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ISIS M.B. WAR on the MidEast

Muslim Brotherhood (Hamas) is ISIS
ISIS is Sunni Islam - Wahabi like Saudi Arabia

Gulf War 3
Or is it the beginning of World War 3

Operation Inherent Resolve
Late October 2014 is the FIRST I saw what Obama is calling this war

U.S. coalition in SYRAQ - Syria, Iraq and Levant
LEVANT WAR *  Syria, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Sinai, ISIL ISIS
I may as well start this, since neither Syria nor Iraq threads are adequate

U.S. Marine Gen. Allen to lead coalition
Sept 14, 2014  
Kerry selects retired Marine Gen. John Allen to lead coalition.
Retired Marine Gen. John Allen has been selected to coordinate the international effort against ISIS.

Iraq has no army left
Turkey has opted out and closed its territory and air bases to the US.
Jordan has renounced any part of Obama coalistion and so has Egypt.
Germany said NO to Obama but is sending arms to the Kurds.

Britain, which sent a shipment of heavy machine guns and half a ton of ammunition to Irbil for the Kurdish Peshmerga, refuses to join the US in air strikes over Syria. (Sep 13 - did they change their mind)

France will host the founding of the coalition in Paris Sept. 15 – in competition to the American initiative. (?)  He has crossed Washington by inviting Iran.
Gen. John Allen, former commander in Afghanistan - Iraq, to lead the coalition.  It is hard to see what combat forces he will lead.  LOL

I had a hunch Gen. Allen was involved in a coup with Petraeus.  It was NOT easy to find any info on that.
Obama has been purging the military of any opposition for 5 years.
Allen was caught up in a 2012 that led him to resign his CIA post.

General John Allen opposed Iraq troop pullout.  He said Iraq would have been safer if the US hadnt withdrawn all its forces.
Allen was the U.S. commander in Afghanistan from 2011 to 2013

My job is not to repeat news but to tell you what it means.
I provide links for those who prefer the lies and deceptions.



Sept 16, 2014   Hagmann report
Part 1 is ISIS - ISIL - and why the difference.


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ZionsCRY  NEWS with Prophetic Commentary


International summit in Paris
Sept 15, 2014
International summit in Paris aimed at combating the Sunni Muslim jihadists.
About 40 countries, including 10 Arab states, have signed up to a coalition.
SoS John worthless Kerry attending.

France flights over SYRAQ
ISILstan, SYRAQ is Levant, Levant is everywhere they want.
France to begin reconnaissance flights over Iraq
French aircraft will begin reconnaissance flights over Iraq.
30 nations discuss how to cooperate in the fight against Sunni Islam in SYRAQ.

Bibi said Israel may strike Iran.  I wondered why he said that AGAIN.  Oh, the talks in Paris is probly the reason.  Bibi tried to reach Kerry.  Lotsaluck.
SYRAQ, Syria-Iraq ISILstan is Levant, Levant is everywhere they want to strike.  Some even claim it includes Israel.  You KNOW there is a reason Barak Osama says ISIL.
AP sources: First US strike in expanded Iraq fight

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. officials say the United States took the first step in the planned expanded fight against Islamic State militants Monday, going to the aid of Iraqi security forces south of Baghdad who were being attacked by enemy fighters.

The officials say Iraqi forces requested assistance when they came under fire from militants. Officials say the strike represents the newly broadened mission authorized by President Barack Obama to go on the offensive against the Islamic State group wherever it is.

Previous U.S. airstrikes in Iraq were conducted to protect U.S. interests and personnel, assist Iraqi refugees and secure critical infrastructure. Monday's strike was in direct support of Iraqi forces fighting the militants.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the mission publicly by name.

Syrian plane shot down
Sept 16, 2014
ISIS shot down Syrian fighter.
Raqqa is the capital of Callistan.  Isis named one of their mosques after Osama bin Laden.
Will our own US military fall into their hands?  God forbid.

Syrian war plane crashed near Raqqa (250 miles northeast of Damascus), and people on the ground were wounded.  Syria President Bashar Assad offered to join the US coalition, but Obama considers him part of the problem.  As always, Obama is WRONG.

US air strikes prepare Syria
The US Central Command said it conducted a strike southwest of Baghdad and near Sinjar in northern Iraq.
There is so MUCH space for major error, meaning friendly fire and/or military encounters with Russia.
Obama said that the US would retaliate against Syria President Assad if he were to go after American planes invading Syria.
That is like Obama saying he would defend USA if attacked by another nation.,7340,L-4571458,00.html

Retaking Mosul shouldnt take long
Iraq confident the military operation to retake Mosul would not take too long.
The Sunni Muslim jihadists took the Iraqi cities of Mosul and Tikrit in June and announced an Islamic Caliphate.  Sort of - Callistan.
I strongly sense something very bad is very close - planned - many know.
I dont know why isis wasnt called Callistan - being Muslim Sunni terrorists have established a Syria-Iraq calliphate. I dont believe the bad guys will lose.
U.S. general says cannot rule out larger ground role in Iraq

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The most senior U.S. military officer raised the possibility on Tuesday that American troops might need to take on a larger role in Iraq's ground war against Islamic State militants, but the White House stressed they would not deploy on a combat mission.

General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the U.S. military's Joint Chiefs of Staff, said there was no intention now to place American military advisers on the ground in direct combat. U.S. assistance is taking other forms, including air strikes.

Still, Dempsey outlined scenarios in which he might recommend having U.S. troops do more, potentially accompanying Iraqis during complicated offensives, such as a battle to retake the northern city of Mosul from Islamic State fighters.

"It could very well be part of that particular mission - to provide close combat advising or accompanying for that mission," Dempsey said.

Dempsey acknowledged that Obama's "stated policy is that we will not have U.S. ground forces in direct combat."

"But he has told me as well to come back to him on a case-by-case basis," he said.

Obama said last week he would lead an alliance to defeat Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria, plunging the United States into a conflict in which nearly every country in the Middle East has a stake.

But Obama also ruled out a combat mission, saying "we will not get dragged into another ground war in Iraq." How exactly America's role might evolve in the open-ended conflict remains unclear, however.

Responding to Dempsey's comments, the White House said Obama’s military advisers had to plan for many possibilities and that overall policy had not changed - that Obama would not deploy U.S. troops in a combat role in Iraq or Syria.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters that Dempsey was "referring to a hypothetical scenario in which there might be a future situation where he might make a tactical recommendation to the president as it relates to ground troops."

Dempsey's spokesman also issued a statement stressing that the four-star general's exchange in the Senate was not about "employing U.S. ground combat units in Iraq."

Dempsey was testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee, along with U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, as the Obama administration makes its case to Congress for broadening operations against the Sunni militants, which would include U.S. air strikes in Syria for the first time.


The U.S. military's Central Command is due to brief Obama on its plans on Wednesday. Hagel said those plans envision striking the militant group's safe havens in Syria to knock out infrastructure, logistics and command capabilities.

Dempsey said the strikes would degrade the group's capabilities as broader efforts get under way, including training of more than 5,000 Syrian rebels.

"This won't look like a 'shock and awe' campaign because that's simply not how (the Islamic State militants' group) is organized. But it will be a persistent and sustainable campaign," Dempsey told the Senate Armed Services Committee.

"Shock and awe" was a term popularly used to describe the initial air assault on Baghdad in the U.S. campaign to oust Saddam Hussein in 2003, and refers to use of overwhelming force to undermine an enemy's will to fight.

Congress is expected to approve this week a request from Obama for authorization to arm and train moderate Syrian rebels, one part of his program.

Still, Hagel acknowledged the number of Syrian fighters that could be trained over the course of the year would only put the opposition on a path to roll back Islamic State fighters.

"Five thousand alone is not going to be able to turn the tide. We recognize that," Hagel said.

The Senate hearing was repeatedly interrupted by anti-war protesters, shouting slogans such as, "There is no military solution." One protester was escorted out of the room while holding a sign that read: "More war = More extremism."

Senator Angus King of Maine, expressing concern that the United States would be drawn into interminable fights against extremist groups around the world from Iraq to Syria to Africa, said: "This is geopolitical Wack-a-mole."

Obama's First Defense Secretary: There Will Be Boots On The Ground If There's 'Any Hope Of Success' Against ISIS

Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates on Wednesday said US ground troops will have to be part of the equation if there's "any hope of success" in President Barack Obama's strategy to "degrade and destroy" the extremist group ISIS (also known as ISIL or the Islamic State).

"The reality is they're not going be able to be successful against ISIS strictly from the air, or strictly depending on the Iraqi forces, or the Peshmerga, or the Sunni tribes acting on their own," Gates said in an interview on "CBS This Morning" on Wednesday.

"So there will be boots on the ground if there's to be any hope of success in the strategy. And I think that by continuing to repeat that" he won't send ground troops, Gates said, Obama "in effect traps himself."

Gates' comments come a day after the White House sought to clarify comments from the administration's top military officer, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey, who opened the door for US ground troops if the situation on the ground deteriorates.

"To be clear, if we reach the point where I believe our advisers should accompany Iraqi troops on attacks against specific ISIL targets, I will recommend that to the president," Dempsey said.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest subsequently reiterated Tuesday afternoon that Obama believes US ground troops should not have a combat role in Iraq.

Gates, who served in both the George W. Bush and Obama administrations, also said he was concerned about the stated objective of the US mission against ISIS — to "degrade and destroy" the group. He said that goal may be "unattainable," considering the US' lengthy engagements with other terrorist groups like al-Qaeda.

"We've been at war with al-Qaeda for 13 years. We have dealt them some terrible blows, including the killing of Osama bin Laden," Gates said.

"But I don't think anybody would say that after 13 years we've destroyed or defeated al-Qaeda. I think to promise that we're going to destroy ISIS or ISIL sets a goal that may be unattainable, as opposed to devastating it ... and dealing them terrible blows that prevent them from holding territory. Those are probably realistic goals."

Islamic State Funds Push Into Syria and Iraq With Labyrinthine Oil-Smuggling Operation
West Pushes for Crackdown as Jihadists Move Fuel With Pipeline, Truck, Mule
Sept 16, 2014
The Islamic State is funding its rapid push into Syria and Iraq with a labyrinthine oil-smuggling operation that starts at seized Syrian oil fields, goes through makeshift refineries and can end up in jerrycans carried by mules into the hilly borderland of Turkey.
Amid Western pressure to squeeze the group's finances, Turkey is expanding efforts to crack down on the increasingly organized business, which is now generating an...

ISIS bans math, social studies for children
In swaths of Syria now controlled by ISIS, children can no longer study math or social studies. Sports are out of the question. And students will be banned from learning about elections and democracy.
Instead, they'll be subjected to the teachings of the radical Islamist group. And any teacher who dares to break the rules "will be punished."

ISIS revealed its new educational demands in fliers posted on billboards and on street poles. The Sunni militant group has captured a slew of Syrian and Iraqi cities in recent months as it tries to establish a caliphate, or Islamic state, spanning Sunni parts of both countries.

In the letter, ISIS said alternative courses will be added.
It also said teachers must erase the phrase Syrian Arab Republic -- the official name of Syria -- and replace it with Islamic State, which is what ISIS calls itself.
Educators cannot teach nationalistic and ethnic ideology and must instead teach "the belonging to Islam ... and to denounce infidelity and infidels."

Books cannot include any reference to evolution. And teachers must say that the laws of physics and chemistry "are due to Allah's rules and laws."
Watch ISIS’s Hollywood movie trailer goading U.S. to again invade Iraq

ISIS is an amalgam consisting of disaffected youth, displaced Iraqi and Syrian opposition fighters, and anti-Western fundamentalists. It is a relatively small force, and has only enjoyed the military successes it enjoys because of the weakness of its adversaries. ISIS is a group unworthy of much of the awe they have inspired in the West.

It is, however, an organization that does seek to function more like a state than a terrorist organization. ISIS has organized municipal services and humanitarian services. It collects taxes and fields a police force which enforces Sharia law. It provides water, electricity, and sewage to its residents. It produces oil and petroleum products and sells them on the black market for a reported $3 million per day in revenues. Perhaps most consequentially, ISIS has a propaganda arm as sophisticated as anything Goebbels ever managed.

For example, the Islamic State released a trailer on Wednesday for a new movie entitled Flames of War. It looks as well produced and action-packed as anything Michael Bay ever directed:

Most disturbingly, the minute-long trailer prominently features President Barack Obama assuring the nation that American ground forces will not be participating in combat operations against ISIS. The president’s insistence is juxtaposed with footage of American forces encountering resistance while serving in Iraq in the last decade.

The viewer is left with the impression that the Islamic State is eager to create the impression that the United States fears engaging ISIS on their terms. That is, no doubt, the propagandist message the terror group wants to project.

Whether Americans or ISIS likes it or not, U.S. ground forces may soon be again seeing combat in Iraq. On Tuesday, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey conceded that there were some circumstances that would lead him to recommend to the president sending American troops to serve in a combat advisory role alongside Kurdish and Iraqi forces. If the president’s strategy aimed at rolling back ISIS in Iraq and containing them in Syria is to be believed, those circumstances will soon arise.

U.S. Congress just approved WAR
Sept 18, 2014  
The Republican-controlled House voted to give Obama authority to AGAIN train and arm ISIS TERRORISTS.  O they claim Syrian rebels in either Iraq or Syria, but they are ISIS / ISIL.

WHAT is DUMBER, more EVIL than Obama sending troops back to WAR in IRAQ-SYRIA?
Congress APPROVING arms for ISIS!  Congress just approved WAR and the American sheepl dont even know WHO / WHAT has been approved!  Even the mostly awake dont know.

ISIL includes the Levant, which wipes out Israel
.  When Obama says ISIL he is denying the existence of Israel.  It is a knife in the back of Israel.  Like all Muslims, he longs for Israel to be destroyed.
If ISIS is the CIA and ISIL includes Israel and parts of Egypt, then it indeed is NOT Islamic.  It is all smoke and mirrors.  It is the biblical 666 Beast of Revelation 13 rising out of the murky sea of lies and deceptions.

The Obama (NWO) mission is DEMONIC.
Obama does not have US military in theatre to strike Muslims, they are there to help Muslims strike Israel.
The 5 Talibrains Obama released from GITMO to Qatar in June are now commanders in ISIS.

Final chess pieces moved into place.  Not a Muslim agenda - its a globalist agenda which I call the 666 Beast system.
The pope is part of the Beast.  DO NOT be blind to this!  The last 2 popes are EVIL.
Hagmann says  -  there WILL be WAR on the streets in the USA.

He said John Brennan, the head of the CIA is a Muslim.  I have known that.

