pollard
Nov 10, 2015
-  A ban may still be placed on Jonathan Pollard to travel to Israel after his release from US prison.  resident Obama refuses to intervene over ban preventing Pollard from leaving US for 5 years.  Pollard was arrested on charges of spying for Israel in 1985 and is due to be released at the end of Nov.   He has been suffering from poor health.

Jonathan Pollard to be released
Nov 19, 2015
-  Jonathan Pollard to be released Nov. 20th.  Obama considers allowing Pollard to move to Israel.  So far, Obama has not agreed to this.  PM Bibi Netanyahu wants release of Jonathan Pollard kept low-key.  Too late for THAT!  Pollard was an agent of the State of Israel. He acted for the Jewish people, and the security of the state of Israel. He deserves any honor we can give him.,7340,L-4728076,00.html

Judas Rafi Eitan who recruited then betrayed Jonathan Pollard would like to meet him after he is released from jail.

Jonathan Pollard is free
Nov 20, 2015
-  Pollard finally leaves jail, after being held prisoner since 1985 in North Carolina.
He was freed at 4:15 am and will go New York.  He is forbidden from flying to Israel, but I hope he gets to Israel immediately!,7340,L-4728603,00.html

Tzfat (Safed) Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu welcomed the release of Jonathan Pollard, and demanded Israeli leaders do some soul searching over how they left him in a US jail for 30 years.

Jonathan Pollard is a hero
Nov 22, 2015
-  Eliyahu Yosef asserts Jonathan Pollard took all the responsibility for Israel's screw-up.
Sinator Joe Lieberman opposed his release, even though then-president Bill Clinton wanted to release Pollard. Lieberman and the CIA's opposition forced Clinton to back down.  The State of Israel has never taken adequate responsibility for Pollard's spying and ensuing conviction in 1985.  Israel encouraged Pollard to continue transmitting information.

Thanks to Pollard's information, Israelis received gas masks during the Gulf War.  The US violated its memorandum of understanding with Israel, denying them information on chemical weapons.  Pollard knew the US was hiding information from Israel.  ( USA still is! )  Pollard really thought his people were going to be destroyed with gas.

PRAY Jonathan Pollard gets to Israel soon.  
Thats HOME to ALL Jews
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