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Inaugeration of Donald J. Trump as U.S. President


Inaugeration January 20, 2017
President Donald J. Trump

as 45th U.S. President of the United States of America
and Vice President Mike Pence

Welcome Celebration January 19th

Jackie Evancho to sing at Donald Trump inaugeration.

Battle Hymn of the Republic
Get in the Patriotic mood, starting with
The United States Army Field Band

We willl be ONE people
with ONE GOD
saluting ONE  flag

-  Donald Trump

If we ever forget that we're one nation under God,
then we will be a nation gone under.
- Ronald Reagan

At the name of Jesus EVERY KNEE WILL BOW, of those who are in heaven and on earth -  and UNDER THE EARTH.  (demons)  
Philippians 2:10


President Donald and First LADY Melania Trump

Less Pomp
President Donald J. Trump Inauguration to Have Less Pomp, Circumstance So He Can Get Right to Work.  President Trump’s inauguration will have less official celebration throughout the day and evening so he can focus on getting right to work on behalf of the American people.

The inauguration to focus on the regular working class people across the country for whom Trump has become the champion.  This inaugural will represent the people, and its about getting to work right away.

President Donald Trump will only have 3 official inaugural balls.  President Trump will continue the official Commander-in-Chief Inaugural Ball and expand that to include first responders and veterans, military families and wounded warriors.

White House moving day
Jan 3, 2017  
-  Obamas move out and Trumps move in January 20, inauguration day.
White House staff has just 6 hours to move out the Obamas and move in the Trumps.  While president-elect Donald Trump delivers his inauguration speech on January 20, nearly 100 staffers will be frantically making the 132-room mansion ready for the Trumps.

From 10.30am, staff will begin moving the Obamas belongings into waiting trucks on the South Lawn, and moving the Trump family's items inside. We have one truck at the South Lawn that belongs to 0bama facing south, and the incoming Trump truck facing north toward the White House on the east side of the south grounds.
The kitchen staff will make a snack for the First Family before the inaugural ball.

WELCOME to the TRUMP Inauguration
Speculation if Donald Trump will immediately move into the White House on the 20th.

Most suggest DEEP CLEANING, DE-BUGGING, may be the agenda. We are Hoping for good weather for attendees.
You do NOT need a ticket to attend ceremony.


Trump inauguration  
President Donald Trump will have the First CHRISTIAN Inauguration in history.  Franklin Graham and 6 other religious figures will speak at the event.  The ceremony will start with Cardinal Timothy Dolan, followed by the readings and invocations from pastor Paula White and Rev. Samuel Rodriguez of the National Hispanic Leadership Conference.  Franklin Graham, Paula White, Samuel Rodriguez to Participate in Trump Inauguration.

Trump Inauguration Parade  
Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States on January 20th.  Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and guests will view the parade from a Presidential Reviewing Stand.

One participant in the inaugural parade is the Horse Cavalry.

Presidential Inauguration 2017
Meet the new President-elect team. Learn about the 2017 Presidential Inauguration and the history of Presidential Inaugurations.

Trump wants Netanyahu at inauguration
 Include Vladmir Putin too!  US President-elect Donald Trump team has courted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin 'Bibi' Netanyahu to attend the January 20 inauguration.
Jared Kushner has been pushing for Netanyahu and Trump to meet before then.

U.S. President Donald Trump

George and Laura Bush to Attend Trump’s Inauguration.  GOOD!
Bill and Hillary Clinton too - barf!

Donald Trump inauguration  
Donald Trump inauguration schedule of events, performers and inaugural balls.  Long list of official and semi-official events and celebrations.
I have seen no times posted anywhere so far

Jan. 19  Wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery
Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence will lay a wreath at the cemetery in honor of the nation's veterans.

Jan. 19 Welcome celebration, Make America Great Again!
Ceremony will be held at the Lincoln Memorial with various performers in a concert followed by comments from Trump and Pence.

