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ISIS USA * Muslim attacks * BLM joins


Summer 2016  
ISIS joins up with BLM and Laraza

Twisted Evil    Muslims fundraiser in Garland, Texas
Saturday January 17, 2015

Texas - where they say, "Shoot, shovel and cover up."  

Muslims want to kill infidels - all non-Muslims.
Islam is a system of government, Shariah Law - opposed to the U.S. Constitution which Obama hates.

Muslim chief terrorist Barak Hussein Obama said -
''I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”  (from The Audacity of Hope)
Obama refused to go to France to stand against Muslim terrorists.

Barack Obama has close ties with the Muslim Brotherhood, and he’s not ashamed to state this. To date, he still refuses to tie Islam with Terrorism.
Most of those Obama has on staff and has appointed to high govt office are Muslims.

Muslim In Your Face conference weekend forum.
TRUTH / FACT - Muhammad was a MURDERER, THIEF and PEDOPHILE and is now in hell.
Muslims commit to his image - aka - commit to jihad on Americans.  IN TEXAS!

Keynote speaker is a member of Egypt Nazi Party.
Nazi and Islam much the same - in fact, Roman catholic teachings are similar to Islam.  New York Imam Siraj Wahhaj, an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombings will also attend forum. He calls the FBI and CIA the real terrorists.  (In some ways is he far from wrong?)

Having the Muslim terror chief (Mahdi??) Obama in the White House gives them the audacity and perhaps hope to completely conquor USA.
Having a Muslim president, who stated that he will stand with the Muslims, the people of America better wake up, lock n load NOW!

It is NOT the media who give islam a bad name!  
Murdering is in their own koran!

Hundreds expected to protest Islamic meeting
Garland is east of Dallas.  Here are links to watch today.
January 17, 2015  -  GARLAND
Police are braced for hundreds of protesters Saturday at an Islamic fundraiser. Menacing social media posts have organizers worried about violence.  About a dozen protesters provided a preview Friday night in Richardson, as Muslims came for prayers at the Islamic Association of North Texas.

Having a Muslim president, who stated that he will stand with the Muslims, the people of America better wake up, lock n load NOW!

HARBINGER  WARNINGS - Isaiah 9 prophecy
When GOD destroys USA, you cant say He didnt WARN us!

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ZionsCRY NEWS with prophetic analysis


CAIR claims Muslims bullied
January 18, 2015
-  Too funny!  Muslims can torture, lop off heads and its fine.

CAIR spoke at the Islamic fundraiser near Dallas. The main speaker, New York Imam Siraj Wahhaj, was an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 WTC bombing.
He defended the bombers and called the FBI and CIA the real terrorists.
He wants all Americans to become Muslim. The residents of Garland were upset!

CAIR spoke to Breitbart Texas.  Read the ridiculous interview.
CAIR made claims but had no valid examples.
Other Muslim events have been held in privately-owned facilities.
Garland residents were concerned the event center paid for by a taxpayer school bond.

AWESOME photos of AMERICAN PATRIOTS at Muslim Texas fundraiser

Tweet pics

Fairly good video at 10 pm January 17

It is NOT the media who give islam a bad name!  Murdering is in their own koran!

 Dallas shooting ISIS attack
May 4, 2015 -
 Two Muslim terrorists shot dead after opening fire outside a Curtis Culwell Center conference on Muhammad cartoons in Garland, Dallas, Texas.  The devils began shooting at a security officer before being killed by police.
Security had been high because Muslims are known to be dangerous, evil and insane.
The event was critical of Islam, and included a contest for drawings of the Prophet.
Geert Wilders had been one of the keynote speakers at the event.

ISIS attack in Garland
Texas terrorists tweeted allegiance to ISIS during attack

Twitter account @atawaakul removed by Twitter.

A security guard at the exhibit was shot in the leg and he is now in stable condition.

One speaker, Geert Wilders is on a jihadist hit list.
Muslim jihadist shooters are dead in the street.  
GOOD!  ALL of them belong dead in the street!,7340,L-4653386,00.html

May , 2015 -  DONT call this an anti-Islam event, it was about free speech and the U.S. Constitution!

