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Israel Today partners with US Christian media

Israel Today partners with US Christian media
At a time when ground breaking and biblical activity is happening in Israel, there is a strong new connection between Israel and the United States.
Israel Today, the only independent news agency in Israel run by Jewish believers in Yeshua (Jesus), has begun providing complimentary news service from the Holy Land to Christian radio stations in the United States.
Israel Today has been a resounding success, and is now heard on over 120 Christian radio stations in the United States, reaching millions of listeners.
Israel Today has also teamed up with quality Christian and Messianic publications in the US to provide timely feature stories for their websites and magazines.

Christian oil company boosts exploration in Israel
Zion Oil and Gas
, an American Christian-run company, submitted a new exploratory license in April 2013 that will significantly increase its efforts to find oil in Israel.
Zion already explores for oil on its Asher-Menashe, Jordan Valley and Joseph licenses. The new Megiddo-Jezreel Valley Licence would add another 98,000 acres of territory. Forum Index -> CHAPEL
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