Inaugural Gala, Jan. 19

Jan. 20  Inauguration ceremonies
9:30 am
Eastern, U.S. Capitol Building Trump and Pence will be sworn in on the west front of the Capitol.  The event will be televised and streamed live online


January 19  Thursday
3.30 pm  Wreath laid at Arlington

4.00     concert

January 20  Friday
9.30 am  ceremony  
noon    Mike Pence sworn in as Vice President, then
  Donald J. Trump became President - at last!
Inaugeral Parade

President Trump Signed Executive Orders
Generals Mattis and Kelly sworn in

President Donald Trump
Inauguration Schedule

January 21  Sataday
Interfaith Prayer service

Washington National Cathedral

President Donald Trump
Official Inauguration Schedule

U.S. President Donald Trump

Inaugeration of Donald Trump as 45th U.S. President
Special thread just for the Inaugeration

Inaugural Celebrations DETAILS
Ticketing to Public Events.


How do I acquire tickets to the ceremony?
Tickets are free, but are in high-demand and must be applied for through the local official representing the Congressional district in which you live (contact information available via Senate and U.S. House of Representatives).


Trump’s Inaugural Address
Jan 16, 2017  
-  President-elect can draw inspiration from Jefferson's humility, Reagan's candor.  Beware of overrating the significance of Donald Trump’s inaugural address. Eloquence can enhance but never substitute for tangible accomplishments.  Americans revere Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill and Ronald Reagan because their towering deeds matched their stirring words.

So what Donald Trump says matters less than whether his policies make America great again.  President Trump should heed Winston Churchill’s motto: In defeat defiance; in adversity tenacity; in war resolution; in victory magnanimity; in peace goodwill.
BAD memories of delusional Baram Obama.

Trump supporters plan for inauguration

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0bama YOU broke it -
We the People fixed it!


Timeline of inauguration events
Jan 18, 2017  
-  Schedule of events for Trump's inauguration.  The inauguration of Donald Trump as America's 45th president is the highlight of several days of pomp and circumstance in the US capital.

Thursday, January 19

10:35 am - Performances begin at Lincoln Memorial. "Voices of the People," the first act of a day-long public concert, will feature groups such as the DC Fire Department Emerald Society Pipes and Drums, the Republican Hindu Coalition, high school marching bands, choirs and baton twirlers.

3:30 pm to 4 pm - Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence participate in a wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery in honor of the nation's veterans.

4 pm to 6 pm - Trump will deliver remarks during the second act of the concert at Lincoln Memorial, dubbed the "Make America Great Again! Welcome Celebration." The event, broadcast live nationally, will be headlined by country stars Toby Keith and Lee Greenwood and feature a fireworks finale.

Trump is expected to spend Thursday night at Blair House, the presidential guest residence across the street from the White House.

Friday, January 20

Morning - Trump, Pence and their families are expected to attend services at St. John's Episcopal Church, just steps from the White House...

9:30 am - Inauguration ceremony begins on the west front of the Capitol with musical performances...

3 pm to 5 pm - Inaugural parade.

7 pm to 11 pm - Trump, Pence and their wives will make appearances at three official inaugural balls...

Very Happy   0bama is gone!

Saturday, Jan 21

10 am to 11 am - Trump and Pence attend the interfaith National Prayer Service, held at the Washington National Cathedral.

I have read unofficially that the President is actually sworn in BEFORE the 12 noon public ceremony.  I do not know if true.

3 day Inaugural Live blog

News Blackout
Jan 17, 2017  
-  Be Prepared For Independent News Blackout if all Hell Breaks Loose Friday, Inauguration Day.
Drudge Report suffered massive DDoS attacks this month, as did freerepublic.
Both were unavailable for a time.

Anarchists target Trump balls

YUGE Hahaha!
Jan 19, 2017  
-  CNN gets NO press passes to the Trump
inaugeral Deploraball because they are Fake News!


Donald Trump and family arrive in DC
Jan 19, 2017  
-  Hail to the new chief: Donald Trump and his family arrive in Washington DC for inauguration.  He was joined by all 5 of his children on his flight from New York City to Washington DC.  They all flew on a United States Air Force Boeing that landed at Joint Base Andrews just after noon.  He placed a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery at 3:30 pm.

Smile   Oath Keepers in DC to Protect Patriots at Inauguration
Jan 19, 2017  
-  Oath Keeper military and police veterans to protect American patriots from violent anarchists who have vowed to disrupt the inauguration of our 45th President, Donald J. Trump, and to assault attendees.

