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Israel, Cyprus, Turkey Gas, oil War in Mediterranean

I AM against you, O Gog, prince of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal.
I will turn you about and put hooks into your jaws, and I will bring you out (of the north) and all your army
Ezekiel 38

And of Asher he said, Let Asher be blessed with children; let him be acceptable to his brethren, and let him dip his foot in oil.
Deut. 33:24

Israel, Cyprus, Turkey Gas War in Mediterranean

Cyprus Field holds 8 trillion cubic feet of gas
This has been going on the latter part of 2011 but I kept it to my threads on TURKEY and CYPRUS.
However, it appears it needs its own thread.  Its all related but . . .  *sigh*
Turkey seeks to pirate gas, oil rightfully belonging to Greek Cyprus and Israel by International law.

Israel steps up naval patrols around gas fields
Missile boats have stepped up missions around the Tamar and Leviathan platforms.
Israel has gradually boosted naval patrols around its east Mediterranean natural gas fields for fear of guerrilla attacks and as maritime rivalry with Turkey deepens.
Missile boats have stepped up missions around the Tamar and Leviathan platforms over the past year,
as well as coordination with private security firms contracted by the US-Israeli exploration consortium.

Dec 25, 2011   Turkey warships shell water near Cyprus-Israeli gas fields.




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ZionsCRY NEWS with prophetic analysis


And of Asher he said, Let Asher be blessed with children, let him be acceptable to his brethren, and let him dip his foot in oil.
Deuteronomy 33:24

Israel  *   Leviathan Field Big Gas Find
December 30,  2010  Leviathan gas well estimated at $45B

Big Gas Find Sparks a Frenzy in Israel, Leviathan gas field, the world's biggest deepwater gas find in a decade.
Reservoir located off of Haifa coast said to contain 453 billion cubic meters of natural gas, making it decade's largest gas discovery
Two years ago, Ratio Oil Exploration LP, an energy firm here, employed five people and was worth about half a million dollars.
[ISRAGAS] Noble Energy
Operations in Noble Energy's Leviathan gas field, the world's biggest deepwater gas find in a decade.

Today it sits at the center of a gas bonanza that has investors, international oil companies, Israeli politicians and even Hezbollah, Israel's sworn enemy, clamoring for a piece of the action.
Ratio's market capitalization now approaches $1 billion. The rally at Ratio is thanks to the company's 15% stake in a giant offshore gas field called Leviathan, operated by Houston-based Noble Energy Inc.
Noble confirmed its earlier estimates that the field contains 16 trillion cubic feet of gas—making it the world's biggest deepwater gas find in a decade, with enough reserves to supply Israel's gas needs for 100 years.

It's still early days, and getting all that gas out of the seabed may be more difficult than it seems today. But Noble and its partners think the field could hold enough gas to transform Israel, a country precariously dependent on others for energy, into a net-energy exporter.
Such a transformation could potentially alter the geopolitical balance of the Mideast, giving Israel a new economic advantage over its enemies.
Even before Wednesday's announcement confirming the size of Leviathan, the big field was causing a ruckus in Israel and the region.
Leviathan, named after the Biblical sea monster, and two smaller gas fields nearby have kicked up a broad speculative craze.,7340,L-4006338,00.html

Israel strikes gas, everyone else wants it
January 5, 2011   Quite a hook in the jaw of GOD's enemies!
3 Mediterranean gas fields opposite northern Israel
The UN has turned down Lebanon demand to intervene in delineating its sea border following Israeli discovery in the Mediterranean of the Leviathan gas well.
Cyprus licensed the USA firm Noble Energy (partners with Israeli Leviathan Delek Energy) to explore an area bordering on Israeli waters.  Leviathan well is 80 miles off the Israeli port of Haifa.

Turkey, Syria and Lebanon all want this, as does Russia.  
Egypt, the Palestinian terrorists and Turkish Cyprus may also get involved.
Gog-Magog war is rapidly taking shape.
Leviatahn sits on the edges of one of the world's biggest unexploited lakes of gas and oil under the Mediterranean sea bed.
Lebanon asked UN to order Israel to stop drilling.  So irrational.

Cyprus will issue a second license for offshore oil and gas exploration in the second half of 2011.
The collaboration between Jerusalem and Nicosia in the exploration of Mediterranean energy resources, backed strongly from Athens, strengthening ties between Israel and Greece.

Surprise Navy Drill at Haifa Port as Iran Ends War Games
The IDF staged a surprise drill at its base at the port of Haifa as Iran completed “war games” that included a threat on Israel.
The IDF staged a surprise drill at its base at the port of Haifa as Iran completed ten days of “war games” that included a threat on Israel.
Iran claimed it tested a long-range missile that can reach Israeli bases as well U.S. military posts in the Middle East, but Russia rejected the idea that Iran has the ability to launch the missile Iran said it fired.