This is the expectation of many Patriots I know personally.
I wrote this commentary as I listened to this audio.
There is more than one report that Levant includes far beyond Iraq-Syria.
Stan Deyo Sept 16, 2014 on Hagmann Report

Jordan and Israel is next target
Sept 17, 2014
THAT is why obama says ISIL, his target is not muslims.
ISIL is Hamass and is in Gaza and Sinai - and Israeli govt. knows it full well.
ISIS Sunni Muslim jihadists caliphate is much of Iraq and Syria.
Baghdadi is not content with the territory he already rules, he has vowed to forcibly spread Islam to the four corners of the world.

In a face-to-face showdown, Jordan with regional and international backing should be too much for the isis.
Israeli PM Netanyahu vowed to help Jordan.
ISIS has already reached Gaza, the West Bank and Israel proper - and the Sinai.

Jordan and Israel next target.  THAT is why obama says ISIL, his target is not muslims.  ISIL is Hamass MB and is in Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Sinai - and the Israeli govt. knows it full well.  and - yes - I am knowingly equating barak obama with isis / muslim brotherhood, who obama will help in egypt too.
ISIS is whoever the globalists want it to be.

France launches first airstrike in Iraq
Sept 19, 2014
France conducted its first airstrike in Iraq and had destroyed a logistics depot held by the Islamic Sunni jihadists referred to as isis.  The Rafale fighter jets struck the depot in northeastern Iraq and the target was entirely destroyed.
France wont go beyond airstrikes or attack targets in Syria.

Levant clearly includes Israel
September 19, 2014  SYRAQ, Levant
, ISIS / ISIL is the continuation of the Arab Spring, the battle for Jerusalem.

ARAB SPRING * The Battle for Jerusalem

British journalist purportedly shown in IS propaganda video

September 18, 2014 12:38 PM

BEIRUT (Reuters) - Islamic State militants fighting in Iraq and Syria released a video on Thursday that they said shows British journalist John Cantlie in captivity saying he will soon reveal "facts" about the group to counter its portrayal in Western media.

The Islamic State, which controls territory in Syria and Iraq, has already beheaded two American journalists and one British aid worker in recent weeks in what it said was reprisal for U.S. air strikes against it in Iraq.

But in the new roughly three-minute video posted on social media sites, the man identified as Cantlie appears in good health and promises to "convey some facts" in a series of "programs," suggesting there would be further installments.

"Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, 'He's only doing this because he's a prisoner. He's got a gun at his head and he's being forced to do this.' Right?" the man in the video, wearing an orange shirt and closely-cropped hair, says.

"Well, it's true. I am a prisoner. That I cannot deny. But seeing as I've been abandoned by my government and my fate now lies in the hands of the Islamic State, I have nothing to lose."

British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said he had heard reports of a video on social media and said authorities would look closely at any material released online.

"These videos can be very distressing for the families of the individuals involved," he told reporters during a visit to Copenhagen.

U.S. President Barack Obama has been trying to build an international coalition to destroy Islamic State, a Sunni Muslim extremist group which has exploited the chaos of Syria and Iraq to seize swathes of territory in both countries.

The United States has already carried out scores of air strikes against the group in Iraq and Obama said in a policy speech he would not hesitate to strike it in Syria as well.

In the new video, titled "Lend Me Your Ears, Messages from the British Detainee John Cantlie," the man identified as Cantlie says he was captured by the Islamic State after arriving in Syria in November 2012.

He says he worked for newspapers and magazines in Britain including the Sunday Times, the Sun and the Sunday Telegraph.

"After two disastrous and hugely unpopular wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, why is it that our governments appear so keen to get involved in yet another unwinnable conflict?" the man says in the video.

"I'm going to show you the truth behind the systems and motivation of the Islamic State, and how the Western media, the very organization I used to work for, can twist and manipulate that truth for the public back home."

Cantlie said other Western governments have negotiated for the release of their hostages but that the British and U.S. governments chose to do things differently.

"I'll show you the truth behind what happened when many European citizens were imprisoned and later released by the Islamic State, and how the British and American governments thought they could do it differently to every other European country," the man in the video says.

"They negotiated with the Islamic State and got their people home while the British and Americans were left behind," he says.


The United States resumed air strikes in Iraq in August for the first time since the withdrawal of the final U.S. troops from the country in 2011.

The raids followed major gains by Islamic State fighters who have seized a third of both Iraq and Syria, declared war on the West and seek to establish a caliphate in the heart of the Middle East.

The U.S. House of Representatives approved on Wednesday Obama's plan to train and arm moderate Syrian rebels in a message of support for his military campaign to "degrade and destroy" Islamic State

Britain has delivered humanitarian aid, carried out surveillance, given weapons to Kurds and promised training in Iraq. On military action, Britain supports U.S. air strikes and British Prime Minister David Cameron has repeatedly said Britain has ruled nothing out except combat troops on the ground.

Cantlie had previously been taken hostage in July, 2012 along with Dutch photographer Jeroen Oerlemans while working near the Syrian border with Turkey. They were released the same month after a group of "Free Syrian Army" fighters freed them.

Cantlie told media after his release they were threatened with death unless they converted to Islam, and both were shot and slightly wounded when they attempted to escape. He was shot in the arm, Oerlemans in the leg.

At the time, Cantlie wrote in the Sunday Times that the group of about 30 militants had been made up of different nationalities, many British and none Syrian, and that the British jihadists had treated him the most cruelly in captivity.

On Saturday, Islamic State released a video showing the beheading of British aid worker David Haines. A black-clad man in the video said another hostage, identified as Alan Henning, would be killed if Cameron continued to support the fight against Islamic State.

Thursday's video made no mention of Henning.

"Maybe I will live and maybe I will die," the man identified as Cantlie says. "But I want to take this opportunity to convey some facts that you can verify. Facts that, if you contemplate, might help preserving lives."

Videos by so-called isis were photoshopt.
Whether any journalists were beheaded is in doubt.
Those newsies who join isis may have helped isis.
Muslims regularly crucify, behead, kill, persecute, rape, but the videos meant to enrage the sheepl were created.
Islam is an evil satan-worshipping death cult of murder, NOT a religion of peace.
However - ISIS / ISIL may very well be the CIA, NWO, globalists.  DONT discard that.

ISIS is whoever the globalists want it to be.
Levant includes Iraq, Syria, Israel, Jordan, Sinai
ISIL includes the Levant, which wipes out Israel.  
When Obama says ISIL he is denying the existence of Israel.
It is a knife in the back of Israel.  Like all Muslims, he longs for Israel to be destroyed.
If ISIS is the CIA and ISIL includes Israel and parts of Sinai Egypt, then it indeed is NOT Islamic.
It is all smoke and mirrors.  
It is the biblical 666 Beast of Revelation 13 rising out of the murky sea of lies and deceptions.

Jordan and Israel are the next target.  
THAT is why obama says ISIL, his target is not muslims.
I am knowingly equating b
Barak obama is isis / muslim brotherhood.  
ISIS is whoever the globalists want it to be.

This article mostly talks about funding the Syrian rebels against ISIS...
Boehner and Pelosi Unite to Pass Bill Funding Planned Parenthood, Obamacare, Syrian Revolutionaries

( - House Speaker John Boehner (R.-Ohio) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) joined forces early Wednesday evening as the House passed a continuing resolution that will fund the government after the end of the fiscal year on Sept. 30, and that will permit funding for Planned Parenthood (the nation's largest abortion provider), the entirety of Obamacare, and an amendment requested by President Barack Obama "to train and equip appropriately vetted elements of the Syrian opposition."

The bill passed 319 to 108 with four members not voting. But there were not enough Republican members to pass the bill without significant support from Democrats. While Pelosi sided with the Republican leadership and voted for the bill, 53 Republicans joined with 55 Democrats in voting against it.

**Uhm...the Repubs control the House...ONLY 53 voted against it?

In addition to Pelosi, some of the other Democrats voting for the Republican leadership's bill, included Rep. John Conyers (D.-Mich.), Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schlultz (D.-Fla.), Rep. Xavier Becerra (D.-Calif.), Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D.-Ore.), and Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D.-Ill.).

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R.-Texas), Rep. Michele Bachmann (R.-Minn.), Rep. Trey Gowdy (R.-S.C.), Rep. John Fleming (R.-La.), Rep. Jim Jordan (R.-Ohio), and Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R.-Calif.) were among the Republicans who voted against it.

The Syrian opposition, which is seeking to overthrow the secular authoritarian regime of Bashar al Assad, includes al Nusrah Front, the al Qaeda affiliate in Syria, and the Islamic State in Iraq and al Sham (ISIS), which used to be an al Qaeda affiliate and now controls parts of Iraq and Syria.

ISIS recently beheaded two American journalists and a British aid worker.

The training and arming of Syrian rebels is aimed at combating ISIS and Islamist terrorism, so ISIS and al Nusrah Front would not be among the Syrian rebels deliberately armed and trained by the new U.S. policy authorized by this bill.

The bill will fund the government through Dec. 11, when a "lame-duck" Congress, which will include members thrown out by the voters in November, will be able to return to Washington and vote for programs and governmental actions that they may not have wanted to vote for before the election. That new funding bill will also be passed before the newly elected members of Congress will be sworn in and have a say in what the government does.

Before the inclusion of the amendment to train and arm revolutionaries in Syria, the House Appropriations Committee had described the continuing resolution as a "clean" bill that did not include riders affecting current spending programs and policies. The committee affirmed to last week that the bill does not prohibit funding for Planned Parenthood or for any element of Obamacare.

Twenty-four minutes before it voted on this final spending bill, the House voted on the amendment sponsored by House Armed Services Chairman Buck McKeon (R.-Calif.) that added to the bill the authorization for President Obama to arm and train the Syrian revolutionaries. That amendment passed by a vote of 273 to 156, with 3 members not voting.

Pelosi and Boehner joined together to vote for the amendment to arm and train Syrian revolutionaries, as did House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R.-Calif) and House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R.-La.).

Among the 71 House Republicans standing in opposition to Pelosi and Boehner and the other Republican leaders on this amendment were Rep. Trey Gowdy (R.-S.C.), Rep. Jim Jordan (R.-Ohio), Rep. John Fleming (R.-La.),  Rep. Louie Gohmert (R.-Tex.), Rep. John Duncan (R.-Tenn.), Rep. Thomas Massie (R.-Ky.), Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R.-Calif.) and Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R.-Wisc.)

“President Obama is choosing the wrong locals to support,” said Rep. Rohrabacher on the House floor. “With this vote, Congress approves the arming and training of the Free Syrian Army, which is riddled with radical Muslims. In short, we may again be arming insurgents who will end up our enemy. We are told that the Free Syrian Army has been vetted and that we can trust them. This is wishful thinking, not realistic planning.”

“The truth is that, if you look back under this president as commander in chief, we trained people in Libya,” said Rep. Gohmert. “We provided weapons to Libya that were then used against us in Benghazi. There are Americans dead because this administration felt compelled to go in and take out Qadhafi."

“Because Libya fell, so did Algeria and Tunisia," said Gohmert, "and it jump-started, as I have said before, the new Ottoman Empire, the new caliphate that the Muslim brothers and so many of the radicals are saying they are going for."

“One of the big problems, too, when we go in and train, as this President wants to do for the Syrians, they learn our tradecraft,” said Gohmert. “They use it against us, as they did at Benghazi.”

“I am opposed to the president's vague and inadequate strategy for dealing with ISIS; and, therefore, I rise in opposition to this amendment,” said Rep. Fleming.

“If we are going to degrade and destroy them [ISIS] it will not happen through an indecisive strategy that relies on unreliable and largely unknown help from Syrian rebels, whose own motivations and goals are mixed, and almost impossible to be certain of,” said Rep. Fleming.

Planned Parenthood--whose federal funding is permitted under the continuing resolution--said in its most recent annual report that it did 327,166 abortions in fiscal 2012. The same Planned Parenthood annual report said the group received $540.6 million in funding from local, state and federal governments in the year that ended on June 30, 2013. (Federal funding through Title X family planning grants cannot go to directly pay for abortions, but can pay for other Planned Parenthood activities.)

The CR also put no restriction on funding any provision of Obamacare or any regulation issued under Obamacare. That includes the preventive services regulation that requires individuals and families to purchase health insurance plans that cover contraceptives, sterilizations and abortion-inducing drugs even if doing so violates their religious faith.

“It is a critical piece of legislation, and my committee has crafted the bill in a responsible, restrained way that should draw wide support in the House and Senate," House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers (R.-Ky.) said last week when his committee released the bill--before the amendment was added to arm and train Syrian revolutionaries.

"This bill is free of controversial riders, maintains current levels, and does not seek to change existing federal policies," Rogers said.

Rogers voted for the amendment to arm and train Syrian rebels and then for the overall bill.
About 60,000 Syrian Kurds flee to Turkey from Islamic State advance

SURUC Turkey (Reuters) - About 60,000 Syrian Kurds fled into Turkey in the space of 24 hours, a deputy prime minister said on Saturday, as Islamic State militants seized dozens of villages close to the border.

Turkey opened a stretch of the frontier on Friday after Kurdish civilians fled their homes, fearing an imminent attack on the border town of Ayn al-Arab, also known as Kobani. A Kurdish commander on the ground said Islamic State had advanced to within 15 km (9 miles) of the town.

Local Kurds said they feared a massacre in Kobani, whose strategic location has been blocking the radical Sunni Muslim militants from consolidating their gains across northern Syria.

The United States has said it is prepared to carry out airstrikes in Syria to stop the advances of Islamic State, which has also seized tracts of territory in neighbouring Iraq and has proclaimed a caliphate in the heart of the Middle East.

U.S. forces have bombed the group in Iraq at the request of the government, but it is unclear when or where any military action might take place in Syria, whose president, Bashar al-Assad, Washington says is no longer legitimate.


FEAR NOT ISIS or ISIL - these are NWO codes.
Fear only GOD
.  I believe ISIL is code for the final war for Jerusalem.
Muslims make up new group names all the time, but so does the NWO.
The NWO speaks in code.  Phoenix is NWO.
Obama said - the world is united in the fight against ISIS / ISIL.
INTERPRETATION - The world is united against Israel.
You CAN make sense of what Obama says if you dig.
ISIL is not Islamic, said obama and that idiot Cameron.
INTERPRETATION -  ISIL is the coming Levant war for Jerusalem.
I can hear some of you say, Obama is NOT king of the world!  Right.
But he is the puppet slave of the NWO, the globalists, the illuminati.

Question    Khorasan Scarier Than ISIS
The NWO claim another NEW terror group - Khorasan - hahahaha.
I had to look it up -  Khorasan is turks.  the flag uses the sun - like the kurds do.
They are trying to really confuse us.  Google Kurdistan flag then Khorasan flag.
Kurds like Israel, who buys crude oil from them.
Turkey HATES Israel and usually hates the Kurds.