Please pray for the safety of all involved, and for a peaceful and smooth Inauguration.  And please say a prayer for our nation, that this will mark the turning of the tide, and the start of a true restoration of the Founder’s Republic.

The defeat of Hillary was incredibly important (we dodged a deadly bullet there) but it was only one victorious battle, not the winning of the war, and the domestic enemies of the Constitution keep popping back up. Prepare yourselves.

2 million Bikers for Trump to keep order in DC


Thursday in DC
Jan 20, 2017  
-  Prez Donald Trump and VP Mike Pence visited Arlington National Cemetery to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  The bugler played TAPS, written by a man whose only son was killed in war.

Day is done, gone the sun
From the lake, from the hills, from the sky.
All is well, safely rest
GOD is nigh

A military band played a patriotic concert, followed by rock bands and fireworks at the Lincoln Memorial.

Donald and Melania Trump attended a black-tie dinner in Washington D.C. on Thursday night, and a Deploraball party.  The Deplorables is a term Trump supporters adopted after HELLary Clinton called us all - deplorable.  What she intended as an insult we embraced as a good thing - a REAL AMERICAN!

Donald reminded America that Hillary Clinton canceled her victory fireworks display 2 weeks before the election, proving they knew they were going to lose.  Trump offered her 5 cents on the dollar for the fireworks.

Police wearing riot gear were on the streets, ready for many arrests.
Anti-Trump protesters are pepper-sprayed by cops during riots outside the Deploraball.
I wish media didnt show them, it only encourages them!  
Beautiful photos and a rundown of January 19th activities.

The damned rioters had a smart-alek child named Carter, perhaps age 11, set a fire!
He said “because I felt like it and I’m just sort of saying, screw the president.”

Very Happy  The fireworks show
Jan 19, 2017 Battle Hymn of the Republic
(or - the return of the Republic!)
Fireworks at Trump rally light up the sky above Lincoln Memorial

Prez Donald and Melania Trump spend the night at Blair House in DC

Was GHW Bush involved in JFK assassination?
Jan 20, 2017  
-  George H.W. Bush was in charge of killing President Kennedy*. He was part of the cover-up and probably responsible for the attempt on Reagan’s life.;page=51

GHW Bush moved to ICU, intensive care as wife Barbara also hospitalized.
Former President George H.W. Bush hospitalized in Houston. His wife Barbara also hospitalized.

Either Trump or Bush has to die  
Jan 20, 2017 Sorcha - edit  
-  Obama Bans Russian News after Putin warns either Trump or Bush will die.  George H W Bush (41) is in the hospital ICU today, as is Mrs Bush.  GW Bush (43) plans to be at the Trump inaugeration.

?  resident Barack Hussein Obama told President Putin he and President-elect Donald Trump had been working in secret to destroy both the Bush Crime Family and Clinton Crime Family.  When Putin warned that this meant that either Trump or Bush will have to die, Obama said “yes”, then ordered Facebook and twitter to ban RT (Russia Today) until after the inauguration.

George H.W. Bush father, Prescott Bush, led the satanic group of American bankers and industrialists who in 1933 attempted Coup against President Franklin Roosevelt.

George H.W. Bush forged a trail of death includes masterminding the 1963 assassinationi of President John F. Kennedy, the 1981 assassination attempt of President Ronald Reagan, the 1989 invasion of Panama, the 1990 Gulf War, the 11 September 2001 terror attacks, and the illegal 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Trump May Not Live Through the Week  
Jan 20, 2017 Sorcha  
-  Trump Sends Emergency Message to Putin:
“I May Not Live Through The Week”

Russian President Putin got a personal message from President-elect Donald Trump that said “I may not live through week, but if I do, I’ll get even with these bastards and everyone will win!” A top Federal Security Service aide hand-delivered this message written by Trump to Putin.

GHW Bush moved to intensive care as wife Barbara also hospitalized

CIA globalist coup against Trump continues.
Assassination casualties Roger Stone, who survived polonium, and Udo Ulfkotte, who they killed.

* These are the conclusions of others.  I just report.
Sorcha Faal is a weedy garden, but I usually find some fruit.
I have heard just enough snips here and there to believe the above is possible - or some of it is possible.