Muslims killed in Garland shooting had assault rifles, body armor.
Garland police praise officer for killing the ISIS terrorists Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi.
The officer probably saved lives.  A quick-thinking Garland police officer shot and killed 2 gunmen who opened fire first.

The jihadists were armed with assault rifles and wearing body armor when they pulled up to the Curtis Culwell Center Sunday and began shooting almost immediately and wounded an unarmed security guard who was with the officer. The officer returned fire and killed the terrorists.
FBI agents have searched the apartment the two men shared in Phoenix.

ISIS is winning - in the USA
May 7, 2015  
(edited) -  If this is where we stand on FREE SPEECH, the jihadists are winning!  
Megyn Kelly responded to criticism of the Texas Mohammed Art Exhibit by saying, “If this is where American sentiment stands on this issue, then the jihadis are officially winning.”
The organizers were trying to make a point about Muslim intolerance and about free speech principles on which the USA is supposed to stand firm, whether or not we like what is said.

FREE SPEECH is a value at the very core of who we are. The group holding this contest was not on TV, it was holding a private event behind closed doors to make a point about liberty.

THANK GOD the Muslim jihadis who wanted to massacre Americans were shot dead by a quick-reacting police officer on scene.
There has been an INEXCUSABLE rush to condemn the event organizers - WITHOUT mention of the true criminals, the Muslim jihadists who sought to murder Americans over a cartoon!

The event organizers are condemned for being 'provocative' and even inviting their own attempted murder.

The FBI had been aware of Garland, Texas jihadist attacker Elton Simpson for 10 years, but they did not follow his violent, pro-jihad tweets because “there are so many like him” that the agency is overwhelmed.
I dont accept FBI too busy to keep tabs on Muslim jihadists in USA!  That is a load of crap!
The whitehouse and DC and DHS are full of Muslim jihadists!  GOD HELP US!

Simpson left a long paper trail Simpson of engaging with jihadists online.
Simpson was a convert to Islam with a long history of extremism.

Muslim jihadists - affiliated with ISIS - Simpson and his roommate, Nadir Soofi, attacked a private art contest in Garland, Texas armed with assault rifles and body armor.
THANK GOD they were neutralized by an officer, a HERO!

ISIS are Twittering all day long with jihadists in USA!
There are at least 71 active ISIS jihadis in the United States trained to kill.
There are far more than 71 - in all states.

71 ISIS in 15 states
ISIS doesn’t need a Mohammed cartoon excuse to wreak havoc in America.

ISIS death threats against Pamela Geller
ISIS has now issued death threats against Pamela Geller, the organizer of the cartoon contest.
Please realize the headquarters of ISIS-USA is in whitehouse-DC.
ISIS has trained terrorists in Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, California, and Michigan.

Obama Brown Shirts, Martial law, police state USA, SS squad
Are they Muslim jihadits - ISIS?

Leviticus 18
Do not have sex with your sister
Do not have sex with your neighbor’s wife
Do not sacrifice your children to Molek (abortion)
Do not have sex with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.
Do not have sex with an animal

Do not defile yourselves in any of these ways, even the land was defiled so the land vomited out its inhabitants. If you defile the land, it will vomit you out as it vomited out the nations that were before you.

Muslim kid brings clock to school
Sept 17, 2015
-  Muslim kid brings suitcase bomb .. oops, I mean, a clock he made (cough) to school, cops are called.  It was in a briefcase and looked just like a bomb.  Obama has invited kid and his bomb - I mean clock - to whitehouse.
Could be another TEST RUN! for the future.  Put them to sleep, then kill them.

Father of Muslim bomb hoax clockster is attorny

I posted that story - then later got this link.


BombClockmaker Ahmed Mohameds sister was once suspended from school for threatening to blow it up

Muslim tells Christians:
“My People Will Cut Off Your Balls''  
He'll have to find them first.

6 Muslim terror attacks since 911
Dec 7, 2015
-  The Dec . 2 Christmas massacre in San Bernardino, California mark the sixth Islamic attack in America since September 11, 2001.  The six incidents were carried out across the country from Boston to Tennessee to California.  The Muslim terrorists used either firearms, explosives, or a combination of the two during their attacks.  5 of the 6 attacks have occurred since 2009.