Wait and see if Kurds are better off in Turkey, who hates them.
Perhaps Turkey will filter the Syria Kurds down into Iraq Kurdistan.
Turkey is selling oil from both Kurds and ISIL as well as Iran oil.

Psalms 62:1  To the chief Musician, to Jeduthun, A Psalm of David. Truly my soul waiteth upon God: from him cometh my salvation.
Psa 62:2  He only is my rock and my salvation; he is my defence; I shall not be greatly moved.
Psa 62:3  How long will ye imagine mischief against a man? ye shall be slain all of you: as a bowing wall shall ye be, and as a tottering fence.
Psa 62:4  They only consult to cast him down from his excellency: they delight in lies: they bless with their mouth, but they curse inwardly. Selah.
Psa 62:5  My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him.

Psa 62:6  He only is my rock and my salvation: he is my defence; I shall not be moved.
Psa 62:7  In God is my salvation and my glory: the rock of my strength, and my refuge, is in God.
Psa 62:8  Trust in him at all times; ye people, pour out your heart before him: God is a refuge for us. Selah.

Psa 62:9  Surely men of low degree are vanity, and men of high degree are a lie: to be laid in the balance, they are altogether lighter than vanity.
Psa 62:10  Trust not in oppression, and become not vain in robbery: if riches increase, set not your heart upon them.
Psa 62:11  God hath spoken once; twice have I heard this; that power belongeth unto God.
Psa 62:12  Also unto thee, O Lord, belongeth mercy: for thou renderest to every man according to his work.
Masked man with AMERICAN accent appears in latest ISIS propaganda film 'Flames of War'

   The 55-minute long, 'Flames of War' video was posted on YouTube today
   It bears the hallmarks of previous propaganda including Hollywood-style effects and bloodthirsty, call-to-arms language
   At end of the tape, a masked jihadist in desert fatigues, speaks directly to the camera in an American accent
   An ISIS flag billows as Syrian soldiers loyal to dictator Bashar al-Assad dig their own shallow graves

Sept 22, 2014
This is excellent - click link and read it!
Kill immediately every ISIS combatant using every weapon in our arsenal in the shortest time period possible.
Yet, I cannot support the plan concocted by Barack Obama to, degrade and destroy ISIS.
Why?  First, it’s not sincere. One cannot solve a crisis you yourself created without first acknowledging your own mistakes. Obama FAILS.
Syria and Assad are on the front lines of fighting ISIS. Yet, Obama has been aiding Assad’s enemies.  
Obama will use this opportunity to militarily take on Assad.

Sunni jihadists (isis) in Sinai
Sept 22, 2014  
Sunni jihadists are the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists.  News is so convoluted as to be nearly meaningless.
Isis praises Sinai MB terrorists, encourages more terror, and essentially declares war on Egypt President Sisi.

Kurds halt Sunni jihadists (isis)
Syrian Kurds have halted a jihadists advance near Kobani on the border with Turkey.
 , also known in Arabic as Ayn al-Arab. More than 100,000 Syrian Kurds, driven by fear of Islamic State, have fled its advance, many crossing the border into Turkey.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which tracks violence in the Syrian war, said Islamic State fighters had made no significant advance in the last 24 hours.,7340,L-4573865,00.html

Russian President Vladimir Putin may cooperate with other countries on fighting Sunni jihadists.,7340,L-4573870,00.html

Eight-year-old girl in Australia asks Muslim youth to back jihad

Sydney: An incident has shocked not only the Australian security agencies who are chasing the Islamists on the ground, but also the entire world. According to a report in 'Australian', an eight-year-old girl has called the Muslim youths to back jihad. The worst fears have come true. The report says, "As Julia Gillard struggled to explain how Muslim children could be used to incite violence, eight-year-old Ruqaya yesterday fronted a congress of Islamic fundamendalists in Sydney to espouse her love for jihad. Addressing a 600-strong crowd at the Australian chapter of Hizb-ut-Tahrir in Bankstown in the city's west, the young girl urged all Muslim youth to fight for the restoration of the Islamic caliphate, a single global government for all Muslims established under strict sharia law."

The girl said, "My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, as the world gathers against the believers in Syria...seeking to hijack our sincere and blessed uprisings, children in Sydney would like to send their message of hope and support to the Muslims of (Syria), especially to the children and mothers," she read from notes. "These uprisings have demonstrated that this umma (global Muslim community) is alive and well, her love is for jihad, she is unshackled herself from the fear which she held, and she yearns to once again live under the banner of (the Islamic state). Children as young as myself can be seen on the streets joining the uprisings, risking their lives to bring food, water and medicine to their wounded family members, some of them never returning to their mothers ... Nobody is too young," she said.

Ruqaya was the seventh of nine speakers at the "Muslims Rise" conference. Organisers of the event invited the media to report on her address. Julia Gillard on Sunday expressed her horror at images showing Muslim children carrying inflammatory placards at a protest in Sydney on Saturday, including one that read "Behead all those who insult the Prophet".

Another sign at the protest read, "Our dead are in paradise, your dead are in hell." "I do not want to see in the hands of anyone, particularly children, offensive signs that call for the killing of others," the Prime Minister said. "This is not the Australian way.

"We believe in freedom of religion and we believe that every religion should be treated with respect."

Hizb-ut-Tahrir is an international political movement devoted to restoring a caliphate, the last of which collapsed in the 1920s. The movement hopes Islamic fighters in Syria will replace the Assad regime with a caliph-led state that will eventually annex other Muslim countries and promote Islam in the West.

The caliphate would also threaten Western nations with jihad if they did not prevent their citizens from defaming the Prophet Mohammed or Islam. It would be established under the same constitution imposed under Mohammed, which could not be reformed.

Ruqaya said, "We must work hard to achieve victory. It is enough that your generation and your parents' generation were raised in the absence of the khilafa (caliphate). Do not allow my generation to be added to that list."

Khaled Sukkarieh, the chairman of the Islamic Council of NSW, said images of children at the protest shocked many in his community. "Someone put that (banner) in the hand of a child. "That is a poor, innocent child. It is abhorrent and a very sad way of using children," Mr Sukkarieh said.

Pentagon: US and partners begin airstirkes in Syria
Sept 22, 2014
— The Pentagon says the U.S. and partner nations have begun airstrikes in Syria against Islamic State militants, using a mix of fighter jets, bombers and Tomahawk missiles fired from ships in the region.
Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby says that because the military operation is ongoing, no details can be provided yet. He says the decision to strike was made early Monday by the military.

The strikes are part of the expanded military campaign that President Barack Obama authorized nearly two weeks ago in order to disrupt and destroy the Islamic State militants, who have slaughtered thousands of people, beheaded Westerners, including two American journalists, and captured a large swath of territory stretching from within Syria to land across northern and western Iraq.

Some Americans who fought in Syria have returned
Some of the estimated 100 Americans who have tried to get to Syria and join up with groups like the Islamic State have returned to the United States and are under FBI scrutiny, a top official told reporters on Monday.
For months, top American officials have warned that U.S. citizens trying to swell the ranks of the Islamic State and other groups fighting to topple Bashar Assad pose an exceptional security risk.

Asked whether there were 100 Americans now in Syria, a senior administration official told reporters that the figure “includes those who’ve gone, those who’ve tried to go, some who’ve come back and who are under active – the FBI is looking at them.” The official was speaking at a briefing organized by the White House; the ground rules required that the official be anonymous.

Earlier, Secretary of State John Kerry highlighted th administration’s concerns in an interview with MSNBC.
“We have over a hundred fighters there from America. They have passports. They can come back here,” having acquired deadly expertise on Syrian battlefields, Kerry said.

On Sept. 17, President Obama chaired a special meeting of his national security team that focused on the danger posed by American fighters joining the foreign cause.
“With respect to the Americans who may be engaged in combat in Iraq and Syria, this is something that our national security agencies and counterterrorism team are taking very seriously,” National Security Adviser Susan Rice said Friday.

“It’s something we track closely. And we are doing obviously all that we can to both gather the necessary information and take the appropriate precautions to the greatest extent that we possibly can,” Rice said.

Asked whether 100 was a relatively low number that might signal success in keeping Americans off Syrian battlefields, the anonymous official replied: “I think that success is 0.”
“One American going is too much.”


Barak Hussein Obama, father of ISIS
Obama's war is on non-Sunnis, not ISIS

Barack Obama's objective is the “fundamental transformation of America.”
Obama is not just making a mistake in supporting the Free Syrian Army, he is using the crISIS as an opportunity to do what he could not do before.

In 2013 Obama was determined to bomb the regime of Syrian President Assad. The people Assad was battling were ISIS - Sunni Muslim ruthless killers, terrorists.  It was Assad providing protection of Syrian Christians and other religious minorities, and still is.

Obama couldn’t get Congress excited about his bombing idea.
(Actually Putin stepped in and stopped Obama.)

Obama provided arms to those Sunni rebels - ISIS.
Obama gave aid and comfort to ISIS.  He incubated the monster it has become.

Obama is not really at war with ISIS.  Remember, he wasn’t worried about ISIS. He called it a “JV” team.
INTERPRETATION - ISIS is just part of the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama has chosen the cruel Sunni (ISIS) terrorist side in a religious war in Syria and Iraq.
Obama has chosen the Muslim Brotherhood, the dark side, the aggressor side.

US begins air strikes in Syria
This is nuts, very wrong.  Count on some OOPS.
Assad should fear, Obama still wants to bomb him.

US begins air strikes in Syria

BBC reports the US and 5 Arab allies have hit (terrorists?) in Syria.
The Pentagon said warplanes, drones and Tomahawk missiles were used in the attacks, which targeted several areas including Raqqa.
Centcom said Sunni Arab countries Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates supported the strikes.  That is so unlikely.

US launches first strikes in Syria
Sept 23, 2014
The United States and its partners carried out 50 air strikes on
Raqqa and Deir al-Zor, in northwest Syria.
I DO NOT believe anything.,7340,L-4574157,00.html
Airstrikes in Syria and Iraq are just the start

WASHINGTON (AP) — The one-two-three punch of American and Arab airstrikes against Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq was just the beginning, President Barack Obama and other leaders declared Tuesday. They promised a sustained campaign showcasing a rare U.S.-Arab partnership aimed at Muslim extremists.
Obama on Syria strikes: War on Islamic State will 'take time'

Hours after plunging the United States into new warfare in the heart of the Middle East, President Obama insisted Tuesday that international support proved that “this is not America’s fight alone.”

Obama, speaking on the South Lawn of the White House, vowed to “take the fight” to the Islamic State and other extremists groups but braced Americans for a long and difficult conflict.

“The overall effort will take time. There will be challenges ahead, but we’re going to do what’s necessary to take the fight to this terrorist group, for the security of the country and the region and for the entire world,” he said.

The president’s remarks were notable in part for their lack of detail and their brevity — he spoke for barely three minutes, with his Marine One helicopter visible over his shoulder, and gave no details about whether the overnight operations were successful or what the next military step might be.


Evil or Very Mad   Obama kills children
Sept 24, 2014  
Civilians, children killed by Obama in Syria.  US airstrikes on Raqqa Syria.
The strikes targeted residential buildings in Aleppo.  Some facilities and vehicle" were hit.  (supposedly isis)

We have not seen details yet of the Syria bomb-bragging of the Obama mafia.
We dont know WHO got bombed.  We know Obama does not want to bomb Sunni-ISIL, and he does want to bomb Christians and Assad.
Russia is eager to embarrass Obama - understandably.  Smile
Russia stopped Obama from starting WW3 over a LIE a year ago, and Putin is behind Assad.

To find some vague hints at the FACTS, I have to go to enemy news sites.

ISIS / ISIL do NOT exist - the Muslim brotherhood make up a lot of other names so ppl dont correctly blame Sunni MB.

Obama's ISIL strategy
Sept 24, 2014
Expanding the air campaign into Syria raises dilemmas different from those presented in Iraq and the Levant.

USA targets Syria
Air strikes alone can’t defeat any enemy
Why does Obama set so much store by the symbolic involvement of Arab nations in the Syria strikes?  Barack Obama trumpeted the involvement of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan in Syria.

ISIL advances on Kurdish town in Syria after US-led air strikes
Kurds are fighting for control of Kobani, a Syria-Turkey border town.
Sunni jihadists are within 5 miles of Kobani (Ayn al-Arab).

Syria welcomes airstrikes on Sunni
Syria would welcome foreign airstrikes, as long as they only target the Sunni terrorists.

Syria welcomes airstrikes on Sunni
Sept 24, 2014
Arutz Sheva
Syria would welcome foreign airstrikes, as long as they only target the Sunni terrorists.
The United States is making a mockery of the world when it says that it will not coordinate the attack with the Syrian government.
The USA are killing Syrians just like the Sunni terrorists!


If Obama's mouth is open, he is - LYING!
Everything he says is meant to deceive us.

Obama bombs 7th country in 6 years
Sept 24, 2014  
Nobel Peace Prize winner Barak Hussein O-BOMB-a bombing women and children.
Noble prizes are a political joke - on the west.

American jets hit targets in Syria on Tuesday in the US-led fight against Islamic State. Although the US has not declared war since 1942, this is the seventh country that Barack Obama, the holder of the Nobel Peace Prize, has bombed in as many years.

Syria has become the latest country to have been openly targeted by the US, with Washington predictably not seeking the approval of Syrian President Bashar Assad.
The US and NATO started a bombing campaign in the north of the country on Tuesday against Islamic State militants, who have taken over parts of the north and east of the country.

New US-led airstrikes hit Syria
Five US air strikes have hit Syrian territory near Turkey.
Military planes that conducted attacks came from the direction of Turkey and were not Syrian.
They carried out strikes west of Kobani.
The attacks also killed eight civilians, including three children.
Good MAP of SYRAQ here.

Since Arabia and Qatar want to bomb Assad forces, using other Arab nations to bomb Syria is EVIL!   Twisted Evil


Algerian Islamic militants behead French hostage
Sept 24, 2014  
— An Algerian splinter group from al-Qaida has beheaded a French hostage over France's airstrikes on the Islamic State group, in a sign of the possible widening of the crisis in Iraq and Syria to the rest of the region.
The killing of Herve Gourdel, a mountaineer who was kidnapped while hiking in Algeria, was a "cowardly assassination," a visibly upset French President Francois Hollande said Wednesday, but he vowed to continue the military operation.

"Herve Gourdel is dead because he is the representative of a people — ours — that defends human dignity against barbarity," Hollande said on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly meeting in New York. "France will never cede to terrorism because it is our duty, and, more than that, because it is our honor."

