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ISIS, IRAN and Mahdi-Antichrist

ISIS, Wahabi, Islam and Antichrist
My commentary February 18, 2015
This might be too big a challenge for me, but its the path I was led to write on.

ISIS-Da'ish is Wahabism - literally Da'ish is a bi*ch.
Wahhabi is harsher than Muslim Brotherhood.
ISIS Da'ish is the Wahabi orthodoxy of Sunni Islam. Saudi Arabia is violent Sunni Wahabi Islam and so is ISIS. We just dont hear much about the Saudi cruelty because they control world media. When I read ISIS-Da'ish is establishing harsh Shariah in all the areas they control, it sounded Wahabi.

I read about the mixing of Shia and Sunni, and wondered. They will join forces for war on Israel, and they both await the Mahdi, 12th Imam of Islam to return - who will be the one Christians call the antichrist and Jews will think is their messiah. Mahdi will only come after war and chaos. Obama is eager to start world war 3 and has been trying - to date Putin has stopped him.

Barak Hussein Obama was prepared since 2003 by Saudis to usurp the U.S. whitehouse, then evidently Obama betrayed Saudi by partnering with Iran, and the Saudi king died furious with Obama. Barak Hussein Obama has totally thrown in with ISIS and Shia Iran, which doesnt appear to make sense.

My personal sense is that no one person is in control in Arabia.
King Abdullah died in January 2015 and passed the Kingdom to Salman but he has Alzheimers. ISIS-friendly Prince Muqrin is next in line.

Saudi Arabia funded ISIS, both want to kill Assad and take Syria because Bashar Assad is not Sunni. Saudi Arabia are mostly Wahabi and does not like Syria or Iran, and they use their alliance with the U.S.A. to get the U.S. to keep Iran and Syria as enemies.
Saudis are exporting terrorism.

Caliphate - ISIS-DAESH / ISIL, Islamic State
ISIL (Lavant crescent) is used when they include Israel in their war.
The ISIS plan is to bring Shariah to Europe thru Libya
. (see Libya link)

ISIS a threat to Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia is Sunni Wahhabi Islam
Wahhabi scholars wanted Saudi to remain hardcore Shariah Islam.
Non-Wahabi Sunni tribes in Iraq are under attack by the ISIL for not being Wahabi.
Some of these Sunni tribal leaders flew to DC in January 2015 to meet Obama and seek assistance to fight ISIS, and the Obama mafia refused to speak with them.

Saudi Arabia exports dogma and jihadi volunteers even as it insulates itself from the blowback. King Abdullah (died in January 2015) warned against ISIS-wahabi, saying it presented a threat to Arabia.
But in doctrinal terms, ISIS is Wahabi orthodoxy of Sunni Islam.

Saudi King Abd Aziz shifted towards statehood in the 1920s, curbing Wahabi violence to have diplomatic standing with Britain and America. Saudi Arabia rulers are divided. Some applaud that ISIS is fighting Iran Shiites and a new Sunni state is taking shape, and they are drawn by Da'ish's ideology. Other Saudis are more fearful. Many Saudis are disturbed by the ISIS doctrines and question Saudi Arabia's direction.

Wahhabi can deem fellow Muslims infidels should they engage in certain activities.
It demands absolute conformity, all Muslims must individually pledge their allegiance to a single Muslim leader (Caliph). Those who would not conform to this view should be killed. The list of apostates meriting death included the Shiite, Sufis and other Muslims.

Not much separates Wahhabism from ISIS. The doctrine of "One Ruler, One Authority, One Mosque" is the rift. ISIS denial of these makes ISIS a deep threat to Saudi Arabia.
In all other respects ISIS conforms to Wahhabism.
Alastair Crooke - the roots of ISIS

Death of Saudi King, war for the throne

LIBYA - ISIS access to Europe
Earlier on this thread is Bengazi episode

ISIS Funded by the Obama administration
20 February 2015
- is trustworhy
An ISIS leader named Yousef al-Salafi in Pakistan has admitted that ISIS is being funded by the USA, and thus, the Obama administration.