Los Angeles Airport
The first post-9/11 attack occurred at Los Angeles Airport on July 4th, 2002, where Egyptian  
Muslim Brotherhood Hesham Mohamed Hadayet, murdered two Israelis and injured 4 others at the El Al ticket counter.

Little Rock, Arkansas
June 1, 2009 Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad shot and killed an Army private and wounded another soldier at a military recruiting center in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Muhammad converted to Islam and attacked because he was angry about the killing of Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan.

August 5, 2009 Fort Hood, Texas
U.S. Army major Nidal Hasan opened fire on troops at the base, killing 13 while shouting Allahu akbar!

April 15, 2013 Boston Marathon
Chechyn Muslims Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev set off 2 bombs at the Boston Marathon,
killing 3 and injuring 264 others, before later killing a police officer.


Chattanooga, Tennessee
July 16, 2015
Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez killed 5 U.S. military in a shooting attack on a
military recruiting center and another military facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

San Bernardino, California
Dec . 2, 2015
 Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik killed 14 and
injured 21 others at a Christman party in in San Bernardino, California.

There have been a number of unsuccessful terrorist attacks including an attempt to murder
attendees at an event featuring cartoons of the prophet Mohammed in Texas this year.

Muslim Brotherhood may be at the bottom of these

I will set my face against you so that you will be defeated by your enemies.
Those who hate you will rule over you, and you will flee
even when no one is pursuing you
. Leviticus 26:17
Barak Obama hates America. Nuff said.

Thousands of Muslims gather at DC Capitol
Sep 25, 2009
 Islamic prayers call for destruction of Israel and non Muslims.  An estimated 8,000 Muslims
convened on the Capitol grounds in Washington DC for 'prayer' Friday, voicing their religious fervor and solidarity
with American values while ignoring scattered protesters of other faiths.

They all chanted Allah Akbar! which literally means god is greater / greatest.  The god of Islam is satan, the devil,
tho they do not realize it, they are shouting satan is greater than GOD.  That is the phrase uttered by suicide bombers
just as they blow themselves up, taking innocent victims with them.  Peaceful?  NO!
This is a Fox news report and still biased and foolish in favor of Islam.  Fox gets more 'left' - Godless - as each week
passes, sadly.  An open letter signed by Christians was circulated earlier in the week. It called on Abdellah and other organizers
to unequivocally denounce terrorist acts and plots of recent years, starting with the Sept. 11 attacks.  The Islamic leader refused.,2933,555801,00.html

ISIS is a global threat.
Dec 11, 2015
 -  Islamic State's strength rests mainly on persuading recruits worldwide.
Conquering, looting and terrorizing people is not equal to building a viable state.  ISIS leaders are not so sure that their stronghold in Raqqa, eastern Syria, will survive, and Libya might be the next shelter for them.

ISIS can print authentic Syrian passports
Islamic State has printing machines to print authentic Syrian passports. Fraudulent passports allow terrorists to pose as refugees from Syria.

Why does Obama call ISIS, I.S.I.L.?
ISIL delegitimizes Israel and makes it a target.
ISIS is the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.
Obama using ISIL stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

The Levant includes Turkey, the west part of Syria, Lebanon, west part of Jordan, Israel and Sinai (Egypt).  All of these states embrace Islam except Israel.

Obama refuses to say ISIS, insisting instead that everybody in his administration call the terror group ISIL.  That Obama uses ISIL reveals that Obama considers both Israel and its prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, thorns in his side.
0bama supports Islam over Christianity at every opportunity.

another link


Islamic terrorists infiltrate U.S. airport security
June 3, 2016
-  A Somali Muslim criminal booted from Canada working at Dulles Airport in Washington, D.C., dozens of other airport employees have terror links.  Somalia Muslim terrorist Yusuf Abdi Ali has been living in Alexandria, Virginia for 20 years.  He was deported from Canada but found refuge in the U.S.A.
73 Muslim terrorists are employed by major airlines at 40 airports nationwide.


Very Happy  The hero church in Oregon
Belmont Drive Missionary Baptist Church in Hood River, Oregon is not backing down.
It’s marquee sign sitting out front of its building has the absolute TRUTH!
Posted on the board is
Wake up Christians. Allah is not our God.
Muhammad not greater than Jesus.