On Friday, France joined the U.S. in conducting airstrikes on the Islamic State group in Iraq. Two days later, the Islamic State group called on Muslims to attack foreign targets, and the response in Algeria raised the specter of attacks on Westerners elsewhere.
Gourdel, a 55-year-old mountaineering guide from Nice, was seized Sunday night while hiking in the Djura Djura mountains of northern Algeria. His Algerian companions were released.

Weeks of U.S. Strikes Fail to Dislodge ISIS in Iraq
SEPT. 22, 2014  BAGHDAD
— After six weeks of American airstrikes, the Iraqi government’s forces have scarcely budged the Sunni extremists of the Islamic State from their hold on more than a quarter of the country, in part because many critical Sunni tribes remain on the sidelines.

Although the airstrikes appear to have stopped the extremists’ march toward Baghdad, the Islamic State is still dealing humiliating blows to the Iraqi Army. On Monday, the government acknowledged that it had lost control of the small town of Sichar and lost contact with several hundred of its soldiers who had been besieged for nearly a week at a camp north of the Islamic State stronghold of Falluja, in Anbar Province.

By midday, there were reports that hundreds of soldiers had been killed there in battle or mass executions. Ali Bedairi, a lawmaker from the governing alliance, said more than 300 soldiers had died after the loss of the base, Camp Saqlawiya. The prime minister ordered the arrest of the responsible officers, although a military spokesman put the death toll at just 40 and said 68 were missing.

US airstrikes target Syria refineries
Sept 25, 2014  
U.S. warplanes pounded eastern Syria, targeting mobile oil refineries.
They were aimed at cutting off money flowing to Muslim jihadists.  CNN claims fighter jets from Saudi Arabia and the UAE flew alongside U.S. aircraft. Obama calls jihadists ISIL.
In Syria, a U.S. aircraft damaged 8 ISIS vehicles.  No they didnt, those are USA vehicles jihadists took!

USA killed civilians in Syria

USA bombs oil in Syria
Islamic fighters advance in Syria despite U.S. strikes

DAMASCUS/MURSITPINAR Turkey (Reuters) - U.S. planes pounded Islamic State positions in Syria for a second day on Wednesday, but the strikes did not halt the fighters' advance in a Kurdish area where fleeing refugees told of villages burnt and captives beheaded.

President Barack Obama, speaking at the United Nations, asked the world to join together to fight the militants and vowed to keep up military pressure against them.

"The only language understood by killers like this is the language of force, so the United States of America will work with a broad coalition to dismantle this network of death," Obama said in 40 minute speech to the U.N. General Assembly.

FBI director: Strikes on al-Qaida cell Khorasan did not wipe out threat to U.S.

FBI Director James Comey said Thursday that he is “not confident” that a U.S. military strike against a Syrian-based al-Qaida cell has disrupted a plot to mount a terror attack aimed at the United States and that the group remains “at the top of my list of things that I worry about.”

U.S. officials said this week that President Obama had ordered the Monday night strike by cruise missiles and U.S. bombers against the so-called Khorasan group after concluding that it was “near the execution stage” of an attack against European and U.S. civilian aircraft. One senior administration official told reporters on a call organized by the White House that the terrorist attack had been “imminent.”

But Comey, meeting with a small group of reporters, seemed to contradict some of those claims and emphasized instead just how little U.S. intelligence actually knew about precisely what the Khorasan terrorists were planning — or when.

“This is a collection of very, very bad terrorist operatives in a safe haven that we don’t have a lot of visibility in,” he said.


US bombs Syria
Sept 26, 2014  
This WAR on SYRIA by Obama is so dead wrong for so many reasons!
Air and missile strikes hit oilfields in eastern Syria.
An air strike hit Tanak oilfield area in Deir al-Zor, which borders Iraq and was a major oil-producing province.
Other apparent missile strikes hit Quriyah and Deir al-Zor areas.

US air strikes in Syria destroy tanks - which belong to the USA anyway.
US air strikes destroyed 4 tanks and damaged another.
The Danish government is sending seven F-16 fighter jets to join US - but only in Iraq.

Free Syrian Army Brigade Armed w/Missiles by Obama Objects to Strikes on Al Qaeda.
INTERPRETATION  -  ISIL doesnt like being bombed.  FSA and alqaeda and ISIL are all MB - Muslim Brotherhood, and so is Obama.  Thats why you see buildings and vehicles - which belong to USA - bombed.

Pentagon denies killing civilians in Syria
Pentagon has denied any civilian casualties as a result of airstrikes in Syria.
Eight civilians, including 3 children, were killed in US airstrikes in of Syria.
No one is convinced by the Pentagon statements, though.
British Parliament approves airstrikes in Iraq; no endorsement of Syria strikes

British lawmakers voted Friday to join the U.S.-led coalition and launch airstrikes on Islamic State group militants as early as this weekend in northern Iraq, but the motion did not endorse airstrikes in Syria.

Prime Minister David Cameron described the moves as critical to national security, arguing that facing down terrorists has become a matter of urgency.

"There isn't a walk-on-by option; there isn't an option hoping it will all go away," he said.

He made a passionate plea that spelled out the consequences of inaction in drastic terms -- noting that the militants had beheaded their victims, gouged out eyes and carried out crucifixions to promote goals from the "Dark Ages."


Australia joins US air strikes
Sept 28, 2014  
Australia is poised to join air strikes - in Iraq.
Aussies oppose military intervention in Syria, for now.
Different considerations would apply if Australia would consider any request to be involved in Syria.

United States air strikes in SYRAQ
US bombs a building and 2 vehicles at the border crossing at Kobane (Ain al-Arab).
However, that failed to stop the MB jihadists.
40 Kurds were killed.  WHY kill the good guys?  Because Obama doesnt want to kill the MB, Sunni bad guys!

Raymond Ibrahim: The Islamic State Beheads and Mutilates As the Koran Instructs

  To understand why the Islamic State not only decapitates its “infidel” captives, but also mutilates and mocks their corpses— and all to sadistic laughter—one need only turn to the Koran and deeds of Islamic prophet Muhammad. The Koran exhorts believers to “Fight them [those who oppose Islam], Allah will torment them with your hands, humiliate them, empower you over them, and heal the hearts of the believers, removing the rage from their hearts” (Koran 9:14-15).

As usual, to understand the significance of any Koran verse, one must turn to the sira and hadith—the biography and anecdotes of Muhammad, respectively—for context.

Thus we come to the following account concerning the slaughter of ‘Amr bin Hisham, a pagan Arab chieftain originally  known as “Abu Hakim” (Father of Wisdom) until Muhammad dubbed him “Abu Jahl” (Father of Stupidity) for his staunch opposition to Islam.

After ‘Amr was mortally wounded by a new convert to Islam during the Battle of Badr, Abdullah ibn Mas‘ud, a close companion of Muhammad, saw the “infidel” chieftain collapsed on the ground.  So he went to him and started abusing him. Among other things, Abdullah grabbed and pulled ‘Amr’s beard and stood in triumph on the dying man’s chest.

According to Al-Bidaya wa Al-Nihaya (“The Beginning and the End”), Ibn Kathir’s authoritiative history of Islam, “After that, he [Abdullah] slit his [‘Amr’s] head off and bore it till he placed it between the hands of the Prophet. Thus did Allah heal the hearts of the believers with it.”

This, then, is the true significance of Koran 9:14-15: “Fight them, Allah will torment them with your hands [mortally wounding and eventually decapitating ‘Amr], humiliate them [pulling his beard], empower you over them [standing atop him], and heal the hearts of the believers, removing the rage from their hearts [at the sight of his decapitated head].”

The logic here is that, pious Muslims are so full of zeal for Allah’s cause that the only way their inflamed hearts can be at rest is to see those who oppose Allah and his prophet utterly crushed—humiliated, mutilated, decapitated. Then the hearts of the believers can be at ease and “healed.”

This is surely one of the reasons behind the Islamic State’s dissemination of gory videos and pictures of its victims: the new “caliphate” is trying to heal the hearts of every believer inflamed for the cause of Allah.

If this sounds too farfetched, consider the following picture of a decapitated “infidel” from the Islamic State’s websites. The Arabic caption to the left says “healing for hearts”—a clear reference to the aforementioned Koran verse:

Koran 96:15-16 also alludes to the fate of ‘Amr and offers more context applicable to the Islamic State: “No! If he does not desist, we will surely drag him by the forelock—a lying, sinning forelock.

According to al-Alusi’s tafsir, or exegesis, after Abdullah placed his foot on the dying foe of Islam, ‘Amr opened his eyes and recognized him. The once proud chieftain lamented that he was being killed by a common “goat herder,” to which Abdullah replied, “Islam elevates and nothing is elevated above it.”

He then sheared his head off. “But he could not carry it, so he made holes in the ears and put thread through them and dragged the head to the prophet.  Then Gabriel, peace be upon him, came laughing and saying, “O prophet, you got an ear and an ear—and the head between for a bonus!”

Based, then, on the treatment of ‘Amr bin Hisham (AKA “Abu Jahl”) as recorded in Islam’s core texts—Koran, hadith, sira, and tafsirs—all sadistic acts being carried out by the Islamic State were in fact committed by the earliest Muslims and all to the complete approval of Muhammad (and apparently the “angel” Gabriel, too).  They include:

   Beheadings and mutilations (e.g., holes in ears of ‘Amr)
   Humiliation and gestures of triumph (feet on chest of fallen victim, dragging his body, or head, on the ground)
   Laughter, mockery, and celebration (for the hearts of the believers are now “healed”)

Indeed, along with the “healing for hearts” image above, consider some other pictures taken from the Islamic State’s websites and how well they conform to the above accounts describing the slaughter of ‘Amr

Note how in the following four pictures, to demonstrate that the enemies of Islam have been brought low, as Koran 9:14-15 promised, Islamic State members make it a point to place their feet atop their fallen corpses, most of which were first decapitated.

Note also how the ubiquitous black flag of Islam is always raised above the fallen “infidels”—a reminder that “Islam elevates and nothing is elevated above it,” as Abdullah told ‘Amr, with his foot on his chest, before beheading him.


US airstrike kills Syrian civilians - AGAIN
Sept 29, 2014
US-led coalition airstrikes killed civilians but only wounded ISIS Sunni Muslim jihadists, destroyed mills and grain silos and other targets in NE Syria.
The good guys, the Kurds are in northeast Syria.
The Obama demolition never did want to bomb ISIS Sunni Muslims.

Turkish land operation in Iraq and Syria?
Sept 30, 2014
Obama's phony ISIL war was against the WRONG people for the WRONG reasons before it even began!
Kurds have been hated by Turkey, while Turkey is MB Sunni like ISIS - so Turks are not good to have on the ground, like Obama, they would kill the GOOD guys.
Turkish tanks positioned along the Syrian border as clashes between Kurds and Sunnis get closer.

Turkey Parliament to decide whether to send Turkish soldiers to take part in international military operations in Iraq and Syria.
Erdoğan has been pressing for war on Syria Shia (Assad, the GOOD guy) for 3 years.

Evil or Very Mad   Evil Erdoğan said Turkey could take part in land operation of the coalition, but also had certain demands.
Erdoğan (BAD GUY) does not want NATO to forget that the “moderate” Syrian opposition are there to topple  Bashar al-Assad.  Evil Erdoğan still wants to be rid of Assad.

Britain supports military operations against ISIL in Iraq, but not in Syria, because the Iraqi government has given consent for operations, while the Syrian government has not.
THIS IS HUGE!  Obama's phony ISIL war was against the WRONG people for the WRONG reasons before it even began!  Did I say that twice?

Turk tanks near Kobane
Sept 30, 2014
Turkish tanks take up position on Syrian border next to Kobane, a Kurdish town
Some tank guns pointed towards Syria.
More tanks and armoured vehicles moved towards Syria.
Turkey's top general, Necdet Özel, will speak to the cabinet on Sept. 30.


September 29-30, 2014  
Massacre fears as ISIS closes in on Baghdad.   cnn
ISIS militants less than 2 miles from Baghdad, fierce fighting reported near Iraqi capital

The Sunni jihadists (ISIS) marching toward Bagdad.

Saudi AF pilot refused to bomb ISIS


ISIL at the gates of Bagdad

ISIS Sunni Muslim terrorists at the gates of Baghdad.  Fierce clashes between jihadists and Iraqi government forces.  Sunnis attempting to enter and seize control of Baghdad.  Reports from vicar of the only Anglican church in Iraq

Brave Kurds fighting Sunnis
Sept. 30, 2014
 Kurds Peshmerga in Syria converted old tractors and lorries into military vehicles
They are badly out-gunned by ISIS Sunni Muslim terrorists.  
Kurds armoured their own vehicles into battle buses to fight the far better equipped Sunnis.
Thousands of Syrian Kurds have been forced to flee across the border into Turkey.
Despite the odds being against them, peshmerga forces have bravely fought back in Syria and Iraq.

Andrea Mitchell asked Pentagon why the US wasn’t more aggressively bombing ISIS Sunni Muslim terrorists.  We’re not hitting people so as much as we’re hitting a tank here and there, we’re not hitting troops.
Let me answer.  Obama and his Arab coalition all want to bomb the GOOD GUYS - Assad, not thier Sunni pals ISIS.

The problem is Barak Hussein Obama and his Sunni Arab coalition dont want to bomb the ISIS Sunni Muslim terrorists -
they want to bomb Assad and his Shia in Syria. LIES of war - most sheepl swallow their koolade.

Sunnis  (ISIL / Muslim Brotherhood)

Turkey hosts Sunni consulate
October 1, 2014  
Islamic terror state (ISIS) to open its first consulate in Turkey.
So that’s how Turkey got all its hostages back from ISIS, they promised to give the barbaric terrorist group legitimacy on the world stage.
ISIS first diplomatic mission in Istanbul to provide consular services for all who wish to join the Sunni terrorists.

TURKEY Greatest MidEast Threat

Sunnis behead Kurds
October 1, 2014  
Sunnis behead several Kurdsish men and women.
I bet they are Satanists, seriously.  DO NOT discount this!
Muslims worship satan calling him allah.
2 blasts in Homs kill children and residents.
Coalition jets strike Sunnis who are besieging a Kurd town near the Syria-Turkey border.  My money is on the Brits with this.
17 people including 10 children were killed in explosions near a school in Homs, Syria.,7340,L-4576720,00.html

Kurds seize Iraq/Syria border post
October 1, 2014  Kurds drove Sunnis from Rabia Syria-Iraq
border crossing and won the support of a major Sunni tribe.  HALELUJAH!
ISIS are Sunni MB, the Kurds need more help ON THE GROUND.