Haifa base commander Brigadier General Eli Sharvit, ordered the surprise drill to check the readiness of Israel Navy vessels to depart from port and head out to sea to conduct operation, the IDF said. A majority of the Israel Navy's operational strength is based in Haifa, which was bombed several times by Hizbullah terrorists in the Second Lebanon War in the summer of 2006.

Israel Navy guards offshore drilling rigs
The Israel Navy will be in charge of protecting Israeli offshore drilling rigs
The IDF naval patrols protects the natural gas fields Tamar, Leviathan and Yam Tethys, including any drilling rigs that might be erected in the future.
The rigs are located beyond Israel's territorial waters, 12 nautical miles from land, but within Israeli economic waters, which stretch up to 70 nautical miles offshore.
This means that legally, the navy may act to prevent the rigs from being attacked.
The whole issue of economic waters actually triples the size of Israel, but also creates strategic threats not only concerning the rigs and those working there,
but also a threat to Israeli energy supply.  A possible strike against the rigs is a nightmare scenario.

ISA Squabble over oil, gas reserves
January  11, 2012   The Israeli partners in the Leviathan 1 natural gas venture are likely to be irked by the Israel Securities Authority (ISA) demand
that they estimate the amount of oil at the site based on the industry's petroleum resources management system even before drilling begins.

Noble Energy, the operator of the Leviathan and Tamar fields is an American company, so its not subject to ISA rules, but the Israeli partners are.

To measure the probability of finding oil, the partners have been using an average known as the gross mean.
The Israeli partners are Delek Drilling (22.5% ), Avner Oil Exploration (22.5% ) and Ratio Oil Exploration (15% ).
The ISA requires the use of the PRMS model, including a low estimate
P1, at 90% probability of finding oil, a high estimate, P2, 10% probability, and a best estimate, P3, at 50% probability.

Turkey blocks Israeli participation in NATO summit
April 23, 2012   * REMEMBER - ITS ALL a GAME!
The USA is NATO, and Turkey CANT block Israel without the OK from Hussein 0bama.
NATO met last week in Brussels and Turkey demanded NO Israeli presence.
Turkey said it will not allow Israel, a member of the Mediterranean Dialogue, to take part in the new Partnership Cooperation Menu.

April  25,  2012  Israel has enough gas reserves to make it energy independent.
Egypt plans a new deal with Israel based on new terms.
Israeli gas reserves in the Mediterranean are increasing, to make Israel totally energy independent, and to have Israel become an exporters of natural gas.
Still, Egypts cancellation of the contract is a dangerous precedent.

April 2012 UPDATES


Turkey scrambles jets, accused Israel of violating N. Cyprus airspace
Cyprus is Greek, Turkey is unwanted occupier.
Turkey seeks to pirate gas find

Turkish army command claims Israeli aircraft made incursions into area of oil and gas exploration in east Mediterranean.
The eastern Mediterranean has become a coveted area since Israel and Cyprus made significant gas finds in the area.,7340,L-4230531,00.html

Mideast drills

TURKEY WARNS against Cyprus gas bid
18 May 2012  Turkey said companies bidding to develop Cyprus Mediterranean offshore gas fields would be shut out of Turkish energy projects.
Turkey does not recognise the Nicosia Greek government, which is Cyprus sole authority.    
Turkey is a bully and a pirate, but is a NATO member.
One company threatened is Nobel, a Texas USA company.

Turkey warned that companies that cooperate with Greek Cypriots will not be included in future energy projects in Turkey.  So what?
Cyprus, Israel and Lebanon, straddle what may be the biggest natural gas find of the past decade in the Mediterranean.    

Turkey scrambles jets after Israeli craft enters 'Turkish' Cyprus airspace
May  2012  Turkey wrongfully occupies northern Cyprus.  Cyprus is Greek by intl law.
Turkey claims Israeli craft passed near gas, oil exploration region in Eastern Mediterranean.
Israel discovered that gas/oil and has struck a legal agreement with Cyprus.

Cyprus next country to seek euro bail-out
2 June 2012  
 Cyprus could be the next eurozone country to seek an emergency bail-out, its president Dimitris Christofias has suggested.
The tiny country, with less than 1m population, joined the euro in 2008 and is heavily exposed to the Greek banks.
Christofias said he wouldn't rule out the possibility that the government may tap the European Union's bail-out fund to recapitalise the island's second-largest lender, Cyprus Popular Bank, which is the most heavily exposed to Greece.
"Certainly, I don't take it as a given that we will negotiate our induction into the support mechanism. But I don't want to exclude it entirely," Christofias said.

