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Israel on the road to Damascus

Israel on the road to Damascus
June,  2012  by Jan Willem Van Der Hoeven, ICZC
This year 2012 may become one of the most pivotal years in Israelís short history yet.
There may be a short and decisive battle with Syria and the Hellzballah in the near future.
As a result of the coming attack by Syria and the Hizbollah there will be many dead, especially in Israelís northern cities and Tel Aviv,
but eventually it will lead to the counter offensive by Israelís Defense Forces flattening in reprisal much of Lebanonís infrastructure and Damascus for its vile and murderous aggression.

The Egyptian people may choose Mohammed Mursi this month, a key figure of the Muslim Brotherhood.  
Once Egyptís next President, Mursi has announced that he will initiate a move for Jerusalem (not Mecca!) as the Muslim Arab capital.
This may cause the scenario of the prophet Isaiah 19 to be fulfilled in our time when it says it will turn the Egyptians against Egyptians
and the land of Judah will be as a terror to the Egyptians.

A poll of Israelis finds that they trust the United States to come to Israel's help in an existential threat, but do not trust Barack Hussein Obama.
70% of Israelis believe the U.S. is a loyal ally of Israel. 90% believe that in a crisis the U.S. would come to Israelís aid.

Isaiah 19
The burden against Egypt. Behold, the Lord rides on a swift cloud, and will come into Egypt;
the idols of Egypt will totter at His presence, and the heart of Egypt will melt in its midst.
I will set Egyptians against Egyptians; everyone will fight against his brother, and everyone against his neighbor,
city against city, kingdom against kingdom.  

Syria inching toward civil war

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