Baghdad totally against Arab anti-ISIS airstrikes in Iraq
October 2, 2014
 Here's a shock!
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi (bad guy) said he is “totally” against Arab nations’ involvement in airstrikes against ISIS Sunni jihadists, while absolutely welcoming it in Syria.
About 1,000 U.S. troops have been on the ground in Iraq for many weeks.  LIES of WAR.

ISIS Is One Mile From Baghdad
Sept. 29
- Did they stop n take a nap?  FINDING NEWS is not easy.  Most is lies, trash, yawn.
Obama’s Approval Rating Climbs the More We Bomb ISIS

After many months in a popularity trough, President Obama appears to be getting a little bump in the polls as a result of Americans strong support for U.S. airstrikes against ISIS jihadist forces in Iraq and Syria.

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows that 50 percent of Americans approve of his handling of the military campaign against ISIS, compared with 44 percent who say they disapprove.  That represents an eight-point improvement over the response back in August -- when just 42 percent said they approved of the president’s handling of the situation -- although that question only mentioned the bombing in northern Iraq and not the expanded warfare in Syria.

Some political analysts predicted that Obama would see his numbers rise a little after he announced Sept. 10 that the United States would step up its military air war against Islamic State fighters “wherever they exist.” While many have reservations or questions about the details of Obama’s joint operations with European and Middle Eastern allies, the American air campaign is highly popular with many Americans and lawmakers.

Seven in 10 Americans say they support the action, according to the new poll, which is up from 65 percent in early September. However, Obama’s decision to send in nearly 2,000 U.S. forces to train Iraqi government troops and coordinate airstrikes against Islamic State fighters is less popular. Still, 53 percent of Americans say they support that decision.

Overall public support for going after ISIS is up from the 60 percent level registered in a Gallup survey last month, a fairly solid majority although still slightly below their average of 68 percent for 10 other Obama military actions that Gallup has asked about in the past.

More importantly for Obama and the Democrats, however, the president’s approval rating is beginning to pick up after spending months in the 40-percent range. According to Gallup’s most recent three-day average, Sept. 28 to 30, the president’s approval rating stands at 44 percent, up a percentage point from the previous soundings.

Whether there will be enough improvement in Obama’s standing to make a difference in the Nov. 4 mid-term election is highly questionable. Political analysts say Republicans stand a good chance of picking up at least the six net seats they will need to regain control of the Senate. Moreover, many Democratic incumbents are keeping their distance from the President in the final weeks of campaigning –fearing that his continued unpopularity will rub off on them.

For example, Obama will be in Chicago Thursday afternoon to deliver a major speech on the economy. While there, he will hold a private fundraiser for embattled Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn that has been closed to the press. And there are no plans for Obama to publicly campaign for Quinn.

Kurd Kobane under heavy fire
October 3, 2014  
Heavy fighting between Kurds and Sunnis advancing on Kobane, Syria.
Turkish parliament authorised military operations against 'militants' in Iraq and Syria who threaten Turkey's security, and for foreign troops to use Turkish bases.
Turkish tanks and armoured vehicles have been deployed along the Syrian border.
Just who Turkey will consider 'militants' is in question, same as Obama and his Arab coalition.  REMEMBER THIS.

Turkey will try to stop Kurdish border town falling to Islamic State
Turkey does not want the predominantly Kurdish town of Kobani, near its border with Syria, to fall to Islamic State insurgents and will do what it can to prevent that from happening, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said late on Thursday.
"We wouldn't want Kobani to fall. We'll do whatever we can to prevent this from happening," Davutoglu said in a discussion with journalists broadcast on the A Haber television station.

Kurds regain ground in Iraq
October 3, 2014
 Brave Kurd peshmerga fighters are defeating the Sunnis village by village.
Kurds have regained around half their territory from the Evil Sunni MB jihadists.
The Kurds retook Rabia , the Mosul (Iraq) - Syria border crossing.
Syria Kurds have lost control of hundreds of villages to Sunnis, thousands of Kurds fled to Turkey.
But Kurds lack heavy weaponry and US air support in eastern areas close to Iran.

Kurdistan, who are Kurds?

Kurds are good, peaceful people
I compiled this description myself, from many links.
Kurds reject Islam.  Kurds are not Muslim and they are not Arabs.
A Muslim cannot be a Kurd, a Kurd cannot be a Muslim
The Kurds are an ethnic group in Kurdistan, which spans adjacent parts of Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey.
Kurds are productive, a pastoral and agricultural people, and good fighters.

They are Persian and speak the Kurdish languages of the Indo-European languages.
The majority live in West Asia, with communities in western Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Israel, Lebanon and, in recent decades, some European countries and the United States.
The Jumblatt Druze family was originally of Kurdish origin.

Syria Kurds say American joins fight
October 3, 2014  
Jordan Matson, a U.S. citizen has joined Kurds fighting Sunnis in Syria.

Kurds battle for Kobane Syria
October 5, 2014
 Kurds fight jihadists for control of Kobane Syria and Turkey evacuated some border areas as mortar fire spilled over.
Sunni jihadists seized a strategic hill overlooking Kobane one kilometre from town.
If the jihadists seize the hilltop, the whole town of Kobane will be in their sights.

Sunni control 1/3 of Kobani, Syria
October 9, 2014
ISIS Sunni MB terrorists kontrol a third of the Syrian border town of Kobani.  Air strikes totally useless.   All eastern areas, a small part of the north east and an area in the south east.

ISIS downs Iraqi military helicopter
October 9, 2014
An Iraqi army helicopter in northern Iraq
The helicopter crashed north of Baghdad near the Baiji oil refinery, 2 died.
ISIS claimed they downed the aircraft.

Turkish action in Syria unrealistic
October 9, 2014
 Turkey says it cannot be expected to lead a ground operation in Syria on its own.
Turkey is under intense pressure to do more to help Kurds fighting Sunni jihadists in Kobane, Syria.

Battle for Kobani, Syria
October 10, 2014
 Kurds appear to hold most of the town.
My job is to try to report the truth, as close as possible, not quote news sources who lie.  I do include links for those who enjoy the lies.

Sunni jihadists seized Kurd headquarters, control 40% of Kobani.
ISIS Sunni MB jihadists seize large areas of the Kurdish town of Kobani, Syria.
MB seized nearly half of Kobani as Turkish forces watched.  Sure, Turkey is also MB (Muslim Brotherhood terrorists) and usualy a Kurd enemy.

Islamic State hoisted its black flag in the town overnight and a projectile landed inside Turkey.
Ongoing, street battles, explosions rocked Kobani throughout the day.,7340,L-4579342,00.html
Pregnant Austrian teens in ISIS: We’ve made a huge mistake

Two Austrian teens got way more than they bargained for when they abandoned their homes and families to become “poster girls” for ISIS terrorists, and now they desperately want to come home.

Samra Kesinovic, 17, and friend Sabina Selimovic, 15, would love to press the undo button on the last six months, during which they traded their comfortable existence in Europe for a life of evil engineered by terrorists.

The teens are believed to be married, pregnant and living in the ISIS-controlled city of Raqqa in northern Syria, Central European News reports.

That’s a change of heart from the April note they left behind for their parents that read: “Don’t look for us. We will serve Allah, and we will die for him.”

For weeks, social-media accounts believed to belong to the girls had been posting pictures and information that seemed to suggest the young duo enjoyed living a life of terror.

The pictures showed the two girls smiling and wearing their new Muslim garb, sometimes while flanked by armed fighters.

Some of the images appeared to show the girls carrying weapons

But authorities in Austria say it was all an elaborate plan set up by ISIS to persuade the world that the two wanted to be the poster girls for jihad in Syria.

Some of the images may have been faked, including some that were taken years earlier of other women and re-posted on the girls social-media pages, Austrian authorities said.

“It is clear that whoever is operating their pages it probably is not the girls and that they are being used for propaganda,” said one Austrian security official.

The teens apparently were lured to ISIS by propaganda preached at their local mosque.

Clerics told them that the only way to know true peace was to head to Syria and take part in the holy war, officials said.

The girls had started lecturing schoolmates about their lifestyle and were even suspected of being behind a vandalism attack at their school calling for jihad.

Austrian media are reporting that Kesinovic and Selimovic have said enough is enough and want to return to their families.Photo: Europics

Now Kesinovic and Selimovic have had enough and are eager to return to their families, according to CEN. The girls reportedly managed to get word to their families they want to come home.

But reports also said the teens don’t feel they can flee because too many people now associate them with ISIS savagery.

“The main problem is about people coming back to Austria,” said Austrian Interior Ministry spokesman Karl-Heinz Grundboeck. “Once they leave, it is almost impossible.”

Kesinovic and Selimovic are among the bevy of women ISIS has recruited from around the world. Although its strict interpretation of Islamic law limits a woman’s place in society, women are often recruited into vital support roles through aggressive social-media campaigns that promise devout jihadist husbands.

In May, 16-year-old British twin sisters followed their older brother to Syria so they could marry jihadists, according to London’s Daily Mail.

Several weeks ago, a 16-year-old was arrested at a French airport under suspicion she was traveling to Syria to join Islamist rebels.

A 15-year-old French girl named Nora, the daughter of Moroccan immigrants, was lured by Syria through Facebook, according to her brother Foad.

She has said she wants to come home, and Foad traveled to Syria — but he was not allowed to leave with her.

“As soon as they manage to snare a girl, they do everything they can to keep her,” Foad said.

“Girls aren’t there for combat, just for marriage and children. A reproduction machine.”

Laughing  Laughing  Laughing  Laughing  Laughing  Laughing

ISIS meets its match in Kobane, Syria
October 11, 2014   PRAY for the KURDS!!!

Syrian Kurds do not fear the Sunni jihadists reputation!
Several thousand Kurds are still in control of Kobane despite an all-out attack by a better-equipped MB army.
But the USA still abandons the Kurds who helped us during Gulf War, the world leaves them to genocide.
Second to Israelis, the Kurds are the best guys over there!

Anbar Iraq Anbar appeals for help
October 11, 2014  
Iraq appeals for military help in Anbar province.
The jihadists have been attacking Ramadi and seized army bases in the area.
Anbar is home to Iraq's Haditha dam.

PRAY for the KURDS!!!
PRAY GOD will be with them as HE is with Israel.

Turkey bombs Kurdistan
October 14, 2014   -  Hakkari is Kurdistan
(disputed), in the corner tip of turkey bordering Iran-Iraq.  I suspect Turkey and Obama agreed that Turkey can kill Kurds.
Turkish F-16 and F-4 warplanes have bombed Kurds in Hakkari province near the Iraqi border.
Kurds are angry at Turkey's refusal to help defend Kobane.

Kurds recapture key Kobane hill
October 14, 2014
 -  Kurds recaptured a strategically important hilltop west of Kobane on Syria's border with Turkey.

ISIS takes Iraq army camp, bombs grip Baghdad
October 13, 2014
 – ISIS takes a key military training camp in Anbar province as deadly bombings shook Baghdad Shiite neighborhoods and leaving at least 30 dead.
ISIS holds half of Kobani, Syria.

Muslim Jihadists training pilots to fly captured jets
October 17, 2014
Sunni Muslim Brotherhood isis jihadists are even more dangerous in planes!  
They have trainers, Iraqi officers who were pilots for Saddam Hussein.  Iraqi pilots teaching ISIS to fly MiG's captured in Syria.
IDF needs to shoot em down ASAP
They are flying east of Aleppo.
They have MiGs captured from the Syrian military.
US training isis ( rebels),7340,L-4581202,00.html

Kobani, Syria is more strategic than USA admits
October 17, 2014
Obama has refused to help our historic allies, the Kurds.
Kurds report the Sunni terrorists were driven out of most of Kobane
Kobani on Turkey's border is far more of a strategic prize than the United States wants to admit.
Kobani has been besieged for weeks by Sunni jihadists and is now a ghost town.
John Kerry is a Satanic Evil like Barak Obama and that entire mafia.
U.S. ground troops are needed both in Syria and Iraq.
I dont even like including links.  There is too much disinformation.

SYRIA, ISIS, Kurdistan

Kobani may fall to Sunni terrorists
October 19, 2014
Jets strike Kobani after fierce shelling by the Sunni terrorists, also hit Turkey border.  Sunnis want to take control of Kobani and consolidate 60 miles along the Turkish border.  Turkey insists it must also confront Assad.  
FALSE!  Assad is the GOOD guy.

Evil Turkey would oppose US arms transfers to Kurds
October 19, 2014  
- Turkish President Erdogan said Turkey would not agree to any US arms transfers to Kurds.  Turkey calls Kurds a terrorist group.  KURDS ARE U.S. ALLIES!,7340,L-4581657,00.html

10 civilians killed by USA in Syria
October 19, 2014
Coalition attacks killed civilians in Syria.
Coalition strikes near Kobani.
USA should NOT bomb Syria.  Assad is the GOOD guy.,7340,L-4581371,00.html

Syria tunnel blast kills 60 of Assad forces
October 19, 2014
Syrian rebels blew up an Assad army post in northern Syrian region not far from Idlib.  It killed 60 Syrian soldiers and captains.
They dug attack tunnels in rocky terrain similar to that of the Israeli-Lebanese border, raising more fears that Hellzballah may use the same techniques.
Rebels obliterate army post and 60 soldiers using UN equipment and digging in rocky terrain - similar to that of Israel-Lebanese border.

They were seen preparing the tunnel with drills before placing the explosives.
Like Hamas in Gaza, the Syrian rebels use UN equipment.
The rocky terrain is similar to that on the Lebanese border with Israel.

America’s Air Dropped Weapons to isis - that was NOT accidental  
October 21, 2014
ISIS said American weapons intended for the Kurds were air dropped into Kobani territory they control.
At least one bundle of U.S. weapons airdropped in Syria appears to have fallen into the hands of ISIS.
ISIS has stolen 3 fighter planes from Iraqi bases it conquered.

US probes stray Syria air drop
October 22, 2014  -  
27 bundles containing small arms, ammunition and other weaponry were dropped near Kobane Syria.

US drops weapons into enemy hands
October 22, 2014  
-  ISIS shows off American weapons intended for the Kurds in Kobani.
ISIS has several boxes of munitions.
They are the bombs that the American forces dropped for the Kurds.
3 USAF C-130 planes delivered 27 bundles of supplies from the Kurds in Iraq.
Syrian UN envoy Bashar Jaafari could was not notified of US arms drops.