Cyprus Popular, which sustained record losses after taking a 74% write down on its Greek government bond holdings, is struggling to meet a June 30 deadline to replenish its capital reserves.
Cyprus, faced with soaring bond yields hovering around 14% on the 10-year bond, and with its debt considered junk status by two of the world's leading ratings firms, has few places to turn to cover its financing needs.
Late last year, the country negotiated a €2.5bn (£2.02bn) bilateral loan from Russia. Now, Cyprus is in talks with China for another bilateral loan, of an undisclosed amount.

July 1, 2012
 Shimshon is south of Tamar in the Mediterranean Sea on this map.
Signs of natural gas found at Shimshon 1 exploratory well
The companies drilling the Shimshon 1 exploratory well have reported finding significant indications of natural gas.
After reaching a depth of 4,403 meters under sea level, the firms have decided to begin production testing.
Substantial signs of petroleum" are found; production tests to begin; Shimshon has estimated prospect of 2.3 trillion cubic ft of gas.,7340,L-4249460,00.html

Southern Israel to be connected to natural gas system
The Darom Natural Gas Distributing company has signed a deal with Israel Natural Gas Lines Ltd to connect southern Israel to the national natural gas system.
As part of the deal, INGL will set up PRMS facilities in Kiryat Gat and Ashdod.,7340,L-4249536,00.html

Cyprus foils terror attack against Israel
October 19, 2012
Cypriot agents discovered explosives at Limassol port intended to target cruise ships carrying Israelis.

Top Australian company buys into Israeli natural gas
Dec 3, 2012
Woodside Petroleum will pay up to $2.5 billion for a 30% stake in the Leviathan offshore field
Australia’s largest natural gas and oil company, Woodside Petroleum, has taken a 30 percent stake in Israel’s Leviathan off-shore gas drilling operation, it was announced on Monday. Located in the Mediterranean 130 km. west of Haifa, Leviathan is estimated to contain up to 17 trillion cubic feet of usable natural gas, making it one of the largest fields in the world.

Globes reported on Monday that Leviathan will pay up to $2.5 billion for the stake, contradicting earlier reports that the deal was valued at only $1.2 billion. According to the terms of the agreement, Leviathan is valued at some $8.3 billion, according to Globes.

“Leviathan is truly a world-class field that offers significant development opportunities through the growing Israeli domestic gas market and Asian and European export markets,” Woodside CEO Peter Coleman said in a statement, praising Leviathan as “one of the biggest recent gas discoveries worldwide.”

Israel Said No to Putin, Exposing Its Gas Fields to Syria Cruise Missiles
But Gaining US Missile Shield
Dec 7, 2012  debka

Hellzballah threat to gas rigs
Jan 29, 2013
Israel fears Syrian chemical weapons may reach Hezbollah terrorists which could undermine IDF aerial superiority in Lebanon
About a year ago Syria purchased Yakhont anti-ship missiles from Russia, which have a 300-kilometer (186 miles) range,
meaning they can strike ships docking at Haifa Port, the nearby Navy base, as well as Israeli gas rigs in the Mediterranean Sea. Hezbollah has used these missiles in the past.,7340,L-4338283,00.html

Natural gas from Tamar field reaches Israel
April 1, 2013
This will REALLY anger Turkey!  Smile
Natural gas from the offshore Tamar field reached Ashdod after it was pumped to Israeli shores for the first time, 4 years after its discovery.
The Tamar deposit, discovered in 2009 some 90 kilometers west of Haifa, holds an estimated 8.5 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.
Hiistoric and important day for the Israeli economy!
Natural gas from the field was pumped to a newly erected facility on the coast of Ashdod, connected to the gas field via pipelines laid out on the ocean floor.
On Sunday, the gas finally reached the Ashdod processing plant from which it will start to flow into the Israeli market.
This newly harnessed resource promises to be a major boon to both the country’s public and private energy needs.

The gas from Tamar is expected to help meet Israeli energy needs for the next 20 years.
Its ahead-of-schedule use will also save Israeli citizens some cash.
The Tamar and Leviathan deposts were discovered in 2010, and expected to provide Israel with enough natural gas for decades and transform them into an energy exporter.


Turkey talks of Jerusalem-Ankara energy cooperation
April 3, 2013
Before compensation talks next week
One consequence of Israel apology to Turkey could be cooperation in the energy field.
Damned Turkey is a bully and a thief!  Exactly like Islams hero Mohamed.
Makes me sick.  Israel had a legal, moral and legitimate enery deal with Cyprus - NOT Turkey.