The other side of the marque
Only the Bible is God’s Word.


dailymail listed them, I had most in my forum

June 12, 2016  
Orlando Florida queer night club, 50 dead, many wounded

- Feb. 25, 2016
Hesston Kansas - 3 killed and 14 wounded lawnmower factory

- Feb. 20, 2016
Kalamazoo, Michigan - random shooting and killing over several hours

- Dec. 2, 2015
San Bernardino, California
Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik opened fire at a social services center killing 14 and wounding 20.

- Oct. 1, 2015
Roseburg, Oregon shooting at Umpqua Community College, 10 people dead and 7 wounded.

Umpqua shooting tie-in with one of the heros

- June 17, 2015
Charleston, South Carolina - 9 black church members shot, killed during a Bible study

- May 23, 2014
University of California, Santa Barbara - student killed 6 and wounded 13 in shooting and stabbing attacks in the area near the , campus.

- Sept. 16, 2013
Washington Navy Yard - Aaron Alexis, a mentally disturbed civilian contractor, shot 12 people to death

- July 26, 2013
Hialeah, Florida - Pedro Vargas went on a shooting rampage at his apartment building, gunning down 6 people

- Dec. 14, 2012   HOAX
Newtown, Connecticut, Sandy Hook Elementary School

- Sept. 27, 2012
Minneapolis  Minnesota  6 shot

- Aug. 5, 2012
Oak Creek, Wisconsin, 40-year-old gunman Wade Michael Page killed six worshippers at a Sikh Temple before killing himself.

- July 20, 2012  Batman (connection to Sandy Hook)
Aurora, Colorado movie theater James Holmes shot 12 people and injured 70
-  Hoax?  His father was testifying in a bank LIBOR scandal

- April 2, 2012
Oikos University in Oakland, California -  7 killed and 3 wounded when a former student opened fire

50 killed in queer club massacre in Orlando overnite
June 12, 2016

Muslim attacks (Garland, Texas, SanBern, Orlando)

Dhimi USA, refugees, ISIS

ISIS terror for USA, Western cities
June 15, 2016
-  US resident Barack Obama still has no strategy for destroying ISIS.
When you realize Obama is Captain ISIS and the Muslim terrorists, you laugh at the news he wont destroy ISIS.  HE DONT WANT TO!  ISIS is Obama's personal army!

ISIS is now launching terrorist assaults in American and European cities.  Obama drew a thick line between Muslim jihad terrorist and Omar Mateen, and dismissed him as disturbed, even tho Omar had sworn an oath of allegiance to ISIS.

Omar was an Islamic terrorist.  Obama's language will NOT thwart terrorism.
The clear and precise definition of the enemy is vital to any nation and army fighting a war.

Islam, Ramadan, Eid al Fitr Adha

Orlando Florida massacre / Ramadam sacrifice

Omar was a queer Muslim and massacred queer non-Muslims for Ramadam. - Walid Shoebat

11 officers shot in Dallas ambush
July 8, 2016
-  #BLM Snipers in downtown Dallas
Last nite BLM cop shooting the beginning of a civil war. - WBAP

Attacks took place at protest of fatal shootings by officers.
Multiple snipers killed 5 Dallas police officers and wounded 6 others in a coordinated attack.

One of the victims was Dallas police officer Brent Thompson, age 43.
3 suspects taken into custody, including a woman.

Dallas BLM demons laughing, dancing
July 8, 2016
 -  Dirty demon-possessed BLM protesters in the streets, smiling, joking and laughing at the shooting of 11 police officers.

#BLM thugs flashing gang signs, laughing and dancing while officers mourn.

F00L #POTUS already blaming gunz.

Some Twitters commented on “ambush-style” shootings from a well-trained sniper, and said the Dallas shooters were moving in a professional manner. They were covering each other with suppressive fire.


Evil or Very Mad   This is a NEWS MEDIA issue - NOT a gun issue!!!  
News media make a big huge issue of a cop shooting a black, and national news beats the drum incessantly - driving demon possessed Muslims and BLM blacks already insane into a killing frenzy.
ISIS, other Muslims often joins Evil #BLM
Curse on them!

