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Evil or Very Mad   IMF  NEWS

June  2011
International Monetary Fund

DO NOT consider the IMF to be good.  They are all about GLOBAL CONTROL.
Their loans aim at de-population in hidden ways
2009  Plague in Ukraine

June 12   Israel runs for IMF head
Stanley Fischer, head of the Bank of Israel since 2005 has applied to head the IMF.
He has been widely credited with enabling Israel to largely escape the global economic crisis.
Unemployment in Israel is just over 6 percent, and the real estate sector is booming.

June 10  -  EEK!  HELLary Clinton seeking World Bank presidency

June 11
I.M.F. hit by sophisticated cyberattack. HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAaaaa!!;smid=tw-nytimes&seid=auto

Greek austerity IMF demanded
June 6, 2011
Greece's prime minister says he will consider holding a referendum on austerity
measures essential for the country to continue drawing on funds from an international bailout.
PM George Papandreou has been trying to quell dissent as widespread anger among Greeks furious that a
year's worth of the measures have failed to produce the expected results.  Frustration increased as it became
apparent that the government has to impose yet more spending cuts and tax hikes.
The new plans are required if Greece is to continue receiving money from the IMF.
THERE is a LOT more IMF news I didnt record.  Sad

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ZionsCRY NEWS with prophetic analysis


. Twisted Evil    IMF  NEWS June  2011    


Ireland EU-IMF loan


Poland no longer needs IMF credit line
MARCH 29 2010  
The central bank said it could instead provide the IMF with a loan to “help other countries overcome the effects of the global crisis.“
Poland's economy is stable and no longer needs its 21.8-billion dollar (16.2-billion euro) credit line from the International Monetary Fund, the Polish central bank said.
"The situation with the Polish economy and the financial system is sufficiently good ... that it is not necessary to ask the IMF for a further extension of the flexible credit line," the bank said in a statement.

The central bank said it could instead provide the IMF with a loan to "help other countries overcome the effects of the global crisis."
The finance ministry, however, insisted it still wanted to have a reserve at hand if the economy ran into fresh headwinds.

"We are expecting a good deal of shocks in the coming months.
There is still a necessity to ensure that Poland has a supplementary reserve," Deputy Finance Minister Dominik Radziwill said.

The credit line for Poland was approved in May 2009 and extended for six months in November 2009.
It was intended to reassure investors and allow Poland to access credit easily if it needed it, which ultimately it did not.
The announcement came during a visit to Warsaw by the head of the IMF, Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Poland was the only member of the 27-nation European Union to have experienced growth in 2009 and the
IMF forecast that its economy will expand by 2.75 percent this year and by 3.25 percent in 2011.
Poland is a former communist-ruled country that joined the EU in 2004.

The IMF introduced the new system of flexible credit lines in 2009 as a safeguard against external shocks during the global economic crisis. Poland and Mexico both secured credit lines under this scheme whilst other countries needed loan arrangements.

Russian BRICS bank to rival IMF
February 5, 2015
-  Russia submitted a bill to their parliament to ratify the BRICS bank. The ND bank will have assets of $100 billion from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa and rival the World Bank and IMF.
The ND bank will come into force only after all 5 countries ratify the legislation.  The Russian government approved the draft law on January 29.

The ND bank will be headquartered in Shanghai, India will serve as the first 5 year rotating president, and Russia will be the chairman of the representatives. Each country holds an equal voting share, and the bank is available to United Nations members.

At the BRICS summit in Brazil in July, the 5 BRICS established the $100 billion bank, as well as a $100 billion currency pool.
China, India, and Russia are working on a new 'Silk Road' corridor across Eurasia.

BRICS, AIIB, Silk Road, Asia banking

IMF Proposes Global Wealth Confiscation
Jan 19, 2016
 -  The International Monetary Fund (IMF) report paints a dire picture for high-debt nations that fail to aggressively mobilize domestic revenue (tax its citizens).

They recommend escalating income and consumption tax increases culminating in the direct confiscation of assets.  aka Stealing from YOUR retirement and bank accounts.  So if you want to keep your savings & retirement out of the hands of desperate governments, there’s only one thing you can do.

IMF plans to destabilize Europe
April  2, 2016
 Wikileaks  -   Europe's perpetual economic, financial and social crises ave been scripted, deliberate acts.  IMF uses global issues as excuses to extend its power.

IMF staffers are caught on tape planning to tell Germany the organization would abandon the troika if the IMF and the commission fail to reach an agreement on Greek debt relief.

A threat of an imminent financial catastrophe is needed to force other players into accepting its measures such as cutting Greek pensions and working conditions, considering a plan to cause a credit event in Greece and destabilize Europe.

The leaked transcript reveals how the IMF plans to use Greece as a pawn in its ongoing negotiation with Germany's chancelleor in order to achieve the desired Greek debt reduction which Germany has been pointedly against: in the leak we learn about the intention of IMF to threaten German Chancellor Angela Merkel to force her to accept the IMF's demands at a critical point.

Evil or Very Mad   IMF is EVIL

IMF calls on EU to grant Greece debt relief
May 10, 2016
-  The head of the IMF urged eurozone finance ministers to grant debt relief for cash-strapped Greece.  Otherwise there’s risk of losing IMF participation in the program.  Debt restructuring and financing must be discussed.  Athens blames the IMF for the delay in evaluating the bailout program as the fund has been constantly disputing the effectiveness of Greek Prime Minister Tsipras.

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