Israel gas fields threatened if Damascus falls.  Russia uses gas Syria produces.
WW3 begins in SYRIA - Aug 28, 2013

Israel oil
Sept. 10, 2013
 ISRAEL sits on the world’s second-largest deposits of oil shale. Advocates say its extraction will be safe and could transform the economy. Opponents say the environmental fallout could be disastrous
Far below the surface of the promised land, a hidden treasure lies. If it can be carefully liberated from the geological layer in which it is caught, it promises nothing less than to transform Israel’s economy. It is called oil shale. And, along with Jordan, Israel just so happens to sit upon the world’s second largest deposits of the stuff, after the United States.

Oil shale deposits are overwhelmingly located outside conventional oil-rich areas such as the Middle East and North Africa. So if safe, economic processes for extracting this alternative oil resource can be put into effect, dependence on the energy-exporting Middle East could gradually decline, in a dramatic transformation of the global economy, with Israel as a prime beneficiary.

Advocates say oil shale is an Israeli resource whose time has come, and are adamant that it can be realized without negative environmental consequences. But critics cite fears of underground fires, contaminants seeping into air and water, even seismic rifts.

With a few exceptions, the battle over oil shale is being fought away from the headlines. It will come to a head in the Jerusalem Regional Planning Authority, a body headed by an Interior Ministry bureaucrat, which in the next few months will decide whether to authorize a pilot project to extract shale oil in the Elah Valley, south of Beit Shemesh.

The stakes in the standoff — between those who believe that oil shale is a remarkable asset that has become technologically, commercially and environmentally viable, and those who argue that seeking to extract it could be catastrophic — are enormous. Tens of billions of dollars are involved. And at the heart of the struggle, with investors facing off against environmentalists, and government ministries facing off against each other, stands an alternative oil man with an unforgettable name: Harold Vinegar.

Israel May Export Gas to Egypt
Oct 22, 2013
 One benefit of Israel exporting gas - it will infuriate Turkey.  They want it.
Minister of Energy and Water claims Egypt is expressing interest in buying Israeli gas.
Israel to export 40 percent of their offshore gas finds.
Israel is considering export gas to Egypt, which has a shortage of gas.
Lebanon threatens Israeli territorial waters in searching for gas and oil.
Lebanon is about to award offshore oil and gas exploration licenses in areas that encroach on Israeli exclusive zone (EEZ).
This is a highly provocative act.

The Geostrategic Impact of Israel's Export of Natural Gas

Israel's Future as a Gas Exporter
Israel is confident that its offshore gas-fields will generate windfall profits of as much as $60 billion over the next 20 years.

Can Israel Export its Gas Through Both Cyprus and Turkey?

Israel export quotas and routes is making both Cyprus and Turkey anxious.
Cyprus insists it can go ahead with its LNG plans without pooling costs with Israel.
However, it has not hidden its ambition to become a regional energy hub that
would welcome and process natural gas from its Eastern Mediterranean neighbours then ship it to export markets.
Given that the island has not yet confirmed that its Aphrodite field in Block 12 of its
exclusive economic zone is as fertile as originally thought, an Israeli cooperation is highly welcome.

Turkey the bully is hoping to get something out of Israel’s riches.
Turkish companies rushed to express their interest in building a pipeline from Israel’s giant Leviathan to the Turkish coast.
THEY WILL STEAL IT! Not only is Turkey energy hungry and importing the vast majority of its energy supplies
to meet its domestic needs, but it is also desperate to diversify its supply portfolio and loosen its dependency on Russia.


Germany to sell Israel battleships
Dec 7, 2013
 Germany has agreed to sell Israel two battleships.
The 2 torpedo-laden destroyers are intended to provide protection for Israeli natural gas installations.
IDF deploys drones to protect gas fields from Hezbollah.
Government approves natural gas export policy.
The prime new offshore gas resource offers Israeli enemies an obvious target.
Israel needs 4 new ships just to patrol the area.
Israel estimates there is enough gas beneath its waters to leave plenty for exports.

Israel Gas Worth $52 Billion
Jan 9, 2014
Ernst & Young said Tamar Natural Gas Field Worth $52 Billion to Israeli Economy.
They will present their report in Tel Aviv next week.
Tamar has boosted Israeli GDP by almost 0.5 percentage points.
Bank of Israel estimates that each $1 billion less of imports boosts the shekel by 1% against other currencies.