PRAY for the Kurds!
When I saw US air dropt weapons to the Kurds, I knew Obama wouldnt do that.
ISIS Video: America’s Air Dropped Weapons Now in Our Hands
In a new video, ISIS shows American-made weapons it says were intended for the Kurds but actually were air dropped into territory they control.
Updated 5:35 pm

At least one bundle of U.S. weapons airdropped in Syria appears to have fallen into the hands of ISIS, a dangerous misfire in the American mission to speed aid to Kurdish forces making their stand in Kobani.

An ISIS-associated YouTube account posted a new video online Tuesday entitled, “Weapons and munitions dropped by American planes and landed in the areas controlled by the Islamic State in Kobani.” The video was also posted on the Twitter account of “a3maq news,” which acts as an unofficial media arm of ISIS. The outfit has previously posted videos of ISIS fighters firing American made Howitzer cannons and seizing marijuana fields in Syria.
ISIS had broadly advertised its acquisition of a broad range of U.S.-made weapons during its rampage across Iraq. ISIS videos have showed its fighters driving U.S. tanks, MRAPs, Humvees. There are unconfirmed reports ISIS has stolen three fighter planes from Iraqi bases it conquered.

The authenticity of this latest video could not be independently confirmed, but the ISIS fighters in the video are in possession of a rich bounty of American hand grenades, rounds for small rockets, and other supplies that they will surely turn around and use on the Kurdish forces they are fighting in and around the Turkish border city.

On Monday, White House Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes said the U.S. government was confident that the emergency airdropped supplies for the Kurdish forces near Kobani were falling into the right hands.

“We feel very confident that, when we air drop support as we did into Kobani… we’ve been able to hit the target in terms of reaching the people we want to reach,” Rhodes told CNN. “What I can assure people is that, when we are delivering aid now, we focus it on the people we want to receive that assistance. Those are civilians in need. Those are forces that we’re aligned with in the fight against ISIL [the government’s preferred acronym for ISIS], and we take precautions to make sure that it’s not falling into the wrong hands.”

Rhodes was responding to questions about a Monday report in The Daily Beast that U.S. humanitarian aid was flowing into ISIS controlled areas near Kobani by truck. That aid was mostly food and medical supplies, not the kind of lethal weapons in the new ISIS video.

The Levant, the Battle for Jerusalem
October 27, 2014  by Jan Markell

I am a strong believer in the Genesis 12:3 blessing and cursing.
God does bless those that bless Israel.
He likewise curses those who hammer her or betray her.  

WHY does Barack Obama call the Sunni Muslim jihadists ISIL?

The "L" stands for The Levant. This is a geographic region that today includes Cyprus, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, parts of Saudi Arabia, parts of Turkey, a part of Egypt and all of Israel. The Levant is a crossroads of Western Asia, the Eastern Mediterranean, and northeast Africa.

ISIL has made it clear that Jerusalem is the final destination for the formation of  global domination. The goal line is Israel; the goal posts are Jerusalem.

The heart of the Islamic State Caliphate is to be Jerusalem - God's holy city. The city to which Jesus will return some day. The heart of the Caliphate is the entire Levant but they are marching towards Israel.

So why does Barack Obama insist on calling the Islamic State ISIL? Some suggest he is sending a signal to the terrorists that he is okay with this idea. When one looks at his overall policies against Israel, it makes sense.  
ISIL seems to have Obama in their back pocket.
Obama and his State Department know ISIL ambitions are The Levant.

We have a weak, ineffective air campaign.  Are some of our highest leaders on the wrong side of this battle?

Israel knows what is going on and she is further reminded that her former ally has switched sides. She senses the betrayal.  But this is playing into the predicted biblical scenario that must play out, since according to Zechariah 12, all nations will turn on Israel. If you look at things through the lens of Bible prophecy, you will lessen your despair as the world deteriorates.

Is it any wonder that America is more problem laden than at almost any other time in her short history? There are consequences for coming against God's covenant land which He declares as His in Leviticus 25.  

"I will bless those who bless you, and the one who curses you, I will curse. And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed" (Genesis 12:3).

America is engaged in risky behavior. The behavior has consequences. They are in our daily headlines.

Jan Markell commentary on why Barack Obama calls ISIS “ISIL.”
It’s all about “the Levant” and the destruction of Israel. audio


OBOMBa shell - he knew!
November 2, 2014
-  Obama has repeatedly claimed that he knew nothing about ISIS and blamed the Intelligence community.  But that has been shown to be a lie, Obama was briefed over a year ago.
Obama doesn’t really want to engage the MB ISIL because they are Muslim brothers.
The US military armed and trained ISIL in 2013 at a US base in Jordan.  Then they were called Syrian rebels - who are MB.
I edited, changed article.

The War Nerd: Crunching numbers on Kobane

Obama bombing of ISIS
NTEB News Desk | November 4, 2014 | 16 Comments


“And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh.” Luke 21:20

The allied rocket strike attacks on ISIS in Syria and Iraq have certainly slowed down their forward momentum, but has not even come close to stopping them. The Russian Times today reports that the Islamic State has seized it’s second oil field in Syria in a week:

Islamic State militants claim to have gained control of the Jahar gas field in central Homs province from the Syrian army. The militants posted pictures on social media boasting of the capture, which they now consider part of their ‘Caliphate.’ The photos depict an Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) flag raised over the field as well as captured Syrian tanks and weapons, says SITE, a jihadist web monitoring service. IS says they have captured two tanks, seven four-wheel drive cars, and several machine guns after clashes with regime forces. Last Thursday, the insurgents took control of the Sha’ar gas field, where they killed at least 30 pro-government soldiers, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

The mere fact that ISIS is still about to do that after a month of allied bombing shows you how ineffective the strikes truly are. But this battle that has been raging for months now is about one thing and one thing only – Israel. Today the Islamic State made the announcement that revealed their true intentions.

CAIRO, NOVEMBER 3 – The Islamic State (ISIS) has issued a statement saying that an Islamic Caliphate will be established in the Sinai, calling it the ”first step towards the invasion of Jerusalem”. The statement threatens Egyptian security forces, which were suffered an attack on October 24. ISIS urged jihadists in the region to ”destroy police checkpoints and stations, launch RPGs at their gatherings and show the world that the Rule of God must be imposed”.

As the prophets have declared, Jerusalem is the end game in this spiritual battle. Everything that is happening right now will reach it’s true fulfillment in the battle of Armageddon during the time of Jacob’s trouble.

“Alas! for that day is great, so that none is like it: it is even the time of Jacob’s trouble; but he shall be saved out of it.” Jeremiah 30:7

For now, the Islamic State seems to be on a preordained unstoppable path that began with the formation of a caliphate in Iraq and ends in an attack on Jerusalem. Just how much they will be able to accomplish only God knows. But they are giving it their best shot which so far has been surprisingly effective.  These are the days written of by the prophets, the actors have taken the stage as we watch the play unfold. Birth pangs, prophecy, and the blessed hope.

“And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.” Luke 21:28

ISIS Price List for Sex Slaves Surfaces, Highest Prices Paid for Children and Infants

A document has surfaced detailing the ISIS-approved price list for Christian and Yazidi sex slaves abducted by the barbaric terror group, which also reveals that the highest prices are paid for children and infants.

“We have been informed that the market for sale of women had been witnessing a reduction in price which effects the needs for the Islamic State and the funding for the Mujahideen,” the document reads, according to an English translation of the notice. “For this, the commerce department had decided to set a fixed price regarding the sale of women. Therefore, all auctioneers are to abide by this and anyone who breaks the rules will be executed.”

Featuring the ISIS seal of approval, the document then provides a price list in dinars for the sale of the Christian and Yazidi women, which is broken down according to their age range. It also notes that buyers are not permitted to have more than three sex slaves, except for “foreign sales to Turks, Syrians and Gulf states.”

While forty to fifty-year-old women are being priced at the equivalent of $43, and twenty to thirty-year-old women at $86, children nine years old and younger are being sold for $200,000 Iraqi dinar, or $172 dollars. Infants as young as one year old are available for sale according to the list.


ISIL-QAIDA - Its still Sunni Islam!

The worlds trash - together - again
November 14, 2014
Come on, the Muslim terrorists change group name constantly.  Supposedly ISIL, (Islamic State met al-Qaida in northern Syria and agreed to stop fighting each other.  A rose by any other name still - has thorns.,7340,L-4591881,00.html

Big Daddy still alive
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was not killed
, urged attacks against Saudi Arabia.,7340,L-4591830,00.html

This is an Arabic letter which depicts Christians and Jews, who ISIL wants to kill.

ISIL minting its own Currency
November 14, 2014  
-  Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi instructed his followers to mint gold, silver and copper coins.
After seizing large swaths of Iraqi and Syrian territory in 2014, these Sunni Islamic terrorists proclaimed a caliphate with Big Daddy al-Baghdadi the caliph.  It's unclear where the Islamic State group intends to get the gold, silver and copper for the coins. It said the dinar's purchasing power would be its weight in gold, silver or copper.

One coin has Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.
One of the gold coins carries the symbol of seven stalks of wheat, mentioned in the Qur'an, while another has the map of the world, a reference to Islam someday ruling the entire world.  The copper coins carry a crescent moon and three palm trees.



A-10 Warthogs called up for SYRAQ
November 29, 2014
dailymail   -  A-10 Warthog ground attack planes and Reaper drones called up against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.  A dozen A-10s are being moved from Afghanistan to Kuwait.  More drones armed with missiles will patrol the skies.

Rumors Chuck Hagel was FIRED for disagreeing with Obama on this 'war'

The way the Obamafia micro-manage the military, its unlikely any real damage to ISIS will occur.

The non-war on ISIS
November 30, 2014  
-  US flies about 85% of airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.
Thats because the Obamafia insist on micro-managing so they do the least harm to ISIS.
U.S. military releases few specifics about the missions.

Kobani suicide bombing
November 30, 2014  
-  ISIS launched an attack on Kobani from Turkey.
Turkey lets ISIS (Sunni Muslim terrorists) pour into Kurd town of Kobani.
The assault began when a suicide bomber driving an armored vehicle blew up on the Kobani-Turkey border.
The bomb-loaded vehicle that detonated on the Syrian side of the border.
ISIS are attacking Kobani from all 4 sides.

Turkey has been hesitant to aid Kobani Kurds because it fears that could stoke Kurdish ambitions for an independent state.
WAKE UP Turkey.  Kurds have their Kurdistan now!
I have heard several reports that Turks are fighting Kurds with ISIS.  Turks lie, so I dont believe their denials.

There are usually 4 times more words than needed in articles!  And then they do not contain sufficient important information.  So I supply it if I know it.

Israel, US could do more against ISIS
December  3, 2014
-  As the ISIS Sunni Islamic terrorists sweep across the Middle East, Kurds have borne the brunt of trying to halt them.

Barak Obama created, trained and armed ISIS.  He does NOT WANT to stop them!  Its all show, an act - which the whitehouse kontrols - micro manages.  That is why there's been little-no effect on ISIS.

SYRIA,  KOBANI Kurds fighting ISIS
December  4, 2014
-  150 Iraqi Kurds entered Kobani from Turkey to replace a first group helping Syria Kurds.,7340,L-4599679,00.html

Kurds doggedly defend town
The men and women of Kobani call one another heval (comrade) and fight with revolutionary conviction, vowing to liberate Kurdish land from the ISIS Muslim terrorists.
Often, members of the same family can be found on the front lines.

Syrian Kurds say they still control border crossing with Turkey.

Kurds are fighting for freedom.  Freedom is only achieved when you go out and get it yourself.
He said he is fighting for a free democratic Syria, not an Islamic Syria.

Jordan: Battling ISIS is ‘Our Third World War’
December 7, 2014
-  Jordan’s King Abdullah is in Washington to meet with Barack Obama.
Abdullah believes battling the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and other terrorist groups is “our third world war.”  Abdullah stated that ISIS is a Muslim problem that they need to take ownership of.  We need to stand up and say what is right and what is wrong. This is no reflection of our religion. This is evil and all of us have got to make that decision.

“We have to stand up and say this is the line that is drawn in the sand and those that believe in right should stand on this side and those that don’t have to make a decision should stand on the other. It’s clearly a fight between good and evil. I think it’s a generational fight. As I said to President Putin, I think this is our third world war by other means.”

JORDAN, the real Palestinian state


Egypt - Saudi rulers take charge
December 6, 2014
 Netanyahu’s epic understandings with Egyptian, Saudi and UAE rulers.
The 6 GCC rulers meet in Doha Qatar next week amid high suspense across the Arab world. Its agenda is to unravel the 2010 Arab Spring.  Also hints of quiet cooperation between Israel and key Arab rulers.

Doha parley is designed to restore Egypt under the rule of President Abdel Fatteh El-Sisi to the lead role it occupied before the decline of Hosni Mubarak.  Another is to root out the Muslim Brotherhood by inducing their champion, the young Qatari ruler, Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, to drop his government’s support (for MB).

At talks taking place in Riyadh ahead of the summit, Qatar appeared ready to discontinue the flow of weapons, funds and intelligence to the Muslim Brothers and their affiliates across the Arab world (Libya, Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Hamas-ruled Gaza), as well as curtailing or shutting down the El Jazeera TV .

Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu may be a key ally.
Yet, Netanyahu has kept it quiet

This week, Israel quietly agreed to Egypt deploying 13 army battalions in Sinai (demilitarized under their 1979 peace treaty), including tanks, and flying fighter jets over terrorist targets.

This meeting in Doha is HUGE!
This is what I see after reading this debka article.
Israel and the named Arab nations (I aint so shore bout Qatar!) have turned on Obama.  GOOD!  

The Doha summit is designed to undo the effects of Obama support for terrorists.
Might this delay WW3, buy the world more time?  Unknown.  Maybe.

My doubt
Saudis put Obama in the whitehouse.  Wassup?
Did Obama betray them?

Arab leaders cannot openly admit allying with Israel.
We are told NOTHING we need to know in BORG (lamestream) media.



ISIL takes Anbar
December 14, 2014 -  NOTE - There are U.S. troops in Iraq
Police and pro-government Sunnis defending Al-Wafa Iraq have been forced to flee for lack of ammunition.  Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) stormed a town in Iraq's western Anbar province on Saturday, killing at least 19 policemen and trapping others inside their headquarters.
ISIL seized the town of Al-Wafa, about 20 miles west of Ramadi, now controls 3 major towns west of Ramadi.

Kurds kill 16 ISIL in NE Syria
December 14, 2014
-  Kurds killed 16 ISIL terrorists in an attack in northeastern Syria near the border with Turkey south of  Ras al-Ain in Hasakeh Province.  Ras al-Ain was the scene of fierce fighting in 2013 before Kurds forced ISIL out of the town.  Clashes were also reported at the Kobani border.
The ISIL terrorists have terrorized and killed people of all communities, including Shias, Sunnis, Kurds, and Christians.