ISLAM! 5 Dallas Shooting Suspects Are American Muslims Who Attended South Dallas Mosque

Among the five suspects now in Dallas Police custody are self described "Islamic Americans" who attended a Nation of Islam mosque in the South Dallas area. It should be noted that the Nation of Islam itself is splintered into several groups. Louis Farrakhan, who took over the organization in 1981, subscribes to Dianetics and appears to have left Islam altogether. It's ideology is barely recognizable as Islamic.


“While in prison, Malcolm X became a member of the Nation of Islam, and after his parole in 1952, quickly rose to become one of the organization’s most influential leaders.”

On July 7, 2016, five police officers were killed by sniper fire in Dallas, Texas. Six other officers and two civilians were wounded. The shooting occurred at a protest against police killings in the aftermath of the shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. This is all generally known.

It seems improbable that Black Lives Matter members would fire on a Black Lives Matter demonstration. And that is in fact, not what happened.

Among the five suspects now in Dallas Police custody are self described “Islamic Americans” who attended a Nation of Islam mosque in the South Dallas area. It should be noted that the Nation of Islam itself is splintered into several groups. Louis Farrakhan, who took over the organization in 1981, subscribes to Dianetics and appears to have left Islam altogether. It’s ideology is barely recognizable as Islamic.

Update, 7/8: Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings today identified a suspect as Micah X. Johnson, a resident of Mesquite. Micah X. appears to have been named after Malcolm X., one of the founding members of the Nation of Islam. “While in prison, Malcolm X became a member of the Nation of Islam, and after his parole in 1952, quickly rose to become one of the organization’s most influential leaders.”

Micah Xavier Johnson, who died in a shootout with police, told authorities he was upset about recent police shootings and ‘wanted to kill white people, especially white officers.’ He is the only suspect Dallas police have publicly identified so far, and also the only dead suspect.

“We cornered one suspect and we tried to negotiate for several hours – negotiations broke down, we had an exchange of gunfire with the suspect,” Dallas Police Chief David Brown said. “We saw no other option but to use our bomb robot and place a device on its extension for it to detonate where the suspect was,” he said.

Using a robot to kill a sniper is a procedure never performed before by American police, but common in fighting Islamic insurgencies. In a tweet, defense expert Peter Singer noted that the MARCbot machine, which is designed to tackle bombs such as IEDs, has been used as a weapon in Iraq

No recognized American Islamic leader publicly promotes violence, though some claim the Nation of Islam is an exception to that rule. However, members of this particular Mosque might reasonably have believed that they themselves were under attack.

A tense, armed protest in front of a South Dallas mosque required Dallas police intervention one Saturday afternoon in April. It happened in front of the Nation of Islam mosque on April 3, 2016, according to CBS Dallas.

Anti-Muslim demonstrators, dressed in fatigues and masks and most of them armed, were easily outnumbered approximately 10 to 1 by the mosque supporters, some of whom were also armed, reported CBS Dallas.

Dozens of police officers stood in between the two groups and also on rooftops to ensure nothing more than words were exchanged.

In a statement released before the April protest, the Dallas Police Department said, “The department is committed to protecting the Constitutional rights of all citizens and will make every effort to keep this protest peaceful.”

The was no violence and no arrests. But the seeds of anger and dissent were sown.

Militant Islam Reaches America is a book written by historian Daniel Pipes, published in 2002. It focuses on Islamic fundamentalism and Islamism, reflecting Pipes’ view that, as he said in 1995, “Unnoticed by most Westerners, war has been unilaterally declared on Europe and the United States.” The latest shooting in Dallas appears to have been a part of that war.

The protest was organized by the Next Generation Action Network after the killings of two black men, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, by police in Louisiana and Minnesota, respectively. It was one of several protests held across the U.S. on the night of July 7. Several hundred protesters were involved in the Dallas protest, and before the shooting occurred, no other incidents were reported and the event was peaceful.

Belo Garden Park, the location where the protest began and near where the shooting occurred, was a popular gathering place for Black Lives Matter demonstrations, such as one held after the death of Sandra Bland at a Waller County, Texas, jail in 2015.

The people firing on the Dallas police used another group’s protest event, to settle what they saw as an offense against their race and their religion. source

Micah X. Johnson, assassin

Evil or Very Mad    BLM  joyful about assassination of cops
July 8, 2016  -  Black Lives Matter is a domestic terrorist organization
Black Lives Matter supporters responded to the sniper attack in Dallas by celebrating the assassination of the 5 police officers who were gunned down in cold blood.
BLM expressed their joy at the carnage.