Turkey Erdogan Behind-ISIS

Its known Turkey ships oil for ISIS
Its known Obama seeks advice from Erdogan

Mahdi, Islam, ISIS, Latter Days

Adnan Oktara / Harun Yahya the antichrist
Jerusalem Vatican, king of Jerusalem


DAILY NEWS with prophetic analysis

CIA sought access to Hamas
February 24, 2015
 -  In 2012 the CIA sought inroads into Hamas - Gaza.
The CIA sought to establish direct contact with Hamas terrorists in the USA.
0bama threatened the Palestinian leader over his UN-bid.

Frankly I look at this coupled with recent news as - ISIS is the CIA, as others allege.

The CIA is ISIS, ISIL, Al Qaeda, illuminati
I gotta say, some things I read suggest this


Saudi Arabia fights terrorists they created
February 25, 2015  -  The son rises up against his father
Saudi Arabia is building a 600-mile-long wall, a combined fence and ditch, to separate itself from ISIS in Iraq.  ISIS regards the ultimate capture of Saudi Arabia, Mecca and Medina as a key goal.
The irony here is that ISIS are their very own Wahabbi-Salafi Muslims.  (The Saudi crown prince is ISIS-friendl.)  Saudi Arabia was a supporter of ISIS from the start.
Saudi-born Osama bin Laden accused the Saudi monarchy of not being Islamic enough.

Apocalyptic Islam

crISIS of Apocalyptic Islam
February 27, 2015
-  Joel Rosenberg  -  
Joel Rosenberg explained that the biggest threat facing the Western world is the rise of apocalyptic Islam.  ISIS, Iran are agents of Apocalyptic Islam, paving the way for the Mahdi, 12th Imam, the Islamic Messiah, antiChrist.

Rosenberg criticized the Obama mob for refusing to acknowledge the Muslim threat.

Rosenberg said the biggest threats to America and Western nations is the rise of two nation-states Iran and the Islamic State 'ISIS' with leaders promoting an apocalyptic brand of Islam focused on the annihilation of the United States and Israel.

Apocalyptic Islam leaders are driven by an end-of-the-world theology.
Iran's purpose for wanting to build up its nuclear arms program is to destroy Israel and the United States in order to pave the path for the coming of the Mahdi.

Iran leaders believe that the end of the world is at hand and they have a Shiite Islamic theology. They believe the way to bring the coming of the Islamic Messiah, the Mahdi, is to annihilate Israel and the United States. That is Shiite apocalyptic Islam.

Islamic State aka ISIS is Sunni apocalyptic Islam.  ISIS is trying to build the end of the world kingdom, or caliphate, for the Mahdi to come and rule.

Joel Rosenblog

Sunni ISIS and Shia IRAN working together to bring their Mahdi

While people are saying, Peace and safety, destruction will come on them suddenly,
as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.
1 Thessalonians 5:3

Islamic flag over the White House
February 28, 2015
-  Iran vowed to raise the flag of Islam over the White House in response to the January killing of Hezbollah and Iran Guards on the Syria Golan Heights.  Israeli helicopters killed Hezbollah terrorists along with Iran troops, including Jihad Mougniyeh, a high-ranking general as they prepared an attack on Israel.  Iran-Hezbollah set up a terror base on Golan to attack Israel.

An invisible Islamic flag has flown over the White House for 6 years.

Muslims worship Erdogan
Mar 14, 2017  Walid Shoebat
-  Is Turkey President Erdogan the Antichrist?  Is Erdoğan the Antichrist, who will demand worship?  Erdogan is already worshipped.

Turkey the land of Magog
Erdogan chief prince of Meshech and Tubal.  Ezekiel 38:3
sits in Pergamum the seat of satan. Revelation 2:12
king of the north Daniel 11:40, 44

Is Erdogan the Antichrist?
3 unclean spirits like frogs Revelation (Apocalypse) 16:14
are 3 ministers sent out towards 3 directions calling the Muslim world to come to battle at Armageddon.

Malachy popes prophecy, Petrus Romanus, antichrist
I dont think erDOGan fits Malachy's prophecy

March 2017
erDOGan is stirring up Muslim riots across the EU Forum Index -> Bible Prophecy, Dreams, Visions
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