Iraqi Kurds capture Sinjar mountain, free hundreds
December 18, 2014
 Kurds have fought their way to Iraq's Sinjar mountain and freed hundreds of Yazidi people trapped there by ISIL Sunni Muslim terrorists.
Masrour Barzani said a vast area has been liberated, and a corridor is open and hopefully the rest of the Sinjar region will be freed from ISIL.
The Yazidi are NOT Christians as some report, they are a Kurd offshoot whose practices are Zoroastrianism which is occult.

Kurdistan PM holds talks to Turkey
December 20, 2014
-  Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu received visiting Iraq's Kurdistan Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani in Istanbul on Friday.  The two leaders held a closed-door meeting in the Dolmabahce Palace.
Barzani later flew to Ankara and met with Turkish President Erdogan.
Kurd gas makes up 30 percent of Turkey's gas consumption.


Father asks ISIS to treat captured Syria pilot son as guest
December 25, 2014
-  AMMAN - The father of a Jordanian pilot captured by Islamic State fighters after his plane crashed in Syria said he did not consider his son a hostage and called on his captors to treat him as a "guest".  Kasaesbeh, who comes from a prominent Jordanian Sunni Muslim family, is the first pilot from the international coalition known to have been captured by Islamic State.

Jordan is one of several Arab countries participating in the US-led military mission to bomb ISIS, which holds territory in both Syria and Iraq.  First Lieutenant Muath al-Kasaesbeh, 27, was captured after his jet crashed in northeast Syria during a bombing mission against the terrorists. The US military said enemy fire was not the cause of the crash.

A Jordanian pilot has been captured by ISIS.

ISIS shoot down Jordanian F-16 jet that was assisting U.S-led coalition strikes in Syria and capture its pilot

From Baltic to Asia, East-West aerial confrontations heat up

Reporter who spent ten days with ISIS says the West 'has no concept' of how dangerous the group is and says they want to 'kill all non-believers and enslave their children'

ISIS Says It Will Conquer Europe Soon, Undertake Religious Cleansing And Kill Ruthlessly

Obama State Department Working With Designated Islamic Terror Group to Whitewash Them

ISIS has Ebola
January  1, 2015 -  ISIS in Mosul have contracted Ebola.
Ebola arrived in Mosul from terrorists who came from several countries and Africa.
Ebola showed up at a hospital in Mosul. ISIS doesn't embrace science and modern medicine.

God to ISIS -  You like blood?  Here ya go!

ISIS kills Jordanian Pilot
January  2, 2015 -  This is the ONLY source, so I am wondering
The Islamic State Muslim terrorists executed Jordanian pilot Mu’ath al-Kaseasbeh,
who was taken prisoner in Syria last week, according to the Lebanese Al Mayadeen news.
ISIS shot down a fighter jet over northern Syria, taking the pilot prisoner.

Kurds seize Kobani
January  6, 2015
 -  Kurds have advanced in Kobani Syria after heavy fighting with ISIS Muslim terrorists.
Kurds took the police headquarters and other government buildings.
Syrian Kurds have been slowly advancing in Kobani with the support of Iraqi peshmerga Kurds.,7340,L-4611710,00.html

Iran getting U.S. weapons
January  9, 2015
-  U.S. weapons are winding up in Shiite militias. The Baghdad government is turning hardware over to Shiite militias that are heavily influenced by Iran and have been guilty of gross human-rights violations.  (FACT  -  Typical of Islam.)  The U.S. government is aware of this.  Iraqi forces are often trained and sometimes commanded by officers from Iran’s Revolutionary Guard.

ISIS is killing IRAN Generals in IRAQ
January 13, 2015
-  ISIS kills Iranian elite al Qods unit commander Gen. Mehdi Norouzi in Iraq.
ISIS wiped out the forward command group of Iran’s Al Qods north of Baghdad. Norouzi was the second Iranian general in Iraq to succumb to this tactic.  ISIS suicide killers blew themselves up in the midst of Gen. Norouzi’S group.  Last week ISIS took down Gen. Hamid Taghavi in Samarra, Iraq. Norouzi no sooner arrived to take over from Taghavi when he was also killed.

Jan. 5 ISIS jihadi conducted a cross border raid into Saudi Arabia near and killed Gen. Odah al-Balawi, commander of the Saudi border guard.  The Saudi King is dying (or dead?) so ISIS is taking advantage.

ISIS tracks the movements of targeted commanders, followed by spies, usually locals, to their staffs. These moles keep ISIS abreast of movements, etc.  ISIS tacticians use this information for assassinations.

Israel’s chief of staff, Benny Gantz met US JCS Gen. Martin Dempsey at the Pentagon in Washington DC on Jan 8 with some tough questions.

Israel is getting extremely worried about the expanding Iranian military operation in Iraq and the military cooperation between Washington and Tehran.
Dempsey brushed Israel’s concerns aside.

My opinion is that Obama is warning ISIS of everyone's moves in advance.  THAT is the real reason Obama is dealing with Iran.

ISIS seriously injured IRAN Gen. Soleimani in Iraq
January 14, 2015
-  Gen. Qassem Soleimani Al Qods commander was seriously injured in a targeted attack by an ISIS suicide squad.
The attack took place near Samarra in central Iraq.
ISIS got close to Soleimani before blowing themselves up.
Soleimani was rushed to hospital in Tehran.
ISIS has wiped out the forward command group of Al Qods commandos.

Twisted Evil
McCain urges 'boots on the ground' to combat IS

Jerusalem (AFP) - US Senator John McCain on Monday urged the deployment of international ground forces to combat jihadists in Syria and Iraq, as he toured the Middle East with a Senate delegation.

"For months we've been bombing (Syrian border town) Kobane and we still haven't driven ISIS out," the Senate Armed Services Committee chairman told reporters in Jerusalem, using an acronym for the Islamic State group.

"Since the air campaign started... ISIS has increased their size and areas of control.

"The reality is, we need more boots on the ground... we need intelligence, we need special forces, and we can't treat Iraq and Syria as different battlegrounds because it's the same enemy," McCain said.

"We are going to have to have an aircraft exclusionary zone which provides a buffer in order for us to not only train and equip (rebels), but to take care of refugees," he added.

IS began its offensive on Kobane in mid-September and came close to overrunning the town. But Kurdish fighters, backed by a steady campaign of US-led air strikes, have gradually recaptured territory.

McCain was heading a delegation of US senators on a trip to the region that included visits to Israel, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

The US military is to send more than 400 troops to train Syrian rebel forces as part of a long-planned effort to build up a moderate opposition to take on IS.

The training will take place in Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar and is expected to start in the "early spring," the Pentagon says.

But President Barack Obama, wary of having the US drawn into the multi-sided civil war in Syria, has been accused by some rebel groups, lawmakers and allies of moving too slowly to help the Syrian opposition.

US troops have already started training Iraqi government and Kurdish forces in the fight against the IS jihadists, with about 2,100 Americans deployed to Iraq.

ISIS shoots MANPADS at U.S. A-10s
January 20, 2015
-  The missiles may have come from Gaddafi’s stockpiles.
The U.S. Air Force sent in A-10 Thunderbolts into Iraq for airstrikes against ISIS, who shot shoulder-fired, surface-to-air missile systems at them.  These manpads came from Libya after Obama murdered Kaddafi. Many of them were found in a cave in Egypt last year

McCain is a crazy, evil old man

Kurds expel ISIS from Kobane
January 26, 2015
-  Kurds have expelled ISIS jihadists from the Syria - Turkey border town of Kobane .
Kurds now have almost full control over Kobane.

Syria rebels fire rockets at central Damascus
January 26, 2015  -  Seven people were killed, dozens wounded  when rebels fired rockets in central Damascus.

Syria rebels take Deraa base
January 26, 2015  -  Syrian rebels (the BAD guys) seized an important Assad base in Deraa in southern Syria near Jordan.  Deraa is a key to protecting Damascus.  Rebels have rocket launchers and anti-aircraft weapons.,7340,L-4619093,00.html

Turkey opens camp for Kobani refugees
January 26, 2015  -  Turkey opened its biggest refugee camp to house 35,000 people fleeing fighting in Kobani, Syria.  The tent camp has two hospitals.  Turkey has 24 camps housing 265,000 Syrian refugees.

Kobani Win, but Mosul may require new tactics
January 28, 2015
-  Kurdish recapture of Kobani in northern Syria appears to have provided a blueprint for defeating ISIS-DAESH.  Taking back Mosul in Iraq may be an entirely different matter.

Click here for more

ISIS-DAESH kills Kurd Commander in Kirkuk
January 30, 2015
-  ISIS-DAESH killed a senior Kurdish commander and 5 others in a major attack in Iraq's Kirkuk province. The assault southwest of Kirkuk began at around midnight.  Brigadier General Shirko Rauf was killed, 46 wounded.

IRAQ  -  ISIS chemical weapons expert killed
January 31, 2015  -  Abu Malik
, an ISIS-DAESH chemical weapons expert killed in Iraq.
Malik was initially working as a chemical weapons engineer during the rule of Saddam Hussein.
He was reportedly killed in an airstrike near Mosul on January 24.

Me, I doubt everything.

ISIS-DAESH kills Japanese hostage
February 1, 2015
-   Did ISIS kill him - and the Jordan pilot - or not?  Question
ISIS video of beheading of Japanese hostage Kenji Goto.  The Islamist terror group ISIS claims it has beheaded a Japanese journalist, a week after beheading another Japanese hostage and demanding the release of a would-be suicide bomber.

A video released Saturday claimed that reporter Kenji Goto was executed after a Thursday deadline for Jordan to release prisoner Sajida al-Rishawi was not met. The tape appears consistent with other ISIS hostage videos, according to Flashpoint Intelligence, a global security firm and NBC News consultant.

Muslim JIHADIS are todays Nazis  
ISIS and the Nigerian Boko Haram Muslim terrorists compare to the Nazi genocide.
Ditto Hamass and the other Muslim Brotherhoods.  They are ALL ISIS.

ISIS takes Kirkuk
February 1, 2015  -  ISIS took Kirkuk, Iraqi oil facility
, 15 workers missing.  ISIS-DAESH Sunnis seized a small oil field near Kirkuk, northern Iraq, and the 15 employees are missing.  Friday, ISIS captured parts of the Khabbaz oil fields southwest of Kirkuk.

ISIS-DAESH in Afghanistan South Asia
February 2, 2015
 -  The ISIS terrorists are expanding operations to Afghanistan.
There is evidence of a connection between ISIS and the Taliban.

ISIS heartland is Iraq and Syria, but it is building a presence in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
ISIS has named Pakistani Taliban commander Saeed Khan a regional leader for South Asia.

Shocked  A heavy concentration of Jews is in Afghanistan and Pakistan!
They trace their ancestry way back but must appear as Muslim for their safety.

I have 2 other threads and I dont want to combine

Operation Kasaesbeh  *  Jordan Strikes
February 6, 2015  
-  Jordanians inscribed messages to ISIS on bombs before warplanes took off to bomb ISIS-DAESH in Syria.  Dedicated to the dogs of Daesh, one wrote on a bomb, referring to the Arabic insult for ISIS.  Kasaesbeh was the pilot ISIS killed after had been captured near Raqqa Syria when his F-16 went down.,7340,L-4623635,00.html

Just the beginning
February 6, 2015  -  Jordan sends dozens of fighter jets to strike ISIS-DAESH in, near Raqqa, Syria
This is just a beginning of the retaliation.  Jordan fighter jets have struck ISIS-DAESH hideouts, ammunition depots, and training camps throughout Syria.  Raqqa, Syria is an ISIS-DAESH stronghold.  Jordan King Abdullah, dubbed the warrior king, pledged they would start playing a larger role against ISIS.
GREAT RT VIDEO of many targets struck!
Jordan is upping the ante, going after ISIS with everything they we have.
Jordan deployed many fighter jets against ISIS-DAESH.

Damascus Syria
Many people were killed in Damascus Syria when (ISIS-DAESH) rebels unleashed rocket fire on  President Bashar al-Assad forces.  ISIS-DAESH holds parts of Syria and Iraq.
Jordan targets were destroyed and the aircraft returned home safely.
American F-16 and F-22 jets provided security to the Jordanian fighter planes, with additional support from refueling tankers and surveillance aircraft.
Washington has also deployed aircraft and troops to northern Iraq to boost capabilities to rescue downed pilots.


Obammay's phony coalition
February 6, 2015
-  Barack Obama coalition participation of the UAE, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Bahrain only symbolic.  It is feared that the joint US-Iranian war effort against ISIS is providing a smokescreen for Iran to advance its regional aspirations.  YES I AGREE.  Obama does NOT want to kill ISIS.

ISIS sentenced US hostage to death last year
The American hostage Kayla Mueller, seized by ISIS in Syria in 2013 was executed.
She was NOT killed in 2015 by Jordan airstrike.  This RT link doesnt state ALL that, but many are saying she didnt live long once ISIS took her.

Iraq ground assault on ISIS
February 9, 2015  
-  A ground offensive by Iraqi troops against ISIS is coming, according to John Allen, the American coordinator.  Allen said Iraqi forces will begin a ground offensive to take back land seized by ISIS.  When the Iraqi forces begin the ground campaign to take back Iraq, the coalition will provide major firepower.,7340,L-4624475,00.html

Kurds seize 100 villages from ISIS
February 9, 2015
-  Kurds continue to make progress after liberating Kobane, 101 villages recaptured so far.  Syrian YPG Kurds have seized villages from ISIS jihadists around the town of Kobane on the Turkish border, expanding their control in the area.  In some villages, they have met little resistance, with ISIS withdrawing as they advance.

Assad says Syria is 'informed' but no dialogue
February 10, 2015
-  Syria gets information via Iraq.  Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said third parties including Iraq were conveying information to Damascus about air strikes in Syria.
Assad said there was no direct cooperation with the United States.,7340,L-4624872,00.html

USA tramples over International Law
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad notes is on a need-to-know basis for anti-ISIS airstrikes, begrudges US support of other rebel groups.  He said, Sometimes, they convey a general message. There is no dialogue.

Damascus has grudgingly accepted the Syria strikes against ISIS, but has repeatedly criticized the coalition for failing to coordinate with it.  Assad ruled out joining the coalition against ISIS, saying Syria cannot be in an alliance with countries which support terrorism.  Yep, he's right.