Facebook and twitter had blocked RT Jan 19, 2017

Bush Crime Family book by Roger Stone
January 2017 they tried to kill Roger Stone as Bush killed JFK and tried to kill Reagan

EVERYTHING depends on who is credible

January 20, 2017
12 noon
Donald J. Trump became
President of the USA!

President Donald Trump Inaugural Address
January 20, 2017  Full Speech

Barron Trump
Beautiful father-son moment

Barak Hussein 0bama

Power to the People
Jan 20, 2017  
-  Trump inaugural speech.  Unlike 0bama, Trump only mentioned himself 3 times.  In an inaugural speech, Trump revisited the themes that brought him into the White House, and vowed to bring back jobs, fortify America's borders and restore America's wealth, while transferring power from Washington and giving it back to the people.

We are transferring power from Washington, D.C. and giving it back to you, the people.  "The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer," Trump said as light rain began to fall. Everyone is listening to you now.

Donald Trump Stays true to America First
Inaugural speech makes clear Donald Trump was serious about trade, immigration, foreign policy shift.  Donald Trump officially began his presidency with an unapologetic call for a sharp turn away from the status quo to an America First outlook.


Climate change hoax
Jan 20, 2017  
-  At noon today ALL references to climate change were REMOVED from the whitehouse website.

Photos at inaugeration, Clintons, etc

Great crowd shots

Melania is simply stunning
Jan 20, 2017  
-  First Lady Melania Trump brings grace, classic style reminiscent of Jackie Kennedy to Inauguration Day.  So refreshing to have an elegant and beautiful Lady in the White House instead of a big ugly tranny fanny.

Bringing back a tailored, classic style reminiscent of Jacqueline Kennedy, Melania Trump wore a Tiffany-blue Ralph Lauren outfit consisting of a cashmere cropped jacket and mock turtleneck dress. She also wore matching over-the-elbow gloves and coordinating pumps. Her hair was in a sophisticated up-do.


Trump signs bill allowing Mattis to lead Pentagon
Jan 20, 2017
-  President Trump signed legislation allowing Gen. James Mattis to run the Pentagon as defense secretary.  Mattis still needs to be confirmed by the Senate later today.

Prez Trump executive actions
Jan 18, 2017  
-  Trump to sign 200 Executive Orders immediately.
President Donald Trump will sign as many as 200 executive orders targeting a wide range of Obama policies.  Judge Andrew Napolitano said, based on their conversations, Trump could sign hundreds of regulations on his third full day in office.  The Trump team said Trump would issue 4 or 5 executive orders on Friday after he’s sworn in.

Trump To Sign Order to Build Border Wall This Weekend

Executive actions ready to go as Trump prepares to take office

Jan 20, 2017   at 9 pm
These are the only 2 Cabinet members the criminal Congress confirmed
The criminal Demonrats wont pass others thru yet,
so President Trump cant act on arrests - yet.
I suspect their criminal acts are why they dont want
Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who loves THE LAW!


GOLD curtains replace red drapes

Generals Mattis and Kelly sworn into Cabinet

At the Ball
January 20 evening

President Trump and Melania dance sweetly to 'My Way' at Freedom Ball

Spicer notes President Trump and Melania dance on the Presidential Seal

Trump twitters

Dan Scavino twitter


Hillary Clinton
Jan 21, 2017  
-  Congressman Jason Chaffetz told Hillary Clinton the investigation continues after Inauguration.  Chaffetz, head of the House Oversight Committee, greeted loser Hillary Clinton at inauguration ceremony, teasing, the investigation continues. Chaffetz is pleased she is not the President.


What Christians owe Trump
Jan 21, 2017  
-  GOD gave us a new President.  
HE gave us back our Republic.
Now we owe President Donald J. Trump the
benefit of doubts and our prayers.

230 protesters arrested on Inauguration Day
Jan 22, 2017  
-  Majority face 10 years in prison and $25,000 fine.
Most of the 230 rioters arrested in Washington D.C. following President Donald Trump's inauguration will be charged with felony rioting.  The charge carries a punishment of up to ten years in jail and a $25,000 fine.  Thousand rioted blocks away from the White House, smashed store windows, set fire to cars and threw bricks at police.  At least six police officers injured.

Womens March was weird and pointless, pure hate

Womens March against Trump was organized by CAIR, Muslims, Palestinians, Hamas

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is going to hold the press accountable.  GOOD!

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