NEW Palestinian war on Israel
Jan 24, 2014
 Palestinian leader turns to Putin for Palestinian state, dumps US and Israel as peace partners
Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) launched his diplomatic war against Israel
from Moscow. He met with President Vladimir Putin for a Palestinian state.
Kerry and Netanyahu were in Switzerland, Geneva 2 on Syria and the World Economic Forum.
Putin is way ahead of Obama as usual.


Abbas and Russia were due to sign an agreement for a natural gas project near Ramallah in the Gaza section of the Mediterranean Sea.
Israel could not understand how the Russians and Palestinians came to a gas agreement on Mediterranean waters off the shores of Gaza, when the rights were already owned by British Gas.

Russian interests could encircle Israeli offshore Mediterranean gas and oil sites and Russian pipelines may block Israeli export facilities.  (Hook in jaw?)
Under international law, the Palestinian Authority is not recognized as an independent state so agreement is null.

A Palestinian State by stealth and theft.
It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
Bible prophecy racing along rapidly.

I AM against you, O Gog, prince of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal.
I will turn you about and put hooks into your jaws, and I will bring you out (of the north) and all your army
Ezekiel 38


Israel-Jordan sign $500 million natural gas deal
Feb. 20, 2014
Accord may grow into $30-billion partnership for Israel to become Jordan’s main supplier.
Israeli and Jordanian officials signed a deal under which Israel will supply $500 million worth of gas to the Hashemite kingdom from the Tamar natural gas field in the Mediterranean.

The supply is set to start in 2016, and to continue over a 15-year period. Ultimately, however, the deal may be expanded to a $30-billion mammoth partnership, under which Israel would become the major supplier of Jordan’s gas needs.
Under the deal, Tamar will supply 66 billion cubic feet to Jordan’s Arab Potash and its affiliate, Jordan Bromine, at their facilities near the Dead Sea, according to a statement issued by Texas-based Noble Energy, which owns 36 percent of the Tamar field.
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Tamar partners sign export agreement with Jordanian firms
The deal will provide 1.8 billion cubic meters of gas to the companies Arab Potash and Jordan Bromine over 15 years beginning in 2016.
The Tamar natural gas reservoir’s developers signed a $500 million deal on Wednesday to provide gas to Jordanian companies.
It is the first export agreement from the basin 80 km. west of Haifa.

Israeli Big Gusher
Mar 1, 2014
 Could this be the hook in the jaw to draw Gog from the land of Magog?
Israeli offshore drilling is about to make it the next Mideast energy exporter.
Deuteronomy 32:12-13 and 33:24

Navy Seals board Libya oil tanker
Mar 17, 2014
 The US Navy has taken control of a tanker full of oil loaded
from a rebel-held port in Libya.  The SEALs raid took place in international waters off the coast of Cyprus.
Action taken at request of Libyan and Cypriot governments.
Israelis reportedly questioned in Cyprus over plans to buy oil

Cyprus Turks bully Israel
November 6, 2014
-  Turkish Cyprus warned Israel not to develop gas projects with the real Cyprus.  Turkish northern Cyprus told Israel not to support development of gas projects with the legitimate Cyprus, the southern two thirds of the island.  Israel responded that all nations including Turkey need to respect the Cyprus right to develop gas off its shore.  Since October 20, a Turkish vessel has encroached Cyprus exclusive economic zone off the southern coast.  Turkish troops invaded northern Cyprus in 1974.


Greece military exercises with Israel, Egypt
February 12, 2015  
-  Greek Cyprus, Israel and possibly Egypt would begin joint exercises aimed at improving regional security.  Multi-national cooperation comes amid Turkish provocations.  Greek ties with Israel crucial for regional security.  AMEN!

Greece plans joint military exercises with Israel, Cyprus and Egypt, amid continuing tensions between Cyprus and Turkey over oil exploration in the eastern Mediterranean.  Cyprus suspended talks with Turkey, as Ankara is a bully and pirate, trying to hamper (steal) their energy search.

Nicosia has licensed exploratory drilling in its exclusive economic zone (EEZ), and is unhappy that Ankara is determined to search for oil and gas in the same area.
Turkey sends a survey ship to the waters where the drilling is taking place.
Turkey is a terrorist nation and a bully and a pirate.

Huge gas discovery off Egypt coast  
August 30, 2015
-  Italian energy group Eni found large natural gas fields off Egypt's coast.  Zohr field could become one of the world's largest natural-gas finds and help meet Egypt's gas needs for decades.
Eni has full concession rights to the area. In June it signed an energy exploration deal with Egypt to explore in Sinai, the Gulf of Suez, the Mediterranean and areas in the Nile Delta.
This follows other gas discoveries in the Mediterranean including by Israel.

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