Dallas police shooting
Black Power group
claims responsibility for police killings and warns of more assassinations to come

PRISONS are recruiting for Islam
Among the 5 Dallas assassins are Islamic Americans who attended a Nation of Islam (Louis Farrakhan) mosque in the South Dallas area.

Black Muslim killer is Micah X. Johnson, named after Malcolm X, a founding member of the Nation of Islam.  While in prison, Malcolm X joined the Nation of Islam.  Black Muslim killer of Dallas police wanted to kill white cops.  Johnson was an Army veteran.

Evil or Very Mad   Micah X. Johnson, assassin
Johnson was killed when a police robot detonated a C-4 explosive near him following a standoff that lasted several hours.  He loved all the black power crap.  Police claim he was a loner.

Officers targeted in other states
July 8, 2016
-  Police say officers have been targeted in Tennessee, Georgia and Missouri in the aftermath of a MN gang member killing and one other in Louisiana.  

The attack in Tennessee occurred hours before the 5 police officers in Dallas were assassinated.  In Missouri a police car was ambushed as it drove by.  4 officers were wounded outside St. Louis.

A motorist shot an officer 3 times as the officer walked back to his car during a traffic stop.

Last night’s horrific execution-style shootings of 12 Dallas law enforcement officers – five of whom were killed and seven wounded - is an attack on our country. It is a coordinated, premeditated assault on the men and women who keep us safe.

We must restore law and order. We must restore the confidence of our people to be safe and secure in their homes and on the street.  The senseless, tragic deaths of two people in Louisiana and Minnesota reminds us how much more needs to be done.

This morning I offer my thoughts and prayers for all of the victims’ families, and we pray for our brave police officers and first responders who risk their lives to protect us every single day.

Our nation has become too divided. Too many Americans feel like they’ve lost hope. Crime is harming too many citizens. Racial tensions have gotten worse, not better. This isn’t the American Dream we all want for our children.  This is a time, perhaps more than ever, for strong leadership, love and compassion. We will pull through these tragedies.

Donald Trump tweet ‏- Last night's horrific execution-style shootings of 12 Dallas law enforcement officers

NEVER believe news media or law enforcement, they LIE to protect Muslims.

No violent reaction to blacks killing civilians in Chicago daily.  Obama desparately wants to set of race riots and civil war - and WW3.

Mad   MEDIA - DRIVEN LIE killed Dallas cops
July 9, 2016
 -  Philando Castile was an Armed Robbery suspect.
The Falcon Heights, Minnesota police shooting of Philando Castile is based around an entirely false narrative.  Castile pulled over by police because Castile matched a BOLO Alert for an armed robbery suspect.  
MEDIA - DRIVEN LIE created a backlash against police officers.

Mad   This is exactly what I said the morning cops were killed.
I blame media!  and that God-damned BHusseinO

DONT BELIEVE the assassin wasnt part of ISIS!

Dallas Mass Cop Murderer was Follower of Nation of Islam

Question   What happened to the 3 arrested leaving Dallas?
July 9, 2016  -  More media LIES, after they finalize the narrative
.  What happened to the 3 people leaving the scene of the shootout in the black Mercedes that were taken into cutostody? I watched video reports on BBC of these people being arrested in the middle of the freeway with about 50 cruisers surrounding them and the reporters said the suspects were not cooperative in the insueing interviews.

The narrative has now switched to a lone gunman.
The 3 were witnessed putting a "camo" bag in the car and leaving the scene.  Also, how can one shooter triangulate targets as was reported at the outset?

Rolling Eyes   El Zer0 head to Dallas
Barack Obama will travel to Dallas next week.
Obama meeting with NATO allies in Europe.
After the terror attacks in Israel, Bibi rushs home.  BHO takes his sweet time.

Exclamation   BLM KILLS COPS
July 12, 2016
 -  They are domestic terrorists, and ISIS Muslim terrorists work with them.
1,500 Fort Worth Police Officers call Black Lives Matter an organization that MURDERs American law enforcement officers.
Please dont call it 'killing' when a police robot detonates a bomb planted by the damned cop killer!  The Muslim killer chose death!  It was SUICIDE, not murder!