Syria doesnt need Jordan in fight against ISIS
Syria criticized Jordan, saying Syria does not need outside help.  (O yes they DO!)
Damascus will not accept Jordanian or other foreign ground troops crossing into Syria to fight.,7340,L-4624792,00.html

PRAY for these Kurds!
ISIS-DAESH video shows captured Kurds paraded in cages
February 15, 2015
-  ISIS posted a video showing 17 caged Kurds being paraded through the streets of Kirkuk Iraq clad in orange jumpsuits and shackled.  Individual cages holding each prisoner were carried on white pickup trucks, accompanied by an ISIS terrorist waving a black flag and carrying an AK-47 assault rifle.

The prisoners were apparently paraded through the Hawija district near Kirkuk in northwest Iraq about 150 miles north of Baghdad.  This is part of Kurdistan.  ISIS now has a strong presence in Kirkuk.

Comments posted
I would not put it past this regime, namely, Valerie Jarrett with providing them with the orange jump suits trying to incite TERROR in the USA.
How did Jarrett get there, and more worrisome, is WHY is she still there?
She is Creepy, tip toeing around the white house, all hours of the night, checking for what, the boogey man?
Our NATO ally, Turkey, has been burning and killing Kurds for over 100 years.

US airstrike kills 15
February 19, 2015
 -  US airstrike mistakenly targets Haditha, Iraq mosque, 15 Muslim worshipers killed.  WHY would Obama target this mosque?  Because they are enemies of ISIS.,7340,L-4628184,00.html

Imams of Haditha mosques in Iraq have urged the citizens to rebel against ISIL.

Question   Jordan using napalm on ISIS
February 18, 2015  -  There are unconfirmed reports that the Jordan Air Force used napalm during airstrikes on ISIS, 70 ISIS killed, many more with severe burns.  We hope so.

Jordan King Abdullah war with ISIS
Unlike Oduhmuh, King Abdullah understands full well that he is in a showdown with ISIS, which he describes as “a Third World war.”  Jordan King Abdullah sees himself as a moderate Arab reformer. He believes Islam is the answer to the challenges facing his region, but he does not believe in violent jihad.  He has built good relations with the West, maintains a solid peace treaty with Israel, and has worked hard to protect Christians in Jordan.  But he is acutely aware that the jihadists are gunning for him.

Question   Does Obama understand just how catastrophic it would be for Jordan to fall to ISIS?  O yes, thats what Obama hopes!

Question   Does obama want to crush ISIS and stand firm with Jordan? NO!

Obama delays responding to ISIS, which is steadily expanding its control of Syria.
The war Obama is eager for is the war on Americans, Jews and Christians.

ISIS is Saudi Wahabi Sunni Islam, and Antichrist

Question   Does obama understand the king of Jordan is making a fool of Obama?

USA plans Mosul Offensive
February 20, 2015
-  USA, Iraq planning to retake Mosul from ISIS
Iraqi and Kurds troops preparing to recapture Mosul from ISIS this spring.
It was captured 2014 June.
CENTCOM said the assault is planned for April or May.
When ISIS first attacked Mosul last June, the Iraqi army simply fled.

Obama trains ISIS round 2
US and Turkey agree to train, equip more ISIS
February 20, 2015  
-  The United States and Turkey have agreed on a plan to train and equip 'moderate Syrian rebels' aka more ISIS jihadists, beginning in March.
The US will send 400 troops to Turkey which includes special operations.
Jordan, Qatar and Saudi Arabia will also take part.

In 2013 Obama trained the Syrian moderate rebels at Jordan base, and they are now ISIS.
I suppose Obama's ISIS needs more jihadists.
What might be Turkey-Obama goal? -  To kill the Kurds.
Kurds are NOT Muslims.  In fact they trace back to Jews.  TRUE.

There is SO MUCH articles DONT say.  Iran and Hezballah troops are fighting in Iraq.  I suspect Hamas may also be there.
WHY the demon Obamafia telegraphed the timing of the attack is insane!

ISIS Funded by the Obama administration
20 February 2015
 - is trustworhy
An ISIS leader named Yousef al-Salafi in Pakistan has admitted that ISIS is being funded by the USA, and thus, the Obama administration.

Top ISIS Commanders Killed in Air Strike
February 26, 2015
-  Senior ISIS commanders killed in air strikes in Iraq, fate of Big Daddy unknown.
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was reportedly en route to the area.  Arab news claimed many killed.  It is not yet clear if ISIS top leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was killed.
Iraqi sources said that Baghdadi was to attend the meeting.
The fighters that carried out the strike were flown by French pilots.

There are so many reasons to doubt this story!

Kurds cut ISIS supply line
February 26, 2015  -  Syrian Kurds in northeast Syria cut one of ISIS supply lines from Iraq.,7340,L-4630910,00.html

ISIS seize 100 Iraqi tribesmen
February 26, 2015
-  These are the good guys, as Muslims go.
ISIS have abducted 100 Sunni Muslim tribesmen near Tikrit.
Iraqi soldiers and Shiite militias have been gathering for an attack on ISIS along the Tigris River to the north and south of Tikrit.,7340,L-4630808,00.html

220 Assyrians abducted by ISIS
February 26, 2015
-  AFP reports that 220 Assyrian christians were abducted by ISIS.

ISIS attacks Samarra
February 28, 2015
-  ISIS (Islamic State) suicide bombers and terrorists attacked Samarra, northern Iraqi where security forces and Shia militias have been gathering for an offensive.

2 ISIS suicide bombers blew up their cars. A Muslim terrorist drove a Humvee rigged with explosives into Samarra and detonated it, while ISIS terrorists attacked security with sniper fire, mortars and rocket propelled grenades.

Iraqi militias being called Hashid Shaabi (Popular Mobilization) gathered around Samarra to drive ISIS away from the Tigris River, including Tikrit.,7340,L-4631693,00.html

Obama cursed the op against ISIS by exposing it, the fool.

One Iranian Nuke Could Kill One million Israelis
Iran plans to drop one nuke in mid-Mediterranean for a tsunami to drown Israel’s heartland.  - headline, no link

Putin Shakes His Fist at Obama
Arm Ukraine and I’ll Send Hi-Tech Weapons to Iran, Egypt and Syria
To punish Obama, Russian S-300 air defense missiles will be supplied to upgrade Mid East arsenals headline, no link

Tikrit offensive against ISIS-Daesh
March 2, 2015  Iran military
spearhead Iraqi Tikrit offensive with Shiite and Sunni fighters.
IRAN!??!!  Iraqi forces backed by Shiite and Sunni fighters began a large-scale military operation to recapture Tikrit from ISIS-Daesh.  Iraq PM Haider al-Abadi promised a pardon to Sunni tribal fighters who abandon Daesh.
Saddam Hussein's hometown Tikrit fell to ISIS in June 2014, as did Mosul and other Sunni areas.
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi declared the start of the Salahuddin province operation.  Tikrit lies 95 miles north of Baghdad.

Some 30,000 Iraqi troops and militias backed by Iraqi fighter jets pounded ISIS positions around Tikrit.  
Iraqi forces are also moving along side roads to prevent Daesh's escape.    
The forces involved include local Sunni tribes opposed to ISIS.
The attack includes fighter jets, helicopters and artillery.,7340,L-4632348,00.html

General Soleimani resembles Omar Sharif!

Tikrit offensive, Iran runs the show
March 3, 2015
-  Tikrit offensive, USA takes a back seat as Iran runs the show.
The Iraq-Iran operation to take back Tikrit from ISIS jihadists.
The assault on ISIS in Tikrit included Iraqi aircraft and possibly Iranian planes may be involved.
Iran Quds General Qassem Soleimani oversees operations.
US surveillance aircraft provide intelligence.

ISIS-Da'esh pulls back from Tikrit
ISIS-Da'esh  is pulling back from Tikrit as the Iraqi Shiite - Sunni alliance led by a an Iranian general retake it.
The Iraqi alliance recaptured parts of Qadisiyah north of Tikrit.  Iraqi forces approached Tikrit from several fronts, but not yet entered central Tikrit.  Iran Quds General Qassem Soleimani supervises Iraqi Shiite militias trying to recapture the Salahuddin Province.

I am unclear if Kurds are part of the Iran-Iraq militias.  Kurds are NOT Muslims.

Sad  ISIS-Da'esh kills Sunni tribesmen
March 3, 2015
-  4 Sahwa Sunni tribesmen shot dead who belonged to a tribal group north of Tikrit.
Sahwa is the term used for Sunni tribesmen who oppose ISIS.  The Sahwa helped US forces defeat Al Qaeda.  Iraqi PM Abadi urged all Tikrit residents to lay down their arms and turn against ISIS.


IRAQ forces seek to encircle ISIS in Tikrit
March 5, 2015 -  A TV report said its been a very "bloody" battle
The offensive is being overseen by a top Iran general.
Iraqi army soldiers and Shia militiamen are seeking to encircle Islamic State fighters in Tikrit, on the third day of a major operation to retake the city.

Iraqi forces advancing but progress has been slowed by roadside bombs.
They captured al-Maibdi and other villages and oil fields, and blocked an ISIS supply line to Diyala province.

However, they have not breached ISIS defences around Tikrit and al-Dour.
al-Dour is surrounded and sealed off, but an assault on the town had not yet been launched.
details, pics, map

ISIS torches oil field east of Tikrit
March 5, 2015 -  ISIS set fire to oil wells northeast of Tikrit to obstruct an assault by Shiite militia.
ISIS ignited the fire at the Ajil oil field to shield themselves from attack by Iraqi military helicopters.
ISIS trys to hinder aerial attacks on them.,7340,L-4633798,00.html

ISIS - Lavant

Iran in charge of Iraq battle
March 6, 2015
-  Iran militias are 2/3 of the forces fighting ISIS in Tikrit, Iraq.
The US and Iran have been cooperating in fighting ISIS forces in Iraq.
The US and Iran have come to an understanding to retake Tikrit from ISIS.
US Army Commander Martin Dempsey said that Iran is more involved in Iraq than it has been since 2004.

Turkey wont help Iraq retake Mosul from ISIS
March 6, 2015 -  Of course not, Turkey-ISIS is the same entity!
Turkey is willing to offer Iraq logistical assistance, but not troops.
Mosul is a major hub for the ISIS terrorists.

Saudi Arabia tells Kerry they worry about Iran
March 6, 2015
-  Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister, Saud Al-Faisal, told John Kerry that Saudi Arabia is worried about Iran.  Iran Quds Gen. Qassem Soleimani is overseeing the battle for Tikrit.  Hundreds of Iranian fighters entered into Iraq’s Diyala Province under the pretense of fighting ISIS. Transport trucks carrying weapons and military equipment also moved in.  There are legitimate fears of massacres.
The preparation for the Tikrit attack was extremely precise.
Armed bulldozers digging up revetments to protect the advancing forces.

Christians ISIS captured didnt expect to survive
March 7, 2015
-  Some captured Christians were released by ISIS extremists.
All were over 50 years old and included 17 men and two women.
ISIS pressured them to convert to Islam.

ISIS driven outta Baghdadi
March 7, 2015
-  ISIS driven from Baghdadi, near a key US airbase.  Tikrit is north of Baghdad.
Article claims Iraqi troops did it, but I doubt it - more likely Iran or Hellzballah.
Iraqi forces with US air support retake parts of Al-Baghdad.
3 Euphrates bridges and a police station in Anbar Iraqi province have been recaptured from ISIS.

10,000 Iranian troops within 6 miles of Israeli border
March 7, 2015
-   Washington Free Beacon / Yedioth Achronoth
A potential Iranian blitzkrieg through Syria to the Golan Heights on the northern border of Israel.
Israeli General Israel Ziv reported that Iranian general officers have taken command of the Syrian front within six miles of the north-east border of Israel, along with 10,000 volunteers from Iran, Iraq and Afganistan.

Iran has taken over in Syria and Iraq.
Syrian President Assad is a puppet of Iran.
Iran can bring over 100,000 into the battle.

Persia in prophecy

UAE airstrikes hit ISIS oil pipelines
March 8, 2015
-  Holy Blazing Kuwait Batman!
Strike designed to dry up ISIS primary source of revenue.
UAE Air Force F-16 squadron hit several ISIS crude oil pipelines in order to dry up one of their funding sources.  February 16 oil refineries held by ISIS were also hit.  A UN report in November estimated that ISIS was earning between $850,000 and $1.6 million daily from oil sales.  ISIS sells oil to EU thru Turkey.

Iraqi troops enter town near Tikrit
March 10, 2015
-  Iraqi and Shiite militias took the centre of Al-Alam, a town on the northern edge of Tikrit.
Al-Alam is the last ISIS stronghold that needs to be cleared before government forces can enter Tikrit itself.  ISIS is holding out in houses in al-Alam, and militias are preparing for street fighting to seize the rest.

ISIS may be fracturing in some areas over the strain of attempting to function as a state.
Reports are emerging of low morale.

Apparantly Iraq and Iran are working with Kurds against ISIS.

Kurds target ISIS in north Iraq
March 10, 2015
-  Kurds launched an offensive against ISIS in oil-rich northern Iraq southwest of Kirkuk.
Kirkuk governor Najmaldin Karim said the purpose was to secure Kirkuk, which Kurds took control of in August 2014.  But the city has remained vulnerable.
ISIS seeks to hold Tikrit, located between Kirkuk and Baghdad.

Dempsey: War on ISIS is “going fine” but hindered by Iraqi divisions
March 10, 2015 debka  -  US Gen. Martin Dempsey concluded his trip to Iraq with 2 conclusions:
ISIS is under pressure in Iraq and the military is going fine, but it will be difficult to sustain the coalition unless the Iraqi government forms a national unity platform.  The goal was to ensure that Iraqi Shiite govt also upheld the rights of Sunni and Kurd communities.  When he flew over Baghdad, he noted that many buildings had Shiite militia banners and only one flew the Iraq flag.

Ramadi ISIS suicide carbombs
March 11, 2015 -  ISIS
launched a coordinated attack on government areas of Ramadi involving 7 simultaneous suicide car bombs.  At least 10 people were killed and 30 wounded in the attack

ISIS-Daesh blows up Tikrit bridge
March 11, 2015
-  ISIS blows up a Tikrit bridge to slow down Iraqi armies.
Islamic State terrorists blow up the only bridge across Iraq's Tigris river in the Tikrit area, as Iran-Iraq forces close in.  A whole segment at the western end of the bridge collapsed.
Their goal is to slow the advance of Iraqi troops because the bridge is the only way into Tikrit from the east.

Iraqi forces retook Albu Ajil and Al Alam, both on the eastern side of the river.
Tikrit is a Sunni city, ISIS is Wahabi Sunni, and the Iraqi forces are Shia.
Saddam's Sunnis helped US troops.  Its all very iffy in Iraq. Forum Index -> ISRAEL and MidEast NEWS Page 1, 2, 3, 4  Next
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