BLM thugs NOT peaceful!!
July 12, 2016
-  Mamma Grizzly unleashed!
Palin to "Sick MSM" Stop Claiming BLM Thugs and Rioters Are Peaceful!
HELLary Clinton, BLM, shooting cops, not condeming forcefully all the violence against innocents.
Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has a stern and simple message for the mainstream media, stop spreading the false narrative that Black Lives Matter agitators are “peaceful.”

BLM are terrorists - and ISIS Muslim terrorists has joined them.  Lots of riots media call protests are violent PAID anarchists - Muslim, black, mexican Larazas, ISIS


1 Corinthians 6:9  Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,
1Co 6:10  Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.

Dallas cop killer was FAHED HASSEN
July 13, 2016
-  Dallas COP killer's Arabic Name was FAHED HASSEN.
He was NOT a martyr.  The Arabic name of the Dallas mass murderer of the brave police officers was Fahed Hassen.  How much was Fahed motivated by Islam, the Nation of Islam, ISIS and Black Liberation Theology?

Day of Rage planned Friday in 37 US cities
Austin, TX


This Listing Of Islamic Terror Attacks For Just 2016 Will Leave You In Stunned Disbelief

This eye-popping, disgusting, unbelievable listing of Islamic terror attacks around the world for just the past 7 months is courtesy of our friends at Please share it with everyone you know who denies the reality of Islamic terror, like say, Obama and everyone who voted for him.


During this time period, there were 1268 Islamic attacks in 50 countries, in which 11664 people were killed and 14087 injured.

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32 (KJV)

This eye-popping, disgusting, unbelievable listing of Islamic terror attacks around the world for just the past 7 months is courtesy of our friends at Please share it with everyone you know who denies the reality of Islamic terror, like say, Obama and everyone who voted for him.

I am one of the servants of Allah.  We do our duty of fighting for the sake of the religion of Allah.  It is also our duty to send a call to all the people of the world to enjoy this great light and to embrace Islam and experience the happiness in Islam…“Our primary mission is nothing but the furthering of this religion.”Osama bin Laden, May 1998

**LONG Chart inside link!

Evil or Very Mad   IDAHO
Aug 9, 2016
Pamela Geller   -  Details emerge in Idaho Muslim Migrant child rape.
A 5-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by two boys at an apartment complex in Twin Falls, Idaho  while a third boy filmed the attack, police and city officials are covering up the fact that the boys are from Muslim immigrant families from Sudan and Iraq.

A hearing was held in the case of the little 5 year-old girl in Twin Falls, Idaho who was raped, with 3 Muslim migrant boys being the primary suspects.  Twin Falls County Prosecutor Grant Loebs lied outright when he said, “There were no Syrians involved, there was no knife involved, there was no gang-rape.”

In fact, there was a knife involved, and there was gang rape. Why would Loebs and other law enforcement and government officials LIE?

The hearing was worthless, but one fact emerged: 2 of the suspects are accused of assaulting this defenseless five-year-old girl both orally and anally.  And Grant Loebs has the audacity to say that there was no gang rape?


The Chobani yogurt factory, owned by a Muslim, is in Twin Falls.  He’s been importing Muslims to work there.  Chobani is worth a fortune to the town, so a story like this is VERY bad for business.  So they are trying to cover it up.

When is a LIE not a LIE?  
-  A Muslim is a Muslim whatever nation they hail from.  For Lyin Loebs to say the rapists were not Syrian is a lie in my book, even if they were from Iraq.  ISIS moves between Syria and Iraq and Turkey and EU very easily.

BOYCOTT Chobani Muslim Yogurt -
-  its NOT Greek!

ISIS infiltrating the bloodstream of Mainstream America
Aug 13, 2016
-  They are here in startling numbers.
General Michael Flynn said ISIS is already living in America.
ISIS has been CAUGHT plotting in the US, America is now in grave danger.


Today's Terrorism Sep 18, 2016
Cops shot in Ft Worth. Cops shot in Philly. Bombs in Manhattan and New Jersey. Stabbings/Shooting in St Cloud Minnesota mall and the Canada mall.  All on the same day - Saturday. Forum Index -> America NEWS
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